Chapter 6 Visitors Day

Chapter 6

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Bella tiredly rolls over; feeling someone next to her. She opens her eyes and sees Kurt lovingly looking upon her. He winks and puts a finger to her lips. “Shh…” He uses his tail to pull her closer into him. Kurt kisses her and closes his eyes. With his arms wrapped around her Bella falls asleep.

The next morning she turns to see a red rose where Kurt had been. She smiles and picks it up. She takes in its scent then lays it on her nightstand. Rogue she noticed was already up. She was tying her shoes.

“Well good morning sug.”

Bella props herself up and puts her feet to the floor.

“Morning.” Bella says rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

Rogue smiles as she raises back up.

“I’m going to see what Remy’s up to. Try not to set off the fire alarms Ember.”

“Right…” She says exasperated.

Rogue softly laughs.

“Oh Ember, you’re too funny.”

“I try…”

“See you in a bit.”


Bella grabs her things and heads to the girls shower room. She sets up for her shower and gets undressed. A blush however, comes over her face as she remembered Storm’s advice.

She rolls her eyes knowing she’d die of embarrassment if any of the other girls walked in. Bella starts the shower with a continuing inner battle. Truth was it was hard to have any sort of privacy. Even in your dorm room you’re constantly having someone hovering over you. Yet at the same time, she didn’t want to be set aflame every time she and Kurt made out. Bella soaped down and washed her hair. Once she was done she looked around the area. Still no one was around.

She decided to play it safe and merely think about it. The water ran down her body. Images of Kurt hit. Bella shut her eyes as the little fantasies played out in her head. Her eyes shot open once she realized what she was doing. However, that’s not what alarmed her the most. When she opened her eyes she could have sworn she saw the red haze again. Bella quickly moved her hand from where it was. Bella promptly grabbed her towel; wrapping it around her. She looked around the room.


Startled, she began to walk around the shower room looking around.

“Is someone in here?”

Bella takes in a nervous breath.

“Great, I’m imagining things.” She mumbles.

Bella finished drying off and got dressed. Still she had the feeling she was being watched. After she was done she practically sprinted out of the shower room.


She turned to see Kurt and Bobby walking down the hall. Kurt was using his tail to steal Bobby’s apple out of his hand.


Kurt laughed and bit into it then tried to hand it back. Bobby sighs.

“It’s yours now.”
“Thanks!” Kurt says winking Bella’s direction.

“Um hey…”

Kurt tilted his head.

“Are you alright Meine liebe?”

Bella nodded, but honestly she was still shaken up.

“Yeah…I’m fine.”

Kurt reaches over and pecks her on the lips.

“You seem out of sorts?”

“Just had an odd feeling that’s all.”

He caresses her cheek.

“You have some guests Ember.”

Bella turns back to see Storm.

“Guests?” Bella questions in wonder.

Storm smiles.

“Yes they’re in the visitor’s lounge.”

Bella turns back to Kurt with a confused expression.

“Um ok I’ll be right there.”

Bella heads back to her room and puts away her things. Once she’s done she heads into the lounge. She stops in midstride as she see’s Charlie and Jake sitting side by side. Her heart does that sinking thing. She swallows back.

“What are you two doing here?!”

They both shoot to their feet looking upon her. Bella reaches to her gut as though she’d been socked. Memories played out of when she’d last seen her father. How he had her sent away. She took a few steps back, shaking her head.

“Bells…” Charlie says reaching out to her.

She continues to shake her head.

“Why are you here?”

“Jesus Bella…” Jake scoffs.

“You should both go on home. There’s nothing for you here!”

She turns back. Logan’s standing directly behind her. He cuts Charlie and Jake a glance. He takes Bella by the arm and drags her into the nearest room.

“What’s your deal kid?”

“I don’t have a deal. They shouldn’t be here and that’s that!”

“And why the hell not?”

She grits her teeth.

“I don’t want them here! Now send them away!” She reaches back for the doorknob.

Logan blocks her way. His massive body blocking her from any attempt on escaping.

“Dammit Logan!”

He narrows his eyes with a slanted head. He folds his arms about his chest.

“So why ya wanna send them away? They came all this way just to see you.”

“WHY?! He sent me away! My own father didn’t want me! Why the fuck do I want to see him! And that stupid wolf he has tagging along with him!”


“NO!” She growls and looks down.

“DAMMIT!” She hisses out as her body begins to light up.

