Chapter 18 Static

Chapter 18

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“Nathan!” Bella hugs him before he steps inside.

Deadpool rolls his eyes.

“Nathan…” He mocks as he was playing one of his video games.

Nathan handed her a rolled up piece of paper.
“What’s this?”

“Your diploma.”


Bella takes the red ribbon and unties it. It was an actual diploma with her name on it.

“I don’t understand. I’m still a few months shy from graduation.”

“Aw, babe you’re not shy!” Deadpool adds in his two cents as he continues killing zombies on his game.

“Little fuckers there’s so many! HEAD SHOTS EVERYWHERE!”

“I hope you don’t mind, I did some research and looked upon your GPA average. Bella, you have more than enough credits to be done with school. So Wade tells me you want to be a merc?”

Bella snaps her husband a look.

“Oh did he now?”

Nathan raises his brows on this. They both turn to Deadpool now.

“What?” He questions childlike.
“Wade…” They both chorus.

“Ugh, can’t you both see I’m busy?”

“Did you tell Nathan I wanted to be a merc?”

“I told him that… I said that I said that you wanted to be a merc.” Deadpool utters confidently.



Deadpool throws down his remote.

“You made me miss! I never miss dammit!”

“Oh get over it!” Bella replies and sits down her diploma.

Nathan sighs.

“Bella, you don’t have to use that if you don’t want. I can go back and change the records.”

“No… actually this is cool. Honestly, I’ve had just about as much of school as I can stand. I was ready for it to be over.”

Deadpool does this fist pump motion.
“Yes NO MORE SCHOOL! I get my girl back! WOOO HOOO!”

Bella softly giggles.

“That means more sex!”
“WADE!” Bella scolds with a blush to her face.
“And more cooking, cuddling, cooking, baking, cuddling, sex, and…” He continues to name stuff off as he goes to take a piss in the bathroom.

“So how’s everything else going?”

“Ok…” She says with a shrug.

“Would you like something to drink? We got beer?”

Bella nods and grabs the three of them a beer. She opens Nathan’s and slides it over.

“Thank you.”

They both sip from their beer. Nathan sits at their dining room table and Bella sits across from him.

“I suppose what I’m asking is… How are you feeling Bella?” He hints.

She takes a longer swig this time and places down her bottle. She runs her fingers along the condensation on the beer bottle.

“Freaked out… but physically I’m fit as can be. Just a couple of scars…”

Cable nods in thought.

“Well if you decide to become a merc after all. I believe I have just the name for you.”
“And what would that be?”
He smiles.

“Static huh?”

“Considering that’s all I can usually make out about you, if anything I swear it’s even stronger since. May I?”

Bella nods as Cable takes her hand. He closes his eyes for a moment.

“So very interesting, I wish I had a true name for whatever this is. But I’ve honestly never seen or heard of such a thing. I’ve met my share of mutants too.”
“My baby’s not a mutant.”

Deadpool declares as he pries his hand away from Bella’s.
“No touchy she’s mine! Get your own Static!”

Bella smirks and folds her arms about her chest. Bella hands Deadpool his beer.

“I’m not after your girl Wade now just chill out.”
“Could have fooled me!”

Deadpool, Wolverine, and Cable wait. Wolverine sighs.

“How much longer is she going to be Wade we haven’t all fucking day?”
“Just give her sometime. She said she’d meet us here.”

He goes to complain again only to choke back on his cigar. Cable stiffens up in utter disbelief. Meanwhile, Deadpool had literally died and gone to heaven. Bella stepped out of a nearby alleyway. She was wearing form fitting green and black camouflage cargo pants, a red midriff tank top, a sleeveless leather vest over the tank top. The weapons Deadpool had given her were strapped to a holster around her waist, bullet holsters were around both her thighs. She also wore Wade Wilson’s dogtags. The ones he’d given her for luck. Once she approached Deadpool noticed the tattoo she’d just recently got. It was his logo made out of rose thorns and it had a drop of blood coming from it. He swallowed back hard. Bella had her hair cut and layered. She had every man there completely stumped, beyond words.

“…fuck!…” Deadpool finally mustered and rubbed the back of his neck.

Logan rolled his eyes and cleared his throat.

“Lucky bastard…” Logan uttered and truly meant it.

Logan himself was fighting a hard on. He made himself busy and turned away from her quickly.

Bella approached Deadpool and pecked him on the cheek.

“Oh my wife is going to be so pissed!”

Bella softly laughs.

“Wife huh?”

He nods.

“She’s going to kill us both!”
“Could be kinky.” She replies back flirtatiously.

“FUCK baby, we need to go home like now so I can fuck your ever loving brains out!”

“Later Wade baby.”

“No, no, no I’m in agony here!”

“You’ll live.”


