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No apologies!

I don’t do apologies unless they are TRULY WARRANTED. Do not message me with “suggestions” on how the story should go from here. I do not want to hear how I’ve offended you. The last time I checked I was the writer. Therefore, the story is mine to do what I want with. That is the RUDEST thing you could do to a writer; tell them how to write their fucking story. Ugh, that’s seriously a peeve of mine and it gets under my skin like you wouldn’t believe. If you want a story to go a certain way and with LESS DRAMA as you put it then write your own story. But do not knock off my work or anyone else’s.


Here we go again…

Please keep in mind that SOA is DRAMA filled even in canon.

ANNNND there’s this (below) before you even get to the first chapter. If you didn’t skip past the summary. If you did that’s not on me that’s on you.


Rated: NC-17 due to violence, cursing, drinking, smoking, drug usage, rape, and explicit sexual content. This story will contain some very dark times. Just keep in mind this is a SONS OF ANARCHY STORY!

Genre: drama, hurt/comfort, romance, family, action/adventure, some horror, and mystery

Disclaimer: I in no way own any of the recognizable characters or quotes throughout and for the duration of these stories… No profit is being made, and no infringement is intended. I claim rights to original characters and original plot points.

Story will continue as is…

The warnings were there. I make no apologies. SMH I mean really why has this become a thing?!




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News about buttons:

Took me fucking forever but I finally got the buttons to The Highlander up. I don’t know the fast way. I tried it after having it explained to me and just didn’t work for me.. I had no choice but to take hours to get all the links up. That’s why I HATE doing fucking buttons! It takes away from my writing time, which is less and less as of late. Hopefully, with all the buttons being caught up (that I know of anyhow) this won’t be an issue again as it’s a lot easier to do recent story buttons. The links are nowhere near as hard to find. I’m in a pissy mood now so time to take a break lol. Just wanted to let you guys know they’re up. I also fixed chapter 2 to Postcard From The Big Apple it goes to the correct chapter now. I apologize for any inconvenience.

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