Chapter 8 One’s Claim

Chapter 8

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Bella hopped up and hugged Peter. He smiled and slightly lifted her off the ground. He then spun her about as they kissed. Warren bitterly removed the webbing from his mouth and rolled his eyes.

“I can’t believe you’re here!” she happily exclaimed.

“Yeah… I wanted to surprise you Izzy…” he hinted as to why he never answered her calls or texts.

She hugged him once again, with her head resting against his shoulder. Peter cut Warren a look of warning however, as he was eyeing the two of them. Her jaw dropped as she saw Aunt May through the corner of her eye. Aunt May smiled and waved at her as she was getting her bag from the back of the cab. Bella dropped her hold on Peter and rushed over. Peter turned with a beam about as Bella hugged Aunt May, as well. Bella found herself tearing up a bit. They truly had caught her by surprise.

Aunt May smiled and kissed her cheek.

“Let me help…” Bella said taking notice of the luggage in the back of the cab.

She narrowed her eyes though, thinking it was an awful lot for just a few days visit. But she wasn’t about to be rude and comment on it. Piotr made his way over and began to help them unload as well. Once Aunt May caught wind of him, she reared back, “My, aren’t you a big boy?”

Peter glanced over as well and he raised his brows on this. Bella giggled at the Parkers reactions to him. Piotr gave a friendly smile and headed into the manor with a couple of their bags. Once they finished unpacking and were all inside Piotr looked over to Peter, “You’re him, aren’t you?””

He raised his brows on this, “him…?”

The much taller boy smiled looking to be in awe. “Spiderman…” he said with a whisper.

“Oh… him…”

Bella smiled. Peter drew back a breath on this and glanced upon his aunt and girlfriend.

“Yeah… I’m him…” Peter admitted with a hint of nerves.

He wasn’t quite sure how to feel about everyone knowing his secret now. But he knew if he were going to attend this school, there was no way he could continue keeping it hidden. Piotr offered Peter his hand, “Big fan… I honestly can’t believe you’re here.”

“I know, right?” Peter uttered and grimaced on how that sounded.

Piotr laughed and Bella giggled shaking her head. “Peter…”she softly scolded.

He cut her an apologetic glance. She merely grinned and shook her head.

You’re Spiderman?” Warren said in a scoffing matter.

“Do you need further proof?” he taunted in return.

Rogue merely gawked in disbelief. She was too star struck to utter a word. Gambit on the other hand, was sizing Peter up, along with Warren. Logan nodded towards them as he entered the room with Dr. McCoy in mid-conversation. He hadn’t expected Peter’s arrival. “Hey kid!” he called out and walked over offering his hand. Peter smiled as he shook it.

“Mrs. Parker…” Logan greeted with a nod.

She smiled, “Mr. Howlett, how are you?

“Doing real good. How bout yerself?”


Dr. McCoy rushed on over and took the luggage from Mrs. Parker’s hold, “Please, allow me.”
“Why thank you!” Mrs. Parker said, but cut Bella a wide eyed look.

Bella stifled a laugh, remembering how she reacted the same way when she first met Beast. Logan grabbed a few things as well and motioned for the Parkers to follow him. Bella looked to her father in surprise as he placed Peter in the room right next door to her. She honestly figured he’d have him a lot further away. Then again, she was thinking along the lines of ‘just visiting’.

“Why don’t ya help Peter get situated, Bella? Hank and I will get Mrs. Parker to her room.”

Bella nodded as Logan and Hank escorted Mrs. Parker to another room. Peter looked around, taking everything in.

“Seems we both have private rooms.”

He nodded, but seemed rather tense. Bella pointed to the wall, “I’m on the other side.”

He raised his brows on this, “Oh… really?”

“Are you okay?”

“Yep…” he said and cleared his throat.

“I’m really glad you came to visit.”

Peter chuckled on this and pulled his door to, “About that…” he said with a grin as he sat on the bed motioned her over. Bella smiled and sat beside him.

“Izzy… I’m not really here to visit…” She narrowed her eyes on this.
“Look… I’m not quite sure how you’re going to take this. But note that my decision on this hasn’t anything to do with not trusting you, or anything of that nature. In fact if you don’t want me here Izzy, I’ll understand and head back to Manhattan before the school year starts. The last thing I’d ever want is for you to feel as though I’m coming on too strong or getting in your way.”

