Chapter 21 Um Well That Happened!

Chapter 21

I do not own Marvel or Twilight. Read and then review. (Props to Bertie Bott on “the name”. You’ll see 😉 I had to use it! So thank you! Lol) I’m currently working on Gamma Love should be ready to post tomorrow!

“Where are we going?” Bella whispers as she and Tony walked through out the wilderness.

“I’ll answer that as soon as I find out where we are, Bella Honey.”

Bella flinches as she steps on a sharp rock. She leans against a tree with one hand and starts to take off her white stockings.

“Hold up.” She calls.

Tony turns back to see her taking them off. He makes his way over and helps her get them off. They were covered in stickers, leaves, and mud. She used his shoulders to balance as he lifted her other leg and unclipped the other stocking and took it off as well.

“For what it’s worth… you looked stunning.” He says as he comes back up, stuffing the stockings into his pockets so no one could track them.

She half laughs and shakes her head.

“Um, thanks…”

Tony caressed her cheek and nodded. He then takes off his shirt and wrings it out the best he can. He places it on her and straightens it out. They both freeze hearing the rustling of leaves not far from them. Tony takes her hand and hurriedly starts to find a hiding spot. He finds a tree with a bigger stalk to it. He presses his body up against hers protectively as the sound grows closer. He cautiously looked towards the area the sound was coming from. They both took in a breath of relief to see it was just a couple of hikers. Tony pressed his forehead against Bella’s.

“We better get or we might not be so lucky next time.” He hints.

There wasn’t a doubt in his mind that they were being hunted. Bella nods in understanding as he takes her hand once again and starts walking. Tony was in attempts to find the nearest highway. They had to cover their tracks best they could. So he’d stop every once in a while and cover up whatever trail they were leaving.

It took them about an hour to come across a highway. He was hoping to see a sign, showing where they were, but saw nothing. He knew that meant they’d have to travel a bit more, but off the highway so they weren’t seen. He turned towards Bella hearing her stomach growing. She hadn’t eaten in five days now. But he did make certain she drank some water from the river they were in. He knew it was nowhere near enough, considering how long she’d gone without. That and they had to rush off, so she couldn’t take her time getting what she needed. On the other hand, he was beat up all to hell after that fall. Tony knew there was no way they could travel for much longer. Bella’s eyes were starting to bat as it was. The sun was soon to set and the temp was dropping. Not to mention Bella was barefoot. Tony would offer his shoes but knew they’d only fall right off her feet. Bella’s feet were more slender and much smaller than his.

He scooped her up in thought and headed back into the wilderness. He kept by the road so he could check for a sign off and on.

“I can walk, Tony.”

“Not such a good idea. Last thing we need is for you to lose one of your feet. There are far too many rocks, thorns, and branches. Besides, you’re what 90lb, if that?”

She sighs.

“I’m 125.”

“Doesn’t feel like it. It’s like carrying a feather.”


“You’re the only woman I know that is offended by a man saying she’s not heavy. Would you prefer it if I grunted and acted as if I could barely handle it? Or dropped you a few times?”

“You drop me and that’s it, we’re getting annulment.”
“I guess I better keep on my toes.”

Bella leaned more against his chest as they continued about. Her head pounded and her throat was killing her. She was trying desperately not to fall asleep, but her body just couldn’t take much more. It wasn’t long after Tony looked down to see she’d fallen asleep. That was another reason he’d picked her up. She wasn’t aware of just how loopy she was. Bella was staggering around like a drunk. He could clearly see the literal fight within her eyes, as she fought to keep up.

“That’s about what I thought.” He muttered under his breath coming across a sign that read Welcome to West Virginia, wild and wonderful.

“Long ways from home.” He uttered in thought and began to think of a plan and place to take shelter for the night.

He knew they couldn’t stay out in the weather. The temp continued to drop. He was already felt as though he was freezing, it didn’t help his clothes were still wet. He knew at night during March? The weather would get below freezing. They were lucky in the sense that the temp at the moment was about 70. Otherwise, neither of them would have survived that little dive they took. Usually, around this time in West Virginia it was about 55 to 60 degrees. But it was cold enough to cause Bella to shiver in her sleep.

