Chapter 7 Me and Lucy

Chapter 7

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“Oh you will agree to our terms.”

“Or what?!” Their leader spat.

Bella nodded towards the Saviors and they dragged the leader’s son out from the back of the van. Jacoby brought him over and brought him to his knees before Bella but had him facing his people. Bella smiled.

“Or little Crazy Bitch Jr… is about to have one HELL of a migraine.”

The woman clamped a hand over her mouth and started towards her son. Bella held out her bat.

“Nuh uh… I wouldn’t do that. Not if you value your son’s life.”

“Have you no compassion?!”

“Plenty, but what I don’t have is patience… Not when it comes to ignorance. The way you run this place… is a fucking joke itself. The way your son damn near handed over all the information we needed, in order for me to sneak right on in and walk amongst you. It was just plain sad. Yet you call this the Safe-Zone?!”

The woman recoiled.

“And what exactly is safe about it? I climbed right over those walls and made myself at home, armed, and everything. Meanwhile, you hadn’t a clue your son had been kidnapped.”

Bella waved her hands about the others.

“Look at you! If we wanted to kill you, we’d have done it and within the matter of seconds. You and your people hide behind these walls. If those walls were to ever come tumbling down you wouldn’t last a week, not a single one of you. And the ones strong enough to survive would end up dying in order to protect the ones that aren’t.”

Bella’s lip curled as she took notice of the women and children.

“What you’re doing… is beyond cruel.”

“What I’ve done is built us an actual community! Here we are at peace and can rebuild. We are the future!”

Bella had a good laugh at this. She nodded upon Jacoby. Dwight had gone with Negan and from the looks of things that’s where he wanted to stay. Only proving to Bella what a real bitch Dwight was. She couldn’t believe he’d rather go back to serving a man that not only stole but fucked his wife and was now keeping her in the basement – like that of a prisoner. She had no respect for a man like Dwight, none whatsoever.



“Did you know this is the future?”

He smiled and shook his head.

“I sure didn’t.”

Bella sort of laughed and paced the area a bit.

“WELCOME TO ALEXANDRIA! WELCOME TO THE FUTURE! Future what? Walkers? Because that’s all I’m seeing. Bella pointed to one of the children with her bat.


The boy hid behind his mother and Bella sighed.

“I’m not going to hurt you. I just want to ask you a simple question; can you do that for me?”

He nodded.

“What would you do if you stumbled across a walker?”

He looked to his mother, a pretty blonde haired woman. His mother gave him an encouraging nudge.

“Kill it?” He said as if it were question.

Bella nodded.

“With what?”

The boy shrugged and Bella nodded once again.

“Awesome parenting… you just killed your own son.”

The mother cut Bella a go to hell look and Bella laughed.

“Let me guess… You’re thinking something along the lines of… How dare you question my parenting?! My son will never know the awful truths behind that wall. With me he is safe.” Bella made a buzzer like sound and followed it with “WRONG!”

Bella regarded the mother in thought. The Saviors reared back as Bella tossed the woman her gun.

“Take a shot at me.”

“What are you doing?!” Jacoby hissed and Bella smiled with a stand down gesture.

The Saviors regarded one another in question. Bella cocked a brow as the woman fidgeted with the gun. Bella sighed as a solid twenty seconds passed and the woman hadn’t a clue what she was doing. By the time she got it somewhat figured out. She gritted her teeth and went to take a shot.

Jacoby rushed over and knocked Bella to the ground. Bella had this unamused look about her.

“You wanna get off me now, slugger?”

He cleared his throat in realization.

“We’ll discuss this later…” Bella hissed and Jacoby swallowed back.

“Sorry…” He whispered and she rolled her eyes.

He offered a hand and she denied it. Bella brought herself back up and Jacoby winced knowing he fucked up and royally. If he had pulled something like that with Negan, he’d have handled his ass right there. Without meaning to he just put Bella on the spot and made her look weak. Yet here she was representing Negan.

