Chapter 16 You, Me, and Lucy

Chapter 16

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I wandered so aimless life filled with sin

I wouldn’t let my dear savior in

Then Jesus came like a stranger in the night

Praise the Lord I saw the light

Bella woke to hear Negan belting out the lyrics to I Saw The Light by Hank Williams.

I saw the light, I saw the light

No more darkness, no more night

Now I’m so happy no sorrow in sight

Praise the Lord I saw the light

She stretched her arms about and rose up in the seat.

“Funny, you didn’t strike me as the country type.” Or the religious type.. she thought with a scowl.

Negan cranked his head her direction and cocked a brow.

“And what ‘type’ do I strike you as?”

She shrugged and grabbed a bottle of water from the back seat.

“Perhaps something dark and sinister… maybe something involving the death of puppies and children.” He turned his attention back to the road and nodded with a rather amused look about him.

“So hail Satan, upside down crosses, crazy shit like that?” He muttered.

“Pretty much… Don’t forget the 666 carved into your left ass cheek.”

He had a good laugh at this and shook his head.

“I suppose you’ll find out soon enough.”
“Keep telling yourself that.”

“Hmmm, you’ll be eating those words when I’m eating that fucking pussy of yours and have you screaming my name.” He said whilst wiggling his brows.

She wrinkled her nose and decided not to entertain him with a response.

“Where are we?” She questioned as the weather wasn’t looking so great up ahead.

The clouds were pitch black and there was one hell of an electric storm going.

“Kansas… You heard about that woman who went up in flames, right? That was some crazy ass shit!”


GreatSo Tornado Alley… she thought with a grimace. A loud BOOM was heard and it was enough to shake the truck they were in. She gazed upon the clouds, taking notice of the odd circulation to them.

“Well this ought to be interesting…” she whispered before taking a sip off her water.

A bolt of lightning struck something nearby and Bella laughed.

“Having another one of your episodes?” Negan taunted with a grin.

“You’re not seriously considering…”

Her jaw dropped as a walker literally flew right past the truck.

“Was that…?”

He nodded.

“What the hell? We can’t drive into that mess! We can’t even see!”

He ignored this and sped up.

“Are you batshitcrazy or just plain suicidal?!” She spat as the wind picked up and they heard what sounded like a train.

“I’ve seen worse…”

“Oh really? Was this during tea time with Lucifer or your acid trip in Wonderland?!”

“Lucille… Her name’s Lucille. Wonderland… now that’s to be discussed at another time. For now, you had better brace yourself…” he uttered with this demonic grin about him.

Bella narrowed her eyes and followed his gaze, “holyfuckingshit!”

Negan slammed on the brakes and Bella braced herself for impact.

“SHIT!” She hollered as the truck lifted up off the ground and started spiraling.

He reared back as Bella reached over and punched the dog shit out of him.

“You idiot!”

Both of them shared the same baffled look. The tornado itself… consisted of walkers, lots of them.

“You’ve got to be kidding…” Bella said as the glass to the windows shattered.

To her great surprise, Negan ripped her seatbelt off and propped his body over hers.

“Really?” she hissed in awareness of something else.

“Now? You think now’s the time to get hard?!”

He cut her a wink and grabbed Lucille. Negan gritted his teeth as he had his body shielding the both of them. He was doing everything within his ability to stay put. But it wasn’t easy the tornado was in attempts to suck the three of them right out of the truck.

“FUCK!” He hollered as something hit him in the face.

Whatever it was, landed on Bella. She gasped back seeing that it was the hand of a walker. It grew eerily quiet and Bella swallowed back.

“The eye…” she acknowledged with widened eyes.

He nodded and wrapped himself around her and Lucille. They rolled onto the floorboard and sure enough within the matter of seconds; the truck started rotating once again. That train track sound returned and Bella hollered out as something struck the bottom of the truck. It went right through her and Negan’s left shoulder. They grunted out in unison. The truck was slammed up against something and sent rolling. What was only the matter of seconds, felt like an eternity to Bella. She was in agony and she couldn’t so much as budge as she and Negan were pinned to one another.

HEY!” she heard along with footsteps heading their direction.

This was followed by the sound of the Saviors’ trucks. Negan pulled a face as he went to pry himself free. But as he did this, Bella let out an excruciating cry.

Shit… Just hold still.” He uttered realizing they had a three foot quarter inch wide rebar connecting them.

“Yeah I’ll just do that, you ass!” She snapped in return.

As the Saviors were coming to their aid, Bella cranked her head another direction. Her eyes widened and she quickly gathered Negan’s attention. He nodded and with his free hand he grabbed Lucille. Bella held the walker off as it was taking snaps at her face. Negan let out a painful growl as he reached over and bashed its head in. It was then they took notice of the disfigured and dismembered walkers surrounding them.

