Chapter 4 Undesired Affections, First Appearance

Chapter 4

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“No dad.”

“Come on Bells!”

“I don’t want to talk about it. Why does everyone keep asking me about this?!”

“Ever think it’s because people care.”

“Look dad if I’m not about to talk about it with Mike or mom. Why the hell would I want to talk about it with YOU?!” Bella winces at her own cruel words.

“Dad I…”

Charlie shakes his head. She sighs and lowers her head. Peter discreetly watches from his rooftop.

“Look kiddo. I’m just trying to help.”

“I know that dad and I can appreciate that. But honestly, I don’t want to talk about it. I’ve left that behind me.”

“Is that why you still hold on to that box? Because you’ve left it behind?”

Peter notices the way Bella flinches.

“You’ve been in my room?!”

“It’s not what you think. It was back in Forks Bella. The way you were acting. I feared you were doing drugs or something.”


“Jesus kid. I wasn’t sure what else to do! You weren’t eating. You wouldn’t come out of your room! Why the hell do you think we moved here in the first place?!”

Bella freezes at her father’s words.
“What did you just say?”

Charlie shuts his eyes for a moment. He pinches the bridge of his nose.

“OH my God!”


“You lied to me?!”

“Look kid I had to get you out of that town one way or another. I’m sorry. I know I shouldn’t have…”

Bella takes off down the block.
“BELLS, now don’t be like that, come on!”

She ignores him and keeps walking away.

Peter narrows his eyes as her father heads back in and slams the door. Peter hops down from the roof. He follows where he saw Bella take off. Making certain no one can see him he fires his web to climb up on one of the buildings. He looks around from there. Bella’s heads into a nearby music store. Peter follows her inside. She flips through the cd’s. He merely watches at first and pretends to look around. Bella grabs a couple of cd’s and makes her way to the cash register. She reaches over grabbing a postcard with I love New York on it.

“Hey can I see that pen?”

The cashier looks to her oddly. Peter peers over her shoulder curiously. She draws a circle around the love part. Bella then draws a line through it.

“Thanks!” She hands the pen back.

“You do realize you still have to buy that?”

“Yep! It’s just what I wanted!”

Peter grins shaking his head. He clears his throat and throws down a twenty and five.

“On me.”

Bella’s eyes widen and she turns.


He nods.

“Um how long were you standing there?”

“Long enough…”

Bella goes to grab the money back. Only the cashier is already making change of it. She sighs.
“Peter…” She hands him the change.

She then digs through her pocket and tries to hand him the difference. He ignores the gesture.

“So you hungry?”


“Come on Bella. I know a great place.”

Bella laughs as she follows him to a hotdog stand.


“I thought so. So what do you want on yours?”

Bella peers over and shrugs looking at everything.

“I don’t know. What do you get on yours?”

“A little of everything…”

“I’m game except for onions. Not a big fan.”

“Ok so two Parker specials.” He says to the man.

Bella looks to them oddly.

“I take it you visit this stand often?”

Peter shrugs.


“Damn near every other day or so.” The man says.

“Now don’t be giving away my secrets Jax.”

The tall African American laughs.

“You’re new though aren’t you?”

Bella nods.

“Bella Swan.”

“Jax Smith, and it’s on the house today kids.”

“Gee thanks Jax!’

“No prob Parker.”

Bella follows Peter to a nearby park and they sit down.

“It’s actually somewhat peaceful here.” Bella says looking around.

“You can see the bridge from here.”

They look as a couple kids run past them playing. They finish their hotdogs and Bella turns to him.

“So how’d your date go Peter?”

A nervous laugh escapes his mouth.

“That good or that bad?”

“Let’s just say, I rather screwed it up.”

Bella looks to him confused.

“How would you do that?”

“Oh believe me. I’m the king of screw ups.”

“I somehow doubt that.”

“In all fairness you don’t know me that well yet.”

“That maybe, but I don’t see you as a screw up.”

He shrugs.

“So what went wrong?”

“What didn’t go wrong you mean?”

“There’s always second chances.”

“You don’t go back to a lousy buffet.”

Bella’s eyes widen at this. She wasn’t sure what to say to that. Gwen Stacy? She felt lost, but didn’t want to continue pressing him on the issue.

“So how was your movie night?”

“Not bad. Mike fell asleep halfway through his pint. What can I say he’s a light weight?”

Peter has a good laugh at this.

“Sounds like it.”

They both lean back in silence for a moment.

“Have you always lived here?”

“I was born in Queens actually, Forest Hills area. We’ve been living in Brooklyn for a few years now. My Uncle…” He stops in midsentence.

