Chapter 3 Southern Lovin’

Chapter 3

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Once they searched the entire area of the bar they nodded upon one another and put their weapons away. Daryl made certain the front and back doors were locked and blocked of any possible entry. Bella was in the bathroom just thankful to have running water at the moment. She gazed at herself in the mirror and took her jacket off. The young woman scrubbed her face and washed her hair. When she finished, she squeezed her hair out into the sink. Then, she took her over shirt off and proceeded to wash her denim jacket and black over shirt. Afterwards, she squeezed them out as well and hung them on one of the stalls. As she did this she tilted her head upon a certain graffiti mark on the stall door. It read…

For a good time call Merle…

Something about that had her dying in laughter.

“Yes let’s call the one handed bandit,” she muttered under her breath.

She could hear the water going in the men’s bathroom and decided to fuck with him. She knocked on the wall.

“Hey – you taking Little John out for a walk, Locksley?”

There was no reply. She giggled to herself and headed on out. Sitting at one of the bar stools; she started digging through Daryl’s medical bag. She reared back at one of the items, wondering if he even realized what it was he had. She shrugged and opened the box. Sure enough, there was a syringe in there ready to go. She cleansed an area on her arm and injected herself with it but she jumped as the chair twirled about immediately after.

“This look little to you?”

She let out a jaw dropping gasp.

“Daryl!” Bella hissed in disbelief.

Not only was he flashing her and was clearly well-endowed but he was rocking one hell of a hard on too. He wiggled his brows and tucked himself away.

“I can’t believe you ju…”

“What the hell are you doing?” he questioned, realizing she was removing a syringe from her arm.

“You getting high?!” He looked to his bag of goodies.

She laughed.

“Why’d you have that anyhow?”
“That…” She pointed to the box the syringe came from.

He shrugged.

“I grab a bunch of stuff. Some of this came from a pharmacy others just what I came across during scavenging.”
“So you haven’t any idea what you got?” she questioned as he dug through the bag.

“You got your ecstasy, meth, painkillers, more antibiotics, and whatever the hell that Depo Provera shit is you just injected yourself with. And you didn’t even share! That’s mine you know…”

“Why do you have ecstasy and meth?”

“What do you think?” he taunted and put everything away. “Seriously, you’re not about to fucking OD on me or somethin’, are ya?”

“You’re so ignorant it’s damn near cute.”

“Cute?! Woman, I have you know…”
“It’s birth control…”

He reared back for a moment.

“Well hell, let’s test that shit out!”

Her entire body flushed over as he pressed himself against her. Before she could even truly think he had a fistful of her hair and was kissing her. He reared back immediately after and looked upon her as if truly taken back.
“Damn…” he murmured and eagerly kissed her once again.

Only this time, he picked her up and carried her to one of the pool tables. He sat her down and continued their heated kissing session. He unbuttoned his shirt and reached over, raising hers. He broke free of her lips just long enough to pry it off her. He tossed it across the bar and unclasped her bra. He thickly swallowed as he took her in. His head tilted ever so slightly as he ran his hands along her breasts. They were nice and perky, causing his mouth to water and his dick to swell up even more.

His eyes met hers and he noticed the way she chewed on that bottom lip of hers.

“Well, I’ll be damned. You really are a virgin… aren’t you?”

She nodded. His hands ran along her thighs and he worked his way up and unfastened her pants. As he took her pants off he locked eyes with her. He tossed those about as well.

“Want me to help with that?”

She nodded once again.

“Scoot on back and lay down, sweet thang’…”

He climbed on up and skulked on over. Daryl left trails of kisses along her neck as he freed himself. A soft moan escaped her as he rubbed against her slit. Once he had her good and wet he slipped the tip in and leaned into her ear.

“You ready?”


She gasped out as he drove his entire length in. Her arms automatically wrapped around him. Daryl moaned out as he started thrusting. Every now and then she’d whimper out or cling to him even tighter. He focused on going nice and slow. This strong sensation came over him as he took her virginity; that’s when he knew he was done for.