Great… I can’t believe my fate is to become a Happy Meal alongside of you!”

“Kinky as fuck, isn’t it?” He taunted as he was playing a nice game of ‘whack-a-walker’.

But each time he did this that rebar would bend and it caused them both tremendous pain. Bella bit on her lower lip and felt as though her arm would rip right off the socket.

“Jesus…” One of the Saviors muttered once they finally made their way over. They took out the rest of the walkers and were discussing how they were going to go about removing the rebar.

Negan was doing his best to hold himself up but was shaking all over. He let out a grunt as his arm gave. Bella whimpered out as he had his entire weight crushing down on her.

“We gotta separate them just enough to cut through that rebar!”

She heard one of the Savior’s remark. It was pouring down and they had flashlights shining down on them.

“And how are we gonna do that?”

Negan rolled his eyes as he was growing more and more impatient.

“Lift my ass up and fucking work around it!”
“Won’t that…”
“Just fucking do it already!”

They nodded and did just as Negan bid. It took four of his men to lift him up and twist his body around the ribs of the rebar. The one that played a part in testing Bella began sawing.

“Watch what you’re doing! If one of my tits gets caught in that, I’m gonna take your god damn balls and feed them to a walker. You’re on my shit list as it is!”

Negan managed to smile and gave a half hearted laugh.

“Well you heard the lady… watch the fucking tits! Those are national monuments, you know!”

The guys laughed and the one doing the sawing better positioned himself. He had this nervous twitch about him as he cut on through the rebar.

“GOT IT!” he called out and they lifted Negan up.

One of the Saviors worked on getting the rebar out from Negan’s shoulder. The rest of them were prying Bella off what was left. But just as they managed to get Negan and Bella free, they blacked out.

“Well hello there, gorgeous.”
Bella’s eyes fluttered about as she came to.
“I hate you…” she mumbled and he smiled.

Negan closed his eyes and puckered his lips, as he was in attempts to steal a kiss. Bella recoiled but was quick to groan out. Negan let out a miserable sigh as his own injuries prevented him from getting that kiss. The both of them took a pretty good beating from the wreckage brought on by the storm. So here they were, stripped down to their skivvies and facing one another. They were about an inch or less apart. This had Negan in suffering. He didn’t understand his own infatuation. What made her so fucking special? And did he just risk his fucking life in order to save hers?! He frowned in thought and ground his teeth together. This was loud enough to send Bella chills.

“Could you not do that?!”

He responded by making it louder along with a nice ‘popping’ of the jaw.
“Ugh…” she uttered and tried rolling onto her back but it was a no go.

Bella felt as though she’d done a couple rounds with Ronda Rousey. She rolled her eyes as she discovered something ‘poking’ at her. Only it wasn’t what she expected. She looked down seeing it to be ‘Lucille’. The bat was sticking out from between Negan’s legs and the tip was right at her privates.

“You whore…” she muttered and Negan raised his brows.

He chuckled knowing it was one of his Saviors doing. They shared the same dark sense of humor.

“Guess Lucille’s batting for the other team now.”

Bella rolled her eyes.

Funny. Look, let’s just keep quiet. How’s that sound?”
“Boring as fuck. I imagine we’re gonna be here for quite sometime. So now’s a good time to get to know one another.

“You know all you need to know already.”

“Fuck… you got a sexy little body, you know that?”
Sex… is that ALL you think about?”

“Is there anything else?” He questioned in a mocking matter.

She rolled her eyes as he continued to gawk.

Hmmm… what would you like to talk about?”

“Nah… I wanna know about the nitty-gritty details.”

“Such as how many unfortunate bastards’ dicks you’ve ripped off and how many lives you’ve taken and I’m not talking about fucking walkers.”

“What do you see me as exactly?”

“A pretty face with the works of the motherfucking devil.”
“I think we know who the ‘devil’ is between the two of us.”

“Admit it… you’re curious.”
“As to?”


“I tell you what, Negan… Why don’t you figure out a way off this bed, take Lucille with you and go fuck yourself.”

“I’d rather fuck you.”

“Not happening – like ever. So get a clue and knock that shit off. Even if I find you moderately attractive; you seem to lack in the terms of being what’s referred to as a decent human being. I don’t play games and I’m no cheat.”

“So you find me attractive?” He uttered with an narcissistic smirk.

Bella rolled her eyes once again and he continued on.

Cheat?” he questioned behind a chuckle.

