Chapter 8 Monsters


Chapter 8

I do not own Twilight or TWD TV show or the comics. AU! Dark times ahead – You’ve been warned!

Bella rolled over and just lay there for a bit. Part of her wanted to close her eyes and play ‘dead’. She wasn’t sure she was ready to face another day. The Sanctuary itself was awfully quiet. It wasn’t until she forced herself out of bed that she realized no one was around. Bella trolled on out of the bed but flinched once she put weight onto that leg. It was then she looked down and saw that it had been sewn up and wrapped. She used the wall to brace herself and make her way about. Bella also realized that she’d been bathed recently as as her hair was still damp. The young woman got dressed and decided to find out where everyone was. Aside from the hungry growls of the walkers, the colony itself was eerily quiet. No one was around so it had that ghost town like feel to it. But the further she went,  Bella heard what sounded to be music. This had her narrowing her eyes in question and following the sound. Bella entered the building in which the music was coming from. And there they were… The Saviors, the wives, and Negan. And she couldn’t fathom what she was seeing or hearing for that matter. Tom Petty’s Here Comes My Girl was playing and Negan was singing along with it. Not only that but he was playing a game of ping pong. The wives where cheering him on as he was facing Jacoby.

“Bella!” Desi eagerly called out and Bella couldn’t help but to cringe.

She wasn’t quite ready to face Negan yet. In fact she was ready to bolt on out the door. He seemed happy at the moment and she didn’t wish to ruin it. Negan lifted his eyes and nodded her direction. She nodded in return but had that pitfall feeling as she did. Desi ran over and placed a beer in her hand.

“Come on now… We were hoping you’d join us. Are you hungry?”

Tracy greeted Bella with a warm smile and a peck on the cheek.

“How are you feeling?” Tracy questioned with concern as she took it upon herself to check Bella’s leg over.

Bella downed her beer and Desi reared back on this. She took the empty bottle from her hold.

“Thirsty?” She teased as she gathered Bella another one.

“Got anything harder?”

Tracy laughed.

“Now you’re talking my language…”

Tracy adjusted the wrap on Bella’s leg then lowered it back down. Desi sauntered off only to return with more beer and a bottle of whiskey.

“Better?” she questioned with a smile and Bella nodded.


Desi poured them each a shot and they chased it with their beer. Bella got a better look at the bottle of whiskey and laughed.

“What?” Desi questioned.

“That bottle came from New Haven.”

“Oh…” Desi said, looking to the bottle in thought.

Bella slid her empty shot glass over and Desi poured her another. She handed it over and Bella went to take the hit. Only to have it covered by an all too familiar hand. She swallowed back and lifted her eyes upon his. He tilted his head and made a tsking like sound.

“Can’t you come say hello?”

The young woman swallowed back before responding.


He nodded moved his hand. Bella downed that shot and Negan took a sip off her beer.

“So… ping pong…” she said in a teasing matter.

Negan nodded with a touch of a smirk.

“I didn’t picture you as the ping pong type.”

Negan leaned into her ear.

“Now that’s just nonsense. I believe I’ve more than proved that I’m the fucking ping pong champion.” He hinted and pulled back with a wink.

Bella downed the rest of her beer and placed the empty bottle on the table.

“You ready?”


“A game…”

She snorted on this.

“I can’t play ping pong.”

“Sure you can…”

He took her by the hand and led her over to the table. He handed her a paddle and popped on the butt with his.

“You should wear dresses more often…” he murmured as he was gawking at her ass.

He wasn’t used to seeing her in them. She always wore those skin tight blue jeans, something he found ridiculously hot. But for whatever reason that little white dress truly gave her the baby-girl look and it was maddening. It was spaghetti strapped and stopped just above the knee. Bella pulled her hair back into a ponytail and Jacoby handed her the ball.

“Good luck… trust me you’re going to need it.”

She nodded but reared back as something else had her attention.

“Your eye… What happened?”

Jacoby sort of laughed.

“Let’s just say I got a firm talking to about what went down back in Alexandria.

Bella looked to Negan across the way then back to Jacoby.

