Chapter 4 All That Bickerin’

Chapter 4

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“SHIT!” Bella hollered as she woke to a walker reaching for her in the truck.

She kicked at its head with her boot and reached for her gun. A gasp escaped her as the door behind her suddenly opened and she was being dragged out of the truck. Relief washed over her seeing as how it was Daryl. He fired an arrow and it went through the walker’s head.

“Get your stuff. We got more comin’ this way.”

Bella nodded and hurriedly grabbed her bag and knife. They headed into the woods where Glenn was waiting.

“Let’s go…” Daryl said with a nod.

“Where are we going?” Bella curiously asked.

“To help the china…” he cleared his throat as she was already cutting him a dirty look.

“Gonna find them girls or what’s left of em…” he was quick to correct.

Bella broke into a smile.

“Don’t do that…” the redneck murmured with the rolling of the eyes.

“Do what?” she questioned with her best innocent front.

“You know damn well what I’m talkin’ bout. Knock it off.”

She softly laughed and kissed him on the cheek. He sighed afterward and shook his head as she drifted behind a bit and was walking alongside of Glenn. Daryl picked up bits and pieces of their conversation. She was asking him questions about the girls and the attack. Meanwhile, Daryl traveled the direction Glenn had pointed out and was looking for any signs that the girls had been around this area. Bella popped a couple of her pills along the way. She took one of her water bottles out and handed Glenn one as well. But that wasn’t the only thing. She handed him the extra gun Daryl had given her also. Daryl caught this through the corner of his eye and stopped in his tracks.

“What are you doing?”
She shrugged and sipped at her water. Daryl made his way over and took the water and gun back.

“That’s yours! I said I’d help him. Never said I’d provide for his sorry ass.”

“You’re not! I am.”
“I gave you that gun. I gave you that water. So technically I am! And how stupid can you be? We don’t know this man. Yet, you just gave him an armed weapon.”

“Call me stupid one more time…” she threatened.

“And you’ll what?” He taunted with a flirtatious wink.

“Ugh, Daryl…”
“Excuse us…” Daryl said as he took Bella by the hand and wandered off.

“Let’s get one thing straight, little bunny…” he murmured as he backed her up against a tree.

“If we’re gonna help this guy. We’re gonna do it my way. That means you keep your supplies and don’t be offerin’ them to some stranger. We’re running low as it is.”
“He’s dehydrated! He needs water. And he needs some sort of protection.”
“Not our problem. He’s just the third wheel in all this. Once we help him find them girls that’s that. We’re done. We don’t owe him! It’s him that owes us!”

“Jesus Daryl… I never knew you could be so…”
“So…?” he challenged.


He reared back with a chuckle.

“And you’re fucking stubborn as hell. Guess that’s why we work.”
“You call this working?” She shoved his hand away from her face as he was caressing her cheek.

“I hadn’t a clue you were anything like this. You just hit me out of left field. What makes you think we’re so much better than he is?!”

Daryl gritted his teeth.

“Hell woman… You don’t get it do you?! You’re too god damn gullible. What’s not to say you give that man your gun and he doesn’t turn on us? He’ll wait until we’re asleep and I’ll wake and your ass will be gone! All of this could be a mere rouse of some sort.”

“I seriously doubt that! Think about it Daryl. You really think he went all this way to trick us?! And he doesn’t strike me as the type!”

“Yeah well, apparently I don’t know you as well as I thought either. So kiss my fucking ass!”

Daryl rolled his eyes, but tilted his head as he watched her walk back towards Glenn.

“P.I.A, I’m tellin’ you god damn woman. I ought to leave both your asses here. I wasn’t aware you was some chinamen lover.” But even as he said this Daryl Dixon recoiled on his own words.

Bella stopped in her tracks and pivoted back around.

“If that’s how you really feel then go!” She snapped and started back towards Glenn.

Daryl bitterly made his way over only to find Bella handing the gun back and now she was dividing her supplies with the man. Daryl’s lip curled on this. He rushed over and replaced the water she’d given the man with his own.

“Daryl…” she went to argue and he put a finger to her lips.

“I’m done arguing. Ya got me?”

She pulled a certain face and Daryl grimaced knowing he’d fucked up. Yet again…
“It’s whatever…” she softly stated but looked shattered as she started walking.

