Chapter 5 The Rundown

Chapter 5

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The alarm went off and Bella rolled over turning it off.

“Those things your realm uses are quite annoying.” Thor complains into his pillow.

Bella laughs.

“I won’t argue with you on that one.”

He lifts his eyes towards her with a grin. Bella looks down to see she was still in her blouse and dress. She gets a look of confusion about her.

“You fell asleep.” Thor hints.

“Ugh… I did?”
“You work too hard Isa. Even you need a break from time to time.”

“I don’t have time for breaks.”

“Then we need to find a way to make time.”


“Isa…” He replies in a provoking manner.

He nuzzles his face between her breasts. Bella giggles into the comforter as he starts to unbutton her blouse.

“This contraption I truly hate.” He declares and rips her bra open.

She gasps back as his hand ran up her thigh. He ran his hand along her panties. There’d been one thing on his mind though. Something he’d been dying to try. Bella looked to him oddly as Thor vanished beneath the covers. Her eyes widen and her jaw dropped. Thor had ripped her panties off and had his tongue lapping along her pussy. Bella couldn’t get over the way it felt. She bit into her pillow to keep from literally screaming out. He was literally fucking her with his tongue. She’d never felt anything like it. Thor was so turned on by her scent and taste he was practically humping the bed. Something about the mere sight of her little mound had him curious about how it would feel. He loved every minute of it. He loved the way she squirmed about and moaned even more.

The only reason he even stopped, was because he needed release himself. He could have gone for hours just doing that alone. What he didn’t expect was what he’d receive in return. Thor went to place himself inside her, only to have her stop him. He looked to her puzzled at first. Bella gestured for him to lie down. This was something completely new to Thor.

“Isa…” He nearly shouted out as she licked the entire length of his dick.

She cleaned of the precum he had dripping out with the tip of her tongue. Only more came out as she continued. He’d never been so hard in his entire existence. Just watching her he fought the urge to take her right there. She taunted him with a few more licks and even stroked him with her hand. He gritted his teeth thinking he’d shoot off in her hand if she continued for much longer. His hips literally lifted off the bed as a new sensation hit him. Her mouth was wrapped around his cock now. What threw Thor off was the other show she was giving him as well. Not only was she going down on him like crazy. But she was going to town on herself as well. As she pleasured Thor she pleasured herself. It became too much to bear. Thor came right in her mouth. To his surprise she didn’t stop. She finished to the last drop. He was completely blown away. It was official now Thor had never witnessed anything like this ever. Bella was literal sex on legs and he couldn’t get enough. He could only imagine how much he’d wear her out if he had his powers. He smirked in thought. He’d never grow tired!

Bella saw this grin however and knew he had something mischievous going through that mind of his.

“What’s that smile for?”

He chuckles and runs his fingers through her hair.

“You remember how I need my hammer in order to get my powers back?”
Bella nods and runs her fingers along the beads of sweat that had formed on his chest.

“When that day comes you might not be able to walk.”

She looks to him wide eyed, but with a huge grin.
“Oh really?”

He nods with full assurance.

“Then I accept your challenge.”

He chuckles.

“I’m holding you to it!”

Bella takes her shower and gets ready for another day. Thor does the same. Bella goes through some more things he needs to know. She helps him set up again. Before they exit the room he pins her in and passionately kisses her, knowing it might be awhile before he can again. From here he exits the room with a grin leaving her stunned. She swallows back and puts her fingers to her lips. Bella clears her throat and enters her office. Thor was already at his post. He gave her a quick wink and turned away.

Bella smiles and starts to get to work. Pepper hands Thor a breakfast burrito as she passes by.

He looks to it oddly and sniffs it. Bella stifles the urge to giggle.

“You eat it, Don.”

He shrugs and takes a bite. Pepper cuts him a strange look.

“Never seen anyone look at a burrito that way.”
“Yeah what’s your deal? Quit acting like you’re from another planet.”

Thor cocks a brow at this as he eats his egg, bacon, and cheese burrito.