Logan rolls his eyes.

“Oh come on. Turn that shit off.”

Bella paces the area in her complete transformation. She eyes Logan ruefully. Logan half laughs turning his head out of respect.

“Yer naked again kid.”

“Yeah well it’s not like it’s something you haven’t seen.”

“I’m still a man. So I’d be careful.”
Her jaw drops.

“And in your case why would that matter! I mean; why are you looking at me?!”

She sends a fiery blast at his balls.

“Dammit kid knock it off. Why do ya always go for my package?!”

She grins as he quickly puts out the fire.

“Well I seriously doubt that’s adamantium too.”

He cocks a brow at this.

“Who told ya that?!”

“Oh you overhear certain things when no one thinks you’re listening.”

Logan quickly reaches over and grabs a fire extinguisher.

“Don’t you dare!” She snaps.

He grins.

“Oh I’m gonna!”

He puts her out and Bella’s eyes widen. Logan quickly tosses her his jacket.

“You’ve got to learn to get that under control!”

She curses under her breath and puts on his jacket.

“Now sit your ass down and hear me out!”

He forces her into a nearby wooden chair. He pulls up another one right across from her.

“You think that man out there sent you away as punishment?”

Bella looks to the floor shaking her head.

“I can promise ya that’s not why. Deep down I think you know that too. I also believe you feel the need to be mad at someone; anyone… so why not your old man? The one person that actually truly does give a damn is the one you choose to give the hardest time! Let me guess you’ve ignored his every attempt to gain contact with ya since you’ve arrived here?”
She lifts her head with confusion. Logan nods.

“That’s about what I figured. But let me ask you this. Has anyone else besides your old man even attempted to try and contact you?”

She shakes her head again.

“That’s about what I thought.”

“He told me he was scared of me…” She says heartbrokenly.

Logan leans back in thought.

“Now did he actually use those words? Or did you just feed that into what he was trying to tell ya?”

Bella looks to Logan and thinks back.

Dad please! You can’t do this to me! I don’t’ want to go! Please I want to stay!”

Believe me I want you to stay. But you can’t sweetheart. I’m scared of the consequences if you do.”

Bella blinks a few times.

“He said he was scared of the consequences…”

Logan nods.

“But not of you…”

She nods looking back to the floor.

“It takes some balls… being a father. Even more when you know you fucked up. Your old man knows he’s not perfect. But he’s here… as far as I can tell besides us freaks. He’s all ya got. Don’t push him away. Trust me kid. You’d only live to regret it. You need all the support ya can get. If your old man wishes to give you that, let him. What harm could it do?”
“I could hurt him Logan.”

“But ya won’t. We both know that. That’s something we have in common. It’s hard to trust anyone and let them in. Yah afraid of getting hurt. But it’s even harder to trust yourself.”

Bella sucks back a breath. She covers her face.

“I’ll have Kitty or Rogue bring ya some clothes darlin’.”

Bella nods. Logan comes to his feet. He takes one more look upon her and nods before leaving the room.

Before long the door opens, but its Storm. She smiles and hands Bella some clothes. After she’s dressed, Storm says nothing. She merely hugs Bella and opens the door.

“Good luck.” Storm whispers.

“Um… thanks.” Bella says she hands Storm Logan’s jacket.

She then makes her way back to the lounge. Charlie and Jake look to her as if not sure what to do. She sits in one of the recliners across from them. Bella clears her throat.

“So…” She says doing her best to keep her emotions intact.

“So…” Jake says looking to her with a grin and a wink.

Bella narrows her eyes at this.

“How’s it going Bells?”

“It’s going good dad.”

He nods as he’s leaned over his elbows against his knees. His hands interlocked within each other.

“Making any friends?”

“Yeah dad I am.”

Jake looks to Bella a certain way; a way that had her a bit on edge.

“I’m glad to hear that kiddo.”

Bella takes in a breath and leans back in her chair.

“How are things back home?”

“Not the same without you….” Charlie says looking down.

“Too quiet.”

“Heard from mom?”

Charlie looks up at this. He clears his throat.

“No sweetheart I haven’t heard from her yet.”
Bella crosses her legs and half laughs shaking her head.

“That’s about what I figured.”

Charlie sighs and props back in his seat.

“Just give her some time kiddo.”

“She didn’t want much to do with me even before…” Bella hints.

“Phil is all she needs.”

“Jesus kid.”

“I just call it like I see it dad.”

