Chapter 21 Letting Go

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Dick rolls over and Bella’s at the bedroom window looking outside. Bella’s silk robe swayed a bit from the breeze that was blowing in. He could make out the outline of her alluring figure through the robe as the sun cast about the room. This stirred him awake below. He scolded himself and rolled back over. He stared upon the ceiling as he felt the bed move.

Bella leaned over and kissed him. He smiled and ran a hand along her back.

“Did you sleep well?”

“Better than usual yes, you?”

He nods. Bella moves his hair from his face. Her fingers run along his cheek. He often felt like a dream to her. Part of her feared she’d awake back in the asylum only to realize Dick Grayson never existed. Dick rises up kissing her. He lifts Bella onto his lap and continues kissing her. Bella wraps herself around him.

“I love you.” He whispers against her neck.

“I love you too.”

Bella comes to her feet and drops her robe. Dick grins shaking his head at his own torment. He wanted her so bad it was unreal. He bulged with desire. His eyes widen as she bends over grabbing some panties from her bag. The good thing was he could see she was no longer red and swollen. In fact most of the bruising on her body was a pale yellow now and almost clear.

He forced himself out of bed as well. They both got dressed. Bella put on a pair of black shorts and a white tank top with a black Celtic cross on it. He put on his usual blue jeans and put on a black tank top. The weather here was much warmer than back home. Bella pops him on the butt as he walks by. He chuckles. She grins and shrugs her shoulders.

“Digging the tank Dick.”


As they come down the stairs they smell the bacon, eggs and pancakes. Martha smiles warmly as they make their way down.

“Smells good.”

“Thank you Dick.”

“Can I help with anything?” Bella offers.

“We got it.” Lois says placing a plate in front of Bella.


Lois smiles. Clark enters the house with Krypto. Krypto runs right up to Bella. Dick laughs.

“I’m telling you that dog loves you.”

Bella smiles and pets his head.

“Let her eat Krypto.” Clark scolds as he takes a seat.

He whimpers as he looks to Clark. Everyone laughs. Krypto lies down, but at Bella’s feet.

“Ah, you broke his heart.” Lois says and hands Clark his plate.

“He’ll forget about it in a few minutes.” He says with a shrug biting into his bacon.

Bella helps clean up and wash the dishes once their done. Afterword, Dick takes her hand and leads her outside. They walk around taking it all in, enjoying the sunlight beaming along their bodies. He takes her to the loft, where he wraps his arms around her waist. Dick kisses along her neck and shoulders every once in a while as they look out in silence.

“It’s so lovely here.” She says softly.

He nods holding her tighter, and taking her scent.

They gazed out upon the green grass, blue skies, and cattle roaming about.

“Bella?” They turn to Martha’s voice in the barn.

“We’re up here.” Dick says.

Martha smiles.

“I thought maybe Bella would like to come help me with something.”

Dick drops his hold as Bella follows Martha out of the barn.

“I knew I’d find you up here.”

Dick smiles as Clark makes his way up. Dick continues to lean against the frame looking out.

Clark puts a hand upon his shoulder.

“So how you holding up?”

Dick shrugs.

“Come on now. It’s written all over your face.”

He sighs shaking his head. He crosses his arms about his chest.

“I’m not sure what to think of anything anymore.”

Clark nods and takes a seat upon the red couch in the loft.

“I’m half tempted to hang up the cape for good.” He says with a shrug.

Clark narrows his eyes.

“I never thought I’d hear those words from you.”

“I never thought I’d take a life. Granted the son of a bitch deserved it. But what does that mean for me Clark? I don’t just mean the fact that Bruce will never be able to look upon me the same. But in the end what will this do to me?” He pinches the bridge of his nose.

“Do you have any idea how many times Joker was in my grasp? How many times I could have ended it once and for all! Bab’s wasn’t enough. I had to let him get to Bella as well! That’s just the thing I don’t regret it! If I could take his life all over again I’d do it in a heartbeat! But you see when does it stop from there? How many more lives might I take? In this business, if I allow it to consume me, I’d damn near kill off anyone that ever resided in Blackgate! I’m still so PISSED! Joker’s death barely put a dent on my anger. I can feel it Clark. It’s rising within me. I try so hard to fight it off. To be strong for Bella’s sake. She needs me! She’s been through literal hell! Yet I can’t even get over my own fears, nightmares, and fury. I can feel it!” Dick holds out his hands looking upon them.

