Chapter 6 The Big Reveal

Chapter 6

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“Amp it up, will ya! I’m not even breakin’ a sweat!” he complained as he took down another holographic image of a sentinel.

The man reared back, turning towards the observation window on looking the danger room. The images were starting to malfunction as they scrambled and faded in and out. He grumbled under his breath. “Just shut the damn thing off!” he hollered out retracting his claws.

The man exited the room and froze, not believing his eyes. Before him sat the venomous arachnid that ripped his heart out over a decade and a half ago. Someone he thought he’d never see again. He wasn’t so sure he wanted to. Her long sexy legs were kicked about the dashboard of the console. Her arms were crossed about her chest. But there was something in her eyes he wasn’t ever used to seeing. They were blood shot and her cheeks were stained with dried up tears. He tilted his head about. The man grabbed a towel and wiped a few drops of sweat from his brow.

“Natalia…” He muttered with slight disdain behind it.

“Logan…” She replied in greeting. Logan looked about the room wondering where little Bobby went.

“The boy is fine. He’s currently on a snow cone run.”

He sighed with a hint of relief, “Ya didn’t hurt the boy, now did ya?”

She smiled and brought her feet down, then twirled about in the chair, “Don’t you trust me?”

He half laughed and leaned against the wall, lighting a cigar. He took a long drag, whilst studying her, “So whattaya here for? I’m sure whatever it is, yer up to no good as usual.”

Her smile faded and she gathered a serious mien. “I need you to come with me. You might want to pack a few things as well. It could take a few days.” she said coming to her feet.

“What the hell are ya rambling on about?”

“There’s no time for discussion. I’ll be waiting outside.” She reached for the door and Logan rushed over. He then grabbed her by the wrist, yanking her towards him.

“I ain’t goin’ nowhere, not until you tell me what the hell is going on, darlin’.”

Peter held her hand, never leaving her side. Izzy’s screams had finally died down but it wasn’t because she’d stopped. No, she’d been screaming for so long, she’d flat out lost her voice. Tony was leaning against the wall calling whoever he could think of. They lifted their eyes as the door cracked open. Peter’s eyes met his and they both nodded upon one another. The moment he caught a glimpse of Bella in the hospital bed, Clint closed his eyes with a sinking heart. “Jesus…” He whispered and rushed over.

Tony rolled his eyes and stuffed his phone back into his pocket. Clint took Bella’s other hand and kissed it. He grimaced as he witnessed her silent cries. He looked to Peter confused.

“Lost her voice about an hour or so ago.” Peter explained with a gloomy sigh.

Clint nodded and moved a strand of hair from her face. Peter took his phone out, deciding to call Aunt May and let her know the situation. But even as he did his, hand never left his Izzy’s.

“We got this…” Tony cruelly announced in Clint’s direction.

Peter could hear Clint’s teeth grinding as glimmer of rage filled his eyes. Clint gently let go of Bella’s hand, then walked right up to Tony and got right in his face, “She wouldn’t be in this situation if it weren’t for you and Romanoff!”

Tony sighed as if bored, “I guess you need someone to blame. So, why not the guy that ended up with the supposed love of your life, right?”

“That has nothing to do with it! You ripped that girl away from everything! And just within a few days of Mr. Parker’s passing. Just how cruel can the two of you be!? The Parkers are more family to that girl than the two of you will ever be! And now I hear you have her attending some fucking private school? Something you know she never wanted!”

Peter hadn’t any idea that part had taken place and he lowered his head in shame. Since he’d lost Uncle Ben, he’d lost contact with everyone, even Izzy. It was due to his own guilt and grieving process. If Aunt May or Izzy knew the truth, they’d never forgive him. He wasn’t sure he could stomach that…

“Ever think maybe change is what she needs?”

“What would you know about anything that girl needs! I seriously doubt she talks to you about half the things she does with me.” On this note he glanced upon Peter a certain way.

This had Peter narrowing his eyes in wonder. Clint simply sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, “She needs you…” He softly stated. “If there’s anyone that can pull her through this, it’d be you.”

Tony had a good laugh at this, “Ah, yes Dr. Parker to the rescue!”

“And see that right there just proves that you’re nothing more than a self-proclaimed genius.”

“And let me guess you’re the only one that gives a damn right? You’re the white knight. The one that was supposed to make everything better…but then I came along and fucked you both over!”

The bickering continued until Peter finally had enough. He webbed both their mouths shut. Both of their eyes widened in shock as realization dawned upon them.

“That’s right. Now why don’t you two idiots just shut up! She can hear you! She’s been reacting to your voices the entire time!”

They looked over to see her jerking about the bed while Peter grimaced. Clint and Tony reared back as they gazed upon Peter. They struggled in attempts to move the webbing from their mouths. Once Tony finally pried his off…

“You’ve got to be kidding!” he said eyeing Peter. “YOU?!” He uttered in absolute disbelief.

“Yeah… because Tony Stark was so cool before Iron Man.” Peter replied, with a rolling of the eyes.

“And uh… I’d appreciate you keeping this to yourselves. I’m not ready to go public.”

“Well you should… they love you…”

Peter shook his head, “That’s great, but not my concern at the moment.”

“Seriously, we should hold tours together! Could you imagine?!”

Clint’s jaw dropped as Peter sailed across the room and knocked Tony back against the wall.

“You’re a real piece of work, you know that? Izzy’s over here fighting for her life and you’re talking about touring? There’s not a chance in HELL I’d ever go on a tour with you! You and I are two different people!”