Tony narrowed his eyes as he saw what looked to be some sort of gate up ahead. The closer he came he began to see a cement sign above it. It showed the area to be some sort of abandoned mine. He looked around in thought. Tony carefully propped his wife up against a tree and began to think of a way to pry the gate open. He knew that would be their best bet for shelter from the weather. He had to act fast as the temp continued to drop and the sun was about to set. A breath of relief and surprise rather washed over him. He’d expected the gate to be locked, but it wasn’t. It looked as if someone had already broken the lock awhile back. He figured it was some teenagers or something, considering he could already make out some graffiti from where he was. Tony made his way back over to Bella and shook her awake.

He hated to do that, but he couldn’t very well carry her into where they were going, the gate itself they would have to damn near crawl through and go from there. Tony only hoped Bella wasn’t claustrophobic. Bella blinked a few times as she came to.

“See that gate over there?”

She nods tiredly.

“I know it’s small, but we gotta crawl through that. Think you can manage that?”

She nodded, but looked as though she’d pass out again. He cleared his throat.

“Follow me then. We need to hurry and get out of this weather.”

He knew that in these mines it stayed a good 50 to 55 degrees. But that was by far better than being out in negative temperature which was about to hit once the sun was down. Through each other he knew they could survive and keep warm. Outside? That would be a different story entirely.

Tony shut and latched the gate as he followed Bella inside. Three things were about to really suck about this. Those three things were enough to make even Tony’s skin crawl. One- it was a very confined area. There was no way either of them could stand, they’d have to remain in a crawling position. Two- they couldn’t build a fire in here obviously. Three- it was about to be pitch black and they wouldn’t be able to see anything, until morning. He didn’t even want to consider what could be lurking about. Tony had hoped he’d have time to find Bella something to eat or another water source, but he couldn’t risk it now. He’d end up getting them caught or worse killed. Right now, he had to focus on making sure they stayed warm as possible.

He got out of his wet clothes, only keeping his boxers on. He felt around for Bella and pulled her up against him. Bella had already fallen back asleep. He kissed her shoulder and wrapped himself around her the best that he could. Tony couldn’t sleep though. No matter how exhausted he felt his mind was wandering.

Tony wondered what they’d be coming home to. HYDRA had clearly taken over S.H.I.E.L.D. He obviously had betrayers in his midst. Then he knew that there had to of been some casualties at their wedding. There was no way everyone survived that brutal attack. All of his worst fears were coming out to play. But there was nothing he could do at the moment, other than keep his wife alive at all cost. Tony and Bella had to hang low. They couldn’t take the risk of getting caught. He hoped the agents believed they were dead. At the moment, it was under contract for Happy Hogan to run things while he was gone. Besides Bella, he was the only one Tony would ever trust. He only prayed Happy was alive. He’d hate to see what happened to the industry if not. But it wasn’t even so much the industry. That man was damn near like his brother. He counted on Happy for a lot of things. That and he knew his wife and Happy had become really good friends. To the Starks he was family.

For now, they had to stay under wraps, which meant they couldn’t call anyone, not that they had cell phones anyhow. He doubt there was a payphone conveniently nearby. They also needed time to recuperate, before even thinking about facing whatever awaited them back home. There was only one place in mind Tony could think of. One he knew where they’d be safe; where there was food, running water, and a few of his old projects. The problem? It was in Virginia, they were in West Virginia. So he had to come up with a plan on how to get there. They hadn’t any money, way of transportation, clothes, he couldn’t very well go to an ATM either…


“Easy…” Steve said as he helped Angela into his apartment.

He sat her down on his couch. He then went and gathered a glass of water so she could take her pills. They’d just returned from the hospital. They released her today, but made it clear she was not to be left alone. She’d need some TLC for now and couldn’t travel. Angela had lost more blood than they realized. In fact so much so she nearly died before they could even get her into the surgery room. Steve never gave up or left her side, just as he promised.

For the meantime, the other Avengers were hanging low as well. They kept in their civilian wear, even Thor. There were no signs of Tony or Bella Stark, but they were doing everything in their power to find them. While at the same time they were fighting to keep Colonel Fury, Agent Romanoff, and Barton alive. If it hadn’t been for Bruce Banner/Hulk, they would have died the moment they walked onto S.H.I.E.L.D property. In fact that was the plan. They’d already taken out a good number of S.H.I.E.L.D operatives. They were ready to aim and fire the moment they crossed headquarters’ grounds. They wouldn’t even allow them inside. Bruce Hulked out destroying a few of the agents and their precious vehicles, along with part of the new HYDRA headquarters. While he covered them, they took off and went into hiding. No one knew where they were or where they went off to, not even the Avengers.

