Chapter 13: In The End

Chapter 13

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This can’t be happening?! How is he doing that?! It’s so strong! I’ve never felt anything like it!

Inuyasha arched back and shrieked out as his bones began to break and shift about. Goku watched in horror as Inuyasha began to take on the form of a full on werewolf. Fur of midnight now covered his entire body. His mane was white and spread about the back of his head and around his neck and partially down his undercarriage. His eyes were glowing with that familiar blood red hue. The Tessiaga began to absorb into his body as well. Canines protruded from his mouth. Goku recognized them to be the Tessiaga. Goku swallowed back as he gazed upon the 12ft tall creature before him.

Inuyasha rushes over before Goku can even truly think about what’s taking place.

“DEMONIC RUSH!” He calls out just before punching Goku in the face. He then sends a bombardment of punches and kicks Goku’s way. He then slams his fist against his stomach. Goku’s sent flying back at great force.

Goku groans out as his body drives through several trees. Inuyasha laughs an even more chilling laugh than before. He points his finger upon Goku as he’s three feet into the earth. Goku hurriedly dodges the deadly beam that escapes Inuyasha’s finger. A move that Goku recognized of Vegeta’s only this one was much more lethal. He fired again and again. Goku squirmed about the ground barely missing each attempt.

“Hahaha! Look at you!”

Inuyasha opens his mouth and Goku’s eyes widen. He swiftly flipped back as a raging stream of fire sailed right for him.


Inuyasha laughs once again as he merely steps aside. Goku shakes his head on this.

It can’t be!

“My turn!” He darkly calls.

Goku glances upon him apprehensively. His fingers curl about and he places both hands together at chest level. He thrusts his hands forward with a powerful Gallick cannon. Goku barely misses and the move destroys a nearby cliff.

“Hmmm. Time to amp things up a bit. Things are getting a bit boring!”

Goku narrows his eyes on this as Inuyasha takes off in flight.

“NO!” Goku chases after him knowing damn well what he’d in mind.

“What is it, Yamcha?”

“Something’s coming… Something… powerful…”

Yamcha looks back to the other villagers in alarm.

“You should get them to safety and fast!”

“I don’t understand…”

“Kikyo, I need you to trust me. We haven’t much time.”

“Are you going to tell me what’s going on or not?!” She snaps.

However that anger quickly turns into a gasp.

“What is that?!”

“EVERYBODY TAKE COVER!” Yamcha shouts.

“Go with your people, Kikyo!”

“I will stand and fight!”

“Kikyo…” He groans as they hurriedly began helping the villagers into an underground bunker.

“These are my people, Yamcha! I will fight in their honor. You cannot convince me otherwise!”

Yamcha goes to argue this again only his attention goes back to the enormous creature that was soaring over the village. Kikyo slams down the hatch to the bunker.

“Goku?” Yamcha utters sensing him as well.

He darts Goku’s direction as he was heading over.

“Well I’ll be damned.”

Yamcha groans out as Kikyo shoves him out of the way of a stream of fire.

“NOOOO!” Kikyo shouts as Inuyasha begins to set the entire village ablaze.

The only time he breaks is to laugh. Yamcha and Kikyo turn towards one of the houses.

“I thought we had everyone!” He calls out.

Kikyo takes off running as fast as she can.

“NOOO!” She and Yamcha scream out as Inuyasha sends out another wave of flames directed upon the house.

Yamcha hurriedly grabs Kikyo, keeping her from entering the enflamed house. Tears stream down her face, as they hear the cries of the family trapped inside. He brings her into his chest protectively, whilst eyeing the creature.

“THAT’S ENOUGH!” Goku crossly hollers.

Goku comes at him like a bull, slamming his entire body into the enormous werewolf. Goku repeatedly takes his fist across whatever part of Inuyasha he can hit.

“GOKU!” Yamcha warns already seeing it.

Yamcha sends out a blast of Ki, just in time to prevent Inuyasha from driving his claws into Goku’s spine. Kikyo looks upon in him in disbelief.