“What are you talking about Peter?”

He drew back a breath, “Your father offered me a place here at the academy… I wasn’t sure how you’d feel about that.”

Her jaw dropped and this odd squeal-like sound escaped her. She hopped off the bed, “You mean you’re going to school… HERE?!” Peter chuckled at her reaction. “Oh my god! Peter! That’s freaking awesome!”

He drew back a breath of relief. He was truly afraid that she’d feel suffocated by his presence. After everything her mother had pulled, he wanted to be the last person on earth to ever make her feel that way. If she wanted her space, he’d have given her that without argument. Nor would’ve he allowed it to affect their relationship. But thankfully, that didn’t seem to be the case, as she was in his lap hugging him yet again.

“I’m so glad you’re here! And why the hell would you think I wouldn’t want you here? Seriously?! What’s wrong with you?”

He softly laughed and shook his head, “I was bitten by a radioactive spider. There were bound to be side effects.”

Bella laughed and petted the top of his head, “Awe, but they’re all diminished mental capacities!”

Peter made a pouty face on this, but grew serious once again, “Izzy… this was more about you and getting a new start. That’s not something I want to take away from. If my being here…”

“Shut up!”

Peter’s brows raised as he found her lips planted to his. His hands ran along her thighs as the kissing became more eager. He positioned her legs so that she overlapped him. A moan escaped him as she was grinding herself against him.

“Izzy…” he uttered in longing and left trails of kisses along the crevice of her neck.

Her arms wrapped around his neck and Peter lay back on the bed. Bella’s eyes widened with a blush as she felt his hard on pressing against her. Peter was too far gone to notice. His tongue was currently exploring hers at the moment. Bella rose once their lips parted. She curiously rose up just enough to observe as he was poking through his jeans. She then got this playful mien about her. Peter reared back at first but damn near creamed his pants as she fondled him. It was just enough to tease as she promptly rolled off him. He turned to his side, facing her. Peter reached over and caressed her cheek. Then he pulled her into his chest.

“I love you Izzy…”

She smiled and snuggled up even more against him, “I love you too Peter. Thank you…”

“Being here… That truly means the world to me.” He smiled in return and kissed her forehead. “That explains it…” she whispered in thought.

“Why you hadn’t any issue letting them know you were Spiderman…”
Peter nodded, “Well I figured I wouldn’t be able to hide it for long…”
“True… by the way, the look on Warren’s face was priceless.”
“So that’s his name…” Peter expressed with a frown.

Logan rolled his eyes and lit his cigar. “He might not carry the X gene but there is no denying that he is a genetic mutate” Beast defended.

Scott shook his head and went on… “So that’s it? Let’s just focus on the bigger picture here. This has more to do with Bella Romanoff then it does Peter Parker. Since when are ‘certain’ students allowed special treatment. Let me guess she pulled the… daddy, if my boyfriend can’t attend this school, I won’t card, right?!”

“Listen here, bub. I offered the boy a spot. Ya got a fucking problem with it… ya can deal with me! I’ve seen the kid fight and he’s got what it takes. And ya tell me, boyscout just how many times have you laid down yer life for complete strangers? Not a one of us here stacks up against that kid and ya know it!”
“We’ve each laid down our lives! So have these students! Numerously!” Scott fired back.

“The kid is 15 years old! Hell, make that 16 here soon. He had no one standing over his shoulder telling him how it’s done. He discovered what he could do and decided to share his gift amongst others. The kid made his own costume, picked out a name, and laid his ass on the line! And the entire time he never expected any recognition over it! He kept his identity sealed away. Now you tell me where the fuck were we when Spiderman – a teenage boy was out there risking his life in order to make some sort of difference?! There’s not a chance in hell yer gonna convince me he doesn’t belong here. And that’s another thing! Ya leave my daughter OUT OF THIS! Ya think I don’t see past it? She’s my daughter, right? So she’s gotta be trouble… Ya don’t even know the girl, yet you’re willing to pass judgement.”
“She attacked a student.”
“And I bet Gumbo was bitching up a storm, right?”

Jean stifled a giggle on this and Scott cocked a brow her way. She cleared her throat and shrugged, “He has a point. This is Gambit we’re talking about…”
“And what if it were Rogue or Kitty?”