For now Phil and Renee Barton had also been placed under witness protection, until everything was sorted out. Captain Steve Rogers and Colonel Fury weren’t taking any chances. It seemed HYDRA was out for blood and by blood anything that had to do with S.H.I.E.L.D and Stark Industries. In the meantime, there wasn’t a single person or god for that matter, that wasn’t concerned about the Starks and their whereabouts or safety. No one even knew where to begin.

Steve gave Angela her pills and glass of water. As he did this his cellphone sounded. He pecked Angela on the forehead, and then answered it.


“We still on for one “last” gathering?” Dr. Banner hinted.

The Avengers had been making plans of their own. Only theirs was to be live and like Tony Stark aka Iron Man, they’d have to put on ONE HELL of a show.

“I’m thinking Central Park.”


“Aw… do we have to go Emmy?”

Emmett chuckled as Darcy was trying to drag him back towards the island house.

“I’ll make it up to you one day. But we really need to head back now. Esme will watch over them. Just keep in mind, not to say a word to anyone. Not even the Avengers. We can’t take the risk.”

“But Clint…” Darcy hints about Bella’s brother.

He sighs.

“They know what they’re doing. If Fury says not to tell a living soul, that’s exactly what he means.”

Darcy nods but looked downright gloomy. Something Emmett wasn’t used to seeing on her.

“What is it?”

“It’s been five days…” She hints.

Emmett nods and wraps his arm around her, before they get on the boat.

“If there’s one thing I know about Bella, is that she’s not easy to take down. She’s not near as fragile as others assume. She’s ok, they both are. We just have to have some faith in that.”

“Thanks for coming.” Steve said and stepped aside to allow Jane to enter.

There wasn’t a chance in hell he was leaving Angela alone, but he feared it’d be too dangerous to bring her along tonight.

“Just make yourselves at home. Whatever you want to eat or drink, go for it. Here’s my number incase either of you need anything. Please lock everything up once I leave.”

Jane and Angela nod. Steve cuts Angela a certain look.
“I’ll be back before too long. I just have something’s I need to take care of.”

“We’ll be fine.” Jane says with an assuring smile.

Steve sighs. He hated leaving her alone like this, especially since he’d just brought her home from the hospital. But he had to do this. It was the only way to play ball with HYDRA which was something they desperately needed to do.

He nodded upon them once more before he left. Jane locked up as soon as he left. She took out her cellphone and placed it on his coffee table, so there was easy access, just in case.

“So… I guess it’s time to get to know one another!” Jane says with a warm smile.

Angela smiled in return, but felt a bit on edge. She hardly knew Jane, but that wasn’t her only issue. She too was beginning to fear the worst as to her friend’s whereabouts. She already felt horrible about turning Bella’s offer down about being one of the bridesmaids. It wasn’t that she wasn’t honored. In all honesty, Angela even coming to the wedding was a spur the moment decision. She thought she wouldn’t be able to attend. But after hearing the disappointment in Bella’s voice, she had to find a way to come after all.

Bella made a whimper like sound as she stretched out in her sleep. Her eyes flew open and her eyes widen as she felt something crawling along her leg. Forgetting where she was she immediately shot up to knock whatever it was off her. Bella hit her head in the process.

“What is it?” Tony said feeling around.

“Something’s on my fucking leg.”

“Left or right?”


He felt around for her legs and began this sweeping motion trying to get off whatever it was. He cringed as he felt what was either a spider or a scorpion he couldn’t tell which. Either way, it had him grabbing her immediately afterword and yank her back towards him.

Bella screamed out as she felt more crawling on her.


He hurriedly began to back them back out of the area. And he kicked at the gate desperately. Tony got them out and they both began to wipe down their bodies. Neither of them could see whatever it was but were jumping about all the same.

“Holy… mother… fucking… shit!” Bella shouted as she backed up against a tree.

“Took the words right out of my mouth.” He declares with a shudder.

The sun was coming up and he figured that’s why the insects went nuts within the mine.
“Were you bit?”

“NO JUST FLIPPING THE FUCK OUT!” She says swiping at fathom vermin now.