“How’d you…”

Yamcha cuts her a certain smirk but takes off in flight…

From there, Goku and Yamcha team up, doing their best to protect what is left of the village. Kikyo watches in sheer amazement as the Super Saiyan and Z Fighter do their best to defend the village. She hadn’t a clue about Yamcha… She’d been the one carrying for his wounds this entire time. Yet he takes off in flight and is firing off bursts of Ki?

Kagome stood there in a stupor as she gazed upon the man before her.

“Are you alright?” The man questioned with a look of discomfort about him. Kagome ran up to him and wrapped her arms around him.

“Oh Koga. I’m so thankful you’re alright.” She said with a lump within the back of her throat.

Koga narrowed his eyes and he forced her back somewhat. He looked her up and down in wonder.

“How do you know my name?”

“It’s me… Kagome.”

He shakes his head.

“I don’t believe we’ve ever met.”


“Believe me… pretty thing like you? I’d remember…” He says with sincerity and a smirk.

She steps back with somewhat of a blush.

“But thanks for the warm welcome!”

“We can’t keep this up, Goku!”

Goku nods, looking to be in thought. He and Yamcha continued to dodge Inuyasha’s attacks and in return send a few blows of their own. Nothing seemed to really be phasing the demon wolf.

“What are we going to do?!” Yamcha calls out just as he takes a good hit to the gut.

“WATCH OUT!” Goku calls out as Inuyasha takes his fists to Yamcha’s back.

He starts plummeting down and Goku swiftly catches him before he hits ground.

“Um… thanks!”

Goku nods and they turn back towards Inuyasha. He was about to land in the village.

“Kikyo!” Yamcha cries out and rushes over.

Goku zips along behind him.

Kikyo drew her arrow standing before the bunker protectively. Inuyasha was so far gone he no longer recognized her. The only recognizable face to him now, was Kagome’s. What truly made Inuyasha was gone. Therefore, what he wanted was gone too. Kikyo… was just a name. For this creature’s desires.

Kikyo fired off her arrow. Inuyasha rolled his eyes and merely caught the arrow, breaking it in two.

“KIKYO!” Yamcha literally screams out on top of his lungs.

“BIG BANG ATTACK!” Inuyasha calls out and an enormous light is casted upon the entire area Kikyo and her people were.

Yamcha dropped to his knees. His heart sank to the pit of his stomach.


Goku staggered back ill on what he’d just witnessed himself. Inuyasha slowly turned he chuckled darkly.

“Now it’s time to finish this little game. I’ve got other things to take care of.” Kagome’s face bared into his mind.

With Goku and Yamcha still stunned by what had taken place. They were caught completely off guard. Goku’s focus was on Yamcha as he sensed his agonizing pain. He could sense he cared greatly for this Kikyo and her people. The very ones Inuyasha just destroyed.


Goku’s eyes widen as his head darted that direction. With no time for anything else, Goku went to shield Yamcha from the attack. Blades of blood, hundreds of them were flying directly upon them. Row after row… after row, relentlessly. Goku and Yamcha nodded to one another knowing this was it…

Only something happened neither of them sensed or expected. The blades began to disperse around them and a few landed on the ground.


“…Gohan…” Goku uttered in bafflement.

Inuyasha’s body soared plum out of the village and several acres across.

“Gohan?” Yamcha said just as baffled as Goku.

Gohan casually turned towards them. He nodded and started to chase after Inuyasha. His father put a hand upon his shoulder.

“No son… We do this together.”

Gohan narrowed his eyes.

“No dad… This is my battle.”

“No Gohan… It’s ours. Do you remember the fusion dance?!” Goku says with a certain perk to him.

Gohan raises his brows on this.

“Dad…” He groans.

Goku nods with a slight grin about him.

“Let’s go, son.”

The dance itself was like the hands of a clock coming together. That and well utterly ridiculous. Or so Gohan always felt it was… And he wasn’t the only one. Piccolo wasn’t a big fan of it either.

