Chapter 9 The Rebuild Part I

Chapter 9

I do not own Twilight or TWD TV show or comics. Keep in mind this is AU.

Negan paced the room. He had Rick planted into a chair and was forced to watch as the doctor worked. The doctor shook her head at one point.

“Can one of you help me? I need more hands.”

Negan cranked his head her direction.

“What is it you need?” He practically hissed.

“I stopped the bleeding but she’s going to need surgery and I need someone to hand me whatever I need and in a timely matter.”

Negan took his leather jacket and scarf off. He unbuttoned the sleeves to his shirt and rolled them up.

“Just hurry it up.” He scolded and she nodded.

“Rick, I’m going to need you to gather some blood.”

“He stays right where he is.”

“If she doesn’t get that blood she will die! She’s lost over two pints already!”

Negan snapped a look Rick’s direction.

“Then you had better get it and be quick about it. Don’t you even think about chickening out on me and running for it. I’ll have you gutted and hung out to dry.”

“I wouldn’t leave her!”

“Hmmm…” Negan hummed as he handed the doc a scalpel.

“You wouldn’t leave her, but where were you when this took place?”

Rick recoiled and Negan nodded.

“Get whatever the doc needs and get your ass back here.”

They were about two hours into the surgery when Negan motioned towards Bella’s privates hintingly.

“What about that…?”

“What about what?” The doctor questioned as she was finishing up.

“You know…”

“She’s lucky… nothing ruptured. She won’t need surgery. But that’s not to say she won’t be sore and it’s going to take sometime…”

“Just how much time we talkin’?”

The doctor reared back on this.

“Surely you’re not thinking about THAT already?!”

Negan raised his brows on this.

“And what is it you thinking I’m referring to?”

“You know… intercourse.” She whispered causing Negan to roll his eyes.

“I see. So that’s that you have me pegged for? My only concern is when I can fuck her again, right?!”

The doctor pulled a certain face and Negan’s sneered upon her.

“Well Miss. Pervy… I was talking about her mental state! I’ve other means in taking care of THAT!” He snapped looking downright offended.

“Sorry… It’s just… Well I thought….”

“You thought what?!”

“Nevermind. Look, I’m no shrink but I will say she’s going to need some major TLC for a bit and I would watch what you say and how you act if you get my drift.”

“Back to sex, are we? And everyone thinks I have issues! Clearly, you need help, doc.”

A few hours later…

“So now what?” Negan asked once the last pint of blood was transmitted.

The doctor drew back a breath and wiped the sweat off her brow.

“Now we wait…”

“Wait, huh?”

The doc nodded.

“Well you hear that, Rick? We gotta wait.”

Jacoby and a few of the other Saviors were at the door. But it was who they had with them  that had Negan snarling back in anger. The three of them looked to the floor and wouldn’t dare make eye contact. Rick grimaced as Negan shot him a look of utter hell as well.

“What. In. The. Fuck. Is this SHIT?!”

“They say this one promised them protection… if they brought his niece back.”

“Did you now? Man… It’s going to look very bad when you go back on your word, now isn’t it?”

Sherry snapped Negan a fearful look and he smiled. He made his way over and caressed the apple of her cheek. She recoiled and he grabbed a fistful of her hair.

“Look at me!”

“Negan please… I…”

“You what?” He spat.

“I love you! Way more than that little bitch ever has!”

He had a good laugh at this.

“Do you now?”

“Yes! Dammit Negan, I’ve been there since the very beginning. Why do you think I reacted the way I did when you brought the bitch into OUR home?!”

“Was this before or after you were fucking Dwight? Because from my understanding you were fucking him LONG before baby-girl came into the picture.”

Sherry winced and Negan gave a simple nod.

“Face it, Sherry. You can’t even get your own lies straight.”

“It’s no lie!”

He cupped her chin and looked her dead in the eyes.

“Tell me you love me…”

“I already did!”

“I just want to hear you say it again.”

Tears were streaming down her face.

“I love you.”

That lip of his curled and this look of utter disgust masked his face. Negan put his forehead to hears and closed his eyes.

“You’re not her. You never were and you will never be. There was a time I thought you were. But you were nothing more than a cheap imitation. I adore my wives. But I ain’t got time for a useless dog. I tell you what being the compassionate man I am. I’m going to let you and Dwight be together after all.” Dwight narrowed his eyes and regarded Negan in shock.