Bella walked over to the woman.

“Give me that before you hurt yourself!” she snapped and took the gun from her hold.

Bella showed the woman that the safety was on. But it was indeed loaded.

“The look on your face said it all. I can walk through here right now and point out the ones that can and can’t defend themselves. And at the moment… only a couple of you are armed. Bella pointed to a few with her bat. She ticked them off with a gun-like sound and followed it with. Dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. and… DEAD!” she called out pointing to the leader lastly.

“And you of all people should be armed. So back to our discussion… We’re going to take half of your stuff. Starting… oh I don’t know…Say now?! And that’s starting with your weapons, since you obviously don’t need them. You just keep using peace and love and see how far that gets you. We’ll handle the heavy stuff.

“You can’t do this!” The woman shouted.


“And just who do you think you are?!”

“I am Negan.”

Jacoby grabbed the leader’s son and forced him to his feet. Bella walked on over and wrapped her arm around the leader’s shoulder.

“Now lead the way…”

Negan reached to his gut in laughter. The man was laughing so hard he had tears streaming down his face. He patted Rick on the back.

“Oh man… I needed that.”

Rick had just revealed the truth behind Alexandria. And that being… that whatever New Haven gathered from the Safe-Zone was going straight to Negan himself. However when Negan revealed his side of things, Rick looked as though he’d upchuck.

“What have you done to her?”

Negan wiggled his brows.

“What haven’t I done?”

“Don’t you think she’s been through enough?!” Rick barked.

“All the more reason… She’s right where she belongs.”

“The hell she is!” Rick waved his hands about.

“We built this. Bella put her blood and sweat into this place.”

“But not her tears…”

Rick shook his head on this.

“That’s about what I figured.”

“Don’t you even sit there and pretend to know anything about me and my niece.”

Negan looked made the stand down gesture with his boys. He grabbed a couple pool sticks and tossed one over to Rick.

“Let’s play a game!”

Rick curled his lip at this and Negan chuckled.

“Come now… It’ll help kill the time and I’m rather curious. Not as to whether you can play but back to my baby-girl.”

“Baby-girl?” Rick scorned.

“Oh yeah! I should’ve mentioned that the adoption went through and I’m a daddy now!”

Rick ground his teeth together and he took his pool stick across Negan’s back. The Saviors aimed their guns and Negan had them stand down, yet again. He pivoted back around and grabbed Rick by the collar of his shirt. Then he slammed him up against the pool table.

“You get that one for free. Do it again and I’d sure hate having to tell my baby-girl that I had my boys gun her beloved uncle down!”

Negan dropped his hold and he grabbed Rick another stick.

“I’ll break… and you’re going to answer my questions. I’ll start off with something simple. Hmm… Such as… What is Bella’s favorite color?”

Rick regarded him in disbelief.

“Well? What is it?”


Negan wrinkled his nose on this.

“Purple? Not even close! This goes back to how your brother decorated her room, doesn’t it? So you merely assumed…”

Rick reared back and Negan smiled.

“Oh I get it, you also thought that it was merely fucking and nothing else, right? Well Rick, I gotta be honest. A majority of our time is spent doing just that. But from time to time I need a bit of a breather and well… we actually talk, about a lot of things. Annnnd… her favorite color is… Well Rick, what color are my eyes?”

Rick was quick to roll his.

“You don’t even know…”

“Actually I do…” Negan said with a serious mien.

“Girl said that was the FIRST thing she noticed about me. How fucking sweet is that? I’m telling you, she’s cute as hell.” He took another shot and looked to be in thought.

“Hmmm, question numbero two! Damn I’m good! Anyhow… favorite food?”


“And after…” Negan hinted.


“And why?”

“Because they were her favorite fruit as a kid and they’re hard to come by now.”

“Ding. Ding. Ding. Good job! Hm, I say it’s time to amp things up a bit. Are you ready for the bonus stage? How about… OH! First boyfriend!”

