Chapter 15 Dancing With The Devil

Chapter 15

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Bella jumped to the sound of a gun firing. When she opened her eyes she saw Negan and his men taking out a few walkers, whilst scouting for supplies. Carl had his head in her lap and hadn’t so much as budged, which had her a bit on edge. With a trembling hand she felt for pulse. Once she found it, Bella let out a breath of relief. She leaned back and rubbed her weary eyes. Then pondered on how long she and Carl had been out.

“Shit!” She hollered out as a walker was slammed up against the truck.

The one responsible cut her a wink and was laughing. She rolled her eyes and flipped him off.

“…assholes…” she muttered and reached back for the first aid kit. After getting everything set up she removed the makeshift patch from Carl’s eye and recoiled. It was showing signs of infection and she couldn’t find any antibiotics. The best she could do was clean it up and touch up a few of the stitches. The boy whimpered out off and on and his hands balled up into fists. This had her thinking back to what he’d said – about Shane and his father. The young woman shook her head in thought. Before long the driver’s side door opened. Negan nodded upon her in greeting in slid on in. He placed Lucille in the backseat, but treated that bat of his like it was a lover. Bella resisted the urge to gag as there were still walker remains along the barbed wire.

“You’re seriously not leaving it like that?”

Negan started the truck and arched a brow her way.

“It?” He questioned with derision.

That…” she motioned towards ‘Lucille’.

“That’s just nasty.”

Negan cleared his throat and looked to be in deep thought for a moment.

“First of all… it’s she…. And she is Lucille. And Lucille likes it dirty…”

“Does she now?”

He got this certain beam to him and chuckled.

“As will you…” He muttered, while wiggling his brows.

“Keep telling yourself that.”

He put the truck in drive and ran over a couple of walker bodies along the way.

“Be a doll and hand me one of those bottled waters in the back. And quit using up all our fucking supplies. That boy’s as good as fucking dead anyhow and even if he does manage to survive. He’s gonna put another hole in that god damned head of his – the moment he sees his reflection. The fugly little bastard looks like one of them god damned walkers.

“Do you ever stop?”
“And what would that be, sweetheart?”

“Being a complete dick.”

Fuck, I love it when you talk dirty…”

Bella finished up with Carl and redid the patch on his eye.

“You gonna hand me one of them fucking waters, or not?”

She let out an exasperated sigh and reached back, grabbing a couple. Negan chugged his down and Bella eased the other into Carl’s mouth. His lips were severely chapped and she feared he’d wind up dying from dehydration – if not from the wound itself. She took a sip of the water as well and glanced Negan’s direction.

“Can we pull over?”
“Well by all means if you’re ready for a good fucking…”
“I gotta pee, if that’s alright with you.”

“Nah… you had your chance and you slept through it.”

“Fine… I’ll just go right here.”

He shrugged like he could care less.

“Does that get you going? Walker jizz as you so called it and urine?”

“Think of it like this… Who’s gonna suffer the most, you or that fugly ass bastard?”

Bella regarded the boy with a frown and Negan choked back in laughter.

“Ah fuck, you’re a fucking riot, you know that? I bet you’re not even considerin’ the rash from hell ya’d get in wearing jeans caked with piss.”

Bella nodded and she scouted out from under Carl’s head. Once she got him situated, she crawled into the back seat. She unfastened her pants and pulled them down.

“Unless you’re about to put on one hell of a show… you’d better…” Negan trailed off as she took a squat and he could hear it…

He hit the brakes, put the car into park, and hopped on out. With gritted teeth, Negan opened the back door and sure enough she was peeing all over his upholstery and his precious ‘Lucille”. He reached into the back and yanked her out of the truck. She let out a painful grunt as she hit the asphalt. The Saviors looked on in question, but a few of them were laughing as she was still exposed. He bent over and cupped her chin.

“Finish, and when you’re done…”

He rose and headed towards the back of the truck. He grabbed a couple of towels and some cleaner. Then he threw them at her.

