Chapter 2 Some Angels Ride Harleys

Chapter 2

I do not own The Walking Dead or Twilight. (Daryl Dixon origin is based a bit on the show and video game but I added my own flair and surprises to it.) There have been some questions about where I’m taking this. I will say this… Daryl hasn’t even met the group yet. This is an AU story… I will not be following exact story lines. As to Rick and Co… Rick will not be in this story. There will be a mention but that is it. Sorry to disappoint but I need a different vibe to the story for what I have planned. As to Merle – yes in this story Bella is the one that took his hand and his history with Daryl will be explained later on. Thank you!

The young woman whimpered out as she came to only this time, she was fully clothed and still had her weapons about her. In fact, there was an extra gun beside her as well. She checked them and was surprised to find them loaded and ready to go. The clearing of a throat startled her and she quickly turned, aiming one of the guns that direction. The man nodded upon her while eating out of a can. It looked to be some sort of beans.

“Hungry?” he asked.

Her heart was racing ninety to nothing. Merle entered her mind and it didn’t help that this guy’s drawl reminded her of him. She swallowed back feeling rather parched.

“Got some water over there.”

She glanced the direction he pointed but didn’t quite take her eyes off him. Her hand was somewhat shaky as she kept that gun aimed his direction.

“Mind puttin’ that away? Don’t particularly care to be eatin’ at gun point.”

He rolled a can of food her way. She gathered that they were in some sort of shed.

“The meat oughta be done here shortly.”

Bella placed the gun down and cautiously reached for the water. She downed the entire bottle and even then, she still felt dehydrated.

“Those are yours,” he said with a shrug and finished the can of beans.

“I’m gonna go check on the meat.”

The man came to his feet and dusted himself off. As he headed out of the small shed they were in, she took notice of the set of angelic wings on the black leather vest he was wearing. The moment he left, she scooted back, using the wall to balance as she came to a stand. She shut her eyes as the area seemingly spun around on her. When she opened her eyes again she took a couple of steps and that painful sensation shot across her waistline. She lost her footing and flung her hands out catching herself on the wall across from her. The pain was strong, bringing her to her knees, and she put her head against the wall to keep from passing out.

“Whoa…” the man said once he reentered the shed. He found an area to place their food and started towards her.

“Just stay right there…” she called out and he raised his brows realizing she had her gun cocked and ready to go as she leaned against that wall.

He drew back a breath and inched his way over anyhow.

“I said to stay back!”

He nodded and continued towards her with raised hands.

SHIT!” he hollered out as she fired and barely missed his legs.

The gun tumbled on out of her hand and she dived for it in a panic. The man hurriedly kicked the gun out of reach and helped her up. His teeth were gritted as she was punching the shit out of him. Tears were streaming down that flushed face of hers. She gasped back and was going into hysterics. The man swallowed back and firmly wrapped his arms around her. He brought her back down and simply held her and the young woman literally fell apart. He rocked her like you would a child and said nothing on it. Once he got her to calm down he laid her back down. Then, he rose to his feet and ran his fingers through his hair as he paced about the area. He hadn’t a clue what to say or what to do; he understood her reasoning for not trusting him. Hell, he didn’t trust anyone as to why he couldn’t believe he took this damn woman he didn’t know her from a stick in the mud in. But he hadn’t the heart to leave her. He knew what happened to women like her and it damn sure wasn’t the walkers he was thinking of. Judging by the way she was acting, she’d already faced some shit. He found himself wondering if she’d been full on raped.

The man placed the meat and the can of beans he’d rolled towards her earlier beside her. There was no exchange of words as he took his food and headed back out. He figured the best thing was to give her some space.

Bella took a few moments to cry it out, something she hadn’t done since she was separated from her father and nearly raped. After she got it all out, she decidedly ate. She hadn’t a clue what she was eating but it was food and at the moment, that’s all that mattered. It wasn’t like anything she’d ever tasted before. Afterwards, she tried rising yet again. She braced herself along the walls of the shed and carefully made her way out. She nodded upon the man as he was kicked back against a nearby tree. He nodded in return but said nothing as she wandered off. Bella found a secluded area and did her business, thankful that the man didn’t follow.

When she returned, he came to his feet as she was unsteady on hers. He rushed over, already seeing it coming. He just barely managed to brace her against him before she passed out. The man scooped her up and carried her back into the shed.