“Tell me Sherry… Are you a fan of the star-crossed lovers known as Romeo and Juliet?”

She cut him a puzzled look but nodded. Negan smiled.

“Good deal. I’m going to give you that happy ending.”

Negan signaled for them to follow him. They regarded one another in question but proceeded. He led them to a secluded room and he placed a gun in the middle of it.

“Sherry… I want you to stand over there and Dwight you stand across from her.”

They were reluctant but did as they were told.

“So here’s what’s going to happen. I’m just going to leave this right here. Whoever gets to the gun first kills the other is ‘home-free’.”

And on this note… Negan exited the room leaving it up to them.

Dwight shook his head and sort of laughed.

“We should’ve known…”

Sherry nodded in agreement but was eyeing that gun. Dwight reared back once he took notice.

“You’re not seriously considering…”

“SHIT!” He hollered as she took off like a bat out of hell.

Dwight rushed over and just as she grabbed the gun and slammed her back, knocking it out of her hand. She gritted her teeth and the two struggled about reaching for it. Sherry kneed him in the crotch and managed to grab it.

“I can’t believe you!” He shouted as he was doing everything within his power to gain the upper hand.

The woman was determined and even with his hands wrapped around her wrists; she managed to bring the gun towards his face. The man jumped as it went off. Once the realization hit… Dwight closed his eyes. He started to laugh and rather hysterically. Sherry dropped the gun and thickly swallowed.

“Dwight baby… I”

His eyes shot open and his teeth were gritted. Twin tracks of tears streamed down the man’s face as he wrapped his hands around her throat. Her eyes widened and she struggled in his hold. Dwight forced his body over hers and was violently shaking her as he continued in strangling her.

“God dammit, Sherry! I loved you! You fucking coldhearted BITCH!”

Her lips turned a nice shade of blue and her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Dwight loosened his hold but it was too late.


He gave her a slight shake.


He swallowed back and looked to his hands in utter disbelief.

“No… No. No baby… Oh god, what have I done?!”

The door opened and he turned to see Negan leaning against the frame. He gave Dwight a mere golf clap.

“Well I gotta say, Dwight. I didn’t think you had it in you.”

Dwight shot to his feet.


“Tis true… I never knew my real father.” Negan said as he took out his gun and put Dwight out of his misery.

It was then Negan realized just how ‘naked’ he felt.

“Lucille won’t like this one bit…” He uttered looking to the gun with a guilt-ridden expression.

“Jacoby!” He called out.


“Be a dear and gather Lucille.”

“You got it, boss!”

Negan headed back to the makeshift clinic and he gestured towards Mark.

“I’ll deal with you later…”

Mark looked as if he’d shit himself. Jacoby entered the room with Lucille and he handed her over. Negan sighed and looked upon her, lovingly.

“Don’t be jealous…” he whispered.

“And I’ll more than make up for earlier…” he hinted as to when he had dropped her.

Negan grew eerily quiet and just stared off into space for a moment. Jacoby and the other Saviors knew exactly what this meant. He was in deep conversation at the moment… with Lucille. After a few minutes he gave a mere nod.

“Well it’s about time…” the king murmured looking somewhat relieved.

Jacoby narrowed his eyes wondering what that was about. But he wasn’t near dumb enough to ask. All he knew was that Negan suddenly looked as if a weight had been lifted off his shoulders. And it had been… Negan and Lucille had finally come to a conclusion. Now she didn’t like Bella by any means, yet she held a grudging respect for her now. Lucille had made the man a promise and that being… that she’d never tempt him into killing Bella again.

Negan and Rick turned to the clearing of a throat.

“She’s asking for her daddy?”

Negan turned to Rick with this egotistical grin.

“Well that’d be me now, wouldn’t it?”

Rick shook his head and Negan followed the doctor into the room.


He nodded and made his way over.

“You’re here…” she murmured as if slightly confused.

“That’s right, baby-girl.”

She sort of smiled but that bottom lip of hers quivered.

“Leave us…” he ordered and the doctor couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

“He said you wouldn’t come back for me…”

“Who said that?” He questioned whilst moving a strand of hair from her eyes.

“My uncle…”

“Well he was wrong… as usual.”

“Do you love me?”

Negan drew back a breath on this.