After a few minutes Glenn looked upon Bella. They were nearly out of the woods and about to enter what used to be downtown.

“I’m sorry.” Glenn genuinely remarked.

She narrowed her eyes as they overlooked the city from the hill they were currently standing on.

“Don’t… He’s fine, just moody.” The man softly laughed on this and regarded Daryl who was several feet ahead of them now and carefully scouting the area. Daryl scrunched up his face and drew back a breath of utter annoyance as he overheard her.

“So I’ve noticed…”

“It’s just an act, even the whole Chinaman thing. Really… Deep down… he’s… well he’s…”

“Concerned…” Glenn added as they trudged on.

“For you…” he said with a nod of assurance.

She cut the man a puzzled look.

“So how long have you two been together?”

“You mean as in together – together?”
He nodded. She gazed upon Daryl as he eased his way into the ghost town.

“Something tells me we’re not truly an item. Hell, I don’t even know what we are.”

The man raised his brows in disbelief. That wasn’t what it seemed to Glenn by no means. He thought they were married the way they carried on. Daryl had heard what she said as well but something else caught his attention.

“You’re not Chinese are you?” Bella put out there.

Glenn gave a hint of a smile on this.

“That’s what I thought.” She said behind a giggle.

“You two gettin’ cozy or something back there?” Daryl hollered out as he eyed the old nursing home up ahead.

There was an iron fence around the perimeter of the building. What threw him off? The four straggler walkers in attempts to get into the gates. That told him one thing and one thing only… There were people inside. The three of them ducked into a nearby alleyway as they heard a vehicle approaching. They hid behind a dumpster and peeked over as the jeep passed on through.

“Stay put…” Daryl ordered as he made his way around and peeked around the corner.

He narrowed his eyes in observation as a couple of men hopped out of the back and unlocked the iron gates. He counted at least five armed men. Daryl continued his observation as they approached the building. These other men came out of the building as well. They killed the walkers, locked the gates, and disarmed the men. One of the men motioned towards the back of the jeep. The men that had come from the building nodded and removed some sort of crate from the back. After opening it and examining the contents they motioned for the men to head on in. But Daryl noticed how the men from the truck remained unarmed as they entered the building.

The weapons were taken to a shed looking building beside the old nursing home. He observed as they locked the building up tight and they took entered the nursing home after. He sighed amongst himself having a very bad feeling about this. There was no telling what was going on behind those walls. Once he made his way back he described what he saw to Glenn and Bella.

“Not much we can do at the moment. We need to hang low and scope this place out a bit more. We haven’t any idea what’s behind those walls. And from what little I’ve seen… we’re outnumbered.”

Daryl looked around the area in thought.

“So for now, we find a place to turn in for the day. One where we can keep watch but not get our asses killed in the process.”

“What about that one?” Glenn questioned pointing to one of the taller buildings.

“We could keep tabs from the roof…” he added with a shrug.

“That’s a good idea actually.” Bella remarked.

“Depending on what’s inside…” Daryl muttered.

Glenn headed that way and Daryl gently took Bella by the arm stopping her as she went to follow.

“Just watch what you say and do around him. Don’t be so quick to let your guard down.”

“He’s different…”
“How can you be so sure?”

“I just know…”

“You didn’t trust me for shit… but you trust him?!”

“Daryl…” She uttered with a sigh.

“I get it…” he bitterly murmured. “But you’re wrong about one thing…”
“Oh? And what would that be?” She hissed with irritation.

Us…” he said with a softer tone but took off joining Glenn at the door of the building.

Bella followed but found herself taken back once again. Daryl nodded towards Bella and Glenn and got his crossbow ready. Bella and Glenn had their guns cocked and ready to go.

“Ever fired a gun before?” Daryl mocked as he glanced Glenn’s direction.

Glenn shook his head looking annoyed but said nothing as Daryl cautiously opened the door. They nodded to one another seeing as how it was once a bank. Daryl motioned for Bella to check out the front desk. He and Glenn took the sides. Bella spotted a walker within one of the back rooms. From the looks of its attire it was once a bank teller. She put her gun away and brought her knife out. Just as she went to sneak up on it. The walker twirled about and started towards her Bella shoved one of the office chairs towards the walker, causing it to fall back. She then leaped on over and drove her blade into it’s head. She was quick to gasp out however as there was another beneath the desk. It’s legs were rotted to nothing and it was crawling towards her with it’s hands. She wrinkled her nose on this and reached over taking it’s head.

