Chapter 5 The Reveal

Chapter 5

I do not own Twilight or TWD TV show or comics. I claim the OC’s known as Jacoby and Desiree. Friendly reminder:  If you have a problem with harem (multiple women) type sex, a lot of sex in general,  or stories that come from more or less the bad guy’s perspective then back out now. I will NOT change the course of this story. But I will have two alternate endings that’s all I’m going to say.


When Bella woke the next morning, Negan was fucking Desiree. There was slight envy but nowhere near like that of Sherry and Amber. She didn’t quite understand her reasoning behind that. If anything… Bella found it a bit of a turn on. The young woman blushed once Negan caught her watching. He smiled and decided to give her one hell of a show. He fucked Desiree even harder and was feverishly kissing her. Bella couldn’t believe her own reaction. She was biting down on that lower lip of hers and rubbing the area of her sex.

Fuck… that’s hot as hell. Don’t be shy, baby-girl. You just go on and take care of business.”

Desi looked over and her jaw dropped.

“Oh God, Bella!” She cried out and Negan gritted his teeth as he could feel Desiree cumming.

“Hmmm, you like that, Desi?” he questioned and she nodded.

“Shit!” he howled as he looked over and saw that Bella was three fingers in and they were soaking wet.

“That’s right. You like watching your daddy fuck, don’t you?!”

Bella’s back arched off the bed. “God damn…” Negan rolled over so that Desi was straddling him. “I need some of that sweet pussy. Get your ass over here and ride my fucking face.”

He lapped that sap of hers up and rocked Desiree about him.

“You should taste this pussy, Desi. It’s sooo fucking good.” He murmured.

He chuckled as both girls came simultaneously. This was the man’s literal definition of heaven.

“I’m about to cum. Both of you get down there and share that fucking load!”

Desi was quick to hop off and Bella skulked on over. Negan watched as he shot into their mouths. He let out a lustful growl as the two kissed directly after. They had his cum running down the sides of their mouths and their breasts were pressed up against each other. “So fucking sexy…” he mumbled whilst shaking his head.

He raised his brows however as Bella used her thumb to wipe his cum off hers and Desi’s chins. She placed it into her mouth and licked it clean after.

“FUCK! I hope you’re ready for round two!”


“Hm?” Negan hummed in question.

He had her lying on top of him and his hand ran along the slope of her back. It was just the two of them as Desiree was in the shower now.

“How did you and Desi meet?”

He narrowed his eyes wondering where this was going.

“Annnnd… that’s another thing… What was your life like, you know before…?”

Negan wasn’t sure how to react. None of the others ever cared enough to ask.

“I already told you I was a car dealer.”

“Actually no… you didn’t. All you said was that you sold my father that truck. I know nothing other than that.”

“And why do you need to know?”

“What’s wrong with wanting to know?”

He drew back a breath and looked to the ceiling.

“Desi’s a pyro!” He randomly threw out.


He chuckled.

“Yep. Let’s just say she was an entertainer of sorts.

Bella lifted her head and cut him an odd glance.

“Desi started off as a baton twirler. She got bored one day and decided to spice things up a bit. Next thing you know she’s adding a bit of fuel to those fuckers and once she realized she could achieve that without killing herself. She moved on to bigger and brighter things…”

“Such as?”

Me…” He said with a wink.

“Girl like that knows what’s hot and hell, I’m on fucking fire!”

“And so humble.”

Bella thought back to last night and sort of laughed.

“That explains the cigarettes…” she murmured in thought.

Negan nodded.

“You should’ve been there the time Dwight was emptying the septic tank to the RV. Damn girl tossed a lit match over and Dwight damn near pissed himself, he couldn’t get away fast enough. Lucky for him the wind blew it out before it ignited. Girl’s sweet as hell and fun in the sack but she has her basket case moments and I gotta knock her right back into play.”

Bella reared back and he sighed.

“With my dick, baby-girl.”

She shook her head but snorted.

“Her prick of a husband was a complete joke…”

“Wait… she was married?”

He smiled.

“All my wives aside from you were, at one point or another.”

“Why do you do that?! I mean really, that’s such a dick move.”