“Thank you, it is very good!”

“You’re quite welcome.”
Pepper goes to hand Bella one.

“I’m good.”

“You need to eat. You can’t survive on coffee alone.”

“Sure I can.” Bella utters as she sips from her cup.

Thor cuts her a look of disapproval.

She sighs and answers the phone as it rings. Pepper places the burrito down anyhow. Bella spends the next few hours on the phone. Pepper and Thor eat lunch together. Both grow concerned as Bella continued to work around the clock.

Once she passes up supper as well Thor decides he’s had enough. He makes his way over and unplugs the phone. Bella cuts him a look of hell.

“What the hell are you doing?! I’m expecting a call! Plug it back in!”

He raises his brows on this and leans over her desk eyeing her.

“Eat… then I’ll plug that annoying device back in.”

Pepper quickly shuts the door as the agents outside Tony’s office were cutting them odd looks.

Thor eyes her sternly.

“Bella you really need to eat.” Pepper agrees.

“I’ll eat later!”

Bella hurriedly hops out of her chair and goes to plug the phone back in. Thor shakes his head and stops her.

“Isa…” He says in a pleading matter.

Pepper hands her a plate of food. Bella half laughs. She chunks it in the trash. Bella plugs the phone back in and goes and sits back down. Thor growled under his breath. Pepper shut her eyes for a moment.

“OK I’m on his side about this, you’re being stubborn! Take a break and EAT!” Pepper says.

She lifted her eyes towards the both of them. She covered the receiver.

“I’m on the phone.”

This time Pepper is the one to walk up to her desk. Pepper takes the phone from Bella’s hand.

“I’m sorry, but Ms. Stark has stepped out. I will be transferring you to her secretary now, thank you!” Pepper says and transfers the call.

“Pepper!” Bella scolds.

“You’re going to burn yourself out!”

Bella comes to her feet.
“What the fuck do you both want from me?!” Bella snaps.

“EAT!” They both chorus.


Pepper winced. Thor’s heart sank upon the look on Bella’s face. Bella covered her mouth and staggered back at her own words. She grits her teeth and takes her coffee mug and throws it against the wall. She places both her hands on the desk. Bella finally caves. Right before Pepper and Thor she comes to her knees. She reaches to her gut. Bella was doing everything in her power to push it all away. Her entire face becomes red as she tries to fight it, but it was a losing battle. She screamed out and covered her face.

Pepper ran to her. Thor watched in silence, wishing he knew how to help them.

“Shh…” Pepper held her tightly breaking down along with her.

“Honestly, I was wondering how you’ve managed to hold it all together this long.” Pepper admits softly in Bella’s ear.

Thor couldn’t stand seeing Bella going through this. Still, he says nothing he gives them their space. Once they’ve calmed down Pepper fixes Bella’s hair and makeup. Thor cleared his throat and looked upon Bella.

“Wherever your father is, he will not want you suffering along with him. You must take care of yourself for his sake. For when he returns…”

Pepper nods at Thor’s words of wisdom.

“He’s right. In fact he’d only be pissed if he knew you weren’t taking care of yourself.”

They both take in a breath of relief as Bella takes a break long enough to eat and drink something. Bella didn’t work near as late either. Once eight pm hit she called it a day. Pepper went on home. Thor locked up everything as Bella shut everything down. She tiredly leaned back in her seat. A shameful look washed over her face.

“You didn’t deserve for me to go all Bitch Stark on you. I’m sorry Thor.”

He shakes his head with a slight grin.

“I’ve had worse! I think… You are under a lot of pressure. It is to be expected Isa.”

Bella comes to her feet and makes her way over to Thor. She wraps her arms around his neck.

“Hmmm…” Thor kisses the top of her head.

Bella managed to make it through the week without any more meltdowns or issues. Thor and Pepper continued to help out when they could. She had the usual interviews, press conferences, however she was holding off on anymore board meetings for now. She didn’t want to make any rash decisions. Often enough she caught herself looking to the door as if waiting for her father to come waltzing on in. She’d check her phone for any news from James. Still there was nothing.