“Oh please… says the teenage boy that has teeny boppers dropping their panties when he passes by. Believe me, we’re not that different! I’ve seen Spiderman in action… you could give Iron Man a run for his money in the ego department.”

“I do it for all those people out there. You’re only out there for you! So don’t even get me started!”

They each turn hearing Bella suck back a breath. Her body was arching off the bed. Clint and Peter rushed over just as her body dropped back down on the bed. “NO!” Peter frantically shouted. The monitor to her heart rate flat lined. Clint stormed out of the room to get help.

“IZZY!” Peter called out and began chest compressions.

Tony swallowed back and made his way over. Peter desperately began CPR. “You’re not doing this!” he demanded between compressions.

A couple of nurses and a doctor entered the room, followed by Clint. Peter quickly stepped aside as they took over. Just when they were about to start, the monitor beeped. The lines on the reading began to arch again. Gradually, her heart begun to pick up a steady pace. Everyone then looked to one another baffled. They staggered back as she suddenly seemed to regain her voice and screamed loudly. They were even more horrific than before. Peter closed his eyes and staggered back against the wall. He sunk down, dropping to his knees. He covered his face, losing it completely. Clint went pale and leaned against the wall to keep from passing out. Tony was conversing with the staff trying to gather what was taking place. But no one truly knew. And out from nowhere, or so it seemed a man charged his way in…

“Out of the way, bub!”

Clint, Tony, and Peter peered over as the man picked the doctor up by the collar and moved him aside. The man then ran his fingers through his already wild hair. At that moment, Natasha entered the room. He pointed upon her irately, “You! Make them set up! NOW!”

Natasha swallowed back and nodded. Logan ripped his shirt off and swiftly grabbed a chair.

“Well hurry the fuck up now! We haven’t got all day!” he shouted at the faculty.

Logan POV and flashback…

“What the hell are ya rambling on about?”

“There’s no time for discussion. I’ll be waiting outside.”

She reached for the door and I rushed over. I grabbed Natalia and yanked her over towards me,

“I ain’t goin’ nowhere! Not until you tell me what the hell is going on, darlin’.” And that’s when she hit me…like a kick to the motherfucking balls.

“Logan please, I’ll explain on the way. We haven’t the time.”

“Nah! Ya better make the time. Cause I ain’t goin’ nowhere until I know what the fuck yer up to!”

“Dammit Logan, she’s dying as we speak!”

I reared back, “Who’s dying?”

“Our daughter!” She shouted like I should fucking know. My mind temporarily shut down. Do what?! Nah… I didn’t just hear that from those damn venom filled lips of hers.

“We have to go! NOW!”

A wave of dizziness hit and I found myself staggering back. Here stood the Russian Devil herself. She told me I have a fucking kid? I did the math and swallowed back. Fifteen, damn near sixteen fucking years?! I have a fucking fifteen year old daughter? She’s about the age of these little imps I’ve been teaching… I shake my head in thought. “Yer lying! What’s yer game Natalia?! What the hell are ya up to? HUH!?”


My claws make their appearance. It hurts like a bitch every time. But its nowhere near the pain this woman has caused me. I put my claws to her throat, “What’s preventing me from gutting you where you stand, huh? Ya keep this from me until NOW? WHEN SHE’S DYING! I always knew you were a cruel-cold-hearted-BITCH but this takes the cake! It only proves you haven’t a heart at all.”

I’d never wanted to smack a woman around as badly as I did the… Only this is no woman. She’s just some assassin I knocked up. That’s all I saw before me. But that’s not how I first saw her… It’s funny how a quick a fire can spread, but with enough smothering it can die out, just like that. That’s how ya would describe Natalia and mine’s relationship. I’d truly thought I dodged a bullet with this one. Apparently, I was wrong. So now there I stood, with this newfound knowledge. And I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. Cause if I don’t do something; some kid I’ve never met, is gonna die. How do I know she’s not a carbon copy of her mother?! Yeah… that was enough to cause me to grimace. But even at that… She’s my daughter, right?

And I swore I must’ve blacked the fuck out or something. Cause next thing I know we’re on some fucking jet with the Stark Industries logo on it, belonging to that piece of shit I’ve seen on TV. That jackass by the name of Tony Stark; the well-known Iron Man. That guy, I swear, has a few loose screws. I cut her a look as it all came together. She was rambling on about how she gave our daughter up for adoption. Who her adoptive parents were… About them being brutally murdered and the torment our daughter had undergone. But even as she talked, there was barely a hint of maternal instinct there. All I saw was the Black Widow, cold and business like, even through what little tears she did shed. I found myself wondering if she was crying more for herself rather than our daughter. She filled me in on everything she could think of on the way and I swore it only made my hatred for this woman much more pronounced.

I sat there having visions of taking her motherfucking head and tossing it out the god damned jet. I wouldn’t feel an ounce of guilt over it either. They don’t call her Black Widow for nothing. She’s been biting the heads off men for years! And now she’s managed to fuck me over severely. Instead of coming to me, she had our daughter adopted out! I would have raised her, dammit! I wasn’t even given the fucking option… She just went and had a kid, then sold her off like she was mere property. Then the kid’s parents died and she took her in as a mere obligation. She had the gall to sit there bitchin’ about how hard her life has been since she took Isabella in? What the fuck?! Everything from this woman’s mouth is me, my, and I… Where’s the she, her, my daughter? THE BITCH! My fury continued to build the more she goes on and on.

My vision became blurry and all I saw was red. Before I truly think about it, I had Natalia pinned up against the jet. I hadn’t even realized I ripped the woman right out of her seatbelt.


