Chapter 6 Knighthood

Chapter 6

I do not own TWD TV show or comics. I do not own Twilight. I do claim the OCs known as Jacoby and Desiree.


Later on… 

Bella pulled up in the truck and nodded Dwight’s direction.

“You’re slowing us down…”

“I got it.” He hissed and Bella cocked a brow.

“Do you? Because it sure as hell doesn’t look like it.”

He let out a growl as the bike tipped over once again. She shook her head and put the truck into park. She hopped on out and made her way over.

“Take the fucking truck. I got this.”

One of the other Saviors leaned over.

“Do you even know how to…”

Bella revved the engine and tilted her head the Savior’s direction.

“Do I what?” She uttered and went on ahead.

The other Saviors laughed and Dwight rolled his eyes.

“Damn…” Jacoby remarked as she turned a corner, leaving trail of dirt behind.

“You thinking what I’m thinking?”

“Yeah… that Negan’s one lucky bastard.” Jacoby replied.


Dwight got into the truck and followed Bella. She parked outside the building and took off her leather gloves. The young woman climbed off the bike, brought out her gun, and approached the old gas station with caution. Dwight shook his head and caught up to her.

“What are you doing?”

“Getting the job done…now if you wouldn’t mind.” She motioned for one of the Saviors to toss the chain over.

Bella looped it around the handle of the door and backed away.  She gave them the signal and the guys hooked the chain to the trailer hitch of the truck. The driver gave it just enough gas to pry the doors open. Bella sent Dwight a cocky grin and started taking out whatever walkers exited the building.

“Well Dwight, I gotta say I’m impressed. Look at the one-armed bandit go!” She hollered out, whilst driving her blade into a nearby walker.

She shot at another and spun back around.

“Six whatcha got?”

Dwight rolled his eyes as he was struggling on his third. Bella reached over and jerked him out of the way of another.

“PAY ATTENTION!” She snapped and shoved him back towards the other Saviors.

“If you can’t handle the job then back the fuck up and let us do ours!”

This made her third run with Dwight (on her own) and so far she was not impressed. Then again he was missing a limb… Still, he insisted on leading. Bella wasn’t having it. He’d wind up getting them killed. In all honestly, she was tempted in taking his ass out and making look like an accident. But she knew Negan had his ways of finding out. He always did. And there were times she swore Negan was watching their every move. It wasn’t often she and Negan went their separate ways. But when it came to dealing with New Haven, Negan was very protective of Bella and didn’t want her tagging along. He felt it were best if she went on the scouting trips with Dwight and the others instead. And part of him wanted her there to keep an eye on them. Negan knew they’d be on their best behavior with his girl around. And best behavior in the sense of getting the job done.

Once they finished clearing out the area they scouted the place, but there wasn’t a whole lot to scavenge. Bella shook her head but froze as she regarded something off to the distance.  She nudged Jacoby.

“You guys been up there?”

He shook his head no.

“I don’t believe so.”

She nodded and looked to be in thought.

“I say we head up there next. Walls like that… you know someone’s hiding something.”

“You got it…”

He said knowing better than to argue with Negan’s ‘baby-girl’. If she didn’t bash his brains in, Negan would.

They wrapped things up and followed Bella towards the area she had pointed out earlier. Bella stopped a good mile back. She nodded towards the woods.

“I say we divide up. We do a complete walkabout and meet here with the dets.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

“Keep sharp…”

“You’re late…” Negan scolded and Bella smiled.

“I come bearing gifts!”

“Do you now?” he said in a rather flirtatious pitch.

She grabbed him by the collar of his leather jacket and got on her tippy toes in order to kiss him.

“Hmmm…” he hummed afterward.

“Alright boys… bring him out.” She called out.

Negan narrowed his eyes and looked on in question as the Saviors dragged a man out of the RV. He was bound and gagged. Negan kind of reared back and looked to his wife then back to the man.

“That’s a terrible gift. Why he’s not even pretty!”

She shook her head and snorted.

“Something tells me he’s not ‘wife’ material.” She taunted back gathering the gist.

Bella walked over and opened the back of the van. It was filled to the brim with supplies.

“Is this better?”

Negan got this wide grin about him.

“Now we’re talkin’.” He walked on over and scanned the supplies.

“I know what we could do with that chocolate sauce later…” he hinted with a wink her direction.