Tony sighs seeing the freaked out expression on her face. He too felt as if his entire body was crawling with insects now. They never could tell for sure what it was. However it was enough to make Tony leave his damn clothes inside. So here they were… Tony in a black pair of boxers, black shoes and Bella in her lingerie and Tony’s white shirt. This was how they were going to travel? Tony wrinkled his nose in thought. He reached over checking on the goose bump that was forming on her head. He kissed it with overwhelming guilt.

“Bella honey, I’m about to do something you’re really going to hate. But I promise whatever damage is caused from all this. I’ll more than make up for when we return.”
“What are you going to do?”

He sighs.

“Get us some damn clothes, shoes, food, water, and a vehicle.

“How are you going to do that?”
“That’s what I meant by you’re going to hate me. But drastic times call for drastic measures. I apologize ahead of time, but I need you to work with me on whatever I do next.”

She takes in a breath and nods. Fog escaped their mouths with each breath they took.

“Let’s hurry before my balls shrink up and die.”

She nodded in agreement and Tony scooped her up once again. He wasn’t about to chance her walking around barefoot, there were far too many thorns and by no means were they little.

“Yes, Bella honey?

“This is by far the worst honey moon ever. I just felt the need to put that out there.”

He smirks.

“Dually noted.”
“I still love you though.”

He has a good laugh at this.

“I hope so. I love you too.”

He shut his eyes for a moment in damn near relief as they came up on a house. He only prayed no one was home. Tony saw a blue and black Harley parked outside. They cautiously looked around. The house thankfully was in the middle of nowhere. He put Bella down and had her wait from a distance. Tony decided to take a gamble and knock on the door first. He didn’t want to take the chance of getting shot. There was no answer so he took it as a sign that no one was home. He gave Bella a thumbs up letting her know he was going in. She nodded and began to keep an eye out.

Tony began to search for some sort of hidden key, but no such luck. So he began to test each window. He was relieved to find the forth one slid open without an issue. When he climbed through, he saw why and chuckled to himself. It was the room of a teenage girl. There were boy band pictures everywhere such as One Direction, Justin Bieber, and things of that nature. He wrinkled his nose a bit and shrugged his shoulders. He quickly scanned through her clothes to see what she had. He grabbed a pair of shoes thinking they looked to be Bella’s size. He grabbed a Justin Bieber shirt and blue jeans. He saw a pink gym bag in the girl’s closet. He felt like a total ASSHOLE, stealing from a damn kid. One that had horrible taste in music and boys in general, but all the same a child.

“Dammit, I suppose I own you some concert tickets…” He groaned in misery as he grabbed the gym bag.

He stuffed the clothes and shoes into the bag. He then went throughout some other rooms in the house. He worked as fast as humanly possible. There was a little boy’s room too, but he saw nothing they truly needed in there. He went through the parent’s room next. Feeling more and more like a dick. He kept in mind that he owed this family BIG time. He went through the closet and grabbed a red and black flannel shirt. Something normally Tony wouldn’t be caught dead in. But that was all the guy owned. He rolled his eyes as he buttoned the shirt. He hurriedly grabbed some blue jeans and a belt. This guy’s clothes were pretty baggy on Tony. Beggars couldn’t be choosers nevertheless. He grabbed a pair of brown work boots. Thankfully, those were his size. He finished getting dressed and skimmed through the wife’s clothes. He was glad he grabbed the teenage girls instead. The wife was a good plus size and they’d fall right off of Bella.

Afterword he rushed off to the kitchen. He didn’t really look to see what he was grabbing he just opened the fridge and began to throw things into the bag. He went through the pantry as well and did the same. When the bag was too full to carry anything else, he zipped it up. He sighed seeing pictures of the family all over the place.

At this he simply nodded and darted out of the house. He grew irate with himself however once he stepped out he realized he forgot to search for keys to the bike. He was just about to bitterly head back inside. Only he heard the revving of an engine and looked up. Bella was smiling and waving upon him.

He reared back taken back.

“Hurry it up will you?!” She called out.

He nodded and sprint that direction. Tony hopped on feeling completely emasculated at the moment, yet turned on all the same.

“Hold on.” She called out. He got a good hold on her and held on to the duffle bag.

“Did you hotwire this bike?” He called out as she hit the road.