“Logan…” She choked back with a blue hue to her face. I reluctantly moved my hand, then I buried it in her stomach. Hard enough that she was now doubled on the floor of the plane, puking her guts out.

“Be happy that’s all I’m doing, I’ve got half the mind ta kill ya, anyhow! In fact… if she dies I think I just might! So ya better hope ta GOD she doesn’t! I promise you this darlin, after today your time with her is at an end.”

So now here I was in a bed beside a daughter I’ve never met. My blood being transferred to her. They’ve two doctors and three nurses frantically doing what they can to save this girl’s life. Her shrieks of terror are enough to cause even my balls to shrink. I glance over to the kid, though. He had her hand in his, never leaving her side. He’s losing his shit and fucking hyperventilating. What role does he play in her life? I found myself wondering. Then there were the others…

There’s one guy sitting in the chair with this guard dog appearance, staring me down. Then there was media whore bastard. He’s doing whatever he can to appear important and calling the shots. Running this hospital like that pathetic industry of his. Then, there was my bitch of an ex-lover. She stood off to a corner, afraid to even make eye contact with me. Good! Hope I got my motherfucking message across.

There was a soft knock at the door and the boy that looked a frantic mess gently placed the girl’s hand down, rushed over and answered it. An older woman stepped in and immediately made her way over. Her hand clamped over her mouth as she took the girl’s hand.

“Oh Peter…”

The boy simply nodded with tears in his eyes. “She’s stable…” he said, looking of death.

The woman broke down and kissed my estranged daughter’s hand. The boy hugged this woman and kissed her on the cheek. And that’s when they each look to me. The same question that had been on the tip of their tongues.

“Who are you?” Damn near the whole room chorused, looking to me.

That’s when Natalia’s eyes bravely meet mine. I cut her a hell of a smirk, “You wanna explain now, darlin’?”

Peter looked to Natasha, then back to the strange man. He rather reared back, “You’re her father, aren’t you?”

“How do ya know that kid?”

“Because after the way she…” he then nodded towards Natasha, “has raised Izzy all these years. It wouldn’t surprise me if she never told you. She only goes out of her way for her daughter when she has no choice. Just to give you a quick heads up, everyone in this room, short of these two…” he motioned towards the two whores, “actually gives a damn about this girl.”

“And who are you?” Logan inquired.

“Peter Parker, Spiderman, and Izzy’s best friend since we were at the age of six.” Logan gave him a rather hard stare.

Aunt May gasped out in disbelief, “Peter…” She had been taken back completely. She hadn’t’ any idea. “Well alright then…”

Natasha cut Peter a look of hell and utter distrust, “Why you little lying bastard!” She started towards him, only to have Clint hop off his chair. He grabbed her by the arm, stopping her. “Don’t… Just sit!” He demanded.

Logan cocked a curious brow at this and studied their mannerisms. He sighed and shook his head. He then looked directly upon Clint. “Let me guess… You, too?” He hinted. Clint cut Natasha a look and sighed with regret behind it. “And now yer screwin’ her…” He said glancing towards Tony.

Tony smirked rather egotistically. Logan rolled his eyes and curls his lip with disgust. “That about figures… The Russian whore…” he muttered under his breath.

“Watch what you say now…”

Logan raised his brows towards the well-known billionaire.

“Or what? Ya gonna hit me with that metal dumpster of yers? Look here, bub… Ya don’t know shit about me. If I were ya… I’d be watching what I say.”

They all looked over as Bella’s screams came to a stop. Within seconds, she shot out of the bed and ripped her IV’s out. She had this crazed look about her, her eyes were wild and she looked to everyone in the room before backing away from them. Peter swallowed back and took a step towards her. “Izzy…” He called to her soothingly as possible.

She’d this wide eyed appearance and continued to back away. Slight fear washed over Logan as he observed the girl. He thought back to his past. How his memories had been wiped clean when undergoing such a horrendous healing process. He swallowed back praying to god that wasn’t the case here.

“Come now Izzy… It’s me…”

Bella hopped up on the counter in an animalistic crouching matter, inching her way towards the window. Peter tilted his head and everyone looked on with unease. And before anyone could so much as blink the sound of glass shattering was heard. Bella had leaped out the window.

“NO!” Peter shouted and fired off a web.

He then jerked back on it. She flung back, landing on the ground. Peter swiftly planted his body onto hers blocking her attempts to escape. “KNOCK IT OFF, IZZY!” Peter shouted with tears streaming down his face.

She sucked back a breath and shook her head, struggling beneath him. He gritted his teeth as he kept her pinned down. Natasha and Tony went to intervene, only to have not just Clint and Logan stop them, but Aunt May as well. Mrs. Parker locked eyes with Natasha, “Let my nephew handle this.”

“YOU SHOULD LET ME DIE! IT’S ALL MY FAULT!” Bella shrieked out.

Peter reared back with his eyes glued to hers, “What are you talking about?!”

“He… he went there to check on me! He was there because I lied. I lied to you both! I KILLED UNCLE BEN!” Aunt May and Clint grimaced on this. Bella then broke into incontrollable sobs.

Peter closed his eyes and placed his forehead against hers. “No you didn’t… I did.” He uttered sadly.

“What on earth! BOTH OF YOU… KNOCK THAT OFF!” Aunt May scolded in disbelief. “Neither of you are responsible for what took place! And if he could, he’d tell you that! I mean it! I don’t want to hear those words out of your mouths again!”

Peter drew back a breath, “It was the guy I failed to apprehend that took his life…”

“BECAUSE OF ME!” Bella shouted reversing the pin, “ADMIT IT!”