“It’s like you said… I only take from the ones that aren’t worthy. Dipshit took a liking to messing up her face from time to time. She’s far too pretty for that shit. So yeah, I took care of business.”

“So she was abused?!”

Negan nodded.


He shook his head and rather chuckled.

“But I’m the barbaric one, remember?” He uttered thinking back to her little speech.

Bella shrugged.

“I haven’t any issues in killing to get my point across. And yes, if you’re a whiny little bitch, I will take what’s yours whether it be supplies, weapons, your woman, or your life. If that makes me barbaric then, so be it. But this is the new world order. It’s time to clean house of those that are incompetent and teach the ones that have a hint of worth. There is a lesson to everything. And more than likely, I’m the one giving it.”

“What happened to the husband?”

“Lucille got a bit carried away when I tried to knocking some sense into him.”

“Was Desi there to see it?”

“No. It was more of a man to man type of thing.”

“But does she know?”

“What’s with the twenty fucking questions?!”

“Would it kill you to tell me more about you and the other wives?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact. I’m bored out of my fucking mind. You could be doing something else with that mouth of yours.”

“Annnd there you go…”

She sighed and crawled on out of the bed.

“Let me guess, you’re going to pout like the spoiled little brat you are!”

“Yes as a matter of fact I AM!”

Negan raised his brows and reared back with a hint of a chuckle.

“What’s wrong with me knowing more about you and the other wives? Don’t I have that right?”

He rolled his eyes and came to his feet. He made his way over and backed her up against the wall.

“You see that’s just the problem… Everyone is too busy focusing on the past.  There’s nothing back there! This… this right here is what matters. FUCK everything else.”

“This isn’t even about the others… it’s about you, isn’t it? What is it you’re hiding?”


He punched at the wall behind her.

“Is that what you think this is about? What in the fuck do I have to hide from you?!”

“I wasn’t aware there was a ‘this’. Jesus Negan, I thought we could have a normal fucking conversation!”

“Daddy!” he shouted in correction.

“I am Negan to everyone BUT you! And when you’re out there representing your daddy… you are Negan. Do we have an understanding?!”

“And why me?”

He tilted his head and sent her a baffled look.

“You can’t tell me anything about you… at least not on a personal level. But you…”

“But I what?” He spat, whilst eyeing her down.

“What is it you want to know?! HUH?!”

“Well you said you were a car dealer… what else? I mean were you married? Did you have kids?”

He nodded and ground his teeth together.

“It’s none of your fucking business…”

She let out a growl of her own and shoved him back.

“The hell it isn’t! Tell me daddy how long did you spend stalking my fucking ass, before you plucked me up from New Haven?! You know things about me that you shouldn’t! Yet you can’t tell me shit about you! I’m so tired of the double standards!”

She started to storm out and he grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back towards him.

“You really want to know?!”


“The Negan from back then was nothing! He worked at a large dealership and wore a god damn suit and tie to work every fucking day. He was a brownnosing little bitch because all he could think about was getting that god damned promotion. Nothing was ever his. Not his fiancé, not the office, he was left with secondhand supplies while everyone else got top of the fucking line. Everyone forgot his birthday and on the days they celebrated others, they didn’t leave him any cake. Whatever woman showed interest, thought him a marshmallow once they really got to know him. Other’s took credit for his hard work and would bank on his commissions. So he would go home at night and workout or hit at bags, doing whatever he could to push himself! He would yell, shout, and growl out of the things that bothered him during the day. During which, reruns of Dick Van Dyke, The Honeymooners, or I Love Lucy would be playing in the background; while his ‘so called’ friends were out drinking and making fun of him behind his back. Is that what you wanted to know?! HUH?!”

Bella recoiled and he curled that lip of his. He cupped her chin and looked her dead in the eyes.

“Lucille took matters into her own hands and decided it was time. Just like all the others… He had to die. So this… this is what was left once she finished. And if you ever and I do mean ever utter a word of this to anyone… Baby-girl or not… I will end you, without hesitation.”

