Chapter 9 Change Ahead

Chapter 9

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“Jesus! Just let it go!”

“Just talk to me!”

“THERE’S NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT! What’s done is done! So what’s the point?!”

“Can’t you see? I’m trying here! How am I supposed to understand if you won’t let me in?”

“What is it you want exactly? Another reason to disapprove?”
Her father reared back with a puzzled demeanor about him.

“Disapprove? Of what?”

“Oh, don’t even…” she glanced over seeing as how Daryl was currently talking to Dale about something.

“You’ve been harping on him nonstop. And I cringe at the things that were said or done when I was out.” She whispered harshly.
“Daryl? What’s this have to do with him?”

“Don’t…” Bella damn near pleaded with tears in her eyes.

Charlie sighed and observed Daryl in thought. He narrowed his eyes as he was starting to slowly piece it all together.

“Where’s Merle?”

The look on her face said it all.

“Dad… Please. I’m begging you, just let this be.”

The chief thought back to his days on the field. The way she was acting and carrying herself had him on edge. She had all the ‘signs’… A wave of nausea hit him and he found himself staggering back. He reached out and lifted her bangs revealing the mark. She recoiled and wouldn’t look him in the eyes.
“No, Bells…” He whispered feeling as though he failed her all over again.

The chief peered back over his shoulder towards Daryl. “WHERE IS HE?!” He demanded.

Daryl and looked over along with everyone else.

“Stop…” Bella whimpered and cut Daryl an apologetic glance.

“If you really love me you won’t do this. I’m begging you. Dad, he hadn’t anything to do with this. He hadn’t any idea… So let’s just leave it at that. Don’t make me talk about it. Just know that it’s over.”

At this she started to walk away and Charlie closed his eyes.

“He told us that some survivors engraved that into his chest because they were going to eat him. In fact, he had us believing they ate his hand…”

Bella froze on her father’s words.

“But it was you. Wasn’t it?”

She gave a simple nod and went about her way.

“Good god, Bells…” her father murmured.

A memory came to mind… From back when the world first went to hell. They’d walked up on a group of men raping a young woman. It was one of the most gruesome things. Charlie remembered one keeping watch and shooting at nearby walkers as they finished the job. They were outnumbered 5 to 2 each of them armed or he and Bella would’ve found a way to help. His daughter had muttered something along the lines of them being pigs. He had to stop her from intervening, but he hadn’t a choice. Those men would have gained up on them and had their way with his daughter next. His skin crawled and he found himself nodding upon Daryl. He knew his daughter wanted him to leave it be, but he simply couldn’t. As if he were reading the chief’s mind, Daryl waved him on over. Charlie followed him to the shed. Once the redneck opened the doors, the scent hit and Charlie covered his mouth with his shirt.

“Jesus…” He murmured as Daryl shinned a flashlight on what was left of Merle.

“My daughter?”

The redneck shook his head once again.

He nodded.

“Your own brother?”

“Not the brother I grew up to. He ain’t shit to me. That’s the path he chose when he came after her.”

Charlie nodded but was having a hard time taking all this in.

“What are you going to do with him?”
“I suppose I’ll bury him.”

“Need a hand?”

Daryl regarded Bella’s father in surprise. He cleared his throat.

“Nah, I got it.”
“I won’t lie. I’m not too keen on the idea of you being with my daughter. But I will say this much. She seems pretty taken by you. So you must’ve left some sort of impression.”

“You got it backwards, chief. It’s me that’s taken with her. Damn girl’s already knocked me around a few times. Just goes without sayin’ she’s got balls bigger than ours combined.”
Charlie managed to chuckle.

“I have to agree on that one.”

“Just so you know… My brother didn’t get that far with her. And like you, I found out about this second hand. I mean hell, I knew about it. But I didn’t have a name to go on. If I had known…” Daryl trailed off looking ill.