“Remember everything must be precise…” Goku states halfway through the dance.

“Ya, ya…” Gohan replies keeping as accurate as possible.

Once their index fingers come together the fusion takes it’s course. They become Gokahn… Their hair was midnight and down past their shoulders and spikier. Their clothes changed as well. The pants were white and there was a cobalt sash around them. And they hadn’t a shirt on.

Yamcha’s jaw dropped as they instantly went into SSJ3 without any real effort.

“Holy shit…” Yamcha uttered as Gokahn took off like it was nothing.

“You’re not from around here are you?” Koga inquires gazing upon Kagome’s formal attire.

He handed her some berries but gave her the once over.

“Yes and no…” She says with a hint of gloom.

“You really don’t remember me?”

He shakes his head, as he starts a fire.

“I am looking for a mate however.” He hints.

She smiles at this.

“Yep, you’re certainly Koga!”

He cocks a brow at this.

“So does that mean you’re interested?!”

“Already mated.”

“Do you want him dead or…”


“I’m just putting it out there. I don’t mind taking your mate out of existence, and taking his place instead. Pretty thing like you… Hell, who wouldn’t?!”

Kagome blushes a bit and shakes her head.

“No offense, but you couldn’t take on Gohan.”

“Gohan huh? So that’s his name?”

She nods with a look of pride about her.

“Do you love this Gohan?”



Koga lies down and shuts his eyes.

“Well my pack will return in the morning. We should get some shut eye.”

Kagome nods and takes in a quivery breath. It doesn’t take long for Koga to fall asleep. Kagome tossed and turned. Gohan and Shippo never once left her mind. She hadn’t a clue where Shippo was. She just prayed he was alright. She rolled over on her back, looking to the stars.

Kagome shot up in a gasp. Something within her told her to run, something overwhelmingly strong. She looked upon Koga in alarm. Without another thought Kagome took off in flight. She flew as fast as she could with no real perception. All Kagome knew was to get away and fast.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

Kagome came to a halt as the immense werewolf now hovered before her. He tilted his head about. He wiggled one of his long fingers.

“Come to me…”

She shook her head and swallowed back. He smirks and suddenly appears behind her.

She shut her eyes as she felt his fur grazing along her body. His claws scrapped along her waist as he scooped her up.

“…Inuyasha…” She said already knowing.

He grunted out as someone barreled right into him. Kagome flew out of his grasp. He let out a howling growl of sheer wrath. Kagome softly grunted out as someone else caught her. She narrowed her eyes in confusion. She sensed Gohan, but couldn’t comprehend what she was seeing. He gave her a simple nod and dived down.


He said nothing as he lowered her down to the ground. Once he brought her down he lifted off. Inuyasha was already heading right for her. Gokahn charged after him with a Ki powered fist. Inuyasha groaned out and rocketed up several feet higher into the air. He began to drop down at a great pace. Gokahn gave a nice roundhouse kick sending him off a good distance away from Kagome. He followed that with several Ki blast.

“GRRRRRR, KNOCK IT OFF!” Inuyasha yelled as he hovered back up to keep from hitting the ground beneath them.

“Is something wrong, pup?” Gohan and Goku’s voice chimed together causing an odd echo like sound.

Kagome swallowed back once she heard this.

“How…?” She whispered in wonder as she observed from below.

“SHE BELONGS TO ME!” Inuyasha bellows.

Gokahn gritted his teeth.

“Say it one more time. I dare you!”

Inuyasha chuckles.

“You believe I fear you? Whatever this is… You’re still no match for me. But very well… SHE… Belongs… To.. ME!”

Gokahn nods and shuts his eyes. Kagome covered her mouth as the wind around them picked up. Foliage was coming off the trees and dirt was flying up off the ground.

Inuyasha looked on with mere amusement.

“What’s this, another trick?” He scoffs and chuckles once again.