It was there when he first met Bella and he never understood it, but it was more potent now. She had him hook, line, sinker… So much so he couldn’t believe he left his brother’s fucking bike behind. But there was bad blood there now. It was because of his brother he’d gone off on his own. His brother was becoming too much like their old man – an abusive alcoholic. All he did was drink and he was always angry about something. The more Daryl was around his brother, the more he saw himself becoming that way as well. It scared the shit out of him. He even tried talking to his brother about it. When his brother made it known he wasn’t gonna change for no one – even him – Daryl called it quits. To his surprise, his brother gave him the Harley. He said something about keeping old memories alive. When it came to his older brother, Daryl couldn’t have been more confused.

“I’m gonna cum…” he warned as he blew his load.

He wanted to keep going but pulled out, knowing now wasn’t the time to be a dick – in every sense of the way. Daryl rolled on over and laid beside her.

“You okay?”


She ran her hand along his chest.

“I’m okay.”
Bella became startled at the sound of walkers outside of the bar. Daryl drew back a breath.

“The fuckers…I swear it’s like they know…”

Bella snorted on this.

“Maybe they do.”
“So they go by sound and pheromones now?”

“You never know.”

His ran along the curvatures of her body admirably.

“Well, they can’t get in…” he softly assured.

“…damn…” she heard him mutter as he gave her a more thorough look over.

“You’re a tall sexy glass of sweet tea is what you are. Shit…”

Bella blushed on his words and snuggled up against him. He kissed the top of her head and held her close.

When he woke the next morning, Bella was laying on his chest with her leg hiked up on him. He reached over caressing her leg. These soft moans escaped her every now and then, causing him to feel somewhat frisky.

“Now that’s what I’m talkin’ bout…” he muttered under his breath as she started humping him in her sleep.

He got a handful of her ass encouraging it. Her eyes fluttered as she came to. He pulled her into his lap and rocked her about him.

“You want somethin’ to ride… Well you just go right ahead, sweet thang…”

She let out a gasping moan as she felt him enter. Daryl’s hands were planted along her ass. He had to keep from laughing as she gazed upon him with this sudden look of awareness. That’s right it don’t hurt now, does it? Fucking go for it. You gotta be backed up. Virgin at 21… can’t even imagine. Bella picked up the stride and he admired the liveliness of her breasts. He reached over and felt them bouncing against the palms of his hands. His eyes damn near rolled back, however, as she arched back with his name fleeing from those lips of hers. She was experiencing her first orgasm ever and his cock was drowning in her sugary sap. At this, he took over with her beneath him now. His teeth were gritted and he pinned her wrists down. He thrust with everything he had.

“That’s right, girl… I got you covered just keep cumming.”

At his words she came yet again.

“FUUUUCK!” he howled out as he was right behind her.

Daryl hadn’t realized he’d fallen back asleep; not until he woke to find Bella all cleaned up, fully dressed and ready to go. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and let out a miserable groan.

“Wakey, wakey… sorry all out of eggs and bacon, Locksley.”

“God damn, what I wouldn’t give for some eggs and bacon.”

Bella laughed.

“Dittos on that one.”

“Coffee too.”


He rose and rolled his eyes hearing the walkers.

“Man, they’re still out there?”

She nodded.

“In fact, I think they’ve tripled since last night.”

“Fuck it.” He lay back down and rolled over like he was going back to bed.

But he kept on rolling and dropped down from the pool table. He bitched under his breath the entire way to the bathroom. Bella softly laughed as she munched on some trail mix and drank some water. She filled up the bottles and damn near turned the bar upside down looking for anything of use. But the place had been cleaned out. They were running low on rations and hadn’t any meat left.

Bella jumped at the sound of glass shattering.

“Son of a Bitch!” She heard Daryl shout.

She grabbed her gun and ran to the men’s bathroom.

Go…” he called out and was shoving her back out as walkers had managed to break in through the windows and were dropping in like flies.

They pulled the door to and hurriedly grabbed their things. Daryl and Bella looked upon one another knowing they couldn’t just walk on out the front or back doors. Daryl lifted his eyes towards the ceiling. He took her by the hand and headed towards the entry way to the roof.

“Oh, come the fuck on!” Daryl shouted as he looked around.

He gazed upon the truck and then back to Bella.


“You ‘fraid of heights?”

“No… not really, why?”

“Cause we’re gonna have to jump in the back of that pickup.”

“You’re kidding me, right? That’s too far.”

“Nah… We got this.”


“You wanna jump or go meet our new friends back there?”

She looked to the truck and shook her head.