“How’d he know about Alexandria?”

“He overheard us arguing so I told him…”

Bella sort of laughed.

“I’m not sure if you’re brave or ignorant as fuck. But either way… You got a set of balls.”

“I had it coming… Besides he needed to know. It’s like you said, they’ll be testing us soon enough. That’s not a chance I’m willing to take.”

“And what do you mean by that exactly?”

“Are you two gonna flirt all night are you gonna fucking play?!” Negan called out and Bella sighed.

“You’ll see soon enough. Either way we got your back. So don’t even think on it. Just go about your usual way of doing things.”

“Noted.” Bella called out as she served the ball over.

“Man. You do really suck at this.” Negan called out after a good ten minutes.

“No shit… and I suck where it counts!” Bella scoffed causing him to laugh.

“No arguing there… however when it comes to this… your eye-hand coordination is laughable!”

Jacoby laughed as she missed the ball yet again.

“SHIT! He hollered out as she threw the paddle at him.

“And she’s a sore loser!” Negan called out with a chuckle.

Bella mumbled something under her breath and made her way back to the wives. She took a hit straight from the bottle and looked to Desiree with desperation.

“I need some time…”

Desi nodded gathering the hint. She hopped on down and took Bella by the hand. She led her through the back door. Tracy followed and they headed back to the Sanctuary. Negan frowned once he realized his wives had ditched him. Jacoby cleared his throat.

“At least they’re getting along…”

Negan had this irritated look about him but went back to playing. Halfway through their game a loud BOOM was heard, followed by Desi screaming. Negan dropped his paddle and darted on out the door. The entire Sanctuary was up in flames. Negan took off running like a bat out of hell. He leaped over whatever obstacles got in his way and the Saviors dashed on after him. He grabbed Desi and was shaking her.


Desi screamed out yet again as there was another explosion. This one had just enough force to shake the ground. Negan snapped a look that direction and went to take off. Jacoby and the other Saviors grabbed ahold of him and were holding him back. He growled out and was in attempts to break free. It took eight of his men to hold him back.

“NOOOOOOOO!” He roared.

“…easy now…”

“Rick?” Bella called out as she came to.

He nodded and reached over moving a strand of hair from her eyes.

“Are you alright?”

She nodded but was taking in her surroundings.

“Where are we?” She murmured thinking it was all a dream.

“We’re on our way back home.”


He gave a touch of a smile and her hand a slight squeeze.

“Back home… to New Haven.”

After blinking a few times it finally hit her… She remembered Desi talking to one of the other Saviors. When she entered the Sanctuary with Tracy – Sherry, Dwight, and Mark were waiting for her. But they weren’t the only ones… Bella snapped her uncle a look and curled that lip of hers.

“What did you do…?” She growled and he shook his head.

“What needed to be done. You’re safe now.”

“No. No dammit! Take me back!”

Rick drew back the deepest of breaths.

“I can’t do that.”

“The hell you can’t. Pull the god damn van over!”

Bella hopped to her feet and it was then she took notice of Sherry, Dwight, and Mark as they were in the van as well.

“I’m going to rip out your heart and eat it for breakfast.” Bella hissed upon Sherry.

Rick was quick to snatch Bella back as she was charging right for her. But as he did this he drove a syringe into her arm.

“What ar…” his niece’s eyes rolled into the back of her head and Rick braced her against him.

“Remember our deal…” Dwight uttered as he pulled Sherry into his arms.

“You have our protection. I give you my word.” Rick assured.

Negan shook his head as he walked about the remains of the Sanctuary. He recoiled once he spotted the charcoaled body. He squatted down and ran his fingers along it.

“Tracy…” he murmured in recognition.

Negan rose and scouted the rest of the area, lifting debris and often enough burning his hands in the process. But the man was determined. After a solid hour of looking, the man pinched the bridge of his nose and drew back a breath of relief. She was still alive, she had to be. Meaning this was all a setup aka distraction. And he hadn’t any doubt that Dwight, Sherry, and Mark somehow played a part. He regarded Desi from a distance. Jacoby was doing his best to console her as she was beside herself.