He looks down upon Kagome. He starts towards her once again. Gokahn doesn’t budge as they continue to gain all the energy that is needed. Kagome staggered back in attempts to get away from Inuyasha. She did the only thing she could think of. She got one of her energy bow’s ready and had an arrow with his name waiting for him. Once he was a good 4 feet away from her she fired. The arrow went right through his heart and he barely even flinched. She quickly fired off another and another, each not even seeming to faze him. Kagome continued to back up until she lost her footing. She braced herself as he was now just a few inches away from her. Kagome yelped out in surprise as his arms were suddenly ripped off.

Her jaw dropped as he landed on top of her. She went to squirm out from under him when Gokahn picked him up by the roots of his hair and flung him like he were merely a flea up against a tree. Inuyasha whimpered out.

“No… how is that possible…” Kagome whispered as Inuyasha’s arms were beginning to grow back.

Kagome nearly screamed as someone snuck up behind her and grabbed her. They quickly pressed her up a tree and uncovered her mouth. She sighed in relief.


He nodded but still had that look of melancholy to his face. Their attention nevertheless redirected over to the battle.

Yamcha had this wide eyed glare about him.


“Um, we might wanna get out of here and quick.”

She saw Gokahn with his hands in the air. Once again everything around them seemed to move about. This odd suctioning like feeling came about the area they were in. Yamcha took her hand and began to literally drag her out of the area.

“What’s going on?”

“They’re about to perform one of Goku’s deadliest moves.”

“What’s that?”

“The Spirit Bomb.”

“Spirit Bomb?”

Yamcha nods getting her as far away as possible. They hear Gokahn’s battle cry as he prepares to unleash the Spirit Bomb. Yamcha lifts off with Kagome getting her to a safer distance. Once he feels they are within a safe range he releases his hold on her. They turn towards the area of battle. Kagome couldn’t fathom what she was seeing.

“I don’t get it…”

Yamcha nods in understanding.

“Goku and Gohan have fused Kagome.”


He smirks somewhat.

“You’ve a lot to learn about our world still. The things Super Saiyans are capable of. With Gohan as your mate you will learn within time.”

“Will they um… stay like that?”

Even through his absolute grief on what had taken place. He managed a soft chuckle.

“Now talk about awkward…” Yamcha scoffs in thought.

“But no…”

She takes in a breath of relief. Yamcha pats her on the back and chuckles once more. He nods seeing that the Spirit Bomb is just about complete. He gets a protective hold on Kagome. Gokahn let’s not one last earth shattering cry, behind gritted teeth.

Even from the distance they were at Yamcha and Kagome flew back somewhat at the impact. Yamcha got this look of horror about him.

“WHAT?!” Kagome questioned with panic to her voice.

“No way… How can it be?! There is no way he could survive that!” He muttered still sensing Inuyasha.

Kagome glances that direction and nods to herself. Without warning, she takes off.

“HEY!” Yamcha shouts and chases after her.

“No Kagome!” Gokahn calls out.

She shakes her head ignoring him. Inuyasha hobbled about covered in soot, lacerations, and bruises. He was missing a leg and arm. Kagome strut right up to him. She looked him in the eyes and cupped his cheek.

“What’s she doing?!” Yamcha shouted as he finally caught up.

Gokahn could sense her and he shook his head.

“…Kagome…” He whimpered.

He lowered his head and came to a landing.

“Please, Kagome…”Gohan said in a voice that was now his own, as he and his father broke the fusion.

“It’s something I must do Gohan… I’m sorry.”

Gohan shut his eyes.

“It could kill you…”

She nods. But knew she hadn’t time to really react, which broke her heart. But she wouldn’t put her friends or her mate lives at risk any longer. This started out her battle. It needed to end on that note.

She glanced back and smiled.

“Please, take care of Shippo for me. I love you, Gohan…”


Goku and Yamcha held him back. Gohan came to his knees, as Kagome wrapped her arms around Inyuasha, hugging him one last time.

“I wish to free you, Inuyasha.” She says with that smile still planted about her face.