The chief saw it in the man’s eyes. Behind all that anger and grief, was shame. Daryl cleared his throat and started to drag the body out. He towed it back towards the tree. The redneck figured it to be somewhat fitting; considering his brother’s plans for Bella. He grabbed a shovel from the shed and started digging. About five minutes in, he looked up as he heard the clanking of metal hitting against the earth. He narrowed his eyes seeing as how it was the chief. The man said nothing just kept digging. Daryl swallowed back rather thickly. He wasn’t sure what to say on the matter. So instead of arguing on it, he decided it was best to keep shoveling.

Bella had to get out of there. There were entirely too many people. For some odd reason, it made her feel claustrophobic. So much so, she found it hard to breathe. Bella put a hand over her heart as she hurriedly ducked behind some shrubs. The young woman wished she had a tree climb up in. That was her usual go to when she and Charlie needed their space. But the only tree available at the moment was the one Merle had used to torture her. She grimaced in thought as she found a place to kick back. After removing her knife from its sheath, she picked up a rock. Then proceeded in using it to sharpen her blade. There was little light coming from the moon so she kept everything aimed towards the light coming from the RV.

Try as she might, she couldn’t get ‘him’ out her head. Mainly his voice… It were as if he was right there mocking her. Her hands became unsteady and she stopped for a moment. She put the knife down and rubbed her hands. But as she went back to sharpening her blade, they seemed worse than before.

“Dammit…” Bella murmured as she drove her blade into the earth.

Her eyes grew heavy and she leaned against the bolder behind her. A lizard ran across her leg and she sort of laughed as it stopped to look at her. Bella nodded upon the lizard, “sup?”

The lizard merely blinked but remained stationary. She reached over, scooping it up. Bella brought the lizard closer to her face. And it opened its mouth unusually wide for a lizard. Well, you can call me daddy sug. I dig it. Bella gasped out followed by a scream as she threw the lizard down.

“C’mon now, sweet thang…”

Her eyes flew open and she saw Daryl leaning over her, with concern.

Good Lord… ya alright?” he asked as her screaming had everyone startled.

Daryl offered a hand and helped her to her feet. She found herself looking for the lizard enough though she knew it to be a dream.

“Ya lookin’ for somethin’?”

She shook her head and Daryl swallowed back as she wrapped her arms around him. He held her in return and kissed her forehead. Part of Daryl was on edge however. After what his brother did, he was afraid of doing something to remind her of that. He didn’t want to take his hands off her, but feared it all the same. He lifted her chin in thought and decided on taking that brave step after all.

Charlie let out this slight growl and Michonne cut him a look. He was already upset that Daryl had beaten him there, but now this?

“You had better deal…”

He rolled his eyes and curled that lip of his. The redneck had his hands along his daughter’s ass as he kissed her. The chief started towards them, only to have Michonne stop him with the blunt of her katana.

“You really want her on your bad side? Leave them be, Charles.”

Charles… Michonne was the only one to ever refer to him as such. It started out as a joke once he started leading the group. She had made some sort of reference to Charles in Charge and it seemed to stick with her after that.

“She’s just a kid.”

Michonne damn near snorted, “I thought you said she was 21.”


“She’s an adult. One that doesn’t so much as fall into the teenager category. Let the girl spread her wings.”

“Jesus, look at them! I’m all for spreading her wings but her legs?!” Charlie bitched on.

She looked over to see what Charlie was referring to. Bella had her legs wrapped around Daryl’s waist as they were making out.

“Well, I see she has her father’s go-to attitude.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“She’s on top…”


Bella winced once she took notice of Daryl’s shoulder bleeding out. His hands were also blistered all to hell from digging. Daryl was kissing along her neck, when she lowered the sleeve off his shoulder.

“You need to let me take care of that.”

He nodded but continued with his trails of kisses. Bella smiled and shook her head.
“Daryl, I’m serious this is pretty gnarly looking.”
He sighed with disappointment, but couldn’t help but to notice the look of utter hell Charlie was cutting him from a distance.

“Shit…” he muttered under his breath.