“How… I mean, where did you learn to do that Wildcat?”
“Clint taught me how to hotwire a car and bike once. My friend Jake taught me how to ride.” She replies.

“Huh… You know… I’m kind of wanting to fuck you right now. Bad timing, I’m sure but….”

She smiled.

“Damn, my wife is hot!”

Bella stopped at a rest stop that was outside of town. Tony handed her the bag and she began to dig through it. She put the jeans and shoes on first. She looked upon him with disgust once she saw the shirt.

“You couldn’t find anything better?” She scoffs.

“Which is better One Direction or Bieber?”


“Huh, well, sorry Wildcat, they were fresh out of ACDC or Metallica. If I’m sucking it up, so can you?” He declares pointing to the flannel shirt.

Bella laughs in thought.

“That looks like something my dad would have worn.”
“Not helping.” He adds as Bella turned the Bieber shirt inside out and put it on.

He saw that sadness in her eyes though and knew she was thinking about the chief now.


She lifted her eyes towards him. He reached over, grabbing the hoops to the jeans she was wearing. She took in a breath as he hugged her.

“I got us some food. We’ll eat but make it quick, then we better hit the road. Let’s just hope we don’t get any agents or your father’s friends after us.”

She nods as they sit at one of the picnic tables. He goes through the bag. He had cheese, bread, bologna, sodas, water, crackers, and cookies. He made certain she ate first. Once they were done eating to their heart’s content. They took a moment to hit the bathrooms, while the other watched over the stuff. When they got back on the bike, Tony looked to see the bike was almost full. He was certain that would get them where they needed. If not he’d have to think of what other options there were later. For now, they got back on the road. Only he made certain he was the one driving now. Bella strapped the gym bag to her arm and wrapped her arms around him.

Tony didn’t want to take any chances. When he was about an hour away from where they needed to be he found a place to dump the bike. They needed to go on foot from there. He figured by the time they got there it’d be sundown. They both drank a couple bottles of water on the way. Just as he assumed it was just a little over an hour. Bella however looked to him puzzled. It looked as though they were in the middle of nowhere.

“Um, this is your big plan?”

He smirks rather egotistically and winks upon her. He points to a certain something. You see that barn over there? Bella turns the area he was pointing and nods. And that house not too far from it? She nods.

“Decoys… I own that property and this land only under an alias name.”
“So we’re going to stay at the barn or the house.”

“Neither…” He articulates and looks around.

Tony then feels around the grass that was about the ground. He lifts up a patch of fake grass. Bella looked on with surprise. Underneath that was some sort of hatch door. Tony lifted it open and punched in some sort of key code into this lock pad system. Her jaw dropped as another door slid open and there was a flight of stairs leading to some sort of bunker looking area.

“Wildcat’s first!”

He says with the motioning of a hand. She nods and starts down the stairs. Tony feels around and flips on a few light switches. That old electric sound fills the area they were in as the lights flickered on. He locked up the hatch by entering another code from the inside.

“Holy…” Bella uttered as she looked around.

“What is this place?”

“A place that only you and I know about. Not a being on this entire planet knows this exist. Therefore, after this, I have no choice, but to kill you. Sorry, we had a good run though! Six days and they said I’d never marry!”

Bella laughs and shakes her head.

“So we’re going to go about this Mr. and Mrs. Smith style?”

“Are you saying I’m Brad Pitt?”

She shakes her head.

“Nah, you’re like way hotter!”
“Good answer, complete and total lie! But smart answer nonetheless.

Bella looked around seeing all the old technology and computers. Everything was covered in dust. The place even had that old smell to it. Tony cut on more lights as they walked through out the place. Bella smiled seeing something off to a corner of the room.

She made her way over and began to dust it off. It was a silver prototype of one the suits. It looked to be one of his original works. Tony cleared his throat as he looked around.

“I say first thing’s first we shower and tend to whatever wounds we have.”

“Shower…” She said as if in damn near lust at the thought.

He grinned on this.

“I’ve been dying for one of those.”

“I can imagine so. We got everything we need here. We need to hang low for a bit, before heading home.”

She grimaced on this.

“I’m almost afraid to even know…” She hints.

She too had been wondering who was alive and who wasn’t, etc… Tony came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her. She shut her eyes for a moment.

“How many do you think? Or who?”

He narrows his eyes on this.