Negan made his way over and cupped her chin.

She wasn’t inside.”

Desi latched onto him and let out a cry of relief. He and Jacoby exchanged glances as Desi had her face buried into Negan’s shoulder. He kissed the top of Desi’s head and nodded upon Jacoby.

“Grab everyone… New Haven just declared war…”

When Bella came to, she found herself lying on cot and behind bars. She let out this miserable laugh and shot to her feet. Her uncle was keeping guard in a chair across the way. He gave a simple nod.

“Are you fucking kidding me?! A god damn jail cell?!”

Rick drew back a hesitant breath and came to his feet.

“I’m sorry Bella, but it’s for your own good.”

“Oh… is it now?”

He nodded.

“You need help. And I’m going to do everything within my power to give you that help.”

“And just how do you think you’re going to do that?”

“Well for starters… let’s talk. About everything and we can go from there.”

“Another words… until you give me that clean bill of health, I’m a prisoner, right?”

“Bella, if I was to open that cell, you’d run right back into his arms. Wouldn’t you?”

“I tell you what. Don’t even bother wasting your breath. Just open the fucking door so I can get back to MY LIFE!”

“Do you even hear yourself?! That was no life.”

She wrapped her hands around the metal bars.

“I hear myself just fine, but can you?” she challenged and he recoiled.

Jesus… You sound just like him.”

Bella smiled on this.

“Good. Someone needs to.”

Her uncle shook his head.

“Now I’ve witnessed Stockholm Syndrome and I gotta say, this is the worst case I’ve ever seen.”

Bella had a good laugh and lowered her hands.

“Are you hungry?”

“Why? Did you find some puppy chow during your scouting?”

“Come on now, can’t you see I’m trying?”

“Trying to what exactly? I mean honestly, an intervention? Do you have any idea how FUCKING PISSED I AM?!”

“See?! That there is Negan talking, not you!”

“And what would you know?!”

“I’ve known you since you were a baby. And this… isn’t the chief’s daughter!”

“You’re right, it’s not. Bella and the chief… they died awhile back.”

“Bella is right here. Now I know I failed you and I will spend the rest of my life trying to make up for it. But it’s up to you on whether or not she makes a comeback.”

“Rest of your life, eh? That won’t be very long.” She murmured darkly.

Rick raised his brows on this.

“And why is that?” He challenged in return.

“Do you honestly think Negan is going to let you walk away from this? You are aware that the only reason you and Carl are still standing is because of me, right?! You just dug your own grave!”

“Why don’t you let me worry about Negan? My only concern at the moment is you.”

“I don’t need nor do I want your concern. Your only concern should be whether or not you and the others can survive what’s coming.”

“And you’re just so quick to believe that he’ll hop on that white horse and ride on in. You really think he gives a damn about you? He has multiple wives for a reason! Why are you doing this to yourself? You deserve so much more.”

“Now Rick, we haven’t seen white horses since Tennessee.”

“Stop that!”

“Stop what?”

“Talking like him!”

“This is who I am! Like it or stuff it. I really don’t give a shit!”

“I’m not buying it. Not for a second. Think about it, Bella… Would you have fallen for him under NORMAL circumstances?!”

“Are we going to play the game of what ifs? Because if so… Then I got a few questions for you as well. Such as what the fuck happened to YOU?! You want to go on about ME! But I swear to GOD you’ve fucking lost it and ever since we New Haven up and going. It’s like you got too big for your britches. You forgot what it means to be a cop!”

“And what’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means that you became that in which you feared the most!”

“Me?!” Rick uttered behind a miserable laugh.


“Your precious Negan killed a handful of our people and violently! Yet you think me the villain?!”

“A handful, Rick! A handful in comparison to the what… 20 to 30 of his?! He had every reason to come after us. What was he supposed to do? Sit there and let it all happen?!”

“So you’re condoning what he did to Glenn and Carol? You once told me that you saw a lot of yourself in Carol and often enough she was like a mother to you!”

“I did and still do!”

“Then how can you stand there and…”

“And what?! You keep saying how I need to hear myself but you need to turn the tables and listen to what it is you’re saying. You’re saying that the lives of those that serve Negan aren’t as important as your own!”