“Really?” Rick hissed and Negan arched a brow on this.

“Yes, really! Who was my baby-girl’s first boyfriend, Rick?”

“Shane…” He replied with disgust.

Nope. Try again.”

“That’s the only man she’s ever been with besides YOU!” Rick spat.

Negan stopped in his tracks and eyed Rick a certain way.

“You mean to tell me you never knew about that Edward kid? You know… the one whose family turned and he thought he could save them by locking them away and finding ‘the cure’.”

“What the hell are you talking about? That never happened.”

Negan nodded, looking rather pissed. He pointed his pool stick Rick’s direction.

“And that right there is why she’ll never come back. You don’t know shit about that girl! That kid was her first ‘human’ kill. She thought it a misery killing. Jacked the poor girl up too. Hell, she still has night terrors over that shit. But I doubt you even knew that.”

Rick staggered back with this baffled look about him.

“That had to of been after Charlie…” Negan heard him whisper as he was looking awfully pale.

“I knew about the terrors…” He admitted but with this defeated look about him.

“I never knew why. I thought…”

“It was walker related?”

Rick nodded.

“Well I suppose it was… in a way.”

“But her and Shane?”

“Eh, she was crushing on the pervy BFF for sometime but that Edward kid was like a practice run or something before entering the minor league. And of course she eventually made her way to the majors…” He uttered egotistically.

“Curious…” Negan welcomed himself to some beer that was sitting out on the counter.

He tossed one over to Rick.

“How’s that going by the way?”

“How’s what going?”

“The best bud…I mean that’s got to be awkward as fuck. I mean… really. I didn’t expect to see him alive. In fact, I was a little disappointed. You see Rick… that’s the problem. You let these things happen. I mean come on, your best friend was fucking your niece and right under your nose. Then he goes and breaks her little heart. Oh and he laid his hands on her and what do you do? Nothing. I suppose that’s something YOU can let slide. I mean I get it… I took her and fucked her. But I never laid my hands on that girl and I haven’t gone out my way to hide anything from her either. She’s happy – for the most part. And yet, I’m the guy you want dead. Can you explain that logic, Uncle Rick?”

“It goes a little deeper than that.” Rick muttered behind gritted teeth.

“If you’re going back to that Asian kid and the woman… Then you’re an even bigger dick then I assumed. You killed how many of my men?! Yet you wanna bitch about that? Get the fuck over yourself.”

Negan cleared his throat however and looked to Rick.

“Were you there? You know… the day she got that gnarly looking scar?”

Rick closed his eyes for a moment and shook his head no.

“So she was allll alone…?”

Rick nodded.’

“Well God Damn. That certainly explains a lot. You figure in that Edward kid, your prick of a friend, and THAT to the equation. It’s a wonder she hasn’t blown her fucking brains out!”

“When we got there I thought…” Rick wasn’t sure why but he felt as if Negan was in the need to know when it came to this.

“You thought?” Negan mused with an arched brow.

“Her lips were blue and she was cold to the touch. I thought she was dead.”

“Face it, Rick. Even as a kid that girl had more balls than the two of us put together.” And there wasn’t an ounce of sarcasm to that. Negan truly meant it. After all, it’s not every day your walker father bites you and you have to take a knife and cut the area before the toxins travel through your veins. And she did this knowing she could bleed out and die anyhow. But she knew her uncle was on his way and the only hope she had was that he got there in time.

For once Rick nodded in agreement. He wiped his face with the back of his hand and chugged that beer down.

“Why are you here?” Rick questioned as they had already gone about their usual business.

“I just thought I’d keep an eye on things, before heading out.”

“And what’s that supposed to mean exactly?”

“Well Rick, that’s for me to know, now isn’t it? Now are you going to break or not?!”

“So you wanna tell me what the FUCK that was?!”

Jacoby winced as Bella hopped off her bike. She threw her helmet down and marched on over.

“Do you have any idea how you made me look back there?!”