“DAMMIT IZZY!” He hollered reversing it back.

“Peter…” she said with a broken heart.

“Is that why you left? Because you were holding yourself responsible?” She closed her eyes and the tears came. “Jesus Izzy… Why didn’t you come to me?! We could have talked about this. Instead, you just up and left? You turned your back to everyone! Without so much of a word! I lost my uncle and thought I lost you! The one girl who stole my heart at a skating rink on my 10th birthday, with just a single kiss on the cheek.”

Aunt May smiled with tears of her own. She then put a hand to her heart. Bella’s heart suddenly kicked to life and her jaw dropped.

“That’s right, Izzy… I love you dammit. I’ve been in love with you.”

Logan rolled his eyes, “Great…” He muttered under his breath. “Just what I fucking need…” he adds with a grumble.

“I love you too, Peter.”

Clint actually smiled on this. Tony sort of chuckled and shook his head. Natasha stormed out of the room, slamming the door as she did.

“I’d kiss you but we have the most awkward audience ever…”

Bella softly laughed, “Right…”

“To be continued…” Peter whispered with a wink, before rolling off her and helped her to her feet. He then straightened out her gown.

Bella tilted her head upon the strange, yet somehow familiar man before her, “Who’s he?” Bella also looked around for her mother to see she wasn’t even in the room. Clint made his way over and took her hand. He sat her down on the bed, “Now I need you to sit here and listen to everything this man has to say. Do you understand, Lil Devil?”

She narrowed her eyes and looked upon him bewildered, “What’s going on, Clint?”

He drew a breath and cleared his throat, “Do you remember asking me about your real father…?” She nodded. “Yeah and you said he was probably some drunken piece of shit like Tony.”

Logan rather snorted back on this. Peter got this wide eyed glare to him.

“Really…?” Tony scoffed.

Clint shrugged. “I call it like I see it.” Clint reached over and placed some loose hair behind Bella’s ear. Logan observed this man’s behavior with slight envy. He had so many questions about the people in that girl’s life. “This man here… is your father.”

He stepped aside, giving Logan the floor, so to speak. Logan cleared his throat and pulled up a chair before her. Logan sat there for almost a full minute, the both of them gazing at the other. “I suppose the easiest way to start is with this: I never knew. I just found out ya existed today and only because your mother realized she had no other choice. My name is Logan, don’t know much about where I come from, though. I’m sure yah’ve heard the term mutant tossed around. Well, I am one. I can heal myself from just about anything and that’s what saved your bacon tonight, I gave you some of my blood and presto!”

“Does this mean I’m a mutant too?” She whispered.

“Don’t know, but I’d say there’s a pretty good chance of it. I’ve actually been working at a school for people like us for a couple of years, now. I gotta tell ya darlin’, if I had known, nothing would have kept me away from taking care of ya.”

Even though she didn’t know him, Bella couldn’t help but let out a sob at this. With twin tear tracks going down her face she spoke, “I don’t know what to say. On one hand, I probably would have been raised better. If you know my mother, then you know she’s about as maternal as a head of lettuce.” Here she pointed to the fact that Natasha didn’t even stick around. “But, on the other hand I wouldn’t have met the Parkers… I wouldn’t have known Peter.”

At this Logan let out a chuckle, “Well I don’t know much about your friend Peter, but I do know about Spiderman…” He glanced over to Peter, “You got balls kid, if the squirt here has been your friend for that long, I guess you must be all right.”

Both Bella and Aunt May reply together, “He’s the best….”

Everyone let out a chuckle at this even though Peter looked a little red in the face.

After everyone quieted down, Logan looked to Bella, “Well kid at 15 I’d say ya don’t need someone else coming in telling ya what to do. But, I am yer dad if you’ll have me. How about you and me trade stories? Maybe somewhere in the middle, we can figure something out.”

Bella’s eyes were a little glassy as she responded, “I’d like that.”

“You really going to trust this guy?” Tony questioned. Clint shot him a ‘go to fucking hell’ look.

“Come on! Ge just waltzes on in, gives her some blood, and bingo! He’s the hero of the day? I, for one… not buying it… I mean, look at the guy!” He’d never admit it, but Tony was writhing with jealousy. He wasn’t even sure why.

“That’s a lot more than you’ve ever done for her.” Peter fired back.

“He makes a valid point. What have you ever done for her?” Clint added.

“I’ve been there a lot more than you ever have, Robin Hood!”

Logan cocked his head towards Tony, “Are you and I gonna have a problem, bub?”

“Guess that depends on you.”

Bella came to a stand and whipped around, facing Tony. “I’ve known you for years and all you’ve ever cared about is yourself!”

Tony half laughed and shook his head, “You haven’t a clue kid. If you’d open your eyes maybe, just maybe you’d see otherwise.” That was the sad thing; he was right. He had defended her many times. But he had never allowed Bella to see that side of him. That done more damage than good. If he’d only allow her to see he truly gave a damn… But that wasn’t how he did things. Bella’s hands folded into fists.

“I would have been a father to you, if you had let me.” He grimaced at his own words, knowing he fucked up the moment they left those lips of his. Though he meant them now, once upon a time, it was nowhere near what he wanted. He was young and foolish and set in his ways. But at that moment, his frame of mind was somewhat different. Over the years, he’d begun to see Bella in a different light. But it was a tad too late for Tony Stark. Bella had already made up her mind when it came to him.

Her jaw dropped as she thinks back to when he referred to himself as Uncle Tony. “BULLSHIT!” Her and Clint chorus. This had Logan rearing back.