What he hadn’t told her was that the day before the epidemic; was the day he caught his fiancé and best friend fucking and in THEIR bed. And even though he’d suspected something was going on between the two… Something within him snapped and he found himself eyeing the bat he had laying on a nearby chair. It was because of this, Negan understood Bella’s situation more than anyone. This made the first of his and Lucille’s connection. It was she that told him what to do and how to handle the situation. And he hadn’t any regrets, even to this day. They had it coming. THEY ALL DID! And in return… he crowned (aka barbed wired) his precious Lucille and vowed to never love another the way he loved her. Only now he gazed into those big brown eyes and recoiled in realization. He staggered back and Bella reached out to him as he practically ran out of the room.

“Ah, speak of the devil…”

Bella raised her brows on this as she entered Desiree’s room. Tracy was sitting at the vanity and Desiree was fixing her hair.

“Doesn’t she look pretty?” Desiree questioned as she spun the chair Tracy was in around.


Tracy sort of laughed and looked to be blushing.

“What can I say Negan’s one lucky bastard…” Bella added with a smile.

She plopped down on the bed and watched as the girls got ready.

“Something wrong?” Desiree questioned.

“You mean other than pissing daddy off, again?”

Desiree laughed.

“I’m sure he’s already forgotten what he was mad about to begin with.”

Bella let out a miserable groan and rolled onto her back.

“She’s right… There isn’t much you can do that truly gets under his skin. So whatever it was, I’m sure it’s already passed.”

“I hope so…” Bella murmured as she thought back to their conversation.

The more she thought on everything, the more she understood Negan and why he was the way he was. In fact it made perfect sense.

“You’re next!” Desi called out with the brush in hand.

“I’m good…”

“Get your ass over here.”

Bella sighed but came to her feet. She sat at the vanity and Desi French braided her hair.

“So… you think Sherry and Amber are digging their new quarters?” Bella taunted with a grin.

Tracy and Desiree laughed.

“Who’d have thought you’d be the one delivering that karma…” Tracy muttered.

Bella narrowed her eyes in question.


“You know what they say, sug. She’s a bitch… and apparently you’re that bitch.”

“That bad, huh?”

“Oh yeah…” the girls chorused.

“Sherry always was one to belittle us. And she hadn’t any issue in letting us know that we were shit in comparison to her and Amber.”

Bella frowned on Tracy’s words.

“She was manipulative to say the least. She had her ways of getting Negan to believe whatever she said and he would take her side, no matter.” Desiree added.

“I think part of it was the guilt on Negan taking in other wives when she was the first. They were together for about a year before Amber came into the picture.” Tracy acknowledged.

“But I thought she brought Amber into the picture. Considering they’re bff’s and all.”

“Yes, but that was after he mentioned bringing Chelsea in.”

Bella tilted her head on this.

“You mean the one that died and I recently replaced?”

They nodded.

“So I’m guessing Negan went against her wishes and brought this other woman into the picture after Sherry took Amber in.”

They nodded once again.

“You would’ve liked her…” Desi said with a sigh.

“Chelsea… she was like you, in the sense of having spirit. She didn’t take a liking to Sherry and Amber calling all the shots.” Tracy admitted.

“How did she die?”

“We’re not quite sure… it started off with her getting real sick. We thought she had come down with the flu. But she gradually grew worse. Negan hadn’t a clue what to do. We were on our way to one of the local community doctors when she died in Negan’s arms.”

“What were her symptoms?”

“It started out as vomiting and diarrhea. Before long, she couldn’t eat or drink without getting sick.”

“Who was taking care of her during all this?”

Both women looked to one another and answered simultaneously, “Negan…”

“When he was home that is… Sherry would volunteer once he left.” Desiree made clear.

Bella nodded and looked to be in thought.

“So Negan tends to all your wifely needs?”

The girls smiled.

“You wouldn’t think it but he’s takes good care of us, always has. Even on his most trying of days.”

Bella rather beamed on this.

“Did Chelsea have her own room?”

“We all do…”

“Will you show me?”


Desiree finished her hair and they lead her to Chelsea’s old room. Everything was left as it was. Bella drew back an uneasy breath as she entered the room.

“What did she look like?”

“She had dark hair like yours. Her eyes were green and she…”

Tracy reached over and hugged Desiree as she started to cry.


“Don’t be…” Bella whispered in return.

She made her way over and picked up the glass from the nightstand.

