Chapter 10 An Approaching Storm

Chapter 10

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Bella narrowed her eyes doing her best to decipher where the scratching sound was coming from. She tilted her head and wandered about the room. After she finally had it pinpointed, she shook her head looking to the ceiling. The young woman retrieved a metal ladder from another room and set it up. Then preceded in climbing the ladder, once she got to the top, she took her knife out from its holster. With utmost caution she slightly lifted the panel using her blade.

That’s about what I thought…” she murmured seeing as how a walker was eyeing her in return.

Sorry buddy. Not on the menu today.”

A sigh escaped her as she brought the panel back down. Bella started back down only to have that heart dropping feeling as the sound above seemingly picked up. It became louder and spread amongst the area up above.

SHIT!” She hollered as the ceiling above her started to cave in.

Bella purposely fell back and instantly grabbed the ladder using it as a shield.

OH COME THE FUCK ON!” She hollered as the walker fell on top of the ladder, followed by several others.

She quickly latched the ladder shut and rolled over as the walker was taking snaps towards her face. A growl traveled along the back of her throat as she had the walker trapped beneath the ladder and started to beat its face in. The young woman used her knife to take out the others that were crawling towards her. As soon as she had the room cleared, she drew back a breath of relief and rolled back over. She closed her eyes for just a moment, but was quick to gasp out as something landed on her. “WHAT THE FUCK?!” she hollered out as the walker ripped her panties off from beneath her dress. Just as the walker placed himself inside he locked eyes with hers. The face was all too chilling and familiar and she couldn’t move no matter how much she tried. His eyes were blood shot and yellow. There was blood oozing out of his mouth. This uncontrollable urge to gag hit as he kissed her and started to thrust. Her screams of terror were muffled as he bit down on her tongue.

Bella’s eyes flew open and she trundled off the cot she was currently on. They’d been here for a few days now. During that time, Daryl was able to find them some decent looking clothes that were more their style around the prison and in his brother’s old stash. Something he decided to keep secret between him and their group. And even though Bella hated the idea of keeping something like that from her father, she understood Daryl’s reasoning. The nightmares on the other hand outwardly grew worse. At times she found it hard to decipher the dream from reality. She came to a crawl and headed towards the hallway with the door leading out. Where she stretched an arm out and reached for the door handle. That suffocating feeling returned when she couldn’t quite reach it. She gritted her teeth and wiggled her fingers about desperately.

Please…” She pleaded with tears in her eyes.

The door flew open and she scurried on out the door. She let out a gasp as if she’d been holding her breath the entire time. Her nails dug into the earth. And her heart was racing and she was covered in sweat. Bella reached to her stomach as she started to vomit. She felt a hand along her shoulder, causing her to jump.

“Just me, kiddo…”

Before she could even properly respond, she upchucked once again.

Charlie held her hair back the best he could.

“I see the night terrors are back…”

She nodded but there was a moment of silence between the two as she collected herself.

“They never went away to begin with; just got easier to deal with.”

“Doesn’t seem to be the case now…”

“You really want to talk about my night terrors?”

Charlie sighed.

“Actually yes, I do. In fact, I’d like to talk about something, anything. Pick a topic!”

She rolled onto her back and started to laugh.

Charlie shook his head, “what does it take?!”

The young woman came to her feet and began to walk away.
“Dammit Bells! Is this how it’s going to be between us?”

Her face flushed over as she pivoted back around. Bella pointed upon her father with tears in her eyes.

“I WOULDN’T HAVE LEFT YOU! I’D HAVE STAYED BEHIND AND AT LEAST FOUND A WAY TO TAKE YOU OUT OF YOUR MISERY, IN THE WORST CASE SCENARIO! AND THAT’S NOT EVEN THE WORST PART! YOU GAVE UP ON ME! YOU GO ON AND CREATE THIS GROUP AND IT’S ONLY BECAUSE OF SOMEONE ELSE YOU EVEN DECIDED TO GIVE ME ANOTHER CHANCE! I NEVER GAVE UP ON YOU. EVEN WHEN I HAD MY DOUBTS! I KEPT TELLING MYSELF THAT’S ALL THEY WERE AND I KEPT TRUCKIN’. DARYL HELPED WITH SOME OF THAT I’LL ADMIT. BUT I WAS DETERMINED TO FIND YOU EITHER WAY! DAMMIT DAD, YOU WERE ALL I FUCKING HAD! HOW COULD YOU UP AND TURN YOUR BACK TO ME! WE HAD A DEAL! WE SWORE AN OATH EVEN! YET, YOU’RE THE FIRST ONE TO BREAK IT WHEN SHIT HITS THE FAN!” Her tone grew softer as she lowered her head. “So don’t you even ask me what is going on between us! And the one person that’s been there for me; since you turned your back to me is the one you give the most hell! I love him, dad. I’m sorry if that pisses you THE FUCK OFF! But I do. And you’re not changing my mind on this. I’m not that same girl anymore. I love you. I always will. But you really hurt me. And I’m having a hard time forgiving you. So if you wouldn’t mind… just give me some space and time.” On this she went to walk away. His next words however stopped her in her tracks.