He nodded and came off his bike. A few of the Saviors were taking out nearby walkers. She ignored this and eyed him down.

“I can’t apologize enough. I realized my mistake but it was already too late.”

Bella gritted her teeth and grabbed him by the collar of his jacket. The man was a good foot taller than her. In fact damn near every Savior – including that of Negan towered over her, but she didn’t let that stop her from getting her point across. Jacoby let out a grunt she socked the living hell out of him. Negan and the others had just pulled up on this. He narrowed his eyes and looked on from the RV.

“I know what I’m doing! So I need you to think, before you fucking act. There wasn’t a chance in HELL that woman was going to fire that gun. And even if she had, if you had paid attention you’d have realized that I was prepared!” Bella was so discreet that even the Saviors hadn’t realized she was armed and ready to go.

“You made me look incompetent and even worse… You made it look as if I couldn’t handle the job!”

“It’s our job to protect you!” One of the other Saviors called out, in Jacoby’s defense.

“That maybe… But it’s also your job to pay attention and realize when I’m up to something. I get that I do things a little different from that of Negan. But I get the job done and that’s what counts. It’s time you boys get to know who the fuck am! You need to be able to read me and know when I’m in need rescuing. Treating me like some god damn damsel in distress is just going to PISS ME THE FUUUCK OFF! I need these people to FEAR ME! And what you pulled today…” Bella shook her head.

“Well let’s just say don’t be too surprised when they decide to test us on our next visit! So we had better keep on our toes.”She pinched the bridge of her nose and shook her head.

“Now get out of my face, all of you!”

They nodded and were quick to give Bella her space. She reached over and took out another walker. But as she did this she narrowed her eyes wondering where the hell they were coming from. Bella followed the trail of bodies. It led into the woods. She used caution as the trail led to a nearby highway.

“What the…” She uttered and was quick to duck behind a tree.

She prepared her gun and peeked back over. Bella observed as these survivors were gathering the attention of the walkers and were loading them up into a tractor-trailer. The closer she came, the more she picked up on what they were doing. The irritated woman rolled her eyes.

“Idiots…” she muttered thinking back to Edward Cullen.

“They had music playing within the trailer using it as a lure.”

Bella shook her head and was about to walk away, deciding it was their funeral. That was until she heard the cocking of a gun. She’d this rather amused look about her as she turned the direction in which came from.

“And to think… I was going to walk away…” She murmured, seeing that she now was surrounded.

“And you still can…” the man said.

“Then I suggest you lower the guns.”

The guy laughed, “drop yours and kick it over.”

“So you’re willing to risk your lives over those walkers. But you wanna aim that gun at me?”

The man sighed and had this guilty demeanor about him.

“Sorry, but we’re going to need your weapons and you can hand that bag over as well.”

“You got five seconds to change your mind or you’re going to be in for a VERY long night.” She warned and the man sort of laughed.

“Am I?”

She nodded.

“And out of curiosity what is your idea of a bad night?”

Bella smiled and whistled out. Within the matter of seconds the Saviors whistled in response and where spreading throughout the area.

“As I was saying… You might want to lower those weapons.”

“How’d you…”

“How’d I… What?” she taunted as someone shot the gun out of his hand.

She nodded and walked on over.

“And now we take YOUR supplies. Ain’t that a bitch? Talk about ironic…”

Bella held the gun to his head.

“Now listen up. I’m gonna need the key to that truck. That’ll come in real handy. But after you and your people take out the walkers you loaded up. When you’re done… your weapons and backpacks… and anything else belong to us.”

“Look lady, I’m sorry! Can’t we just go our separate ways and let this be?”

“I tried that. But you and your boys put me in a really bad mood.”

“We’ll give you whatever you want, but we can’t kill them.”

“And why not?”

He pointed to a particular man.

“That man knows the cure.”

Bella tilted her head on this. The man looked as though he’d piss himself and was clinging onto that duffle bag of his.

“Does he now?”

Bella smiled upon the man and made her way over.