“You wanna act like a fucking bitch then you’ll be treated like one. You can start with cleaning Lucille first and you will show EXTRA precaution with her. If you ever pull some motherfucking stupid ass stunt like that again, I’m gonna pluck out the kid’s other eye and squash it with my bare feet. When I’m done… I’m gonna leave you BOTH somewhere to ROT! Do we have a fucking understanding?!”

She’d the urge to cry, but wouldn’t give in. She wouldn’t dream of giving Negan the satisfaction. So she did her business and cleaned up her mess. She could see him through the rearview mirror, watching her every move. Once she had his Lucille all cleaned up, she handed it over. He took a few moments to scan her over before giving a nod of approval. Bella could actually hear the bastard apologizing to it. He reached over and opened the passenger side door. He shoved Carl right on out the door and put Lucille in his place. Bella’s jaw dropped and she hopped out of the back and rushed over. She went to pick him up but he was limp in her hold and that made him too heavy to lift.

“Come on, Carl. Help me out here, kid.” She uttered with the beginning of tears.

She truly feared that he’d slipped into a coma. And that had her thinking on the irony – considering the story he’d told about his father.

“Carl…” She grunted as she fell back and he landed on top of her.

Negan honked the horn letting her know he was growing impatient. Bella knew he’d leave Carl behind and in a heartbeat if she couldn’t take care of him herself. So she did the only think she could think of. She popped open the tailgate. The determined woman went back and literally dragged the boy. Negan shook his head once he realized what she was up to. After succeeding, he let out a chuckle of mere amusement. He waved for his men to go on. Just as soon as Bella got Carl situated, Negan took off. She braced herself against the truck and slammed the tailgate shut. But as she did this she fell back and rolled her eyes as she heard Negan let out a hearty laugh.

Bella sat in the corner and wrapped her hand around the necklace Daryl had given her. She thought about what he’d said… about them getting married. At first she thought he was trying to make light of a bad situation and was rather joking. But the more she thought on it, the more Bella realized he was dead serious. Marriage? At a time like this? She thought with a frown. But the more she backtracked on everything Daryl had said… the more it made sense. And for once she truly understood where Glenn and Maggie were coming from. Life is short and if Bella were to die… she’d rather die knowing she truly lived whatever life she could even through the direst of situations. If anything… she found it more of a drive – like a goal set forth. She looked to the sky and nodded amongst herself.

“Alright Locksley, you got your Maid Marian, but you gotta find me first.”

“FUUUUCK!” Daryl hollered out as Carol had Tyreese repositioning his back.

She covered her mouth to keep from laughing. The redneck caught wind of this and shook his head.

“Hell, and I thought my girl was evil…”

Carol smiled and gave a simple nod. Tyreese held him in place as she worked to get Daryl’s back wrapped. While she and Tyreese were tending to Daryl, Maggie and Glenn where helping Michonne with Charlie.

“I like her…” Carol admitted with a shrug.

Daryl sort of laughed but winced back in pain.

“I don’t believe the feeling is mutual.” He quipped, thinking back to the little show down in the kitchen.

“Yeah well… I had my reasons. And it’s because of those reasons we’re even alive to have this discussion. Now deep breath…”

He drew back an agonizing breath as Carol tightened the wrap and clipped it into place.

“There… That ought to help with those broken ribs as well. I wouldn’t lift anything anytime soon.”

“How’s the old man…” Daryl questioned with a nod his direction.

Tyreese helped Daryl into a chair and handed him a bottle of water.


Tyreese nodded in exchange.

“He’s pretty beat up, lost a lot of blood. But there’s no reason to believe he won’t pull through.”

Daryl let out a sigh of relief.

“She’s going to be okay. You know that, right?”

The redneck nodded, but didn’t seem very convinced. His gut wrenched in thought of she was going through. This had him thinking back to his brother and Daryl felt as though he’d have a full blown panic attack. He closed his eyes and fought to catch his breath.

Why her? Every fucking time! What does it take to get my point across?! Do I gotta kill every motherfucker that so much as glances her direction?

Tyreese gave Daryl a slight nudge and he opened his eyes.

“You alright?” Tyreese questioned.

The redneck was shaking all over and his face was beet red.