“We can’t disregard a student because of their past. If we did… we’d only have a handful of students. Wouldn’t be much of a school now would it?” Jean put out there.

“Mr. Parker and Ms. Romanoff are most certainly welcome here. I will never turn away a student that wants to better themselves or needs a little assistance in getting there.” Xavier said sounding a bit contrite as his gaze met Scott’s. “And that’s another thing… The sign on the gate says school for gifted youngsters. It’s never read school for mutants.”

Bella placed Peter’s picture of Uncle Ben on his nightstand. She sat on the edge of his bed for a moment and looked upon it. Peter was hanging his clothes up in the closet when they heard a knock at the door.

“Enter…” Peter called out looking to Bella with a shrug.

The door creaked open and Rogue stepped in, followed by Bobby, Kurt, and of course Kitty.

“Sorry… but once I told them you were here. They wouldn’t take no for an answer.” Rogue declared but mainly glanced Bella’s direction, looking apologetic.

Bella smiled and came to her feet. Peter shut his closet door.

“He doesn’t look like Spiderman.” Bobby said with a shrug.

Peter raised his brows on this. Bella drew back a breath, seeing the dreamlike expression on Kitty’s face.

“Peter, this is Bobby, Kurt, Rogue, and Kitty.”
“So is it true?” Kurt inquires curiously.

“Is what true?” Peter asked.

“That you’re Spiderman…” Bobby added.

Peter nodded but his eyes widened as Kitty shrieked out. She came at him with open arms and he reacted instinctually. Bella covered her mouth in laughter and Kitty looked around wondering where he went. Kurt and Bobby died in laughter.

“Good reflexes!” Kurt called out.

Peter gave him a thumbs up, “Um, thanks man!”

Bella continued to laugh so hard she had tears running down her face. Logan entered the room and looked around questioning where Peter was. Bella pointed to the ceiling where he clung on for dear life.

“What the hell are ya doing up there?”

“I panicked!” Peter replied eyeing Kitty with caution.

Bella snorted and reached to her gut, “Oh Peter…”

Logan batted his eyes about, forgetting what he even came in here for. He threw his hands in the air and exited the room.

“Thank you, sir.” Peter said once Xavier personally welcomed him.

Xavier nodded, “There is one issue we must go over however… Until you’ve completed your training as a team. You’re not to suit up.”

Peter reared back in disbelief, “Excuse me?”

Xavier drew back a breath on this and wheeled his way around, facing Peter. “We do things differently around here Mr. Parker. We work as a team. That rule stands amongst all my students.”

“So you’re telling me that until then, Spiderman hangs up the suit, right?”

“So if someone’s in danger… I’m supposed to sit around and do nothing until my training is complete?” Xavier nodded. Peter huffed out, “With all due respect, that’s not who I am!”

“If you wish to be a student of this school you will abide by this rule and all others. That is how things work around here, Mr. Parker.”

Peter’s teeth were grinding together. But out of respect for his Izzy, he kept his mouth shut. But he knew damn well he’d be breaking that rule if and when trouble arose.

“Peter told me what you did…”

Logan turned back as he was smoking his cigar. He nodded upon his daughter, “And what would that be exactly, darlin’?”

She smiled, “Offering him a place here.”

Logan nodded and took a long drag of his cigar, “The way I see it… he’s already much more advanced than most of the students here. He’s certainly got what it takes. And whether ya think so or not shortcake, so do you.”

She drew back a breath and leaned against the wall, “I’m sorry…” Logan raised his brows with a lost look about him.

“For the other day…” she hinted about telling him to fuck off.

He nodded once again and puffed on that cigar of his. “No need. There’s gonna be some fights and rough roads to cross. Yer gonna push my buttons and I’m sure I’ll push yers. But I don’t meant ta. I just want ya to keep in mind that this is yer new start. Yer in control and ya can leave that b.s ya once called a life. Things are different around here. If ya want it bad enough.”

Belle thought on this for a moment as something else came to mind, “I’m surprised you have him living next door…”

Logan half laughed and shook his head, “Yer gonna do what yer gonna do. I just gotta try and trust ya both… Besides, there’s not a lot I can do about the situation.”