“Hmmm… think of it as moving on to bigger and better things. As to being a decent human being? The fucking joke’s on you. Those never existed to begin with. And anyone moderately close… is fucking dead. You wanna survive, well here I am. I’m your answer to that. It’s time for you to be a little more selfish. Grab life by the motherfucking balls and make it give you what you want. Not the other way around.”

“No one has control of that…”
“You wanna fucking bet?”

“What are you like four? Five maybe?”

“Try nine…”

She narrowed her eyes in question and he got that cocky grin about him.

“Nine fucking inches. Would you like to see?”

“Ugh…” She responded whilst rolling her eyes, something that Negan seemed to bring out in her.

“Here’s something to think about…” But she trailed off as something else dawned on her.

The necklace and vest… they were gone. Negan narrowed his eyes as Bella gritted her teeth and rolled onto her back. Her entire face was lit up from the pain and unreserved rage.

“HEY!” she hollered on top of her lungs.

She ignored the pain and merely waited… When no one answered she shouted even louder.


Bella let out a groan as she forced her body towards a nightstand. The bedroom they had her and Negan in was pretty fancy, considering.

“Wanna keep it down?” Negan hissed.

“Why? What happened to grabbing life by the balls? Did Lucille II suddenly become a catcher’s mitt for those so called balls?”

One of the Saviors entered the room. Bella sort of laughed as it was the one that played a part in testing her.

“The vest and necklace… Where are they?” She demanded first thing.

Negan kept quiet and looked on with interest.

“I want them back and ASAP!”

The man shrugged as if he hadn’t a clue what she was referring to.

“You’re on my shit list as it is… Not a good place to be. If I don’t get those back, I’m going to kill you first chance I get.” Her words were slurring together and she fought in order to keep from passing out.

But it was a losing battle as the Savior had to keep her from hitting her head on the nightstand. He sighed and repositioned her onto the bed. Negan chuckled but it came at a price as it hurt like hell.

“Damn… she’s cute as fuck!”

“I’m telling ya… I have a bad feeling about this.”

“I don’t believe I asked about your ‘feelings’. Move her hair, Dwight. I wanna see her pretty face.”

The blond did as he was told and Negan sighed with disappointment.

“It’s a real shame about that scar, fucking hideous. It’s like a god damn bullseye!”

Dwight shook his head and eyed Bella with doubt.

“We should’ve killed them and took everything they had.”

That popping of the jaw returned and he motioned Dwight over to his side of the bed.

“Closer…” he said and Dwight took a couple more steps towards him.

The Savior was caught off guard as Negan shot up and grabbed him the collar of his shirt. He head-butted him and got right in his face.

“Who’s running this show, you or me?!”

Dwight swallowed back.



“That’s right! Challenge me again and you and we won’t be having words next time. Do we have a fucking understanding?!”

Dwight nodded and was trembling all over.

“Good. You just keep that story of God and Lucifer in mind. NOW GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY FACE!”

The man was tripping over himself, he couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

No… Nah man… This is NOT happening!”

Daryl paced the area and gazed upon the walker with the familiar scar. He used the back of his hand to wipe away the uncontrollable tears.

Little bunny…” He murmured with a broken heart.

He aimed his crossbow the walker’s direction, but froze. The walker was making its way over and he just stood there. Daryl hadn’t the heart to fire that arrow.



“Whoa!” Tyreese said and jumped back as Daryl had his knife aimed right for him.

Daryl sighed once he fully awakened and gathered his surroundings.

“What do you want?”

“You were whimpering like a pup…”

Daryl reared back at this.
“I was not.”

“Yeah you was!”

“Man, shut the fuck up.”

Tyreese chuckled and offered the redneck a hand.

“How’s he doing?” Daryl asked as Michonne had Charlie going through a bit of rehab.

He struggled just in order to walk and a good chunk of the chief’s cheek was missing and a few of his teeth were now exposed. Michonne had done her best to sew it up but the bat took most of the flesh with it and there wasn’t much to work with.

“Slowly, but surely. It’s gonna take him sometime to heal.”

Daryl nodded but was thinking something along the lines of not having time. For every second they spent recovering, they put Bella at more risk. And the longer he went without her… the more desperate he became. He tilted his head and regarded the others in thought.

“Where you off to?” Tyreese questioned as Daryl started to pack.
“Where do you think?”
Tyreese sort of laughed.

“That’s a suicide mission and you know it. Say you found her… There were how many men again?”

“I’ll figure it out.”

“You’ll get yourself killed is what you’re gonna do.”
“Sounds like my problem then, don’t it?”
“Our problem… and what good are you if you wind up dead? She’s counting on you. And you’re in no shape to be traveling. You and the chief need to take it easy.”