Bella laughed. The young woman walked on over and forced the man to his knees. She leaned into his ear but her eyes were fixated on Negan’s.

“Don’t be rude…. Say hello.”

The man let out a whimper and was pleading for his life. Bella rolled her eyes and sighed. She grabbed a fistful of his hair.

“Look him in the eyes and say hello!”

“Hell, you keep that up and we’re gonna end up fucking right here!” Negan called out in full on lust.

Bella smiled but didn’t comment.

“…hello…” the man cried out.

“See? Now was that so hard?”

“I know I am….” Negan uttered in longing.

“Tell him where you’re from.”

“Alex…” The man swallowed back and shook his head as tears streamed down his face.

“Come on now… we talked about this? Remember our little speech? You’re what roughly 6 feet? You got some muscles.”

Negan’s lip curled as she felt the man’s biceps.

“Do you want an ass whoopin’?”

“Maybe…” she replied with a smirk.

“You should see this place, daddy. They keep themselves locked away and only train a handful of their people, this man being one of them. And yet he’s a bigger pussy than that Dwight over there.”

The Saviors had a good laugh at this. Negan raised his brows and regarded Dwight with a chuckle. “You two having some issues?” He questioned and Dwight rolled his eyes.

“Don’t even get me started…” Bella hissed whilst eyeing Dwight down.

“Hmmm.” Negan hummed with amusement.

“Sounds like someone’s about to get his man-card revoked.”

“It’s not me… it’s her! She doesn’t seem to grasp how things are done!” Dwight barked.

“Oh shut it… You’re just pissed because she dragged those big balls of hers across your face!”  Jacoby remarked.

Negan wrinkled his nose in disgust.

“Now there’s an image…”

Bella ignored all this and went on to describe this community and how they worked, who their leader was, etc… By the time she was done explaining everything, Negan understood this man to be the leader’s son. Only a handful of the community was allowed weapons and they were the only ones that knew how to fight. Like that of his wife, Negan was just as stumped by all this. Even he was at a loss as to how they had survived. Part of him suspected foul play and that she was being set up by the man she had kidnapped.  This had to be a trick of some sort, right? But that wasn’t the case. The reason they were late in the first place was due to Bella sneaking into the area and having herself a peek at what they were dealing with exactly. She took her time looking around and learning everything she needed to know. Negan just gawked at her as she went on and on about how this place worked and everything she learned. It was then it truly dawned on him as to why he went soft when Sherry tried pulling the ‘daddy’ card. Sherry was never his girl in the first place. She didn’t have what it takes. In fact none of his wives did. As to why he doted on Bella so much.  He saw parts of himself in her. And he had since he first laid eyes on her. Negan had taken his time with this one and got to know her inside out. But this also led to the first of disagreements between him and ‘Lucille’. She wanted the bitch dead. But the man was bound and determined to prove Lucille wrong, as to what led to his final decision. He cleared his throat gathering not only hers but everyone else’s attention.

“Alexandria is yours. You are Negan… make certain they know that. I got New Haven and Hilltop Colony and there is possibility of another. I’m rather curious as to how you handle this one. So make me proud baby-girl.”

Bella staggered back a bit.

Wait… what?”

Negan nodded upon his men and had them packing everything up.

“I got something for you as well!” He called out rather happily.

Bella narrowed her eyes and regarded Jacoby in question.

“Did he just?”

He smiled and nodded.

“That certainly makes a first.” He added.

“I can’t take this on. He’s nuts!”

“Looks like you did just fine to me. Why do you think Dwight’s so pissed?”

She had this offbeat look about her and Jacoby patted her on the back.

“You just took his place. That’s what Negan was hinting at.”

Bella looked over and Dwight was staring her down. He sounded as though he were hacking up a lung as he spat on the ground.

“Charming, isn’t he?” Jacoby witted.

“Gross is more like it.”

This had the man chuckling.

“Don’t doubt yourself. If Negan trust you with this… it’s because you’ve earned it.”

“Um thanks… I guess.”

“Do you want your fucking gift or not?!” She heard Negan holler.

She giggled a bit and made her way over. She followed Negan into the woods. Her jaw dropped once she saw the truck up ahead.

“You got my truck!”

“I sure did…”

“Oh my God!”

He chuckled as she darted on over and ran her hands along it.

“Man, have I missed you.”

She hugged the side of the truck and Negan popped her on the rear.

