Chapter 14 Ollie

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“Thank you! God how can I ever repay you!”

“Just go home take care of your little girls.”

The man hugs her. She stands there awkwardly.

“Now would be a good time to turn your life around. No more dealing in Joker’s thugs. They’re bad news no matter how much money they offer you. They can’t be trusted.”

“And this coming from Harley herself? Amazing! I’ll be forever in your debt.”
Harley rolls her eyes.

“Don’t say that ugh. Just go you’re starting to get on my nerves.”

The man laughs and nods as he takes off.

“Why’d the hell you do that Harley?”

She takes in a breath before turning.

“Why hello boys…” She smiles as they look to their own she’d knocked out about her feet.

“Just whose side are you on Harley?”

“Yeah who’s side?”

“My side, If you were wise you’d see things my way. In fact you’d grovel at my feet.” She winks and paces the area.

“What about Joker?”

“Do you see him? Tell me boys just who’s running the show now?” She grins.

“Furthermore, I was always more a red and black fan. Purple is so last year! Later boys.” She says blowing them a kiss.

A few of them scratch their heads in confusion as she disappears.

She appears by a certain rooftop. She peers into the bedroom window and the young girl rushes to her feet.

“Harley!” She giggles.

Harley nods and takes out a thing of pink chalk. She draws hopscotch onto the rooftop and starts to hopscotch. The little girl claps her hands and laughs. Once Harley’s done she crouches over facing the girl. She hears her parents arguing below.

“Get some sleep kiddo.” She whispers.

The little girl nods with that sad expression. This was the same little girl she was going to take the bullet for. Her parents were real pieces of work. They ignored her and spent most of their time arguing and Harley was pretty sure the father was involved in some sort of illegal scam. She just didn’t have enough evidence to work on.

“I love you Harley…”

She hears the little girl softly say. Harley’s got her back turned to her. Her eyes widen not expecting to hear that.

“Goodnight Harley!”

Harley clears her throat. She closes her eyes for a moment and nods without another word. Harley leaps off and ducks into the shadows.

Harley still hadn’t decided yet on whether to train under Nightwing or not. Part of it was a hint of fear. What if during that time he began to see she’s not what he wants after all. Spending that much time together and him leading her around as though Selina had… She groans in thought.

She heads back home. She calls Selina once she crawls thorough the window. Bella called everyday and they’d often meet up for lunch or a drink. Bella never wanted Selina out of her life. She still admired her just not as thoroughly as before. But she’d always be thankful for what she’d taught her. Today however was also the day she learned the truth behind Ivy, Catwoman and Harley. They seemed to have more villainous histories rather than anything heroic. There were only a handful of instances for each. However Catwoman had her moments. It was Harley though that she shook her head on. She had her whole life ahead of her but she falls for Joker as he was merely her client. This sick infatuation started and he managed to twists her into a homicidal maniac. Harley had blood on her hands all because of her dying devotion for a man that ended up ending her very existence. Edward… to Bella, Edward was her Joker. He too twisted and fabricated this nonsense love story between them that she grew to believe. Then he’s the very one to sign the papers having her committed because of her love for him and his family.

Bella gets out of her Harley suit for the night. She showers and puts on her nightgown.

Hear me now you little bitch! I’m sick and tired of your bullshit!

Josh please I’m doing the best I can. You keep digging into the bill money what am I supposed to do!

You need to work some more hours!

I already work two damn jobs! Your leg is better now couldn’t you get back to work? It’s been a year!

Shut your fucking mouth! I’ll go back to work when I’m damn well ready. There’s nothing wrong with you! You can bring in some more money. Do you want us getting evicted! Is that what you want?!

Josh I’m so fucking tired I just…

Bella’s eyes widen as he hears the woman get slapped across the face.

Listen here you little cunt! You will quit back talking me! Now why don’t you be a good girl and do what you do best.

Josh please!

Bella lets out a growl and storms out of her apartment. She bangs on their door. The guy answers and Bella decks the shit out of him. She looks to the girl.

“Do you want me to take out the trash on the way out?”

The girl looks upon her wide eyed.

“Come on I haven’t got all day. I’m tired. Do you want this scum to continue living with you or not?”

The girl shakes her head and starts grabbing a few of his things.

“If I do this it’s for good. Don’t take his sorry ass back understood?”

The girl nods with shaking hands.

“I may actually slap the living hell out of you for taking this loser back! You work hard. You’re a pretty girl. Men like this aren’t worth your time. Grow a fucking pair and tell him it’s over!”