“I think I’ve had just about enough of that particular word. It’s so loosely used nowadays. In fact, I’d better not ever hear you say it again. All you need to know is that I wouldn’t be here unless I wanted to be.”

She nodded but was staring off into space. Negan drew back a hesitant breath as she reached to her rear end and winced back in pain. Her breathing picked up and her hands balled up into fists.

He just stood there… waiting for it all to click. The man could see it in her eyes. The poor girl was about to lose it.

Hey, have any of you seen Denise?”

Before Negan could so much as react, Bella withdrew his gun, right from his holster and fired.

“Shit!” He hollered as the doctor entered the room and she went shoot yet again.

Negan was quick to knock the gun out of her hand, knowing they needed the bitch alive. He did his best to restrain Bella without hurting her. When she whimpered out he loosened his grip.

“So not cool. You need that one alive…” he did his best to hint.

That bottom lip of hers trembled once again and the waterworks came. Negan pulled her into his chest and she screamed into his shoulder.

“Shhhhh…” He shushed and kissed the top of her head.

“Daddy’s gotcha… No one’s gonna hurt my baby-girl. I’ll fuck up anyone that tries!”

“I want to go home. Please, just get me the fuck out of here!”

That egotistical grin of his returned and he hugged her even closer. He only wished Rick was there to hear that.

“I tell you what… Just as soon as you’re up and kickin’ ass again, we’ll go.”

“I can do that now!”

“Can you?” He challenged.

She nodded and Negan dropped his hold. He took a few steps back. Bella had this look of determination as she made her way down and took a couple steps towards him. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and Negan barely caught her in time. He sighed as he scooped her up and brought her back onto the bed. Negan scanned her over once he got her situated.

“Quit fussing over the dead bitch and get your ass over here!”

The doctor wiped the tears from her eyes and regarded Negan with hatred. When she wouldn’t come to her feet, he marched on over and forced the doc to hers.

“You’re going to make this as painless as possible for her. Do we have an understanding?”

“Doing that would leave us with hardly any supplies.”

Negan gritted his teeth and backed the doc up against the wall.

“I really don’t give a shit. Fuck you and your entire pussy of a community. I own each and every one of you and you will do whatever I tell you. And I want my baby-girl high as a motherfuckin’ KITE! Now get to it!”

Negan looked to Lucille.

“I know you’re getting thirsty. Just hold on…” he uttered with a mocking grin towards Denise.

Negan sat in silence as Bella whimpered out off and on in her sleep. He nodded towards the doctor.

“Thought you gave her somethin’ for the pain.”

“I did. Her body’s been through a great deal. No amount of medication is going to take it all away. And if we give her too much, she could slip into a coma and never wake again.”

The man tilted his head and looked to be in thought.

“Besides… I’m more than certain most of that is nightmare induced.”


“Well yeah…” The doctor said a she pushed up her glasses and was checking over Bella’s vitals.

“She was beaten and technically raped and god knows what else…”

As she said this his hands were balled up into fists. He regarded the bat he’d personally removed and his teeth ground together as he eyed the blood caked onto the end of it. But there was something else… Something he hadn’t taken notice of, until now. Negan came to his feet and walked on over. He removed the bat from the sink in which the doctor had it in. He rotated it and saw where it had Negan’s Whore engraved into it. He looked to his wife then back to the bat. The doctor gasped back as Negan took that bat and swung at the wall.

“My baby-girl” He corrected with a snarl.

The doctor swallowed back as he had this crazed look in his eyes. He stormed out of the room and grabbed Jacoby by the collar of his shirt.

“Keep an eye on her. If anyone besides the doc or myself comes near her shot first, ask questions later. She’s not to be touched!”

Jacoby nodded and took post along with a handful of other Saviors. Negan darted on out the door and gathered a few of his men. He tossed the bat Shane had used to sodomize Bella into the middle of where they were standing. Each of them grimaced and shook their heads.

“I want the one responsible. Bring him here,alive. Fail me and you will take the asshole’s place in front of Lucille. Do I make myself clear?!”

The Saviors nodded.

“Good. Now go and don’t return until he’s in your possession.”


Negan heard as he passed by the doctor’s office. He wasted no time in rushing on in slamming the door open. The doctor had Bella on the examination table and with her legs spread apart. Bella looked to Negan with tears in her eyes.


