Chapter 13 Under Pressure

Chapter 13

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“Ten bucks says the Asian’s gonna faint before he even makes it to his vows.” Daryl whispered in Bella’s ear as Hershel was preparing.

Bella snorted on this.

“You’re aware that money is no longer of use, right?”

“Is there something else you’re willing ta bet, little bunny?” he questioned with a smirk and ran his hand along her ass.

“Hmmm. I think he’s gonna do just fine.”

“Doubt it. If he doesn’t faint, he’s gonna mess up the vows.”

“You’re such an ass…” She scolded with a giggle.

Maggie’s jaw dropped as Glenn revealed the wedding rings. Bella looked to Daryl in surprise.

“Yeah well, you don’t wanna know how he got em…”

She narrowed her eyes in question.

“What do you mean?”

“Well think about it? It’s not like there’s a pawn shop around.”

“Are you saying…?” she froze and tilted her in wonder.

“No way…” she whispered, once it truly dawned on her.


“I guess desperate times call for desperate measures.”

“Yeah, but some dead couple’s wedding rings? Even I find that in bad taste.”

“There is a bit of a creep factor to it…”


“I’m not sure what creeps me out more though. The rings or getting married at a time like this…”

Daryl regarded Bella certain way but didn’t comment due to the ceremony starting. Hershel gathered everyone’s attention.

“Friends and family we are gathered here today…”

Maggie looked to her fiancé in shock and Glenn smiled.

“Wait… We’re getting married?” she said with a touch of a squeal.

He nodded and laughed. Maggie’s hand flew over her mouth…

“I can’t believe we’re finally getting hitched!” Her southern accent rang more thickly than usual.

Daryl took notice of Bella rolling her eyes. He wondered what that was all about. They remained quiet for the rest of the ceremony and once Hershel pronounced Glenn and Maggie husband and wife, he gave Glenn permission to kiss his bride. Everyone clapped, including that of Daryl and Bella. But still, Bella had this odd look about her. It was times like these the redneck wished he could read her mind.

Charlie cleared his throat and gestured towards Daryl and Bella.

“You two are next.”

Daryl cocked a brow and Bella snorted.

“Sure, dad.”

Charlie pointed upon Daryl.

“You said it yourself… That if you could marry my daughter you would. So here’s your chance…”

Bella’s entire face flushed over as she realized her father wasn’t joking. All eyes were on them.
Dad…” Bella hissed.

“We’re not even engaged…”
Daryl raised his brows on this. Now he was certain he’d made it clear as to what that patch meant. Now was he ready to weigh in on the ball and chain? Not quite. Though it didn’t sound terrible… But the redneck wanted things on his turf, not her old man’s. In fact, it downright pissed him off being put on the spot like that. And like that of Bella… he agreed that the timing – just wasn’t right.

“Don’t need to be in order to get married.”
“Dad, we’re not getting married. Like ever… So knock it off.”

This had the redneck staggering back in disbelief.

“Besides today is about the bride and groom.” She motioned towards Maggie and Glenn.

“Congrats you two…”
“Thanks.” Maggie replied but regarded Bella with concern.

She gave a simple nod and headed off to the tower. Daryl rather sighed and shook Glenn’s hand.

“Well ya didn’t screw anything up. Good deal, Asian.”
“Thanks…” Glenn replied with slight annoyance.

Daryl nodded towards Maggie.

“Whatever you do… I wouldn’t ask where he got them rings.”
“Daryl…” Glenn hissed with a flushed face.

The redneck chuckled and went to see what Bella was up to. When he got to the top of the tower, she was kicked back with her feet crossed about the desk and she was sharpening her blade.

“Ya wanna explain what that was about?”
“Explain what exactly?”
“The whole not ever bit? And why didn’t ya wanna tell your old man we was engaged?”

She reared back and sort of laughed.

“Maybe because we’re not and ummm we’re not?!”
He rubbed the back of his neck, looking like a wounded pup.

“Well hell, I wished ya’d have told me that before I gave ya the damn vest.”

She stopped what she was doing and regarded him in question.

“Wait… What in the hell are you talking about?”
“Sorry it ain’t no god damn ring. But I thought ya got the gest.”
“You were proposing?!” Bella asked, feeling slightly dizzy.