“Who was last to be in here with Chelsea?”

“Sherry.” They chorused.

Bella looked to be in thought.

“Tracy, do you mind getting me a Ziploc bag, if there are any…”

“Negan has a whole cabinet full.”

“Good, get me a couple actually…” She said seeing the spoon beside a bottle of liquid meds.

Once Tracy returned with the items needed, Bella carefully placed the glass, spoon, and meds into the bags. She had Tracy zip them shut afterward.

“What are you going to do with those?” Desi questioned.

“Run a few tests of my own.”

“What kind of tests?”

“It’s probably nothing… just a hunch. I don’t want either of you worrying on it. It’s just for my own peace of mind.”

She carried the items into the kitchen and they curiously watched as she dug around retrieving certain items here and there.

“And what was done with the body, after…”

Tracy pointed to the back door.

“Negan made the courtyard into a cemetery.”

Bella said nothing and headed on out the door. She made her way to the cemetery and found the marked grave with Chelsea’s name. She grimaced seeing as how it wasn’t long ago. Judging by the looks of things this probably happened about a month or so, before her arrival. She bent down and ran her fingers along the blades of grass sprouting from the area.

“There something you want to tell me?” the young woman whispered.

She looked back towards the Sanctuary.

“I suppose I’m about to find out…”

“Umm… where are the bags I had setting on the counter?!” Bella asked once she entered the Sanctuary.

Amber was at the sink washing the dishes. When she wouldn’t answer Bella marched on over and jerked her back.

“GOD DAMMIT!” she roared once she saw the items in the sink.

Bella grabbed the glass and threw it across the room.

“What in the fuck do you think you’re doing?!”

“The dishes! Like Negan told me to!”

Bella sort of laughed and pinched the bridge of her nose.

“And you assumed he meant the items in the bags as well?”

She nodded and Bella hauled off and slapped her.

“That’s bullshit and you know it. Where’s the bottle of meds?!”

When she wouldn’t answer Bella shook her.

“Just go back to your bitch tittied friend and call it a day. I got this. GO, before I change my mind.”


Bella followed the sound of hooting and hollering. After finding the source she reared back with a what the fuck expression. Negan and the Saviors had gathered a few walkers they had them chained up and were pouring buckets of melted metal over their heads. Once Negan caught wind of her, he smiled and waved her over. She walked on over and he wrapped his arms around her waist. Then he rested his head along her shoulder.

“So tell me, Bella… How would you take THIS group of walkers out?” he pointed to a particular group in which the Saviors had already prepared.

“Makes it rather difficult with the metal over their heads, don’t you think?”

“That’s the point. As a Savior you have to be prepared for every situation.”

He breathed her in and hummed amongst himself.

“And what do you got on you right now?”

She narrowed her eyes wondering where this was leading.

“My knife…”

“Anything else?”



He patted her down and the Saviors laughed as by the time he was done; he’d fished out two guns and another knife. Negan smiled and shook his head.

“Should I preform a cavity search as well?”

“It wouldn’t hurt…” she taunted in return.

“Hm. Now why would you go and lie to your daddy like that?”

“Maybe because I knew you’d search me?”

He grinned with a hint of a chuckle.

“Orrrr… maybe I figured you were up to something. And if that’s the case, then I’d prefer to have my weapons on me.”

“Smart girl… And still the teacher’s pet, I see. Alright boys, set em up!”

Bella sent him a bewildered look as Negan gave her a slight push towards a ring created with old shopping baskets. One of the Saviors was quick to lock her inside. She stumbled about as she nearly lost her footing. When she spun back around, she saw a few of the Saviors leading the walkers in from the other side. They closed it off, subsequently. Bella let out a growl and flipped Negan off.

“What are you doing?” Jacoby questioned with fear in his eyes.


(Dennis Quaid as Jacoby btw)

“She’s got this…” Negan assured.

“You didn’t give any of her weapons back.”

“I’m well aware. But you don’t know her the way I do. She’s going to be pissed as fuck but you’re about to see one hell of a fucking show.”

Jesus…” Jacoby muttered.

“And if she dies…?”

Negan snapped him a look and sneered.

“This one doesn’t die…” he said in a threatening matter.