“I just gotta get used to your old man being around now. That’s all.”

“Let me guess he’s staring you down like a guard dog?”
“Pretty much.”
“Just ignore him. He’ll get over it.”

Bella took Daryl by the hand and was leading him to the RV.

“We’re about to head back.” Charlie said as he made his way over.

“We’ll be there after I work on his shoulder.”
“You can do that back at the prison.”
“Um no, it’s better if I work on it now. Less risk of infection…”

Charlie sighed on this.

“We’ll wait.”
“Oh my god… Dad… We’re gonna be fine. We’ll meet you there!”

“And there she goes…” Charlie muttered as she headed into the RV.

The chief shook his head on this.

“She’ll be fine…” Michonne assured.

Hershel looked to Maggie as the rest of the group was starting to head on back.

“Do you want to hang back and wait for your friends?”

Maggie regarded the RV in thought. Dale had made his way back to the roof.

“They’ll be alright…” He called out.

Maggie nodded in response.

“I suppose we head back. I don’t like the idea of Glenn being on his own for much longer. Considering how most of these individuals seem a bit off balance.”

Hershel nodded in agreement.

“You got that right.”

She observed her father in wonder. Hershel sighed as they were following the others back.

“Just watch yourself around Shane in particular…” he whispered.

“I’ve reason to believe he was behind the barn catching on fire and why we lost everyone that day.”
“What are you talking about?”
“I was going to save them Maggie, all of them. It won’t be long now… A cure is on its way. That’s what I tried explaining this to everyone. But they acted as if I was some sort of monster!”

Maggie stopped in her tracks.

“What are you talking about, daddy?”

“We could’ve saved your mother and everyone else. We shouldn’t be killing them. We need to keep them quarantined until we have the antidote that could save them.”

The woman couldn’t believe her father’s words. She thought back to how the walkers aged and how morbid looking they became over time.

“Daddy, you need to listen to me…”

She took him by the arm and looked him in the eyes.

“There is no saving them…”
Her father shook his head in utmost disagreement.

“Now you sound like them… You’re wrong Maggie. We could’ve brought your mother back if it wasn’t for that barn catching fire.”

They sat on the edge of the bed as Bella tended to his shoulder. Daryl slightly lifted the dress she was wearing and checked on her thigh. The stitches he’d placed in earlier were still intact. He lowered the dress back down but flinched as Bella drove a needle through his flesh and started to patch him up.

“Sorry Locksley, guess I should’ve warned you. Big stick and all…” she teased with a smile.

Daryl shook his head with a hint of a smirk.

“I know you probably won’t believe me. Considering everything… But I am sorry about your brother.”

“You don’t have anything to be sorry ’bout. And I don’t want you doin’ that shit neither.”
“What shit?”

“That whole guilt thang ya do, he had it comin’. So there ain’t no sense in talkin’ ’bout it.”

“Daryl, he was your brother. There’s history no one can touch…”

“The man whose life I took was not my brother. I don’t know who that was.”

Bella drew back a breath as she finished stitching his shoulder up. She gritted her teeth however as the ‘M’ started stinging again.

“Ya alright?” Daryl asked as she made her way off the bed.

She nodded but said nothing as she headed into the bathroom. Once she pulled the door to, she lifted her bangs. It was still oozing a bit of blood and parts of it were crusting over. She cut on the faucet and cleaned the area up. Afterward she dried it off and placed some antibiotic cream Dale had given her on the area. When she exited the bathroom, Daryl was putting his shirt on. She made her way over and buttoned it up.

“We should stitch that up as well…” She motioned towards his cheek.

“Nah, it’s not that deep.”
“It’ll scar if you don’t.”

Daryl shrugged “nothin’ new there…” Bella sighed.

“Your choice…”

“All good little bunny, I’ve had much worse.”

“You ready to head back. Or do you need some more time?”

“Good ta go when you are.”

