Chapter 2: A Married Woman

Chapter 2: A Married Woman

I checked I still do not own Twilight, The Originals, Or Vampire Diaries. Not even the characters. But I own the premise in which I’ve written.

Klaus removed Bella’s jacket once they stepped inside.

“Thank you.”

He nodded and hung it up with his. Bella rubbed her hands along her arms. Klaus darted over to the fireplace and set it up. She sat the roses down on the coffee table. She then took out the ornament Elijah had bought. She looked to the tree in thought. After Klaus got the fire started, he appeared behind her. He peered over her shoulder looking to the ornament.

“You certainly waste no time.” “It wasn’t me.” “Oh?” He says curiously.

She nods and finds a spot for it on the tree.

“Elijah picked it out.”

Klaus had this look of utter surprise about him.

“Did he now?”

She nodded with a baffled look about her as well.

“Huh… Now isn’t that something?”

Bella nodded once more and sat on the couch. Klaus vanished but reappeared before long with an easel, brushes, and paint. She cut him an odd look but didn’t question it. He sat down and began his project as she sat on the couch, admiring the tree.

“So how was your outing with my half as handsome brother?”

“Half as handsome, huh?”

He smirks as he dips his brush into the paint. Bella sort of laughs but felt rather nervously. She felt better with Elijah around. That and she’d never been alone with Klaus. She rather hoped to kill some time and break the ice so to speak. So she continued to gaze upon the beautiful tree, Rebekah had decorated.

“So what’s your story?” She questioned curiously.

“My story?”

She nods. He continues to paint as he talks.

“It’s not for the faint of heart now, love.”

For some reason she broke into a smile.

“Now why does that not surprise me?”

He cocked a brow her way. Still she kept her focus on the tree as she talked.

“Very well…”

Klaus begins his story from the beginning about their mother, father, the village they lived in etc… He tells her about how he’s the son of Ansel and Esther Mikaelson and the half-brother of Elijah, Kol, Rebekah, Henrik, Finn, and Freya. He’s the stepson of Mikael in which he’d a horrible relationship with. How he eventually killed his stepfather. He tells her about the slaughter of the werewolf side of the family. That due to that little is truly known of the heritage. He dives into more about his and his siblings abilities and how they are the first of vampire kind. That they are known as originals… Bella finally turned to him at that point confounded. That and she were utterly blown away by his story…

“But the Volturi.”

He smiled and continued to paint.

“All lies, darling…”

Bella turned as this came from Kol, he’d just entered the room. Klaus nodded in agreement.

“Yes, it seems they were nothing more than the three fuckwits of Italy.” Kol scoffed.


Elijah enters the house at this point. He’d overheard Klaus telling a little about their history. He nodded upon Bella as he took off his jacket. She nodded in return. Klaus hurriedly ripped whatever he’d just painted from the pad and dashed off, with his latest masterpiece. Elijah raised his brows on this as he entered the room. Kol chuckled to himself in amusement.

Bella came to her feet, looking to the time.

“I think I’m going to turn in for the night.”

Elijah nods.

“Thank you… for everything you did today.”

Elijah sits in his recliner and nods again.

“No need to thank me. Goodnight, Isabella.”

She smiled in return.

“Goodnight…” She softly replied and headed up stairs.

Klaus had just reentered the room and was picking up the rest of his things. His brothers observed with smirks about their faces, as Elijah was watching Bella.

“So brother, have you picked out the ring and little house yet?” Klaus taunts.

Elijah rolls his eyes and picks up one his books. Kol dies in laughter.


Bella barely made out his silhouette as he stood at her bed side. She saw him place a single finger to his lips. Her heart rather kicked to life as he pulled back the bed sheets. To her surprise he crawled into the bed with her. She swallowed back rather hard, realizing she was naked. She soon learned he was as well as he pressed up against her.

She went to say something. Only she froze as she felt his hand running along her body.

It traveled along her cheek, neck, breasts, down her torso, and she gasped out as he ran it along her sex. He hovered over her.

Elijah…” She gasped out as he entered her.

He let out a moan and began pumping himself within her. He whispered her name as he began to thrust about her even harder…

Bella shot up in sweats and looked around the bedroom. She looked to the time and covered her face. She couldn’t believe how vivid and real that dream felt. She hurriedly dressed realizing she’d overslept. It was almost noon. Something she never does. Bella rushed to the bathroom and finished getting ready. It wasn’t until she was halfway down the stairs she could smell the food from the kitchen. She narrowed her eyes and continued on that direction. Elijah was already sitting down a plate at her usual spot. However as he lifted his eyes upon her he merely raised one brow, indicating he knew… And this wasn’t Elijah’s doing. Vampires had the ability to manipulate dreams. Only Elijah would never do such a thing. A full body blush came about her. Elijah pulled the chair out for her. She seated and once he got her situated he left the room without a word.

Bella groaned to herself in misery. “Great, now he thinks I’m a perv…” She muttered under her breath knowing if she could sense him. He could damn well sense her.

His blood and her hormones were not the greatest combination when it came to working on her “lust.” She nervously giggled to herself in thought.

“Fucking virgin…” She grumbled.

Klaus had just entered the room at this point.

“Oh love, I do believe it’s safe to say you’re no virgin. But by all means, I’m willing to help you test this theory. Repeatedly, if we must.” He says whilst the wiggling of his brows.

“Shut it, Nik!”

He raised his brows but with massive grin to his face.

“I see someone’s already fitting in. Quite nicely…”

She nods and takes her plate off food. She dumps it into his lap and flips him off as she exits the room. He sighs with slight irritation. “Now was it something I said, love?”

Over a week later…

Bella stares into the mirror wide eyed. Her hands run along her tummy. She swallowed back full of nerves.

“No way…”

She turned to the side and her eyes grew even bigger.

“How in the hell?”

She looked as though she were about five to six months along now! Bella staggered back with a racing heart.

“This can’t be happening.”