Jacoby’s eyes widened and he nodded gathering the hint.

Bella backed herself up against the shopping carts and five walkers were making their way towards her. Flashbacks to the time she was tortured hit and hardcore. She found it hard to breathe and her heart was racing ninety to nothing. Negan tilted his head taking notice of how odd she was acting. This was a side of her he hadn’t seen. She truly looked as though a frightful child. Jacoby sighed and went to intervene. Negan shot back a hand, stopping him.

“Give her a moment to snap out of whatever this is.”

“She’s scared as fuck!” Jacoby replied.

Negan responded with a simple nod.

The walkers were about a foot away when her face set into a mask of determination.  She rushed at one of them as soon as it came within range. She was quick to wrap her arms around it and hurl them back over her shoulder. Bella dropped down and crawled towards the walker; where she proceeded in jamming her fingers into the eye sockets, while twisting the neck breaking it. Standing up she held its head in place with one foot and kicked at its neck repeatedly with the other until she managed to disconnect it.

“Shit!” Jacoby hollered out as the walkers were right on her and she managed to pivot her body about just in time. Holding the head up like a bowling ball she used it as a shield in order to keep one of them from biting her. With gritted teeth she used that metal skull to smash the others head in.  With the walkers getting closer she rolled out from the others reach, not stopping until she was at a safer distance.

Bella hopped back up and climbed up on of the shopping carts, once over she jumped back down and she walked right over to Negan and punched him across the face. He let out a growl and rubbed his jaw. The Saviors were quick to grab her and force her back.

“THE HELL WITH YOU!” She shouted with tears streaming down her face.

“Let go of me, you fucking assholes!”

Negan motioned for them to let her go. Bella reached to her head as more of the flashes hit.

“Leave us.”

Once they left he took a step towards her and she held up a hand.

“Don’t just… Just stay the fuck away from me. I mean seriously… Why would you do that to me?!”

She gasped back and reached to her heart. Negan sighed as she closed her eyes and focused on breathing. He inched his way over and went to hug her. Only she swung at his chest, repeatedly.


“…never again…” he heard her whisper as she turned her back  to him and went to walk away.

“You really think I’d put my best girl out there if I didn’t think she could fucking deal?!”

She spun back around and pointed his direction.

“You really don’t get it, do you?! They made a game out of it. Seeing which of us could survive. We were their entertainment. We faced anything from walkers, to starving wildlife, to humans. It was a fight for the next meal. If you lost, you either starved or flat out died. And every five days they held a fight to the death. That’s how they cleaned house of those less worthy. So you think about that the next time you feel the need to test me. I was THE MOTHERFUCKING CHAMPION! But you hadn’t a clue what I had to do in order to get there. I had no choice. It was kill or be killed and I wasn’t about to be on that chopping block. And I’m not about to be… not anytime soon!”

And there it was… It all made sense now. She was the toughest meanest bitch he knew and now he understood why.  He also knew that Bella was referring to the time her pussy of a group left her ass behind and her best friend and the boy came to her rescue.  Negan was beginning to see the bigger picture and even though he hated that she had to go through all that. He loved it all the same. All of that hell is what made her the sexy little badass she was today. With these things in mind, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her towards him.

“No. You’re not.”

Negan had Tracy in his lap while Bella and Desiree prepared something for dinner.  He lowered the strap to her top and flicked his tongue along her nipple.

“Well looks like daddy’s got his milk…” Bella witted as she caught this from the corner of her eye.

He wiggled his brows.

“You’re more than welcome to join, baby-girl.”

Tracy giggled as he lowered the other one as well and rubbed his face between them.

“Hmmm damn.” He murmured as he squeezed them together.

Bella opened the cabinet beneath the sink and narrowed her eyes.

“Is something wrong, sug?”

Negan stopped what he was doing and looked over as well. He assumed it was what he was doing with Tracy. Bella reached into the cabinet and pulled out a container of rat poison.

“Did you know this was down here?”

“Well yeah… We had a bit of an infestation a while back so Negan managed to find us some.”

Bella nodded and went on to read the warning label.

“I really wish you wouldn’t have told Amber to do those dishes, daddy.”

Negan raised his brows in question.