“And what’s your name?”

“Eu…” He swallowed back and cleared his throat.



She nodded.

“So Eugene… You know the cure, huh?”

He nodded but had this offbeat look about him.

“So… are you a scientist or something?”

He nodded and she sort of laughed.

You… You’re a scientist?”

The man nodded once again. He had this nervous twinge to him and he was sweating profusely.

“You mean to say that after all this time… You were the answer? You’re the end to all this hell?”

“Ye… yes ma’am.”

“And you believe this?” She questioned the men he was with and they nodded.

“And let me guess. Those walkers… they are members of your family and friends?”

They nodded once again and Bella closed her eyes.

“Tell me Eugene… What is the normal count for white blood cells in the human body?”

His eyes got all shifty.

“Just answer the question…”

“I ehhh… Well it depends really.”


“The um… theee…”

Bella gave a simple nod and made one swift movement. The group he was with gasped out in absolute shock. Eugene dropped to his knees and the young woman used her foot to pry the man off her blade. She pivoted back around and shook her head as she wiped her blade clean.

“I’m not sure who the bigger idiot was… You… for believing in this bullshit story. Or him for thinking he could use that story in order to seek protection. No matter now. I handled the issue for you. You can take him out of his misery or wait for his walker. I really don’t give a shit. But either way… we’re getting those supplies and you’re going to take care of those walkers and STAT!”

“And if we don’t?!”

“You already proved you dumb enough to follow this moron…” Negan said making himself known.

“Make another mistake and that just proves you’re fucking retarded and have no place in this world.”

Negan walked on over and kissed Bella. The kissing became more heated and only lingered. The one leading the other group cleared his throat looking annoyed. Negan’s eyes darted his direction. He grabbed handful of Bella’s ass and winked upon him.

“I don’t appreciate you giving my baby-girl hell. I’d do whatever the FUCK she tells you and PRONTO! The little wife and I have plans tonight.”

Bella giggled as she could feel his hard on pressing against her.

“Better yet…” Negan flipped her over his shoulder.

He nodded towards the Saviors.

“You got this right, boys?”

Back at the Sanctuary…

Negan opened the door and motioned for Bella to step on in.

“We’re home…” He called out.

He took her jacket off then his own and hung them up. The wives greeted him like usual. He feverishly returned the kisses and was feeling them up. Negan pressed Desiree up against the wall. His eyes drifted towards Bella. He leaned into Desi’s ear.

“You’re going to strip my baby-girl down and both of you will pleasure her – just as you would me.”

He cocked a brow as Desi let out a moan.

“I knew it…” He whispered with a chuckle.

He met Desiree’s gaze and caressed her cheek.

“You’ve wanted her for sometime now, haven’t you?”

She lowered her head as if in shame. Negan shook his and lifted her chin.

“Just keep in mind who it is you belong to…”

She smiled seeing his playful demeanor.

“Always…” she promised.

“Hmmm…” he hummed as he kissed her once again.

“Now go, get yourself a taste…”

The woman licked her lips and Negan’s eyes rolled into the back of his head.

“Fuck Desi…” He murmured and she giggled.

He observed as Desi walked on over and wasted no time in stripping Bella down. Bella had this wide-eyed nervous twinge to her. Negan sent her a wink and sat at one of the recliners. Desi whispered something into Tracy’s ear. They looked to Bella and giggled. Negan was damn near humping the air he was so antsy.

Desi took Bella by the hand and led her to the couch. She sat her down then dropped to her knees. And just as Negan had ordered… she reacted as if Bella was Negan. Only instead of having that cock of his down her throat; she had her tongue buried into Bella’s pussy. Sure he had his wives pleasure one another from time to time, but not to this extent. It wasn’t so much about his pleasure now, but hers. And he was eager for her reaction.

Bella threw her head back and covered her mouth. Negan sighed and gestured towards Tracy.

“Move her hand. I want to hear her.” Tracy nodded and lowered her hand back down.