“Get him outside…” Carol said in hastily manner.

Tyreese nodded and escorted Daryl on out the building. He took out a couple of walkers as Daryl had his head against the wall and was trying to breathe.

“Look… we know how Bella is. She’s as tough as they come. Hell, she’ll probably outlive us all.” Tyreese said as he took out another walker.

Daryl cranked his head Tyreese’s direction.

“Time to be like her and grow a bigger pair…” Tyreese said but in a rather playful demeanor.

“And to think… you agreed in handing yours off…” He further taunted.

The redneck managed to laugh and flipped him off. Tyreese chuckled in response.

“Look, why don’t you watch my back while I bury Mr. Greene? I think we could both use the distraction and fresh air.”

Bella woke to find herself in Negan’s arms. He was carrying her into some sort of old warehouse. Her eyes batted about as she fought to come to. Negan laid her down and propped her head back on one of his bags. She swallowed back and her throat ached in response.

“Carl…” She called out in rather raspy voice.

Negan let out a sigh of sheer annoyance.

“I’m getting the little bastard just hold your god damn horses.”

He handed her a bottle of water and a piece of deer jerky. Negan was quick to take off and Bella looked about the area. The guy that had slammed the walker up against the truck was staring her down, something fierce. She did her best to ignore it, but there was something ‘off’ about him. He gave her the creeps. The man licked his lips and nodded her way, but just as Negan entered the area; he was quick to turn away and make himself ‘busy’.

Negan laid Carl beside her.

“Boy’s hot to the touch…”

On this note she shot up in alarm and reached over, feeling his forehead. Her heart sank to the pit of her stomach and she hurriedly removed the patch.

“…shit…” She muttered in alarm.

“Do you have any antibiotics?”

Negan had a good laugh at this.

“The little bastard’s gotta tough it out and make it out without em. Those are for Saviors only and he’s not one of us. He’s only here because you seem to think you’re fucking entitled or some bullshit like that. But you’re in for one hell of a rude awakening. You gotta earn them stripes before you even think about making fucking demands.”

“He’ll die without them!”

“Not my fucking problem.” He stated as he walked away.

Bella ground her teeth together and looked around, wondering where they kept the medical supplies hidden. It was then she took notice of that one guy eyeing her down again. She drew back a rather apprehensive breath, figuring he was her best shot. She looked to Carl and shook her head. She poured some of the cool water over his forehead and crushed up some Tylenol. She mixed it with some water and carefully placed it into his mouth. She took her time making certain he got it down. Bella wiped his mouth clean afterward. She regarded the creeper once again and shuddered in thought.

“Alright buddy… Just so you know, you owe me big time.” She said, roughing up Carl’s hair a bit and gave his hand a slight squeeze.

“Just hold on and no dying on me.”

Bella waited until everyone had turned in for the night. However she felt a bit on edge as she couldn’t place Negan’s whereabouts. She wouldn’t put it past him to be off somewhere, in stealth mode, just waiting, and watching her every move. But the kid needed her and she couldn’t simply turn her back to him. She tucked Daryl’s necklace beneath the shirt Negan had let her borrow. The man was kicked back and cocked a brow as she made her way over.

“Hey…” She called out in a rather coy, yet flirtatious pitch.

The man sat up and looked around. Once he saw that Negan was nowhere to be found, he nodded upon her in greeting.

“Hey yourself.”

“Got a name?”

“Do you need one?”

She sort of laughed and pulled off that shy demeanor once again.

“Think we could go somewhere more private and talk?”

The man had this hopeful look in his eyes as he came to his feet. He pointed towards a door around the back and they quietly headed that way. Once he had her outside, he pulled the door to.

“You wanted to talk?”

She nodded and looked about the area.

“Ain’t no one lookin’…” He muttered and was eyeing her in longing.

“I need your help actually.”

“Oh?” He said as he was backing her up against the door.

“That boy… if he doesn’t get the medicine he needs, he’ll die.

The man sort of laughed.
“And you think you can just bat those pretty lashes of yours and get your way?”