“Dishes? What dishes?”

Bella and the other wives exchanged glances.

“You mean you didn’t tell her to wash the dishes earlier today?”

“Nope. I haven’t talked to those bitches in a few days. Why would I?”

“Easy, sug…” Desi whispered as Bella’s face flushed over and she was bending the package.

“Is there something I should know?”

“No. Everything’s fine.” Bella uttered as she put the rat poison back.

Desiree cut her an odd glance and Bella sent her a wink. This was something she wanted to handle on her own, besides Negan had enough on his plate with recent events. Bella wasn’t about to say anything, not until she had the evidence she needed. But she hadn’t a clue on how to go about that now. She would have to go even deeper into her investigation and other methods of gathering information.

Desiree gathered this look of alarm as they looked over and saw that Negan had Tracy riding his cock at the table. Bella smiled, “I’m good…” she whispered.

Desiree let out a breath of relief and leaned into her ear.

“He just gets worked up and sometimes that’s the only ‘release’ he knows.”

Bella nodded and went to set the table. Negan grabbed her before she had the chance to walk away. He pulled her in for a kiss and growled into her mouth. Desiree covered her mouth and giggled into the palm of her hand. Negan bucked off his seat and had Tracy rocking about him even harder now.

“God damn, I love fucking!” He hollered after kissing Bella then he went back to kissing Tracy.

After a few more strokes he let out a finishing moan and leaned back in his chair.



He lifted Tracy off him and waved her over.

“Come lick your daddy clean and tell me what Tracy’s pussy taste like.”

Bella did as he was told and Negan closed his eyes and was practically purring.

“Such a good girl you are…”

Once she finished, he opened his eyes.

“How was it?” He sincerely asked.

“Tastes so good, daddy.” And to her surprise, it really did. There was something strangely erotic about it.

He smiled.

“Hm… Why don’t you give Desi a little kiss and let her have a taste as well?”

He chuckled as Bella did as she was told and Desiree practically melted in her arms. It was more than obvious Desi was crushing on his baby-girl and Negan was eating that shit up.

“Alright now that we’ve all had a taste, let’s eat!”

“Aren’t you two just the sweetest thing? Look at you… all cuddly…” Bella announced as Sherry and Amber were practically spooning on the couch.

That’s all Negan allowed them. And all they had to sleep and sit on. Bella handed their plates over.  They said nothing and dived on in.

“You know I’m surprised to see a forgiving side to you, Sherry. Let me guess… you had her make up for it by having her do the dishes? And by doing the dishes, you know damn well what I mean.”

Bella retrieved something from her jacket and sat it down before them.

“I’ve been told that my cooking… it’s to DIE for. But I’ll let you two ladies be the judge of that.”

Sherry and Amber shared the same horrified expression. They dropped their plates and hopped off the couch. Bella laughed as they ran out of the basement and into the kitchen. Once they were at the sink they had their fingers down their throats and were gagging themselves. They cut on the sink and rinsed their mouths out afterward.

“So dramatic…” Bella muttered.

She walked on over and stood directly behind them. Bella leaned in and whispered…

“I might not have the proof I need. But I know what you did… and both of you are on my radar. Not a good place to be. Stay away from Tracy and Desi. Go against me on this and I will kill you. I haven’t any issues in dealing with Negan afterward. Hell by this point, I doubt he’d shed a single tear. Now back to your doghouse. If either of you goes against Negan’s orders again, you’re going to see just how much of a daddy’s girl I can be. I will run and tattletale, with no shame whatsoever.”

“You ready?!” Negan called out as Bella was hugging Tracy and Desiree goodbye.

She nodded and Tracy handed Bella’s bag over.

“Watch your backs…” Bella hinted as to Sherry and Amber.

“We will.” Tracy assured.

Bella nodded and headed on over to the RV. Jacoby opened the passenger door for her and she climbed on in.

“What?” Bella questioned seeing the odd look on Negan’s face.

“You are aware that those are MY wives, right?”

Bella snorted on this.

“Is someone jealous?”

He fought the urge to smile and merely shook his head.

“You ready?”