The next morning the alarm went off like usual. Only she and Thor ignored it. They simply held one another. Bella looked to him in thought.

“I’m taking you out.”

He narrowed his eyes at this.

“Taking me out?”

She nodded.

“Let’s get out of here. No suits, no dresses, let’s just get the hell out of here.”

He smiles.

“Whatever the lady wishes.”

She smiles in return and kisses him before she rushes off to the bathroom.

They both put on blue jeans and regular t-shirts. Bella goes to step out of the office with her hand in his. He stops her.

“Won’t they see us?”

“I’m not going to hide anymore Thor. My father and Pepper have somehow managed to make their relationship work, so can we. I won’t lie. They will give us hell. They will stalk us and snap pictures left and right. Others will frown upon this. But I don’t give a damn. Let em! I might be responsible for this company and living up the Stark name, but my personal life… That’s my decision, no one else’s. So they can suck it.”

“Suck it?”

“Yep a big one too.”
“Suck a big one?” Thor says in question.

Bella dies in laughter.

“Oh Thor… You big lovable god…”

He shrugs, but was still confused. He hadn’t a clue what she meant.

“What would they suck Isa?”

She continues to giggle as she opens the door. Sure enough all eyes were on them. The agents and all other employees of Stark Industries that were working over the weekend, some were gossiping and covering their mouths in shock. Bella gets this menacing look to her face.

She comes to a stop in the middle of the room on the way out of Stark tower. She kisses the living hell out of Thor then smacks him on the rear. Bella then drags him out by the collar of his shirt. He had this uncrackable grin on his face.

Just as she assumed they stepped out and the media lost their shit. Bella ignored it and answered no questions as she and Thor got into the limo. Happy drove them to the mall first. Bella wanted Thor to see things outside of her crazy life. What else this world had to offer. They did some shopping. Often enough he was like a kid, one discovery after another. She led him to one of the photo booths. She sat in his lap and sat it up.

“What is this?”
“We’re taking a picture!”

“A picture?”


After she chose what she wanted she put her arms around his neck.

“Smile…” She said after the countdown.

Thor gave his best smile. They took four different ones. They simply smiled for the first one, one where they stuck out their tongues, the other where Bella made a fishy face with Thor’s lips, but was kissing his cheek, the last one Thor took it upon himself to heatedly kiss her. That instantly became her favorite. She handed him a copy as well, so they’d both have one.

Thor carefully stuffed his into his shirt pocket.

Bella then took him to one of the pet shops in the mall. Thor looked around with this look of confusion. These human’s were going nuts over these creatures. He watched curiously as Bella picked up a little orange kitten.

“Awww.” She declared and was kissing on it and petting it.

Thor wrinkled his nose and took the animal by the scruff of its neck. He held it in the air and looked it over thoroughly.

“What is this?”

The little kitten meowed and Thor reared back.

“Is it dying?”

Bella’s eyes widen as parents and children look Thor’s way. The children looked as though they wanted to cry at Thor’s words. The mom’s gave him a look of disgust. Bella quickly took the kitten back.

“No… It’s just the sound it makes.”

He shrugs and continues to look around. Bella sighs and places the kitten back in it’s display area. Bella had looked away for just a few moments as she’d seen someone she knew. She was catching up and seeing how they were doing. Once they parted ways Bella turned to see Thor in one of the caged off area’s he was sitting on the ground with his back against the wall. Puppies surrounded Thor. He had one in his hold and had it right before his face. Bella laughed as she watched the dog lick Thor’s face. Thor wrinkled his nose, but started chuckling as it tickled. Bella folded her arms about her chest and merely watched as Thor played with the puppies.

After the mall, she had Happy drop them off at the theater. They got hotdogs, popcorn, and drinks. She decided on Lord of The Rings The Hobbit a more action packed movie for Thor’s sake. If only Bella knew how he’d handled it she’d had explained how going to the movies works ahead of time. Thor had his first soda ever. It was Dr Pepper. The movie had just started when he’d finished his drink.