Kurt, Bobby and Remy walk past at this point. Jake catches the way Bella smiles and waves at the blue looking character. He and Kurt lock eyes and nod towards one another. The three of them head on outside.

“Friends of yours?” Charlie asks.

“Actually yeah they are.”

Charlie nods and looks back out at the three of them. Bella giggles to herself as Kurt steals Remy’s playing cards and dangles them up into the air. Remy sends some sort of attack Kurt’s way and the cards go flying everywhere. Remy smacks Kurt in the back of the head. The three of them start sparing. Jake cocks a brow looking to Bella curiously.

“Interesting group of boys.” Charlie comments.

“Yeah they’re fun.” She says with a grin.

“Would it be ok if I took Bella for a walk?” Jake questioned Charlie.

“We wouldn’t be long.”
“Go on I’m in no hurry. I’ll be right here.”

Bella cuts Jake an uncomfortable glance. Jake takes her hand and walks her outside. The three boys stop sparing, and turn to Bella and Jake for a moment.

Kurt tilts his head looking upon them. Bella moves her hand out from his. They walk on further ahead.

“Can’t hold my hand?” Jake mutters.

“Jake we’ve been through this before.”

Jake stops and turns facing her.

“Yes we have, but there’s nothing in our way now.”

Bella starts laughing. However, she quickly covers her mouth at the look he’s giving her.

“Come on Bella don’t be like that.”
She sighs realizing he looked truly hurt.
“I’m sorry Jake it’s just… Well you rather set yourself up for these things.”

“Oh and just how so?”

“Well for one you haven’t even asked me if I’m dating anyone. You just instantly take my hand and assume you can barge your way back into my life. You haven’t called, texted, or even wrote. You come here with my dad of all things and…”

Jake wraps his arms around her waist and kisses her. Bobby and Remy grab hold of Kurt. Bella shoves Jake back.

“What the fuck was that?!”

“Come on Bella baby. Please just give me a chance! I love you can’t you see that?!”

He reaches for her again.

“Jake please you’re not even listening to me.”

“Look I’m sorry I didn’t write or call. I wanted to believe me. So many times I thought about it.”

“But you didn’t Jacob! And none of that matters now.”

“Please just give me a chance baby.”

“Quit calling me that!”

“I’m so sorry Bella. Please you gotta believe me. I never meant to turn my back to you. Not once… I love you dammit Bella. I’ve been in love with you! I can’t control the way I feel.”

“Well you can’t love me!”
“And why the hell not!”

“Because, if you had even given me a chance to discuss this; you’d realize I’m already with someone!”


She nods.

“That’s right Jake. I’m already seeing someone.”


“His name is Kurt.”

“Who the fuck is Kurt?!”

“Jesus Jake.”

“Nah, man you’ve only been here for what barely a month and already you’re seeing someone. Jesus Bella did you even take a breather?”

Bella looks as though he’d slapped her.

“Excuse me?”

“Seriously I swear to God you don’t even think Bella.”

“Me? I don’t think?! Look in the mirror Jake!”

“Bella come on now. Can’t you see that you and I make sense? We always have.”

“Um no we don’t. Come on Jake you were my best friend.”
He half laughs.
“Were huh?”

“Well yeah you’ve kind of ruined that.”

He looks to her befuddled.

“Excuse me?”

“That’s right. Come on Jake. You’re so demanding! You think that just because, YOU feel something that automatically means I should. And instead of trying to understand my feelings on this. You just try to burst your way in. You’ve no respect for my wishes whatsoever. All you think about is what you want. What you deem to be right and what makes sense. I’m sorry Jake, but I don’t love you. Not in that sense.”

“Bella please… don’t do this. This is our one chance! Let me show you. Give me this please. You won’t’ regret it I promise.”

Bella looks to the ground for a moment.

She begins to hover off the ground. Bella spreads out her arms.

“Oh shit…” Remy utters.

Kurt grins and Bobby sighs.

She opens her sapphire eyes.

“Is this what you want?”

Jake gawks at her. Kurt grits his teeth irately.

“Living fucking hell… that’s hot as hell.” Jake says growing with arousal.

Jake reaches out to touch her and it blisters his fingers.

“Damn…” He says shaking his hand.

Kurt appears and slams him back.

“She’s not messing around!” Kurt shouts at him.

“She could hurt you imbecile!”

Kurt hurriedly makes his way back to Bella. He grabs hold of her. Kurt pulls her into his chest covering her up best he can.