“Actually I hoping you had it in your heart to…”

And just as she’d expected… the man cleared his throat and pressed himself against her.

“You want that medicine. You gotta be willing to give me something in return.”

“Such as?” She questioned, playing dumb.

He smiled and caressed her cheek.

“Either some head, or bend over and let me fuck ya.”

She drew back a breath on this.

“So if I do one of those things, you’ll get the medicine?”

He nodded.

“Well, I’m going to need that medicine first.”
“Nah… What do you peg me for? An idiot?”

“It’s either that, or you’re playing five knuckle shuffle.”

“Will you strip down and everything?”

“Look, I’ll fucking dance for you if you get the medicine.”

“Give me your clothes…” He demanded and she reared back.

“Excuse me?”

“Take your clothes off and hand them over. That way I know you’re not gonna run on me.”

Daryl entered her mind and she felt this pang of guilt. But Bella knew she hadn’t much choice. So she gave a mere nod and took her clothes off. Her heart felt as if it’d gallop right out of her chest it was beating so fast. He had this cat that ate the canary grin as she handed her clothes over.

“Damn…” He muttered in awe and motioned for her to do a turnabout.

He tilted his head and got a good look at her ass.

“Now we’re talkin’. Tell me what the brat needs and I’ll get it.”

She named off couple types of antibiotics and some pain meds. He was a man on a mission and was quick to dash off. Bella covered herself as she waited. Still she had that feeling that she was being watched. Within the matter of minutes the man returned. He had a Ziploc bag filled with what she needed. He went to hand it over but grinned and pulled it back out of reach. She looked on with utter annoyance.


“You get it… after…”


He tossed the bag over with her clothes and made his way over. He unzipped his pants, exposing his hard but rather pathetic excuse for a dick.

“So… which of them lips need a good fucking?” he taunted as he stroked himself.

“THESE!” She snapped as she decked him across the face, busting his open.”

His eyes widened and he threw a hand over his mouth.

“You crazy bitch…” he muttered into his hand.

“Oh you have no idea…” She uttered with a demonic grin.

He went to hit her in return, only to have it blocked. She grabbed ahold of his arm and forced him up against the wall.

“You wanna play dirty, asshole? Well here’s how it goes. From now on… You’re my bitch!”

He struggled in her hold and she grabbed a fistful of his hair and smashed his face up against the building.

“If I need something, you’re going to do it. Do you know why?”

She spun him back around and had her knee up against his crotch. Her hand was wrapped around his throat. Bella dropped her hold and tilted her head.

“You wanna hit me… don’t you?”

He sneered at this.

“Go on… give me your best shot.”

Without another thought he ground his teeth together and popped her across the face. She staggered back and sort of laughed. She forced herself back up and got right in his face.

“Again…” She hissed.

He grabbed her by the hair and smashed her head into the wall. She wiped the blood off her face and smiled.

“Thank you. You just gave me everything I needed.”

The man cut her a puzzled look as she got dressed.

“Like I was saying… From now on you’re my little minion. I say jump and you’re going to ask how fucking high. If you don’t – I’ll scream rape, motherfucker.”

His jaw dropped in realization. The man grabbed his knife and went to attack in retaliation. She dodged the attempt and pivoted about and slammed him up against a nearby dumpster. The knife fell out of his hand and when he bent down to pick it up. She stomped on the blade, smashing his fingers as well. She kneed him in the face and grabbed the blade. She grasped a lock of his hair and put the blade to his throat.

“What does Negan do to rapists?”

The man’s Adam’s apple grazed against the blade as he nervously swallowed.

“That’s right… So unless you want to end up on his chopping block, you had better keep your mouth shut about this little exchange. Do we have an understanding?”

He nodded and she lowered the blade.

“Good. Now get lost.”

The man needed no further prompting. He took off like a bat out of hell. Bella fastened her pants and grabbed the bag of meds. She reentered the building with utmost caution. Once she got back to Carl, she was quick to give him whatever he needed. She hid the evidence and felt his forehead.

“You got this Carl…” she murmured seeing as how his fever had gone down.


