Chapter 4 Batter Up!

Chapter 4

I do not own Twilight or TWD TV show/comics. I claim the OC’s known as Desiree and Jacoby.

When they entered the Sanctuary Bella was giggling at something Negan had said. Sherry was kicked back on the couch reading an old magazine. She lifted her eyes and quietly observed as the two started kissing. Bella wrapped her arms around his neck and Negan lifted her up off the ground. The kissing only lingered. But the moment Bella referred to Negan as ‘daddy’, Sherry ripped the magazine in half and stormed on out of the room. Neither had taken notice as they were too absorbed in one another. Negan carried Bella into ‘the’ bedroom and laid her on the king-sized bed. He lay beside her and pulled her into his chest. He kissed the top of her head then nodded upon Amber as she entered the room. She greeted Negan with a smile and lay on the other side of him. Amber kissed him and he returned the kiss but was quick to move her hand as she had it planted on his crotch.

“Not tonight…” he made clear.

It was hard enough working Bella up to all this. The last thing he needed was her waking up to Amber riding him. Not that he had anything to give at this point. He’d be shooting blanks. Amber frowned with disappointment and he wrapped his other arm around her.

“I’ll more than make up for it later. Let’s just focus on making baby-girl feel right at home.”

When Bella woke the next morning, Negan had his arms wrapped around her. Desiree was using Bella’s ass as a pillow. Sherry was spooning with Negan on the other side and the others were cuddled up against her. Bella wasn’t sure what to make of all this. She knew it was going to take some SERIOUS adapting it and wouldn’t be easy by any means. But for Negan… she’d find a way.

“Desi hun?”


“What are you doing?”

The young blonde squeezed Bella’s cheeks together and gave them a firm slap afterward.

“Wishing I had a quarter.”

Negan had his eyes closed but let out a chuckle.

“I know the feeling.” He remarked with a smile.

Negan opened his eyes and pulled Bella in for a kiss. As he was kissing her however he felt someone jerking him off. He looked down seeing it to be Sherry. He grabbed a fistful of Bella’s hair and moaned into her mouth. Amber rolled Negan onto his back and Bella gave a simple nod as Sherry hopped on board. Bella trolled on out of the bed and grabbed her robe. Negan sighed and reached over and tapping Desiree on the leg.

“Keep her company…” He hinted and Desiree smiled then pecked him on the cheek.

“You got it, sug…” she assured and headed on out of the room.

When she entered the kitchen, Bella had her back to her. But she winced as she could hear her breaking down.

“Oh hun…”

Desiree rushed over and hugged her.

“It’s always hard at first…”

“How do you do it?!”

“It’s just one of those things. I owe Negan so much… So if I have to share…”

Bella flinched like someone socked her one.

“I don’t get it. I thought I was prepared. I knew what to fucking expect. But I don’t think I can do this.”

Desiree reached up and grabbed a bottle of vodka from the cabinet. She took Bella by the hand and seated her at the table.

“Can I tell you secret?”

She opened the bottle and handed it over. Bella took a decent plunge and choked back a bit.

“And that would be?”

“Well to be honest, I’m not sure if it’s really a secret. But the others… they don’t like you so much.”

“Um yeah… not much of a secret.”

“But do you know why?”

“Why what?”

“They don’t like you, silly!”

Bella took another swig and wiped her face with the back of her hand. Desiree leaned into her ear.

“Because he loves you…”

Bella choked back and hit at her chest.

“I’m sure he ‘loves’ all his wives.” She sarcastically remarked.

Desiree giggled on this.

“He might love us… but he’s not in love. I don’t think Negan’s ever been in love. So let’s just say he’s lost at the moment. I can’t even begin to imagine what’s going through that mind of his. You really threw him for a loop.”

“No offense… but I think you’re confusing love with lust. It’s like you said. Negan’s never been in love. Well other than ‘Lucille’.” Bella corrected.

“Then what is it YOUR feeling right now?”

Bella shrugged.

“Tell me Bella… Why did you get sooo upset over Sherry and Amber taking over?”

Bella sort of laughed and took another hit of the vodka.