“OUR OWN! Dammit Bells, these are our people. You helped me build this place. You put just as much heart and time into New Haven as I did.”

“That’s true. And it was a vision we shared. That is until you started believing that coldblooded murder was the answer. All because of that one group we were trading with. You were so quick to believe them. They told you Negan was a threat and you made a deal without even knowing the circumstances. That’s not to say that Negan wasn’t taking half their shit, but they had us fighting their battle and it spilled on over and we got way in over our heads. These people just sat back and watched as we did all the heavy lifting. Pure ignorance on our part! All of this is because we got greedy and you know it. They fucked us in the ass and hardcore! You went by word of mouth and hadn’t even met the guy. You were so eager in having us go on this killing spree. You felt as if you had something to prove and dragged us right alongside of you. So tell me Rick, what makes you the lesser of two evils?”

“Negan has been controlling these other communities for quite some time. He bullies them into giving him whatever he wants and if they don’t give into his demands, he kills off their people, one by one. He takes half their stock and more than likely a bride. Such as you for example! He has to be taken down. How can you not see that?!”

“Doing that would be a very big mistake.”

“Bella, I do what I do for OUR people. Negan is in it for himself, plain and simple.”

“You don’t know shit! He’s doing all of this to rebuild society. Negan wants to start over to make it stronger as a whole. He has the game to back everything up and he has from the very beginning. Why do you think he has so many followers? Dammit Rick, he took his time before he even paid us a visit. And we just went in guns a blazing. And that one group of Saviors… we took them out while they were sleeping. Do you have any idea just how fucking demented that is?!”

“That’s your go to, when the son of a bitch took you and made you his god damn WHORE?!”

Bella winced and Rick staggered back realizing who he sounded like. He pinched the bridge of his nose.

“I… I’m sorry, Bells.”

“Don’t call me that. You’re not him.”

“You never had a problem with it before.”

“Yeah well times have changed, drastically. I’m not that same little girl.”

“This would kill him. You know that, right?!”

“Good thing he’s already dead then, isn’t it?!”

“A bit cold, don’t you think?”

“Don’t. Don’t you even begin with the mind games. You know damn well how I felt about my father. But I’m not going to stand here and pretend to know whether he’d be disappointed or not. I gotta make my own decisions.”

“And that being Negan…”

“Amongst other things… Face it, we no longer see eye to eye. And even if I was to overcome this ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ you speak of. How would you ever trust me again and vice versa?”

“Stockholm Syndrome is when you fall for your…”

“I KNOW WHAT IT IS!” She snapped and he sighed.

“I wasn’t sure if…”

Bella staggered back however as something else dawned on her. She clamped a hand over her mouth and eyed Rick with full on hatred.

“Desi and Tracy…”

He narrowed his eyes in question. She rushed back over and grabbed the bars once again.

“The women I was with! Were they…?”

She swallowed back the knot that was forming within the back of her throat.

“Were they in the building?” she hinted.

Rick shrugged.

“My only focus was getting you out of there. I had no control over how it was handled from there.”

“No control…” she hissed with tears in her eyes.

“You know what? You’re right, Rick. You’re not the villain. You’re something much worse. That’s the problem. You don’t see anyone outside of this group as an actual human being. You see everyone as potential pawns. And you just got two innocent women killed. One in which I can never replace.”

She leaned against the bars and the more she thought about the other wives being in the Sanctuary; the angrier she grew. Tears were streaming down her face and she sunk to the floor. Rick swallowed back.

“For whatever it’s worth. I’m sorry.”

“No you’re not. Look, just do me a favor. If you’re going to keep me here like some dog on death row, then get the fuck out of my face. Leave me here to rot. I’m so done with you… All of you.”

“Bella…” he called out imploringly.

“OUUUUUUUUUTTT!” she shouted.

Rick closed his eyes and gave a simple nod before heading out.

A few hours had passed when Bella heard something scrapping against the floor. She lifted her head as it was buried into her knees. She was on the cot facing the cell door. The boy gave her a mere nod and she looked down seeing a plate of food and a bottle of water. He narrowed his eyes she limped on over.