“THIS… THIS IS GOOD! ANOTHER!” He demanded and threw the empty cup behind him.

“Thor…” Bella whispered in sheer disbelief.

She automatically turned to the people behind them and apologized profusely. Only it got worse from there. Bella took him to get another soda. They then sat back down.

“HA! That one looks like my friend Volstagg! One of the warriors three from Asgard!” He pointed to one of the dwarfs.

“Only Volstagg can fight this one not so much. He’s got terrible accuracy! In fact none of these men can fight the way my people can!”

Bella’s eyes widened on this.

“Thor…” She whispered trying to get him to keep it down.

He chuckled and sipped at his drink. Bella turned to the people behind her.

“I’m sorry he’s from Norway…” She whispers with a shrug.

Thor looks to her oddly.

“Norway?” He questions.

“Yeah and would you keep it down?”

“But you can’t hear me then. This so called movie is awfully loud! How can anyone hear what anyone is saying?!”

Bella pinched the bridge of her nose. At the funny parts he only grew louder. He let out this roaring laugh each time. She wanted to be mad, but couldn’t she found herself smiling at this even giggling herself a bit.

At the part where Bilbo has to outsmarted the mountain trolls Thor sighs as if irritated. Bella looks to him oddly.

“Come now, they’re not even that smart!” Thor complains and rolls his eyes.

“Dude, SHUT UP!”

Bella winces as Thor hops at out his seat and turns to the man that said this. She hurriedly clings on to Thor’s arm.

“Say it again!” Thor challenges.

Bella lets out a nervous laugh. She apologizes on Thor’s behalf again and drags him out of the theater. They hear the others clapping as she does this.

“Why do they clap?!”

“Because they think we’re awesome Thor baby.”
“Ah, that is good. They are wise!” He declares with a grin of assurance.

Bella takes in the deepest of breaths.

“It sure is.”

She takes him to the Empire State Building after. Bella’s memoires however began to play out. She led Thor to the viewpoint she used as a child. Bella watched as he looked out. It still was like yesterday to her.

“I ran away once you know.”
Thor pulls back and looks to her.

“I came here… I still come here often when I just want to get away.” She shrugs in thought.

“Just something about that day always stuck with me. That was the day Tony Stark came to find me. I thought he hated me. That he wanted to send me away. It was one of the very few and rare times my father has showed his softer side. One I didn’t know even existed.”

Thor understood that more than anyone. In some ways the way she talked about her father, reminded him of Odin. Thor wrapped his arms around her as she looked out taking in the view. The sun was just about to set. He rested his head on her shoulders. Neither said another word as they watched the sun set.

They walked throughout Manhattan that night. Bella did her best to ignore the agents that kept watch. She also ignored the random pictures that were being taken of them.

Thor pulled her into a certain café on the way back to the limo. She looks to him oddly. He goes and orders them both a cup of coffee. He sits her down at one of the booths.

“World’s best coffee!” He says with a grin.

She raised her brows as he took a sip. He curled his upper lip in disgust.

“This does not taste good. No not at all”

She curiously sips from hers and chokes back.

“This. This cannot be! This is by far the worst thing I’ve ever tasted!” He scoffs.

Bella nods in agreement.

“Why do they say it is the best when clearly it is a lie?! Your coffee Isa is by far better!”

Bella smiles and leans back in her seat.

“To catch people like you.”
“Like me?”

Thor noticed a particular man that kept eyeing Bella. He looked pissed. Bella couldn’t see him because her back was turned to him.

“Is something wrong?” Bella questioned seeing the look on Thor’s face.

Thor hurriedly scooted out of his chair. He swiftly stepped in front of Bella as the man made his way over. Like a brick wall Thor didn’t move.

“YOU! You’re going to run the industry to the ground you know! You haven’t a clue what you’re doing you little shit!”

The agents were making their way over as well. Thor shoved the guy back.

“I would advise that you leave the lady alone. Be on your way at once!” Thor barks.