“See?! He’s not the only one. I’m telling you… it’s love! He’ll never admit it, but doesn’t change the fact. Just do me a favor, the next time you start doubting yourself. Pay closer attention. How does he act around you, especially in comparison to us? I promise you’re going to see what I see. Negan’s in deep and that scares us all.”

Bella narrowed her eyes in question.

“If Negan loses interest… we become obsolete. And no wife wants that…”

Desiree wiped a tear from Bella’s eye.

“If it makes you feel any better. I can totally see why he dotes on you. What’s not to love?”

Bella froze as Desiree pecked her on the lips and smiled afterward.

“Oh! He’s right… You really are sweet.”

Bella stepped out of the shower and jumped as she saw Negan sitting on the counter. He had a towel in hand and motioned her over. Once she was within reach, he wrapped the towel around her and pulled her towards him. He went to kiss her but reared back as she actually apologized. He cupped her chin and shook his head with disappointment.

“Now I don’t know what the fuck this is…” he said, using his thumbs to wipe her tears away.

“But this right here is NOT the wife I took from the New Haven. The one I brought back was fucking tough as nails and she’s no one’s god damn doormat. That kitten had claws and she doesn’t back down, not to anyone! I don’t know where the fuck she ran off to. But if you find her… you let her know that Negan is looking for her!”

He hopped on down and slammed the door on the way out.

Once Bella was fully dressed she made her way back downstairs. The wives were there – aside from Amber, but Negan was nowhere to be found. Bella swallowed back on this.

“Where’s Negan?” she questioned and Sherry rolled her eyes.

“Shouldn’t his precious baby-girl know?” she spat and Bella reared back on this.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

“It means that ever since you came into the picture Negan’s gone soft and in every which way. He’s completely worthless!”

Bella’s entire face lit up with fury. She rushed over and shoved Sherry up against the wall. Sherry swallowed back as she felt the cold steel of Bella’s blade pressed up against her throat.

“You were saying…?” Bella challenged.

“Don’t you make me cut out your ovaries and fucking beat you with them. You wouldn’t have the motherfucking balls to say that to his face. You haven’t a fucking clue who you’re dealing with… but it’s time you fucking got one.”

“Bella sug… I don’t think ovaries are that big!”

Bella sighed and ignored Desi’s comment.

“Look… I’m going to find OUR husband and you’re going to clean this mess up, BEFORE he gets back.”

Bella exited the Sanctuary and made her way throughout the colony, but Negan was nowhere to be found. It didn’t help that she hadn’t a clue as to where to go. She had a lot to learn when it came to Negan and The Fort itself.  She let out a frustrated sigh and decided to try what looked to be a shed of some sort. When she got closer, Bella swore she heard what sounded to be moaning. She brought her gun out and cautiously entered the area. Once she found the source, she laughed and shook her head in disbelief.

“Now isn’t this rich?”

The man was quick to pull out and the woman gasped out in surprise.

“Your cheatin’ heart. Will tell on you…” Bella mocked in her best Hank Williams impression.

Amber was quick to get dressed and regarded Bella in a panic.

Please, it’s not what you think. I…”

“Oh man, Deja fucking Vu. So what happened sweetheart, did you slip and fall?”

“I’m her fucking husband!”

“Um fraid not… She’s Negan’s.”

“Can’t you just let this go?! Sherry’s been fucking Dwight for months now! And …”

“Say what now?”

Amber got this ‘oh shit’ look to her face and Mark cringed.

“Jesus, Amber…” He scolded.

“Oh myyyy… So many secrets. Both of you, let’s go.”

Mark reached for his gun and Bella fired, barely missing his hand.

“Try that again and I won’t miss next time.”

He swallowed back and Bella grabbed his gun. She tucked it into the back of her pants. Bella had them walking in front as she kept them at gunpoint.

“Tell me lies… tell me sweet little lies.” Bella taunted as they continued.

Shane came to mind and her lip curled in disgust. Sure Negan had his issues… But he never went out his way to hide anything, such as his wives for example. Now she wished he’d have given her some sort of warning, but he never once lied to her. The moment they entered the sanctuary Sherry’s jaw dropped.

“Amber… how could you?” she scolded with a hiss.