It was as if the baby was ageing a month by the end of each week. If this kept up, Elijah would be right. She’d been drinking from him once a day. That seemed to be keeping the child content. She’d been here a total of eight to nine days now. The dreams however had only gotten worse. They were longer more graphic and she could hardly even look at Elijah, without blushing. Elijah though never once commented, no matter how much sensing her during this time, toyed with him. To make matters worse. They were both having issues with control when she fed from him. So much so, they began their sessions in a more private matter. But she hadn’t a choice. The baby seemed to be dependent on Elijah’s blood. In fact the baby was hungry once again.

“Hold on now. Don’t go getting all rowdy.”

She made her way down the stairs. Elijah and the others were out on some sort of “business”. He’d left her a note, letting her know he’d be back that afternoon. Bella rubbed her tummy in thought.

“See, you’re just going to have told your horses.”

The baby kicked at her as if to scold her. She shook her head but smiled.


Bella made herself a bowl of cereal. She poured herself a glass of orange juice and sat down. Once she was done eating she decided to put on her coat, and get a breath of fresh air. She stepped outside and took in a breath. Bella walked about the yard admiring the beauty of the snow that blanketed over everything. She knelt down and grabbed a handful. She balled it up within her black leather gloves. Bella rolled the snowball about in her hand then tossed it at a nearby tree.

“Well that was awfully close.”

Bella became motionless at the sound of his voice. Even more so at the sight of him he was standing directly beside the tree she’d hit with the snowball.


He smiled and made his way over.

“You haven’t any idea how worried I was. Jesus Bella! You could have at least called or something!”

She sighed as they now stood face to face.

“I didn’t really have much of a choice.” “Sure you did…” He says looking offended.

“Do you not truly get it?!”

He sighs and shakes his head. He reaches out and caresses her cheek.

“You look beautiful, Bella. As always… I thought I’d never find you.” “How did you find me?”

“It doesn’t matter now. All that matters is that I’m here and I can help you. So let me help…”

She recoils and lowers her head.

“I hear you wised up and finally left that stupid leech. There’s still time to get that ridiculous excuse of a marriage annulled.” He smiles in thought.

However that smile soon faded as he finally took notice of something else. He reared back as he glanced upon her stomach.

“What the hell is that?!” Jacob snaps.

Bella takes a few steps back. She places her hands along her tummy protectively. Jake roughly grabs her by the arm.

“Are you going to tell me what the fuck that is or not?” “What do you think it is?!” “Well, it had better not be what I think it is!” “What’s that supposed to mean?!”

“That the leech knocked you up with some sort of god damn demon spawn!” “My child is NO DEMON!”

“The hell it isn’t. I just saw you not even a couple months ago! You already look as though you’re about to pop! There is only one explanation for that!”

“Jacob!” She shouts and yanks out of hold.

The baby painfully kicks at her. She groans out and closes her eyes for a moment.

“See! I’m right and you know it! That thing is going to KILL YOU! We need to do something about it and quick before it does!” “SHUT UP!” She yells and shoves him back.

“You sound just like him!”

He sneers at that.

“You didn’t just say that!”

“You should go.”

“Are you kidding me?! It took me forever to find you! You honestly think I’m leaving now? And why the hell did you choose New Orleans of all places?! And what’s with the ludicrous mansion?” He peers over at it.

He sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose.

“Look, just come with me. We’ll figure this out somehow. Once we get rid of that demon baby you’ll be right as rain again. You’ll see.”

Bella grits her teeth.



“Then so be it! If I die. I die!”


He half laughs.

“I know that I’m not allowing this! I won’t have you hurting yourself Bella! Nor will I have you offering your life off to that leech’s fucking seed!”

He reaches over to grab her and she shakes her head and continues to back away from him.

“Knock it off, Bella!”


“NO! I’m never leaving you alone again! You might as well deal with it.”

She gasps out as Jake rushes over and flips her over his shoulder.

“NOOOOOOOOOO!” She shouts and beats at his back as hard as she possibly could.

“Stop, you can’t carry me like this you could hurt the baby!”

“YOU THINK I GIVE A SHIT IF I HURT YOUR PRECIOUS DEMON BABY?!” “PUT ME DOWN!” “No can do! I said I was going to help you. That’s what I’m going to do.”

Elijah sighs and makes a tsking sound with his tongue.

“Did you truly believe we wouldn’t find out?” Elijah calls out surprising them all.

The witch coven had congregated about the city of the dead. They were in attempts to limit the vampires movements within New Orleans. The Mikaelsons had gotten word of this and moved quickly to handle the situation at once. As of now they had them out numbered and circled the coven.

“Oh brother, please not another one of your long winded speeches. Do not spoil our fun.” Klaus calls out from a nearby headstone.

Klaus however grinned like the cat that ate the canary. Elijah was already zipping around taking hearts. The other siblings joined in as well. Only right as Elijah plunged his fist into his third witch. He froze with an startled look to his face. Rebekah was first to take notice.

“Is everything alright?”

Elijah narrowed his eyes and shook his head. “No… no it isn’t.” He uttered looking conflicted on what to do exactly.

Stay and help his siblings or Bella and the child back home?

“Go!” Klaus called out as he snapped one of their necks.

Elijah swallowed back looking to each of his siblings as they fought to take down the coven.

“If you do not! You will only live to regret it!” Rebekah calls out as she drives a stake intended for her through one of the witches.

Kol merely winks his way and takes his knee across one of their backs.

At this Elijah simply nodded and took off as quickly as possible.

“Jacob Black I swear to GOD, if you do not put me down …” “You’ll what?! Become like Charlie? You wanna join your father Belle, is that it?”

Her jaw drops at his cruel words.

“YOU BASTARD!” He half laughs.


He starts to shake all over as he continues about.

“You’ll see once we get that demon out of you! Things will be so much better.” “IF YOU DO THAT YOU MIGHT AS WELL TAKE MY LIFE AS WELL. THE BABY DIES, I DIE!”

She gasps out as he literally throws her down. He was snarling back and shaking violently. Bella scooted back against a tree.

“IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT?! YOU WANT TO DIE?!” Tears streamed down her face.

“Yes… if my baby does… I want to die too.”

Her eyes widened in alarm as Jake shifted right before her. He slammed one of his massive paws into the earth beneath them. The area around them shook as he did this. He let out a growl directed upon her.