He nodded and darted on over. He grabbed the doctor by the throat and eyed her down.

“I was examining her! I wasn’t…”

“If she says to quit touching her then you had better listen!”

“The exam is needed in order to make certain she’s healing.”

Negan looked to Bella then back to the doc.

“Believe me you don’t want her to have problems down there…” the doc hinted.

Negan drew back a breath and dropped his hold.

“Then proceed.”

“No!” Bella hollered and went on to cover herself.

The doctor sighed with frustration.

“You really need to make her understand just how important this is. I’m just doing my job. If she’d only relax… it wouldn’t take more than a couple minutes, tops. Watch if you feel so inclined!”

“You heard the doc. Let her do what she’s gotta do.”

Bella rolled off the examination table and was in attempts to get away from her. She backed herself into a corner and shielded her body with her hands.

“Leave us…” Negan ordered.


“Just give me a god damn minute and I’ll get you that fucking examination.”

She nodded in understanding and exited the room. Negan inched his way over and reached over but she recoiled.

“Now you just knock that shit off. You know your daddy isn’t going to hurt you!”

He tilted his head as something else was getting under his skin.

“Look at me…”

She sucked back a breath and lifted her eyes upon his. He nodded.

“That… That there is what I want to see. Don’t you EVER look down upon anyone. You keep that god damn head up. You’re the toughest-meanest bitch I know! And that’s what it takes in order to get through this. Now this doc… she needs you to work with her. She’s doing what she can to make sure you’re gonna be okay. That’s gonna require some touching and probing. But I’m not leaving your side. If I suspect any sort of foul play, I’ll kill the fucking bitch myself. Understood?!”

“I just want to go home…” she whispered in a childlike manner.

Negan caressed her cheek then put his forehead to hers.

“I know you do. And we will once the time is right. But right now… I need you to do whatever this doctor tells you to do. The more you cooperate the sooner you’ll heal and we can head back.”

“After I kill Shane?”

This had him raising those brows of his and he tilted his head.

“Daddy’s taking care of that.”

She shook her head in disagreement.

“I want him.”

“Not this time. Daddy owns his ass and I will be the only one dealing with Shane.”

She gritted her teeth and shoved him back.

“He did this to ME! That gives me every right.”

“That he did! And therefore you bet your sweet fucking ass I’ll be the one dealing with him.”

“All you’ll do is beat his head in… I want him to fucking suffer. I want…”

Negan pressed himself against her and let out a growl.

“First off… you had better remember who the FUCK you’re talking to. Second… if you think that’s all I’m going to do then you don’t know me as well as I fucking thought. And last but not least. YOU HAVE NO SAY IN THIS! The moment that prick touched you, he and this entire community became my BITCHES, including that of your uncle and his little brat! I OWN THIS FUCKING PLACE AND EVERYONE IN IT! And they will suffer, each and every one of them!”

“Carl…” She murmured sadly.

“He’s innocent in all this. Please don’t…”

“He’s not near as innocent as you presume. He’s his father’s son and he’s gonna grow up to be just like him. Same mold, same fuck up.”

She shook her head in disagreement.

“He’s different. He’s stronger and smarter.”

Bella looked to be in thought.


“Can we take him with us?”

Negan reared back and chuckled a bit.

“You’re kidding… right? Please tell me I’m missing some sort of fucking punchline.”

“He doesn’t belong here. He belongs with us.”

“The hell he does!”

“You don’t know him the way I do and what better payback? Imagine the look on my uncle’s face when we take Carl and make him our own.”

“I wasn’t aware you wanted to adopt.” Negan taunted with a smirk.

“I don’t want no fucking MILF. I want my baby-girl.” He added with a frown.

“He’s my cousin…” She reminded with a look of disgust.

He chuckled.

Right… So I don’t have to worry about the little fucker trying to breastfeed.”

“You’re so deranged…”

“But you like it… Admit it. I keep things entertaining.”

“To say the least.”

“Look, I’ll look into this and see what I personally make of it, but I make no promises. If I see that the boy is nothing more than a pussy like his old man then it’s a no go. I don’t have time for that shit and I’ve got enough to worry about. I don’t need some little asshole you’ve got a soft spot for slowing us down.”

“He wouldn’t.”

“Like I said… I’ll be the judge of that.”

“That’s not to say he won’t fight it at first and he’ll probably hate me…”

Negan smiled on this.