“Damn truck’s getting more action than I am!”

She pivoted around and ran a hand along his chest.

“Is my daddy getting jealous?”

A low growl escaped him and he opened the passenger side door.

“Get that tight little ass of yours inside.”

She crawled on in and scooted on down. Negan climbed in as well and shut the door. He placed Lucille in the back and was quick to whip himself out.

“Suck your daddy’s dick. I wanna cum in that sweet mouth of yours.”

The moment her mouth came into contact his eyes rolled back.

“Hmmm…” He hummed and moved her hair out of the way so he could watch.

“That’s right Bella-baby, you just keep sucking that dick.”

He bucked off his seat and was literally fucking her mouth.

“Chug it down!” He demanded as he came.

“Such a good girl…” he murmured as he wiped a drop of cum off her lip and had her lick it off his finger.

He pulled her into his lap and had her resting against his chest. He drew back a breath and ran his fingers through her long dark locks.

“Did you know that your old buddy got that chick all knocked up before I smashed his brains in?”

Bella lifted her head.

“Say what?”

Negan nodded.

“She looks like shit and boy is she pissed.”

“Well yeah, you killed her husband.”

He chuckled and Bella hit him on the arm.

“Hmmm, think she’s gonna end up having a walker baby?”

“Why would you say that?”

“Because that’s how it’s lookin’.”

“Ugh, don’t even say that. That’s just fucked up!”

“Think she’ll breast feed?!” he said with a snide grin.

“NEGAN!” she scolded.

“Daddy…” he corrected with a frown.

“Good thing I’m shooting blanks…” He murmured in thought.

He had gotten the snip before shit hit the fan. The last thing he wanted or needed for that matter was to end up raising a kid with that ungrateful bitch from his past.

Negan unbuttoned Bella’s shirt and ran his hands along her bare breasts.

“Speaking of which… I need to be breastfed.”

“Do you now?”

“Fuck yeah! I wanna wake with a tit in my mouth every god damn morning.”


When Bella woke the next morning they were in the RV. Negan was already up and dressed. He nodded upon her and tucked his gun into his pants.

“Is something wrong?”

“Eh… we got someone nosing around. Thought I’d go with the boys and check it out. You go back to sleep… I got the place covered.” He pecked her on the lips and grabbed Lucille.

“I’m about to head out myself.”

Her husband nodded but had this offbeat look about him.

“Is something wrong?”

He’d been acting a bit ‘off’, ever since they met up last night. She just summed it up to him being tired or distracted by this other deal he had going.

“You should know that your uncle didn’t follow through this time round and Lucille had some business to take care of.”

Bella shot up and Negan rolled his eyes looking annoyed.


“Hey now… I gave the prick fair warning. In fact our last visit didn’t go over so well and I let that one slide. He thought he could set us up and I saw right past it. That, and he’s added onto his little group. There were new faces lurking about. Your uncle thought he could be real smooth and pull a fast one on me. The bastard was planning an ambush but I nipped that right in the bud.”

Bella closed her eyes and focused on breathing.


“Some older lookin’ woman with hair like a boy. I think her name was…”

“Carol…” Bella muttered looking grim.

“Yeah, that’s the one.”

The room started to spin and Bella rolled on off the bed. She rushed over and puked into the kitchen sink. Negan wrinkled his nose. Bella turned on the water and rinsed out the sink. Her hands were shaking and she went into this hysterical like cry. Negan rolled his eyes and made his way over. He grabbed her by the arm and twirled her about so that she was facing him.

“I’m gonna need you to get your shit together and be cool. Can you do that?!” he snapped.

She gritted her teeth and went to pop him across the face. Negan stopped her before she had the chance. He backed her up against the wall and put his forehead to hers.

“Breathe baby-girl… just fucking breathe…”

Negan swallowed back as she latched onto him and had herself a good cry. He wasn’t quite sure how to act. Here she was seeking comfort, from the very man that killed her friend. He tossed Lucille onto the bed and held her in return.

“I wouldn’t… unless I had to.”

She nodded in understanding. He planted his hands along her cheeks and wiped her tears with his thumbs.

“The woman took it like a champ. You should know that.”