“NO JAKE!” Bella screeched out as he charged right for her.

Bella instantly went to shield the child. She hollered out in pain as Jake took his claws to her arms. The hit intended for the child within her. He suddenly vanished and before her now stood Elijah. His eyes were pitch black and those black veins were trailing across his face. He hurriedly scooped her up and rushed her inside. As soon as he had her inside, he literally tore through his wrist with his teeth and brought it to her lips. He grimaced as he could make out not only meat but bone. She continued to scream out in torment. She was thriving in anguish. This horrific burning sensation coursed throughout her arms and to the rest of her body.

“I need you to drink, Isabella…” Elijah softly stated as blood was going everywhere but her mouth, she twisted around so much.

Elijah quickly hovered over her on the couch. He pinned her down so she couldn’t move. She sucked back in sobs as his blood ran down her throat, causing her to choke back a bit.

“Easy…” He softly said and stroked her cheek.

He nodded to himself as her eyes soon came to a close. At this Elijah pressed his forehead against hers for a minute. He took a few moments to collect himself. Afterword he carefully made his way off the couch. The both of them were covered in her blood now. Elijah lifted her dress up as she slept. He placed a hand upon her belly. He narrowed his eyes and gently moved his hand about her. He swallowed back not feeling any movement whatsoever.

“Come on now…” Elijah whispered.

He gradually placed his head along her tummy. He sighed in relief hearing the baby’s strong heartbeat. Like their mother, they too were tuckered out. He lowered her dress back down, whilst admiring her body for a brief moment. Elijah came to his feet and looked towards the door. He started that direction with murderous intentions.

“And what do we have here?”

Jake turns towards the voice. Klaus now stood before him with a smirk. He’d just caught the tail end of what had taken place.

“You know lad… I almost pity you. This is hardly going to be a fair fight.”

Jake still in his shifter form let out a growl and snarled back.

“It’s mongrels like you that give werewolves a bad name.”

Klaus braces himself as the massive shifter sails right for him. Klaus waits for it. Just as Jake makes his way over he shoots out a single hand. Jake whimpers out as Klaus slammed it right against his sternum. Jake tumbles back painful.

“As I was saying, mutt… Now, it’s my turn.”

Jake whimpered out again sensing the power behind the hybrid. Klaus’s eyes turned a golden amber color. His canines protruded. That demonic smile of his returned.

Klaus bounds across heading right for Jake. He latches onto his back and bites down on his shoulder. Jake cries out and flounces around doing his best to shake Klaus off of him. Klaus remains where he his and only bites down harder. He takes his claws and pierces them through the shifter’s shoulders. Out of desperation Jake slams back against a tree. Klaus groaned out as Jake did this repeatedly until Klaus came tumbling down.

Jake let out an agonizing growl. Klaus had darted right for him and had him pinned down. He sent several jabs across Jake’s chest. Jake snapped at him trying to get the upper hand, but it was a lost cause. The two of them rolled about the ground taking snaps and shots at one another. Kol and Rebekah had just finished off what was left of the coven. They too had arrived and were looking on with mere amusement.

Elijah had just stepped out as well. He too was observing. Jake let out one final yelp as Klaus had wrapped himself around the shifter’s body. He had crushed every bone within the shifter. Thus caused Jake to become completely paralyzed. Klaus shuffled to his feet and had the shifter by the throat. He lifted him off the ground. Jake’s body had morphed back. Klaus eyed Jake as he started to squeeze. His nails dug deep into Jake’s throat. His face turned red then went from red to blue. His eyes began to bulge out. Klaus cut him a wink as he decapitated him with one hand. Jake’s head rolled onto the ground and the rest of his body landed on the ground.

Klaus shrugged on this and promptly made his way inside. Kol and Rebekah followed. Elijah gathered the remains, ridding of them at once.

Bella eyes batted about as she came to. The only lights about the room were coming from the fireplace and Christmas tree. She stared at the tree for a few moments as she was recollecting everything that had taken place. Jake’s words… the way looked at her… Bella shot to her feet and darted out of the living room. She rushed up the stairs to her room. Bella slammed the door and leaned against it. She slid down against the door, coming down on her knees.

She covered her face and screamed into her hands. Her husband and now her best friend? The two people she trusted and loved the most had betrayed her! Anger now coursed throughout her entire body. She ground her teeth together. The two people that had sworn to always love and protect her. Were the very two that had hurt her, the most, and they continue to hurt her. She gasped out remembering how Jake took his claws to her. Only they weren’t meant for her. He was trying to end her baby’s life! Bella was so weakened by the memories hitting at once that she crawled amongst the floor, trying to get to the bathroom. She knew she was covered in blood and wanted it off her body NOW! Every time a painful memory hit she felt like she were being socked in the gut over and over and over. They were so vivid so loud. She didn’t even hear the knock at the door.

Bella continued to crawl amongst the floor. She jumped however feeling someone’s hand about her shoulder. She whipped around swinging her fists about as hard as she could.

“It’s me, Isabella.”

Her eyes closed at the sound of his voice. Elijah was caught off guard as she instantly reached out and wrapped her arms around him. Uncontrollable sobs came about her. Something she’d normally be outright embarrassed about. She loathed crying or showing weakness of any sort. But she’d been pushed past the brink. She no longer had the strength to keep her composure. Elijah scooped her up off the floor and carried her to the bathroom. He sat her on the counter. Then started her a bath. He grabbed a washcloth from the counter and wet it down with warm water. He began wiping away any remains of dry blood off her body.

Her hand wrapped around his as he cleansed her face. They locked eyes and then lips. Elijah tossed the wash cloth aside as the kiss heatedly lingered on. He intertwined his fingers within her hair, and pressed against her in longing. He slightly pulled at her hair as he kissed along the crevice of her neck. Bella let out a moan. Elijah shut his eyes, forcing himself to stop. He stepped away from her and shook his head.

“I broke my promise…my apologies…” He whispers.

Elijah vanished from the room. She shut her eyes sensing him stronger than ever. Elijah was blaming himself for what had taken place. He’d sworn that as long as she resided with them she would be safe. That was something he’d truly meant and hadn’t taken lightly.