The young woman’s eye flew open at the mere sound of his voice. She let out a breath of relief as Carl was sitting up and looking around.

“Where are we?”

“Not sure, to be honest. How you feeling?”

“Like shit… and you?”

“Can’t really complain, in comparison.”

He nodded and reached to his eye – or lack thereof. Bella cautiously looked about the area and handed him a pain pill. He grimaced as she swabbed his arm clean and gave him a shot of antibiotics.
“Where’d you…” she was quick to cover his mouth.

“Do me a favor and don’t mention it… like ever.”

She dropped her hold and handed him a bottle of water.

“What happened to your face?”

“Don’t worry on it. Look… just focus on getting better.”

She gave him the beef jerky that Negan had given her. Just as he was to take a bit, Carl heard her stomach growling.

“Have you eaten?”
“Oh yeah…”she lied knowing he’d offer her some of the meat if she hadn’t.

At the moment he needed it more than her. He ate the jerky and downed a couple bottles of water.


The young woman gave a simple nod and came to her feet. She grabbed a bottle of water and Daryl’s crossbow before heading on out. She’d this odd crust-like feeling on the roof of her mouth, followed by a horrible copper taste. After taking a swig of the water, she swished it about. When she spit it out, she recoiled seeing the puddle of blood. She went through the entire bottle, before it finally came out a bit clearer. It was during this she realized one of her molars was loose. Bella reached into the back of her mouth and with one little wiggle it popped right out.

“You’ve got to be kidding…” she murmured whilst looking to the tooth.

“I should’ve ripped the bastard’s nuts off…”

A couple of walkers were making their way over and she rolled her eyes. She tossed the tooth onto the ground, knowing it was a lost cause anyhow. Thankfully it wasn’t anything that noticeable. She took the walkers out with the crossbow. Then retrieved the arrows and snapped them back into place. She regarded it in thought. She wondered how Daryl and the others were doing. But chills ran down her spine as she remembered how beat up her father was. Did he even live through that?

The young woman hadn’t much time to ponder on the matter as she heard a ruckus coming from inside the warehouse. She made her way back inside and a few of Negan’s men were shoving Carl about, while another was going through her things. Bella sighed amongst herself and aimed the crossbow their direction and fired. The arrow went through the bag the man was rummaging through. He looked back in shock as it barely missed his hand. Once she had their attention… “That’s enough.” She kept that crossbow on them and made her way over. She grabbed ahold of Carl and placed him behind her.

“Damn kid broke my fucking nose!” One of them barked.

Bella tilted her head and regarded the man with a smile.

“Good. Maybe next time you’ll think twice before messing with him.”

“Why you little…”

“Alright, that’s enough. Leave them be.” One of the other Saviors defended.

“Kid needs to be taught a lesson.”

Bella gritted her teeth on this.

“You want the kid, you gotta go through me.”

Carl regarded her with a stunned presence.

“Fair enough!” The man shouted in reply and dived right for her.

Carl was quick to shove her out of the way and took the intended hit to the gut.

“YOU SON OF A BITCH!” Bella roared and sailed right for him.

She knocked the man to the ground and sent several punches to his face. The other Saviors pried her off him and she froze, feeling stone cold steel pressed up against her head.


She came to her feet and raised her hands, “question”.

“And what would that be?” The one with the gun asked.

“If I’m meant to become one of you… Then why in the FUCK are we being treated like fucking prisoners?”

The man that went to their defense laughed.

“She makes a valid point and I’m not so sure Negan would approve of all this ‘drama.'”

Everyone turned to the sound of clapping. The ones that were causing so much trouble regarded the man before them in fear. The one that came to their defense gave Negan a mere nod and went back to his business. Negan made his way over.

“Interesting… the things you learn.”

Bella got a protective hold on Carl and eyed Negan down. He got this egotistical smirk about him. The self-proclaimed king pointed to Bella.

“You and I have much to discuss.”

He pivoted around and nodded upon the group causing so much trouble.

“Outside. Now.”

The group followed him out. Bella closed her eyes and staggered back.

“Bella?” Carl called out with worry.