“What’d ya think I was doing? Damn, do I gotta spell everything out for ya? And now ya go and say we’re never gettin’ hitched…” he sort of laughed and rubbed his face looking downright miserable.

“So you’re saying we’re engaged?!”
“Well we’re obviously not!”
“What the fuck, Daryl? You’re confusing the hell out of me. I thought you were just making us more official.”

“What’s more official than bein’ engaged? I ain’t askin’ ya to marry me right off the bat. But I thought if this world ever got its shit together. We just might have a chance…”
“You do remember the divorce rate?”

“Somethin’ tells me that ratio has significantly dropped…”

He nodded.

“So that’s that, huh? We just keep fuckin’ and see how it goes, or what?”

Bella closed her eyes for a moment.

“I didn’t realize… I…”
“Of course ya didn’t. Wouldn’t be the first time ya didn’t get where I was goin’ with somethin’ and I doubt it’ll be the last. I should’ve done it the old fashion way I guess. The Asian’s way…”
“Daryl… Please, just…”

She pinched the bridge of her nose and her bottom lip quivered a bit.
“Jesus… What am I doing? I just keep fucking everything up. I’m sorry, Daryl. You gotta believe me, it just went over my head. I honestly hadn’t any idea that’s where you were going with this…”

“I won’t lie… I’m gettin’ rather fed up with ya actin’ like we’re just fuckin’ buddies.”

“I don’t act like that!”

“The hell ya don’t. Ya always got one foot headin’ right on out the door. Then ya just let everyone; including your old man know there’s no future for us.”

“Dammit, Daryl. You and I both agreed that this wasn’t the time to be thinking about such things. So how was I supposed to know you changed your mind?!”

“I didn’t! I never said anything against being engaged. I just didn’t see the point in bein’ hitched and bringing children into the mix. That never meant I didn’t want things more concrete between us.”

“Jesus, Daryl! So are we engaged, or not?”
“Well I guess that depends on you now, doesn’t it?!”

“And they say women are hard to read.”

“What was so hard ta read? I told ya I’d never give anyone else that fuckin’ patch. Do I gotta tattoo your name ta my ass as well?!”

“It wouldn’t hurt!” She spat in return, causing him to laugh.
“Ya find me a tattoo gun and some ink and I’m all for it, sweet thang. But keep in mind you’re gonna see it a lot more than I will.”

She sort of laughed and shook her head. He held his hand out.

“Give me the vest.”

“No… You already gave it to me. You can’t take it back!”

“The hell I can’t. Hand it over!”
“So you’re calling our engagement off?!” She gasped in mockery.

He reared back at this. “According ta you, we was never engaged ta begin with!”
“Well we are now! So deal with it! You’re not getting the fucking vest back, Locksley.”
“What the fuck?! Woman, I swear ta god ya get off to givin’ me utter hell!”

She smiled and went back to sharpening her blade.

“You know… Now that we’re engaged, we should find us a dog.”
“A dog?”

“Yep… see how we do under pressure.”
“Ya think we’re gonna find us a dog? Maybe parts of one here and there… And pressure? I think yer old man’s got us covered there.”

“Ugh… don’t even get me started. I can’t believe he pulled that shit.”
“And I can’t believe ya didn’t know we was engaged.”

“I’m never going to hear the end of this, am I?”

“Nope… and it’s no more than ya deserve.”
“Well you didn’t exactly say – will you marry me! So whose fault is that?!”

“And I thought you was smart.”
“Well apparently I’m not fluent in stubborn as hell redneck!”

“Now that there is horseshit! I’ve been giving you injections.”
She snorted on this.

“I’m not a turkey!”

“I sure stuff ya like one! Hell I got plenty of gravy to go with that.”
“Now you got me craving Thanksgiving dinner.”
He died of laughter.
“Good luck with that one! We’d have a better chance of finding that dog ya mentioned!”

Daryl reared back on this.

“Max?” He questioned.

“Our dog’s name.”
“Max, huh?” He said with a chuckle.