“Oh no you don’t… We’re not playing that game. I have a feeling you two aren’t as close as you assumed. Considering this one…” she pointed her gun towards  Amber’s direction. “Just ratted you (she pointed to Sherry) out. Have a seat. Desi, do me a favor and make certain they’re clean…”

Desiree nodded and went and searched them.  When she got to Sherry…

“YOU STUPID BACKSTABBING BITCH!” Sherry shouted as she head-butted Desiree.

Bella darted on over and clocked Sherry across the face with the blunt of her gun. She checked Desiree over and sighed. She waved Tracy over.

“Can I trust you? Or are you Team Cunt?”

“Negan…” Tracy replied with a quivery voice.

“You had better be… Now take Desi upstairs and get her taken care of.”

She nodded and took Desiree by the hand. Bella finished the search herself. She went back to her post and paced the area.

“Where do I even begin? I mean shit! I’ve haven’t even been here that long and yet here we are… I hadn’t a clue Negan was running a god damn daycare!”

She stopped and pivoted about, facing the others.

“First off, I don’t have the time or patience to play mother hen to you ignorant self-centered bitches. Second, do you have any idea what this will do to Negan. Just how in the living FUCK am I supposed to tell him that his favorite girls just literally fuck him over? GOD DAMMIT! I’ve got enough on my fucking plate! How dare you put me in this situation. He’s pissed with me as it is and now I get to be the bearer of bad news, to top it all off?! Hell, with the mood he’s in… he’s likely to take Lucille and fuck us all, right in the ass! And you know that bitch would love every minute. Because as of now, she’s the top cow and we’re just a bunch of whiny fucks that can’t keep our shit together.”

Bella sat at the coffee table across from them. She pinched the bridge of her nose and sort of laughed.

“Amber tells me you’ve been fucking Dwight for months…” She said as she lifted her eyes upon Sherry.

“That true?”

“That’s none of your fucking business!”

Bella reached over and slapped the shit out of her.

“The hell it isn’t! That’s OUR husband we’re talking about. We share a home, a bed, and a man! In a really demented way we’re family! So when one of us turns our backs to Negan it becomes personal.”

“You little bitch… How dare you waltz on in here like you own the place! You know nothing! You’re just a child with no common sense!  That’s all Negan sees in you. It’s more than obvious he’s going through some sort of midlife crisis, with this whole sick daddy fetish he’s got going with you. It’s going to fade and before long, you’ll become nothing more than a joke! I mean look at you…”

Bella smiled and came to a stand.

“It’s about who can handle the job and clearly you suck… and not in the good way. Four years… you just flushed four years of your life down the drain. And you…” she pointed to Amber. “Three.  Do you honestly believe he’ll ever trust either of you again?”

Bella looked to Mark.

“And your betrayal is just as bad as theirs, if not worse. So Negan takes whatever he wants, right? But I also know this is about choice. You chose to serve a man that not only took your wife but made her his own. It was your choice to serve him, AFTER! And yet you wonder why he does these things? Because you make it sooo fucking easy. You’re nothing more than pawns… hell, not even that, ants under a magnifying glass. And he’s having himself a good laugh because you’re pathetic and ignorant as fuck. Hell, I’d have taken your wives too. Someone needs to prove they have some fucking balls around here. You want to paint yourselves as the victims, but you let him do these things. You could’ve fought, but chose not to. You chose to serve out his purpose. And why? I mean really thing on it. What is it we all want? Can you answer that one, Mark?”

Mark closed his eyes and drew back a breath before answering.


Bella smiled.

“Precisely. We’re here because we want the same thing. And the only one that can guarantee that is… Negan. Of all the things I’ve seen… This empire or whatever you wish to call It is the most impressive.

And it’s all because of one man. His beliefs are what got us here. Though they may be somewhat barbaric, it’s what works. If it didn’t, we wouldn’t be here right now, now would we? My uncle… now he’s one hell of a man and has accomplished a lot over the years. But nowhere near what Negan has. There’s just no way he could accomplish this. They are two different men that see things in two different lights. I spent a few years with New Haven and all we could achieve was some rinky-dink neighborhood in which we referred to as a community. We had nowhere near the supplies needed and we were going on constant runs; ones that led us to others along the way. We hadn’t the men or the gun power this place has. This is a fucking fortress in comparison. So love him, hate him – what have you. But don’t you ever forget the reason you’re sitting here today, because Negan IS that reason. Negan kept the air in those lungs of yours. He’s the reason we grew a pair and yet here you are… ungrateful little bitches. And Mark… you lost your wife because you weren’t man enough to claim her. So Negan took the reins and did that for you. The same goes for Dwight.” Mark shot up and got right in her face.