“I’m a thinking…” Bella smarted but was freaking out. She just knew she’d probably break her leg or something much worse.

“We gotta time it just right. Take off and jump at the same time and move like you’ve never moved before. We got this, little bunny… or should I call you Maid Marian now?” he said with a wink.

She shook her head as they threw their bags into the back, then backed up and prepared themselves.

“On the count of three…”

Bella nodded and waited for the count. She couldn’t believe they were about to jump off a 9 to 10 foot building. They leaped off bracing themselves for one heck of a fall. They landed on their hands and knees with a loud thud in the back. They rolled onto their backs and kicked at the backseat window.

“GO!” Daryl called out as he was shoving her on in.

He followed right behind her and rushed into the driver’s side. He started the truck and Bella gasped out as one of the walkers managed to break through the glass and was reaching for her. The truck kicked to life and Daryl slammed it in reverse and floored it. The walker’s hand was ripped off and it landed in Bella’s lap. She got this disgusted look to her face and hurriedly tossed it out. Daryl braced his arm against Bella as he spun the truck around and put it in drive. He flipped the walkers off and burned rubber.

“You in one piece?”

He called out as he shifted gears. She nodded but looked shaken up still. Bella handed Daryl her over shirt so he could wipe the loose hairs from his face. He had just scrubbed himself down and was in attempts to shave when the walkers made their way in; something Daryl used to not give a damn about. He could’ve cared less if he was filthy and in need of a shave. But that was when he was on his own. Things were a bit different now. The way he saw it… There’d be no getting laid if he smelled like motherfucking walker.

“So that bird mark… That something between you and your old man?”

Bella nodded and he nodded in return. She gazed out the window with this sad look about her.

“Somethin’ on your mind?”

“I haven’t seen his anywhere… And I haven’t a clue on where to go from here.”

“You two never talked about a meeting spot?”

“Not since Phoenix…”

She leaned back with a nod.

“When this first happened we agreed to meet at my mother’s place if something went down.”

She drew back a breath.

“Is it true…?”
He narrowed his eyes and glanced upon her.


“About your father? How you…”

He nodded and she shook her head looking ill.

“At least you hated him…” she hinted and Daryl swallowed back on this.

She quickly wiped the tears away when they made their appearance.

“My father was helping a family deal with some walkers across the street. He had me go on to my mother’s – thinking I’d be safer there. I remember walking in. The first thing that hit was the smell and I knew… But even then it’s like my brain just wouldn’t process it. I searched the entire house before entering my mother and stepfather’s room. It was there I found my stepfather in bed and my mother feeding off him. I just stood there. I couldn’t move. I literally stood there and watched as she devoured him. It’s like I went numb after that. All I remember is my father yelling at me and prying me off her. My father…” she shook her head and pinched her eyes shut.

“He said I must’ve stabbed her a dozen times, but I don’t remember doing it. I mean, why? Why would I do that?! She was my mom! Someone I loved…”

It didn’t surprise Daryl, however. Not one bit. He understood why. She was hurting, angry, in shock… And it was no longer her mother. It was something else that had taken over. Her mother was long since gone.

“You killed the walker, not your mother. She was long gone…” he reminded and took her hand.

For some reason, she’d never thought of it that way.

“I suppose the same could be said for you…”

He shrugged on this.

“True… but either way I hate em both.”

“What about your mother?”

“Eh, the old man ran her off. We never blamed her either. That son of a bitch beat on her constantly and would turn around and cheat on her every chance he got.”

“Why didn’t she take you and your brother as well?”
He shrugged once again.

“Just one of them things, I suppose. At least she got away…”

Bella couldn’t help but to cringe. What mother leaves their children behind? And in that situation, no less? She wouldn’t utter a word on it out of respect for Daryl, but she thought it rather selfish on his mother’s part. Most would rather die than to leave their children behind.

She kicked back and rested her head in Daryl’s lap.

“You never did say where you and your old man agreed to meet.”

She rather laughed and shook her head.

“Her house was in Phoenix… That’s I what I meant.”
He nodded.

“Maybe we should be turning this truck around then.”
“Daryl, I don’t even know if…” She couldn’t even finish that thought as to why she hadn’t mentioned Phoenix before. Deep down she feared the same outcome. She couldn’t bear the thought of her father becoming one of ‘them’. And after what happened with her mother… She knew she wouldn’t have the heart to end her father, walker or not. The memory of her mother haunted her to this very day.