“Well alright then. I’m holdin’ ya to that.”
She nodded and stabbed her knife through the wooden desk. She picked up her gun and fired at a walker coming towards the fence line. Daryl took the gun from her hand afterward. He set it down and had her facing him as he lifted her up on the desk. The redneck got a fistful of her hair and kissed her.
“Guess this makes you my old lady now…” he muttered once he parted from her lips.

Bella wrinkled her nose on that.

“Ugh, don’t call me that. Besides, you’re older than me!”

“It’s a southern thing…” he said behind a chuckle.

“Yeah well… I’m not a southerner. So I’m not your ‘old lady’.”
“What’s wrong with being my old lady?”
“It makes it sound like you’re either bored of me or that I’m your mother or something.”
He reached to his gut in laughter.

“You’re somethin’else, ya know that, little bunny?”

Daryl swallowed back and ran his finger along the “M” scar on her forehead. He kissed it and put his forehead to it.

“Awesome!” Carl remarked as Bella zipped down from the tree.

She smiled and did a slight bow.

“Your enemies would never see you coming.” She pointed to the tree house itself.

“And we got everything perfectly camouflaged. They’d have to be right up on you to even make anything out.”
He laughed and wiped the sweat from his brow. Bella pulled on another rope and raised the door towards the tree. Carl hurriedly climbed on up and reached for it.
“Careful…” she warned as he was getting to close to the edge.

“I got it!” He called out and she smiled as he grabbed ahold of the door.

He untied the rope and got the door situated. Bella narrowed her eyes however as she heard something rustling about. Carl went to say something else but she had her finger to her lips. He nodded as she motioned for him to stay where he was. Bella grabbed her gun and hid behind the tree. Carl’s eyes widened and he quickly ducked down as three men entered the area. They were heavily armed and had big duffle bags on them. Bella swallowed back and held her breath as they traveled through the area. One of them mentioned something about the prison and how they had others about to meet them there. She waited until they were out of view. When she stepped out she motioned for Carl to climb back down.

“Stay close…” she whispered, knowing they had to hurry and get word to the others.

He nodded and tagged along as she took another route back to the prison. They hauled ass on the way back, hoping to beat the men there. Once they got there, Bella pulled him to the side.

“Daryl’s keeping watch in that tower. I need you to go and let him know what we heard. Whatever you do… Don’t leave his side.”
“Carl… We gotta hurry. No time to argue.”

He sighed and took off. Bella cringed as she heard the sound of a vehicle.

“Shit…” she muttered and hauled ass up the fence.

The entry was too far off to make it in time. On the way down her shirt got caught. She reached out and desperately yanked it free. Bella tumbled down directly after. She groaned out and hopped to her feet. She only got a few feet when someone slammed into her, knocking her down. The young woman gritted her teeth and dodged the man’s attempts at stabbing her. With her legs wrapped around him, she reversed the pin. Bella knocked the blade out of his hand and went to knee him in the crotch. Only to wind up getting hit from behind.

“MOM!” Carl shouted from a distance as he and Daryl were making their way over.

Bella hadn’t time to react as Lori and Shane had guns aimed her direction.

“You stupid, stupid, BITCH!” Bella shouted.

“Come on, Carl. We’re going… The three of us…”
Carl’s jaw dropped. “But, mom!”

“Let’s go!” His mother demanded.

Daryl’s lip was curled as he had his crossbow aimed at Shane.

“Do you want to go or stay…” Bella questioned as she kept her eyes on the teenage boy.

He shook his head, looking conflicted.

“Times a factor, Carl. If you’re going, then go! But if you’re staying, you gotta stand your fucking ground!”

Carl cut Bella a desperate look.

“No one can decide that, but you…”

He nodded. “I wanna stay…”

Shane and Lori couldn’t believe the way Carl was acting.

“Carl!” His mother scolded.

“Why’d you let him out, mom?”
Lori couldn’t fathom what she was hearing.

“I can’t go with you…” Carl looked towards the gate and back to Bella.

“They’re coming…”
Bella nodded.

“Go tell the others…”
Carl nodded and went to warn the others.

“NO!” Bella shouted as Shane rushed over and promptly knocked the boy out with the blunt of his gun.

“SHANE!” Lori scolded as he scooped the boy up.

“He’s fine. Let’s go!”

Lori went to argue this and Shane gave her a slight shove towards the fence.