“The imprint…”
She laughed remembering the guy she met back in Forks and his story about the shifter imprint.

“Imprint?” she questioned.

Logan drew back a breath and finished his cigar. “Yer not even aware… are ya darlin’?”

She reared back, “What are you talking about!?”
“Well hell Bella, I thought ya knew…”

Logan thought back to the hospital. That’s right, Izzy… I love you dammit. I’ve been in love with you. That was the very moment Logan knew he was FUCKED! And that’s what he meant by his thoughts that day. Just what I fucking need… First day I meet the daughter I never knew I had and she’s done imprinted on some fucking boy!

“Knew what?”

He chuckled, “Ya done claimed the boy.”

“Dammit kid, do I have to spell it out for ya?” She raised her brows.

“Ya marked yer territory so to speak. Peter Parker belongs to you! And there ain’t a damn thing anyone can do about it. He’s yer mate!”

She started to laugh. “Right…” she said in mirth.
“Do I look like I’m joking? Look if ya don’t believe me… Why don’t ya go visit Dr. Hank McCoy. He knows more about these sorts of things. In fact, we were just discussing this earlier. ” Her eyes widened.
“That’s right lil darlin’… Ya claimed the boy and he hasn’t a damn clue. It’s not every day the woman does the marking.”

“But I’m a virgin…” she hissed.

Logan grimaced and covered his ears, “JESUS KID! Ya don’t have to have sex in order to imprint. It’s just natural. Ya came into yer animal side and it just hit. Like I said… what’s done is done. So why the hell go all out to try and separate you? Ya might as well be fucking married.” he mumbled looking miserable on the thought.

Her jaw dropped and she staggered back, covering her mouth. “MARRIED?! OH MY GOD! PETER’S GOING TO KILL ME!”

“Yeah, I really doubt that…”

Peter reared back as Bella paced her room, looking awfully pale. She’d mentioned needing to tell him something. “I just want to make clear before you say anything… that I moved here for you…” he stated, damn near fearful she was about to break up with his ass, for whatever reason.

She was so close to hyperventilating and in tears. “Peter…” she called out looking to be in agony.
“What is it Izzy? Did I do something wrong?”

Bella shook her head and tears made their appearance. “I’m so sorry!” she cried.

“Sorry?” he asked puzzled and then reared back on the way she was acting.

Because of the he way she acted, Peter became downright fearful. Did she cheat on him? Was she indeed breaking up with him? He swallowed back feeling ill. “What are you sorry for Izzy?”

She closed her eyes and staggered back against the wall, “Peter I didn’t know! I hadn’t a clue! Please… just keep that in mind…”
“Izzy, you’re starting to scare me now…”

She covered her face and an uncontrollable sobbing started. “Do you know what imprinting is?” she inquired once she caught her breath.

He shrugged, “I’m afraid you’re going to have to spell it out for me. And in the simplest terms. Because you’re really freaking me out! I mean… are you about to dump me or what?! Please don’t… I mean seriously… I’m not so sure I can handle it!”

Bella drew back a breath not really hearing what he’d just said as it suddenly hit her. She knew damn well when it took place. But at the time she had no clue what it was. All she remembered was feeling an overwhelming sense of completion, love, and this overpowering desire to keep Peter Parker safe at all cost and be whatever he may need.

She looked to the floor with shame, “I love you so much… So much in fact that once I came into my newfound abilities…” she drew back a quivery breath, “I made my claim. But I swear to GOD Peter! I didn’t know! If I had…”


“I marked you or imprinted on you! Oh Fuck! Whatever you wish to call it! In the hospital… When you first said you loved me. Peter… ”
He half laughed with both nerves and confusion about him, “Marked me?”

She nodded and came to her knees, “I’m so sorry!”

“What do you mean by ‘marked me’, Izzy?”

“I unknowingly made you my mate. Meaning, you’re stuck with me…. Like permanently! Peter, I never wanted to hurt you. I…”

“Holy hell Izzy, that’s what you were worried about? I thought you were about to dump me for Christ’s sake!” Bella’s eyes shot wide open at this. He hid a smile and looked at her solemnly, “I love you Izzy and you know that’s not something I just throw out there! With everything we’ve been through, I wouldn’t say that unless I felt you and I could go for the long haul. All this imprint thing is telling me is that you feel the same way, so why in the world would I be angry?” Bella swallowed back and pinched her eyes shut.