Tears were streaming down her rosy cheeks. He narrowed his eyes and groaned out. Kagome used every bit of focus, and energy she had, to begin her purification. Inuyasha looked down in shock as her fist was plunged through his chest. She swiftly began to rip the dragonballs from within. One by one… His hand wrapped around her throat once he truly grasped what was taking place.

Each dragonball she came into contact with she began to purify. She focused on the love within her heart. The memory of the half dog demon she once fell in love with. The friends she’d made during her time in the feudal area. She thought about her family back home. She thought about the new friends she’d made. Lastly she thought of the two she loved most, Shippo and Gohan. At this very last thought she came across the seventh ball. Her eyes came to a close as it rolled out of her hand. Inuyasha’s hold on her released. Goku and Yamcha released Gohan. He darted off and swiftly caught her before she landed. Inuyasha’s lifeless body hit the ground.

“Kagome…” Gohan whispered as he brought her against his chest.

The three of them looked on in amazement. Shenron shot out of Inuyasha’s body, back to his original self. There was no purifying Inuyasha or Vegeta… Their minds had gone so far into the darkness there was nothing left to save. Their essences were destroyed. Gohan froze as Shenron lifted Kagome’s chin with the end of his tail.

“There are two wishes. Two sets of dragonballs for each era… Choose wisely. Kagome Higurashi has earned the first one through her act of selflessness. Awaken now young maiden…”

Kagome’s eyes bat as she comes to. Shenron nods.

“What is your wish…?”

She looks upon Shenron with confusion.

“What do you desire most…”

Kagome looked upon Gohan.

“It’s ok Kagome. I just want you to be happy.” Gohan encourages.

“You and Shippo’s happiness are most important. Do not worry about me…”

“I wish to go back to the future with my family.”

Gohan lowers his head but nods in understanding. Shenron nods as well.

“Very well… Wish granted.”

Gohan reaches out to her but before he can even say goodbye. She vanishes.

“Next wish…”

Goku nudges Yamcha with a slight grin.

“You could wish her back…” Goku hints about Kikyo.

Yamcha nods in thought.

“Are you sure…”

Gohan and Goku nod towards one another in silent understanding. Gohan forces a smile.

“The wish is yours, Yamcha.”

Yamcha takes in a breath.

“I wish for the priestess and her people to be brought back.”

“Wish granted…”

Shenron coils up and shoots off into the air. The dragonballs disperse once again. Gohan looks upon his father, with a broken heart.

“You did the right thing, son. It takes a real man to make that sort of sacrifice.”

Gohan nods but looked utterly broken. They narrow their eyes however as the area around them began to tremble.

“Dad?!” Gohan called out in alarm.

“DAD! YAMCHA!” Gohan shouted as they began be forced apart by the earth quaking beneath their feet.

The three of them looked upon one another in alarm. They tried to take off in flight but couldn’t move… A bright light blinded them all, and before they knew what was taking place, they each blacked out.

Gohan rubbed his tired eyes as he rose up on the bed. He then looked around gathering his surroundings. He realized he was back home now. As the memory came too Gohan covered his face and shook his head.

“Kagome…” He whispered with that heart sinking feeling once again.

He reached over grabbing Shippo’s tiny backpack from the nightstand. He ran his fingers along the bag. Meanwhile, he was thinking on how to go about finding them. Gohan forced himself out of the bed. He showered and dressed before heading downstairs. A sigh of relief came about him as he saw his father, Bulma, and Chibi Trunks at the dining room table eating breakfast.

“You hungry, son?”


Goku smiled and patted the empty chair beside him. Chibi Trunks was wiping a stray tear off his cheek.

“Awe, sweetheart…” Bulma said, doing her best to console him.

“I’m going to really miss them.” He said behind a sniffle.

Bulma kissed his forehead and shuffled his hair about some.

“I know… We all will.”