The woman reminded him a lot of Bella. She didn’t plead for her life or start bawling… Which made his decision even harder, but he had to get his point across. And the only way to do that, was to go for one of their strongest. But the moment Lucille came into contact with that woman’s head, Bella entered his mind, the man felt a twinge of remorse. It wasn’t so much guilt as he knew just as much as Rick did, that they had it coming. Negan put all the warnings out there and he was letting them get away with far too much and a lot of that had to do with Bella. He couldn’t’ afford to do that anymore. If he did it’d come back to bite him in the ass.

“So why more tears on her behalf rather than that of the Asian kid?” he asked with curiosity.

“Carol was one of the originals. She helped us build. At times I looked to her like a mother. I wasn’t as close to Glenn. That’s not to say I don’t feel sympathy on his and Maggie’s behalf. You gotta look at this from another perspective. If l lost you…” she cringed and wasn’t able to finish that sentence.

“If you lost me…” he taunted with a smirk.

“Stop that!” She scolded and he laughed.

“That isn’t funny!”

“Are you kidding me? It’s fucking hilarious. Look at you all starry-eyed. You’re fucking cute as hell!”

“Ugh, just forget it! You are such a fucking DICK!” She shouted and shoved him back.

He cocked a brow as she started to storm out.

“Are you gonna listen to the rest of my fucking story, or not?!”

She gritted her teeth and kept her back towards him.

“I’ve got better things to do… You heartless…”

He reached over and jerked her back towards him.

“It was your uncle!” he shouted and gave her a little shake.

“Lucille… The old ball and chain, I went against her fucking wishes! I took out the closest one instead. So  do go on… tell me just how fucking heartless I am!”

He walked on over and snatched Lucille off the bed. Just before he left he pointed Lucille her direction.

“In all this time, you’re the only one I’ve ever broken rules for.  But I’m not changin’ who I am, you take it and that’s it.”

“I see a few of you are missing…” Negan murmured as he twirled Lucille about.

Rick nodded.

“They’re on a run.”

“A run, huh?”

“You wanted more supplies… I had to send more of my guys out. They’ll be back tonight.”

“And where did they go exactly?”

“I’m not sure…” Rick replied and Negan nodded, seeing the lie written all over his face.

“Is that so?”

Rick nodded.


Negan nodded upon one of his Saviors and motioned towards the boy.

“Let’s have us a little chat, shall we?”

Rick reached over and grabbed his son. He placed the boy behind him. Negan tilted his head and shook his finger as if scolding a child.

“Didn’t we just have this discussion yesterday? You know about how not cool that shit is? Do I need to catch you up to speed all over again?!”

“There’s no need for that!” Rick said with fear in his eyes.

Negan smiled and motioned for his men to stand down.

“Then please… do tell. Where did the others venture off to?”

Rick regarded the others and Michonne shook her head. Rick let out a miserable laugh, one that reminded Negan of Bella.

“A place known as Alexandria. Like I said… they’ll be back tonight.”

Negan froze and silence filled the area. He and the Saviors exchanged glances. Negan close d his eyes for a moment.

“And how many went on this little adventure?”

“Five or six, at least.”

“Well which is it?!” Negan spat with impatience.

Rick narrowed his eyes and reared back wondering what this was all about.


Negan nodded.

“We’re gonna have to shut that shit down and real quick.” He uttered towards a few of his boys.

They gathered the hint and hopped onto their bikes.

“You wouldn’t try to fuck me over… now would you, Rick?”

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me…” Bella hissed as she was climbing back down the wall.

Jacoby reached out and helped her back down.


He nodded.

“Change of plans, boys. Looks like someone else is pissing on our turf.”

But it was who that ‘someone’ was that got under her skin. As soon as she was within a safer distance, she called forth a meeting. Once the Saviors understood the situation they agreed in helping Bella cause a bit of mischief. It was time she got that much needed payback. That, and she needed to get her point across… Alexandria was hers!

Hours had passed before Alexandria’s ‘guests’ were at their departure. It took a sheer amount of patience on Bella’s end, but just seeing the look on his face would be worth it. Bella waited until she had them right where she wanted. She sent off the signal and the Saviors whistled out one by one gathering everyone’s attention. They revved up those engines and Bella help but to grin. She was last to get on her bike, one in which Jacoby had personally fixed up for her. And it was Negan’s idea to have baby-girl in white italics. This was something she hadn’t noticed until after her and Negan’s little spat this morning. The Saviors formed a ring around the group that had just left the gates of Alexandria.  They had no choice but to come to a stop. Before long, the Saviors freed up a space, just enough for Bella to drive on through. She stepped off her bike and stood before his truck. She took her helmet off and tossed it. One of the Saviors caught it.