“Your Uncle?”

He sighs.

“Nevermind, but yes I’ve always lived in New York.”

Bella nods.

“So you live with your Aunt and Uncle right?”

“My Aunt, my Uncle Ben died not long ago.”

“Oh… I’m so sorry Peter. I…”

“Don’t. It’s cool.”

She wanted to ask about his parents, but could tell his it was already a touchy subject.

“So what’s your story?”

Bella shrugs.

“Just a small town girl caught in a web.”

“Web huh?” Peter says thinking of the irony.

“I’m just not sure what to think of anything anymore. It seems everyone has this habit of lying to me. Then when things get to heavy… I’m merely tossed aside and forgotten.”

“I highly doubt you’re easily forgotten.”

“Oh trust me. I am. Just like a to do list. Once it’s checked off and done, I’m out of the game.”

What did this guy do to you? Peter found himself feeling miffed. He didn’t even know the guy and already didn’t like him.

Bella and Mike walk behind Peter as they head down the hall.

“What have I said about that board Parker!” The principal scolds as Peter’s skating down the hall.

“Sorry sir.” He hops off it and places it above his head as he walks down the hall.

“If it happens again you’re losing it.”

Peter sighs.

“Yes sir.”

Bella and Mike catch up to Peter laughing. Gwen however, pushes her way between Bella and Peter. She wraps her arm around Peter. Peter looks to Bella in alarm. Bella bites her lower lip trying not to laugh as Peter mouths the words. What? To her. Gwen is all smiles and leaning into his shoulder.

He mouths help me to Bella. Bella simply waves and giggles as she starts walking towards her locker.

Oh no… Peter thinks not sure what to do.

Bella overhears Gwen.

“Carry my books will you?”

“Um…” Before he can even argue. Bella turns to see Gwen stuffing her books into his arms.

Bella covers her mouth in laughter and darts to class. Peter has this miserable look on his face as he enters the class. He’s got his board and backpack in one hand. Gwen’s latched onto his other arm as he carries her books. Gwen pecks Peter on the check as he sits her books down on her desk. He takes his seat and looks directly at Bella. She continues to giggle off and on. Peter shakes his head on this.

“And I thought we were friends.” Peter harshly whispers.
Bella shrugs and starts her notes.

“I’m so getting you for this.”

“Hey it’s not my fault you’re so appealing…”


Come lunch time. The three of them are floored as Gwen sits on the other side of Peter. At this point it’s not even funny. It’s sad Bella thinks shaking her head. Bella pats Peter on the back feeling horrible on the situation. He was too nice to let her down. Bella knew this was something he was going to have to do though. That’s why she was staying out of it. Peter needed to be the one to let Gwen down. Gwen leans over the table looking upon Bella.

“So Bella… you and I should hang out sometime. You know a little girl time?”

Bella looks to her strangely. This time Peter smiles and gives Bella that evil glare.

“Eh… sure. I guess. I’ll call you…”

“You have my number?”

“My dad works with your dad…” Bella hints.

Peter continues to look to Bella peculiarly. He realized Bella said the same thing he did to Gwen on their date. Only he never called… he knew Bella wouldn’t either. How does a hot chick like that become so unappealing and annoying?! Peter comes up with something else. He hoped to make Gwen mad enough to walk away, but without coming off a complete dick.

“Bella and I have plans this weekend actually.”

Bella looks to him. He gives her the please play along nod. She swallows back on this.

“That’s right… we do.”

Peter nods in appreciation.

“Oh… you do?”


“Oh… Well maybe I can join you? If that’s ok. I’d like to get to know Bella.”


Bella covers her mouth trying to keep from losing it.

Same thing the next day….

Gwen remains clingy. Come lunch time however, Peter gets his fill.

“Hey Peter why don’t you come sit with us today?”

Peter looks to Gwen shaking his head.

“Um I’m ok thanks.”

He starts towards Mike and Bella. Gwen wrinkles her nose.

“Why would you want to sit with them?”

Peter shuts his eyes for a moment.

“They’re my friends Gwen. Look, obviously there’s a misunderstanding between us. Gwen I’m sorry, but it was just the one date.”

“Wait… are you breaking up with me?”

Peter’s eyes widen as she says this loudly. Bella shakes her head on this.

“What is she doing?!” Bella says looking to Mike.

“Causing him public humiliation, a total bitch move… He hurt her pride so she’s taking him down a knotch. I’ve seen girls like her pull it before.”

“WHAT?!” Bella comes to a stand.