Gohan suddenly felt his appetite leave the building. He merely stared upon his plate of bacon, waffles, and eggs. One of his favorite meals usually… Only now, he barely even picked at his bacon. Something the others weren’t used to, especially after a big battle… Gohan was just like his dad when it came to food. Meanwhile, Goku was shoveling his down like there was no tomorrow. His cheeks were so full, he looked like a chipmunk. Gohan cleared his throat.

“Excuse me…”

They all nodded as Gohan rose from the table. He headed outside. He’d hoped maybe a nice long walk would help to clear his head.

“Kikyo!” Yamcha hollered out as he shot up.

He scrambled on out of bed and grabbed a robe off the chair within the room. He placed it on as he darted on out of the room. Yamcha froze however as he entered a room filled with women. Each of them broke into a giggle and covered their mouths. Through his excitement he’d forgotten to even bother tying the robe, once he’d placed it all. So every girl before him had a full visual.


He swallowed back at the all too familiar and pleasant voice.


She nodded but her eyes grew wide as saucers, once she realized he was practically in the buff. She blushed and stifled a giggle within the palm of her hand. Yamcha’s eyes widened and he quickly tied his robe. This caused the other girls to burst into another giggle fit. Yamcha rushed over and wrapped his arms around Kikyo.

Kagome absentmindedly snuggled up against her pillow. Thoughts of Gohan ran through her mind as she’d been dreaming about him throughout the night. Kagome heard a knock at the door.

“Yes?” She called out as her eyes were still closed.

The door slightly creaked as it opened.

“Kagome…” The tiny familiar voice carried over.

Her eyes shot open and her heart kicked to life. She flew up in the bed, turning towards the voice.


He smiled and rushed over. They wrapped their arms around one another. Sota broke into sobs, causing Kagome to hold him even tighter.

“Where were you, Kagome?!” He finally managed to spill out.

“It’s a bit of a long story, Sota.”

He nods releasing his hold, with a blush. Kagome smiled and wiped the remains of tears from his face.


Her mother called as she peered into the doorway.


Kagome hopped out of bed and took off running. Sota smiled as his mom and sister embraced one another.

“Oh sweetheart… We were beginning to think the worst. You always return… only this time you didn’t. Even grandpa went looking for you.”

“He did?”

“That I did, Missy!”


“You know I was getting rather sick and tired of being your personal secretary! I was running out of excuses!”

“Gramps…” Kagome groans.

“So it’s a good thing for your sake we’re no longer living there. I mean could you imagine the look on your friend’s faces when they see you miraculously regrew your limbs!”

Kagome’s entire face flushes over.

“WHAT DID YOU SAY?!” She shouts.




Kagome’s jaw dropped as her grandfather pulled her into his chest. He said nothing just held her. Once he’s done, he clears his throat and exits the room. Kagome looked upon her mother and Sota in disbelief. Her mother softly laughed.

“He has his moments… We were all worried.”

However something else dawned on Kagome.

“Wait… what did gramps mean by “no longer living there?”

“Well look around you… does this look like home to you?”

Kagome finally took a moment to gather their whereabouts. Her jaw dropped in realization. Without another word, Kagome took off outside.

“Kagome!” Her mother called out, trying to warn her daughter that she was still in her pajamas.

Kagome squealed in delight and covered her mouth, once she stepped outside. She turned a certain direction. Sure enough, he was standing there with this dumbfounded expression about him. He couldn’t even move, he merely gawked upon her. Kagome smiled and took off running as fast as she could. Her arms wrapped around him. Her feet dangled off the ground as she hugged him.

“Kagome…?” Gohan uttered in damn near shock.

She giggled against him and hugged him even tighter.

“Oh, Gohan! My wish came true!”

He swallowed back confused.

“Huh? But I thought you wished to go back home with your family.”

“I did… And I am home!”

He narrows his eyes as Kagome’s mother, brother, and grandfather step out of the house.

“Wait… are they…?” He hints with a nod their direction.

She smiles and takes his hand.

“Mom, Gramps, Sota… This is Gohan.”

“Gohan, this is my mother, grandfather, and little brother!”

Her mother smiles warmly and offers her hand.