Bella only now known as Static, followed Wolverine and Cable. Deadpool followed behind her thoroughly checking her out. He shook his head off in on. He caught up to her once they got closer to their post. He began to go over the drill. The three of them let her know this was more of a training course for her. To not to take anything into her own hands. Deadpool strictly let her know NOT to leave his side even for an instant. Wolverine and Cable both noticed that difference again. Around her he was a different man. He seemed to have that clarity to his mind. He was still Deadpool, but Wade seemed to make more of an appearance again around Static. He showed her yet again how to reload quickly. He went over everything he could think of as they continued onward. Wolverine noticed the sense of pride to Deadpool’s voice as he trained his wife. Not once did Static argue against him. If anything she gave him her full attention and was attentive to his every word.

Their mission… to defuse a weapon of mass destruction at a base. The defusing part naturally would be up to Cable, while they had his back. Static looked to the three men in shock as they came across a helicopter pad. They waited and sure enough a helicopter arrived.

“Keep yer head down.” Logan warned as they made their way to the copter once it landed.

Deadpool shrugged. He grabbed hold of her and they teleported into the copter. Once they were inside, he had her pinned in. He lifted his mask and madly kissed her. He gently ran a finger along her tattoo. Static had hell keeping that from him. She had it bandaged under a longer shirt for a few days. Static giggled feeling his arousal against her.

“Fuck I want you so bad right now.” He whispered in her ear.

Wolverine and Cable clear their throats.

“WHAT?!” Deadpool snaps looking their direction.

“We don’t want yer live porno. Now get yer ass seated and strapped in.”

Deadpool complains under his breath and gets Static settled in. He sits beside her. The copter was rougher than any plane ride Static had ever been on. The turbulence was terrible and it jerked around horribly. Wolverine laughs seeing the look on her face.

“Never been on a copter I take it?”
She shakes her head with her eyes closed. Cable tosses her a piece of peppermint gum.

“It helps!” He calls out.

Static nods and chews the gum. She took in a deep breath as she chewed. She gave Cable a thumbs up letting him know it was working. Static looks to Deadpool in thought.

“Wait, are we leaving the country?”

He nods.


Cable and Wolverine lift their eyes her way.

“Wait the idiot merc didn’t tell you?”

“Um no!”

Deadpool softly laughs.

“It’s all good!” He announces happily.

“You’re such an ass!” Static shouts over the sound of the copter.

“Aw, baby I love your ass too!”

“You could have told me!”

“Why? It’s not like you have anywhere to be? High school drop out.”

“I’m not a drop out.”
“Sure you aren’t…” He taunts.
“I’m so going to KILL you.”
Wolverine chuckles and leans back in his seat.

“Might as well get comfy we got a few hours before arrival.” He announces.

Static sighs and shakes her head.

“This communication thing Wade needs some major work!”



“So where are we going?”

“Canada.” Wolverine utters.

“Oh well that sounds fun.”
“I’m from Canada…”

“Really I couldn’t tell?!” She says with a playful smirk.

Wolverine half laughs.

“Smart ass…” He emits.

“Why would Canadians have a weapon of mass destruction?”

“Just as some American’s there are always the corrupt ones. Their government isn’t even aware the base exists. It’s being run underground. We’re closing it down darlin’ that’s how we roll, straight and to the point.”
“Sounds awesome!”

Once the copter lands in Canada, Wolverine tends to take the reins on the mission. The three of them followed along and went with whatever Wolverine told the other Canadians. Before long Static found herself walking down a ladder leading into a sewer, halfway down Deadpool had called out to her.

“Drop down babe, I got ya!”

She bravely let go and he caught her and placed her back down. Static wrinkled her nose and covered it with her vest as they walked about the sewer.

“Hey look that rat’s floating on a turd bigger than him!” Deadpool points out.

Static pops him on the arm.

“Ow, why’d you do that? He really is look! You’ll be fine just don’t fall in. Cause no offence babe, but not one for shit baths. Mud baths maybe… Ooo we should totally mud wrestle one day. You and me naked in a huge pool of mud.”

Deadpool starts skipping.

“Heh, mud wrestling… fun times ahead!”

Static sighs, but doesn’t comment. She was focusing on trying to ignore the smell of the sewer they were in and avoiding rats as they passed by. Eventually, Cable came to a certain wall in the sewer area. He overlooked some sort of blueprint.

“I believe this is the area?”

“Is that a guess or are you certain?” Wolverine questions.

Cable shrugs and looks back to the blueprint.

“Only one way to be certain…”

“And if you’re wrong?”

“We may all need a very good shower after this.”

“Dammit Summers!”

Cable chuckles a bit. He starts to set up some sort of explosive device on the wall. Deadpool backs Static up against the wall and shields her as the other two take cover as well.
“Three… Two…” And off it went.