“Good deal… Mark and Dwight are still getting used to the idea of jerking off without being able to switch hands. I guess if they get too tired they can suck each other off. So they won’t be joining us this time. Hilltop Colony hasn’t a clue what they’re in for. They’ve yet to meet my baby-girl.” He murmured with a smirk.

“You’re late…” the man replied and Negan raised his brows.

“Then that means you’ve had more than enough time, doesn’t it?

Negan followed the man’s gaze. Bella was bent over helping Jacoby pick something up off the ground.  Negan walked on over and leaned into Gregory’s ear.

“She’s got a nice ass, doesn’t she?”

Gregory nodded.

“I tell you what.  Why don’t I call her on over and she can help gather the supplies from your office.”

The man looked to Negan with full on lust in his eyes.


“Oh yeah… I’m sure she’ll be more than willing to help.”

“Bella?!” Negan called over his shoulder.

She made her way over and he made a gesture towards Gregory.

“Be a dear and help Gregory gather the medical supplies.”

“Umm okay…” Bella said, taking notice of the odd look on Negan’s face.

Negan observed as the two headed into Gregory’s office. He cleared his throat and merely waited. Sure enough, within the matter of minutes they heard a gunshot followed by Bella yelling. He and the Saviors were having themselves a good laugh. Bella had Gregory by the scruff of his shirt and was dragging him out of the building. A cloud of dirt formed around her and the leader of Hilltop as she had him on the ground and was kicking the living shit out of him.  Negan cleared his throat and walked on over.

“What happened, sweetheart?”

“He’s a fucking pervert daddy, that’s what!”

Gregory reared back on her words.


Negan grinned like the cat that ate the canary.

“Now Gregory… You wouldn’t get all pervy on my baby-girl, now would you?”

“Wait… she’s your…”

All of Hilltop shared the same disgusted look as Negan pulled her in for a kiss and had his hands running along her ass.

“Hmmmm.” He excitably hummed afterward.

“The girl can kiss.”

“You’re sick…”

“Am I?” Negan challenged as Gregory came to his feet.

“Now in all fairness, she was the one sucking my dick when I fell asleep. When I caught her, I went to punish the girl for her wrongdoings… Only the spankings seemed to make it worse. She was so fucking wet I could smell and see it running down those sexy legs of hers. You can’t let pussy like that go to waste.”

Bella snorted and elbowed Negan. He chuckled and kissed along the crevice of her neck.

“Daddy’s just having a little fun… and kudos on the shiner. That’ll earn you a reward later.”

Negan marched on over and grabbed Gregory by the collar of his shirt.

“No one and I mean no one, so much as looks or touches what’s mine.” Gregory was quick to groan out as Negan kneed him in the crotch.

“Look at her that way again and it won’t be her dealing with your sorry ass, but me. And I’ll take a rusty blade and use it to saw off your dick.” He whispered and slapped at his cheek after.

The man did a double take however as Bella made her way back to the office. When she stepped out she had a candy bar in hand.

“Hey, that was on my desk!”

Bella ignored Gregory and sat at the curb. She opened it and let out a moan the moment she took a bite.

“Sooo fucking good…” She murmured looking to be in heaven.

Negan laughed as she sat there and took her time eating the entire thing.

“You done now?” He asked afterward.


“Good. Now back to work.”

“Fine…” She groaned.

“Cute as fuck, isn’t she?!”

“They don’t seem to think so.” Jacoby said with a nod towards the Hilltop Colony..

Good… Maybe now they’ll keep their grimy fucking hands off.”

Jacoby tilted his head. It took a bit to register but once it did he shook his head and sort of laughed.

“Crazy son of a bitch…” He uttered under his breath.

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 5 The Reveal”

  1. I loved this chapter. Getting to know a bit more of Bella and Negan’s histories. I love the growing relationship between Bella, Desi and Tracy. I also loved the steamy parts, but that’s a given. 😉

  2. Fucking Sherry – and Amber! Bella is gonna out them for good, the stupid twats! Love the Negan history – he’s still a bastard for locking Bells up with those walkers though. Fucking Negan!

    “…I gotta knock her right back into play.”

    Bella reared back and he sighed.

    “With my dick, baby-girl.”

    I laughed sooooooo hard at that, lol! Awesome chapter!

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