“These… These hands have so much anger.”

Clark takes in a breath as Dick bows over. He grabs at his gut and stumbles back a bit. He comes to his feet as Dick comes to his knees.

“I’ve never felt anything this strong.” He half growls.

“I love her so much that it’s freaking painful! I let my heart die after Kori cheated on me! I thought I’d never move on or love again. Never did I dream that it’d literally sock me in the damn face when I met Bella Swan! She gets me Clark! She doesn’t try to change me. I can still be myself and Nightwing. And I get her! I love Bella and Harley! And trust me their two different women entirely.” He half laughs.

Clark crouches down beside him he puts a hand upon his back.

“We all are. Superman and Clark, Batman and Bruce, Nightwing and Dick you have to be in order to survive. It’s about hanging it up at the end of the day. Not letting Nightwing take over.”

“When I saw him put that gun in her mouth…” Clark fully wraps his arms around Dick as he’s completely letting go. This is what he needed. Dick wasn’t one to do this ever. Clark knew he’d hit his limit.

“I just knew that was it. I was about to watch her die! The last image she’d have is Batman watching as the Joker molested her! If I hadn’t got there in time, he would have raped her Clark. That’s what he wanted! He wanted to humiliate her! He wanted to make her pay!” He sucks back a breath.

“All I kept thinking… All that went through my mind was if she dies that’s it for me! I’m done! FOREVER! I would have let Joker end me once and for all. I even envisioned it. I wasn’t going to fight Clark! There wouldn’t have been a fight left within me. I would have let him do whatever he wanted. I’d have been pissed if he didn’t kill me!”

Clark felt ill at Dick’s words, but knew he meant it.

He’d never seen his friend in this deep. Sure he was crazy about Kori, but he’d met Starfire back in highschool. It was a crush that turned out to be a fiery love. However, as the years progressed even Clark himself saw the couple slowly beginning to construct. She was a princess for one thing she’d always had many suitors after her affections. She was crazy about Dick as he was her. But something had never quite set right with Clark about the relationship. Honestly, he’d always felt it was more lust felt than love. Considering the couple towards the end, spent less and less time together, and all it seemed to be, towards the end were sexually related. It was a come and go situation. Before long Kori had begun seeing other men behind his back. Once Dick found out about it ripped his heart out. He’d shut down. He stopped even thinking about women period. Then came Barbara, but it was a short lived relationship. They were better off as friends. Though it started out passionate it faded. Joker helped put a dent into that though as well. Not that Dick ever gave up on Barbara once she was paralyzed. She was the one that gave up on everything around her, that included Dick. No matter how much he fought against it. The relationship however, everyone around them knew, it was doomed before Joker had ever shot her. There was just no stability there.

Clark takes in a breath as he thinks about these things. This however, this was the real deal. Clark Kent knew Dick Grayson even better that Bruce Wayne. Dick had always told him everything and visa versa. They knew they could count on one another, no matter the situation. Clark himself had broken down to Dick a few times now it was Dicks turn. So he crouched down beside him. But deep down there was a hidden smile, because he knew his friend was in love. That this time it was real; Clark knew nothing was getting between him and Bella. He could see it in both their eyes. He liked the way Bella looked upon Dick. The way she trusted him and he could tell she looked up to Dick Grayson. But he also knew it was time to help rebuild his friend. Not just Dick Grayson but Nightwing as well. He needed to find himself again. Both Harley and Nightwing needed clean slates.

“Get the legs Bella!” Martha says as they hunch over the cow.

“PULL!” Lois encourages.

Bella grunted out as she pulled on the calf’s legs as the mother gave birth. Martha winked upon Lois as Bella pulled the calf out. Bella grew a genuine smile as she looked upon the newborn calf. She dragged it towards it’s mother. She watched in amazement as she cleaned it off. Martha put her arm around Lois as they watched Bella’s reaction.