“I think I just fucked us over.”

Carl narrowed his eyes in question.

“What do you mean?”
She let out a laugh of utter misery.

“Meaning we’re about to have a little meeting with Lucille.”

“Lucille?” He questioned in wonder.

“Look you should go.” She said and hurriedly packed him a bag.

“Wait… what?”

“Head south and keep an eye out for my father’s marking, two swans. And…”

“You think I’m just gonna leave you here?!”

“It’s me they want. You’re nothing more than a thorn in Negan’s side and sooner or later that’s gonna come back to bite us in the ass. So yes, get the fuck out of dodge and don’t ever look back.”

“These guys were stealing from US!”

“It doesn’t matter and that’s not what this is about.”

She glanced towards the door where Negan and some of the Saviors were. She kept her voice down as there were others still in the warehouse.

“I did something. Something pretty fucking reckless and I won’t have you paying for it. So you’re going, end of story. I can get you out the back door. Once you’re out there, you run and don’t stop no matter what.”

“The medicine… Admit it… That’s why you got the shit beat out of you!”

She swallowed back on this.


“The hell with you! I’m not leaving you with these assholes.”
“You are and you will!” She hissed.

“Then go with me.”

“A deals a deal and if I go back on my word. Negan will go back on his. And that’s not something I can have.”
“That’s so fucked up.”

“It is what it is kid. Now go on and get lost.”

She was herding him towards the door. But even as she did this she cringed on the inside, knowing he was as good as dead anyhow. However his chances of survival were by far greater if he went on his own than if he remained here. Bella opened the door and Carl cut her a hateful glare.

“So that’s how it is, huh?”

“Yep. Later kid.”

He shook his head and she shoved him on out the door. She pulled it to directly after. She leaned against it and whispered a small prayer on his behalf. It wasn’t long before Negan entered the room. She swallowed back as the one guy causing the most trouble was a no show. There was a fresh patch of blood along Lucille. He walked on over and cupped her chin. He said nothing as he examined her.

“Pack it up. We’re leaving in five. We’ve got a long drive ahead of us.” He sent her a wink and walked away.

Bella went to get in the back seat and Negan took her by the arm, stopping her.

“I think you earned your way back up front…”

She narrowed her eyes on this and he opened the passenger side door. He motioned for her to step inside. Once she took her seat he had her scoot on down and he placed Lucille beside her. He shut the door and walked on over to the driver’s side. Bella looked to Lucille.

Bitch…” she muttered under her breath.

On this Lucille tipped over and landed in her lap. Bella cocked a brow. Negan had just entered the truck and tilted his head on this.
“You two sure are getting cozy.” He said with a chuckle.

Bella wrinkled her nose on this and propped Lucille back on her side. She even went as far as to buckle her in. But only because she didn’t want that nasty thing landing in her lap again. Negan read something entirely different. He’d never seen someone do that – other than him. He and Bella were hip to hip as he pulled out of the warehouse parking out.

“Really?!” She scoffed as he had a hard on from hell and it was very obscene.

He had a wide grin and wiggled his brows.

“Feel free to explore if you so wish. Fuck give it a little lick I could use some head. It’s been a while.”

“I’m good.”
“Suit yourself. Like I said… We’ve a long drive ahead of us. So if I feel the need to rub one out. I will.”
“That’s sick.”

“You won’t be thinking that once you see what I’m fucking packing. You’re going to be licking those god damn sexy lips of yours – wishing you were blowing my fucking Johnson. And when you see me cum so hard I hit the fucking windshield, you’ll wanna take that big ass son of bitch for a ride.”

“You’re so humble.”

“Hmmm… Let’s play a game.”
“Let’s not and say we did.”
“Shit, you’re fucking adorable, missing tooth and all!”

She froze on his words. He observed her reaction and nodded to himself.

“So where’d the little bastard run of to?”

“It doesn’t matter. You got what you want.”

He smiled.

“You’re gonna fit in just fine at the Sanctuary. Amber and Sherri are gonna fucking love you.”
“And they are?”
“You’ll find out soon enough… Now back to the game.”
“I never agreed to play.”
“You don’t have much choice on this one.”