“GO!” He yelled.

Daryl started towards the boy, only to have Shane promptly fire at him.

“Stay back!”

“Son of a bitch.” Daryl muttered as they took off.

He helped Bella to her feet. They hadn’t any time to react to what just took place. They darted into the prison and gave the heads up. Everyone grabbed their guns and did their best to prepare for whatever was coming their way.

“Who’s in the other tower?” Bella questioned.

The chief sighed.

“Then why the fuck isn’t she here warning everyone?!”

Charlie shook his head wondering that himself.

“I knew something was off about the bitch!” Bella spat.

“They’re here.” Daryl said as he pecked through a hole in the boarded up window.

He shook his head.

“Best we can do is hide and go for the element of surprise. They’re too many… and they’re surrounding the place.” he added.

“Alright everyone…” Charlie tossed everyone a radio.

“Pair off and find a decent place to hide.”

“Pair off? Dad, we’d do better if we all stuck together…” He shook his head in disagreement as he saw what Daryl had.

“We’d be gunned down immediately. Daryl’s right… There’s too many.”

Charlie and Bella locked eyes for a moment. He gave his daughter a simple nod, before he and Michonne headed off. “Death row…” Daryl and Bella said in unison.

These guys had Ak-47s and there was no telling what else they had in those bags. Daryl shook his head and paced the area a bit. They froze as they heard them entering the prison. Daryl and Bella backed up against the wall with his crossbow and her gun ready to go. They cringed however as they heard gunfire followed by shouting. They couldn’t quite make out what was being said or who it was considering it was on the other side of the prison. Bella’s heart raced and she did her best to keep her breathing nice and slow. Before long, another shot was heard and Bella shook her head.

“We’re sitting ducks. They’re going to pick us off until there is nothing left…” she whispered.

He nodded in agreement and was trying to think of something.

“Follow me…” he whispered.

She quietly followed, realizing he was heading for his brother’s old stash area. They picked up the shadow along the way and quickly ducked into a nearby doorway. They could hear the footsteps as the man was making his way down the hallway. They grimaced knowing as he was heading their direction.

Come out. Come out wherever you are.”

They heard but it was coming from another room.

We got one of your guys. It’d be a shame to have their blood on your hands.”

Bella narrowed her eyes.

What’s your name?”

Daryl and Bella winced as it sounded like whoever it was got hit.

Your name, old man!”

Bella gritted her teeth and swiftly snatched the man that walked past. Daryl quickly disarmed him and put a finger to his lips as Bella held a gun to his head. They dragged him back towards the doorway.


Just go! Save yourselves!” Bella recoiled as the voice belonged to Hershel.

It was just as she predicted. Daryl and Bella hurriedly dragged the man into the hidden stash area. Once they were inside, they shut themselves in.

“What’s your name?” Bella hissed.

The young man shook his head and Daryl socked him in the gut. He looked to be slightly younger than that of Bella. He was short and petite with dark brown eyes. The man wore a Cardinals baseball cap.

“Name, asshole…”

“And what brings you here, Will…?”

Five… four… three…”


Daryl grabbed a duffle bag and stuffed it with whatever he could – as quickly as possible. Bella kept her gun on the young man. Daryl grabbed Will and they exited the area and were heading back towards Death Row.

Interesting… I see we have a bit of a stand-off. And we have a woman in our midst. You sound young…”

Bella didn’t reply as they kept trucking and did their best to avoid the others searching the area.

Once they made their way back, Daryl shoved the man into a corner.

“You say one word and it all ends here. Ya got me?”

The young man nodded.

I tell you what… Why don’t you bring our boy back to us and we’ll give you back the old man?”

Bella and Daryl looked to one another and shook their heads.

He’ll be released after you leave!” Bella heard her father shout.

She smiled knowing damn well what he was doing.

Hmmm… Not an option. Try again.”

It’s the only one you got!” The chief replied.

With all due respect, I’d rather talk to the young woman. So what do you say, sweetheart? How about a face to put with that beautiful fucking voice of yours?”

Daryl rolled his eyes. Bella narrowed hers and regarded their hostage in thought.

“So who is he? Your father?” She questioned rather severely.