“Hey…” Peter then made his way over and lifted her chin with his fingers, “So when do I get my red collar with a blue tag that reads Izzy’s?” She managed to smile and Peter grinned, “Just so you know, I’d totally wear it and with pride. You haven’t a clue just how serious I am. Damn Izzy… the mere thought…”

He backed her up against the wall and pressed himself against her. The raging hard on was all the proof he needed in showing her how riled up she had him. “Mark your territory, by all means…” he said without skipping a beat he heatedly kissed her.

Her legs wrapped around his waist. Peter stopped once he realized he was humping her right up against the wall. His face flushed over a bit and he cleared his throat, “Umm… Perhaps we should watch a movie or something….”

Bella giggled and kissed his lips once more. Peter smiled and lowered her back down. They plopped down on the bed and Peter reached over, taking his laptop out from his backpack. “You pick…” he said with a shrug.

She looked in his bag and took out the first one on top. “Armageddon…” Peter said looking to the title.

Bella rolled over as he set everything up. Peter glanced over once he was done. He shook his head, thinking something along the lines of how in the hell did he get a girl like Bella to claim him? Slight tummy was revealed as she lay back, facing the ceiling.

“Do I need to get some animal crackers…?” he uttered hintingly and kissed her tummy.

“Animal crackers?”

He nodded towards the movie as it started. She laughed, remembering the scene from the movie. “I’m good.” she murmured.
“Are you sure? Because I could like ‘swing’ by a store and get you some!”

“You’re such a dork Peter.”
“But you love me!”

“True. But you’re still a dork.”

He nodded and kissed her bare tummy once more. “Izzy…?”


“Don’t ever let me go too far… If I do something that you’re not comfortable with, or if it’s too fast…”
She reached over and ran her fingers through his hair, “Where we are right now is fine. We’ll just let it come naturally…” Bella said with a shrug.

He chuckled. “Come huh?” he repeated with a smirk.


“What?” he said with his best innocent expression.

She laughed and shook her head. Peter cleared his throat, “So, maybe we should get some condoms or something… just in case. That doesn’t mean we have to…”

“No but it’s a good idea… keeping them handy…”

They were both blushing in thought now. “Have you ever…” Peter hinted shyly.

Her eyes widened, “Of course not!”

He nervously laughed. “Me either… But I’m glad we waited” he admitted thinking back to Mary Jane.

She nodded in agreement, but her face was still somewhat flushed with embarrassment. Sadly, he could’ve slept with MJ if he wanted. And he’d thought about it… came pretty close to it, too. But something about it never felt right with him. Now he knew why. It would’ve been just sex, nothing more between him and MJ. With Izzy, it was to be much more. That was the reason why he wasn’t about to rush anything… no matter how badly he wanted her. He’d let Izzy call the shots on that. He was fine with the way things were. The condoms were just a way of being smart about it. For all he knew, it could be a year or more before they even hit that part of their relationship. Either way, he was content with the way things were now. He got the girl he’d always wanted, so why push things any further?

When the credits rolled, Peter had his arm wrapped around her. He kissed along her shoulder and Bella giggled, while he started to sing the lyrics to Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing. He even had the Steven Tyler facial expressions going.


“Who sings that song?”

“Aerosmith, duh…”
“Yeah, let’s keep it that way.”

He reared back looking offended, “You don’t like my serenading?”
“Is that what you call it?”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh….” he hooted and started tickling her.


“Ok, fine… I’m leaving on a jet plane… don’t know …”
“Ok then leave…” she taunted with a smirk.

Damn! Maybe I should. What? You think just because you imprinted on me, you can boss me around?!”
YES! THAT’S EXACLY WHAT IT MEANS!” she retorted. Peter shook his head and tickled her even more.

He chuckled and quickly webbed her back onto the bed as she almost fell. Bella hit him on the arm and he pinned her wrists down, showering her with kisses.

Bella got in line for her breakfast that morning like usual. She reared back however, seeing Aunt May in the kitchen with the rest of the staff. She was going over some sort of recipe with them. Once she caught wind of Bella, she stopped what she was doing made her way over.

“Giving tips are we?” Bella teased with a beam about her.