“You’re tense, baby-girl… knock that shit off. Close your eyes and let them take care of you.” He said in this highly seductive voice.

Desi spread her legs even wider apart and was moaning the entire time. It wasn’t just the image getting to him but everything he was hearing. He hadn’t a clue just how bad these wives of his wanted her. Tracy was latched onto a tit and was running her hands all over. The man was tempted to rub one out as he watched. Or better yet fuck Desi from behind as she continued with the eating out session, but he refrained. His prize was coming to him and he couldn’t wait. These women were licking and kissing all along her body. At one point Desi stopped what she was doing. She climbed right into Bella’s lap and was grinding against her like she would when riding his cock. He smiled as Bella grabbed a fistful of Desi’s hair and was kissing her in return. Before long the three of them were kissing and rubbing against one another. He could see Desi’s fingers in Bella’s pussy and she moved them about like she was fucking her. The wives laid Bella down on the couch and Desi crawled on top. Negan wished he had a fucking strap-on by this point. What he wouldn’t give to watch his Desi fuck his baby-girl. He decided to keep that on his list of “finds” while scavenging. But even as the wives were doing all these pleasurable things to her, there was only one name she called out.


He nodded amongst himself but kept quiet. Negan closed his eye for a moment and breathed in the sweet scent. Sex filled the room and he knew that couch was fucking ruined. The man couldn’t be happier. He allowed this to continue a bit longer, but the moment she cried out “daddy please”. He couldn’t hold back anymore. Negan had to have her. He cleared his throat and motioned for the others to leave the room. Then he came to stand. He took his crimson scarf from his pocket and made his way over. He used that scarf to tie her wrists together. He kept his eyes glued to hers as he undressed. The man had a good amount of precum dripping from his dick. He slunk on over and breathed her in.

“Damn… so much pussy…” he purred and she let out a gasp as he plunged his way in.

He closed his eyes and had to stop for a moment. He couldn’t believe how sensitive he was. The man felt like a teenage boy. The moment he entered he nearly came. Negan sort of laughed and Bella cut him a confused look. He didn’t comment but locked lips with hers. And for the first time ever… Negan took it nice and slow and put all of his focus onto her. By the time he finished, he had spilled his seed a good three times. And even then, he didn’t pull out right away. He rolled over and kept himself inside. Within the matter of seconds, Bella was out. Negan wasn’t sure what hit him but he couldn’t sleep. He just laid there gawking and caressing her cheek off and on.

“And to think… Lucille wanted you dead…” he whispered in thought.

The young woman hadn’t a clue…

After the first few times of playing detective with the people of New Haven, Negan had a nice long discussion with Lucille. Both had wanted her dead at one time or another. But Negan was a man that took his time observing and from every angle. It wasn’t long before he found himself smitten, but Lucille? She wasn’t having it! This girl was going to fuck everything up, mainly what he and Lucille had worked so hard to build. And even as Bella took out his men one by one and damn near spit in his face, he was gone. At times he secretly cheered her on, wondering just how far she’d go. And he’d never been so disappointed in his own men. This one little girl – five foot nothing was handing his boys their asses! If anything, he figured they fucking deserved it. It was around that time he realized he wanted her and in a BAD way and not just from a fucking standpoint. The man meant it when he body and soul. He wanted Bella in whatever why he could have her – as a Savior, a partner (not to be confused with wife), a lover, and though he’d never admit it – a friend. Finally, someone that truly got him and wasn’t afraid to stand her ground. Yet she respected Negan all the same. This was something he didn’t have with his other wives. This one… she was the whole package. But Lucille? She continued to see the girl as Negan’s one flaw and weakness. Bella was holding him back. Such as when he chose to kill Carol rather than Rick. And he’d in mind to kill Bella instead of Glenn. No matter how smitten Negan became, he wanted to torment and kill Bella more than any other. He knew that was one way of destroying the people of New Haven. Take out one of their strongest and most respected… only she was nowhere near as respected as he had assumed. This angered the man, greatly. Like he… this woman deserved to be fucking worshipped. She was a queen amongst her people and they hadn’t a fucking clue. Without her… they were suffering and profoundly. They were falling apart and he could see it with every visit. No matter the amount of men Rick gathered, they just weren’t the same without Bella. But Negan… he was blooming with success and this had escalated since she’d come into the picture. This was something he and Lucille argued about often. No matter how much he pointed out the triumph… Lucille swore Bella would be his demise. The man wasn’t used to being so conflicted and he damn sure wasn’t use to having any weaknesses. But was Bella really a weakness? Considering around her he felt like a fucking GOD?! But Lucille … as much as he loved that bitch, she loved getting under his skin. Pointing out how he would cater to this other BITCH and it was making him soft. That’s what had him so bitter… Sherry had said the same thing! Jealousy is such a little bitch, he thought with a chuckle. It was his life’s mission to make certain everyone bowed before him!