“Fuck you Uncle Tony…”

Peter’s jaw dropped at this, but part of him wanted to laugh. Logan got this genuine smirk about him, thinking something along the lines of not needing a paternity test. That there just proved she was indeed his flesh and blood. Clint made his way over and started to forcefully escort Tony out of the room. “Let’s go… Besides, you got a shrew to tame.”

Logan and Aunt May decidedly took a coffee break. It was something she purposely set up in order to give her nephew and Bella some privacy. Peter’s eyes met Bella’s as she situated herself on the hospital bed. They both were blushing and softly laughing. He came to his feet, making his way over. As he did this however, he took notice of something else. He narrowed his eyes and had his fingers grazing along her the bareness of her back where the hospital gown split, exposing her backside. “They’re gone…”

She looked upon him oddly. “The marks on your back… In fact…” he found himself thoroughly checking over the areas he’d tended to when she was beat up and looked for the bite marks she’d received noting they were gone. “Amazing…” he murmured.

His eyes widened, however as he caught the curve of her breasts, when looking to her abdomen. He then quickly lowered the gown. “Sorry…” he softly stated with a flushed face.

Bella laughed and adjusted her gown. Peter laid her down and then lay beside her. They merely looked upon one another for a few moments. Peter found himself caressing her cheek and running his hand along her arm, lovingly. “How do you feel? I mean… does it hurt?”

She smiled and shook her head, “I feel great, actually.”

He smiled in return, “That’s good Izzy.” Peter swallowed back as she snuggled up against his chest. His arms automatically wrapped around her and he kissed the top of her head.

“So Spiderman huh?” she prompted, teasingly.

He grinned and shook his head, “Um yeah…” He could fee her laughing against his chest.

“I hear you’re a fan…” He smarted.

“Peter…” she warned.

“Hm?” He hummed playfully.

She lifted her head from his chest and a bashful smile came about her, “I can’t believe you’re really him. I mean…” She then looked to be in thought, “That’s so cool!”

He chuckled, “And to think you’re his number one fan…”

“Peter…” She groaned in embarrassment.

“No, no… I’m going to eat this up. Just you wait and see.”

She went to argue on that, only to find Peter’s lips on hers. He broke just long enough to sputter, “Yeah, I’m soooo eating this up.” Then his lips returned to hers. A kissing session took place, which became so intense he was soon kissing along her neck and shoulders. Peter was the one to let out a moan this time as he was ached below. There was the difference from when hen he kissed Gwen or MJ because it was nothing like this. With Izzy, he found it hard to stop. In fact, he wanted to take things a lot further, but knew it wasn’t the right time. At this thought, he made himself stop. Peter talked the raging beast below down and swallowed back, as he rolled over to his back and faced the ceiling. He smiled as he heard Bella giggling.

Peter wasn’t the only one in suffering… Bella’s entire body felt as though it was in heat and she was all tingly. She found herself to be somewhat out of breath. “I should have known…”

He narrowed his eyes and tilted his head her direction. She had this certain glow about her,

“I should have known it was you.” she stated. “When I really think back on everything… it was so obvious.”

He reared back, looking offended. “How so?” She had a good laugh at that.

“You want me to go with you to Salem, New York?”

“Technically Salem Center, but yeh…”

Bella swallowed back with a racing heart. Her hands trembled as she sipped at her coffee. Logan drew back a breath taking notice.

“Ya could build a new life, kid… make new friends, and well I’d like to get to know ya. You’d be living with me at the academy, where I teach. It won’t be long before the new school year begins. I could get ya right on in no issues whatsoever.”

She nodded, but felt so conflicted at the moment. What she wouldn’t give to have a chance at a new life; to get out from under her mother’s clutch and Tony Stark’s ridiculous playboy mansion, so to speak. That… and she found herself eager to learn more about her birth father. But on the other hand, she and Peter had finally admitted their feelings for one another. The thought of leaving after all the years she’d waited so long to hear those three words; it made her feel ill. So much so, she reached to her heart as it even seemingly ached.

“Let me guess… ya don’t wanna leave yer little boyfriend behind, right?”

She closed her eyes and gave a slight nod, “It’s not just him but… well… the Parkers… They mean a lot to me. They’re the closest thing I’ve ever had to an actual family.”

He nodded in understanding, “Well look here shortcake…”

Bella froze at his words and snapped a look upon him. “I knew I knew you!”

Logan cocked a brow on this. She genuinely smiled as she thought back to the strange man that sat outside the coffee shop that day. She wasn’t even sure why, but even then, Bella had felt this odd connection around him. That’s why she found herself smiling on that day. There was just something about him. The chemistry was so different from that of her mother.

“You told me I didn’t need a job!” she blurted out. He tilted his head looking lost. “Yeah…” she said behind a giggle. “Well good luck to ya, kid! Tough world ya know.” she quoted, doing her best impression of him.

Logan chuckled on this, “Ah, yeah I remember ya now…” He then leaned back in thought.

“What are the odds…” he muttered under his breath as Bella sipped at her coffee. “Hm…” He hummed into his cup as he sipped at his, as well.

He looked around the cafeteria they were in. “Look I’m not about to tell ya what to do. But I’m not gonna just fall out of your life now, either. I missed out on too much as it is. So, if ya don’t wanna join me back at the academy. I’d like to make some sort of plans, at least. We don’t live that far from one another… so there are ways. But, I do wish ya’d get away from that crazy ass mother of yers. If ya need help with that then I’ll figure it out…”

He stopped talking as Bella reached to her temples. “Ya alright?”

She nodded, but had her eyes closed. “Yeah… Just strange that’s all.”