Bella pulls the man back by the roots of his hair.

“We’re over Josh. Don’t come back I never want to see your sorry ass again.”

Bella smiles with a nod of approval.

“Thadda girl. Now go pour yourself a bottle of champagne. Celebrate and live a real fucking life.”

The girl smiles behind tears.

“It shouldn’t have gone this far…” Bella hints and pulls the door shut.

Bella drags the man out of the building.

“You still wanna hit a girl?”

She growls and shoves the man back dropping her blade she’d to his back.

“Come on hit me!”

He narrows his eyes.


He grits his teeth and goes to swing. Bella dodges and swings her fist into his gut.

“Changed my mind.”

She punches him in the face and drags him to the giant green garbage can. Bella manages to pick him up and roll him in there. She slams down the lid as he whimpers out. She dust off her hands and goes back to her apartment.

Bella continued to flip through some of the old archives. She scribbled down more information on Joker and Harley. Yet she was mad at herself for not being able to let this go. She was done with this.

So why was she so determined to find out more and more? She rubbed the back of her neck and leaned back in her chair for a moment. Her eyes came to a close.

Her entire body jumped though as she felt a hand about her shoulder. But when she turned they were gone. She turned back around to see a square box, this time the wrapping paper in purple. She swallowed back nervously and looked around the library. She grabbed a ruler and turned her head as she pried the top open from a distance. Once the lid was off she waited for any sounds, for something to pop out. But nothing. Cautiously, Bella got closer to the box she looked inside and covered her mouth to keep from screaming. She looked around again but everyone was looking to their books or on their computers.

She quickly put the lid back on. Bella dialed Dick’s number not sure what else to do. The nausea hit and she couldn’t breathe.

“Hey baby.” He answered all chipper.


“Hey now, what’s wrong?”

“Can you come to the library?”

“Sure on my way.”

She nods and hangs up the phone.

Thank you! God how can I ever repay you!”

Just go home take care of your little girls.”

It was the same man whose life she just saved the other night.

Now would be a good time to turn your life around. No more dealing in Joker’s thugs. They’re bad news no matter how much money they offer you. They can’t be trusted.”

And this coming from Harley herself? Amazing! I’ll be forever in your debt.”
God no… She grimaced thinking of his wife and little girls.

Don’t say that ugh. Just go you’re starting to get on my nerves.”

It was his head in that box on a pike, Joker’s smile on his face.

She continued to pace waiting for Dick to show up.

“Hey…” He hears him softly call as he makes way towards her.

But his focus on the box, he sighs shaking his head. Bella simply nods pressing her lips together. She takes a seat. Dick narrows his eyes and like she he grabs the ruler and uses it to pry the box open.

He takes a peek inside and shuts his eyes.

“Jesus…” He mutters and hurriedly puts the lid back on looking around.

“One of mine Dick.”

He looks to her in question.

“I just saved that man’s ass the other night!”

Dick rears back shaking his head.

“He’s got a family too you know, a wife and two little girls.” She says her hand becoming a fist.

Dick grabs the box and puts his arm around Bella’s shoulders leading her out. He calls her a cab and helps her inside. He places the box beside her.

“I’ll pay the fair.” She nods with her head down.

“Wayne Manor…” He tells the cab driver and kisses Bella’s forehead.

He hops on his bike and heads to the manor as well.

Once the cab pulls up Dick rushes over and opens the door for Bella. He grabs the box himself and pays her fair.

Bella paces the living room as Dick takes the gift box to the Batcave.

And this coming from Harley herself? Amazing! I’ll be forever in your debt.”

Bella rushes off to the bathroom and promptly pukes. Once she’s done she rises and makes her way to the sink. She scrubs her face roughly and dries it off. Bella looks into the mirror and takes off her jacket throwing it down. She was trying to catch her breath but nothing seemed to be working.

Dick knocks on the door and she steps out. He takes her hand leading her to the cave. She sees Bruce and Oracle running some sort of forensics on the box itself. Dick points to the left screen.

“I just wanted you to see he’s still there. So this can’t really be Joker. This is just someone that’s obsessed either with him our Harley.”

Bella narrows her eyes upon the screen as Joker paces his cell.

“You have surveillances to Arkham?”

Her eyes widen as she looks upon Bruce. She grows ill in in thought wondering if they’d seen her sneaking in and out of Arkham Asylum.

“We’re going to figure this out you know that right?”

Bella nods as Dick zooms in on Joker. He tilts his head a bit and leans back crossing his arms.

“By the way nice touch with the Harleen getup.” Bella winces as she turns to Barbara.