He reached back and grabbed a duffle bag. He placed it in her lap.
“There’s a bottle of Everclear in there. I want you to take it out.”

She opened the bag and took out the bottle.

“Read the label, sweetheart.”


He nodded and that mischievous grin of his returned.

“Imagine what that shit will do on an empty stomach. Hell I can hear it fucking growling. You were too concerned with the future walker to even consider yourself, a very stupid mistake. So much to teach you… Now here’s the deal… I’m gonna ask you a series of questions. For each one you so much as hesitate on you’re gonna take a shot of that.”

“Doubt it, but nice try.”
“Oh you will…” he said in a threatening manner.

“Or what? I mean honestly what more can you do to me that you haven’t already done?!”

“Deprive you of any weapons, food, water… you name it.”

Bella rolled her eyes on this.

“Is this how you treat all your ‘Saviors’.”

His focus was on the road when he shrugged.

“Yes. Actually. Each and every one of my boys has gone through some sort of tests. It’s the only way in. And you’re no different. You strike me as the feminist type. Equal rights and all that ridiculous bullshit. So a woman can do whatever a man can etc… am I right?”

“I wouldn’t exactly describe myself as a feminist.”
“But you fucking think like one. I’ve seen it.”
“Whatever. Just get to the fucking questions.”

“As you wish…”

He looked to be in thought for a moment.

“We’ll start with the easy stuff first. Such as name.”
“You already know my name.”

“Full name.”

“Isabella Marie Swan.”
“Hmmm… Isabella…” He rather purred.

“Fuck, that’s kind of sexy. I dig it.”

“Yes, because your approval is needed.”
“Actually it is. Say your name was fucking Bertha or some fucked up shit like that. That’d be a deal breaker. That, or we’d have to change your name. Because I sure as hell don’t wanna shout out Bertha the entire time I’m fucking you. Could you imagine? Fuck yeah, Bertha suck that big ass cock. See? It doesn’t quite roll of the tongue. But Isabella… Hmmm. Damn, that’s hot as hell.”

“There you go… being delusional and all.”

“Keep telling yourself that. You can apologize when you’re riding me like one of them fucking mechanical bulls.”

She wrinkled her nose as he ‘adjusted’ himself.

“Next question… how old are you?”

“22… 23 hard to keep up nowadays.”

He raised his brows on this.

“Shit, for real?”

She regarded him a certain way. This had her thinking back to Daryl’s reaction to how young she was.

“Yeah… that a problem?”

“Nope. But that’ll certainly make you the youngest. Oh man, I have a feeling you might cause a bit of a stir. Young, sexy thing like you. Bound to make the others jealous as fuck! I can’t wait! Next question!”

He shifted gears and tapped his fingers along the steering wheel.

“That boy… Is he your brother or something?”

“So he isn’t related to you?”

She shook her head.

“Nah… I don’t believe that. Not for a fucking minute.”
“Believe what you want. But I barely know the kid.”

“Excuse me?”

“I don’t believe I fucking stuttered. DRINK!”

She rolled her eyes and opened the bottle. She took a swig and Negan nodded.

“Try again and I wanna hear it from the very beginning.”
“Hear what exactly?”

“Everything. How you and your old man dealt with the outbreak. How you met that pathetic excuse of a fiancé and the fugly brat. I wanna know who it was that beat and raped you. So get to talkin’ and don’t even think about leaving anything out or lying to me. I’ll have on you downing that entire bottle if you even fucking try it.”

She thought of the irony – considering this was how she got Carl to open up about Shane and his father – Rick. Was this karma’s way of being an absolute bitch? The young woman thought as she began her story of how she and Charlie took out the Cullens. Naturally, Negan had a good laugh at the part where she killed her boyfriend. But he said nothing on it and listened to the rest of her story in silence. Once she finished he nodded.

“So you was never raped?”
“Nope. You only assumed I was.”

He nodded and looked to be in thought.