Aunt May laughed, “Well I figured I might as well make myself useful somewhere.”

“You start giving out your awesome cooking secrets and the students will never leave the cafeteria.”

“Oh sweetheart, you sure know now how to butter me up. Here…” She placed some sort of omelet on her plate.

“Wait, you actually cooked? I mean for the students?!”

Aunt May shrugged, “It’s what I do.”


“Mrs. Parker…” The deep voice carried over and they turned back to see Dr. McCoy with his empty tray. He was wiping his face with a napkin. “That was one of the best meals I’ve had in quite some time.”

She smiled warmly, “Why thank you, Dr. McCoy.”

“No, thank you!”

Bella laughed at the hint of flirtation in Dr. McCoy’s voice. “Someone seems smitten…” Bella whispered as he walked away.

Aunt May playfully nudged her, “Bella!” She said as if to scold her.

“Just sayin’… maybe you want a big blue teddy bear for Christmas?”


She giggled and walked away, joining Rogue and the others at the table.

“Hey, we’re all going to the movies later. Thought maybe you and Peter would like to come along.” Rogue threw out there.

“That sounds fun, actually.”

“What does?” Warren questioned as he plopped himself right beside Bella.

“The movies tonight…” Remy said with a shrug.

“Tonight, huh?” his wings fluffed about a bit.

Peter entered the cafeteria with Piotr and Kurt. Piotr sighed on Peter’s behalf seeing as how Warren practically sat in Bella’s lap. Peter said nothing, just got in line, whilst shaking his head. Just as Peter was making his way over, Kitty rushed up to him with a black Sharpie. She was wearing a Spiderman shirt. “Do you mind?” she hinted.

Peter swallowed back. It felt so weird to be out of costume and having someone ask him for his John Hancock. He never was one to be rude or turn down a fan. “Um, sure.’ he mumbled.

She smiled as he sat his tray down on an empty table. Kitty handed him the marker.

“Kitty, right?”

The girl beamed at this, “YES! You remembered.”

Peter gave a simple nod and signed her shirt with… Kitty, your web-slinging friendly neighborhood Spiderman was here! She let out a major fangirl squeal and pecked him on the lips. Rogue grimaced seeing the look on Bella’s face. Warren died in laughter.

“And now it begins… It seems your boyfriend just can’t help himself. Spiderman… and they say I’m full of myself.”

You are!” Everyone at the table chorused.

Kitty skipped away happily and Peter just stood there for a moment, pondering what just took place.



“SHUT IT!” Bella snapped and Remy grinned.

“Someone’s might sensitive.”
“You’re about to find out just how sensitive I can be!”


Bella’s eyes peered over Remy’s direction, doing her best to keep in mind what she did. Even though she hadn’t any real clue what took place that day. She couldn’t allow herself to get that out of control again. So the girl drew back a breath. Bella leaned into Warren’s ear and whispered.

“That’s right… I promise. Right after I shove my foot so far up your ass it comes out of your mouth. Kinky enough for you?”

Peter sat on the other side of her. “Everything alright?” he asked with concern.

She nodded, “Yep! Everything’s just fine.”

Kitty sat across from them, happily showing her shirt off to everyone.

Bella gritted her teeth as she punched at the bag. Beads of sweat trickled down her face. She was doing her best to get all her frustrations out during her workout. She whipped around when she felt someone tap her on the shoulder. She narrowed her eyes, seeing it was Scott. He gave a simple nod, “follow me”. She sighed and grabbed her towel.

The girl followed the professor as they exited the gym. They walked down a hallway and into another room. They entered a room with monitors and a couple chairs. The room overlooked another area. A massive one at that and Bella found herself peeking through the glass. “What’s in there?” she asked curiously.
“The danger room.”

“Danger room?”

He nodded, “This is what we use to train our students.”
“So like sparring or…”

He shook his head as he began setting up a session, “You’ll see…”

Scott motioned towards the entrance. She nodded and headed inside. Her jaw dropped once she realized just how big the room truly was. The door shut and locked behind them.

“Stay close and do as I say.”

She reared back at this and but hadn’t much time to react, “What the fuck?” she shrieked.

“That language isn’t necessary.”

She half laughed.

“Sorry… What the duck…? Better?”