“Bella?!” Shane uttered in disbelief.

“Negan…” she corrected.

The Saviors kept a watchful eye out as they had their guns aimed and ready to go. Bella ran her gloved hand along Shane’s truck. She held out her hand and nodded towards Jacoby. He smiled and tossed over the bat he had in hand. Bella ran her hand along the bat and sent Shane and company a taunting look.

“Come on, babe! This isn’t you and you know it! Let’s just talk about this!” Shane called out.

Bella said nothing as she took the bat to one of his headlights.

“GOD DAMMIT, BELLA!!!” He shouted and hopped on out of the truck, looking to the damage.

She gave a simple nod and took the other out as well. Shane rushed over and grabbed her by the sleeve her jacket. She motioned for the Saviors to stand down. At the moment, Jacoby and Dwight shared the same look of apprehension. If she got herself killed, he and Dwight would be on the chopping block, no doubt.

“Why are you doing this?!”

“Because I can. In fact, whatever deal you got going with Alexandria, that’s officially come to an end. I’m taking over and you’re going to run on home with your tail tucked behind you.”

“THE HELL I WILL!”  He shouted and slammed her back against the truck.

“That’s it! I’m tired of the games you’re coming home!”

“Am I now?”

Shane snatched her up and flipped her over his shoulder. Just as Jacoby was about to take a shot, Bella intertwined her fingers and took her fists to Shane’s back. She let out a gasp as he body-checked her. He was quick to let out a grunt as she took her knee to his crotch directly after. The man dropped his hold and Bella kicked him not once or twice, but over and over again and right in the dick. Maggie and the others were yelling for her to stop and were in attempts to get out the truck. The Saviors had them all at gunpoint and blocked so they couldn’t get out of the truck. You could hear the oh damns, holy shits, and ah’s coming from the Saviors.

“DAMN!” Jacoby hollered once the bloody show was revealed. Bella opened the driver’s side door and shoved Shane back into the truck. His head swayed about and his eyes were coming to a close. Bella nodded upon Andrea.

“You might wanna get him to a doctor and fast. I’d sure hate for him to bleed out, considering I’m nowhere near done with his sorry ass!”


Bella tilted her head upon Maggie.

“Man… he was right. You do look like shit! So how far along are you?”

Maggie lowered her head and Bella swallowed back in realization. She nodded and cleared her throat.

“I’m sorry…” Bella said with sincerity.

Maggie didn’t comment just stared straight ahead.

“Get the word out to my uncle. You’re not to come back here. This is our turf. Find another…” Bella declared as she slammed the door shut.

She waved her hand about and the Saviors spilt up letting them on through.

“You really are a crazy bitch…” Jacoby remarked, while giving her a high-five.

Bella laughed but looked to the others then back the direction of Alexandria.

“We’ll have to make arrangements for another day. Negan will be expecting us.”

The Saviors got on their bikes and Bella followed them back. Once they got to the meeting place, Bella veered off to a more secluded area. The young woman took her helmet off and just sat there for a few moments. She looked to the blood splattered onto her leather gloves and used her jeans to wipe them clean. Then she climbed off the bike and dug into her bag, pulling out a bottle of whiskey.

“Thank you, Desi.” She said with a slight toast to the sky.

After taking a swig, she heard the familiar clearing of the throat.

“Long night?”

“You could say that…”

He walked on over and spun her around. She narrowed her eyes as he was checking her over.

“Are you alright?”

Bella nodded and Negan drew back a breath as if he’d been holding it all day. He took the bottle from her hold and took a decent plunge himself. Negan handed it back then looked to the stars.

“Jacoby tells me you got balls deep…” he said causing Bella to choke back on that whiskey.

He chuckled and patted her back.

“Easy now… If you’re gonna choke I have something much better.” He said with a smirk.

After a solid minute passed, he took the whiskey from her hold and got this serious mien about him.

“I can’t have you getting reckless… The boys told me that you went as far as to let Shane get his hands on you.” She lowered her head and he shook his.

He lifted her chin and his eyes locked with hers.

“Not only that but you used my name in order to do so.”

She went to say something and he put a finger to her lips.

“Daddy isn’t finished…”

He moved a strand of hair from her eyes and placed it behind her ear.