He dug through his personal belongings and found some antibiotics and pain pills. The man woke her just long enough to slip her a couple of the pills and get her to drink some water. Just as he had when he’d first brought her here – he respectfully checked her over. He saw the fresh gauze and wraps were still good and intact. He wasn’t a bit surprised by how weak she was. It took him forever to get her fever down and judging by the way her waist looked, it was brought on by an infection. For his own peace of mind he lifted the gauze and padding. It was already looking better since he’d cleaned it all up earlier but he went ahead and doctored it up once again.

The woman didn’t wake for a solid 14 hours, which had him uneasy. He never was one that liked staying put for too long but he wasn’t about to leave her either. Suddenly, he shot up and grabbed his crossbow and arrows. Just as he feared… walkers. He glanced her direction once more with sigh and darted on out. He started shooting and as he did he counted at least a dozen heading their way.

“Son of bitch…” he grumbled.

He loaded another arrow and fired once again. He had three down and nine more to go and they were getting entirely too close for comfort.

“C’mon you disease-bearing motherless poxy-motherfuckers. I bet it was one of you that ate my deer.” He fired once again.

“I was saving that you know!”

The man jumped at the sound of a gun. He cranked his head that direction. Bella had both guns in hand and was firing away. He chuckled to himself and went back to shooting as well. She pocketed the guns once they had them all down. As he retrieved his arrows, Bella went and made certain each walker was permanently down. The man used his boot to roll one of the walkers over. He rather smirked realizing she was a dead-shot.

“…well I’ll be damned…” he murmured under his breath.

She made her way over and handed him the arrows she’d recovered.


She nodded and headed back into the shed. The young woman started packing everything of hers up. He packed everything of his up as well. As they headed out, they looked to one another. Bella was first to offer her hand. He narrowed his eyes on this but reached out and shook it.

“Bella…” “Daryl…”

She nodded.

“Thank you, Daryl…” She handed his gun and the grenades he’d placed in one of her bags back.

“I believe these are yours.”

“I don’t need em I got plenty. Them are yours – take em.”

Bella shook her head in disagreement.

“You’ve helped enough. I can never repay you…” He shrugged on this.

“Not why I did it…”

“Why did you?”

“Hell if I know… just did.”

She nodded and started to head on out.

“Hey!” he hollered out.

He dug through his bag and tossed over the antibiotics and pain pills.

“You’re gonna need those.” For once, she didn’t argue.

“Thanks…” In return, she tossed him a couple of the apples.

The redneck reared back in absolute disbelief. She smiled and waved him off.

He let out a disappointed sigh as she headed out on her own. Daryl looked around, feeling lost as ever. The man sort of laughed and glanced back the direction she headed, then back towards his precious Harley.

That bike had sentimental value. Or so it used to… but the memories had become tainted over time. He drew back a breath and came to one hell of a decision. “…dammit…” he murmured.

Bella ventured on out. Two hours had gone by before she found a nearby creek. It was there she washed up a bit, refilled her water bottles, and took the pills Daryl had given her. For some reason that man never left her mind. She found herself thinking he was more like Merle light. He was rough around the edges but seemed to have a much softer side. He was younger and certainly more attractive. The mere idea of her finding him attractive had her somewhat laughing amongst herself but she couldn’t help it. There was something about those blue eyes and the way he carried himself. Also the fact that he was a total badass only added to the appeal. She reared back at her own thoughts. Stupid Virgin… she shook her head and decided to hunt before it was too dark.

She wasn’t having much luck, though. What little wildlife she did run into was awfully skittish. This was more her father’s area of expertise. He usually did the hunting and skinning. Bella would do the cooking. She was a much better aim with the walkers than with animals on the run.

“…really…?” she whispered in agitation as yet another got away from her.

She could hear her father already… Dammit Bells, quit wasting bullets. Hit the damn thing already. She drew back a breath and decided to find another area but she hadn’t much time; the sun was already setting. Bella hid amongst some foliage and was targeting a rabbit now. She fired but groaned knowing she’d missed… or so she thought… The rabbit hit the ground and she reared back looking stunned. She made her way over and the rabbit was breathing rapidly and blinking. She grimaced.

“Sorry…” she whispered and bent down.

The young woman turned her head as she snapped it’s neck. From there she decided to go ahead and set camp, knowing tonight was going to suck. She was in no shape to be climbing trees and there was no other shelter about. So tonight would be a night of chances. Just as her father had taught her, she started a campfire. Then she proceeded in skinning the rabbit which was no picnic. She resisted the urge to gag a couple times and somehow managed not to throw up. There were a few moments she swore she heard some walkers nearby but figured it to be her imagination as the sound vanished just as quickly as she heard it.