“You died. I lost you. I thought you were gone. I didn’t come back because I couldn’t see your walker, if I had and you came for me, I would have opened my arms. I would have hugged my little girl, even as you started to devour me. Seeing you that way would have broken what was left of me. Yes Bells, for one of the few times in my life I was a coward. I mourned you…part of me still is sweetheart. You’re here, but you’re not here. Every time you look at me in hatred I want to go find a place in the woods and shoot my brains out. Just like I have every day since I thought I lost you. I’m your Dad Bella, I’m supposed to be the man you look up to and draw strength from. But I’m not strong enough to lose you again, I can’t….”

Charlie swallowed back as she turned towards him. But there was no disguising the battle she had going in that head of hers. He saw it for what it was and nodded amongst himself as she simply turned back around and walked away.

Bella made her way through the fence and fixed it back to the way it was. She got her gun ready as she headed further out. Before long, she came to a halt and hurriedly ducked behind some shrubs. The woman aimed her gun towards something she saw off to a distance. As it made its way over she patiently waited. Once she had it right where she wanted, she fired, but just as someone else had.

They stepped out and shook their heads upon one another and mouthed the words mine and pointed amongst themselves.

“I totally hit it before you did…” Bella hissed.

The determined man shook his head in full disagreement.

“You wish… My arrow hit first!”

“You’re full of shit, Locksley.”

“Yeah well, for someone that’s full of shit, I feel pretty damn good.”

“Ass…” she muttered as she made her way over and started to tend to the cougar.

“What are ya doing?”
“Taking MY kill back so I can skin it and get it prepared.”
“Um… I believe we established it was mine.”

She ignored him and gritted her teeth as she tried picking it up but resorted to dragging it instead. Daryl chuckled, “I tell ya what. You admit that arrow hit first and I’ll carry it back and get it prepared.”
“Oh no you don’t…” she let out a growl as she proceeded.

Daryl sighed with hindrance.

“You know I wonder how that cougar got so much meat on him. He should be starvin’.”

Bella shrugged and kept up with the determined stride.

“C’mon now… just admit it, sweet thang. It’s a ways back, ya know.”

“Shut it, Locksley.”

He raised his brows on this but took notice of the dried up tracks of tears along her face.

The redneck cleared his throat. He made his way over and went to pick the cougar up.
“I got it…” she practically snapped.

“You know there is a possibility the arrow and the bullet hit at the same time. So…” he picked up the other end.

“So a pity call? Screw you!”

She jerked the cougar back losing her balance in the process. Daryl grimaced as she fell and it landed on her. He rushed over and lifted it off her.

“You alright?”

“I’m fine…” but as she said this, Daryl took notice of that painful twinge in her eyes.

Daryl sat beside her and cleared his throat.

“What is it, sweet thang?”

She shook her head and stared off into space.

“My father pretty much spilled his heart out and what do I do? I turn my back to him and walk away. I mean seriously… What the fuck is wrong with me? When did I become such a bitch?!”

“It’s simple…The way I see it… I need to either shoot you or your old man.”

“Nah, I ain’t shootin’ him. He’s cool.”

He playfully nudged her arm and cut her a wink, but grew somewhat serious.
“You’re resentful. You might not realize it or mean to be. But you are. I’m afraid you blame your father for a lot of what took place, sweet thang.”
“I do not. Why would I do that?!”

He raised his brows on this.
“You wanna rethink that statement?”

She narrowed her eyes in thought. He nodded once it started clicking.

“Just remind me to never get on your bad side…”

“Ugh…” she groaned and covered her face.

Daryl sort of chuckled and wrapped his arm around her. He kissed the top of her head but leaned into her ear and whispered.
“By the way the arrow totally hit first…”

He groaned out as she elbowed the shit out of him. He came to his feet and offered a hand.

“Up you go…”
“Daryl…” She groaned as he picked the cougar up and had it draped over his shoulders.

“Tell ya what, little bunny. I carry it back and get it prepared. You can slice it up and cook it.”
“Fine… but you just keep in mind who brought home the bacon!”

“We’re gonna have a hell of a time making bacon out of this…”

“Shut up…”
“Yes, mam.” He said with a chuckle.

Daryl raised his brows in utter disbelief as he was preparing their kill. He’d taken his arrow out, only to find that the tip of it was dented in by none other than a bullet. Not just any bullet ‘the’ bullet. He blinked a few times and regarded his girl from a distance. He shook his head. “Hell… There’ll be no livin’ with her now. Just so ya know this stays between us,” he murmured as if speaking to the animal itself.