“And just how long do you suppose you can go about this little charade?”

Elijah raises his brows as he looks to Klaus. He merely turns the page to his book, doing his best to ignore him.

“I see…” Klaus says with a certain grin.

He then looks to Kol.

“I suppose you were right all along, brother! She’s fair game!”

Elijah firmly clutched the book within his hold. He turned another page as he ground his teeth together. Kol chuckles with delight.

“Hmmm, this could be fun.” “I say we go about this as a simple assembly line. We’ll have her pumping out children left and right. I call first dibs!”

Rebekah tosses a vase at Klaus.

“Show some bloody respect you narcissistic wanker!” She scorns.

Klaus rushes over and slams his sister back against the wall. Bella just so happened to enter the room at this point. She just shook her head at the sight. Proving all too well nothing truly fazed her anymore. Elijah sighed to himself. He rose from his chair and tossed his book down. Without a word he grabbed his jacket and left. Bella groaned to herself as she sat down on the couch. Great we kiss and now he’s avoiding me. Story of my life… Honestly, just how stupid can I be? Another thought came to mind and she died in laughter. The Mikaelsons looked upon her as if she’d lost her mind.

“I’m still married!” She randomly says as if it just dawned on her and hops to her feet.

“I’M A MARRIED WOMAN!” She shouts and dies in laughter as she makes to the kitchen.

Klaus looked to be in thought on this. He nodded upon himself, Rebekah took her knee to his crotch. He groaned out dropping to his knees. Kol chuckled and Rebekah dashed off after Elijah.

“You kissed her didn’t you?!”

Rebekah calls out as Elijah was getting into his car. He narrows his eyes upon his sister. She nods with a hint of a smile about her.

“I knew it! You have the feels for not only a pregnant, but a married woman!”

Elijah merely gets into the car. He sighs with full on annoyance as Rebekah opened the passenger door and welcomed herself inside.

“And let me guess you broke your word. So you’re unworthy of these feelings.” “There’s more behind it.” “And that would be?” “She is young. She’s an innocent. She’s…” “A human carrying another hybrid?” He nods looking to be in thought.

“Then I say she and the child shall fit quite nicely!”

“Rebekah…” “Just admit it, Elijah. You love her!”

“I hardly know her…” “That’s not necessarily true. After all, you did compel her into telling her life story bloody near. And the feelings are already there. There is nothing you can do about it. It’s not going away. We both know that. I’m rather fond of her myself.” This struck Elijah by surprise. He looked to his sister rather astonished.

“She’s got spirit. And we both know she would die before allowing any harm to come to that child. Something even Nik admires given our history. That child will have what we never had. All the more reason you shouldn’t hold back. There’s a reason you found her. A purpose as to why we all feel this pull towards a mere stranger. Think about Elijah. For once we all agree on something. When does that EVER happen? We all care about her and the child within her. They are family. And what is it you always say about family?” She questions with a smile. Elijah swallows back on this, realizing she was right. Since Bella had come into their lives. They’d hardly argued. Each of them were doing their best to make her feel safe and at home.

“Very well, I shall be the one to say it. Family is most important. Family comes first. And no one messes with our family.”

Elijah takes in a breath and turns towards his sister. She had a genuine beam to her.

“I envy her you know…”

He nods in understanding.

“But even through that envy… I admire her… Which stays between us by the way.”

Elijah softly chuckles on this. Rebekah still had a smile about her face and shook her head.

“What I wouldn’t give…”

At this he took his sister’s hand, but remained silent.

“You know since she’s come into our lives. I haven’t even thought about the cure. Before all this… that’s all I could think about. What I wouldn’t give to be human again. To experience the things Bella will get to. To have a child of my own. To hear their first words. To watch their first steps. To be able to hold them and tuck them in at night. I wanted to hate her. Part of me I believe does. But I can’t, not fully. She will be a good mother to the child. She fights and will continue to fight for the child. In a way she reminds me of you. Bella knows what’s most important and no one will ever convince her otherwise. All the more reason you two seem to share this chemistry. And I’m not the only one to notice. We all have. So please Elijah… Don’t push away the one thing that has managed to keep us together during these last few weeks. Don’t turn away from the one thing you’ve longed for most.”

She squeezes his hand before exiting the car. He merely watched as she headed back inside. Elijah sat there in thought watching the snow as it began to fall again.

“Kol!” Bella scolded as he flung a snowball at her.

She hurriedly scooped up some snow and chucked one back.

“Vampire, darling… You’re going to have to move a lot faster than that.” Another snowball hit her and Bella quickly turned.

“That’s hardly fair!” She scoffs as Klaus was on the other side with an armful of snowballs.

Kol hits her once again and Klaus chuckles. Bella smiles and shakes her head. She bends down trying to make as many as she can herself. Kol and Klaus however nodded towards one another with smirks about their faces. Just as Bella comes to her feet, with her snowballs. They simultaneously toss snowballs at her.

“DAMMIT!” She hollers.

Each attempt to hit in return failed.

“Jerks…” She emits and takes cover.

She peeks over with three snowballs left to fire. She could hear Kol laughing as he hid behind one of the trees. Bella hurriedly inched around the corner of the house and actually managed to take Kol by surprise. She managed to hit him right in the face. She giggled to herself and quickly ducked back around the corner.

“Now that was just a lucky shot.”

“Sure it was…” She calls out.

She gasped out as snowball after snowball hit her legs and thighs.


She threw the last two she had, but Klaus dodged them both. She growled under her breath. Kol however snuck up behind her and shoved a snowball right into her hair. He reached to his gut in laughter as Klaus was sending them at her backside. He laughed even harder as Bella shoved him back.

“It’s no funny.” “Then why are you smiling, darling?” “You’re both being asses!” “IS that your answer?”

Kol and Klaus vanished once again. She knew they were only making more now.

“Oh fuck this.” She expressed and started towards the house as quickly as possible.

She froze however as Elijah stepped out. He put a single finger to his lips and winked. He swiftly took her by the arm and backed her up against the house. He then began to focus and listen. Elijah bent down and before she could even blink… Elijah was sending out snowball after snowball in both directions the other two were. Bella covered her mouth in laughter as they both stepped out from their hiding spots with looks of amazement. Only that soon turned in eye rolling as they saw it to be Elijah.