“Sneaky bastard…” she mumbled, taking notice of the manager nametag on the blazer it was wearing.

“That explains it Mr. Marks.” Bella witted and used the walker’s blazer to wipe her blade clean, before putting it away.

Glenn jumped back after spinning a nearby chair around. He drew back a breath of relief seeing as how the walker was already dead. It had a pretty good chunk missing from it’s skull. From the looks of things it was a shot gun that did this one in. And at pretty close range… he thought as he looked to see a perfect round hole in wall behind the chair as well. Once he cleared his side he stepped out and waited for Bella and Daryl to give the clear.

Daryl lowered his arrow and tilted his head upon the two walkers. The only thing separating them was a glass door. He decided to leave them figuring it wasn’t worth the risk. They hadn’t a way out anyhow. That didn’t stop him from teasing them anyhow. He walked up to them with a nod.

“You want some of this, fuckers?”

They let out that raspy hunger growl of theirs and tried desperately to get to him.

“Too damn bad…” he muttered as he stepped on out of the room.

He gave the clear and the three of them met up in the middle of the bank.

“All’s clear down here. But we still got a couple floors to go.” Daryl said as he eyed the stairwell.

They headed up the stairs to the second floor once they had it cleared. They yet again met up in the center of the room.

“Two down one to go.” As he said this Bella turned a certain direction.

It was then the men heard it too. She inched her way towards the area the sound was coming from. The closer she came to the elevator the louder the scratching sound became.

“Walkers…” She murmured as she put her ear to the door.

Daryl nodded on this.

“Think they’re in the mood for Chinese?” He taunted seeing as how Glenn was giving his girl the once over.

Glenn cleared his throat and quickly looked away.

“I bet they’re aching for some southern fry.” Bella mocked in return.

Daryl leaned into her ear as they made their way to the third floor.

“Is bunny on the menu as well?”

Her jaw dropped and he softly chuckled. He pulled her back and gestured for Glenn to go on ahead. Once he had Bella up against the wall of the staircase. He leaned into her ear once again.

“I don’t mean for the walkers…”

Daryl had himself pressed against her was kissing her. Glenn’s face flushed over and he rapidly turned his head.

“Can’t stay mad at me forever…” The redneck murmured against her mouth.

“Wanna bet…?” she challenged.

He softly growled under his breath wishing to hell Glenn wasn’t there so he could fuck the daylights out of her. She hadn’t any idea what she was doing to him. The young woman cut him that playful smile of hers and crawled out from under his arm as his hand was up against the wall behind her. He let out a miserable sigh as he had his head pressed up against the wall for a brief moment.

“I hate you…” Daryl whispered as he passed by Glenn.

“Tell me something I don’t know.” Glenn retorted.

“Your fly’s down…” Daryl smarted but sure enough Glenn looked down anyhow only to see it truly was.

Daryl chuckled but Bella was cutting her redneck yet another dirty look.
“What?!” Daryl questioned a mockery of innocence.

“You’re such an ass.”

He nodded in agreement but they prepared as he opened the door to the third level. To their amazement the room was completely clear. Daryl found the entry to the roof and they followed him on up.

“Lay low…” he said realizing just how close they were to the old nursing home.

They each hunkered down and found an area to hide yet could keep watch all the same. Bella took her jacket off and used it to sit on as the roof it was blazing hot. The guys found a way to adapt to the heat as they started their little investigation. Bella slightly lifted her tank top and swallowed back as she removed the padding and gauze from her wound.

“How’d you get that?” Glenn asked with concern.

“Why ya even lookin’?” Daryl questioned and smacked him in the back of the head.

“Long story…” she replied behind gritted teeth as she cleansed the area.

Glenn nodded and adverted his eyes. Daryl took one of his apples out and kicked back as he bit into it.

“Hey…” Glenn called out as he took notice of something.

Daryl peeked over seeing a woman running out of the building. Only to find she was being forced back inside by the same armed men from earlier.

“Anyone you know?” Daryl asked.

Glenn shook his head no. After that little scene, there was nothing or so it seemed. The three of them ate what rations they had left and had nearly finished off their water. The sun was beginning to make its way down – something they were all thankful for. It was around that time the men from earlier stepped out. The armed men retrieved their weapons and handed them back over. They opened the gates and waved them off as they left.