“What?” She questioned as she made her way over.


She narrowed her eyes in question, but started the fire in a small barbeque pit her father had given them.

“Now that’s handy…” Daryl remarked.
“I thought so.” She replied with a smile.

She prepared the meat as the fire heated the grills. Once the meat finished they went ahead and ate. He nodded towards the tower afterward.

“What do you think they’re doin’ up there?” He taunted knowing Glenn and Maggie was up there.

Bella snorted, “not anything we wouldn’t do, I’m sure.”

Daryl grinned on this, “well, he had better hurry it up. Your old man’s expecting us.”

He stabbed his knife into the ground, once he was done with the preparations.

“All yours now…”

She nodded as he hopped up. He walked on over towards the tower.

“HEY!” he called out and Bella stifled a giggle knowing he was up to something mischievous.


“YEAH…” Glenn called out sounding rather annoyed.


Bella’s jaw dropped and Daryl cut her a wink.



“He’s such an ass!” Daryl heard Maggie complain as Glenn finally made his appearance and just as Daryl had expected he was zipping his pants.

“I’ll be down in a minute. Hold your horses!”

“Don’t got any ta be holdin’. So get your ass down here, Asian.”

Bella sighed.

“You do realize that karma is a bitch and it’ll be us up there when it happens?”

“Nah, we’re good…”

She pinched the bridge of her nose.

“And you just had to go and say that. Face it Locksley, the next time you want a ‘screw’ we’re both ‘screwed’.

He chuckled and grabbed his knife as Glenn exited the tower. Daryl hunkered down kissing her before he and Glenn headed off to meet up with Shane and Charlie.

“You two watch your backs… I mean it little bunny. Trust no one… ” Daryl hinted as he motioned towards the other side of the prison.

Bella nodded as she handed him some of the meat.

“I doubt my father or Glenn’s eaten anything yet. And fair enough. But three things…”

“Oh?” He quizzed curiously.

“Don’t get yourself killed, don’t become a walker, and don’t go MIA on me.”

He smirked and rose to his feet.

“Got yourself a deal.”

“Love you!” She called out behind a giggle as he was walking away.

He smiled but kept his back to her as he responded.
“Love you too, sweet thang.” He was surprised on how it seemed to come naturally now; whereas before, it had him somewhat on edge.

Glenn and Daryl nodded upon one another as they walked up on a heated argument between Charlie and Shane. From the sounds of things, Shane was having an issue with not only Charlie’s use of authority, but with the ‘new group’. Daryl saw it for what it was. The man was simply pissed that his girl took over his post. But he had a feeling there was more behind it. Something happened between Bella and Shane and he hadn’t a clue what it was. He kept it in mind to ask once they got back. Shane continued to bitch as he jabbed his finger into Charlie’s sternum.

“You done?” Charlie spat.

Shane gritted his teeth and gave the chief a slight shove.

“Oh shit…” Daryl uttered as Charlie decked the hell out of him.

He and Glenn rushed over prying the two men off one another as it turned into a full on brawl.

Lori, Carl, and the others rushed on out of the prison seeing what the fuss was about.

“They need to go…” Daryl heard Shane mutter as he eyed Charlie down.

He bitterly jerked out of Daryl’s hold.
“They aren’t going anywhere. So you either deal or hit the road.”

“You’re making a big mistake.”

“What’s going on?” Lori asked as she cut Charlie an ugly look and was fussing over Shane’s busted lip and nose.

Neither man answered.

“Why’d you hit him?!” Carl reprimanded angrily.

Charlie shook his head upon him.

“Oh believe me, it’s been a long time coming, son.”

“You’re not my father. So don’t call me that.”

The chief regarded the boy in thought.

“Hell, that’s a good thing, kid…” as he said this he regarded Lori a certain way.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You really want me to go into detail in front of the boy?”

Lori’s jaw dropped and Shane sent Charlie a look of hatred. Charlie shrugged this off turned towards Daryl and Glenn, you two ready?”

They nodded in response.

“I’m going…” Shane said as he started to follow.
“Not this time, you’re not…” Charlie made clear as he kept his back to the man and trudged on.

Glenn chuckled once he saw the truck up ahead. “I take it you want shotgun?” He taunted as Charlie got into the driver’s side.

“Funny, Asian… Let me guess you were a comedian…”

The man smiled “actually I delivered pizza door to door.” This had Daryl stop in his tracks.
“You was what?”

Glenn had a good laugh.

“You’ve got to be fuckin’ kiddin’ me. How does a pizza delivery guy make it this far?”

“I’m resourceful?” he replied with a questionable shrug. “What did you think I did?”
“Hell, I figured you was an accountant or somethin’.”

“Face it redneck, I had street cred.”