Daryl gritted his teeth as Tyreese  was blocking his path.

“Out of the way!” He barked.

“No can do. You see, I’m doing this just as much for her as I am you. I know it’s what she would want.”
“Well she’s not here! So it’s not up to her! I’m getting my girl back. I don’t care what it takes.”
“And how are you going to do that with a broken back and cracked ribs?!”

“Like I said… I’ll figure it out.”

Tyreese shook his head and let out a sigh of sheer annoyance.

“Did you know that she saved my life?”

This had the redneck narrowing his eyes in question.

“That’s right… No one knew I was allergic to bees, a swarm of them few right on through here. She picked up on it and well I’d have died if it wasn’t for her. So I’m figurin’ I owe her one. And I’m gonna do that by keeping you and the old man alive.”

Bella fell off the bed and landed with a thud.


It was dark and she couldn’t make out anything around her. Naturally, this had her a bit on edge. She let out a painful groan as she felt her way about the room. The young woman crawled amongst the floor and was in search of something to help her up off the ground. But every movement had her in damn near tears. She drew back a quivery breath and decided to take a little break. She trolled onto her back. Her shoulder was on fire and the rest of her ached all over. What she wouldn’t give to get shit faced about now. She managed to smile as Daryl came to mind. She remembered him saying something along those lines once.

“Get up.” She scolded with determination.

She nodded amongst herself and rolled back over. She used her left hand to feel her way around. Before long it brushed against something. It was a wooden chair. Bella used it pull herself up off the ground. From there she searched for a way out. Once she felt the cold metal of a doorknob she wrapped her hand around it. She let out a miserable laugh realizing just how stupid that could be. With no clue as to what was on the outside, Bella lowered her hand. She leaned against the door in defeat. Bella was quick to shield her eyes as a bright light shined right in her face. After adjusting her eyes she saw it to be Negan shining a flashlight her direction. He nodded upon her in greeting.

“Well I believe this breaks a record of sorts.”

“And what would that be?” She questioned with sarcasm.

“Never shared a bed with a woman longer than 48 hours and NOT end up fucking the living daylights out of her.”

She shook her head and made her way over. Bella held her hand out and he cut her a dumbfounded look.

“The flashlight… hand it over.”
“Because I gotta take a piss, that okay with you?”

“You don’t need the flashlight in order to do that.”
“The hell I don’t! I don’t know what’s out there!”

“My boys know what they’re doing. You’re in good hands. Just do whatever you gotta do.”
“You’re fucking kidding me, right?”
He got this amused look about him.

“You expect me just to up and trust your ‘boys’. I know nothing about them. And you seem to forget you more or less kidnapped me!”

“I did no such thing.”
“The hell you didn’t!”
“I gave you an alternative. Kidnapping would mean I just took off with you and gave you no fucking choice in the manner.”
“Oh gee… what was I supposed to do? Let my father and boyfriend die?”
“Absolutely. They were the weaker links anyhow. Society’s better off without them. It’s survival of the fittest!”

“Well I’m not you. And if you give up on everyone you care about. Then what’s the point to all of this to begin with?”
“That’s the fucking problem… you spread that a little too far and that’s what’s gonna get you into a heap of god damn trouble in the end. You’re too busy thinking of everyone else and their well-being. Like that fucking kid… I know damn well whatcha did. Wasn’t particularly smart. What’s to say I didn’t kill him or have one of my men do so? You’ve given me every fucking reason.”

“You’re not that stupid. You’re in efforts of winning me over – so to speak. If you killed Carl – you know that would never happen.”

He nodded and looked to be in thought.

“So you’re saying if the little bastard’s dead you’re gonna what exactly?”
He had a good laugh at this.

“Doubt it… We’re how many miles away? And with no weapons and rations just how far do you think you’ll make it, and in the dark nevertheless?!”

“It doesn’t matter because the kid isn’t dead.”
“How do you know?”
“I just do. Now give me the damn flashlight so I can fucking pee!”

Negan sat up and spun himself around. He brought his feet onto the ground and came to a stand.

“How about I do the gentleman like thing and escort you?”

“I don’t need an escort. I need a flashlight and a toilet.”

He ignored this and took her by the hand. He exited the room and led her to one of the bathrooms. He shined the light towards the toilet.

“There’s your throne, princess.”

Her reaction had him somewhat curious. She recoiled and reached to the scar on her forehead.

“Don’t call me that.” The way she said this had him tilting his head ever so slightly.

“And what’s wrong with being a fucking princess?”

The young woman closed her eyes as all she could hear was ‘his’ voice. Bella pivoted around and shoved him back.


He gave a simple nod.