“Let it go Ember…” He says softly.

She buries her face into his chest.

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be…I got you now.”

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!” Jake barks.

“And how are you not scorching him?!”

Kurt cuts him a glance.

“You’re the new boyfriend?! YOU?! What the hell are you? What is it with you and freaks Bella?”

“Don’t.” Kurt says firmly as her body begins to react to Jake’s words.

“He’s not worth it.”

“They appear in her and Rogue’s room.”

Kurt steps back. Bella’s looking down shamefully.

“We are ok…” He says assuredly.

Kurt notices the tears run down her face to the floor. Steam rises from them as they drop down. Bella falls down to her knees. She starts to cry unwaveringly. Kurt comes to his knees as well and holds her.

“Bitte nicht weinen, Ember.”

Kurt lifts her chin. His own eyes glistening as he fights his own emotions. He hated to see her going through this.

“You told me you took pride in dating someone like me. It is time for you to take pride in yourself. Do not take shame in who you are Ember. Don’t let anyone else make you feel that you do not deserve happiness. Nor should you feel guilt on how you choose to live your life. That is your decision.”

He puts his hand to the area of her heart.

“No one has the right to tear you down, because you’re not living your life the way they choose for you to. This is your life no one else’s.”

She nods and Kurt wipes her eyes with his other hand. However, Bella blushes as she looks down. She realizes she’s still naked. Kurt raises a brow and playfully squeezes at her breast.

“Kurt!” She scolds, but is laughing.

He chuckles a bit, but moves his hand. He reaches over grabbing Bella’s robe from her chair. Kurt places it on her. Her eyes widen as he feels his tail along her rear. He clears his throat and swiftly moves it. Kurt felt rather bad considering what just happened. Yet it was hard for him. He found himself constantly wanting to touch her.

“You’re going to hit me aren’t you?”

She bites her lower lip.


He shakes his head with a grin and helps her to her feet.

“Your father is still waiting for you.” He reminds.

Bella nods and this time; she grabs the suit Dr. McCoy made her. She takes out her hoodie to pull over it as well.

“Not taking any more chances.”

“Might be wise.”



“I’m really sorry about Jake.”

“You cannot control the things he says or does. You shouldn’t apologize on his behalf.”

Kurt kisses her lips and vanishes.

He appears back outside. Bobby and Remy were keeping Jake busy; so he couldn’t reenter the building.

Kurt nods towards Jake as he approaches.

“You and I have a few things in which we need to discuss.”

“I’ve nothing to say to you! Any of you! Bella doesn’t belong here! She belongs back in FORKS with ME! She’s not one of YOU! She never will be!”

Kurt smirks.

“Ember belongs with us. She will always be one of us. And we will never turn our backs to her. We are her family now.”

“Kurt’s right, your loss our gain.” Remy says with a grin.

Bobby nods.

“Ember’s staying here.”

“Her name is BELLA!”

Kurt chuckles and shakes his head.

“You’re very childish.”

Jake snarls back.

“So demanding. You seem to think the world should cater to your desires. You’re only setting yourself up for a lifetime of nothing, but disappointment.”

“You honestly think that Bella could ever love someone like you?! Look at yourself! I mean seriously what are you?”

“Nightcrawler.” Kurt says with a shrug.

“Iceman…” Bobby says tossing a frozen ball in his hand.

“Gambit…” A card shoots out of his sleeve and detonates.

“Angel…” Warren says dropping down from a nearby building; with his wings flared about.

Jake rolls his eyes.

“We’re mutants known as the X-men, pleased to make your acquaintance.”

Nightcrawler does a slight bow and appears behind Jake. He taps him on the shoulder.

“Don’t touch me you demonic looking freak!”

Jake starts to shake all over. He grinds his teeth together and shifts. The boys grin upon the massive rustic wolf before them.

“I knew I smelled wet dog.” Nightcrawler says with a wrinkled nose.

Jake snaps at him and he teleports again. The wolf growls and paces the area in a frenzy looking upon Nightcrawler. He leaps towards Nightcrawler. Yet again he vanishes. He then appears behind Jake and wraps his tail around on of his legs and flings him against the asphalt.

Jake whimpers out. He comes back to his feet shaking it off. He digs his paw into the asphalt angrily. Nightcrawler eggs him on with a gesture of the hands. Jake comes at him again only this time Nightcrawler punches him in the face and quickly flings out both feet and sends Jake sailing up against the building of the school.