There would be no sleep for her tonight. Then again, that was nothing new. She hardly ever slept. In fact, that 14 hours was the most she’d slept since this apocalyptic world came to play. She cooked the rabbit and ate part of it, saving the rest for later. Bella put the fire out and spent the rest of the night kicked back against a tree – gun and knife in hand, ready for whatever came her way. The next morning she packed it all up and before she left she left her mark on a nearby tree. Something she and her father once talked about should they ever get separated. Bella’s was one bird whereas Charlie’s mark was two – both representing the Swan name.

“What the…” she murmured and bent down seeing a couple of dead walkers not far from the area she camped at.

She reached over and ran her fingers along the perfect hole in their heads. With narrowed eyes, she came to a stand and began scouting the entire area around her. She gritted her teeth seeing more and a few more, here and there. Bella took off in a certain direction.

“You’ve got to be kidding!” she shouted as she investigated the area where she hunted the rabbit last night.

“Alright Locksley, you can come out now.”

Bella rolled her eyes.

“That means you Daryl!” she spat.

She heard someone sigh and they eventually leaped out of a nearby tree.


He rubbed the back of his neck and cleared his throat.

“What is it you want from me exactly? And what is all this?!” She waved her arms about the dead walkers.

Both turned their heads, seeing a swarm of walkers heading right for them. They glanced upon one another wide-eyed. Daryl took her by the hand and ran.

“Shit…” she called out seeing more up ahead.

Daryl gritted his teeth as they were surrounded. He pushed her inside a nearby hollow tree trunk and he adjusted his bow so he, too, could enter. Her heart was pounding so profoundly Daryl could feel it up against his chest. His deep blues locked with her breathtaking browns as the two herds passed on through. In hopes of lightening the mood, he leaned into her ear.

“Locksley?” he murmured, sounding somewhere between offended and flirtatious.

She nodded assuredly, “Would’ve you preferred Robin?” He rolled his eyes. This caused her to giggle even through the dire situation they were in. That hand of his clamped around her mouth even tighter. He shook his head as if to scold her but had a smirk about him. Chills ran down their spines as they could hear them scraping up against the tree as they walked on by. A solid hour went by and they were still in that tree. It had died down some but not enough to take any chances. They could still hear them roaming about. He leaned into her ear once more, whispering, “Might as well get comfy.” He lowered his hand with a nod.

She quietly drew back a breath.

“So you hide in trees often…?” He winced at his own pathetic attempt of a pickup line.

Bella raised her brows on this.

“Actually yes…” she admitted.

“So the little bunny likes to hide in trees?”


He nodded.

“How is it you’re so good at killin’ them walkers but you can’t aim for shit when it comes ta huntin’?”

Her jaw dropped and he softly chuckled.

“Says the man that drives a motorcycle…”

“What’s that supposed ta mean?”

“Everyone knows the walkers are attracted to sound. Yet you just hop on there like you own the fucking place or something.”

“That’s because I do.”

He cleared his throat on this.

“Speakin’ of claims… You got you a man or somethin’?”

“Who says it’s gotta be a man?”

His eyes widened on this.

“Shit! For reals?” She nodded.

“Damn…. You two wouldn’t be lookin’ for a friend now would ya?” he hinted whilst cutting her a wink.

“Sorry, she doesn’t like men.”

“And what about you, girl? You like men?”

“As of late?”

He nodded.

“Not too fond of them myself.”

“You ain’t one of them feminists now are ya?”

“I think they’re gone now,” she said, referring to the walkers.

He leaned back and listened for a bit. He grabbed an arrow and got it ready.

“Stay put…” he stated as he exited.

She rolled her eyes on this and tagged along anyhow. He cut her a shameful look as she did.


“Nothin’…” He murmured but once she started to walk off…

“P.I.A…” Daryl muttered under his breath as she took out a straggler.

“Maybe it’s time we set some ground rules.” He reared back at this.

Ground rules?”

She nodded.

What in the hell? Daryl thought to himself as he looked upon her like she’d lost her ever-loving-mind.

“What’s mine is mine, so hands off. Don’t touch me – like ever. And…”

“Are we gettin’ hitched or just travelin’ companions because I think I’m confused as hell now.”