“It’s better to know than to not…”

On this, he pulled over and turned the truck around.

“Are you sure you wanna do this?”
“Ain’t got anywhere else ta be and you’re not riddin’ of me now, little bunny.”

“I could always shot you again.”

“If you were a better aim that might work, but face it – if it’s not a walker you suck…”

“Shut it, Locksley!”

He popped her on the butt and then took a cigarette out from his vest.

After a days drive…

Bella kept watch as Daryl syphoned some gas out of a few vehicles. She narrowed her eyes and was looking towards a particular area.

“You hear that?”

Daryl poured what gas he’d syphoned into the truck. He reared back, hearing it as well now. He rose up and looked around. Bella started in the direction the cry for help was coming from but her redneck reached over, stopping her.

“You’re not going over there…”

“Excuse me?”

“Girl you don’t even know what’s out there and you’re just gonna wander off and have yourself looksee?”

She nodded and started off once again.

“Nah… I’ll go, you stay put.”
“You seriously believe I’ll just ‘stay put’ because you told me to?”

“You’re damn straight!”

She raised her brows on this.

“You’re kidding, right?”

He shook his head and personally placed her in the truck. He pointed upon her.


He took just a few steps when he heard the truck door open. Daryl drew in a breath of utter annoyance and looked to the sky.

“That woman is a god damned certified P.I.A.,” he murmured under his breath and kept walking.

The closer they got, another familiar sound carried over. Daryl pivoted around and put his finger to his lips. She nodded, picking up the sound of nearby walkers as well. He got his crossbow ready and Bella brought her gun out. He nodded upon her and they quietly searched the area. Bella tapped him on the shoulder and pointed to a man hanging by one leg in a tree. There were a slew of walkers beneath just waiting to make a meal out of him. Daryl shook his head and lowered his crossbow. He motioned for her to head back and her jaw dropped in disbelief. She shook her head in disagreement.

He took her by the arm and led her further out.

“You willing to die for some guy we’ve never met? We don’t know him.”

“So that means he deserves to die?”
“He might… Looks like the chinaman was dumb enough to get himself caught in a trap. Trust me, he’s better off if he’s that ignorant.”


He nodded.

“Well, that’s what he is, ain’t he?”

“What would it matter if he is or isn’t? He’s fucking human. And you risked your life saving me! How’s this any different?”

“Easy, you’re not some stupid chinaman and you come in a much prettier package.”

Bella gritted her teeth on this and took off to save the guy anyhow. Daryl cursed under his breath and followed, completely disgruntled.

“Shit!” he hollered out as Bella started shooting at the walkers and was luring them away from the man.

The redneck cut the man a dirty go to hell look as he fired his crossbow. He took off after the walkers doing his best to cover his girl’s back as she continued in luring them away. She lost her footing at one point and fell back. A walker tripped as well and came crashing down on top of her.

“NO!” Daryl shouted in a panic as he was trying to get to her.

Bella held the walker off and turned her head dodging it’s bites. She wrapped her legs around it and twisted around so that the walker was beneath her now she smashed it’s head into the ground and drove her blade it’s head. Her eyes widened as a couple more walkers fell dead right beside her. She was jerked up all of a sudden.
“Are you trying to get yourself killed?! What the hell?!”

She broke out of his hold and shoved him back.

“Don’t even get me started!”
“What the hell is wrong with you?”

She stormed off to the area the guy was.

“Me? Last time I checked, I wasn’t the one being an idiot!”
“Oh no… you’re just the man that basically let me know if I had been Chinese you’d have left my ass to die!”

Bella started to climb the tree in attempts to get the man down. Daryl grabbed her by the waist and forced her back down.

“You wanna rip those stitches? Cause that’s what’s gonna happen. I’ll get him!”

She rolled her eyes as he handed the crossbow over. He scaled on up the tree and took out a knife and placed it into his mouth. He held the blade between his teeth as he made his way over to the branch where the trap had been set. Once he got to the area he needed to be at, he removed the blade.

“You might want to prepare for one hell of a fall. Meaning don’t land on your head or you’ll be one dead chinaman.”

“DARYL!” Bella scolded, looking embarrassed.

The man braced himself as Daryl started cutting. Bella put everything down and was preparing as well.