They headed on out and Daryl went to see about getting his motorcycle started. As he did this, Bella made her way to the roof of the RV, where Dale kept watch. He was sitting in a red folding chair under a red and white patio umbrella. He nodded upon her as she crouched down to his level.
“Thank you…”

“There’s no need to thank me…”

She smiled and rose.

“If you ever need anything… We’re just a few miles up ahead, at the state penitentiary.”

He raised his brows on this. Bella sort of laughed, “yeah…”

Dale drew back a breath and shook his head.

“I bet that cleanup was a living hell.”
She shrugged.

“I wasn’t there for all that mess.”
“That’s probably a good thing. Bella darling, you take care of yourselves. And in return if you need anything, well you know where to find me.”

Bella smiled and rose. She pecked the man on the cheek and started the down the ladder of the RV.

“Maybe next time you won’t be out for my blood?”

The young woman snorted on the older man’s words.

“We’ll see…” She replied with a playful tone.

Dale chuckled as Daryl’s bike roared to life.

The redneck cut Bella a look of relief as he revved the engine.

“Now, that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout…” he murmured as it seemed to run better than before.

He wasn’t sure how with the beating it took. He nodded towards Bella and she climbed onto the back. Bella adjusted the dress she was wearing so it wouldn’t get caught.

“Hold on, sweet thang.”

Once she had her arms around his waist, Daryl waved Dale off and hit the road.

The second Daryl and Bella entered the building, Charlie shot to his feet. Bella nodded in greeting. But there was this long uncomfortable pause as everyone regarded one another.

“How are you feeling?” Bella questioned Glenn, breaking the silence.

“Better, thank you.”

Charlie couldn’t believe it. He wondered if she was even aware of how much alike they were. Sure, Daryl was obviously the muscle of his daughter’s group. But there was no mistaken about who was leading. That sense of pride however was followed by fear. There couldn’t be two alphas under one roof. And he knew his daughter was testing him. In a surefire way, this little theory of his was proven.

“Have you guys scouted this entire prison?”

“So you’re more than certain everything is clear?”
“Any rooms in question have been marked.”

Bella nodded looking to be in thought.

“And everyone is here and accounted for?”

“Everyone, but Shane, who is currently keeping post at the south tower and Michonne who’s at the north.”

“So other than the watch tower on the south you haven’t anyone else on that side?”

He nodded.

“We figured it best if we stayed together.”
“Well the group is bigger now…”

Charlie sighed.

“And what is it you’re suggesting, Bells?”

She got this smug like grin to her.
“That my group takes the south… And we send your guy back this way.”
“You’re kidding, right?”
“Do I look like it?”

“So that’s how you wanna play it?”

She snorted.

“I wasn’t aware this was a pissing match, dad. Think about it… We need all the eyes we can get. Staying bunched up in one room. How’s that going to keep the base safe? That, and we know it’s what’s best in the long run. Let our guys get to know one another without forcing it.”

Charlie pinched the bridge of his nose.

“If that’s what you want…” he said but wasn’t too thrilled.

Bella nodded.

“I think it would be for the best.”

“Let’s at least take a moment to introduce everyone…”

His daughter nodded and motioned to her group first.

“This is Glenn, Maggie, and Daryl… and I assume you all know who I am.”

“You mean besides a pain in the ass?” Charlie muttered causing Daryl to chuckle and Bella smiled.

“Thanks, dad!”

Charlie sighed and motioned to his people next.

“This is Carol, Tyreese, Lori, Carl, and Hershel. The other two are currently keeping watch in the towers.”

Bella nodded.

“Once you get yourselves situated, let me know. I’ll bring you some necessities.”
“Will do.”

Hershel looked to Charlie.

“With all due respect, I believe I will be joining your daughter’s team.”

“Team?” Charlie questioned.
“What is this team shit?”
He rolled his eyes.

“Fine, whatever.”

“Gee, which of us is the parent here?”

“Does it really matter? One of us is acting as if the parent doesn’t even exist!”