He rolled his eyes beneath those sunglasses of his. “Three things you should know… One – our students keep a clean mouth. Two – We work together as a team, not against each other. And three – the little PDA you got going with your boyfriend. That’s to come to a stop as well. You’re fifteen not twenty-one! You’re still a kid and you haven’t any business acting like that with a boy. It leaves a bad impression. Do you want others to perceive you in that sort of light?”

She raised her brows on this, “Sixteen in September! And just how do you believe I’ll be perceived professor?” she said rather snippy like.

“I believe we both know.”

“Gotcha…” she muttered with a touch of sarcasm.

“Our session starts in just a few seconds now. Keep in mind these things can inflict harm if you’re not careful.”

She cranked her head back towards the android looking holographic images. “How can a holographic image cause harm?”

Her jaw dropped suddenly as one of them fired some sort of beam and hit her dead on.

“SHIT!” she hollered out reaching to her stomach. It was just enough force to feel as though she got socked one.

Scott swiftly grabbed her by the scruff of her shirt, “Pay attention and stop with the language!”

She reared back as he dropped his hold. Both began dodging streams of energy blasts left and right. Bella looked on in amazement as he lowered his shades and a red ray hit a couple of the androids. They began to malfunction. She looked up to see a few of them crawling along the walls much like she’d seen Spiderman do. Two of them dropped down before her and one shot out their hand and flung her back against the wall. Bella growled out, charging right for the android. She slammed it up against another wall and she sent several jabs into its stomach. It started to glitch and she pierced through its chest and ripped out the wiring. Scott was taking out a few on his side, but he turned to see Bella shocking another droid with the wiring she’d torn out of the other one.

The battle continued on for a solid forty minutes. For every handful of droids they took out, more would appear. The entire time, Scott was snapping at her and belittling her abilities to stand on her own. At one time she snapped her head his direction and in disbelief as he referred to her as Logan. That was the moment; Bella realized it wasn’t just a training session. No… This had become personal. Scott didn’t see Bella like the other students. He saw her as Logan’s daughter, nothing more. He already expected her to have her father’s mannerisms, to fight as he would, to have his temper, bad attitude, and all other things that got under his skin about her father. Such as the way his fiancé looked upon Bella’s father. And since Bella had arrived, it had become even more noticeable. He wasn’t even consciously aware of what he was doing. He was taking everything out on Bella Romanoff. Every frustration he’d ever had when it came to Logan. To Scott, the bastard had it all. A daughter… HIS girl’s infatuation and now he was known for bringing Spiderman into the academy.

Once Bella realized the truth behind what was going on, her vision began to blur. She reached to her temples as her head pounded something fierce and everything became a nice shade of red….

The alarms sounded, gathering the attention of others nearby. When they went to check on the situation, Bella was stepping out of the room. She looked pissed and didn’t even seem to notice anyone around her. Jean was amongst this group. She looked into the danger room and gasped out. The door had been busted down and Scott was laid out.

Logan was in his room smoking one of his cigars when he heard a knock at the door. Once he answered he nodded upon Jean.
“You might want to see this…”


(Be a sport leave a comment/review! I like knowing what you think! Thank you Mommy4Thomas for beta’ing this. And thank you Bertie Bott, Mommy4Thomas, and the hubby on helping with being soundboards and throwing some puns out there for me to work with! Loves you all!)

20 thoughts on “Chapter 8 One’s Claim”

  1. You are very welcome, Kitten!! This was an awesome chapter! It’s so ice to have Peter at the school nd he and Bella are just the cutest couple! LOVED the part where he suggested the collar. I giggled with glee!! Loved the part where they watched “Armageddon” together, too!! That was just too cute!
    It was nice to see Aunt May! I just adore her!! Those students will definitely appreciate her steppin’ into the kitchen! 🙂
    WOW! Could Scott be a BIGGER dick? Apparently so!! So glad Bella handed him his ass and laid him out on the floor. I take it daddy-O is gonna mop the floor with what’s left..(malicious grin). I wanna see him go BERSERKER!!! The asshat thinks he’s so big and bad..He’s about to find out he ain’t all THAT! That’s for damn sure!! Rip him a new one, bub!!
    Fantastic chapter, Kitten! There is just one teensy, tiny problem..I want some MORE!! NOW!!! GET ON IT!!! I loves you a long time!! *Blows kisses and waltzes out*

  2. eeeeeeee! so adorable. Kitty is hilarious. a real fan girl through and through. Scott better get that stick out his ass. he is acting like an immature todler. ooooh…and Aunt May and Dr. McCoy… that is a couple worth seeing. 😉
    i am betting Bella got so pissed that she literally wiped the floors with Scott. serves him right.