She gently ran a hand along the newborn.

“Congrats mommy.”

She says patting the brown cow’s head. They nodded to one another and Martha leaves Bella and Lois alone. She continued to watch with a smile as the mother continued cleaning the calf. Bella wiped her hands clean with a nearby towel, Martha had set up.

She pulls up a stool and sits down. Bella tosses the towel back down.

“Not bad.” Lois says sitting next to her.

Bella smiles.

“Thanks I guess.”

Lois softly laughs.

“Nah, I mean it. You weren’t even squeamish about it you just got down to business.”

They both watch as the calf is trying to come to its feet.

“Won’t be long little guy.” Lois says.

“How long have you and Clark been together?”

Lois smiles.

“Hmmm, well we’ve known each other for years, but we’ve been dating for about 5?”

Bella’s eyes widen.

“That long?!”

Lois has a good laugh.

“Well part of that he spent with his “duties”.”

“That and well Clark was a bit different back then. He was a lot shyer. I had to whip him into shape.”

Bella laughs.

“I’m serious, do you have any idea how long it took for him to even kiss me! I was wondering if I’d ever get a first kiss.”

“That’s too funny.”

“Yep, the man shows no fear when it comes to life threatening situations, but is fearful of kissing girls.”

They both giggle shaking their heads.

“So what about Dick? What’s he like?”

Bella smiles in thought.

“Like a dream I never want to wake from. He makes me laugh in any given situation. I feel more loved and in love that I ever deemed imaginable. Around him I feel safe and whole. It’s because I kept thinking of him that I even survived. He was my drive. Through everything I faced with Joker. All I had to do was think of him and it made me fight that much harder.”

“WHERE IS SHE?!” Bruce narrows his eyes as Edward slams against the wall.

“NO!” Carlisle flings his son off Bruce.

“That’s enough son! I apologize Mr. Wayne, I’m not sure what’s come over my son.”

“He knows Bella!”

Bruce rears back at this in wonder. Carlisle clears his throat continuing to hold back his son.

“Is that true Mr. Wayne?”

“I’m afraid I do not know who you’re referring to. I’m merely here about these cases.”

“HE’S LYING! I’VE SEEN…” Carlisle quickly covers his mouth.

Bruce sighs fixing his collar.

“Do we have a problem here Dr. Cullen?”

“No sir, of course not.”

“I truly hope we do not. I advise you get your son under control.”

“Advice greatly noted.”

Bruce cuts Edward one more look.

“I would listen to my father if I were you. This…” He grabs the files and shakes them in Edward’s face.

“This right here is all the more reason. You should. However, if word of this gets out… You both could be facing things you never deemed imaginable. You seem to have a problem with anger. Keep it in check.” Bruce nods towards the both of them.

He heads out the door and starts his trip back to Gotham. The entire time, he replays all that was said and had taken place. However, through all this Bruce feared he might have just placed Bella in even more danger, without truly realizing it. It wasn’t his intention, something about the boy vampire. It was like he was in his head, this unnerved Bruce.

One thing was for certain. Without realizing it, Edward Cullen, had just ratted out himself and his father. One of the files amongst the other young girls was Bella. He’d thrown it in there on purpose to see if either would react to hers particularly. However, they didn’t even take notice of the file or so it seemed. Somehow Edward already knew. How much did he know?

He tried calling Dick for a heads up just in case. Naturally, there was no answer. Bruce sighs not having a clue where they went. He just prayed they were safe and that they’d return home soon. By home… he meant the manor. By they he meant Dick and Bella, Nightwing and Harley.

“What are you ladies up to?”

They turn to see Clark leaning against the fence. They both smile.

“Bella helped in the delivery of a newborn calf Clark!”

He grins.

“Is that so?”

Bella nods.

“Pretty cool Bella.”

“He’s right.” She turns back and see’s Dick as he’s entering the area.

Bella comes to her feet dusting herself off. Both lock eyes Dick folds his arms about his chest.

“A shame I missed it.”

She softly laughs.

“It was pretty messy, yet awesome all the same.”

He nods taking in a breath. Dick comes a bit closer, and his hand goes about her cheek, as he obsessively kisses her. He then picks her up spinning her around a bit. Bella blushes a bit as he places her down.