“That’s so weird…” Bella whispered.

Glenn sighed in frustration. “I need a closer look. We’re getting nowhere like this.”

“Go on then. Have yourself a closer look and see where it gets you.”

“I have no choice. I have to know if they’re in there.”

The man packed his things away and came to his feet.

“You can’t be serious…” Bella threw out there.

He shrugged.

“I’m pretty sure they’re in there somewhere. If so I need to act fast. I don’t have time to wait and see what happens. They’re counting on me…”
Bella nodded in understanding and came to her feet as well.

“Then we’re going with you.”

Daryl reared back at this.

“Um, I don’t think so…”
“Fine, then I’ll go.”

“It’s a god damned death trap!”

“I’m well aware.”
Daryl gritted his teeth and pointed upon her.

“You’re staying right here. If he wants to go and get himself killed then let him! That doesn’t mean we gotta do the same! That’s his choice!”

The three of them hurriedly dropped down as vehicle was heard and directly beside the old bank. They sighed in relief as it kept going. When they came back up they noticed it was heading for the iron gates. It was a black van. Once again the armed men stepped out. The back doors to the van opened and out stepped two more armed men and three women were roughly forced out of the van. They were brought to their knees and thoroughly searched. The youngest was forced back to her feet afterward. They heard one of the men holler something out but they couldn’t make out what it was. The young woman spit in the man’s face and he slapped her. Bella staggered back and her heart had that dropping sensation as memory came to serve. She flinched as the woman was pushed up against the van and the man reached around grabbing the area of her crotch and pressing himself against her. This had Bella seeing red. She nodded to herself and started towards the entryway.

Daryl had been watching her reaction the entire time. He rushed over blocking the way.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m going to kill them, every one of them!”

“Sure ya are…”

She gritted her teeth and went to step around him. Once again he blocked the way. As for Glenn he just stood there in shock and felt even more lost.

“Let me pass!”

“Nope! Not gonna.”

Bella’s entire body flushed over and she was shaking all over. She used all her girth to shove Daryl out of the way and took off. Daryl chased her down the stairs. He leaped over and pushed the door too as she went to open it. He grabbed ahold of her and forced her up against the wall.
“You ain’t getting’ yourself killed. Not on my watch!”

“They’re gonna rape those girls and that man’s friends!”

“I guarantee they’ve done been raped. There’s nothin’ we can do about it either. All we can hope for is gettin’ them back alive. That’s all we got. And deep down he knows that too.”

She shook her head on this.

“That isn’t good enough!”

“Well it’s gonna have to be! Cause we go there right now…. Your little friend and I are gonna end up six feet under or worse. And you’re gonna be their new trick! Is that what you want?”


He nodded but kept his hold.

“You can say whatever you want, little bunny. But I’m not lettin’ you out of my sight. You wanna go then I have no choice but to go as well.””
“Why? No one’s making you!”

“What the fuck kind of question is that? Why? What do you think?! Ever think that maybe we’re not all assholes? That some of us actually give a damn. Let me tell you something, sweet thang. This world might be going to shit and we all might be done for. But I’m not going down without one hell of a fight. And considerin’ the situation. I wish you’d see things my way. Seeing as how I’ve taken a likin to you and all; I’d sure hate for it to end all of a sudden. If you’re gonna rip my heart out, I’d much rather you not go and do it by gettin’ yourself killed!”

Bella closed her eyes and sunk to the floor. Glenn was making his way down the stairs but came to a halt as Bella broke down. Daryl hurriedly dropped down and grabbed ahold of her.

“Hey…” he tenderly stated as he hugged her.

“There was this man…” she drew back a quivery breath as she finally opened up about Merle.

She told Daryl the story on how this strange man saved her. That he was the one to originally tend to her wounds and stitch her up. She told him the truth behind everything only she didn’t feel the need to mention the man’s name. Glenn swallowed back with a grimace and shook his head.

As for Daryl…

There were mixed emotions. He wanted to take the son of a bitch’s balls shove them down his throat so far they came out of his ass. When he was done he’d skin him alive! He hadn’t any idea, but now that he had… he felt twice as protective as before. This irrefutable rage coursed through him but he kept it at bay. Knowing damn well that wasn’t what she needed at the moment. But he hadn’t any idea what to say. What could he say? Nothing was going to make it any better. No, Bella was a woman of action. And the more he got to know her, the more he was beginning to realize that. He kissed the top of her head as his hold grew even tighter.