“Street cred? You had somethin’ alright. I can’t believe that shit. You don’t even strike me as the type.”
“You really are an asshole.”

Daryl had a grin going ear to ear as he started walking again.
“So I’m told…”

The redneck rolled his eyes as Glenn cut him a cocky grin. He rushed on over and hopped into the back of the pickup, forcing Daryl to take shotgun.

“Dick…” Daryl murmured as he climbed on into the front.

Charlie cleared his throat and started the truck.

Well this ought to be interestin’… Daryl thought to himself.

Bella made her way up the stairs and to the top of the tower. Maggie nodded upon her as she heard her making her way over.

“I figured you were getting hungry.” She said, handing Maggie a plate of food.

She smiled as she heard Maggie’s stomach growl.

“I take it I figured right?”

Maggie laughed and observed the penitentiary in thought.

“My dad?”
“Already taken care of.”
“Thank you.”
“Don’t mention it.” Bella replied as she sat down and had her legs dangling over the edge.

Maggie shook her head on this.

“You’re going to fall and break your neck.”
“Beats being ate by a walker…”
“True, but still, could you not do that? It makes me nervous.”

Bella smiled and peered over her shoulder. She patted the area beside her.
“C’mon now… It’s not so bad. Great view…”

“I’m good.”

“Hey, it beats the time Daryl had me jumping off a roof and into a possible pool of walkers.”
“Exactly… so sit!”
Maggie sighed and warily took a seat beside her. Bella smiled and waved upon Carol in the tower across the way. Carol nodded in return but looked upon them as if they were crazy.

“So what do you think about my father’s little posse so far?”

Maggie sort of laughed as she stuffed a piece of meat into her mouth. She took a moment to chew and swallow before answering.

“Too soon to tell.”
Bella nodded in return. Then lay back and looking to the sky.

“So the guys are going to get plenty of one on one time with your father…”

“Yep and I can’t decide if that’s a good thing or not.”

“We’ll find out soon enough.”

“If one doesn’t decide to cancel out the other.”

“Hopefully Glenn will play the mediator on that one.”

“We can only hope.”

She looked to Maggie in thought.

“What were you doing before all this?”

“Helping run the family farm.”

Bella nodded.


She sort of laughed before answering.

“Well let’s just say if there ever comes a time the world is whole again. I’ll be needing a GED.”
Maggie’s eyes widened on this.

“You were in high school?!”
“Shit! No wonder your father thought Daryl was too old.

Bella snorted on this.

“Eh, I’m 21 now. Not much he can do.”

“I think that makes you the youngest in this entire group, aside from the boy of course.”

“Ugh, just don’t say that around my father. He’ll become even overbearing than he is already.”
Maggie sipped from the water bottle Bella had handed her.

“You need to fix that by the way.”

Bella looked to Maggie in question.

“This little feud the two of you got going. Times are different and now isn’t the time to be holding grudges. We both know the risk of this scouting trip they’re taking. I mean you sent Daryl off but did you even bother to say anything to your father before they left?”

“Jesus Mag’s, you wanna pile on that guilt a little thicker?”

Maggie let out a breathe.
“That’s not my intention. I just…”

She lowered her head for a moment, triggering Bella to set up with concern.

“Hey…” She softly called out.

“It was my fault.”
“What was your fault?”

“Beth… She didn’t have to die. I…”

Bella swallowed back and wrapped an arm around Maggie’s shoulder.

“I could’ve offered myself in her stead. But I didn’t! I just stood there as they dragged her away! I couldn’t move. I just fucking stood there! And I knew what their plans for her were.”

“You can’t do that to yourself!”

“You weren’t there! I practically handed her off to the wolves myself. You should’ve seen the way she looked at me! She knew what I’d done! I will never forgive myself! All the more reason you need to listen to me. Fix this or you could very well end up like me. I will never have the chance to make amends with my sister.”

“You’re really pissing me off you know that…” Bella spat dropping her arm.

Maggie reared back but snorted as she noticed the smirk on Bella’s face.

“You really are crazy.”

Bella had a good laugh at this.

“So I’ve heard…”

The guys looked to Charlie in wonder. A couple hours into their trip he pulled off and onto a dirt road. He said nothing as he noticed the awkward looks he was getting. Another 14 minutes, the chief pulled up to ranch. He stopped the truck at a cattle guard and got out. He opened the gate and hopped back into the truck. Daryl reared back in amazement as Charlie pulled up to an old gas pump. It was obvious this was something he was used to doing. He exited the truck once again and filled up the truck with gas.

“Wonder what other tricks he has up his sleeve.”
“Don’t make this more sufferable than it is already, Asian.”

“Think you’ll ever call me by my actual name?”
“You have one?”

Glenn sighed and Daryl had that cocky smirk going.

“Think the girls will be okay on their own for a few days?”
“My little ass kicker will be just fine not so sure about your woman though.” Daryl taunted.