“I got this…” Bella says softly and comes to her feet.

Still Thor didn’t budge.

“If you had been paying attention you would see that the stocks are up by two percent. It’s a start and it’s going to benefit everyone eventually, even you. Everyone is doing their best in the situation we’re given. Now I suggest you sober up Mr. Martin. Come to work Monday morning like this and you and I will be having an entirely different conversation. Why don’t you use your day off for something a bit more favorable to you, I can assure you this isn’t it.”

“You know who I am?” The man questions in surprise.

“I do pay attention. Now go home to your wife and child.”

The man gets this look of utter guilt on his face.

“Go on now. We’re fine. Just don’t let it happen again.”

He pinches his eyes shut and slowly exits the café. Bella sighs and sits back down. Thor and the agents cut Bella a look of amazement.

“This coffee really is terrible…”

Thor just shook his head as she sat there acting as if nothing happened.

Eventually, the days became weeks, weeks became a month. For entire month Tony Stark was nowhere to be found or heard from, which also meant that day had finally come, Bella paced the office in thought. Today she would have to fully take on all her father’s responsibilities. Her entire day was booked with meetings, press conferences, and interviews. Bella looked out the window preparing for one of the worst days of her life.

“Ms. Stark… A Mr. Storm is here to see you.” Bella hears over the intercom.

She half laughs and shakes her head. Thor rolled his eyes. Bella makes her way over and presses the button to the intercom.

“Have him escorted out immediately. He’s not to step foot in this building again.”
“Yes mam right away.”

Thor happily made his way out of the office. He helped the agents escort Johnny out. Johnny sneered upon Thor.

“What the hell are you doing here and dressed like that?!” Johnny demands.

Thor says nothing he merely nods and heads back inside. Bella was already stepping out for her first press conference. He could read the nervousness all over her face. He and the agents followed behind her. The cameras begin to roll. Lights flashed in her eyes. Bella stood before everyone. Yet again she looked around as if her father might appear at the last second. But no such luck. That heart sinking feeling came over her. The knot in her throat choked her as she sipped at a glass of water. When she realized he wasn’t going to show. Bella cleared her throat.

This all felt like one big nightmare to her. She got through the interrogations, but felt as though she’d have a heart attack. The reality to all this was hitting her. She didn’t want to lose faith that her father could still return. Bella hadn’t the heart to, towards the end of the conference. They were actually spouting off questions about funeral arrangements. Everyone grew quiet. Thor kept a closer eye on her. Pepper had to leave the room at that point with her own emotions on this. Thor and Agent Coulson gritted their teeth as they heartlessly continued to take pictures. Bella couldn’t hide the broken expression on her face even if she wanted to. She gripped the podium she stood before tightly.

“Not directly… but eventually yes.”

From there Thor and the agents led her away. Once again she found herself in another board meeting, before her sat the CFO and other members. At first she was quiet. She twirled her pen around in her hand. The members waited for her to speak. Thor wanted to scoop her up and literally take her away from all this hell. Pepper was nowhere to be found. Agent Coulson and Rumlow stood outside the door.

“As you all are aware. My father has still not returned.”

Thor shook his head. She had to repeat damn near everything she’d already said to the press. Once again they asked the same questions, even about her father’s funeral.

“Our sympathies are with you Ms. Stark.” Surprisingly this came from Mr. Stane.

She gave him a simple nod. She then placed down her pen.

“You once asked me what my plans were for the industry, if I was to take my father’s place.”

Bella came to her feet. She grabbed some booklets she’d created, from one of her father’s old briefcases. Thor noticed the picture of her and her father that was in the briefcase. She was just a child.

Bella handed each member a booklet.

“If you each will open your booklet, we can begin…”

When she’s done, Mr. Stane throws down his booklet.

“And just how do you expect to make any profit if we stop selling to the business you have listed.”
Bella comes to her feet. She walks over to a white board and starts to jot some others down. Each board member looks to her oddly.