“You don’t know shit, you fucking BITCH!”

“The fuck I don’t! Were you willing to die for Amber or not?!



Mark sneered but sat back down. She waved that gun about and went back to pacing.

“And to think… you ladies had a problem with me since day one. Yet you were the ones fucking Negan over and since before I even arrived. Like you, he chose me. And we chose him. It’s a two way street. We vowed to give this man whatever he wanted. And I highly doubt that included fucking your EX on the side. I mean seriously? Double dipping?  And yes I say EX in the terms of meaning the moment you agreed to Negan’s. You pretty much signed those divorce papers. You skipped off to Negan’s bed and loved every second of it. Because face it, the man can fuck! Bottom line… you can’t have your cake and eat it to. That’s not how this shit works. So you’re either WITH or against Negan. And your actions today have proved that you’re against!”

“You know nothing you crazy bitch! I’ve given that man four years of my life! And I will NOT be replaced by some incompetent child!”

Bella nodded and tucked her gun away.

Fun fact… you’ve already been replaced and if you want to earn your way back… Then BRING it. No weapons just you and me one on one.”

Desiree and Tracy reentered the room and Bella handed her weapons over.

“Good luck… trust me you’re going to need it.”

Sherry gritted her teeth and hopped off the couch. Bella smiled as Sherry sent the first punch.

“One more…” Bella said with this rather amused look about her.

Desiree giggled and cheered Bella on. Amber cut her a go to hell look. Tracy just stood there looking frightened out of her mind. Sherry went to hit her once again and Bella ducked out of the way. Sherry growled.

“Sorry, changed my mind. I think I’ve had enough blows to the face lately. Your turn!”

Bella leaped on over and grabbed a fistful of Sherry’s hair she slammed her head up against the wall. Sherry swung her elbow back and Bella let out a grunt, but she was quick to put her entire weight down on that arm. She brought both hands against the wall and had Sherry planted against it.

“All I need is a strap-on…” Bella uttered as she forced Sherry’s head back.

“You might be older, taller, and sexier…” Desiree pulled a face on that last part and shook her head in complete disagreement. “But every time you think about crossing me or Negan for that matter. I want you to think back to this very day; the day I made you MY FUCKING BITCH!”

A whistle was heard and this had everyone’s attention. Bella lifted her eyes towards the ceiling and swallowed back. Negan was poking his head out from one of the tiles. He nodded Bella’s direction.

“The things you learn…” he uttered.

Mark, Sherry, and Amber shared the same OH SHIT expression. Negan disappeared and before long they heard him making his way down the stairs. He marched on over and backed Bella up against the wall. And just like that one day… there was fear in her eyes but they never wavered from his.

“Let’s try this again… shall we?”

She wondered where he was going with this.

“Hello… I’m Negan.”

He leaned into her ear.

“And you are?”


“Hmmm and who do you belong to Bella?”


“Good girl.”

“Sherry, I’m gonna need you to join Mark and Amber on the couch.”

He waited until she was seated then he spun Bella about so that she was facing them. His eyes menacingly locked with Sherry’s as he stripped Bella down. Negan ran his hands along her breasts and on down her tummy. He pressed himself against her and whispered into her ear. “You truly are daddy’s girl, aren’t you? I’ll let this morning slide but if you ever run from me again. There will be consequences.” Bella nodded in understanding.

“Hmmmm…” Still, his eyes were glued to Sherry’s.

“Daddy rewards good behavior… and I do believe you’ve earned yourself one.”

“Sherry… I want you over here. Desi, why don’t you and Tracy have a seat on the couch?”

Desiree nodded and took Tracy by the hand. Sherry made her way over and Negan had her lay on the ground.

“You’re not to move, no matter what. Do we have an understanding?”