“Nice to meet you, Gohan.”

“Likewise, mam.”

Kagome takes in a breath, seeing the look on her grandfather’s face. He’d this big grin.

“Don’t gramps.”

He chuckles and shakes his finger upon her.

“So ya finally wised up and got rid of that knuckleheaded dog demon!”

“Gramps…” She groans.

Sota grinned on this as well.

“What does grandpa mean Kagome?” Her mother curiously asked.

“You’re certainly more attractive. He’s taller and look at those muscles!”

Kagome’s jaw dropped as her mother was feeling his biceps. Her cheeks grew a reddish blue hue to them.


“He sure is handsome!” She pinched his cheeks and Gohan cut her an uncomfortable glance.

She looked upon Gohan apologetically. Kagome takes in a breath and takes Gohan’s hand once again. This look of pride came about her face.

“Well I’m certainly glad you think so…” She blushed a bit.

“Because Gohan is my mate!”

Sota and her mother’s jaws dropped. Her grandfather died in laughter.

“I KNEW IT!” He gave Gohan a heartily pat on the back.

“Mate?!” Her mother finally spilled out once she was able to form words.

Kagome nods.

“What does that mean exactly? Kagome…”

“Mom…” Kagome groans.

“It means they’re gonna get hitched! There’s something about you? Isn’t’ there? Something special!”

Gohan swallows back rather hard at her grandfather’s words.


Gohan’s eyes were wide as saucers.

“Well one day… yes…”

“My little girl’s going to get married?! And to such a handsome boy!” Her mother squeals with delight.

“Kagome… Gohan…?” Gohan and Kagome froze and slowly turned around.

“SHIPPO!” Kagome promptly scooped him up.

She came to her knees as she hugged him. His tail flickered about.

“You’re all here.” Kagome said softly.

Gohan held his arms out for Shippo. Gohan chuckled as he caught him.

“I’m so glad you’re alright Shippo.” Gohan expressed feeling somewhat emotional as he hugged Shippo.

“My family…” Kagome adds seeing Goku, Bulma, and Chibi Trunks stepping outside as well. She wipes her tears of bliss with the back of her hand. Kagome waves upon Goku and the others.

He genuinely smiles and waves back. Little Trunks took off running towards her and Shippo.

“Heh… well whattaya know we’re neighbors!” Goku calls out with a wink.

The sun was starting to set. Gohan had Kagome sitting between his legs. His arms were wrapped around her waist. And his back was up against a tree.

“I love you…” Gohan whispered in her ear.

Kagome smiled.

“I love you too, Gohan.”

Gohan kissed along her neck, and lowered the sleeves to her blouse, as he kissed along her bare shoulders. She blushed and softly giggled as she felt him excitably throbbing against her. He chuckled a bit as well, but continued to leave trails of kisses. He continued to lower her sleeves, pulling down the straps to her white bra along with it. He did this until her perky breasts were exposed. He let out a moan and grew even harder. Gohan gazed upon them as he ran his hands along them. He tweaked at her pink buds until they were nice and erect.

“Kagome…” He voiced in longing.

He twirled her around and eagerly kissed her. Gohan suddenly felt feverish and out of control. Everything they’d been through as of late was catching up to him. Especially thinking he could have lost her and Shippo. A sexy moaning growl escaped his lips as he latched on to her breasts. Kagome rocked herself about him. He gritted his teeth and gripped her hips. He moved her about him more vigorously.

Gohan cocked a brow as Kagome literally began to crawl back. His hips shot off the ground as she licked the seam of his pants. She then pulled his pants back and he popped out. She licked her lips in such a sexy way. That Gohan feared he’d come before they even truly got started. Gohan greatly moaned out feeling her mouth around him for the first time ever. He threw his head back against the tree.

“Kagome!” He cried out in warning.

He swiftly reached over and had her stop. He was about make a mess and wasn’t sure how she’d feel about that. He blushed in thought. Gohan swiftly brought her into his lap instead. She cooed out as he pulled her panties to the side. He eased on in and worked her about him.