The young man shook his head and Bella cocked her gun.

“Answer the question.”

“My uncle.”
Bella nodded.
“And why are you here?”
“From the looks of things? The same reason you are.”
“Well your uncle needs to understand that we were here first.”
The boy sort of laughed.

“Go ahead, see if you can get through to him. No one else has.”

Daryl and Bella exchanged glances.

Ah… who do we have here?”

Bella tilted her head in wonder.

Let him go…”

“Dammit, Maggie…” Bella hissed recognizing her voice.

Maggie!” They heard Glenn holler directly after.

“You’ve got to be kidding me… it just had to be them!” Bella murmured looking pissed.

“Newly weds, or not… I’m going to beat their asses I swear to God!” Daryl raised his brows on this.

Bella paced the area doing her best to come up with some sort of plan. The young man laughed.

“You won’t win this. You might as well give in. If you don’t, your friends will surely die.”

The young woman gritted her teeth and marched on over. She grabbed Will by the collar of his white shirt.

“If they die, you die. So you better tell us what we’re dealing with exactly and be quick about it. My patience is wearing thin.”

And there she was -The fucking bad-ass. The one Daryl was smitten with and just after two minutes of meeting her. He got that smirk about him and she nodded upon him taking notice.

“Nothin'” he said with a shrug.
She shook her head and popped the young man across the face.

“Get to talking.” Bella demanded.

Fuck… Daryl thought to himself. He loved how she was putty in his hands one moment and a fucking tiger let out of its cage the next. It was a turn on from hell.

“You crazy bitch!”
“You’re god damn right I am. And you don’t know the half of it. So get to talking.”

The young man laughed.

“Something tells me he’s going to like you the most…”
“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

“Let’s just say my uncle has a soft spot for the more ‘spirited’ ones. Only I’m not sure how he’ll take it with you being a woman and all. Never met one like you before.”

“What’s being a woman got to do with anything?!” She spat in return.

Will shrugged and Bella froze as she heard the cocking of a gun.
“Not so fast… lower the crossbow or the bitch gets it.”

Daryl gritted his teeth and lowered his bow as a man had his gun aimed at the back of Bella’s head. The other man stood a good three feet from the entrance.

You’re cute… I’ll give you that. But that’s not the voice I heard. You see this is becoming a bit of an issue. I tend to get a little twitchy when others wish to test me. So be a dear and come save your friends. You’ve got five seconds to make your claim or I’ll call forth very special friend of mine…”

Bella kept her gun aimed at Will.

“If any harm comes to them you say good bye to Will and whoever it is that’s currently pointing a gun to my head.”

He had a good laugh at this.

And just how do you think you’ll fucking manage that?”

Bella and Daryl glanced upon one another.

“Do you really want to find out?!”

You know….”

They heard a gunshot followed by Maggie screaming in terror.

YES!” The man replied directly after.

Bella’s heart sank, but she took notice of Daryl’s signal. She dropped down and two more shots rang. One belonging to Daryl as he’d discreetly brought his gun forth. The other belonged to the man behind Bella. She jumped to her feet directly after. She grabbed ahold of Will and pulled him towards her. He was holding his stomach where he’d been shot –by friendly fire intended for Bella. She tucked her gun into the back of her pants and grabbed her knife from its sheath. Bella held it to his throat and dragged him out of the area they were in. Daryl flipped the one he’d killed over his shoulder and followed.

They entered the area and Bella grimaced as Maggie was holding her father and rocking him. He was shot in the head and at close range. A good chunk of his head was missing. There were men holding Glenn back as he was trying to get to his wife. Daryl tossed the man’s body into the center of the room.

“Let him go or I finish the job.” Bella said as she kept her distance but stood her ground.

Daryl had his crossbow aimed at the main guy and kept a watchful eye on Bella. She and the man before them were eyeing one another down. He was tall, rather bulky; he’d midnight hair and eyes to match. He smiled flashing those pearly whites of his.

“I was right. You’re a fucking knockout! I take it you’re the leader of this circus?”

“What’s it matter to you?”
He motioned for his men to lower their guns.

“Well we can’t have two alphas running this place, now can we?!”

“Then leave…”

The man shook his head.