Peter’s face is priceless as everyone’s looking upon him.

“Gwen…” He whispers turning red.

“Wait… Are you cheating on me?!”
What?! Peter thinks in shock.

Bella quickly rushes over and grabs Gwen by the arm. She drags her outside of the cafeteria.

“What do you think you’re doing?!”

Gwen has tears rolling down her face.

“Oh no… I’m not a dude that shit doesn’t fly with me!”

Gwen’s jaw drops.

“That’s right sweetheart. That’ was pretty low! Peter didn’t deserve that and you know it. Everyone thinks you’re this nice girl. Hell you even had me fooled. I think you’re bat shit crazy!”

“What did you just say to me!”


Mike rushes outside and grabs Bella by the waist. He starts dragging off with her.

“Let me go!”

“I’ll think about it…”

He says, but continues to drag her away.

Mike drags her into the gym. He shuts the door. He watches as Bella paces the area.

Mike starts laughing.

“Why would she do that to Peter?!” Bella says angrily.

“Oh girl you’re in deep.”

She looks to him confused. They turn though as the jocks are coming back from lunch. They’re starting a basketball game before their next class. Bella rolls her eyes as Flash automatically zeroes in on her. He shows off with a slam dunk.

“Ugh, let’s go.” Bella says and heads towards the door.

Flash beats her to the punch blocking her way out.

“We’d like to go now.”

“Can we have a minute?” He turns to Mike.

Mike shrugs. He was too busy checking out the other basketball players. He didn’t even notice the look on Bella’s face. Flash takes her hand and leads her under the bleachers.

“Do I make you nervous or something?” He questions as she’s yanking her hand away from him.

“You just don’t get it do you?”

He continues to step towards her until her back is pressed up against the wall.

“Look I just was going to see if you wanted to go out with me sometime.”

Bella thought she’d throw up in her mouth.

“You’re so clueless.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means I’m just not that into you. What’s so hard for you to gather on this?”

She takes her finger to his sternum.

“NO! I do not want to go out with you. I’d never want to date a pig headed mess like you Flash!”

He growls out and slams his hands against the wall behind her. Bella jumps.

Flash feels something hit hard against his back. He turns to see Peter.

Bella grabs Flashes arm. She tries to keep him from making his way over to Peter. Only he messes up big time. He shoves Bella on her ass. Peter’s teeth grind together. He throws another ball at his gut.

“How about a little one on one Flash?! Whattya say?!”

Peter helps Bella to her feet. He continues to eye Flash though and dribbles the ball.

Flash laughs.

“Whatever you say Parker. I’d wipe the floor with you and you know it!”

Peter grins. Bella looks to Peter in wonder. Peter tosses him the ball.

“You first Eugene!”

Bella laughs and Flash cuts her a death stare. Bella then looks to Peter. She nods upon Peter with a look of fortitude. Flash starts to dribble and run down the court. Peter blocks his shot as he leaps up and slams it out of his hold. Bella’s got a grin on her face the entire time. Peter keeps blocking every shot Flash tries to make. Peter takes over the ball at one point. He sprints down the court dribbling the ball. Flash huffs and puffs to keep up. Peter then slam dunks the ball shattering the glass blackboard.

“Holy shit!” Bella says.

Peter grabs the ball and shoves it back into Flash’s gut. He makes his way over to Bella. Flash stands there with the other jocks in shock. Bella high fives Peter. She then turns and waves goodbye upon Flash. The three of them head on to class.


Where do I even begin? I thought my life in Forks was crazy… However, I’m starting to wonder if it just follows me everywhere I go. It seems I grab the attention of the one guy, whose attention I do not want. Whilst the other doesn’t even seem to take notice of me at least not in that sense. I know, I know. Considering everything, the last thing I should be concerning myself with is that subject matter. There’s just something about Peter though. I really like him Jake. I mean it’s hard not to like him. He’s so random at times. I think its part of his charm. He seems to always have something up his sleeve. He makes me laugh. Something I hadn’t done in quite sometime. He takes away the pain. Honestly, when he’s around, I don’t even think about “them.” I think that’s what scares me though. Perhaps, I’m setting myself up yet again. I should know better by now. Right? How is everyone? How are you? Hope all is well. Oh about the postcard. It’s not that far from the truth. Charlie… He did something pretty stupid, as of now. I do my best to stir clear of him. I keep to myself and out of his way. I know the truth now. Out of all the people in this world. I never expected my very own father to lie to me. Not sure how much more I can endure. I mean honestly, is there anyone I can even trust anymore? Bella

Peter listens to the police scanner. He then turns to the suit on his bed. He finally managed to get it finished. He planned to use the name the wrestling promoter gave him.