“Look just…”

“Nah girl, you look… I ain’t gonna touch your stuff. Whatever happened to you – you need ta get that I’m not them. I don’t care ta be payin’ for some other asshole’s mistake. I ain’t never touched a woman like that and never would. I might be a lot of things, darlin’, but I ain’t no woman abuser! So you need to get that right in that head of yours. Only the lowest scum of the earth would pull some shit like that. Now I’m sorry. I truly am. And I hope that son of a bitch gets what’s comin’ to him. But don’t be puttin’ me in the same boat as them. I ain’t one of ’em!”

Bella pinched the bridge of her nose realizing he was right. This guilty mien came over her.

But neither said another word on it as they headed on out. A couple hours had passed when Daryl glanced her direction.


She cut him a puzzled look.

“Excuse me?” “What were you gonna say back there when you was ramblin’?” he hinted.

“Doesn’t matter. All I care about is finding my father.”

He nodded.

“What about you?”

“Whattaya mean?”

“You looking for someone?”


“Are they all…” she hinted.

“Ain’t got no one worth claiming,” he declared with a shrug.

“So where you heading then?”

“Nowhere in particular… Just takin’ it a day at a time.”

“What about your Harley?”

“Eh, I’ll find me another…”

The young woman stopped in her tracks for a moment, looking rather stunned.


Bella peered over seeing as how Daryl pulled out a carton of cigarettes and bottle of vodka.

“How in the hell did you find those?”

“Looks as though someone was hiding their dirty little secrets.”

She wrinkled her nose as he pointed to a secret compartment in the trunk.

“Want one?”

“I’m good.” He shrugged and eagerly took a zippo out from his pocket and lit a cigarette.

“More for me…” he murmured as he took a nice long drag.

“Well, you’re welcome to them.”

“Hmmm, a little stale but damn… soooo good.” He closed his eyes and thoroughly enjoyed that cigarette.

Once he finished he placed a pack in his pocket and the rest of the carton in his bag along with the vodka.

“Did you find anything?” he curiously asked.

“Not of any use…” she replied.

Daryl nodded and glanced around the area over once more.

“Guess we better find us a place to camp.”

“Texas?!” Bella called out and pointed to the, ‘Welcome to Texas’ sign.

“Huh, well I’ll be damned. I didn’t think we were that far south.”

“Neither did I…”

Drive Friendly, The Texas Way…” Daryl said as he read the sign.

“Awesome. You can read!”

“Watch yourself, girl…”

He narrowed his eyes and pointed towards a certain area.

“You wanna try that?”

“The windmill?”

He nodded.

“Sure, doesn’t look like there’s anything else.”

They scouted the area around it and nodded upon one another. Daryl gave the signal that he was going in first. Bella watched his back as he entered. After a minute or so, he poked his head back out.


Bella stepped into the area that was just big enough for the two of them, but only barely. By the time they got situated they were arm to arm and leg to leg.

“Cozy, huh?” he smarted as he propped his crossbow up against the wall.

“Could be worse.”

“How so?” He asked curiously.

“I could be in your lap.”

He cocked a brow on this.

“I believe you and I have different takes on what could be worse.”

She blushed on this.

“What’s this?” Daryl asked as she handed him something.

“The rest of the rabbit.”

He shook his head and handed it back.

“It’s yours.”

“Actually it’s not. You killed it, remember?”

He took out one of the apples she’d given him and bit into it. He nudged her after.

“I still got some squirrel left, you eat it.”

She wrinkled her nose at this.

“Did you say squirrel?” He nodded as he ate the apple.


He narrowed his eyes on this.

“You didn’t have an issue with it last night.”

Her eyes grew wide and she covered her mouth looking ill.

“Don’t see what the problem is. No different from that rabbit. Meat’s meat…”

Daryl looked to the picture she had in hand as she was digging through her bag.

“That your old man?”

She nodded and he sort of laughed.

“So daddy’s a cop… go figure.”

She cut him an odd look.

“Got a problem with cops?”

“More like they got a problem with me.”

“Why does that not surprise me?”

Bella popped her pills for the night and Daryl handed the vodka over.

“Need a chaser?”

She took a decent swig before handing it back. He lit another smoke and leaned back, relishing the moment. It wasn’t everyday he had smokes, hard liquor, and the company of a woman. Though he wished he was getting laid. He gave her the once over and shook his head in thought. What he wouldn’t give… And she was just the way he liked them too. Long hair, a killer body, gorgeous brown eyes, and just enough attitude to keep him on his toes. He thought back to how she handled those walkers and took another swig of the vodka.