“So he’s beating on you too?” Carl hissed with a curled lip.

She reared back wondering where the hell he got that. But she followed his gaze and sort of laughed.

“That would make it easier to hate him, now wouldn’t it?”

Bella grabbed the bottle of water and downed it. She wiped the sweat from her brow with the back of her hand.

“Let me guess, you all assumed I was getting beat and raped on a daily basis?”

The boy cut her a look as if to say ‘duh’.

“I’ll admit he’s somewhat barbaric in his methods, but no. Negan’s never laid a hand on me. Nor did he force himself on me.”

“But he…”

“He what?”

“Forced you into this.”

“In a way… But the choice was always mine and it still is.”

“So you’re saying that if you decided to stay here… He’d be okay with that?”

“Did your father put you up to this?”

Carl shook his head no and sat in the chair across the way. He adjusted his father’s old hat.

“No. I just don’t get it… That’s all.”

She nodded in understanding.

“So do you really love that guy?”

She nodded once again and he curled his lip.

“Gross. He’s such an asshole.”

Bella laughed.

“I won’t deny that but he has his reasons. He’s not always like that… he’s got a softer side.”

“Mind giving me an example?”

“Well for starters… You and the old man are alive because of that softer side. In fact most of this group is. And he sees things a lot differently. Negan is building towards something.”

“A dictatorship?” Carl witted and Bella laughed.

“Not quite.”

“Sure seems like it.”

“I can see why you’d think that. But I can assure that’s not the case.”

“But he refers to himself as a king.”

“True. But do we really consider kings dictators? I mean think back to the history books, Carl. A few of those kings made quite the impact and if you think along the terms of there not being a real government anymore. We’re running ourselves and look at where that’s gotten us. We fear our own more than that of the walkers and the disease itself. The world has gone to shit and honestly, it needs a leader; someone like Negan, someone that uses fear when necessary and compassion when needed.”

“And where was that compassion when it came to Glenn, Carol, or even you?!”

“Where was ours? We attacked first, remember?”

Carl nodded and looked to be in thought. He cleared his throat and appeared to be blushing.

“So… the multiple wives thing. How’s that work?”

Bella smiled and picked at the food on her plate.

“Are you asking if we take turns or…”

He grimaced and shook his head.

“On second thought…. I don’t want to know.”

“That might be best.”

“It’s not the same without you…” He admitted with a grim expression.

“I miss you too, kid.”

“You know I hate that…”

She smiled.


“They say we’re different… you and I.”


“Yeah you know… Because we don’t act like other kids our age. Then again you’re not really a kid now so…”

“But we grew up together just the same.”

He nodded.

“You really think there’s something wrong with us?”

“Why would you say that?”

“Everyone was freaking out… You know, Negan.”

Bella drew back on this.

“Everyone, but us?”

He nodded.

“What’s that say about us?”

“That we’re prepared for whatever comes our way.”

“Dad think’s you’re…” he trailed off and shook his head.

“I’m what?”

“In a state of shock or something… And when I tried explaining what it is I thought you were going through. He just brushed me off.”

“He’s guilty of doing that when he doesn’t see eye to eye on something. Rather than grabbing the bull by the horns he tends to back off the subject and continue about things his way. We both know this.”

“Don’t get mad but…”


“I kind of agree.”


“Negan needing to die.”

She drew back a breath on this.

“And that’s your right. But just know that I will stand against anyone that wishes that man harm.”

“Even that of your own family?”

She recoiled on this.

“Negan already knows I would never harm you or Rick.”

“But if we were to kill Negan…”

“You can try… But you won’t succeed. And I will be the only one left of our bloodline.”

“Or it could be you and Negan meeting your end…”


“And you’re okay with that?”

She gave a simple shrug.

“I’ll give you one thing, Carl. You’re certainly smarter than that of your old man.”

“Don’t do this…” he said in a pleading matter.

Bella turned and faced him.


“I’m serious. Please, just stay and make it work somehow. You don’t have to do this. You think I don’t understand, but I do. Hell Bella, I probably understand more than anyone!”