Clark winks at Lois as she turns away giving them their privacy. Lois rises up and walks over towards Clark. She wraps her arms around his neck and he lifts her out of the pen.

“Ready to fly?” He hints and takes off with her.

Dick takes Bella’s hand leading her back to the loft; where he continues to kiss her. He pulls back looking her in the eyes. Bella’s practically panting and nibbling about her bottom lip.

She leans into his ear.

“Is there somewhere more private…” She hints.

His eyes widen a bit.

“Bella baby…” He starts to hint himself.

She shakes her head. He nods looking around. Dick picks her up and carries her down. He takes her to a nearby pile of hay beneath the loft. She softly giggles as he wiggles his brows.

He throws off his tank top. Bella runs her hands along his bare chest. Dick’s eyes shut for a moment as she kisses along his chest, working up to his neck.

He moans feeling slightly dizzy.

Dick gently pushes her up against the haystack. He pulsated against her as he nipped along her neck. He ran his hand along her shorts as in a test. By no means did he want to hurt her. He watched her reaction. There was no sign of pain, only that of immense pleasure. Still, he was nervous. This would be their first time, since that dreadful day. He swallows back his lips returning to hers as he undoes her shorts.

He pulls down her shorts and panties. Wanting to make extra certain, Dick runs his fingers inside her gently. The fear was great that the memory would come back to haunt her. He kept his movements very slow, gentle, and he paid attention to her body language.

Bella looks upon him and puts a hand upon his cheek. She nods as if she knew. Her hips urged him on. Dick lifts off her tank top letting it drop where they stood. He leans into her ear.

“You’re so beautiful Bella baby.”

He feels Bella tugging at his pants as she unfastens them. Her warm hand starts to stroke against him. She places him inside her. This was her way of letting him know it was ok.

Neither of them looked away from one another as they continued to make love. Their eyes stayed locked within one another’s. Dick continued to be gentle, only picking up the pace slightly as they both came to a finish. He stayed where he was holding her and kissing her.

Alarm struck him however, as he noticed she was crying.


She buries her face into his shoulder, her hold becoming tight around him.

“Baby?” He whispers out of concern. His heart racing beyond belief fearful.

“Don’t let me go.” She whimpers.

“Just hold me.”

Dick nods and doesn’t budge.


Carlisle rears back at his son’s words.

“Alice foresaw it herself! She is to be my mate!”

“Edward son… Whatever makes you think you can have her now? She knows the truth.”

“It’s in her blood she’s my singer!”

“You had her cast away Edward like all the others. How much more torment do you wish me to cause upon this poor girl?”

“Poor girl.” Edward half laughs.

“Trust me she’s not.” He points to his temple.

“Bella has some secrets of her own.”

He half snarls in thought.

“There is one issue I will have to rid of, but easy enough he won’t be in my way for long. Once my venom travels into her veins she will know who she belongs to.”

“Edward… Just let this one go. You had your chance. You made your choice. You moved on and so has she.”

Edward half laughs.

“If I cannot have her, I will expose them all!”

“Think about what you’re doing! We could very well be exposed!”

“They don’t stand a chance against us. They are merely humans that dress up in costumes. Ridiculous in fact, they deem themselves to be some sort of heroes.”

“What are you talking about son?”

“Bruce Wayne is Batman.”

Carlisle half laughs at his son.

“I’m serious Carlisle. His partner is Richard Grayson aka Nightwing. He’s the idiot dating my BELLA! I’m going to kill him! Then take back what is mine.”

Carlisle stumbles back a bit. He pinches the bridge of his nose.

“When does it stop son?” He sighs.

“I’m afraid you’re alone in this.”

Edward snaps a look upon him.


“If you’re to do this, I will no longer be a part of it. We all grew attached to this human. I supported you in your decision. For her own protection… however, this has gone on for far too long. When it comes to Isabella Swan, I will not stand behind you anymore. We’ve done enough harm.”

Edward bolts out the door. Carlisle shuts his eyes.

“What have I done?” Carlisle sighs and grabs his jacket chasing after his son.




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