“And what are those?”
“To your left you will see new clients. To your right you see potential new clients. I’ve been doing my homework Mr. Stane. What is it exactly you presume I’ve been doing for the last month? Eating bon bons and drinking red wine?”

Thor smirks.

“You’re certain these deals will make up the loss?”

Bella nods and reaches over she opens up a drawing pad. She points to the stocks with her hand. “There’s some struggle off and on as you can see. We went from two percent to dropping back down a good four percent. However, this is where we currently are.” She pulls back another sheet.

“From this drop we’ve gone up seven percent making us a gain of three percent so far. I won’t lie it’s not going to be easy, but if everyone does their job correctly in finding trustworthy LEGAL clients. Then I do not see an issue in Stark Industries success and eventual bloom.”

“You have over 17 old clients cut off!”
“And for a very good reason… One of those 17 is responsible for what happened in Afghanistan! And believe me I plan to find the guilty piece of shit responsible! I’m not an idiot and neither is my father. It seems we have a betrayer in our midst. Like I said I’ve been doing my homework and I will continue until I find the one responsible and whoever you are you had better pray my father doesn’t return! I can only imagine what he would do to such a character working for him! So yes we are not to sell to those 17! You will find new clients. You will suck it up because that is your job! That is what I pay you to do! Therefore, you will do your job and correctly! I’d sure hate to get carpal tunnel syndrome when it becomes check time again!”

Mr. Stane slams down his fists on the table.

“You dare try to tell us how to run this. You’ve been here a little over a month! You don’t know shit about how to run this industry.”


Bella grabs the drawing pad and slams it down directly in front of him. She pats him on the shoulder.

“Word is that you and my father were pretty tight. It’s a shame you and I don’t see eye to eye. Just face it Mr. Stane I kick ass and you know it. Take this and hang it in your bedroom. I want you to have the reminder each and everyday the next time you want to doubt me. You’re just bitter because had hopes of changing that CFO title of yours to CEO. Well too bad cause I’m not stepping down. Get over it and do your job!”

Mr. Stane looks to Thor.

“What are we to think of someone that’s sleeping with her own bodyguard?! You do realize this is all over the tabloids.”

Bella smiles.

“Think whatever you will or want…” She says with a shrug.

“I don’t owe any of you any explanation when it comes to my private life. I don’t go around invading yours.”

“This is very unprofessional Ms Stark.”

“That’s what they said about my father and Ms. Potts at first.” Bella reminds.

A couple of the board members smile and Bella catches his. She winks their way.

Bella takes in a breath and paces the room.

“Thank you for your time. You’re all dismissed.”

Once they all leave. Bella pours herself a drink at her father’s bar. She stares off into space. Thor nods towards the agents outside the door. He pulls the door shut.

Bella pours him a drink as well and slides it across the table. Thor starts laughing. He points upon Bella.

“Well played!”

They tip their glasses together and drink.

“Truly, I must say you are something else!”

Bella grins.

“A good or bad thing.”
He chuckles and finishes his drink. Bella pours him another.

“Ah, Isa I’m afraid it’s a little of both!” He says in a taunting matter.

They both have a few more drinks. A very tipsy Bella runs her hands along Thor’s suit. She gets on her tippy toes and leans into his ear.

“I believe I need some thorough body guarding.”
He comes to immediate attention not just at her sultry tone, but she licked his ear lobe directly after. She took him by the tie and led him to her desk chair. Bella gave him a slight shove into the chair. Thor was nearly bursting through his pants. Bella gave him teasing little lap dance. He lifted her skirt up during this. He had his hands down her panties feeling her bare ass as she rubbed against him. Bella feverishly kissed him. Her fingers intertwined within his hair. Thor slightly lifted her off him. He swiftly undid his pants and took out his hard cock. One he got her positioned he slammed her down. They both moaned out. Thor took her by the waist and moved her about him vigorously.

He desperately unbuttoned her shirt. He latched onto one of her breasts. Thor took turns sucking on them as she rode about him. Her nipples grew hard against his tongue. Bella licked and nipped along his neck.

“Isa…” He grunted out as he spilled his seed within her.