Sherry nodded but was in literal sobs. Negan brought Bella to her hands and knees and had her pussy positioned right over Sherry’s face. He wanted her to watch as he slammed his rock hard cock into that tight little pussy. The king didn’t appreciate the things Sherry had said about him. In fact, he was down right pissed and he wanted to rip the bitch’s heart out.

Negan thought back to what took place after Bella left the room that morning. Sherry was riding him and for whatever reason… she decided to pull the ‘daddy’ card. It was more than obvious she’d overheard him with Bella and thought SHE herself could work it in. But it didn’t set right with Negan. The moment she said it, he went soft. His game was kaput! Naturally, this pissed her off. But she wasn’t the only one. Negan was mad at not only himself, but Sherry. For one thing, she hadn’t asked his permission. That was HIS and BELLA’S kink. He didn’t want the others in on it. It wasn’t something he could explain or truly understand, but he felt it nevertheless. That made a first for Negan. He’d never been thrown of his game like that. He rolled Sherry of him and let her know right then and there; she was NEVER to call him that again. None of the wives were. It just wasn’t the same. With Bella it had a different meaning.  With Sherry… it sounded forced, somewhat condescending, and like it were nothing more than a big joke. And when he made the mention of slowing things down a bit, for the sake of his baby-girl’s feelings. Sherry damn near lost it. He could see it written all over her face. She was overflowing with jealousy. But at that very moment, he could’ve cared less.

So here he was… Negan knew the truth behind everything now. He figured it best to let this bitch know his baby-girl had officially taken HER place. Sherry had become nothing more than a cum dumpster to him. The man was officially done and he would NEVER dote on her or Amber again. It took everything within him not to grab his first love aka Lucille and teach these bitches a much needed lesson. But the problem… Negan truly gave a damn, about each and everyone of his wives. So the mere idea of offing one of them had him queasy. But now wasn’t the time for that. He had a lesson to teach and a reward to give. He thought back to Bella’s little speech and the way she handled Sherry. The man nodded and found himself raring to go…

The moment he entered he couldn’t believe how wet she was. Negan looked down after a few strokes and took notice of Sherry practically drowning in Bella’s juices. For every time she went to wipe herself clean Negan would slap her hand away. He wanted Sherry to suffer. At one point she closed her eyes and turned away.

“LOOK AT ME!” he roared and fucked Bella even harder.

When she opened her eyes and Negan pulled out and shot all over her face. He cocked a brow as Bella licked him clean afterward. At the moment he was blown away… He looked Bella in the eyes and caressed her cheek.

“Good girl… Now I want you to go and get yourself cleaned up.”

Bella nodded and went about her way. Once she left the room, Negan grabbed Sherry by the arm, forced her to her feet, and dragged her towards the couch. He sat her down and shook his head as he used a kerchief to wipe the semen off her face.

“I’ve never laid a hand on you or any of my wives for that matter. But woman you have pushed me past the brink and I’m on the verge of taking Lucille and beating the living SHIT out of you, BOTH OF YOU!”

Desiree had balled herself up into a corner of the couch and was pulling Tracy towards her, protectively. Negan caught this and froze.

“Desi…” he said in a guilt ridden manner.

“You and Tracy head on upstairs. I have no quarrel with you sweethearts.”

They nodded and did as they were told. Once she and Tracy were out of the room, Negan grabbed the coffee table and hurled it across the room. He pointed upon Sherry and Amber.

“Until I say otherwise I am putting you BOTH on a very short leash. From here on out you are no longer my wives but nothing more than human toilets. You are not to speak unless you’re spoken to. You will no longer share my bed and you will not communicate or come anywhere near with my wives. I say jump and you ask how fucking high. Your new living quarters will be the basement. You’re not to come out unless you have my permission. This is what happens when you cross me. Whatever love or respect I once had to for the two of you is just gone. You brought this on yourselves! Now get out of my fucking face, BOTH OF YOU!”

He regarded Mark lastly.

“You’re to gather Dwight at once and you’re not to utter a word on this. You got five minutes or I will hunt your ass down.”

Negan gathered Lucille and headed on out.

When Mark arrived with Dwight, Negan smiled and twirled Lucille about.

“Hello, Dwight. How’s your day been so far?”