“Just like that, Kagome…” He found himself saying.

His teeth gritted as he felt her soaking him. He raised his brows in wonder… He cleared his throat. Gohan wanted to test something. He leaned into her ear.

“Faster, Kagome…”

His eyes widen as she came at his words. He’d just learned something knew about his mate. He smiled in thought and swiftly rolled them over. He laid her down and spread her about. They were right in the middle of the woods, with not a care in the world the moment. Gohan observed curiously as he began to finger her. It seemed the more vocal he got the wetter Kagome grew. Gohan had never been so turned on his life. He loved that about Kagome. How sweet and innocent she could be one moment. Then when they were alone she was putty in his arms, with a bit of a naughty side to her. He found it incredibly sexy.

Gohan pinned her wrists down and drove his entire length in. She cried out his name and Gohan grunted out in a finish. He pressed his forehead against hers as he collected himself. Once he pulled out and rolled over, Kagome snuggled up against him. They spent the rest of the night holding one another, for once there were no words.


Gohan softly chuckles as he leads the way.

“Kami… He personally requested your presence! An honor really… It’s not something he does often!”

She follows Gohan to Kami’s lookout. Once they land Gohan nods.

“Well… I’ll see you later!”

“Gohan…” She hissed but he was already gone.

Her eyes darted towards a certain area. A very tall man that reminded her a lot of Piccolo stepped out of the shadows. Only he was much older looking. She nodded upon him respectfully. He nodded in return.

“Kagome Higurashi… The true mate of Son Gohan… Reincarnation of the priestess Kikyo and the warrior Kiyoye. Kiyoye being your most recent past life. As to why you might’ve felt more of a connection to that of Kiyoye… And there is the one other reason.”

“Genji…” She says as if already in knowing.

Kami nods.

“Gohan…” He states.

Kagome swallowed back.

“Kiyoye was the true mate of Genji. As Son Goku as expressed to his son and now I will with you. This is rare… yet you’ve both experienced this in two different generations and ironically with the other. That my child is fate… People speak of soulmates often. But it’s not as common as they assume. I have no doubts that the two of you will achieve much in this lifetime. As well as others that may very well be in the future. But that is not why I’ve called you to my lookout. I feel you deserve an explanation over recent events in your life. And that is why I have called you here today. You might’ve been pulled apart by the demons in another life. But you overcame that in this one.”

Kagome nods.

“You wondered why your friend Koga did not remember you…”

He taps his fingers along his staff.

“Once you and the dog demon entered our realm, with the Shikon Jewel Shards within the Dragonballs it altered the feudal era from which you came. With no influence of the jewel shards, the dog demon, or yourself… Your friends no longer had reason to remember you. At the moment, their lives serve other purposes, because of this alteration taking place. Each of them was affected in much different aspects such as your friend Sango. Her brother and the other villagers lived.”

Kagome covered her mouth in shock.

“And what of Mikoru?”

“Free from the curse of the wind tunnel… A traveling priest still managed to make his way to a certain village. It seems fate has an odd way about things.”

Kagome beamed on this with a lump in her throat.

“And Koga?”

“He was somewhat upset that you were not there once he awakened. However it seems he’s moved on rather quickly.” Kagome’s eyes widen at the hint.

“It seems all your friends have met fate elsewhere… As for your friend Inuyasha… I sense the struggle within you. You should feel no guilt. You young one did all you could in order to save him. That’s the downside of freewill. He made his own choices and unfortunately you cannot save everyone. But that is why I find you so intriguing… You loved him even when he couldn’t love himself.”


“It was his choice to stay behind. He’s fallen for the young maiden Kikyo. They build a life together as we speak.”

“Oh… wow…” Kagome softly said in amazement.

“So they all are better off…”

“I cannot say whether they are or not… But I can say that they are living.”

Kagome sighs and Kami narrows his brows.

“It seems fate has a funny way about things.”

“I’ll say…”

“I’ll say indeed…”

The End!

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