“I bet my girl could beat yours.” Glenn spat out surprising not only Daryl but himself.

He had this wide-eyed look about him. Daryl raised his brows in thought.
“You do realize if the girls decided that men was no longer in their interest; my girl would be the one on top.”

Glenn went to argue this, but both men seemed to be elsewhere at the moment as they were thinking on this one.

“What’s with you two?” Charlie questioned once he entered the truck.

Daryl cleared his throat and nodded upon Glenn.
“You wanna explain this one?”

Daryl laughed at the panicked look on Glenn’s face. He just knew Daryl was going to threw him under the bus.

“Hey chief…” the redneck started to say and Glenn shook his head imploringly.

“Hm?” Charlie hummed in question as he pulled back up to the cattle guard.

“Did ya know that this here Asian was a pizza delivery boy?”

Charlie narrowed his eyes on this and peered back over his shoulder.

“You were?”

Glenn nodded.

“Huh…” Charlie responded with a shrug as he went to step back out.

“I got it.” Daryl said hopping on out.

Once he had the gate open Charlie went on through. Daryl closed it back up wondering why they even bothered. It wasn’t like they truly had to watch for cows nowadays. He figured maybe Charlie wanted to make it less conspicuous.

“So what’s the story?” Charlie randomly questioned after he got back on the road.

“Story?” Daryl asked.

“Between you and my daughter and your other friends…”

The redneck wasn’t quite sure where to even begin.

“I suppose what I’m asking is how did you even meet Bells?”

Daryl nodded and thought back to when he first saw Bella taking on the walkers. He remembered being utterly swept away by how much of a complete bad ass she was. So he began there leaving out the parts that was sure to piss Charlie off; ones such as taking Bella’s virginity and things of that nature. Charlie soon learned that Glenn and Maggie were alive thanks to his daughter. He found great pride on this but said nothing on the matter. He merely listened to Daryl and Glenn’s story in silence as he focused on the road, avoiding abandoned vehicles here and there, and a few walkers along the way.

“You missed…”

Bella rolled her eyes upon the voice channeling in from behind. She said nothing as she pulled the trigger once again and hit the walker right between the eyes. The young woman tucked her gun behind her pants and spun around.

“Can I help you?”

The man shrugged as he was leaning against a wall of the tower.

“The chief won’t be leading much longer. You see I’ll be taking over and when that happens you and your friends won’t be welcome here. So you had better start making some sort of plans.”

“I see your threat and I raise you a go to hell and fuck you very much. Now get lost.”

“You think you’re so cute don’t you?”

“No, but I’m sure a certain redneck would think so.”

Shane rolled his eyes.

“I do love our little chit chats. But I do believe you’ve warn out your welcome. Seeing as how I don’t take kindly to threats and you’re on our turf.”
“Turf?” He said with an amused chuckle.

She nodded.

“We’ll just see about that soon enough.”
“That we will. Have yourself a good night, Shane.”

On this note he bitterly exited the tower.

“Seriously?” She muttered but had him in her scope as he was heading back to the other side.

She cleared her throat once Tyreese eyeing her down. Bella merely smiled and waved upon him. He nodded and waved in return and she found herself giggling as she lowered the gun.

“Fine… I won’t shot the bastard. Yet…”

So far they’d tried an old grocery store, pharmacy, and one residence. The guys weren’t having much luck. They found a few things here and there but nothing of any real significance. They had more luck finding walkers than anything else. Daryl looked to the sky in thought. Charlie drew back a breath taking notice as well. They hadn’t much choice, they had to chance one of the houses and call it a night.

“How bout that one?” Daryl pointing to one of the bigger ones in hopes of there being some sort of escape route just in case.

“Good enough for me but we better hurry it up.”

They nodded and headed that way. That was another thing Daryl noticed. Everywhere they stopped and every place they scouted, Charlie left his mark. He figured it was time he and Bella talked about doing something like that as well. Sure he knew how to find her. But she hadn’t a clue how to find him if shit went down. He found himself grimacing in thought. That was something he should’ve taken care of before they left. It just hadn’t quite occurred to him.

“Something wrong?” Charlie questioned taking notice of the look of dismay on Daryl’s face as they cautiously entered the house.

Daryl shook his head no as they started their exploration.

“Clear…” Glenn softly called out.

“Likewise.” Daryl uttered as he was in the kitchen.

Charlie nodded as he examined the living area. He heard something from up above and put a finger to his lips. The guys listened as well for a moment and nodded in return. The three of them quietly headed up the stairs. They followed the odd creaking sound and looked to one another in question as they approached the door where it was coming from. Charlie put his ear up to the wall beside the door and listened in. The guys reared back as he took a battery operated drill from his bag. He put the drill bit to the door and drilled a hole just big enough to peek inside.