She smiles but goes back to what she was doing.

“Shit…” Bella utters softly and Dick grins.

“To be fair Barbara knew before Bruce and I ever did. I just found out recently. You’re quite the actor.”

“Is there anything about me you don’t know! I mean is there a camera in my bathroom?”

“Not yet…” Dick taunts and zooms out and shuts off the screen.

He looks upon Bella.

“That was a very dangerous stunt Bella it could have very well got you killed.”

“Good ridden! Some guy’s head is in a box and your concern goes to something that’s now considered ancient history.”

He sighs and looks to the floor.

“Nothing…” Bruce says irritated.

“He’s right not a single print.”

“But how…” Bella questions.

Bruce shrugs.

“Same thing with the roses… Someone’s covering their tracks. I’ve a feeling this isn’t just one of Jokers thugs. This is someone with a bit more knowledge on how Joker does things.”

“Great so what do I do in the mean time?!”

“Just keep doing what you’re doing. With this much obsession they’re sure to make their appearance soon enough. Which means I’d strongly advice you take Nightwing on his offer. You need all the help you can get. People that work for Joker or the likeness of him can’t be taken lightly. Whoever this is knows what they’re doing.”

“And what if they keep taking out the ones I help?”

Dick and Bruce share a look.

“Alfred take Ms. Swan to the dining room. Offer her whatever she wishes to eat or drink.” Bruce says turning his back towards Bella.

Alfred takes her arm leading her out of the cave.

“Pushy aren’t we?”

Alfred smiles as he places her in a chair.

“What would you like?”

“Joker’s head on a pike.”

He cocks a brow on this. Bella sighs.

“I really don’t care Alfred I’m not picky.”

“Very well I’ll steam up a batch of cabbage and onions.”

She wrinkles her nose and he makes his way out.

“Such dark humor around this place. What is it? All the black gone straight to their heads?”

“And they say it’s not easy being green…”

She narrows her eyes as a tall dirty blond haired man enters the room. He was wearing a dark gray sweater with a black denim jacket over it and black slacks. He narrows his eyes and looks around.

“Where is everyone?”

She shrugs she wasn’t about to spill out Batcave. She didn’t know this guy.

“Who are you?”

“Oliver Queen.”
He offers a hand.

“Bella Swan.”

“Ah, finally we meet.” He says with a smile.

“I suppose its safe then to hand these over to you?”

She looks upon the folder confused.

“Just tell Richard that Ollie said he’s getting warmer.” He says with a wink.

“Oh and here…” He tosses something else down.

“That’s actually Clark’s handy work. I just picked it up. I got other affairs to attend but it was lovely meeting you.”

Bella sits there not sure what to make of that as the man exits the mansion.

Alfred comes out and Bella covers her mouth. She giggles softly at the display. He sits down a silver platter with a cabbage head on a pike made to look like the Joker.

“Awesome thank you Alfred!”

He smiles and nods.

“But of course my lady.”

She stabs her fork through one of his eyes. Alfred smiles and places down her real food.

“I think I love you. Just don’t tell Dick.”

“Tell him what?” He says with a grin and slightly bows.

“Thanks again.” She says stabbing at the other eye.

“You’re quite welcome.” He says leaving her be.

Bella takes a bit of the mouthwatering soup. She wasn’t even sure what all was it in. But it got her mind temporarily off the misfortune from earlier. Bella opens the file that Ollie had said was Clark’s work. She wasn’t sure what that meant. She places her spoon down.

There was a social security card, passport, birth certificate and other papers. All in which said.

“Isabella Maria Swann.” She narrowed her eyes at the Maria and Swann part.

“Why?” She whispered and continued to flip through.

There were papers in there about a Dr. Virgil Swann. They’d somehow manage to make him kin to her in order to change her identity. She was freaking confused as hell. He was an astronomer and scientist. That had obviously worked with Clark before. But it now showed he was deceased and they had him down as Bella’s grandfather. The guy had some remarkable history. She rears back in thought.

“But why would…”

She hears Dick clearing his throat behind her.

“You weren’t actually supposed to see that yet…”

He shakes his head irritably. But makes an odd face at the Joker cabbage.

“What is all this?”

He sighs.

“That was just in case, for your own protection. Bella we have no idea what this guy from your past is capable of. I’ve got this strong sense it’s not over yet. I think you’re in danger baby. I was going to tell you about this but not yet. I take it Ollie came by?”

She nods.

“Well he finally met you.” He says with a shrug.

“Just too bad he’s gonna get punched in the face next time I see him.”