“One?” Wolverine sarcastically put out there after the aftermath.

The three of them were covered in soot from the impact. Deadpool automatically checked his wife over.

“Ya alright there pumpkinbutt?”

She nodded, but her ears were ringing still.

“Stay with Wade and pay attention.” Wolverine sternly stated.

Static nodded and followed her husband. Shots are suddenly fired, Deadpool swiftly grabs Static and ducks into a corner. He has her pinned up against the wall. He peeks around the corner and takes out his gun. He gets it ready. Her heart raced as he started shooting. After a few rounds he pulled back.

She was already cocking her gun.

“You ready?”

She nodded yet again with fear and adrenaline coursing through her veins. Yet, oddly she found herself slightly turned on by how her husband was handling things. He pecked her on the lips and peeked back over.

“Let’s go.”

He nudged her onward and smacked her on the rear.

“Three O clock!” Without another thought Static aims her gun that direction.

The perfect head shot too.

“NICE!” Deadpool held out a hand and high fived her.

The other two men looked to her stunned.

“Why do you need training again?” Wolverine uttered as he withdrew his claws from another man.

Once they cleared the room they continue about.

“Shit!” Static shouted as a bullet buzzed right by her.

Deadpool gritted his teeth and fired several rounds into the man responsible. Men began to pour into the room. Static took cover behind another corner as she reloaded. However as she was reloading one of the men found her. He knocked the gun out of her hand. She quickly took her entire body against him and rammed him into the wall behind him. She decked him in the face and took her knife to his throat. He laughed as he had his gun aimed at her. Deadpool shot the gun out of his hand and Static held her knife to his throat. She forced him to his feet.

She shoved him towards Wolverine.

“He’s got an ID card on him, looks to be some sort of key card.” She explains.

Wolverine checks him over.

“Good eye.” He says with a nod.

“God your hawt!” Deadpool marvels at what he’d just witnessed.

Cable shook his head, he just couldn’t grasp this. There was no way Bella should be able to do the things she can. She was picking all this up entirely too fast. He wasn’t use to it.

“How many jobs as Wade taken you on?”

“Just the one and I’d hardly call it a job it was over within a minute.”

Wolverine has a good laugh at this.
“Minute man are we, Wade?”

“What the fuck? What are you telling these dumb fuckers babe?”

Static realizes what it sounded like now and she too was laughing.

“Anything less than half an hour is…”

“A miracle…”

“Right…?” Deadpool adds as he takes his blade to one of the men.

Static finally manages to get her gun reloaded as they clear yet another room. Cable forces the man they took hostage to show them to the room in which the weapon was hidden.

“Bewbies, bewbies, bewbies…”

Static turns towards her husband.

“I wanna see your bewbs.”

She shakes her head.


“Now’s not the time for that.”

“…dammit… I’m horny babe.” He undertones as they follow Cable and Wolverine.

“It’s your fault you mentioned sex.”

“Actually no I didn’t.”
“Yeah you did I totally heard you.”

They both freeze as men crash through the walls on both sides of them. They end up back to back circling the area taking in the situation. Wolverine and Cable turn to see Deadpool and Static shooting away. At one point Deadpool grabs her and tosses her their direction. They both catch her and place her back down. He nods towards them as they rush her out of the room. Deadpool finishes the job taking a few hits in the process. Once he’s done he growls out and plucks a couple of the bullets from his chest and shoulder.

“Don’t move…” Cable, Wolverine, and Static turn to see a man with a grenade in his hand.

In the very room the bomb was in.

“Yah wanna kill yerself as well you idiot?” Wolverine declared with a nod.

“You’re going to kill me anyway, might as well take you with me.”

Cable looked ill as he recognized what kind of bomb it was. It was enough to clear out the entire base and possibly the entire neighborhood they were under. Cable put down his gun and raised his hands in the air.

“Let’s just talk this out.”

Before Static could even blink, the man before them disappeared. They suddenly heard Deadpool waylaying him in another room. She gasped out though as the grenade went off. Wolverine and Cable held her back.

“NO! Dammit let me go, both of you.”

They shook their heads as they waited and listened. Deadpool reenterd the room covered from head to toe in black ashes. Static screamed out as he was holding his arm, literally. Deadpool sighed at her reaction.
“Relax, babe… see it’s all good.” He shows her that it was already reattaching.

She covered her mouth and felt a bit of faint. Wolverine heard her heart rate.

“Would ya quite freaking her out Wade!” He bitched and braced her up concerned she’d pass out on them.

“Your arm was off! Like you were holding it!”

He moves it around once it starts to reattach.

“See Bella baby all good…”

She makes her way over with a shaky hand. She runs her fingers along the area it had reassembled.

“Didn’t I tell you how my body works already…?”

“Well yeah but… Jesus Wade.”