“Let’s go…” He whispered and her eyes locked with his.

He nodded and caressed her cheek as he helped her to her feet. Daryl reached into his bag before heading out of the bank. He tossed Glenn a blade.

“If you wanna learn how to use it.” Daryl motioned to his girl.
“She’s got you covered. Girl’s got some mad skills with a blade.”

Bella rather blushed on Daryl’s words. Glenn nodded.

“Follow my lead… both of you. You got me?” Glenn and Bella nodded.

Daryl nodded and headed out. They followed him up the gate but stayed within the shadows.

“You see those two armed men at the front?”

They nodded in return.

“Yeah, let’s stay away from those.”

They nodded in agreement and carefully went around the perimeter seeing what they were up against.

“Two in back. Two in front. They left the sides defenseless. So that’s where we’re going. Stay close. Both of you. No wandering off and playing hero – no matter the circumstances. Especially you…” He said eyeing Glenn down.

“Don’t you go and make me regret this. Understood?”

Glenn nodded “perfectly”.

“Then we shouldn’t have any issues.”

Daryl helped Glenn over the iron fence first. He then got Bella over. He tossed his crossbow over and Bella caught it. He then backed up a bit and ran up to the fence and started climbing. Bella raised her brows rather impressed.

“Nice…” She whispered once he hopped on over.

“Glad you think so….” The redneck said as he took her hand and the three of them rushed to the side of the building.

Bella tried peeking through the windows but wasn’t really picking up anything other than silhouettes – ones that didn’t leave much to the imagination. She grimaced at a few. And that’s when the realization truly hit her. She led Daryl off to a corner of the building.

“They’ve turned this into a brothel. Only it seems the women are being forced into it.”

Daryl tilted his head in thought.

“I need in there…”
He narrowed his eyes and leaned into her ear.

“Not happening.”
“Do you have another option?” she challenged.

He rolled his eyes.

“I’ll think of something. But you as bait… Not an option.”
“If I could sneak inside somehow. I could fool them into thinking I’m one of the girls.”
“What in the living fuck?” he hissed in disbelief.

“You just told me how you were nearly raped. Now you wanna go and take another chance on that?”

“I gotta do something…”

“Nah, you ain’t gotta do shit. I’m not putting you in that sort of risk. We can dress the Asian up and have him take it up the ass before I’m willing to do that.”
“Would you quit that…? He’s got a name.”

“Not one worth remembering….” He uttered and she punched him in the arm.

“Didn’t we discuss this racist crap already? I’m not messing around. Knock it off.” he shook his head and quickly covered her mouth.

“Wanna be a little louder?”
“His name is Glenn. You want him calling you cracker or Hill Billy?”

Daryl smirked on this.

“You’re such an ass.”

“You keep saying that.”
“Maybe cause you really are.”

“Ever think that’s what it takes in order to survive?”

She rolled her eyes and went to step away. He grabbed her arm pulling her back towards him.

“Look girl… I’m sorry. Alright? I’ll try to be nicer…”

She cut him a certain look.

“But I make no promises…” he added and she jerked out of his hold.

Glenn and Daryl looked on as she took her knife and cut out one of the window screens. She reached in and carefully lifted the window. They followed her inside and saw that they were in one of the old rooms. There was just enough moonlight to reveal the bed and recliner within the room. The bed itself had straps for retraining on it. Bella grimaced at the drops of blood along the bed.

“Stay here…”

Daryl shook his head no.

“I need you both to trust me. I got this… You need to believe I can do this.” Bella put her weapons away doing her best to hide them. She glanced upon Glenn as her hand was around the doorknob.

“Their names?”

“Maggie and Beth.”

At this she nodded and cautiously exited the room. Daryl pinched the bridge of his nose and eyed Glenn with utmost hatred.

“You better pray she makes it…”

Glenn nodded in perfect understanding. For now, the men took cover and prepared for whatever came their way.