“Not an option. There are two options. One – you all die. Two – you let me test your men and see who’s worthy of sticking around.”
“There will be no testing of anyone. I want you gone, and now…”

He licked his lips and sort of laughed.

“You see we have a bit of an issue here. If you were a man I’d say we go head to head and see who’s worthier. But you got such a pretty face… And despite what she says I’m not gonna mess it up…”

“You and your men need to leave and now.”

The man sighed and promptly cleared his throat. He waved Glenn over. His men forced him to his knees and they held Maggie back.

“Where’s Lucille?”

One of his men tossed over a baseball bat covered in barbed wire. He smiled and kissed the bat.

“Let’s see if he has what it takes…”

Daryl went to fire his crossbow, only to have it shot out of his grasp. Bella shoved Will towards Daryl. The redneck got ahold of him as she punched the man that shot at Daryl.

“YOU WANT ME, YOU SON OF A BITCH! THEN LET’S GO!” She challenged furiously.

The leader chuckled and tilted his head a bit.

“I like you. I mean, I really fucking like you… DAMN!”

He gestured for his men to back off.

“You’re fuckin’ kidding me, right? You ain’t facin’ that asshole!”

The man raised his brows on this but didn’t comment. He merely observed the interaction between the two.

“I got this…” Bella assured as she kept her eyes glued to his.

Daryl shook his head and shoved Will back over. He took a step towards the head honcho.

“I’m the one running the show, asshole.”

“Daryl!” Bella scolded and the man laughed.

“Are you now?” He questioned with a touch of sarcasm.

“Yeah, you got a problem with that?”

“Not at all. Let’s see what you got…” he muttered with a shrug.

Daryl nodded and went to hand his crossbow over to Bella. She refused and shoved him back.

“You’re not doing this! I AM!”

The leader rolled his eyes and motioned towards Glenn.

“Who calls the shots around here?!” He demanded.

When he wouldn’t answer, he grabbed Maggie and jerked her towards him. He held her up against him and stared Glenn down.

“Answer the question….”

Glenn sighed and pointed to Daryl. The redneck nodded in response and Bella’s jaw dropped. She cut Glenn a look of utter hell.

“HE’S LYING!” Bella shouted and his men held her back as Daryl made his way over.

“NO! DAMMIT!” she trashed about with tears in her eyes.


The man cocked a brow on this.

“Your sister, I take it?”
Daryl rolled his eyes. The man narrowed his and regarded the two once again.

“Wait… is this guy your fucking husband? This loser?!” he questioned with a hint of amusement.
Daryl gritted his teeth but didn’t comment. The head honcho was a little distracted at the moment. Bella had managed to break out of the hold his men had her in. She elbowed one of them and swiftly kneed the other in the crotch. Within the matter of seconds, she had Will in her grasp and up against the wall.


“Will you now?”
She nodded and the man shrugged and took his bat to Daryl’s abdomen. She got this wounded look to her. Daryl fired back and the man dodged just in time. Daryl leaped back, barely missing a blow to the head. He groaned out however as he took a hit to the back instead.

“Lair… Liar…” the man taunted towards Bella and went to swing the bat once again.

Bella gritted her teeth and slit the young man’s throat, shoving the body to the ground, directly after.

“Am I?” She challenged.

The man raised his brows and lowered his bat. Daryl staggered back in disbelief and Glenn and Maggie’s jaws dropped.

“That’s enough!”

Bella winced at the disapproving sound in her father’s voice. The chief entered the room looked to the young man his daughter had just killed. He shook his head. The leader tilted his but kept silent. He merely observed…

“I’m the one you want… So let’s get this over with.” The chief declared.

Charlie tossed his weapons to the ground and helped Daryl to his feet. He directed him back towards his daughter.

“That was my nephew…” The man said with a nod towards Bella.

“I know…” She motioned towards Hershel’s body.

“I figured tit for tat.”
“Was he family?”
“No, but he was my responsibility.” She admitted.
“Do you have family here?” The way he asked this had her recoiling on the inside.

“No sir, I do not…” She lied, knowing where this was going.

“You wouldn’t be lying to me now, would you?”
She shook her head no, her eyes never wavering from his. The rest of the group made itself known, aside from Carol.