“Aw… you were like all worried and stuff weren’t you!” He points to her accusingly.
“Shut up!”

“Haha! You were all about to cry!”
She grits her teeth and socks him in the gut. He bowls over catching his breath.


Wolverine and Cable chuckle as she walks away. Only each of them raises their brows as she takes her blade to a man about to rush into the room.

“You’re welcome!” She calls out and steps over the body.

“Holy shit…” Wolverine mumbles in awe.

Deadpool puts his hand to his heart.

“And she’s all mine fellas! Eat that for breakfast!”

Cable gets to work on defusing the bomb. He wipes the sweat from his brow and takes in a deep breath. Well here goes nothing. Wolverine rolls his eyes.

“I prefer not to have to heal from that motherfucker if that’s ok with you.”

Cable lets out a nervous chuckle.
“I’ll do my best.”

The three of them keep guard outside the room. Bodies were everywhere.

“So whattaya think?” Wolverine curiously asks as he lights a cigar.

Bella shrugs.

“I guess I should be more freaked out.” She admits looking around.

“Yeah yer kind of freaking me out to be honest. Damn… Yer way to chill…”
“I’m married to him…” She points to Deadpool.

Wolverine laughs.

“That’s gotta be it cause under any normal circumstances you should be having a panic attack about now.”

An hour passes by when Cable finally enters the room. He was covered in sweat.

“It’s done.”

“So that’s it?” Static inquired.

“Yep now we sneak out of here and back to America like we were never here.”


Only Deadpool had other plans. He grabbed Static and they appeared at their apartment.

“Right… if you have the visual…” She utters looking around.

He chuckles.

“That’s so wrong though we just left them there!”

“Ah they’ll be fine. All the hard part is over with.”
Bella sighs feeling guilty. Deadpool starts disarming her. The more weapons he had to put away the harder he grew. He then put away his own. He flipped her over his shoulder and carried her to the bedroom. Then he flung her on the bed and slammed the door shut. He appeared over her, lifting his mask slightly, and began kissing her. He had one hand glued to her ass as he rubbed against her. With the other hand he lifted up one of her legs. They continued their heated make out session. He took off her leather vest and tossed it across the room. He then lowered the straps to her tank top and pulled them enough to expose her bra. His breathing grew heavier as he pulled her breast out from her bra.

“Hmm… bewbs…” He uttered softly and went to sucking.

Bella worked to get out of her pants. Once had them off. She freed her husband and stroked his cock within her hand. She moaned out feeling the precum amongst the palm of her hand as it oozed out.

It swelled up at her touch and began to throb. He moaned out against her tits as his tongue did its magic. Bella was ready to go. She placed him inside her.

“Fuck yeah.. . you want me to fuck that tight little pussy of yours don’t you?!” He groaned out as he fondled himself about her.

“Yes Wade baby fuck me please!”

He gritted his teeth and pounded even harder.

“Do you have any idea how fucking hawt you are Bella baby? Damn I wanted to fuck you so bad when I saw you in your little merc outfit.”

Her jaw dropped as he came so hard he was flooding out of her. He didn’t stop. He took her hands into his own and pinned them down. Soft growls left his lips as he continued to fuck the daylights out of her.

“Work with me baby… what do you say?”
He throws off his mask and looks her in the eyes.

“Please? I want you out there with me. You kick FUCKING ASS!”

Bella took back a breath and shock rather came over her as she swore he grew even harder below now. He was sending vibrations through her pussy.

“Ok…” She said behind an orgasm.

He grinned.

“Fucking yeah! SHIT!” At this he came again.

Deadpool feverishly kissed his wife and rolled her over on top of him. He popped her on the rear. He sighed as his cellphone rang. His eyes remained on her as he answered the phone.

“It’s me!”

“You stupid ass merc…” Logan began to ring his ass out.

Deadpool chuckled.

“Aw, you miss me already?”

Bella laughed as he rolled out from under her. He took the phone to another room. Bella hit the shower and got ready for bed. She was drying her hair as she entered the living room.

“Hey Wade baby…”

She froze and looked around to see he was nowhere to be found.


She called out. She sighed figuring he’d run out to get a bite to eat or beer. Bella got ready for the night and waited for Wade on the couch. Without meaning to she’d fallen asleep. She awoke the next morning to see he’d never even come home. It wasn’t like him to go this long without letting her know where he was. She tried his cell, but there was no answer. Bella called Logan and Nathan, but neither of them had heard anything.

Concern washed over her as she’d cleaned the house, did the laundry, and had supper waiting for him. Supper eventually grew cold. She herself didn’t even bother to eat. She dumped everything into the trash. Bella paced the living room in thought. She tried his cell again and even texted him just asking if he was ok. Midnight came and still her husband hadn’t come home.

“Dammit Wade baby, where the fuck are you?!”


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