“Have it your way… But I’m taking the fucking flashlight.”

Negan exited the bathroom and Bella carefully inched her way over. After doing her business, she just sat there. She cupped her hands over her face and screamed into them.

Daryl trudged on through the desert. He felt naked without his crossbow, but a small part of him felt more at ease knowing his girl had it. The others were back at the prison. Charlie was getting better and he could finally walk without the need for assistance. In fact the chief was feeling well enough to call forth a meeting. The group made plans to leave within a couple days or so. And even though Daryl understood their reasoning, it pissed him off, nevertheless. All the more reason he needed time alone to clear his head, before he winded up saying something he shouldn’t. He and the old man didn’t see eye to eye to begin with. The last thing he needed was to add fire to the flame. If it wasn’t for Tyreese and Carol, he’d have left by now. The only thing keeping him there was knowing that they had a point. He needed whatever help he could get. Things was about to get ugly and fast. And that was IF they could even find her. Daryl came to a stop as he spotted Dale’s RV. He wondered why it wasn’t parked in its usual spot. He grabbed one of his guns and scouted the area. He took notice of the tire marks and footprints.

“Hell…” he muttered recognizing them to be the Saviors.

Something had him startled and he was quick to spin around. He grimaced as he saw Dale’s walker through the kitchen window of the RV. It was in attempts to get to him and hitting its head along the glass. Daryl drew back a sorrowful breath and shook his head.

“Those sons of bitches…” he muttered under his breath.

He walked on over and opened the RV door. And just as he’d expected the RV had been ransacked. Daryl nodded amongst himself. He thought back to when Dale came to his and Bella’s aid. He looked into the walker’s eyes.

“Sorry brother…” He said just before taking the walker down.

After he had that taken care of he sat at the kitchen table and took a few minutes to collect himself.

Few days later…

“It’s gonna get awfully cold… Need a cuddle buddy?” One of the Saviors teased with a playful wink.

She recognized him to be the one that came to her and Carl’s defense back at the warehouse.

“I’m good…”

He nodded and chuckled a bit.

“Well if you change your mind…”

He unzipped his pants and took a piss, right there. He used it to put out the campfire they had going. Bella wrinkled her nose in disgust. This seemed to be the norm for this particular group. They hadn’t any filter and didn’t give a shit about anything, apparently. In fact Bella thought to them to be a bunch of Negan wannabes. For once Negan was quiet and kept to himself. He was kicked back with his arm covering his eyes. He looked as though he were falling asleep. The guys were loud and rough housing. That had her rather nervous as she thought about the possibility of walkers within the area. After a couple hours the noise died down. A few of the guys were drunk off their asses. Others were stuffing their faces. And over half of them had fallen asleep. Bella had kept to herself but for once made certain she ate and drank to her heart’s content. Bella opened her bag and retrieved the brass knuckles Daryl had given her. She put them on knowing she couldn’t take any chances. Her shoulder was still healing and her body was covered in cuts and bruises from the wreckage. She decided to keep them on from here on out. Besides… it was all she had left of Daryl. Dwight had let her know that he threw the vest and necklace out. If it hadn’t been for Negan’s presence along with the rest of the Saviors she’d have ended him right there. It didn’t help that it seemed as if Dwight was keeping a tighter leash than that of Negan. But why? She wondered. What was his deal? Even now… He kept eyeing her off and on. She couldn’t get a read on him. Was he still butt-hurt over the beating she gave him? Or that he never got his dick sucked? Maybe a combination of the two – she thought with a snort. She was using a rock to sharpen her knife and eyeing him in return. He tilted his head as if he were challenging her at one point and something about that got under her skin. She’d had issues with this guy since day one. And it was apparent he wasn’t letting anytime soon. Once she finished sharpening her blade, she came to her feet. Bella dusted herself off and walked on over.

“Are you and I going to have issues?”

He took a swig off the bottle of whiskey in his hand and sort of laughed.

“Now that’s between you and Negan.”

She nodded and snatched the bottle from his hold. She took a decent plunge and acted as if she were going to hand it back. But she leaned into his ear instead.

“That’s right… this is between Negan and I. And what I said back there… still stands. Test or no test.”

“Like hell it does.”

She didn’t comment and marched off, with his bottle of whiskey. A few of the Saviors were watching and laughing, but at Dwight’s expense. He curled that lip of his and sprang to his feet. He rushed on over and went to jerk the bottle back. Bella spun around and knocked him to the ground with a decent ankle swipe. She hurled herself over him and forced his mouth open. She had her legs clinging to him so tightly he couldn’t budge. Bella forced the bottle into his mouth.

“This what you want? Guzzle it down like the bitch you are!”