“Hmmm sounds like Déjà vu to me. Alright, I’ll look into it but you gotta get on that table and let the doc do her job.”

The mere idea of anyone touching her down there sent her into tears but she nodded in agreement.

“I’ll be right here…” Negan reminded as he helped her onto the table and got her set up.

He cringed once he saw the small puddle of blood where they had been standing. It lead to the examination table. To make matters worse, she’d passed out the moment her head hit that pillow. The more she suffered and the more he gazed upon her brutalized body, the longer the list of things he was going to do to Shane became. Shane hadn’t a clue of the storm that was brewing. Negan called the doctor back inside and even though Bella was out for the remainder of the procedure, he stayed just as promised. Once it was done the doc gave her more meds. Negan stepped out and had Jacoby and a few others standing guard. He thought about Carl and what his wife had said. Negan nodded amongst himself and decided to test this little theory of hers…

Negan signaled for his men to exit the area. Once they were left, he pulled the door to and locked it behind him. He made his way over, with Lucille in hand and sat across from Carl’s cell. Carl lifted his head and rolled his eyes.

“What do you want?” He spat and Negan drew back a breath and put on his best ‘performance’.

“I believe we both know the reason why I’m here.”

Carl shot to his feet and had this wide-eyed look about him. Negan gave a simple nod.

“Nooo…” Carl murmured looking ill.

“You’re wrong!” He snapped and rushed over grabbing the bars.

“I want to see for myself!”

“Sorry, but no can do. We’ve put her to rest.”


Negan cocked a brow at this.

“You remember what this means, right?”

Carl gritted his teeth.

“Then do it, asshole! I don’t give a FUUUUCK!” The boy hollered with tears streaming down his face.

“Why her?” The boy whispered looking absolutely destroyed.

“I’m so done with this shit. Just done! Do what you gotta do. Fuck it! FUCK IT ALL!”

The man observed as the boy sunk to his knees and leaned against the bars in defeat. Carl would bang his head up against the bars off and on. Negan gave a simple nod and cleared his throat.

“Jesus kid, I was just fucking with ya. The little wifey is still alive. No need to be a little bitch about it.”

The boy lifted his head and wiped his face with the back of his hand.

You mean…”

“Hmmm. You know… I think it’s time we had a little man to man. So get comfy and listen to what good ole Uncle Negan has ta say.”

A couple days later…

“Your turn…” Negan said and Rick sighed as he grabbed his pool stick and went to take his shot.

Watch where you’re touching!”

They turned seeing the doctor leading Bella about in attempts of a rehab session. Bella leaned against the wall and was eyeing Denise down.

“I’m only trying to help…”

“I don’t need your fucking help!”

Rick winced back and shook his head. He started towards his niece and Negan stopped him with his pool stick.

“I got this…”

“She needs her family.”

“She needs her daddy…”

“She had one… My brother!”

Negan’s lip curled in disgust. He grabbed Rick by the collar of his shirt and got right in his face.

“Wrong kind and I’m takin’ over from here, so buzz the fuck off.”

“Asshole…” Rick murmured and Negan arched a brow.

“Excuse me?”

“I didn’t stutter. She’s my god damn niece. It should be ME taking care of her.”

“The moment you let that prick touch her, you lost all fucking rights. You did this… YOU! I oughta take that man card of yours and shove it right up that vagina you call a dick!”

Negan shoved him back and kicked him in the rear with his boot.

“Get lost…” Negan ordered and the doc reared back.

“Excuse me?!”

“Lemme guess therapy time?”

She nodded.

“I got it…”

“And what would you know about it?”

Negan cut the woman a demonic grin.

“Plenty. Now if you will…” He motioned for her to get going.

He offered Bella his arm. But her eyes watered and she was out of breath.

“None of that now…”

She gritted her teeth and snapped everyone else a look.


Negan raised his brows and Bella clamped a hand over her stomach. He followed as she inched her way on out of the area.

“I told her I didn’t want to be around anyone… The fucking bitch.” He heard her mutter under her breath.

The moment Bella was outside, she dropped to her knees. She came to a crawl and her nails dug into the earth beneath her. Negan made his way around and planted himself before her. She looked to his boots and lifted her head.


She rolled her eyes.

“Get. Up. Now.”

“The hell with you.” She spat and Negan nodded.