Bella went into stealth mode as she made her way down the hall. This was something her father had taught her. When someone entered the area she was in, she’d quickly duck into the shadows of a nearby doorway and patiently wait. Once they were out of sight she’d step back out. She paid extra attention to her surroundings. Going as far as to count the rooms and in each hallway. She looked for any names on the doors but saw none. All they had was numbers. Such as the first hall had one through 13 and there were rooms on both sides. As did the other two hallways. She counted at least 31 rooms in all. She hadn’t a clue where to even begin. From the looks of things they were using some sort of generator to keep electricity going in certain areas. She figured the hallways with no lights on whatsoever to be vacant rooms. As she made her way down to the one with the flickering lights, she soon had her answer. Every now and then she could pick up the muffled sounds of women crying, moaning, or pleading for their lives. It was enough to make her skin crawl. And no matter how much she wanted to act on this. She knew she couldn’t. If she even attempted to bust one of the doors down and play hero as Daryl so eloquently put… she’d wind up dead or worse. No, she had to take her time and play it smart.

As she made her way further down she heard a few men talking. They were discussing how one of the girls had an STD and would be out of commission until she finished her pills. But what caught her attention more was the old nurses’ station they were sitting at. A man entered the room before long and called to them. The men rose and followed the man out of the room. Bella rushed over and began skimming through whatever she could find. She picked up a file and flipped through it. Sure enough there were names beside the room numbers. For each name there were notes about the particular girl in that room. Anything from their race, height, weight, age and medical status. It even went as far as to what birth control method they were on etc… Bella could hear the men returning and she hurriedly turned one of the pages and nodded amongst herself as she saw the name Maggie and what room she was in. But by that time the men were within view. Meaning she hadn’t any choice she quickly ducked into the linen closet behind the nurse’s station.

Bella climbed the shelves and hid off into the corner. Her patience however was growing thin as these guys didn’t seem to be moving anytime soon. And from little of their conversation she could pick up. She was dead on about this being a nursing home turned brothel. But a certain name caught her attention and she froze.

“So where is that son of a bitch Merle anyhow? I thought he was gonna start running things. You know… seeing as how Clay sucks at this.”

“Eh, he mentioned being held up. Something about a deal gone wrong.”
“How wrong we talking?”
The man rather laughed.

“That motherfucker lost his hand. You should’ve seen it. Talk about fucking sick! Anyhow could be a couple months before we see his ass around here again.”
“Oh shit, for reals?”
“Yeah I bet it puts a damper on his game.”

“Well fuck! I imagine so. So how’d that happen anyhow?”
“He didn’t say but man that son of a bitch was pissed.”
“Well yeah I’m sure.”

“Hmm.. hmm… lookee here comes Denise…”

“Is it that time already?”
“Guess so… so get lost…” The other man laughed and Bella could her him scooting out of his chair.

“It’s cool, I got Miranda waiting on me.”

“You got something for me?” Bella heard the feminine voice question seductively.

“Fuck, yeah I do…”

She heard the man unzip his pants.

“You know what to do …”
Bella rolled her eyes as the woman giggled.
“Whatever you want, Roy baby.”

“Then you won’t mind bringing your friend along after you blow me?”
The woman sighed.
“She’s not ready.”
“I don’t give a shit. She’s had more than enough time to get her act together. So blow me and bring me Maggie.”

Bella thickly swallowed and quietly made her way back down and as much as she hated it. She stood there right at the door and simply waited as she listened to the man getting sucked off. Thankfully, it didn’t take long as he heard him moaning out in a finish.

“Now go…”

The woman let out a yelp and Bella heard some sort of slapping sound. She heard the woman rush off. Bella’s lip curled as she held her gun to the door. It was so tempting to shot knowing he was right there. But she had to know whether or not it was Glenn’s Maggie or not. So she reluctantly put her gun away and brought her blade out instead. It wasn’t long before she heard the two women approach.

“C’mere now, no need to be shy.”

“Don’t you touch me!”

Bella raised her brows on this.

“Maggie hun, we talked about this…”
“And I made it clear I wasn’t doing anything… not until I see my sister!”

Bella nodded amongst herself as she now had her answer. She put her hand to the doorknob and merely waited for the right opportunity.

“I tell you what. Why don’t we have your sister join us?”

The man died in laughter.

“Then you had better get to work. I tend to get bored quite easily.”
The woman gasped out and Bella could hear the ruckus.