“That old man of yours is a worthless piece of shit. I should’ve bashed his fucking brains in and pissed all over them when I was done. As for your fiancé, he reeks of pussy and not in the good sense. I should’ve castrated him and left him to hemorrhage. That boy sounds like a fucking retard. As for you… You’re where you belong. And I say it’s about fucking time. Bunch of fucking pansy ass motherfuckers you were hanging around. It’s a wonder you made it this far. It takes some guts… What you did. Killing your boyfriend and your own mother. You should’ve put a bullet in your old man’s head. Turning his back to you… only proved how worthless he fucking is. He was nothing more than a frightened little bitch.”

Bella took one of the arrows from Daryl’s crossbow and speared him in the leg. He grunted out but shut his eyes and hummed to himself. He jerked the arrow out and her jaw dropped as that hard on of his returned. He slammed on the brakes and pulled her into his lap. He held the arrow to her throat.

“Do you have any idea what you’re fucking doing to me?! It’s not every day I meet someone that can keep up. It takes someone with a BIG ASS SET OF BALLS and you gotta be clinically insane. That’s the only way to the finish line! Your only weakness is holding on to those less worthy. You’re better than that and you know it. Those pansy ass motherfuckers will be your downfall. You need to wake up and realize that with me. You’re sure to go far. Without me… You’re as good as fucking DEAD! And you’re far too pretty to become a fugly ass walker! It’s time for you to get a little more selfish. It’s every man for himself. And once you come into terms with that. The better off you’ll be. Let the past be the past. Your future is right here with us Saviors. You were a queen amongst little bitches. Why, when you can be one amongst real men?! He grabbed a fistful of her hair and put his forehead to hers. He let out a low growl and shoved her off him. He cleared his throat and closed his eyes for a solid minute.

He laughed as in if in misery.

“About last night…”

Her heart sank to the pit of her stomach and she swallowed back rather thickly.

“That was test and I gotta say… You passed with flying colors.”

Her jaw dropped and he chuckled.

“What in the fuck?!”

“You want to be treated like the others? Well there you go, sweetheart. You certainly proved that you have what it takes and can hold your own. Not to mention you’ve got one hell of body. I must’ve jerked off at least a half dozen times last night.”

“For some one that’s so against rape you sure cross that threshold!”

“A real man can get laid easily. Only a pussy feels the need to force himself on another. And nine times out of ten – it’s because he can’t get laid otherwise. I haven’t any issues in letting you know how I feel. If I feel the need to let you know I wanna fuck you. I will. I don’t care if I have to spell it out ten times a day. I’m gonna tell you what I want until you let down that god damn barrier of yours and give in – if nothing else out of mere curiosity. And don’t you even begin to tell me you’re not. You’re gonna cave. They always do and when you do we’re going for a god damn marathon!”

“You seem to forget I’m already engaged…”

He got this mischievous grin about him.

“So were they… at least at one time or another… ”

A couple days later…


Michonne lifted her eyes and let out a breath of relief.

“Well it’s about time…”

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10 thoughts on “Chapter 15 Dancing With The Devil”

  1. That Negan guy is clearly insane, if it wasn’t for his men, Bella would have killed him by now…what a waste of breath…great update hon, I can’t wait to read more…thanks, huggs.

  2. I have to agree with galwidanatitud, this chapter was intense. Oh, by the way love all of your stories, and can’t wait to read a new chapter on Love Me Till It Hurts.

    1. Thank you! I will be working on that one just as soon as I finish A Webcatcher’s Dream. I have the same beta for that story and it was too much for her to do both at once. So we decided to work on one at a time. But I can’t wait to get to that story. Will be just as soon as we’re done with Webcatcher. ❤

  3. FUCKING NEGAN! I mean, I must be cracked because I rather adore the bastard… man, he is just a messed up son of a bitch. And I’m hearing JDM as I read and I’m like… Sure, I love Daryl, but maybe it wouldn’t hurt to give in a little… lol!

    But for real, he is super fucked up and you are nailing his character. Love it!

    “Because I sure as hell don’t wanna shout out Bertha the entire time I’m fucking you. Could you imagine? Fuck yeah, Bertha suck that big ass cock. See?”


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