After all he worked his way to the top of the food chain so to speak. He was the motherfucking king. If he wasn’t, he damn sure wouldn’t have made it this far. He created an army, a colony… and to think he started out as a nobody, a fucking joke, a worthless car dealer. His so called friends loved to give him hell over that. But look who’s laughing now? They were dead and here he was knee deep in pussy and calling all the shots. He looked over towards Lucille who was sitting on the recliner and gave a simple nod.

When Bella woke the next morning Negan had his arms no only around her, but that of Lucille as well. She narrowed her eyes as something else had caught her attention. She reached over and ran a single finger along Lucille. Her jaw dropped in realization. Negan let out a groan as she nudged him awake. She gritted her teeth and nudged him again as he was falling back asleep.

“Negan!” She hissed.

“Daddy…” He corrected as he was half out of it.

“Oh no you don’t…”

He lifted his head off her chest and raised his brows.

“Did you… I mean… Seriously?” she pointed to the dried semen on Lucille.

He sighed and laid his head back down.

“That’s what you woke me for?” He murmured sounding annoyed.

“Um, it’s kind of a big deal… don’t you think?”

He chuckled and her entire face lit up. She rolled out from under him and shook her head.

“As if the wives weren’t bad enough… I have to worry about a fucking bat now?!”

Negan shot up and sprang right on off the couch. She swallowed back as he grabbed her by the arm then forced her into the recliner. He leaned over with his hands resting along the arms.

“Lucille!” He spat and she actually recoiled, making a first.

“She’s Lucille…” he said in a softer tone.

She nodded but kept her eyes glued to his. The man was shaking all over. Bella swallowed back and put a gentle hand along his.

“I’ll get her cleaned up…” She said with sincerity.

Negan narrowed his eyes with a puzzled countenance. She forced a smile and pecked him on the cheek. Negan looked on rather stunned as she walked over and carefully picked Lucille up. She carried Lucille to the bathroom where she ran her a bath. Awkward as it was… Bella had seen it in the man’s eyes. Lucille was another lover of his and she needed to prove that she respected that. But tried as she might, there was no controlling the tears as she ran that bath and got Lucille all cleaned up. She treated that bat as though she would Desi – her favorite of the wives. As she dried her off she apologized to Lucille, profusely and cradled her in her arms. By disrespecting Lucille, Bella had disrespected her daddy so to speak and the guilt wasn’t fake, not by any means. After seeing the confliction and pain in his face, Bella felt like shit. She made him feel like a freak… So what if he got off to his precious Lucille? It wasn’t like he brought home another wife… Which could very well happen one day and she knew it. She wasn’t foolish enough to believe it stopped with her. There would be others, no doubt. And if she was going to stay on top, Bella had to love all things Negan and treat all things Negan with TLC. That was the only way of remaining the baby-girl. Bella looked into the mirror and the fear was truly sitting in. And even though she knew Negan was it for her… Still, she feared she’d wind up like that of Sherry or Amber.