And this right here… Was Bella taking Daryl’s advice. She had to prove herself to Negan and in order to do that. She needed to put his boys in their place when they got out of line. If she folded everytime one of them started something, she wouldn’t make it another week. Dwight was drowning as she wouldn’t let up. One of the other Saviors grabbed her by the hair and dragged her off him.

Negan moved his arm wondering what all the commotion was about. He raised his brows as he saw Bella, Dwight, and another one of his guys rolling about the ground, taking jabs at one another. He came to his feet just as Dwight had shot to his. He and the other Savior had her by the arms and were dragging her across the ground. The bandage to her shoulder unraveled exposing the area. Dwight wrapped his hand around her throat and lifted her up off the ground. He forced her up against a tree.

“I knew you was bad news.”

She spit in his face and the other Savior took one of his fingers and jammed it right into the stitched area of her shoulder. She let out an agonizing cry and Dwight started laughing. The pain was so intense it brought Bella to her knees. The other Savior cupped her chin and forced her to look upon him.

“The only bitch around here is you…”

He dropped his hold and went to high-five Dwight, but let out a high-pitched squeal instead. Negan’s widened his eyes in surprise. Bella had a good chunk of the man’s crotch in her mouth. She was biting down and shaking her head like that of a Pitbull. She had blood oozing down the sides of her mouth. Dwight and the other Saviors were doing their best to pry the man free but it was too late. Negan chuckled and thought back to a time when a snapping turtle had gotten ahold of his pinkie toe. That bastard wouldn’t drop his hold, no matter. Negan grabbed Lucille and made his way over. Bella caught the swinging of the bat from the corner of her eye. She just knew it was coming right for her. She flung herself back and went to dodge the deadly blow. A gasp fled from her lips as blood struck her, right in the face. And soon it was raining and she found herself covered in it. Her heart raced ninety-to-nothing as she witnessed Negan bashing his head in.When he finished he pointed Lucille her direction.

“I put him out of his fucking misery. Man isn’t shit without his dick!”
He walked on over and grabbed a fistful of her hair. Then he forced the young woman to her feet. Negan brought the bat to her chin and she swallowed back. He closed his eyes and looked as though he were shaking something off.
“But I like this one…” He whispered and chills ran down her spine as she knew he was talking to Lucille.

This was something he did often. After a solid minute passed he opened his eyes and was staring her down.

“LEAVE US!” he demanded, his eyes never wavering from hers.

His men nodded and were quick to clear out the area. He backed her up against the tree and planted himself against her.

“What’s it gonna be, sweetheart? You’re either with, or against us…”

“What is it you want, Negan? You want me to lie? Is that it? You want me to say something along the lines of I’ve seen the light and of course I’ll join you and while we’re at it let’s get to fucking?!!”
He smiled and used the tip of the bat to caress her cheek.

“Well… I wasn’t expecting an answer right away. But yes, that would most certainly suffice.”

She rolled her eyes and he reached over using his thumb to wipe the blood off her chin.

“Got any more of that whiskey?”

Bella nodded and he observed as she went and picked it up off the ground. When she returned he was leaning against the tree with one hand. He was looking awfully pale and bleeding through the bandage on his shoulder. He took a swig and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. He handed it back and they took turns in taking the bottle to the label. Negan raised his brows as she reached over and unwrapped his shoulder. It was time she played a little hardball. She was sure to hate every minute of this. But if she wanted to take Negan and his men down, she had to gain their trust. And the only way to go about it; was to gain his first. So it was time to test those acting skills of hers. What she needed was to envision some sort of finish line. And that was Negan crying like a little bitch once he realized just how badly she fucked him over. She’d make him regret the very day he met her. That was the only way she’d get Daryl and Charlie back. Bella took another plunge of the whiskey and then poured some over his wound. Negan let out a low growl.

“Don’t be such a pussy.”

He got this amused look about him and snatched the bottle from her hold. He proceeded in pouring the whiskey over her wound as well. She winced back and he chuckled.

“Feels fucking great, don’t it?”

She leaned against the tree as her vision became blurry.

“… easy now…”

“Got everything?” the chief questioned and Daryl nodded in response.

“The RV… that your idea?”

“Yes sir…”

“Good call. We need all we can get.”
Daryl was heading towards the RV where the others were.

“Not so fast…”

He stopped in his tracks and pivoted back around.

“You’re riding with me…”

Daryl shook his head and sort of laughed.

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea.”

“You’re engaged to my daughter.”

“Yeah… I am. What’s that got to do with anything?”