Bella winced on her father’s words. He bitterly shook his head and headed on out of the room. Bella sighed as she looked her group over.

“Let’s go…”

Maggie’s nose wrinkled as they were stepping over walker bodies in the hallway. Bella observed one of the bodies in thought. Daryl looked to her in wonder as she bent over. The young woman narrowed her eyes seeing a bit of orange through a slit of the uniform the walker was wearing.

She sort of laughed once she revealed the orange scrubs beneath the prison guard uniform. Daryl cocked a brow as she started doing this with the surrounding walkers.

“Classic!” She said with a giggle.

Maggie and Glenn were looking upon Bella as if she’d lost her mind. Hershel was in his own world at the moment. As for Daryl he couldn’t help but to smirk. Bella put her blade away.
“Isn’t that something…?” She muttered under her breath.

“These guys were in attempts to break out when shit hit the fan. Man, I can only imagine…”

She thought back to how it all slowly began. It started with a few cases here and there. Before long, panic spread worldwide and people were going nuts. If you so much as coughed you had to worry about getting shot. No one had a clue what this was. Even well-known scientists hadn’t any answers.

“Airborne…” they heard her whisper “we’re all carriers…” This was something Daryl had heard her say before. And the more he thought about it. It all made perfect sense.

Bella entered the room the walkers were previously locked away in.

“You die and rise…”

Daryl swallowed back on her words.

“Everyone assumed it was from getting bit or scratched even. But the bites alone are deadly enough to kill you…”

To this day she couldn’t comprehend what happened with the Cullens. It all happened so fast. One minute they were fine. The next… They were out for blood. How could they all have died at once? She looked to Daryl in thought.

“Or what if they cause it to spread faster?! The body can sense it so it starts to take its toll. It’s like setting fire to gasoline… all you need is a catalyst.”

“Shit…” Daryl murmured.

The others gazed upon Bella in sheer amazement.

“How’d you come up with that?” Glenn questioned.

“I went to a library. They have books there!” She smarted causing Maggie to laugh.

“You know how to read?” Daryl witted in return.

“Do you?”
“No…” he mocked.

“I’ll teach you one day.”

Daryl smirked on this.

“C’mon girl, ya think guys pay attention to hot teacher’s lessons?”

“They will if they know what’s good for them.”

“Damn…” he murmured growing hard in thought.

She closed her eyes for a moment as her leg was started throbbing. When she opened her eyes she looked to Glenn in thought. Both needed to be off their feet.

“We better find a station…”

They exited the room and headed over to the south side. Bella had a good laugh once she realized what area they were in.

“Well this is rather fitting, don’t you think?” She questioned with a wink Daryl’s way.

“Hell…” he replied with a slight chill going down his spine.

“Death row…” he mumbled as they passed by the lethal Injection room.

The cells were smaller than the area her father’s group was in. And all the cots had brown leather restraints on them. And a few of them had blood stains. In fact there were quite a few questionable fluids along the walls as well.

“Needs some sprucing up…” Bella witted.

“Ya think?” Daryl replied.

“Ya sure there ain’t another area we can stay in?”

She cut him a surprised look.


“You’re like totally freaked out by this.”

Daryl rolled his eyes.

“I’m afraid I’m with him on this one.” Glenn stated with a repulsed look on his face.

Bella sighed.

“And you two?” She motioned towards Hershel and Maggie.

“Not too keen on the idea myself.” Maggie admitted.

Hershel nodded in agreement.

“Great… So what is it you want me to do exactly? This is dead south… ”

“Apparently!” Daryl spat as looked around in the area in thought.

“Seriously guys, we’re going to spend most of our time in the towers or keeping post elsewhere. We’ll hardly be in here. This is just an area to meet up in or catch up on some Z’s.”

“Sleep? You’re jokin’ , right?”