“What is?”

“My senses… everything seems much more potent. Everything’s so loud, it’s giving me a headache. That woman’s perfume is god awful and that man over there isn’t wearing any deodorant. They burned something in the kitchen too…” She breathed in the air around them with a wrinkled nose. “Eggs…” she uttered.

Logan reared back wide eyed as Bella held up a finger and took off. She upchucked into a nearby trash can. “Ah… hell…” He muttered under his breath and hopped up. Once she’s done he hurriedly helped her back to her room.

Peter jumped up in alarm once they entered the room. Logan propped her up on the bed, glancing her over. He had stayed behind as the others went to grab a bite to eat. “What happened?” Peter questioned seeing how pale she was.

“Seems she’s adjusting to some newfound abilities.” Logan said with slight apprehension behind his words.


“Her senses are gonna be heightened, amongst other things she’s soon to learn about herself.” As he said this, he gazed towards the window in thought. He remembered how she sprang up on the counter and damn near flew out the window with enough force to shatter it. He rubbed his face and took a few steps back, “Well darlin’…. I do believe it’s safe to say yer a mutant.”

She looked to her father wide eyed. He let out a nervous chuckle, “Ta be honest… I’ve reason to believe it was always there. Yer what we’d refer to as latent.”

“Latent?” Peter inquired as he got her a glass of water.

“Yeah, there are mutants whose powers didn’t manifest until later in life. Usually through some sort of trauma in their lives. Hell, for all I know, my blood only added to what was already there. ” He nodded towards Bella as he leaned against the wall. Bella sipped at the water Peter handed her. “I’d like for you to visit with Dr. McCoy.”


“A friend of mine at the academy… he has more knowledge about these sorts of things. He could answer yer questions more precisely than I could.”

Bella nodded, looking somewhat startled. She hopped back down before long and went to splash some cold water on her face. She kept feeling overheated and overly thirsty. Logan and Peter looked on with raised brows as she started to drink the water right out of the faucet. Once she finished, she started to brush her teeth with the toothbrush Aunt May had brought for her. She had been thoughtful enough to bring some Bella’s belongings when she came up.

Both men jumped, however, as she shrieked out in the middle of brushing her teeth. Her hand clamped over her mouth as this overwhelming pain hit. Her gums were splitting apart around her canines and they began to take on a new form.

“WHAT?!” Logan called out.

She turned to them both with panic, “I have fucking fangs!”

Peter wondered how the hell he missed that. Sure enough, she did. Logan rushed over and took a gander for himself, “Well I’ll be damned. Just like fucking Victor’s!”


He rolled his eyes, “Just some dipshit I once knew…”

“Why do I have fangs? Am I a fucking vampire?!”

Logan shook his head and broke into laughter, “Why would ya go and say something like that?” She and Peter share the same panicked expression. “What the hell is what ya two? Ya ain’t no vampire. That’s nonsense.” Peter grimaced.

“Peter!” she damn near shouted, going into hysterics. “I can’t be a vampire!” She then paced the room.

“NO!” she shrieked.

“Yer not a god damn vampire. Now would ya chill out? Take a seat and tell me why the hell ya think yer becoming some sort of damn blood sucker.”

Bella sucked back a breath as she tells her story about the Cullens back in Forks. Peter, however, had his teeth grinding together once he learned the truth behind what actually took place. If he had only known… he would’ve ended Edward Cullen’s very existence that day. It was all because of him she ended up almost dying. Those were his bite marks all along her body. Though Bella hadn’t a clue why Edward had attacked her so viciously.

Peter grew irate with himself and knowing the bastard was still out there had him on edge.

“Yah’ve had some of the worst luck!” Logan said after she told her story.

“Tell me about it.” Peter muttered under his breath.

One of the nurses knocked on the door and Logan let her in. She looked to the window wide eyed. “Yeah about that… Mr. Stark says to put it on his tab. In fact, it was his wish that he be billed for everything.”

The nurse smiled, “Such a nice man. I’ll let the receptionist know.”

Logan nodded at this and cut Peter a wink. Peter merely smiled in return and shook his head. After the nurse checked on Bella’s vitals and everything else, she looked upon her in amazement, “I don’t get it, truly. You nearly died, but here you are… I really don’t see any reason in which to keep you here. You’re as healthy as a horse.”

(Back in NY)

“Look kid… I’ll find me a hotel and stick around for a few days.” He handed her his cellphone number.

“Take yer time and let me know what ya decide.” Peter looked to Bella oddly on this.

“Pish Posh you come stay with us. We have plenty of room and you’d have a nice hot meal!” Aunt May spoke up.

Logan cocked a brow on this. “Ya mean home cookin’? ”

Bella softly laughed at her father’s reaction. It was damn near pouty like a puppy dog.

“Well of course. Come now, I won’t take no for an answer.”

Logan cleared his throat, then said, “Well I suppose that means I’ll be staying with the Parkers.” Bella nodded, not sure what to say.

“Ya take care of yourself, now. If ya need anything… holler.”

“I’m going with Izzy for a bit. I’ll be home soon.” Peter called out.

Peter swallowed back after Bella told him about her father’s offer. They were in her new room at the Stark house. He had her in his lap as he sat in her computer chair. He hated what he was about to say but knew it was for the best. “You should go…”

She looked to him confused. He drew back a breath and kissed the crevice of her neck, “You need this Izzy. We both know that.”

“But what about us?”

He smiled and rested his head against her shoulder. “You wouldn’t be that far away. We’d find a way of making it work.” He then took notice of the way her lip quivered. “Hey now… You know I want you here just as much. But Izzy… You’re miserable. That and well… You have a chance to get to know your birth father. How cool is that?”