“Look, we only have the one goal in mind and that’s getting my daughter back. At this point I could care less about anything else. You could tell me she’s pregnant and I all I care about is getting my little girl back. For whatever reason, she loves you and I would like to find out why. So get in the fucking truck, Dixon.”

The redneck drew back a hesitant breath…

“… well alright…”

Negan parked and a few of his men hopped on out of the back. Bella took notice of the massive metal wall panels with barbed wire wrapped around them. There were men with guns keeping post.

“Where are we?”
“Hilltop Colony aka home sweet home…”

They opened the gates and Bella’s nerves were getting the best of her. The gateway to hell… she found herself thinking. There were so many men and everyone of them was armed. She’d never felt more insignificant. Bella started questioning herself. How was SHE an army of one, going to take down hundreds?

“What’s with you?” Negan questioned and she didn’t comment.

She was on the verge of a full on panic attack. She’d never witnessed such a thing. When Negan said community, she was picturing something a lot smaller. This… this was insane. She cringed as she thought about her father and the others in attempts to take these men down. It would be a massacre and it would only last the matter of seconds. She swallowed the massive knot within the back of her throat. Naturally, she had left little clues here and there so they could find her. But now she found herself wishing she hadn’t done that. They can’t find me… like ever. She grimly thought. This is something I gotta figure out on my own. I won’t lose them.

Bella was so deep in thought she hadn’t noticed that her door was open. Not until Negan cleared his throat and offered a hand. With reluctance she accepted. He led her about the colony and mingled. After a good half hour of greetings and announcements; they made their way to what Negan referred to as The Sanctuary. It was a massive building that looked to have been an old factory at some time or another. The building was surrounded by a wall of walkers on pikes. They were still alive and kicking. Negan opened the door and had her step on in.

“I’m home…” he called out in a husbandly manner.

Bella regarded the slew of women in disbelief. Each of them greeted Negan with hugs and kisses. He returned them as well. Bella noticed the odd looks she was receiving as well. After his ‘welcoming’, Negan cleared his throat and made a gesture towards her.

“Ladies, I want you to make Isabella feel right at home. She’s our newest addition. But just to warn you… she’s a bit a spitfire. So watch your backs.”
“Addition?” she uttered with a hiss.

He gave a mere nod of assurance.

“Addition to what exactly?”

“My wives…” Negan replied as if to say ‘duh’.

He went on to the introductions and Bella just stood there, completely baffled. She couldn’t believe the nerve of this man. He truly believed she’d just hand herself over and become one of them?! And yet he doesn’t believe in rape?! She thought with distain. Just what in the fuck do you call this?! She backed herself up against the door and shook her head as these women were loving all over him. Bella couldn’t breathe and she reached back, turning the handle. The door opened and she fell back. Dwight was quick to break her fall. He regarded her with concern as she was wheezing. She pried out of his hold and took off towards the truck.

Bella jumped and took cover as she heard someone firing a machine gun. She peered out from behind the truck and her jaw dropped. It was the one wielding the gun that had her in absolute shock.

“NO!” She shouted as Dwight went to fire his gun.

She shoved him back and knocked the gun out of his hand. She grabbed it and took off running.

“WHAT IN THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING, KID?!” She shouted with tears streaming down her face.

“You just got us fucking KILLED!”

Carl ignored this and shot at a man coming right for her. Bella climbed into the back of the truck and jerked the gun out of his hand. Without another thought, she took that gun and belted him across the face. She tossed it out of the truck afterward. She grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and pulled him towards her.


The boy’s lip curled and he wouldn’t answer. She shook the living hell out of him.



“God dammit, Carl. Why couldn’t you just listen? Why? Do you have any idea what you’ve done?”

Little were they aware of the audience. And if it hadn’t been for his presence and him calling off his men, they’d have been gunned down by now. But Negan looked on with this amused presence about him. It took some guts… what that kid did. And he wondered just how in the hell he managed to sneak right past them and survive as long as he did. At this very moment Negan wasn’t sure who he was more impressed by… Bella or Carl? He made an odd sound within the back of his throat. One of his ‘favorites’ regarded Negan in question.

“What’s that look?”

He didn’t respond but smiled. She reared back as he walked away and was heading towards the young woman and teenage boy. Bella placed Carl behind her and stood her ground. Negan paced the area of the truck and regarded the bodies in thought. He drew back an uncertain breath and pointed Carl’s direction.

“Look you fugly little bastard. There are only two scenarios to this. One – you stay and do everything you’re told. Or two – you got yourself a date with Lucille. Your choice and do make it snappy. I’m in the mood and need to get fucking laid!”

Carl went to argue this and Bella covered his mouth.

“If he gets out of line, I’ll take that date myself.”