“So who taught you to fight like that?”

She cut him a puzzled look as he handed the vodka back. Bella took a healthy plunge before handing it back.

“The cop…” she answered with a hint of a smile.

“Yeah well, he should’ve taught you how ta hunt.”

She rolled her eyes and elbowed him causing him to chuckle.

“Damn…” Daryl murmured as she told her story of dealing with walkers for the first time.

She nodded and chugged down that vodka. Daryl cleared his throat and took the bottle, remembering the pills she’d taken. He couldn’t believe the rotten luck this girl had. Having to kill your own boyfriend and his entire family? But like she… he also wondered how they all died at once. Nothing about it made sense.

“What about you?”

He drew back a breath.

“My father…”

Bella’s eyes widened and she snapped a look of shock upon him. He nodded with this look of melancholy about him.

“I’m sorry…” He gritted his teeth.

“Don’t even say that shit! I’m not!”

Bella swallowed back as his hands were balled up into fists.

“Human… Walker… He wasn’t any different. That motherfucker was born a son of a bitch! And that’s how he died. It was fun…”

“Daryl…” she murmured, looking rather bleak.

“He wouldn’t die so we staked his ass to the wall in the living room. We took the belt he always used on us and beat the hell out of him. Thwack! Thwack! One of the grossest things I’d ever seen. Parts of him were flying everywhere. Still, he was snapping at the air like some rabid animal. The fucker…”

He came to his feet and lit another cigarette.

“My brother chopped his head off with his blade and I kicked it like a god damn soccer ball. Flew right out the window.”


“Like I said. It was fun…”

“You don’t mean that.” He pointed upon her, snapping,

“Don’t tell me what I mean. You don’t know shit about me so don’t presume to. Killing walkers is always fun, especially when it’s your old man!”

Bella cringed as he was actually yelling now and it hadn’t anything to do with him. It was the possibilities of what lurked about outside. She made the ‘keep it down’ motion and that only pissed him off more. It was more than apparent he hadn’t truly let this anger of his out before. In fact, she was certain he’d kept this to himself for no telling how long.

“I gotta take a piss…”

He grabbed his crossbow and started out. “Daryl!”

He snapped a look her direction. “What?!”

“Just be careful… please.”

“What do you care? I’m just another ‘asshole’ right?”

Her jaw dropped at this.

“Oh don’t even… And you can stop putting on that front of yours, too.”

“What front?!”

“That whole schoolgirl laugh shit. You think I can’t see past it? Girls like you see right through guys like me,” he scoffed.

“You can’t be serious!”

He rolled his eyes and darted on out.

“…asshole…” she muttered and cringed at her own words realizing what she’d said.

She pinched the bridge of her nose but was quick to lift her head up as she heard that all too familiar sound.

“Daryl…” she murmured behind a gasp and grabbed her knife and gun.

When she stepped out she saw the one walker but no Daryl. She took her knife to it and was about to take off in search of Daryl.


She pivoted around and sighed in relief as he was coming around the other side of the windmill, zipping his pants. He kicked at the dead walker as he walked past and headed back inside. Bella scouted the area once and headed back inside as well.

She made her way about quietly as he’d fallen asleep. With her gun in hand, she eyed the entrance. But like Daryl, her eyes grew heavy and she soon lost the battle and fell asleep.

Daryl was first to wake that morning. He raised his brows seeing as how Bella’s head was against his shoulder and her hands were wrapped around his arm. He wasn’t sure what to make of it. He reached over and gently brushed her hair back. He thought back to last night and how much of an ass he’d been. The redneck shook his head. He gently nudged her.


“Hey yourself, Locksley,” she grumbled and rolled onto her side.

He grinned and nudged her once again.

“Wakey, wakey we gotta get, little bunny.”

“Ugh, quit calling me that.”

“Are you going to quit calling me Locksley?”


He nodded and gave her a slight pop on the butt.

“Then no deal. Up!”

She groaned and rolled onto her back. Her eyes suddenly widened as she looked to the ceiling.


Bella hopped to her feet and headed for the door.

“Where you runnin’ off to?”

“I gotta pee!”

He chuckled as she damn near tripped over her own two feet in order to get out.