Bella smiled and pecked Daryl on the cheek.
“Easy Locksley, I thought you weren’t afraid of anything.”
He reached out and grabbed ahold of her hand, drawing her towards him. He leaned into her ear.
“I fear nothin’, but crazy ass women like you… Aren’t ya the slightest bit fazed?” He motioned about the area.

“It’s just a room, Locksley. We’ve faced much worse. Look, I’ll send the other guy about his way and keep watch for the night. You guys get everything set up and get some rest.”

“You’ve hardly slept yourself!”

“I’ll be fine.”

Daryl drew back an irritated breath as she headed on out.

“Damn woman is nuts!” he murmured and everyone shook their head in agreement.

“It’s brought her this far…” Maggie uttered gathering the men’s attention.

“She’s right. Each of us has been through ten times worse. Yet here we are bitching about a simple room and merely because of what it once stood for. If it wasn’t for her being bat shit crazy. I’d have ended up dying alongside of my sister.”

Glenn nodded thinking back as well.
“She saved my ass too…”

Daryl leaned against one of the cells and nodded in return.

“Alright, so we’re really doin’ this shit?”
The three of them nodded.
“Well hell… might as well make ourselves right at home. Let’s just hope we’re not cursin’ ourselves!”

Bella made her way up the stairs of the tower. When she entered the posting area, she rolled her eyes upon the scene before her. The man had his feet propped upon the desk, gun in hand, but he was sound asleep. She tapped her hand along his shoe. He jumped as he shot awake. Her eyes widened and she quickly ducked as his gun went off. The bullet barely missed her head. She gritted her teeth and kicked the gun out of his hand.

“What the fuck?!”

“You could have killed someone!”

“Then maybe you’ll think twice before waking a man with a gun in his hand, next time!”

“Maybe that man should be keeping guard and not sleeping to begin with.”

“Why are you here anyhow?”
“I’ve come to relieve you.”
“Have you now?”
“Yes sir. So, if you wouldn’t mind…”
She signaled towards the way out. He let out an annoyed laugh.

“So daddy’s little girl thinks she can just waltz on in like she owns the place?”

She smiled, “damn straight. Now get the fuck out.”

Shane curled his lip and grabbed his stuff. He started out the door and Bella picked something of the floor. It had fallen out of his lap when he came to his feet.

“Don’t forget your skin mag…” she hollered out, tossing it over.

He had this oh shit look on his face. Bella snorted.

“I’m guessing it was a good thing it was me rather than your significant other? By the way, you might wanna tuck that in, soldier…” She pointed to his dick as it was still out. From the looks of things, he passed out directly after rubbing one out. “Later… Shane.”

She laughed as she heard the man bitching and knocking shit around the entire way down.

“What a douchebag…” Bella muttered under her breath.

“Stupid bitch…” Shane murmured just as he exited the tower.

It couldn’t have been worse timing, seeing as how Daryl had just opened the door.

“You say somethin’?”

Shane swallowed back and shook his head no. Daryl nodded.

“That’s about what I thought. Watch yourself… You don’t want me on your bad side.”

The man shook his head with annoyance and rushed on out.

When Daryl got to the top of the tower, he found himself taken back. Bella had her knife and was cutting through the bottom section of her dress. He observed in silence as she took a good portion off. The dress now stopped at her knees. She proceeded in cutting the sleeves as well. Once she finished she tossed the scraps of fabric onto the desk.

“Much better…” he heard her whisper.
“No argument here…”

She gasped back causing Daryl to chuckle as he’d startled her.


He shrugged and made his way over. The redneck placed his bag of goodies down and took a seat. Then he pulled Bella into his lap.

“Thought I told you to get some rest.”

His brow arched at this.

“You got a lot to learn little bunny, if ya think I’m the order takin’ type.”

Bella laughed as he spun her around so that she was straddling him. He cupped her cheek with his hand and had his fingers intertwined with her long brown locks.

“I know I don’t say this shit enough, but I love you, girl. Never doubt that…”

She closed her eyes for a moment and nodded. Daryl swallowed back as she rested her head against his shoulder.