Daryl found himself pondering on why he’d never thought of something like that. That was fucking brilliant. Better than the off chance of opening a door to a slew of walkers. Charlie carefully peeked into the hole and nodded. He opened the door.

“Good Lord…” Daryl whispered as there were two walkers hanging by the ceiling fan.

“The idiots didn’t know ta blow their brains out instead?! Look at em. Just a danglin’.”
“They were married…” Glenn said in thought.

He motioned towards the matching wedding sets on their fingers.

“Guess they figured they were already in hell…” Charlie muttered as he put them out of their misery.

Daryl wrinkled his nose in disgust as Glenn took his knife and cut their wedding fingers off. He took the rings and pocketed them. Even Charlie had his brows raised in question. Glenn said nothing on the matter and continued in looking throughout the room.

“Did he just…” Charlie questioned Daryl in disbelief.

“He sure did.”

“What the hell for?”

“I’m marrying Maggie once we get back.”

Daryl snorted on this, “there ya go again. Being a comedian and all…”
Glenn shrugged, “Hershel’s doing the ceremony.”

“You’re kiddin’. Are you sayin’ he’s ordained?”


“Well shit, Asian. I sure hope you wash those.”

Charlie shook his head in laughter.

“I guess you gotta work with what you got.” He added afterward.

“But I agree with Daryl on that one. I’d wash those before you hand them off to the bride to be.”

And without even thinking on it, Glenn turned to Daryl.

“You know you could make an honest woman out of Bella and have Hershel marry you as well.”

Daryl gave Glenn the cut throat gesture and look of hell.

“He’s right. You should. After everything Bells has been through. I know that would help ease some of her concerns. We could help you set everything up and have a magnificent wedding. I only wish her mother was here to see it.”

Glenn swallowed back rather thickly as Daryl looked like he was going to pass the fuck out. But he also looked as if he was about to kill Glenn.

“I’ll help you keep an eye out. Her birthstone is sapphire, you know. She’d like that. In fact she mentioned something along those lines once when she spoke of the perfect engagement ring.”

Daryl couldn’t so much as blink and the room suddenly felt as if it were blazing hot. He said nothing as he inched his way out of the room. The moment he was out of view. Charlie nodded upon Glenn with a wink, letting him know he was giving Daryl sheer hell.

Glenn chuckled amongst himself as they went about scouting the rest of the house.

“FUCK!” Bella hollered out as she saw the massive swarm that was coming through.

And they were heading right for Tyreese who was making his way over. Bella knew it was unavoidable. She grabbed a fire extinguisher and rushed on out of the tower. She grimaced as the man hollered out and dropped to the ground. She did her best to help, whilst keeping a safe distance. She aimed right at the bees and all along Tyreese’s body as he shield himself best he could. Once the bees were taken care of she got him to lie down and checked him over.

“Damn…” she murmured seeing as how his face was swollen all to hell.

“I’ll be right back…”

She took off running towards the tower where she had her bag of supplies. Just as she started her way back Shane caught up to her.

“It’s your turn to check the perimeter.”

Bella nodded.

“And I will just as soon as I take care of him…”

“You had better.”

The young woman rolled her eyes and pushed her way past him. Just as she went to Tyreese’s aid, Shane grabbed her by the arm and jerked her over towards him.

“I’ll take care of it. You go. Do as you’re told.”

She yanked her arm back. Shane snatched the bag off her shoulder, breaking one of the straps in the process. He started to dig through it and Bella seized the bag and shoved him back in return.

“Touch me again and your friends will be burying your ass.”

Bella went back to helping Tyreese. Hershel was making his way over as it was his turn to take station at the tower. The moment Shane saw him; he stormed off as if having some sort of hissy fit.

“What happened here?!”

“Bees… Lots of them. Do you mind seeing if Maggie doesn’t mind checking the perimeter? I’ll take her shift next.”

Hershel nodded and headed off.
“Easy…” Bella whispered as Tyreese groaned out in agony.

She helped the man to his feet and wrapped his arm around her shoulder, leading him inside. That was no piece of cake. The man was all bulk and she was practically dragging him he was in such bad shape. Just as soon as they entered the room, Carol and Lori hurried over. Michonne was currently keeping guard in the other tower. The women looked to Bella in question and damn near accusingly.

“Bees…” she murmured with slight annoyance as they helped her get him onto a cot.

Bella dug into her bag, retrieving a pair of tweezers. She plucked whatever stingers there were and even removed a few remaining bees. She’d never seen an attack this bad. But his struggle to breathe had her somewhat concerned. He grabbed her arm as he was doing his best to tell her something. And that’s when it dawned on her….”Shit… I need Epinephrine ASAP! Please tell me you have some!”

Carol jumped up and took off like a bat out of hell. His entire body began to spread in hives and his eyes swelled shut.