She was pulling her pants up when she heard the snapping of twigs. She froze and looked around. The young woman reached for her gun only to realize she’d left everything back at the windmill. Her eyes rolled at her own ignorance. She knew better, dammit!

“Looking for something?”

She took a couple of steps back as a few cowboys stepped out of the woods. One of them made their way over and bent down looking to the area where she peed.

“You marking up my territory?”

The other man pushed her down and the other shoved her face into the puddle she’d made.

“She must think she’s some kind of animal.”

They all died in laughter.

“Maybe she’ll let us mount her like one of your steeds.”

“Hmmm, might take some time to break her in. Something tells me the bitch is a virgin.”

The one that had his hands on her suddenly hollered out as he now had an arrow in his ass. The other man went down as an arrow went through his thigh. One of the three that were by the pickup rushed over and grabbed her. He put a gun to her head and frantically looked about the area.

“I’ll do it!”

“SHIT!” the other two hollered as an arrow went through his head

Bella bent down and hurriedly grabbed the gun. She aimed it at the other two as they were heading for the truck.

“Your truck belongs to us now. Back the fuck up!” Daryl nodded at her words as he retrieved his arrows. He made his way over and grabbed the man that had shoved Bella’s face in her own urine. He slammed his head into the same area and rubbed it in real good.

“Who’s the bitch now, dipshit rapist motherfucker?!”

He rolled him back over and socked him in in the gut. “Give me one reason why I shouldn’t kill your sorry ass!” Daryl jumped hearing a gun firing. He cranked his head that direction and let out a breath of relief. Bella had shot one of the other men and was aiming at the other one now.


The guy nodded and took a few steps back as Bella made her way to the truck. She climbed on in and slammed the door. Daryl went back to beating the living shit out of the one guy. It was because of men like him Bella didn’t have any trust whatsoever. And it was men like him that Daryl hadn’t any issue in teaching a lesson or taking a life even if he had to. Once he had it out of his system he hopped back up and eyed the other as he took his boot to his balls.

The moment he entered the truck Bella floored it. Daryl took notice of the way her hands shook and she looked like she’d have a meltdown any moment. But she kept that foot on the pedal and looked straight ahead. Daryl hopped out and gathered the rest of their stuff once she got back to the windmill. From there they headed out without another word. She dodged abandoned cars and hit walkers along the way. After sometime she pulled up to a bar and parked. She just sat there for a few moments with her hands along the steering wheel. Daryl cut her a look of concern as she grabbed her knife and gun and headed out. He rushed on out as well – knowing she was gonna end up getting herself killed. He grabbed ahold of her before she had a chance to open the door.

“Would you just hold on? We haven’t a clue what’s in there,” he harshly whispered.

She went to pry out of his hold and he got a firmer hold on her and backed her up against the wall. “I get it. You’re pissed the fuck off. And you have every right to be. But I need you to think. You got me, girl?” To his great surprise, she wrapped her arms around him and was hugging the hell out of him. He stood there rather off-guard for a moment before he began holding her in return.

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 (Please keep in mind that this one and About Italy, A Webcatcher’s Dream, and Love Me Till It Hurts have betas so they will take sometime to get posted as they too write and have children to care for. Thank you for your patience!)

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25 thoughts on “Chapter 2 Some Angels Ride Harleys”

  1. it takes time to trust any stranger even in the best of times. obviously both Daryl and Bella has been through enough crap to make them doubt even their own shadows. but at least they are slowly starting to learn that they could actually rely on each other…even if it is only for survival’s sake….for now. i tell you what though, if i ever got myself into a situation like this, i wouldn’t mind having Daryl watching my back. 😉
    great chapter. more please!!! 😀

  2. Great update hon, I enjoyed every word. The way you write make you feel like you’re right there with them…and I can’t wait to read more…thanks, huggs. Peggy

  3. Love it love it love it. Wish all those guys were killed. Seriously makes me ashamed of them southern boys. That’s not how a southerner acts! Hope she is reunited with Charlie soon. But loving ur story it is rocking my socks off lol.

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  5. Fantastic chapter! Loving how they are slowly learning to trust one another. Can’t wait to see how it all progresses between them and when she’s reunited with Charlie.

  6. AWESOME as always! I know you have so many things on your plate, but now that you have started this I would love to see how you could do a fic that is twilight/supernatural. You have proven that you can make any pairing and backstory work. Looking forward to following this Bella/Daryl. Thanks so much for writing and sharing!

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