“Don’t fight it sweetie, just…” the woman trailed off as she saw the door to the linen closet open. Bella put a finger to her mouth and nodded upon the brunette known as Denise.

The man had Maggie bent over the nurse’s station and was using a knife to remove her clothing. Bella inched her way over and drove her blade into the man’s spine. With her other hand wrapped around his mouth she laid him down and started to drag him into the linen closet.

“Wanna help me out…?” She questioned the women.

Maggie nodded and rushed over.

“Thanks.” Bella said as they got him inside and shut the door.

When they turned back around Denise was long gone.

“No…” Maggie murmured and Bella sighed.

“Let me guess, she’s gonna rat?”

“I wouldn’t put it past her…”

Bella took Maggie by the hand and took off running. She shoved Maggie into the original room she came through.


The woman gazed upon her confused.

“Mag’s?” Bella smiled as the woman turned towards the sound of Glenn’s voice.

“And what about my sister?” Bella heard her question Glenn.
“I’m getting to that. Just go.” she answered.

“Room three…”

“Three?” Bella questioned with misperception as that was one of the vacant hallways or so she thought.

“I was wondering that myself.” Maggie admitted as Glenn reached over and grabbed ahold of her.

Bella gave Daryl a simple nod and he sighed as she took off yet again. She did her best to ignore the fuss coming from the other hallway as she made her way over to room three. Bella stopped at first as the door made a creaking sound. She did her best to open it without it creaking but it was rather impossible. Once she was inside she pushed the door to and leaned against it doing her best to calm down. Her heart was racing ninety to nothing. She was quick to jump and whip her gun out as she heard an all too familiar sound. She couldn’t see for shit. All she could make out was that growl and what sounded to be metal clanking against something every now and then. Bella used caution as she felt her way around the room. The young woman made her way to the curtain. She pulled it back letting some light from the outside in. She turned towards the sound and lowered her gun. “Dammit…” She whispered seeing the blonde hair and already knew.

Bella made her way over and shook her head at the sight. The walker was cuffed to the bed explaining the metal sound she heard. It was stripped down and there was a significant puddle of blood near it’s private regions.

“I’m so sorry…” Bella murmured with a broken heart as she put her gun away and took her blade out.

A knot formed within the back of her throat as she took the walker out of it’s misery. When she was done she braced herself against the bed and fought to keep her composure. Bella could hear the men entering the hallway. She went to the window and went to raise it only find it was locked. She reached over in a panic and unlocked it. Her hands shook as she lifted the window. She cut through the screen and just as she brought her leg out a man opened the door to the room she was in. They locked eyes for a moment. She gave a simple nod and went to jump on out. He grabbed her by the waist and tossed her up against the wall. The wind was knocked out of her and she landed on the floor. He rushed over and Bella swiftly took her blade and swiped it against one of his ankles. She knocked him to the ground knocked the gun out of his hand.

“You stupid bitch.” He said as he grabbed ahold of her wrist and slammed it back the knife was knocked out of her hold.

“Stupid? No… Bitch? Well you’re about to find out…”

She socked him across the face and reached over taking a lamp to his face. He covered his face with a groan as he trundled about the floor. Bella grabbed a pillow off a recliner within the room. She stuffed it over the man’s face and took her gun to it – then fired several shots. Bella crawled towards the window and practically fell as she rolled on out of the room. She laughed as two armed men were already waiting for her. An arrow appeared in one’s head and bullet in the other. She felt a hand wrap around her arm as Daryl helped Bella to her feet. He rushed her to the fence where he helped her over. Daryl leaped over just as the armed men were heading out of the building.

“Wait… where’s Beth?” Maggie questioned.

Bella wasn’t sure how to answer that as she cut Maggie a grim look. Daryl gave them both a slight shove towards Glenn.


(Please leave your comment/review. Thanks! For now I will be working on this one and The Shield of Anarchy before starting ReStealing Twilight’s Swan. I know I keep promising to start it and I am. I just need to take out a few of these others first. The best way to do that. Is to focus on two at a time and go from there.)

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15 thoughts on “Chapter 4 All That Bickerin’”

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  2. Wow, intense chapter. Very good chapter! I love that Daryl isn’t gonna let Bella push him away. I get what he’s saying too, in the sense of shielding yourself to survive. Beth was the walker in the end? Sad, but I am glad it has ended for her…

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