Bella continued to laugh as he zipped around giving them both much needed pay back. Bella heard the door open and Rebekah stepped out. She and Elijah had been watching from the window earlier. Rebekah had this look of unreserved shock and damn near tearful expression about her face. She regarded Bella genuinely.

“How do you do it?” Bella looked to her confused. Rebekah observed and was having flash backs of their past as she watched her brothers playing out in the snow, as they once did as children.

Bella flinched as the baby gave a good kick. She was looking out her window wondering what happened to Jacob. She wondered if he was still lingering about or if he’d gone home now. Part of her wish she had a rifle so she could take matters into her own hands. She sucked back a painful breath as another painful jab hit.

“You already fed today… And I’m pretty sure your food source is asleep.” She said looking to the time.

It was two am, but she couldn’t sleep. She kept thinking about her father and the guilt continued to weigh her down. That and everything else was entering her thoughts Edward and the Cullens, Jake, her father, and the Mikaelsons. She also kept in mind to question Elijah about getting her marriage annulled. The sooner the better. She hoped to do it before the child was born. Bella shut her eyes as the baby continued to move about rambunctiously. Her eyes however shot open as she felt an arm wrap around her. She jumped at first, but swallowed back seeing his reflection in the window. He was in his usual clothes only he’d his blazer and shoes off.

“I didn’t mean to startle you…” He softly says, whilst running his hand along her tummy.

“Your door was open…” He explains as to why he didn’t knock like usual.

“I thought you were asleep.” Bella replied. Her heart fluttered about as she could feel his breath along her neck. Elijah bit down on his wrist and brought it to her lips. A wave of heat washed over her as she began to drink from him, and he softly moaned out. He kissed along her neck as she continued. He lowered the sleeves to her dress and persisted. Elijah stopped for a moment and rests his head on her shoulder.

“About earlier… I apologize for my abrupt behavior. I…”

Bella stopped and twirled about facing him.

“No need… I get it… But you’re wrong…” “Am I?” He inquires curiously.

“I can sense you just as well and what happened… it wasn’t your fault. You cannot blame yourself for the actions of others. Jake made his choice. You can’t protect me 24/7 Elijah. We both know that’s physically impossible. When you swore to protect me and my child, I never once took it as you meaning nothing would ever happen to us. That’s not a promise anyone can make. Things will happen. They always do. It’s more about doing the best we can to overcome it. That and well…” “Well what?” He asks and starts to kiss along her neck again. “I’m married.”

She actually felt him chuckling against her neck. He backed her up against the bed. He lowered the straps to her burgundy dress the rest of the way, letting it drop to the floor. Trails of kisses returned to her neck as he unhooked her silk black bra. His hands ran along her arms as he slipped it off her. He then laid her on the bed and slipped her matching panties off. Elijah took a moment to admire the view. He truly thought her the most beautiful woman he’d ever laid eyes on. To her surprise he bent down and ran his hands along her tummy and actually kissed it. During this he’d loosened his tie and unfastened his pants. He positioned himself over her and Bella took off his tie and unbuttoned his shirt.

Bella cooed out as she felt him enter. Elijah paused for a moment making certain he wasn’t causing harm to her or the child. She caressed his face in an encouraging manner. At this he kissed her lips and began to thrust. Bella’s jaw damn near dropped. She couldn’t believe the incredible difference between the two men. Elijah felt so welcoming and warm to the touch. She was melting in his arms. Every part of her desired him. That old feeling of being insecure and everything that came with Edward wasn’t there. She could feel his chest against her breasts, his breath against the crevice of her neck, and his lips traveling along her body. Literally everything about Edward was so cold not just his touch. She never truly had anything to compare to until now. And now she found herself how she ever fell for him!

Elijah didn’t hold back. He was worshipping every part of her body. Running his hands along whatever he could touch and kissing whatever he could reach. Bella was off in ecstasy heaven. Elijah let out soft grunts and moans. She arched off the bed as she could feel him throbbing intensely within her. Elijah breathed in the scent of her arousal. It caused him to swallow back in thirst. It’d been so long since he’d felt the touch of a woman. Even longer since he’d made love to one. Bella perfectly molded against him, milking him with each stroke he gave. No woman had ever felt this unbelievable. Everything about her screamed perfection. It wasn’t just her body either. The way she smiled, laughed, how she’d look upon him. Just who she was in general had him in a trance. He thought about her constantly. He thought it a weakness… But after speaking to Rebekah and seeing how well Bella fit in with his siblings. He was beginning to see that she could very well be this family’s strength. Something was taking place that even he couldn’t describe.

His lips found hers once again in thought. Elijah pinned her wrist down to the bed as he picked up his stride. He felt her releasing against him and Elijah ached even more below. She was very inviting, wet, and gratifyingly snug. Elijah gritted his teeth and with one last thrust he came. Once he released her wrists, Bella wrapped her arms around him and passionately kissed him. His moans vibrated against her tongue as they continued. Neither wanted this to end. Even after he left her lips, Elijah’s kisses continued. He pulled out and kissed down her chest and tummy. Once he kissed her belly he lifted his eyes towards her.

“Isabella, I vow to protect and look after this child as if they were my own flesh and blood.” Bella’s heart damn near beat right out of her chest. A knot formed within the back of her throat.

“I do believe I am in trouble however…” He adds.

She cuts him a puzzled look.

“No matter how much I’ve tried to deny it… I can no longer. I’ve fallen in love with the infant’s mother.”

Bella closed her eyes taken back by his words. Elijah lay down beside her and reached over wiping tear off her cheek. He pulled her up against his chest, wrapping his arms around her.

“I love you too, Elijah… But…”

He raises his brows on this “but”…

“If you hurt me original or not, I’ll find a stake with your name on it.”

He smirks but shakes his head on this. She’s already a Mikaelson and doesn’t realize it. Elijah thought to himself.

“Very well, I shall give you one to keep on hand. Does that sound fair enough, my sweet Isabella?”

Elijah could feel her giggling against his chest.