“Let’s not think about it right now. We’ll face that when we get there. All we can do for now is focus on not becoming next.”

“But Tony…”
He twirls her around and puts a single finger upon her lips.

“Now hear me out… I don’t intend that to be heartless. All I’m saying is no matter what has taken place back home. There is nothing we can do to fix it at the moment and something’s we’re going to find out we can’t fix at all. That’s why we have the Avengers. It’s what we do. If we can’t protect the ones we love Bella honey, we can damn sure avenge them. That’s why the team exists. And that’s exactly what we and when I say we. That includes you my little Iron Maiden and yes I did come up with that all by myself.”

“Iron Maiden?” She says with somewhat of a beam.

“So what do you think? I mean, you’re the wife of not only Tony Stark but aka Iron Man… So why shouldn’t Iron Man have his own Iron Maiden?”
“You do realize that maiden signifies an unmarried woman.”

He nods looking to be in thought.

“Very well, if you never let on to Iron Man that he is female. Then we’ll never let on to Iron Maiden that’s she’s single. You see where I’m going with this… Think about it.”

She sighs with the rolling of the eyes.

“Lesbian jokes? Really, Tony?”
“See, you really are quite intelligent! I knew you’d see my side of this!”

“So Iron Man and Iron Maiden are lesbian lovers?!”

“Can you imagine the headlines already?”

“You’re so…”

“So? Fun, charming, devilishly handsome, witty, rich?”

“Try humble and modest.”
“Why thank you, Bella honey!”

He takes her by the hand and leads her to the bathroom.

“Let the water run for a …” He started to say as Bella was already stripping down.

He swallowed back and merely watched for a moment. After she was done she looked upon him.


“I really don’t know how you do it.” He utters as if out of breath.

She hadn’t a clue what he was talking about. Her hair was matted up and a mess, she was covered in filth; she hadn’t been able to personally handle any maintenance to her body. Yet, Tony was looking upon her with full on lust. Even through his OCD that’s not what he was seeing when he gawked upon her. He didn’t see what she did. She saw all the flaws. He saw none.

He gave her a simple nod and kept his eyes locked onto her. He walked over to the shower and started the water. He let it run for a little while and he too stripped down. Bella looked on with full surprise as he was rocking a severe hard on. It was as if his cock had a mind of its own at the moment. It was moving about as it pulsated. Tony stepped into the shower, but wiggled his finger about.

She narrowed her eyes and walked over to the shower. He took her hand and helped her inside. Her eyes widened as he lifted her off the ground and kissed her. He brought her under the water along with him and continued to kiss her. The bottom of the tub filled with dirt as the water ran down their bodies. They both moaned out as he entered without warning. Tony began to move her body along him rather vigorously. He firmly gripped her hips and Bella wrapped her arms around his shoulders and neck. He grunted out as his stride became faster. He gritted his teeth and pressed her up against the shower wall as he thrust until he came. Only he didn’t stop there, he kept going. They both were in full on lust and in much need of a stress release. Tony was in midstride when it suddenly hit. He froze. It was as if they were in silent conversation as they eyed one another. Bella had that slight panicked expression about her face. Tony however shook his head and shrugged he went back to thrusting. Nothing they could do now, he’d already came and he knew it was thick as hell considering they’d gone a week without sex. Not a norm in their relationship. Then again they didn’t have a normal relationship either.

“Tony…” Bella went to stop him.

He froze again for a moment.

“Are you sure?” She asks as if they could take it back now. Bella felt slightly foolish as she asked this.

He nods with full assurance.

“You?” He probes in return.

One smile was all the indication he needed. Ok, so this wasn’t exactly how he wanted to plan something like this. But he figured he might as well seal the deal. Chances were he just knocked her up anyhow. They were too used to having sex whenever they pleased. Neither of them was thinking clearly, until now.

But the more Tony thought about the possible chances. He had this smirk that never left his face as he continued. Now all he could focus on was making certain he drained himself to the very last drop. After all he might as well do the job right!

NOTE- Holy Dammit Christmas! I’ve had three messages within ten minutes of posting saying how I ruined the story with the ending of this chapter. I’m sorry, I didn’t realize it’d have that big of an impact. I’m not trying to upset anyone. I was just going with what I felt. Damn lately this has been ugh…there will still be an Iron Maiden! Bella is an Avenger, pregnancy is not going to impact that! 😉

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