Bobby and Remy die in laughter. However, it quickly dies down as Xavier comes rolling up with Storm. They both give Kurt the cut throat gesture. Nightcrawler doesn’t even take notices as he pins Jake to the building. He slaps Jake in human form now with his tail.

“Kurt Wagner…”
Nightcrawler freezes. He swallows back and gently brings Jake down.

“To my office at once!”

He shakes his head bitterly and teleports into Xavier’s office.

“Ugh, dad really? That’s like really bad for you.”

“We both know I’m a lousy cook.”

“Seriously, you could cook something. At least go to the dinner. TV dinners are the worst.” She says with a wrinkled nose.

“I did manage to grill me a pretty good steak the other day.”

Bella smiles and pats her dad on the knee.

“See there you go. If nothing else cook on the grill. No more TV dinner’s dad.”

He chuckles.

“I’m serious dad those things are literal poison.”

He takes in a breath and leans back.

“I’ve really missed you kiddo.”

Bella swallows back the knot in her throat.

“I miss you too dad.”

“There are rules in which we follow at this school.”

Kurt nods as he sits back and continues to listen to Xavier ramble on.

“We do not use our abilities to cause others harm. We are to have a peaceful environment here. I truly hope we have an understanding Mr. Wagner.”

“Yes sir.”

Kurt grew bored as he continued to listen to Xavier. This was about the usual of his punishments. Xavier loved to talk. That was the punishment in itself. He could go on and on and on. Once he came to a finish Kurt felt as though he couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Xavier dismisses him and Kurt makes his way back over to where Bella and her father were.

He also took notice of Bobby, Remy, Rogue, Kitty and Angel cutting Jake a look as he stood off to the opposite corner of the room. Jake rolled his eyes upon Kurt. Kurt ignored him.

Kurt turns towards Bella and Charlie though and see’s Deadpool offering a hand upon Charlie. He looks over inquiringly.

“Hi, Deadpool. Bella’s boyfriend.”

Charlie looks to the guy in full on incredulity. Kurt shakes his head on this, but keeps watching with mere interest.

He sits between Charlie and Bella. He puts his arm around Bella, but pats Charlie on the leg.

“So… dad…”

Charlie turns to Bella.

“Um Bells?”

Bella laughs.

“Is this…” Charlie clears his throat.

“Are you really dating this guy?”

Bella shakes her head and points to Kurt.

“Nope, try that one.”

Charlie looks over to Kurt. Kurt nods and makes his way over.

“Kurt Wagner sir.” He offers a hand.

Charlie sighs shaking his head. He respectfully takes his hand though. He looks to Kurt as if trying to figure him out.

Kurt shrugs upon Charlie.

“I get this a lot.”

Deadpool rises.

“WHAT?! You’ve been cheating on me?! After everything we’ve been through!”

“Yep! Didn’t I warn you about putting that gun of yours into practice?! Lost interest!” Bella fires back.

Charlie cuts his daughter a scornful look. Deadpool takes off.

“Bella Swan!”

“Yes dad?” She says innocently.

Kurt tries his hardest not to laugh.

Xavier comes out of his office and wheels himself right up to Jake. He offers a hand.

“I’m Professor Xavier.”

Jake cuts him an odd glance and shakes his hand. Bella looks over at this and comes to her feet.

“Jacob Black.”

Xavier smiles.

“I’d like to offer you a place at this school.”

Jake rather rears back his head for a moment. However, he cuts Bella a glance. A smirk forms on his face as he locks eyes with her.

“You know what… You got yourself a new student.”

Bella closes her eyes for a moment. She opens them looking to Xavier with full on disappointment. Kurt’s fangs pop out as he sneers at this. All the other students look to Xavier as if he’s lost his mind. Bella looks to her father.

“Does that mean you’re not coming back with me son?”

Jake stays locked on to Bella.

“Yes sir. I’ll be staying here.”

“What do I tell Billy?”

“I’ll call him shortly.”

Charlie sighs.

“OK then. I best be getting back anyhow.”

Bella shakes her head towards Jake. She walks her dad outside.

“You take care kiddo.”

“You too dad.”

“Hey are you ok?”


He hugs her tightly.

“I’ll see you in another couple weeks.”