Dwight narrowed his eyes and regarded Mark in question.

“It’s been okay so far…”

Negan nodded.

“You play any ping pong today?”

“Not today. No.”

“Are you sure? Because I hear Mark was and I figured I might as well see about setting up a little tournament between the three of us.”

“Wouldn’t we need more players?”

Negan looked to be in thought.

“I hear Sherry and Amber signed up already. Shouldn’t that be more than enough players?”

Dwight swallowed back and ran his fingers through his blond locks.

“Sherry doesn’t play ping pong…”

Mark recoiled on his friend’s words and nudged him.

“Oh she plays alright. I’ve ping ponged my dick all over those titties.”

Dwight staggered back in realization. Negan chuckled.

“You know in certain countries the punishment for taking something that doesn’t belong to you is losing a hand.”

“Negan please… I …”

He nodded towards the other Saviors and they brought Mark and Dwight to their knees. Negan grabbed a couple logs and sit them out before Mark and Dwight. The Saviors bound their hands to the logs. Negan nodded.

“You might wanna take a few steps back, boys. Things are about to get pretty messy.”

Bella laughed as Desiree was in attempts to smoke a cigarette but was lighting the wrong end.

“Where’d you get those, anyhow?”

“They fell out of Mark’s pocket.” She said but looked to be in deep concentration.

Bella sighed and held her hand out.


“Just hand me the pack. I’ll show you how it’s done.”

“You smoke?”


“Then how do you…”

“Desi hun… just hand me the fucking pack.”

“So forceful!”

Bella blushed a bit and laughed.

“You’re kind of a dork, you know.”

“But you love me!”

Bella drew back a breath on this.

“Yeah… I kind of do.”

“D’ aww, I love you too!”

Bella took a cigarette from the pack and lit it. She took a drag and choked back a bit. She hadn’t done this since Daryl was in town. She used to smoke with him every now and then. The young woman looked to the cigarette in thought.

“Can I try it?!”

Bella nodded and handed it over.

“Why do you want to smoke anyhow?” Bella asked as Desiree popped it into her mouth.

“I like seeing the smoke…”

Bella narrowed her eyes.

“So that’s your only reason for picking up smoking?”

Desiree nodded and Bella laughed as she had it all wrong, yet again.

“Inhale not exhale…”


“JESUSFUCKINGCHRIST, DESI! Not that much!” Bella scolded and hit her on the back as she started choking so bad she had tears rolling down her face.

“Easy…” She called out as Desiree fought to catch her breath.

Bella sighed and took the cigarette from her hold.  Once she finally got Desiree to catch her breath, she put the cigarette out. But she leaned over seeing that Desiree was lighting another.

“What the hell, Desi?!”

She scolded and snatched it right of her hold.

“Are you trying to kill yourself?”

“Don’t you think the fire is pretty?”

“Um sure…” Bella uttered as Desiree was staring at the fire from the lighter.

“There’s something clearly wrong with you, isn’t there?”

“I don’t know, is there?!”

They turned hearing the clearing of a throat.  Negan was leaning against the doorway. He breathed in the air and wrinkled his nose.

“Were one of you smoking?!”

“More like playing with fire…” Bella murmured, whilst nudging Desi.

Negan nodded as if that somehow made more sense. He made his way over and plopped down between the two. He pulled them into his chest and kissed them both.



“Could you put the lighter down now? I’ve had a very long day and all I want to do is fucking sleep.”


Bella giggled and but was quick to let out a yelp as Negan smacked her on the rear.

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 4 Batter Up!”

  1. “Bella sug… I don’t think ovaries are that big!”
    That line had be rolling. Another awesome chapter. Can’t wait for more as I’m really loving this story

  2. Daaaaaamn… to be honest, Amber and Sherry got off fucking lucky. Bella’s the main bitch now so they better watch it. And Desi is pretty adorkable, though I expect she’s been abused or something… there’s a sort of awareness to Negan when he sent her and Tracy away. I’m curious about their backstory – hopefully we’ll learn more!

    And another Daryl reference… now I’m even more curious if we’ll see our beloved redneck… Fucking Negan – loved this chapter, sweets!

    “Can I trust you? Or are you Team Cunt?” – bwahahaha! Genius!

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