“Hold on, buddy. You’re gonna be okay just hang in there.” Bella did her best to encourage as he took his hand.

He looked as though a frightened child at the moment. And he had every reason to be. He could very well die if they didn’t get him injected soon enough.

“What’s her name again?” Bella questioned Lori.
Bella nodded.

“TIMES A FACTOR CAROL!” She shouted as she checked and saw that his tongue was swollen.

The man had tears streaming down his face. The moment Carol entered the room with the syringe; Bella took it from her hold and used her teeth to remove the cap. She spit it out and injected the Epinephrine into his thigh. Carol propped his head up and did her best to keep him elevated.

“Come on now… I doubt these ladies have more where that came from. I need you to snap out of it now.

You look like a tough enough guy. So you go this. Don’t prove me wrong.”

Lori looked to Carol in thought.

“Was it?”

Carol nodded with a reluctant sigh. The women sighed in relief as he let out a gasp and finally caught his breath. Bella sighed in relief. The women did their best to douse him in water since they hadn’t any ice for the swelling. Shane caught wind of this as he entered the room.

“I thought I told you to check the perimeter!”

“Your friend was dying, jackass. You do the math… Besides, I got someone else covering it. So you’re good. You should be more concerned about your friend.”
“What are you doing?!” Shane snapped as she opened another bottle of water and was about to use it on the bee stings.

She ignored him and continued.

“You’re going to use up everything we got!”

“And the guys will be back with more…”

“And we haven’t a clue how long that might be!”
“Then make yourself useful and do something about it!”

He pulled a certain face on this and Bella shook her head.

“Yeah that’s about what I thought. All talk and nothing to show for it…”

Carol stifled a giggle. But Lori had that mother hen thing going as she regarded Bella.

“You need to show some respect when talking to him.”

Bella lifted her eyes upon Lori as she placed Tyreese’s right arm over his heart for better circulation.

“You want me to show a man who’s willing to let a friend of his die and all in order to save on water respect?”

“She has a point.” Carol defended.

Bella nodded in response.

“I’ll keep that in mind when it’s his life that hangs in the balance next time.”

“What is wrong with you?” Lori hissed.

“You’re going to sit there and as ME that?”

“He’s right… You are acting as if you’re taking over!”

Bella snorted on this and pinched the bridge of her nose for a moment.

“Oh honey, I’m not taking over. I’m merely babysitting while my father’s away. Clearly, it’s needed.”

Lori hauled off and slapped her. Carol’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Everything was just fine before you arrived!” Lori shouted.

Bella was doing her best to keep her anger in check and not take a bullet to the bitch’s face.

“First off… Don’t you ever do that again. Second… I highly doubt that. Third… Why don’t you two go find something better to do? Your man seems a bit riled up maybe he’s not getting enough ‘attention’?”

“You bitch!”

“When needed you betcha!”

Carol kept quiet and merely observed. But deep down she was loving this. Someone needed to put the two of them in their place and who better than the daughter of the chief? Bella could’ve retaliated by hitting the bitch in return. But she was more concerned about Tyreese at the moment (someone she knew nothing about) as she examined his tongue and noticed the swelling was finally going down.

“Think you can swallow some pills now or do you need to wait?”

She showed him the pills and his hand shook as he took them from the palm of her hand and took the ibuprofen. She eased the water bottle up against his lips and carefully poured some into his mouth.

“My son almost died because of you!”
“Um no, lady. You’re son almost died because you failed as a parent. You should’ve been watching him like a real mother would. Instead, you had him staging a scene in order to fuck us over. He’s a fucking kid! You put him right in the spotlight. Hell you might as well of painted a target on his ass and rang a bell shouting ‘come and get it!'”

Lori cut Shane an odd look, one that had Bella regarding the two of them as if piecing a puzzle together.

“I’m guessing by your reaction this was ‘pops’ doing?”

“He’s the stepfather… Well sort of…” Carol chimed in.

Bella nodded looking to be in thought.

“So you let this man decide the fate of your boy?”

“HEY!” Carol shouted as Shane jerked Bella up and roughly shoved her up against the wall.

He pressed his body against hers and had his hand clamped around her neck.

“KNOCK IT OFF!” Carol yelled and went to intervene only to have Shane shove her down in the process.

Carl entered the room along with Michonne. Her eyes went wild as she took in the scene before her. The woman unsheathed her katana and put the tip of it to the middle of his back.

“Let her go…”

His lip curled as he dropped his hold. Michonne lowered her blade. Shane acted as if he were about to walk away. Only he spun back around and socked Bella in the gut. Bella was brought to her knees with a gasp. Michonne nodded and dropped her Katana. She darted over and grabbed Shane by the collar of his shirt. She forced him to look upon Carl.
“Look him in the eyes and explain yourself!” she demanded.

Shane regarded the boy in shock. He hadn’t a clue he was standing right there. Lori had a hand clamped over her mouth and tears were forming within her eyes.