He took in a breath. She wasn’t the only one that feared getting hurt. He’d learned the hard way a couple of times when it came to matters of the heart. As to why he fought so hard to avoid it. But there was no fighting this. It was too strong.



“When do I learn your story?”

He rises up just enough to prop her up and pull the sheets back. He pulls the covers up over them.

“I could show you.” “Show me?” She asks, facing him.

He nodded.

“But not tonight… Tonight you need your rest.”

“What do you mean by show me?”

He kisses her forehead.

“You’ll see.”

The next morning Elijah was first to wake. Bella’s backside was perfectly molded against him. Her face was buried into her pillow and she was sound asleep. He couldn’t help but to ache below at the feeling of her bare body against his own. He’d undressed in the middle of the night last night. So now he too lay naked. He breathed her in and pecked her on the shoulder. He then found himself pulling back the sheets. His hands grazed along her shoulder, arm, waist, and thigh. Her rear was pressed right up against his crotch. The more he gazed upon her the more intense the throbbing became. Elijah couldn’t help himself. He pressed himself even more against her in friction. She felt and smelled so amazing. That and last night repeatedly replayed in his mind. He gritted his teeth as the images came to him. Her moans and the way her body moved about.

Elijah lifted up one of her legs. He took his finger along her slit and let out a moan. She was already drenched. “Well good morning to you too…” She softly yet playfully announced.

She gasped back with a moan as he placed his finger inside. She arched back even more as he began moving it about. He curiously watched. He found it fascinating he could even fit in there. She was so tight. Elijah slipped in another finger, getting a good feel and show. His fingers worked about as he pleasured her. Her sap had his fingers soaked. He replaced them with something much more appeasing. As he drove his entire length in, his name fled from her lips. That drove Elijah past the brink of lust. He fondled her breasts as he thrust about her. Bella cried out in release as he plunged his fangs into her neck. As he fed from her, Bella felt him swell up and throb even more intensely. His movements became more mind-altering as Elijah picked up the pace. Sexy grunts and moans escaped his lips. Bella felt as though she’d go into orbit. The orgasms became unyielding. And her body was at his mercy. Once Elijah finished feeding, he got a firm hold on her hip. He grunted out as he gave one last thrust and came.

“Hmmm…” He hummed against her flesh as he kissed along her shoulder.

He pulled out and Bella rolled over facing him.

“I wouldn’t mind waking up to that each morning.”

Elijah nods in agreement and kisses her lips. She was beginning to see that Elijah was outright romantic as hell. And to think there was a time she thought Edward was. Not even close!

The sheets were slightly pulled back now and she could Elijah in all his glory. And glorifying it was! Her jaw nearly dropped. She had to run her hands along him to make certain he were even real. She’d only ever seen him in his suit. Elijah had a secret and it wasn’t the most obvious either. Elijah Mikaelson was the pure definition of SEX. He completely toned from head to toe. She ran a single finger along his “happy trail”, which led from his chest down to his crotch area. She found herself wanting to take her tongue to it. She blushed in thought. Boy did Edward have her fooled, a god? She once referred to him as such. She thought as she gawked upon Elijah’s well-endowed self. She flushed with embarrassment when she compared the two. What did she see in Edward Cullen?! She felt nauseas in thought.

“Are you alright?”

Bella nodded and curled up against him even more. His arms wrapped her and he kissed the top of her head. They lay in silence for a few more moments. That is until Bella groaned in misery. Mother nature was calling and it seemed to get worse throughout her pregnancy. She hurriedly rolled off the bed and scurried on to the bathroom. Elijah scooted up on her bed and turned towards her nightstand. He picked up the book she’d been reading. He reared back and looked at the cover once again. The title read The Works Of Jane Austen the story he’d opened the book on was Sense and Sensibility. Bella had marked through all the Edward names with a magic marker.

Her book marker however was currently on Pride and Prejudice her latest reading. Elijah began to skim through the story. He’d read it once before. But he could tell by the creases in the book it must’ve been one her favorites. The others pages were too crisp. He heard the shower start in the bathroom, Elijah read as he waited. Before long, Bella stepped out looking as though a goddess, like usual. Her hair was down and her curls flowed about naturally. She wore a navy blue sweater, a pair of her blue jean maternity pants, and black suede winter boots. She made her way back to the bed and Elijah sat her book down.

“I suppose I should go and get ready as well.”

Bella giggled to herself, as he rushed out off the bed and was dressed in the matter of seconds. She noticed how he was looking around. She found what he was looking for and smiled…

“Looking for something?”

She wasn’t sure what came over her. But she had his tie wrapped around her neck and was twirling it about seductively. Elijah raised his brows on this and casually made his way over. He bent down and grabbed both ends of the tie. Using it to bring her off the bed and towards him. He kissed her as he did; Bella wrapped the tie around the collar of his shirt. The kissing continued all the way to the door. He reached back and opened it. They froze however as they heard golf clapping. Bella’s eyes widened and Elijah cleared his throat, and slowly turned, already knowing.

Kol, Rebekah, and Klaus stood right across from her door. Each with smug looks about them. Bella had a full body blush going. To her surprise, Elijah merely bowed and strut on to his room.

“I suppose this means my brother finished the race. However… my door’s always open if you ever find yourself curious as to what a hybrid can do, love.”

“You mean there’s more?”

Klaus cocks a brow at this. “I was already impressed by your ability to drag your balls across the carpet.”

Rebekah smiled with full on pride. She quickly took Bella’s hand and led her into the bedroom right between her and Elijah’s room. Bella’s heart fluttered about and she brought her hand upon her mouth in sheer astonishment. It was a baby room.

It had hues of white, blue, green, yellow, and pink. The ceiling was hand painted with a gorgeous baby blue sky, white clouds, and colorful birds. The furniture was white. It was beautifully set up with a dresser, baby blue rocking recliner, lamp, a curio cabinet filled with stuffed animals and figurines. Bella stepped on into the room she swallowed back and ran her hand along the crib.

“As you can see poppet, you’re stuck with us.” Kol says seeing the look on her face.

“I take it you did all the painting?” Bella inquired looking to Klaus.

He nodded.