She nodded with a few tears trickling down her face. He smiled and gently spoke, “You know I’m not giving up on you. Not ever… You and I… There’s something there. Something I’m not willing to let go of. That’s just not happening. So you get that out of your head right now. This is about your happiness. And let’s be honest. You need to get the hell away from her…” Bella wrapped her arms around him and leaned into Peter’s chest. “I’ll even stick around and help you pack your things…” he said, having a feeling things were going to turn pretty ugly.

“You don’t have to do that.”

“I want to…”

She sighed, glancing towards her door, “I suppose it’s time I let them know.”

He half laughed, “Ummm yeah…” They both share the same look of apprehension. “With you all the way, Izzy. You got this… Don’t let them try to convince you otherwise. Stick to your guns.”

She nodded and crawled out of his lap. They both take in a breath before heading out.

“Not happening…” Natasha firmly stated, once her daughter explained about her father’s offer. Peter sighed on that and Natasha shot him a look of disdain.

“This isn’t your choice but mine. This is something I need to do.”

Tony shook his head, “No, what you need to do is give your mother another chance. You don’t even know this guy. Yet, you’re willing to go live with him? Just on a mere whim? Pretty stupid if you ask me.”

“Well I didn’t! And I’ve made up my mind.”

“You’re not going and that’s final.” Her mother firmly declared.

“Yes she is…” Peter insisted, putting his foot down. “And I will personally make sure she does!”

Natasha rushed over and grabbed Peter by the collar of his shirt, “Listen here, you little SHIT!”

Tony and Peter’s jaws dropped in utter astonishment. Natasha had vanished and was clear across the room. Bella had hurled her that direction. She stood over her mother with a foot to her throat, “You ever touch him again and I’ll rip your fucking head off! Let’s go Peter!”

Peter was in awe, turned on all as hell, but slightly afraid. “Ummmm ok… but what about your stuff?”

“I’ll bring back him up for that.” She hinted about her father.

“Isabella please…” Her mother actually pleaded.

Bella turned back with surprise. Though the look in her mother’s eyes was genuine; it was too late. “Don’t go… We can make this work.”

“Mom…” Bella said whilst shaking her head in disbelief. “You’re about 15 years too late…”

“Your mother’s right… We can make this work.” Tony sighed lifting his eyes upon Peter.

“It just so happens I’m building a team… Known as The Avengers. We could use someone like you…”

“I’m not for sale Mr. Stark…” Peter replied and took Bella by the hand as they head on out.

Logan and Aunt May lifted their heads in surprise as Peter entered the apartment, followed by Bella. Aunt May smiled warmly upon them. “Join us! I made plenty of food.”

Bella’s eyes darted upon Uncle Ben’s empty chair. She staggered back as that pain coursed throughout her entire body. Her heart dropped as she reached to it. She hadn’t expected it to hit her so hard. She envisioned his smile and how she’d kiss his cheek before going home. “Excuse me…” She uttered as she swiftly exited the apartment.

Her throat was closing up and she couldn’t breathe as she rushed out of the complex. Bella landed hard upon her knees. As the impact brought her down to all fours, Aunt May, Peter, and Logan exchanged looks. Aunt May then quickly sat the bowl of salad down and grabbed her sweater.

Bella felt a hand upon her shoulder as she had her hands wrapped around her stomach. “I see him too. Everywhere I go…” Aunt May softly said. “Then there are the times I get up in the morning and pour him a cup of coffee. I even sit it down and sip at mine, waiting…”

Bella closed her eyes as the older woman made her way around and cupped her chin. Bella’s eyes then opened up as she listened to the kind woman speak, “Oh sweetheart… on your feet now.” She then motioned with a tearful smile, “Up you go.”

Bella sucked back a quivery breath and came to a stand. Aunt May’s arms instantly wrap around her, “You just go on and have yourself a good cry.”

At those words, the teenage girl released everything she’d been holding back. Peter nodded towards his aunt from the doorway of the complex. She nodded in return as they shared a moment of silent understanding.

“Izzy…” Peter whispered as he reached over shaking her awake.

She whimpered out and rolled over. His eyes widened and he cleared his throat. Logan was in the guest room asleep. Peter had taken the couch as he’d given Bella his bed last night. “Ummm… Izzy?” He shook her once again in utter suffering.

He swore her body had literally changed overnight. She was in one of his shirts and pair of sweats, but he could make out the curve of her breasts. Her nipples were poking right through the shirt, making it even worse as she stretched her body about.

“Peter…” She said with a smile once she opened her eyes.

He nodded and rubbed the back of his neck. Bella rose up in the bed. Her hair was somehow longer, fuller, and wavier than before. It also had red highlights going through it. Her body had become more toned. She yawned, reminding Peter about her fangs. “Holy shit…” he muttered under his breath,

“You’re like a fox…”

Bella looked at him oddly and started giggling. “What?” He quickly gathered her out of bed and rushed her to his lengthwise mirror, “Seriously! Look!” he said.

Bella’s eyes widened and she looked to Peter startled. Her jaw dropped as she squeezed her bigger bust together. “Don’t do that!” Peter warned and hurriedly grabbed a book placing it in front of him.

“What the hell happened to me, Peter?” she hissed.

“I don’t know…” he replied with a rather high pitched tone.

Bella gawked upon herself in the mirror. She saw what Peter meant with her new highlighted hair, deep green eyes instead of brown, and her slightly curvier and more toned body. She truly had the features of a freaking fox.