Bella shot up and she held Lucille even closer, as if she were protecting her.

“Oh Bella sweetheart, what happened?”

Desi was quick to shut the bathroom door as Bella went into a full blown panic attack hit.

“I fucked up! I… you should’ve seen his face. He was so mad. I… I hurt him! Worse than Sherry!”

Desi gritted her teeth on this.

“Don’t you even say that!”

“You didn’t see what I saw! He looked at me like…”

“Like what, sug?”

“Like he wanted me dead!”

“Bella… he’d never… if something happened to you…”

Bella came to her knees and Desi rushed over. She dropped to hers as well and hugged her. Desi pulled Bella into her shoulder an let her cry it out as she rocked her back and forth, shushing her. The door opened and the girls froze. Bella’s heart was racing ninety to nothing as Negan leaned against the doorway. He folded his arms about his chest.

“Leave us…” Negan ordered and Desi came to her feet.

She cut Bella an apologetic glance. But just as she was heading out she gently took Negan by the hand. With a pleading look in her eyes she whispered…

“She loves you… Probably more than anyone ever has…”

He tilted his head on this.

“And what’s that say about you?” he whispered in return.

She smiled and ran her fingers through his hair.

“Oh sug, I think we both know. It’s no different than how you love me. I know where I stand, just as you do. I know I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed. But I’m not blind either. There’s a reason she’s your baby-girl and no matter how many wives you bring into this Sanctuary… Nothing’s gonna change that. She’ll always be yours.” And on this note Desi kissed him and went about her way.

Negan stepped into the bathroom and shut the door behind him. Bella came to her feet and wiped her face with the back of her hand. She handled Lucille over. He raised his brows seeing how she had Lucille wrapped up like a baby. He unfolded the towel and frowned.

“She smells a little too pretty.”

Bella nodded and took Lucille from his hold. He looked on in question as she walked over to the counter. She propped her leg up and ran that barbed wire across it. Negan just stood there as he had no clue how to react. Blood ran down her leg, onto Lucille, and dripped onto the floor. Bella lowered her leg back down and was looking awfully pale as she handed Lucille back. She gave Negan a simple nod and exited the room.

“Bella!” Desi called out and Tracy rushed over as well.

“You’re bleeding!”

“Just get me outside.”

Bella uttered with her eyes rolling back. They nodded and dragged her on out the door. They laid her down on the asphalt and Bella looked to the sky.

“Leave me…”



Desi covered her mouth and looked as if she’d start bawling. But she and Tracy headed back inside. Bella closed her eyes.

“Well it’s about time…” Bella heard and she turned the direction of the voice.

“Amber?” she murmured.

The woman nodded and was walking towards her.

“Let me guess… Negan finally came to his senses and let you have it.”

And that’s exactly what it looked like. Bella was outside, butt-naked, and with a jacked up leg – clearly Lucille’s doing. Amber grabbed her by the hair and went to strike her. Only to be picked up and literally thrown. And that… made the first Negan had ever laid a hand on one of his wives. He pointed upon her directly after.

“What’s the bitch doing out of her doghouse? Did I give you permission to leave?! Get your ass back in there and NOW!”

Just as he said this one of the more rotted walkers managed to break free from its pike. Before Negan could so much as react, it grabbed Amber and bit down on her neck. She screamed out and was reaching for Negan. He recoiled as nearby walkers helped in devouring her, within the span of seconds. This had him staggering back as he hadn’t meant for that to take place. But he hadn’t the time to think on it. He had no words as he scooped Bella up off the ground.

“I’m sorry, daddy. I never wanted to hurt you.” Her words slurred as if she were in a drunken state.

Negan’s heart sank to the pit of his stomach as he carried her back inside.

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  1. Quick reviews as I marathon read this fuck awesome story!

    Still rocks. Negan is the shit. Poor Bella and even poor clueless Rick. Lucille is a bitch… but Negan loves her to pieces. Yay next chapter!

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