“And you decorated?” Bella said looking to Rebekah.

She smiled and nodded.

“And you put the furniture together?” Kol winked upon her and nodded.

Bella nodded feeling overwhelmed all of a sudden. She put her hand upon her stomach and looked upon them in utter disbelief.

“How does a bunch of ruthless vampires that compel and feed off carolers. Turn around and do something so… so…” “Wait… you saw that?” Rebekah interrupted. “Well you’re not exactly the quietest of feeders! Especially, that one!” Bella points to Klaus and he beams on this.

“You’re lucky I didn’t tell Elijah. Didn’t he make a no bringing your food home rule?”

“Now they came to us, darling.” Kol defends.

“That they did, and you have to admit they were the worst carolers I’d ever heard. That one woman with the dreadful Christmas sweater…” Rebekah adds. Bella covered her mouth in laughter remembering how appalling she truly sounded. Like nails on a chalkboard, that woman’s caroling voice. Her eyes widened nevertheless and she cleared her throat.

“I can’t believe I just laughed at that.” She voiced looking shameful.

Klaus narrowed his eyes with a smirk.

“I suppose what I’m trying to say is… Thank you.”

“So does this make up for the carolers?” Kol inquires.

Bella takes in a breath and points to Kol first.

“And the two women at the mall…”

He looked to her rather astonished.

“I’m not an idiot… You said you were going to the bathroom. Ironically the two brunettes you were eyeing when we went shopping that day, just so happened to be exiting that area at the same time as you. And honestly who takes thirty minutes to go to the bathroom! A vampire especially.” The other two laugh. She points to Klaus. “And the pretty blonde that you mentioned looking like someone by the name of Caroline. You might as well have screwed her right there. The two deadbeat drunks from the bar we had to stop at because I had to go to the bathroom. Did you think I couldn’t hear you?” “That was in your honor of course…”

“Oh, I bet as to why you left them for dead and made certain we promptly left.”

He shrugs.

“And you…”

Rebekah sighs waiting for it.

“Well… besides the carolers I don’t really have anything on you yet. But I’m sure I will.”

Klaus and Kol nod on this.

“I’m certain of this as well.”

They all turn. Elijah was leaning against the doorframe. He himself was taken back. He couldn’t fathom what he was seeing. Even more so knowing that the three of them worked together on this and without killing one another. That in itself was a miracle.

“It’s beautiful. Isn’t it?” Elijah nods at Bella’s words. But at the moment he was at a loss. The others began to ease their way out of the room. Rebekah was the last one inching her way out.

“Bekah…” She froze and turned back around facing Bella.

“I know this was mostly all you… Thank you.” Bella admits.

Rebekah smiles and simply shrugs before leaving the room.

“I really don’t know how I can ever repay you any of you…” Elijah steps on inside as Bella continued to look about the room.

“Actually it’s the other way around…” Elijah says wholeheartedly.

“It is we that should be thanking you.” “I don’t understand. I haven’t done anything.”

“Isabella, our family has had a long history of strife and bitter feelings. To be honest, we have been a hairs breath from imploding many times. Yet in the short time you have been with us, you’ve managed to help us truly come together. There is no amount of thanks I can provide for the gift you have given us.”

“Elijah… I…”

He takes her hand and leads her to the baby blue recliner. He sits down and pulls her into his lap.

“If you are willing to open your mind to me… I wish to show you. So that you may have a better understanding…”

“Open my mind?”

He nods

“In return I wish to open mine as well… I wish to learn more about you…” “You know my story…” “Seeing and hearing are two different things entirely. It is your choice. Either way… I will show you mine. I would never force anything on you. Please know this… I do not mean to pry. If anything you have me intrigued.”

“Elijah, it’s not that I don’t want you to see. It’s that you can’t. Remember Edward was a telepath. He never could get a read on me.”

“Hmmm… yet you can be compelled.”


Elijah nods.

“Wait… you compelled me?”

Elijah says with a hint of guilt about him. “So that’s why I felt so odd. I felt as though I were drugged or something. I didn’t understand why I was spilling all of that out.” “I was only trying to help. My intentions were not in vain. I assure you.”

She takes in a breath on this, knowing he meant every word he said.

“So how do I “open” my mind?”

“You will know…”

Elijah situates her so that she’s facing him now.

“Close your eyes, Isabella.”

She nods and shuts her eyes. He nods to himself and places his hands upon her temples. Sure enough she gasped out. He began to show her things even beyond what Klaus had told her. Things from their childhood, and about their village. Henrik’s death… Their mother forcing them to take the herbs, which lead into their transformation. Klaus’s father referring to him as an abomination like that of Edward, Klaus’s dramatic transformation, and his bloodlust. She also learned the truth Esther, Michael, and Ansel. He took in a breath as he let her in on things he’d never told anyone else. Very private things… Things such as Tatia, Katerina the doppelgangers in general, and Celeste. Elijah wasn’t even sure why he’d let her in that deeply, but something within him wanted to. Bella experienced his heart aches and pain. She also learned it wasn’t very long ago; they’d just brought Kol back from the dead. After Kol had tried to kill Jeremy Gilbert, the doppelganger known as Elena’s brother. There were times Elijah thought he’d have to end not only Kol’s but Klaus’s life as well. They were both so set in their ways, so murderous… so revenge seeking. For a bit, Kol had become more of a monster than that of Klaus. Then the tables seemed to switch. This was a back and forth thing between them all. Even Elijah had his excruciatingly dark moments. But the mere thought of having to take one of his brother’s out of existence damn near crippled Elijah. No matter the wrong they did. Elijah never once stopped loving his siblings. The Mikaelsons had a love/hate relationship. They gladly die for one another. Yet on the other hand would happily stake the other as well.