“Peter…” she said in a panic and staggered back. She half expected to be covered in fur and growing a damn tail; it was so obvious. “I look like a freak!”

Peter shook his head in complete disagreement. “You look like something alright, but freak isn’t quite the word I would use.”

“What would you use?” She hissed in a panic.

He swallowed back, “Truth?” She nodded in response. “Ok! Just don’t hit me!” he sighed and glanced her over once more, “Sexy fucking goddess!”

“Peter!” She called out in utter surprise and had a full body blush going.

“I’m serious…” He said in agony.

She groaned to herself. “I can’t go out there… like this!” She said, thinking of her biological father.

She grabbed her clothes and speedily entered Peter’s closet, shutting the door behind her. Bella hurriedly gets dressed. Only Peter hears her complaining about how her bra barely fit. He plopped back on his bed and screamed into his pillow. Which didn’t help much either; her scent was spread about his bed. “Dammit…” He bitched into the pillow.

Bella stepped out and that only made matters worse; her shirt now revealed slight tummy and her breasts looked as though they’d burst through her shirt. Her pants were skin tight.

“Have a hoodie I can borrow?”

“But its summer, it’s hot out there.”


“…right…” He uttered, seeing where she was going with this now.

He hopped back up and snatched a red hoodie from one of his drawers, tossing it over her.

“Thanks.” she spoke with a smile. He nodded.

Her shirt rose even more as she lifted her arms up in order to get the hoodie on. She froze, feeling a set of hands running along her bare tummy. “Izzy…” he whispered in longing. Peter’s hands traveled along her body as he removed the hoodie. They soon found themselves in a fiery make out session, with Bella’s legs wrapped around him. His hands were firmly planted on her ass as he moved her about him eagerly, desperately gathering friction. Belle let out a gasping moan of surprise. Peter had a considerable bulge going and she could feel it pulsating against her sex. Their little adventure soon came to a halt a they heard a knock at the door.

“Ya better get yer hands off her ass, son.”

They looked to one another in wonder. “How…” Peter mouthed. Bella shook her head, wide eyed.

“Don’t ya make me get the god damn hose! I can hear ya and smell ya, at that!”

Bella blushed as Peter nervously cleared his throat and hurriedly put her down.

Bella stepped out once she was fully dressed, wearing Peter’s red hoodie. Logan reared back, taking her in. He rolled his eyes and started grumbling under his breath. “I need a fucking drink…” he mutters as he headed outside and lit up one of his cigars.

Bella timidly walked out as Logan was leaning against the building taking a long drag, “I want to go…”

He tilted his head her way, then glanced back towards the house. “What about yer little loverboy?”

She sighed, glancing that way as well, “I think we’ve come into some sort of agreement.”

He nodded, “And what’s that exactly?”

She shrugged, kicking at a rock. “To make it work no matter what…”

He nodded once again and took another drag. “And if it doesn’t?”

“It will…” She declared with absolute assurance. “Hmmmm…” he hummed.

They both turn their attention towards Peter as he dashed out of the complex. He zipped on over, standing before her. “Sorry Izzy, but duty calls…” He hinted. She took in a sharp breath as he said the words.

“I doubt I see you before you go.” he stated disappointed sigh and looked towards the area in which had his senses going off. “Just…” he started to say.

Bella cut him off as she pecked him on the lips and smiled, “Go…”

He nodded and started to take off. She shouted out after him, “Just make sure you tell my Spidey he owes me a real date.”

Peter grinned in reply and nodded…

On the way to the Stark house…

“We’ll get yer stuff, then I’ll run you by this Clint’s house to say yer goodbyes.” She nodded as she was gazing out the window.

“Just know ya can always come back and visit. I ain’t holdin’ ya prisoner, darlin’.”

She smiled, “I know…”

The cab driver slammed on the brakes and Logan swiftly flung his arm back bracing Bella against the seat. “What the hell?” Bella gasped out in shock, seeing what Logan was.

“Out of the car!” Logan hollered. “NOW!”

They both opened their doors and rolled on out of the car. The cab they were in was suddenly smashed to nothing more than smithereens. Bella’s jaw dropped as a little boy dressed as Spiderman bravely stood before the enormous creature. “NO!” she shouted and ran over to the boy.

She used her body to shield the boy as the rhinoceros looking man’s attention went to him.

“It’s ok, I got this.” The boy says confidently.

Bella looks to him like he’s lost his mind, “That’s certainly brave of you but…”

Spiderman landed before Bella and the boy, “You know you look awfully familiar…”

Bella couldn’t help but to grin even with the serious situation. Spiderman placed a hand on the boy’s shoulder, “Hey Spider-Man, thanks for covering for me, but let me take it from here, okay?”

He then looked over to Bella, “Miss, do you think you could get him out of here?” Bella smiled and gave him a wink. As she is turning around she jumped, startled. Did Peter/Spiderman just smack her on the ass?

Spiderman reared back in surprise as Logan made his way over. He nodded Spiderman’s direction. “Need a hand?” he questioned, whilst popping out his claws.


(Alright I will get back to this story as soon as I update my others. Thanks for all the support. Let me know what you think! And thanks again to my kickass Beta Mommy4Thomas. Thank you Amy for the banner! I also wanted to let you know that I’m running behind due to a virus hitting my computer. That took two nearly three days off my schedule. That, and my poor pumpkinbutt aka beta was sick. So we both had a crappy week. So we are both running behind. Thanks for your patience. Gamma Love, Chasing Images are next… Will let you know on the others. I will write chapter 7 once I get caught up with other updates. – Harley)

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