“Shane…” She called out in disbelief and with disappointment laced in her voice.

“I…” Shane started to say and Carl shook his head.

The boy ran out of the building and Lori chased after him. “I’m sorry, really. I don’t know what came over me!” Shane said looking somewhat stunned. Carol and Michonne staggered back in a stupor as Shane was suddenly snatched out of Michonne’s hold. Shane was the one pinned against the wall now. Tyreese had his immense hand around his throat. The man wiped his face with his free hand before returning the favor. And like that of Bella, Shane was brought to his knees. Only he was sent a nice pop across the face, subsequently. Tyreese cupped the man’s chin afterward.

“There are a couple things you should know about me. One of those being that I will never tolerate a man that puts his hands on a woman. Two… you better pray I never see you do that again.”

The women gasped out as Tyreese passed out immediately after. Bella crawled towards him and checked his pulse. She looked to the others with a nod.

“He’s okay… Just used up what bit of energy he had.”

Bella gradually came to her feet and headed outside. She grunted out as it was a struggle just to walk. The man struck her a damn good blow. Bella narrowed her eyes as she looked off to the distance where the fence line was. It was offbeat looking. Before long, she snapped her head a certain direction as she heard gunshots followed by Maggie screaming.
“Shit!” Bella hollered as the fence gave in and she saw Maggie and Hershel being chased by walkers.

“WE COULD USE SOME HELP OUT HERE!” Bella yelled as she darted off to help.

Daryl’s eyes batted about as he came too. He thought he saw someone shining a flashlight through one of the windows but figured he might’ve been dreaming as he was still out of it. He rolled his head about his shoulders and tiredly stretched out. Just as he was about to shut his eyes once again, he heard what sounded to be glass breaking. The man reached over and shook Glenn awake.
“What?” Glenn hissed.

“I think we got visitors…”

Charlie had heard it as well and was already on his feet. They could hear the men searching through the house and could tell by the various voices they were outnumbered. The chief shook his head and pointed to the front door. Daryl sighed as it was still pitch black outside but he knew they hadn’t much choice. It was either face the potential dangers outside or stay put and risk losing everything, including their lives. Charlie quietly unlocked the door. He did his best to make certain it didn’t make that creaking sound. Once he had it opened he motioned for Daryl and Glenn to step out first.

“The truck…” he whispered as they passed by.

Daryl shook his head however seeing as how someone was already in the truck. He ducked down and discreetly inched his way over. Once he made his way around, he opened the driver side door and jerked the man out of the truck. The man looked upon him in shock. Daryl put a finger to his lips, whilst aiming his crossbow at him.

“Don’t ya even think about hollerin’ ta your friends. I’ll put an arrow right through that head of yours.”

The man nodded wide-eyed. Charlie and Glenn hopped into the truck. The moment Charlie had it kicking to life, Daryl leaped into the cab.

“Hold on…” Charlie called out in warning as he backed out of the drive and floored it on out of there.

“Oh shit!” Daryl hollered out seeing the walkers coming from all directions.

“What the fuck is this shit?”

He tapped on the back glass.

“Hey Chuck, you might wanna pick up the pace!”

But as he said this he looked over and seeing Charlie’s reasoning. They were surrounded and there was no way they could get this truck through the mass before them or behind.

“God dammit.” Daryl heard Charlie mutter.

“Fuck!” Daryl spat as Charlie took a sharp turn into a nearby alleyway.

He was shifting gears and plowing right on through whatever got in his way. Daryl gritted his teeth as he was being jarred about. A low growl escaped him as the chief took another turn and once he hit the destination he wanted he quickly killed then engine and turned off the lights. Charlie hopped out of the truck, “move fast and follow me.”

They shadowed Charlie as he ran a few more blocks passing a cemetery along the way. Glenn and Daryl exchanged glances of concern as they not only had the walkers after them, but they could hear the other survivors hauling ass in another vehicle not far away. They were being hunted. Charlie led the guys into a church.

“God damn it…” Daryl uttered once they stepped inside.

Glenn looked to Daryl in disbelief.

“We’re in a church…” He scolded.

“Jesus fucking Christ!” Charlie murmured directly after.

The Asian froze once he saw what they were seeing.


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10 thoughts on “Chapter 10 An Approaching Storm”

  1. Oh man, I wonder what they were seeing…I guess we’ll have to wait and see…That Sean is weird and marked with nothing but TROUBLE…Daryl is going to mess him up when he finds out what he did to Bella…sigh…great update hon, can’t wait to read more…thanks, huggs

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  5. Really Shane? Darryl killed his own flesh and blood brother for messing with his girl. Does he really think he’ll have any problem putting an arrow between anybody else’s eyes who do the same? I can’t wait to see if he does…or if Charlie will beat him to it!!

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