“Hmmm, so very protective you are… the feeling seems mutual as well. Touching… Yet you…” he pointed to Glenn. “Claim this one to be the leader?” he moved his hand towards Daryl.

Glenn nodded.
“He’s got fight. I’ll give him that. But he’s no fucking leader…” he looked to the chief and back to Bella.

“I already told you, I’m the one you want.” The chief made clear.

The man ignored this and made his way over to Bella. He cupped her chin and gazed into her big brown eyes. He looked to the others afterward. After a solid minute passed and that smile of his returned. He pointed to the chief.

“Same eyes, hair, mannerisms… Fascinating, we have a father/daughter team… But which of you is stronger? What lengths would you go to in order to protect your friends?” He turned her head their direction and pointed to the others with his bat.”

“Would you die for them?”
“Is that what you want?”

This had the man dropping his hold. He caressed her cheek.
“You would… wouldn’t you? You’re not even batting an eye on it. You’re prepared to die…”

He put his hand to the area of her heart and felt it’s rhythm.

“Killing you would be such a waste… So much potential and you spend it protecting these fucking idiots?”
The man spun her around and had her leaning against him. He took his bat and pointed to each individual followed by a gunshot sound. He chuckled afterward.

“You do realize how long it takes to bury a body, right? And you got what six, seven coming your way?”
“You don’t know shit.”
He nodded and leaned into her ear.

“That your husband?” He pointed his bat Daryl’s direction.

“What is he to you? Truth this time…”


Her father and the others looked to Bella rather stunned. The man had a good laugh.

“Daddy seems rather surprised by this news. So tell me… What’s his name?”

She nodded and he died of laughter.

“Well, I don’t like Daryl… And I’m not sure how I feel about daddy dearest.”

“You seem to think I care…”

“You should… You see it’s up to me on whether they live or not.”

He brushed her hair to the side. He leaned into her ear and smiled upon Daryl, menacingly.

“You know I have community in which my men and I reside in. And you’d be amazed on how much we’ve progressed. We have a trading center, homes, schools… In fact, it’s like our own little fucking paradise. And you… Well you’d fit right in. We only accept the fucking best…”
“Not interested…”

He sighed.

“I’m very sorry to hear that. So which one?”

She narrowed her eyes in question.

“I’m giving you the choice. Something I don’t normally do. But I figure what the hell? I’m in a giving mood today.”

He had his men bring Daryl and Charlie over. The man twirled his bat about and hummed the jeopardy theme.

“Neither!” She hissed.

He reared back in mockery.
“So want you me to bash both their heads in?”

He sighed.

“You gotta pick one, if you don’t then Lucille will decide and well she can be a real bitch.”

He smiled and waved the bat about.

“Lucille, meet… Wait… I never got your name! What is it?”
“Bella…” She bitterly spat.

He did a slight bow.

“Well Bella, I’m Negan… Your fucking knight in shining armor.”

“Is that what they do nowadays? Kill off your loved ones?”
“When needed… And that’s your own doing. You killed my nephew. It’s only fair… Now would you please decide? I’m getting a bit antsy and I might just go for broke and see what comes of it.”

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12 thoughts on “Chapter 13 Under Pressure”

  1. damn! this got interesting fast. i dont watch this show what so ever so i only really go by whats in here but name this new world sounds all kinds of fucked up. i get the dog eat dog type thing and all but shane and that whole this is fucked up and then i am left to wonder what the deal is with carol. i cant wait for more of this.

  2. Nooo…you can’t stop there! Hehehe. And where is Carol, because if she’s anything like she is on the show she kicks ass, and if she is I feel for those who are terrorizing Bella and Daryl…great update hon. I can’t wait to read more…thanks, huggs

  3. When I found out it was HIM I just about died I LOVED him in supernatural AND the losers! FUCKING IN LOVE! So the fact he is going to be on the walking dead dear god my panties cant take it! LMAO….I need to know if Rick comes in or if you killed him off! LOVE me some rick!

  4. Duuuuude. Fucking Negan! I swear I’m cracked because I was grinning the whole time he was talking, lol. Such a bad, bad mother f*cker but so good at it. And you nailed him, sweets! Loving it!

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