“Spiderman.” He utter quietly in thought.

He twirls around in his chair. He looks back to Bella’s apartment. Something he finds himself doing more often. At times he could see her walking around in her room. Today however, she was sitting at her desk. He presses his lips together and turns back to the suit. Peter heads over to the window. He shuts his blinds. The scanner reveals a current robbery taking place.

For the first time ever… Spiderman would make his appearance tonight.

He swings about the city. Spiderman makes out the men running out of the bank with guns.

They fire into the air as a warning shot for the civilians to stay back. However, one of the men grabs a hostage.

“Oh come on…” Spiderman utters shaking his head.

“I can’t get away from this girl. That’s not right. Did I just say that?” He sighs and makes his way down.

He zips over and grabs the girl from the robbers hold. He quickly shoots his web and focus’s getting her out of harms way first. The girl clings onto his neck screaming right in his ear.

“Do you mind? That’s actually really annoying.” She looks to him incongruously.

He places her down only her arms stay locked around his neck.

“Who are you?”

He brings her hands down to her sides.



He nods and turns back to the robbers attempting to get away.


He turns.

“How do I get down?”

Spiderman sighs with irritation. He makes his way over and flips her over his shoulder. He brings her back down to the ground. Yet again he has to pry her hands away.

“Thank you.”


He turns to chase down the criminals.


This time he ignores her and takes off.

He lands on the robber’s van and punches a hole through the top. Spiderman dodges their bullets and listens to their panicked shouts. The van swerves as it speeds down the road. Peter loses his balance and starts to fly off the van. He discharges his web hitting the van. He flings his body back onto the van. Peter tucks and rolls as they hear him back on the roof. More shots are fired. Peter rips the hole in the roof of the van big enough to leap through.

“Hello!” He waves.

At first they all simply stare at him. Peter puts his hands upon his waist.

“You know I’m going, to need that money back.”

He points to the bags of money. One of the men goes to fire his gun. Spiderman knocks the gun out of his hand.

“You know guns don’t kill people…”

Peter kicks the other two robber’s guns out of their hands.

“Idiots do.”

Peter sighs as the van swerves again. He looks over to realize the driver’s been shot.

“See! That’s exactly what…” He starts to say and the van slams into something. Spiderman’s face slams up against the van. It flips over as Spiderman quickly braces himself. His arms and legs stretched about the van, as it continues to roll.

Once it comes to a stop. He comes down and checks on the men. They were beat up pretty bad, but still alive. He takes this opportunity to wrap them up in his webbing as he spins it around the three of them. He then checks each of them over. None of them were his Uncle’s murderer. He drags them out of the van. The police are already showing up.

“Merry Christmas! Sorry fresh out of bows.” Spiderman says to the police.

The police however, aim their guns at him. Spiderman sighs.

“Really? I just did YOUR job and this is how you thank me?”

He tilts his head making out Bella’s father to be one of them. Ironically, so were Gwen’s and Mike’s. Spiderman tosses the bags of money their way.

“Looking for these?”

“You’re going to have to come with us.” George Stacy says.

Spiderman laughs and folds his arms about his chest. He then taps his finger about his chin.

“Yeah that’s going to happen.”

He notices how Bella’s father puts his gun back into his holster. He makes his way over. He apprehends the men.

“Swan! What do you think you’re doing?” Stacy shouts.

“Making an arrest.”

Stacy rolls his eyes. Charlie looks back to Spiderman. Charlie tosses the bags towards the other officers. Charlie reads the robbers their rights and waves another officer over.

“What’s your name kid?” Charlie questions.


Charlie nods.

“Well Spiderman, you sure made some mess.” He says looking around to the wreckage.

“Yeah I’ll try to clean up better next time.”

Charlie grins, but only Spiderman takes notice. Charlie jumps however, as Spiderman takes off and his fellow officers begin to shoot at Spiderman.

“Really?!” Charlie turns with agitation.

George shakes his head and points to Charlie furiously.

“I get that you’re new to this department. So I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt Swan! There’s a certain way we do things around here. This isn’t FORKS!”

Charlie ignores him and starts tossing the money into his squad car.

“Did you hear me Swan? You might have been Chief back home…”

Charlie snaps his head back towards George.

“Oh I hear ya. Loud and clear sir!” He slams his door.

George rolls his eyes and puts his gun back up. The other officers start to get into their cars. George turns back and looks around the area once more. He then calls someone to clean up the area.

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