“And that’s what I love about you Carl. You get me. You always have.”

“So stay… I’m not going anywhere and neither should you. If Negan really loves you then he’ll…”

“Carl… It’s not that simple.”

“Sure it is! Just tell him you want to come home! And tell him you want to be released from this…”

“That would be a lie. The Sanctuary is my home now and I’m not a prisoner. I never was. But as you can see… here? I am…”

“It doesn’t have to be that way!”

“But it is… and that’s where Rick and I stand as of now. This hasn’t anything to do with you. I need you to keep that in mind. You and I are golden. This right here… Is between me and your father.”

Carl came to his feet and walked on over. He leaned against the bars.

“He’ll kill you… you know that, right? If it comes down to it?”

“I’m well aware of what Rick is capable of and I’m prepared.”

Carl shook his head and looked to the floor. Bella came to a stand and made her way over. She placed her hand along his and roughed up his hair with the other.

“I love you, Carl. Nothing’s changing that. Not even the difference in our beliefs. If it came down to you and I… Then you’re just going to have to shoot me, because I won’t have it in me. I suppose that makes you the bravest of us all. I know you’ll do whatever you feel is right and you will not hesitate.”

“YOU’RE WRONG!” He shouted.

He wrapped his hands along the bars and was in attempts to shake them. Bella recoiled.

“WHY!? Why does it have to come down to this?!” The boy hollered with desperation.

She swallowed back. This was a side of Carl she wasn’t used to seeing. He was always so chill and in every given situation, just as she. It just came with the way they were raised.

“Carl?” Bella called out as it was pitch black when she heard the cell door open.

The young woman sat up and was trying to see who it was. But she couldn’t make out anything. Bella went to say something else only to have someone pick her up and literally throw her across the room. The air was knocked out of her lungs and before she even had the chance to catch her breath, she was sent a good jab to the stomach. Then another to the face as well as the crotch. Bella dropped to her hands and knees. Her eyes watered as she fought for a breath. She crawled amongst the ground, desperate to get away from her attacker. Just as she managed to catch that breath, they grabbed her by the hair and jerked her up off the floor. They dragged her on out of the cell and outside; where she was gagged and bound to a flag post. It wasn’t until the moonlight cascade down that she recognized her attacker. She went to cry for help but couldn’t, all that escaped her was wheezing. His eyes locked with hers and he used his knife to remove her clothes. Once he finished, he grabbed a nearby bat. He took some lube from his pocket then applied it to the smaller end of the bat. Bella shook her head and flounced about, desperately. When he had the bat nice and lubed he walked on over. The man lifted her legs and crammed the bat right up her rectum. Bella whimpered out and tears streamed down her face.

“I might not be able to fuck you… But I’ll damn sure take BOTH virginities, you stupid bitch!”

He grabbed a fistful of her hair.

“And you were right. I was using you. Girl like you… That’s all your good for. There never was a future. Just some nice teenage pussy. And you made it so fucking easy. I knew you had it bad for me. All I had to do was wait… But I could’ve had you whenever I wanted. Hell you’d have let me fuck you at 13 or 16! Love sick pup was all you were. It was cute I gotta admit. But for you to actually believe it would go any further? Well the joke was on you! Did you truly believe I’d let Rick find out about us? That was the only reason behind that ring. I had to shut you up somehow. You want to know why I was fucking Andrea?”

She recoiled and he gritted his teeth. He pinched her cheeks together and forced her to face him.

“Because you grew old. I needed a woman with real tits and some real fucking curves. I mean look at you! You’re nothing!” The man hissed as he drove his blade into her abdomen.

He gave a simple nod as he jerked it back out.

“I wish I could see the look on their faces…” He murmured with a disappointed sigh.

And on this note… the man took off.


“Hold up!” Negan called out as his men were about to gun the boy down.

“Before you go in there, will you at least listen to what it is I have to say?”

This had the man chuckling in mere amusement.

“And what is it you have to say?!”

“Just…” Carl drew back a breath and looked to all the men.

He took a couple steps back and shook his head.