This had Negan arching a brow. Carl struggled in her hold and he was elbowing the shit out of her. She gritted her teeth and dragged him on out of the back of the truck.

“This… all on you, kid. You didn’t listen and now here we are. And I don’t plan on dying anytime soon. So you had better do whatever you’re told. New place, new faces, new life. So fucking deal!”

Carl wanted to fight her on this but he could see the desperation written all over her face. He saw this for what it really was. Bella was doing everything in her power to keep him alive. Part of him wished he would’ve listened. But there was another that was too much like his old man. He wouldn’t back down, no matter. Especially if it was someone he cared about. He might be young but he was no fool. He knew damn well what it was Negan wanted and it was enough to make the boy sick to his stomach. He knew she wouldn’t have a choice. Before long… Bella would have to give in or she’d become one of the chopping block. No man would put up with a ‘wife’ that didn’t put out. The same thoughts had entered Bella’s mind as well. But she was going to do everything within her power to delay that… somehow. She was already working on some sort of plan. She figured the classic headache excuse wouldn’t work. Not with someone like Negan. She regarded her shoulder in thought. That there was excuse enough for now. The more she thought on this however the more Bella realized she had the perfect way of dealing with that situation. And she only hoped it would gain her the time she needed. No matter the men or gun power – she was determined. The Sanctuary would come tumbling down, one way or another barbed wire, metal walls, piked walkers and all. A smile that only Carl could see was planted onto that face of hers.

“Whatever happens… I just need you to trust me.” She whispered.

He gave a mere nod and decided to play along. He pushed her back and put on this little crying act. Only it wasn’t so much of an act. The boy was pretty upset and he used that to his advantage.

“You’re right… I should’ve left your sorry ass. Why the fuck should I care if you get raped or killed? THE HELL WITH YOU!”

And even though she knew it was all part of the ‘act’. The words… they stung all the same and because of the sheer amount of anger behind them. Carl wiped his face with the back of his hand and stormed off. Bella staggered back and sort of laughed.

“Mind your fucking business!” She snapped as everyone’s eyes were on her.

She sauntered off and Negan nodded amongst himself. He wrapped his arm around one of his ‘wives’ and was about to head back inside. Only to have one of his men stop him along the way.

“Aren’t you gonna do something about this?”

Negan stopped in his tracks and looked back towards the bodies. He ticked them off out loud.

“Six… A little boy with one fucking eye. Took out six of my fucking men. And you want me to do something? What am I? Your god damn babysitter? Grow a fucking pair and clean up the god damn mess!”

Negan headed on inside but muttered under his breath.

“And this is why I take their women…”

Bella made her way through the colony and was taking everything in. The people, the buildings, the entire set up in general. They were mostly men as nearly all the women were back at the Sanctuary with Negan. There were very few children, which had her wondering about this so called ‘school’ Negan spoke of. She could only imagine what his idea of what teaching them was. And that was another thing… who was the teacher and where were these classes being held?

It also seemed as if the men were parted into groups of about four to five and living in these houses and other various buildings, which had her wondering where she and Carl would be staying. She cringed in thought. This was a nightmare she feared she’d never wake from. Bella froze as something was tossed at her feet. She narrowed her eyes and turned the direction in which the duffle bag came from. She reared back seeing that it was Carl. He adjusted his father’s old hat and nodded.

“I figured you’d want those back. You’re welcome by the way.”

She raised her brows as he walked away. Then she crouched down and opened the duffle bag. Her jaw dropped as it was the vest and necklace Dwight had thrown away. She resisted the urge to cry and put them on. Afterward she rushed over and tapped Carl on the shoulder. He stopped but wouldn’t face her.

“Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it.”

“So where you going?”

“Hell if I know… but I suppose this is homefor now.”

She nodded.

“A little piece of hell.”

“You got that right.”
“For whatever it’s worth… I’m sorry. But I had to…”
“I know… We’re good.” the boy assured.

He started walking yet again.

“You know… you’re a bit of a bad ass.”

She couldn’t see it but Carl had a wide grin about him.

“Not so bad yourself.”

(AN: Sorry for the delay! But I had trouble deciding where to take this exactly. Thank you 4padfoot for the twister with the walkers idea. It was brilliant! ReStealing Twilight’s Swan coming up next! Please remember to leave your comment/review or a simple like if you dug the chapter! Thanks!)



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13 thoughts on “Chapter 16 You, Me, and Lucy”

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    Another thing I wanted to point out is there are no buttons in the last 6 or so chaps, and if there is the NEXT at least doesn’t work. While this didn’t and doesn’t really bother me, I figured ya’ll might want to know so, yeah…
    Great story. Now off to go read some Highlander! ;P

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