“You are Negan, the Saviors are Negan, we’re all Negan. And you need to keep that in mind. It’s not about how YOU would handle the situation, but how I would. And first thing’s first. I wouldn’t let anyone get close enough to strike me and if I ever do they wind up dead 9 times out of 10. I need you to think when you’re out there. If you can’t do that, then I won’t have any choice but to keep you grounded. You want to be the road wife. You gotta prove you can handle it. If not… you’re back there with Desi doing whatever it is little housewives do. Now are you Negan’s little housewife? Or are you Daddy’s little bad ass?”

She swallowed back on this.

“I’m going to need a fucking answer…”

“Daddy’s bad ass.” She alleged with a touch of a blush.

He nodded, whilst thinking something along the lines of how fucking cute she was. The king loved having that effect on her.

“Then you had better keep that in mind. I’m gonna let this one slide, considering the circumstances. But don’t you doubt, even for a second that your old squad won’t fucking turn on you. You gotta think with a clear head. You’re one of us now. Don’t you let that need for revenge cloud your judgement. And I’m just gonna put this out there… the next time you feel the need. You just let your daddy know and I’ll be more than happy to help you out. Did I or did I not offer to fuck the living daylights out of you while he watched? The offer still stands.”

She smiled on this.

“I believe I’ve tortured him enough.”

Negan narrowed his eyes and shook his head in disagreement.

“He tried to take what didn’t belong to him. I’ll say when he’s had enough.”

“Thank you…”


“The bike…” she hinted.

“Hmmm… Does daddy get a kiss, at least?”

She giggled and went to walk away. Negan reached out and pulled her back towards him. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and kissed along her neck and jawline. Those kisses trailed up to her lips. But just as his brushed against hers, he pulled back. Her eyes were still closed and her lips reacted to his absence. He laughed then smacked her on the ass and walked away. She frowned and folded her arms about her chest as if to pout.

“One more time…” Negan said and Bella sighed.

“I call the shots but let the Saviors handle everything close encounter.”

He nodded.


“Ugh… We’ve been over this five times already!”

“If you don’t watch it I’ll smack that ass a good five times.”

She got this playful demeanor about her.


He cocked a brow and looked over to see her biting her lower lip. He wiggled his finger about and she walked on over. Negan unfastened her jeans and yanked them down. Bella giggled as he spun her around. He bent her over a tree stump and with a massive grin he gave her five good pops.

“Hmmm…” He hummed as he slipped a finger in.

“So wet…” Negan murmured and pulled out, licking his finger clean.

He helped her back up and pulled up her pants.  He leaned into her ear as he fastened them.

“That’s just a little teaser. I’m going to wreck that pussy tonight.”

“Daddy?” she called out of concern.

The man had his eyes closed and looked to be in thought.

“Change of plans… The wives are going to entertain you tonight.”

A mask of utter disappointment formed along her face.  He chuckled on this.

“Oh believe me… You won’t be frowning by the time they’re done. You’ll finally understand where it is I’m coming from. Once you’ve had a taste…” He drew back a breath and this odd sound escaped the back of his throat.

“You’ll be begging your daddy for more. There’s nothing like kicking back and having everyone else take care of your needs. So that’s the plan. And you had better have the energy for me when they’re done. Just the mere idea…. Fuck…” he murmured with a low growl.

This was something he never allowed any of his wives. But she had him curious. He had to see this firsthand. Negan took a few steps back and forced it out of his mind for now. They hadn’t the time to hit the release valve. It was going to be a long day as it was – for the both of them.

Negan took something from his bag and tossed it over. Her jaw dropped as she caught it.

“I get my own bat?!”

He nodded and sent her a wink.

“You’re a Savior now. Make me proud.”

He called out as he got into the RV and was quick to haul ass out of there.

“Well there you go, lil sis. You got your own bat and everything now!” Jacoby teased.

The Saviors laughed as she flipped him off. Bella hopped onto her bike and she and Negan went their separate ways.

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  1. Oooooh! She should name her bat Ricky! Lucy and Ricky! Lol!

    Shane had that coming to him and then some. Shame about Maggie, but that kind of life… still sad. Love Bella being all bad ass – never gets old. She fucking kicks so much as as Negan 😉

    “See? Now was that so hard?”

    “I know I am….” Negan uttered in longing.

    BWAHAHAHAHA! I just love how he says whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

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