A couple weeks later…

Bella giggles as watches the sea creatures in the aquarium. He curiously tapped his fingers on the glass. Bella quickly lowered his hand.

“Um they tend to frown upon that.”
He shrugs and continues to watch.

“And what is that one again?”

“A shark.”
They’d been through these names over and over. Thor was in a trance as he watched these things swim about. Bella took his hand.

“There’s something I want to show you.”

He followed her to one of the back areas. Bella tapped on one of the employees shoulders.

“Ms. Stark! How nice of you to visit us today.”

Stark donated a lot to this place over the years of her growing up. It was always one of Bella’s favorite places besides the zoo.

“Is there anyway we might could see the dolphins?”

“Well of course. It’s just about their feeding time anyhow.”


“Dolphins?” Thor inquired.

“You’ll see. My father brought me here a lot. He’d always make certain I got to feed one of the dolphins before we left.”

Thor follows the young man and Bella to one of the tanks. Thor jumps back at first as one of the dolphins swims past and splashes them. Bella laughs at his reaction.
“What was that?!”

“A dolphin.”

He looks back to the tank.

“Why did it get us all wet?”

“That’s just how they play.”

Thor watches as Bella feeds one of the dolphins and pets it.

“They are rather funny looking creatures.”

“Yes, but highly intelligent as well. Would you like to try?”

She offers him a fish. He shrugs and takes the fish. Thor leans over and a dolphin snags the fish but takes off. Bella starts laughing. Thor sighs.

“Did I not do it right?”
“NO you did. He’s just being honoree.”

Bella covers her mouth as the dolphin returns. Thor was still leaning over the tank. The dolphin blew water out of its blowhole and hit Thor right in the face.

“Cursed little beast!” He bellows out. Bella makes her way over with another fish.

She takes Thor’s hand and they wait. He swims back around and Bella manages to feed the fish and places Thor’s hand on it. He pets the dolphin in sheer amazement. The dolphin makes a strange sound and Thor tilts his head.

“He likes you.” Bella says with a smile.

“I’m not so certain I feel the same.” Thor says wiping his face off with his shirt.

After the aquarium they went and had dinner. She loved how something as simple as burgers and fries had Thor on cloud nine. So many times he reacted to things as though a child at Christmas. Neither was quite ready to go back to Stark Tower yet. So they walked about Manhattan Bella showed him the Rockefeller center. She described how beautiful it was during Christmas time. She then has to explain what Christmas was. Thor had never been so confused. Bella didn’t’ get into it too much even she felt confused by it all.

Thor took her hand as they continued to walk about the area. He’d been striking up the nerve to tell her something he’d wanted to say for a few weeks now. Only irony has it… Someone else had other plans…

Thor stopped and turned to face her. He moved the strands of hair from her face.

“Isa… there’s something I…”

Thor however lowered his brows. He was beginning to feel the pull. He looked to Bella in alarm. Thor knew he didn’t have time to say much else.

“I love you Isa!” He called out and Bella gasped out as a bright light shined down from the sky.

“NNNNOOOOOO!” she could hear him roar as he was being pulled away.


And just like that Thor was gone.

“…..I love you….” She whispers as the last piece of her heart was dragged into the sky.

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Welcome to my asylum! Where my favorite fandoms unite. There are cookies and milk somewhere…

Harley's Thought's

Welcome to my asylum! Where my favorite fandoms unite. There are cookies and milk somewhere...


My humble stories for your viewing pleasure


the free one


Rickie Bansbach - fanfiction and stuff

Brookie Twiling's Books

Because if a creative pandaowl will find the internet, why should the hyenacorn not share the skunk?


♫ fanfiction & creative writing by meekosan

An Awkward Elf

Fanfiction by Cuinawen

Missrissa81's Blog

This site is the cat’s pajamas

Addicted to Godric...Eric...Andre...(Sevrin)

Fanfiction & Etc. by Meridian (*psst* Bring coffee...)

4Padfoot's Blog

Wordpress Whisperer!

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