He squatted before her and cupped her chin.

“You want to go home?”

She nodded.

“Then get the fuck up!”

Bella knocked his hand out of the way and let out a growl.

“It fucking hurts, okay! Every god damn step feels like…” she trailed off and closed her eyes.

“Like you got ass raped, right? Well guess what?! You were! And the longer you spend on your hands and knees crying about it, the more that son of a bitch wins. So get the fuck up!”

Bella came to her feet but hit him as hard as she could in the chest. Negan gritted his teeth and took whatever she dealt.

“You done?!” He spat afterward.

“NO!” She shouted with tears in her eyes.

Negan swallowed back seeing the torment in within them.

“NO, I’M NOT!” She yelled once again.

“I was thirteen years old dammit! THIRTEEN!”

He tilted his head wondering where this was going. She grabbed Negan by the collar of his shirt.

“A man I knew since I was a child did this to me! TRUST ME I’M FAR FROM DONE!” She sucked back a breath and Negan narrowed his eyes as she buried her face into his chest.


Bella dropped her hold and peered over behind Negan.

“What do you want?”

Negan raised his brows on this. Rick rubbed the back of his neck and took a couple steps towards her.

“Don’t you even…”

Rick reared back at this.

“I can’t believe you had him come check on me. Much less give him a motherfucking key! What did you think would come of this?!”



“Do you honestly believe I’d send Shane?! Maggie was supposed to be on duty that night!”


He nodded.

“So you’re saying that Maggie had the key?”

He nodded once again. Bella made her way back inside. Maggie had her back turned as she was talking to Michonne. Rick went to intervene only to have Negan grab ahold of him and shove him back. Bella took a nearby chair and slammed it into the back of Maggie’s head.

“What the hell?!” Michonne barked and went to Maggie’s defense.

Bella snatched a knife off a nearby Savior and was quick to put it to Michonne’s throat.

“I have no quarrel with you. So be smart and get to steppin’. This is between me and Mag’s.”

Michonne looked to Rick who was being held back by Negan. He gave her the nod and she sighed and stepped aside. Bella gave Maggie a death stare.

“Truth… did you give Shane the key to my cell?”

Maggie had this guilty countenance about her. Bella gave a mere nod.

“Don’t go anywhere… If you run. I will hunt you down. You and I have unfinished business.”

“I hadn’t a clue he’d…”

“He’d what?” Bella hissed but was growing weaker by the moment.

Jacoby rushed over and wrapped his arm around her waist.

“…easy…” he whispered.

“Get me out of here.” She ordered and Jacoby nodded as he scooped her up.

Negan chuckled and patted Rick on the back.

“Such an awesome job you’ve done. Your entire group is falling apart. I love it!”

Negan entered the makeshift clinic and nodded upon Jacoby. He gathered the hint and was quick to exit the room. Negan pulled the door to and walked on over.

“Now that… That was fucking awesome! We need more of that girl. Think she can stick around for a bit? She’s fun! Now scoot…”

Bella regarded him oddly and the man sighed. He took it upon himself to move her over. He plopped down beside her.

“C’ mere…” He murmured and wrapped his arms around her.

Negan kissed the top of Bella’s head and for once he kept quiet. This right here was her one chance to let it all out. After this… It would be literal hell. Negan was taking over and he knew it was going to take some tough lovin’ in order to bring THAT girl back. But he was determined and he’d do whatever it took. By taking over? That meant her therapy sessions as well. That bitch of a doctor wasn’t doing it right or fast enough for that matter. Negan had things to do. And Bella… well she needed her daddy. No one else was qualified for the job. And when he was done… Negan would be going on a manhunt, if the Saviors hadn’t done their job in bringing Shane to him.

(Be a good sport by leaving your comment/review or a simple like if you dug the chapter. Thanks! Sorry for the belated post, my daughter hurt her ankle pretty bad at school and that was my first priority. Please keep in mind that I will not be posting updates to my other stories until after June 10th as I will be on vacation come Monday. When I return I will begin working on my updates and the Harry Potter/OC story which will be dedicated to my husband of 15 years 🙂 )


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  1. “The moment you let that prick touch her, you lost all fucking rights. You did this… YOU! I oughta take that man card of yours and shove it right up that vagina you call a dick!”

    Fucking tell him Negan. And now Mags gotta die too. Fucking bitch.

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