“Do I even want to know what’s in this one?” She questions waving the vanilla folder around.

“So he managed to find something after all?” He says reaches for the folder.

She takes it back shaking her head.

“Why is it everyone around here knows more about me than I do?”

“It’s for your protection.”

She cuts him a go to hell look and opens the file.

“I’m a private person Dick, always have been. I don’t like being picked apart like a lab experiment. I’m a damn human being.”

Dick puts a hand to her shoulder.

“No one thinks otherwise.” He says softly.

She shrugs as she flips through the folder. She slams it shut and pushes it away.

“I don’t know who that is. My Dr. was Woodlarf not Shivell.”

Dick rears back at that name.

“Says Shivell.” She says with a shrug.

“That’s wrong.”

“Shivell…” He repeats in thought.

Bella looks to the clock.

“I have to be at work in 30 minutes.”

He nods.

“I’ll get you there in time.”

He moves her hair away from her neck kissing it.

“I say we take a break from all this tomorrow. Let me take you out.”

“I just can’t get the image out of my head.”

“I know baby all the more reason.”

She leans back against him.

“Actually I’d really like that.”

Alfred comes in and gathers her empty bowl.

“Would you like some more Ms. Swan?”

“Bella remember? And no Alfred thank you it was great, especially Joker’s head.”
He nods and leaves the room. She scoots her chair back coming to her feet. Dick lifts her up onto the table. He cups her face kissing her.

“Hmmm, really wish you didn’t have to go.”
She smiles.

“Me too actually but I gotta get that paycheck.”

Or not just live here dammit… I’d take care of you. I hate that damn apartment and you working for that douchebag. But he says nothing just sighs. He places her back down and they head out. He wanted to offer her a bike or something. He and Bruce had more than enough. Hell Bella didn’t even have a car. She had to walk or take a cab everywhere. He didn’t care for that either. There was so much he wanted to give her and do for her.

Once he parks in front of the video store. He turns to her as she takes of his helmet. She leans over and kisses him. He runs his hand along her rear.

“Love you.”

“Love you too.” He nods and watches as she walks into the video store.

Bella works her shift and grabs her check for the week. Dick’s already waiting outside.

“You didn’t have to pick me up ya know.”

“Bella baby shut up and get on.”

She grins shaking her head.

“You actually told me to shut up!”

“Sure did.”

“Not sure I like that.”

“Didn’t ask if you did.”

She gets on and he takes off. Bella heads inside the building first and Dick parks his bike.

Bella tosses her keys down and starts to take off her jacket. Her eyes widen as someone one grabs her from behind. They grab her by the hair and punch her across the face.

Dick takes off his jacket and enters the room. He sees Bella’s shoving her neighbor off her and she kicks him toward Dick. Dick grits his teeth and slams him back against the wall. He punches him in the gut.


“FUCK YOU!” The man roars.

“She left me you know! You stupid bitch! She left be because of you!”
Bella smiles.

“Good! She wised up!”

He shakes his head bitterly.

“I can’t live without her! You screwed up my life!”

“Um nope not buying it. Did I hold a gun to your head and tell you to call your woman a bitch nightly and smack the crap out of her?!”
Bella roughly cups his chin.

“As far as I’m concerned you’re the bitch! Quit drinking, get a job, and find a hobby! Now out of my damn apartment!”

Dick opens the door and literally kicks him out. He locks up and makes his way to Bella. She winces as he checks her face over. He grits his teeth and grabs one of Bella’s hand towels. He pats it along her lip. He opens her freezer and grabs some ice placing it in the towel.

Bella starts laughing.

Dick shakes his head.

“You’re crazy you know that?”

She nods.


He smiles.

“Damn Bella.” He kisses her forehead and tugs on the jacket he’d given her. He liked that she wear it often. It gave him a sense of pride.

“I’m staying by the way. No way I’m leaving you alone tonight.”

He snarls looking back towards the wall of the other apartment. They hear the guy tearing stuff up and breaking things.

“Better yet let’s go to my place.”


“Bella baby please let’s just…”

They both turn and rear back at the sound. Bella sniffs the air.

“Is that smoke?”

Dick’s eyes widen as he smells the gas. He picks Bella up and pushes her towards the window.


“My stuff.”


He shoves her out and rolls out himself. He grabs her and leaps down. Sure enough the entire complex goes up in a fiery flame of an explosion. Dick braces himself over Bella as the debris fly about the place.

“NO!” Bella shrieks and struggles to get free. Dick doesn’t budge he keeps her down and dials 911.




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