“Heads up!” Daryl called out as the man came tumbling down.

Bella rushed over as the man landed on his back. Daryl made his way down from the tree as Bella was checking the man over. The moment he got his crossbow, he kicked at the man’s feet.

“Up!” Daryl demanded.

She looked on in absolute disbelief as Daryl roughly forced the man to his feet.

“You better get to talking… I want your name and tell me how you got caught up in that trap!”

The man raised his hands showing how he was unarmed.

“What? You don’t speak English?”

Daryl reared back in utter surprise as Bella caught him off-guard and socked the living shit out of him. He staggered back reaching to his jaw. Tears were forming in her eyes as she eyed Daryl down.

“When around me… You leave that racist bullshit to yourself! Do we have an understanding?”

His lip curled as she took the man by the arm and was leading him back to the pickup.

“Damn woman… You’re gonna get us killed, you know!” he shouted and kicked at a nearby tree stump.

Bella looked on with concern as the man pinched his eyes shut and broke down. She swallowed back and handed him a bottle of water.

“They took them…” he murmured as he sucked back a breath.

“Took who?”

She narrowed her eyes seeing as how he was beat to a pulp.

“These guys… they came from nowhere and they took the girls,” he declared as if going into hysterics.

Bella quickly braced the man against her as he passed out cold.

“Wake up sunshine…”

The man batted his eyes as he came to. Seeing as how it was just him and the man out in the middle of nowhere, he shot up in alarm

“Let’s get a few things straight. First of all… that girl… hands off. You so much as look at her the wrong way and the walkers will be eating spare ribs tonight. Second… I want your name and story. Two things you should know before we get started – Well, make that three. My girl’s asleep so you’re at my mercy now. I can detect a lie a mile away so don’t even try it. And last but not least, you fuck us over and I’ll put you back in that tree and let the walkers enjoy them legs of yours. You’ll be like a human piñata.”
The man nervously swallowed and came to his feet. Daryl kept his eyes on him the entire time.

“My name is Glenn. I had two women traveling with me when those traps went off. These men came from nowhere or so it seemed. They took the girls and left.”

Daryl nodded on this.

“Well, good luck to ya…” he stated with a nod and started walking back to the truck.

“Wait! Please! I have to get them back.”

“I don’t see how that’s my problem.”

“Come on… Man to man… we know what will happen to them. They weren’t just…” the man sighed.

“They weren’t just any women. It was my girlfriend and her younger sister.”
“Chances are it’s too late. Like you said, man to man… Women are hard to come by nowadays. Sorry but you ain’t gonna see those two again. You might as well move on…”

“Is that what you would do? If it were her?” Glenn hinted with desperation.

Daryl stopped in his tracks.

“You wouldn’t… we both know that. Look, just help me find them and I’ll be out of your hair. I promise. But right now I need all the help I can get. You and that girl of yours… That was some impressive stuff. You make a good team. I could use you. Both of you…”

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  1. oh cool! Glenn is here. love him too. i wonder if Maggie and Beth are the two girls. and that was some hot action between Daryl and Bella. even in the show Daryl was a little bigoted at first but he’ll learn soon enough. especially now that he has separated himself from Merle.
    excellent!!! 😀

  2. I really never watched this series on t.v. but after starting to read this story and knowing my son and his family is so captivated by the show I spent the weekend, catching up by watching The Walking Dead on Netflex and found myself also captivated by this show and in awe of Daryl. I love this story and am dying to read more of it…thanks hon…until next time…bigg huggs. Peggy

  3. As soon as I read Chinaman, I was like, “OH, HELL, YEAH!! Glenn’s here!!” LOL very nice lemon in the beginning. Nice way to start of a chapter, in my opinion. Their back story was very well put together and I couldn’t have done it better myself. Great job and I can’t wait to read the next one!!

  4. Woot Glenn’s here. So is his girlfriend going to be Maggie and the sister Beth? Oh man can’t wait for the next chapter.

  5. YAAAAY Glen is in it!! Love the story so far and you’re doing an excellent job at writing Daryl. I totally read his parts in his twang. =) on pins and needles for the next update!

  6. Have I totally spaced it and not reviewed this story at all yet?! For shame on me! Well – you know I love it to death. I love the way you write Daryl – I can hear him talking in my head each time he speaks in the story, lol. It is truly awesome!

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