“If you love her… like she thinks you do. Then let her go. There’s no need for all this.”

“I’ll let the lady decide for herself. Now step aside.”

“So if she wanted to stay… You’d let her and leave, in peace?”

“Now I never said that…”

Negan murmured as he walked on over and shoved the boy out of the way. He and his men forced their way through the gates. But the moment they entered each of them froze and shared the same look of complete horror. There was Negan’s ‘baby-girl’ displayed for The Saviors and New Haven to see. She was severely beaten and had a bat launched up her rectum. Negan staggered back. There was no masking the amount of shock on this man’s face. Carl let out a gasp once he saw what they were seeing.

“BELLLLLLLLAAAA!” The boy cried.

For the first time ever… Negan dropped Lucille and rushed on over. He lifted her legs and grimaced as he carefully removed the bat. A puddle of blood followed and Negan’s entire face lit with absolute fury. He held her in place and had a couple of his men cut her free. Once he had her in his hold he looked to the boy.

“Your doc?”

The boy nodded and took off. Negan followed. As soon as they got to the new doctor’s place, Carl frantically banged on the door. Tears were streaming down the boy’s face.

HELP!” He shouted as he continuously banged on the door.

“Carl?” The boy heard his father call out next door.

“Dad! It’s Bella!”

Rick rubbed his eyes and looked over seeing Negan and company. Negan had his niece in his arms and looked to be crying as well. The doctor opened the door and regarded the boy in question.


Carl said nothing and rushed on in. The doctor looked to the boy then the others in surprise as they welcomed themselves inside. The boy knocked everything off the examination table and Negan laid her down. Negan was quick to spin around. He grabbed the doctor by the collar of her robe.

“She dies… you die. So you had better figure that part out.” Negan made clear.

Negan gritted his teeth and shoved her towards the table.

“Now get to fucking work!”

Negan looked to everyone else surrounding them.


His men nodded and were heading out of the room. Jacoby nodded upon Negan hintingly.

“Stand down, until I say otherwise.”

“Will do.”

Jesus Christ… Bella…?!”

Negan whipped around and snatched the man by the collar.

This… This is all on you!”

He knocked the gun out of Rick’s hand and dragged him towards his niece. Negan forced him to look at the damage that was done. And he wasn’t discreet by any means.

“You’re all FUCKED! And if she dies… I won’t let a single one of you live. I will tear this entire community apart and limb from limb… In fact…”

Negan motioned for Jacoby to grab the boy.

“NOOO!” Rick hollered and Negan socked him across the face when he went to stop him.

“Keep the boy on lockdown. If I lose my baby-girl he loses his fucking boy!”

“Please! Don’t do this!”

“Where were you when she was beaten and sodomized, you fucking prick!” Negan yelled and was violently shaking him. He got right in his face afterward.

“You took what didn’t belong to you and look at what you did! Look at my baby-girl! LOOK AT HER! I WANT YOU TO WATCH AS SHE FUCKING SUFFERS!”

Negan pinched the bridge of his nose, doing his best to collect himself.

“You let this happen…” he uttered in a softer and broken tone.

“You monster….” He growled.

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10 thoughts on “Chapter 8 Monsters”

  1. holy jolly ranchers!! shane better be dying or killed in the next chapter!! im so freaking pissed at what happened to bella. i want a head on a platter!! ok now i love the story. but r.i.p tracy. and to the haven fucker: get ready to die. 3 traitors included. imma go watch a cartoon now so i can chill out. good work tho big sis. now do me a favor. next chapter..make em hurt.

  2. Wow. This is becoming my fave. I can’t wait to see Negans wrath. Would love to see some of Jacobys wrath too since it looks like him and Bella are becoming friends. Hopefully, Negan will still look at her the same.

  3. I hope Negan absolutely destroys Shane bit by bit for what he did to Negan’s baby-girl. I can’t wait for the next chapter. You truly are a fantastic writer.

  4. Holy shit. I am not sure why I didnt see this coming because of course someone would be feeling salty about her cozying up to negan. She isnt catching any breaks at all first she is almost gang raped and now violently sodomized. Wow

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