“I love you too.”

Daryl cleared his throat as he was doing his best to keep it together. He felt his shirt dampen with her tears, but the man didn’t utter a word on it. He knew it was going to take some time to overcome all this. And as he predicted, she was so exhausted she ended up crying herself to sleep. He didn’t budge, just kept a watchful eye and simply held her.

A few hours had passed, when Daryl raised his brows and bucked off the chair a bit. Daryl threw his head back in suffering. Bella had her sex right up against his dick and moving about him like there was no tomorrow. He brushed her hair away from her face, realizing she was still asleep.

“Damn girl…” he muttered under his breath as she softly called his name out.

He looked around the area. Once he was certain the coast was clear; he lifted her up just enough to free himself. Daryl pulled her panties to the side and lowered her back down. A moan escaped him the moment he entered. Her eyes opened and Daryl nodded upon her as he worked her about him. Part of him was concerned about it being ‘too soon’. But his dick wasn’t having it. The damn son of a bitch knew what it wanted. Bella wrapped her arms around his neck and was feverishly kissing him. Feeling her tongue along his drove the man into a passionate frenzy. He lowered the sleeves to her dress until he had her exposed. Her nipples were nice and erect as he flicked his tongue along them. He took his time worshipping her breasts as she rode about that cock of his.

“Keep going, sweet thang.” He murmured feeling the warmth of her release.

He locked lips with hers once again and got a firm hold of her hips. As she leaned back, her back arched causing Daryl to look on in awe. He ran a hand along her tummy and gritted his teeth as he filled her to the brim.

“Hmmm…” he hummed as she draped her arms back around his neck and kissed him once again.

They paused, picking up the all too accustomed sound. Daryl rose with her still in his hold. He placed her on the desk where his crossbow was. He tapered his eyes once he spotted the walker. He grabbed his crossbow and aimed. The man hit it dead on. Bella giggled as he placed the crossbow back down and his lips returned to hers.

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  1. Damn. I wouldn’t be able to sleep and not dream about Daryl either Lol. Loved this. Charlie better learn Lol. And Shane I have doubt’s about him.

  2. They are so naughty, lol. I wish Bella and Charlie could be close again 🙂 and Shane is shady, I don’t like him at all. Thanks for the update hun 🙂

  3. I’m with Sassy, I don’t trust Shane at all either…great update hon, loved it and can’t wait to read more…thanks, huggs

  4. Daryl is soooo bad ass! Good on Bella for standing her ground. I love Charles (lol!) but I think he’s expecting too much too soon. A lot of shit went down and he can’t expect Bella to be exactly how she was when he left her… just doesn’t work that way. Loved this chapter so hard – this story is amazing!


    Daryl swallowed back rather thickly. He wasn’t sure what to say on the matter. So instead of arguing on it, he decided it was best to keep shoveling.

    So sad but very touching ❤

  5. I loved this update! I really like the way Bella didn’t let Charles push her around. Don’t get me wrong, I’m super glad she has him back, but I like that she didn’t revert to a small child. Once in a while makes sense, but some authors make adult characters about ten year olds the whole story and it’s creepy. Lol. I also loved the steamy and sweet between Daryl and his Bunny. 🙂

  6. Is it wrong to hope Shane dies soon? I’ve always hated him. He’s always been such an asshole in the TV show and I cheered when he died.

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Welcome to my asylum! Where my favorite fandoms unite. There are cookies and milk somewhere...


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the free one


Rickie Bansbach - fanfiction and stuff

Brookie Twiling's Books

Because if a creative pandaowl will find the internet, why should the hyenacorn not share the skunk?


♫ fanfiction & creative writing by meekosan

An Awkward Elf

Fanfiction by Cuinawen

Missrissa81's Blog

This site is the cat’s pajamas

Addicted to Godric...Eric...Andre...(Sevrin)

Fanfiction & Etc. by Meridian (*psst* Bring coffee...)

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Wordpress Whisperer!

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