She nods and watches as he gets into his truck. She waves him off and turns back to the building. Bella felt betrayed now. How could Xavier offer Jacob Black a place at this school?! She merely stared at the building for a moment. Then turned her back to it. Bella pulled up her hoodie and decided to go for a walk instead. She knew if she went in there right now. She’d go ape shit on Jake.

Bella continued to walk. She kept her head down and her hands stuffed into her pockets. That feeling returned. Bella froze in her steps. She turned back. Her heart raced as from a distance within the fog stood the cloaked man again. She quickly turned back around. Something within her told her to run. Bella took off and darted down an alleyway. She kept running not looking back.

Bella screamed as someone appeared before her. She reached to her heart.

“Jesus Kurt!”

Bella turned back around.


“Can you take me back now Kurt?” He hears the distress in her voice.

He nods and wraps his arms around her. They appear in his room.

Bella looks around realizing she’d never been in his room before.

“What were you running from?”

“I’m not sure…” She says as she looks around.

Kurt had a bit of a religious flare to his room. There were a few crosses, figurines of Jesus and Mary. A bible lay on his nightstand. However, he also had a few band posters. Bella smiled though as she saw he had a picture of her on his nightstand as well. She picked it up.

“Eh… forgot I had that.”
“Sure you did.” She teases.

He chuckles a bit.

“How’d you get this?”

“My sister…”
“So she stole a picture out of my album and gave it to you.”

“Yeah I can’t do that to her… I stole it.” He admits.

“Kurt Wagner…” She pretends to be mortified.

He smiles a bit, but grows serious again.

“Why were you frightful Meine liebe ?”

She picks at the seam on her hoodie.

“I saw him again… I think.”


“The cloaked man.”

He sits her down on his bed. She runs her hand along his maroon bedspread.

“I like your room. It’s comfy.”

“Thank you.”
“Who’s your room mate?”

“Don’t have one.”


“The smell…” He hints about the brimstone.

“I like the way you smell…” She says with a shrug.

“You do?”
She nods still her hands were a bit shaky. Kurt took her hand.

“You feel this cloaked man means you harm?”

“I don’t even know if he’s real.”

“Are you going to leave?”

She looks to Kurt oddly.


He nods looking concerned.

“Because of the wolf?”

“I was here first.”

He smiles and kisses her hand.


He lays her down and runs a hand along her tummy.

“If anyone wishes you harm Ember. They will have to go through me. Do not allow this cloaked person to make you live in fear. Nor a certain wolf for that matter.”

“I don’t fear Jacob. He just pisses me off.”

Kurt laughs.

“Yes, I can see why.”

“This game he’s trying to play… he hasn’t even a clue.” She says with gritted teeth.

“Xavier was wrong… Within time he will see that. The entire school stands behind you Ember. No one agrees with Xavier’s decision. The wolf will soon see he stands alone.”

Bella buries her head into Kurt’s pillow. Just his smell alone was intoxicating to her. She swallowed back though realizing something else. She quickly made her way off his bed.

“Something wrong?”

She blushes.

“Um I doubt you want me catching your bed on fire.”

Kurt grins ear to ear.


She leans against his wall and covers her face.

“It’s your scent.”

His tail flickers a bit at this.

“My scent?”

He too comes to his feet.

“What does my scent do?” He continues to taunt.

“Kurt…” She says breathlessly.

She swallows back; closing her eyes for a moment.

“Just give me a minute.”

He ignores her and seizes her. Kurt picks her up. Her arms and legs wrap around him. She instantly feels his arousal against her. Kurt lets out a moan as he grinds her against him.

“Kurt…”She tries to warn.

He keeps going though. He kisses along her neck, keeping his hands firmly gripped along her waist. Bella gasps out and her back arches. Kurt pulls back with a huge beam about his face.

“Look Ember…” He lowers her back down.

He shows Bella her hand.

“I’m still normal!”

“I don’t like that word…” He frowns, but kisses her hand.

She sighs.

“You know what I mean Kurt.”

“How are you taming it?”

She reddens yet again.

“Just some advice, I picked up.”

He kisses along her shoulders and runs his tail along her ass. They both freeze as they hear someone at the door. They make out the shadow under the crease of the door. Kurt protectively places her behind him. The shadow eventually disappears as they stand there in complete silence.

“I better get you to your room.” He whispers.

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  1. Glad Charlie is visiting and trying to rebuild his relationship with Bella. Jake needs a serious ass kicking. How could Jake stay at the school anyway, he’s responsibilities with pack and Billy. Deadpool is a riot.

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