Elijah wanted Bella to know she could trust him. The only way he truly knew of doing that was to let her in. He went as far as Mystic Falls just before they returned home to New Orleans. Once he finished her eyes shot open with a appearance of shock about her. It was all so much to take in she couldn’t focus on one thing. There were so many mixed feelings. Yes the Mikaelson’s each of them had their moments of downright darkness and damn near insanity. But for each of those moments they had their noble ones as well. That was just it though… Bella understood their reasonings after everything she’d just witnessed. They too had been betrayed. And all Elijah ever truly wanted was for things to be back the way they were. To be a family again. Part of her wanted to cry. The other wanted to seek out revenge on their behalf. More than anything…Bella found herself in complete awe when it came to Elijah Mikaelson. Through everything… he’d never given up. He still loved his family unconditionally. So much so he’d do whatever it took to have them return to the way they once were. The storm however had been brewing over and over. So much so that even Elijah had snapped along with his siblings. Through that madness there was still love, determination, and a fight he’d never give up on. And even through all these thoughts in that mind of hers. There was only one question that popped out of that mouth of hers.

“Just how old are you?!”

“Well how old do you want me to be, my dear?” He taunts in return.

She shakes her head with a slight smile.

“Sorry, just a lot to take in…” “I can imagine so…”

She swallows back still trying to process everything she’d learned. Bella places her hand along his cheek and he leans into it, shutting his eyes momentarily. He felt her forehead resting against his.

“You still believe we’re uniquely vulnerable?” She inquired as a certain quote stuck through her mind.

Something she’d seen in his memories. He pressed his lips together and narrowed his eyes in thought. “Let me just put it this way, Isabella. We have the power to destroy the other. We always will. You could hurt me like none other and visa versa. However, I do believe there is something different about us. I used to think love to be a weakness. In our case nevertheless, it seems to be our strength.”

Bella smiles and lifts her head back up.

“I suppose it’s my turn now?”

“Only if you are comfortable in doing so.” “I want to show you. I’m just not sure if it’ll work is all.” He nods.

“My life is pretty boring in comparison. Just warning you now.”

He smiles on this.

“I hardly doubt that.”

“Oh trust me it is…”

“Hmmm… I shall be the judge of that.” “So what do I do?”

“You will go back and remember whatever it is you wish for me to know.” “That easy, huh?”

“We shall see…”

She takes in a breath and closes her eyes. Bella thinks back to Arizona when she was living with her mother. Once she’s at the destination she’s willing to start at, she nods. She brings her hands upon his temples. Elijah closes his eyes accepting the memories.

So many things he’d learned. The first one being, he didn’t particularly care for her mother. He felt as though she more or less abandoned Bella once her mother wed. He had the utmost respect for Mr. Swan. He was a man of honor and love. As the memory continued to play out and she got to the part where she met Edward Cullen. Elijah’s hands balled up into fist. To a vampire it was clear as day. To a human they wouldn’t have a clue. Their entire relationship started out through COMPULSION! Bella hadn’t any idea, even as her memories played out. She was oblivious. She was so young, naïve, and thought she was in love. But it was never love. Everything about their relationship was based on LIES, MANPULATION, and COMPELLING. Edward spent three years shaping and molding her into whatever he wanted. This was nothing more than some sort of SICK fantasy the young vampire wanted to live. Bella Swan was nothing more than his victim and this so called “coven” ALLOWED IT! In fact, he’d see where Carlisle and Alice and been compelling her as well. All that mattered to them was this young vampire’s happiness. They hadn’t ever truly cared about the young lady like they claimed. Each of them was using her to feed into his fantasy.

Even the entire Volturi scene was A LIE! Each of them was merely normal vampires using compulsion to once again feed her such horrific lies. Aro was just as guilty in all this and he truly seemed to find it amusing. What was so clear to Elijah… Bella was utterly blinded to. It wasn’t even her fault. She truly believed everything they told her. She saw whatever they wanted her to see. They took a 16 year old girl and BROKE HER! They robbed her of everything.

Once the baby came into the picture. That was it… Edward had tried to compel her. Elijah could see it. But for whatever reason, it didn’t work. If it had the baby would be no more. Edward’s eyes were locked right onto Bella’s when he demanded the child be taken care of. Why didn’t the compulsion work? Elijah thought to himself during this memory. He’d seen where Bella didn’t fear for her life, but the innocent being within her. Her fear was so great it made Elijah momentarily weak.

Bella’s memories continued to play out. He watched as Edward snapped her father’s neck in the airport. He could feel her agony, guilt, and terror. The guilt weighed upon her heavily as she got on that plane and left her father’s body behind. Her memories went as far as meeting Elijah, her vivid dreams of him, and her encounter with Jake. But after that she’d become weak. He felt her hands dropping. Elijah’s eyes shot open and he swiftly braced her against him.

This shifter was her supposed best friend. Another man in her life that had always sworn to be there and protect her, both epically failed. Both had betrayed her. He kissed the top of her head as she rest against his chest. They held one another in silence. Neither at this point truly knew what to say. Yet ironically he was focusing on her pain and everything she’d gone through. Bella was focusing on his. Both wished they knew what to do for the other.



11 thoughts on “Chapter 2: A Married Woman”

  1. Elijah is so intense… he looks as cool as a calm lake, but underneath the surface he feels so deeply. Love you Elijah and the way you’ve written him. I adore this story and you ❤

  2. elijah is a total swoon worthy hunk in this chapter. killing jacob or making love to bella….weighs hands…..which is more romantic???….hmmmm can’t decide 🙂

  3. Another wonderful chapter! Can I just say how thrilled I was that Klaus took car of a certain shape shifter? I adored all the bonding moments Bella had with the family. The growth in Elijah and Bella’s relationship and the declarations of love were beautiful! I loved how they did the nursery for the baby! Love this chapter!!

  4. Adored this chapter. Loved the deepening of Bella and Elijah’s friendship into love for one another. The family bonding together over and around Bella. Appalled by Jake’s words and behavior so much that I can’t say I’m sorry he’s gone. Especially liked Elijah and Bella sharing their memories. I feel it brings them closer so much more.

  5. Thank goodness Jacob is not a threat anymore. Interesting twist on the Cullens…since they’re really vampires and not cold ones, I can’t wait to see them being taken care of by the Originals!

    Just imagining the siblings clapping “Bravo!” and feeding off carolers makes me laugh!

  6. beautifully written! im falling in love with this pairing. when i first read the preview for the story, i was hoping the pairing would be klaus/bella, but im really liking this pairing

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