  3. Holy jumping jelly beans!!! Awesome chapter seriously awesome!!! I do wonder what bella did to scott tho and if so i hope it hurt him…that asswipe. Seriously does that mean need a wambulance with his whining. Seriously excited for the next chapter to come. Bet it is gonna rock. And peters reaction to a fan girling kitty awesome jumping on the ceiling.

  4. This awesome, like it always is!! Aunt May and Peter are here! Is May going to stay with Peter? She is, isn’t she?
    Loved everything in this chapter, but the ending was evil, evil! Can’t wait for the next one, please update soon.

  5. What the hell!?!?!
    What is Scott’s problem? It’s almost like he is jealous of Bella and Peter!
    And what happened in the danger room?
    I can’t wait for more:)

  6. Big fan Harley! First time commenting though. Great read, truly. I’m over here jumping in my seat as Scott being laid out but also about to lose it from being so nervous at how everyone will react. He surely deserved it though, picking on her cause he’s mad at her father I mean what kinda petty mess is that? Anyways, I can’t wait for the next update of…..anything seeing as I read all your stories. It’s always so sad when the chapter ends.

  7. Good to see that Bella realizes what Scott’s problem was…he got what he deserves! I like how Logan call him out on it also 😀 Hopefully Bella won’t get in trouble for this since Scott was in the fault here and he’s abusing his position as a teacher…should Bella be even be introduced to the Danger Room so soon after arriving at the school?

    The scene between Hank and May was also nice! They would make a cute couple ;D

  8. holy crap!! Peter finally appears, the truth is that for a moment I thought Peter was dead, was incredibly romantic scene between Peter and Bella, Kitty is a crazy fangirl, poor Bella, she will not let him pass bad things, first Natasha and now Scott, seriously, Scott is a bastard, with closed and cowardly mind, because, why not fight with Logan instead of Bella? Ha?, I can not wait to see the reaction of all, please I beg you update soon… Kisses 😉

  9. What else can i say other than..i loved it! Again, definitely worth the wait, and i can’t wait to see what happens next❤️

  10. You had to leaving me hanging dang it! It was so good and funny until that stupid jerkoff Scott had to be a jackass. When Bella said but I’m a virgin and Logan’s comment had me laughing so hard it wasn’t even funny and then she apologizes to Peter for marking him. I can honestly say if I was Bella Kitty would have drug her up and down the cafeteria lol. I can’t wait for the next update to see how Logan will react to Bella’s blackout! Awesome update!!!! 😀

  11. Omg this story is getting interesting and better each time please continue 🎊😵😄🎵😵😃😏🎊🎵🎵🎊🎵🎵🎊😉🎊🎊🎊😉🎊🎊😉🎊😥🎊😥🎊😃🎊😃🎊😃😃🎊🎊🎊🎵🎵🎊🎊🎵🎊😥🎊🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵

  12. Do we get to find out what she did to him? He deserved it for being a major asshole. Cant wait to read more. I hope there will be another update soon. Thanks for the chapter hun 🙂

  13. Geez, Scott deserves to have been laid out… Loved the chapter! Bella and Peter are so cute. I’m happy Aunt May is adjusting well too. 🙂

  14. Loved this chapter 😀 And I am so happy with how she laid Scott out 😉 He really did deserve it after all. Can’t wait to see everyones reaction to it lol.

  15. i say this with love & respect, but…you BITCH!! haha i can’t believe you left us hanging like THAT! i’m gonna go freakin crazy waiting for the next chapter to find out how she knocked Scott the eff out! he totally deserved it too 😀

  16. And now I won’t be happy until Peter gets his collar – you better make that happen! I can see Izzy giving it to him as a gag gift and then it backfires because he loves it waaaay too much, lol. Awesome chapter, sweets – you know how much I adore this story. Scott is obviously a dick, but man – looking forward to the fallout. Guess I’m evil, lol.

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