Chapter 3 When Doves Cry

Chapter 3

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“No! No! No! If Rubbish is here that means…”

Willow lowered her head and Dobby grabbed her by the collar of her dress. He pulled her towards him then shook his head.

“Rubbish did not listen to Dobby! Rubbish has put Harry Potter in danger!”

“Willow knows what Willow is doing!”

Dobby acted as if he was going to backhand her and she recoiled. Dobby sighed and refrained.

“Rubbish never listened to Dobby. Rubbish thinks she knows everything!” He threw his hands in the air and was having a massive fit.

Winky and a few of the other house-elves made their way over. They circled Willow and were shaking their heads.

“Rubbish has disgraced her master and us as a whole. Rubbish shouldn’t care about anything but her master’s needs.” Winky said as she ripped Willow’s dress off. The women house-elves joined in and helped to get Willow back in her usual rags. Willow looked to the dress she’d worked so hard on and teared up as they were burning it.

“Get to work.” Winky demanded before taking a plunge off her usual butterbeer.

Willow nodded and one of the other elves handed her a broom.

“The muggles way…”

“Willow…?” Harry called out with a peculiar expression about him.

He was making his way down the hall when he saw Willow walking with a couple of the other house-elves.

“Yes master?”

“What happened to your dress?” He questioned taking notice of the look the other two elves cut her.

“Willow doesn’t need dresses, sir. Willow is happy with what she has.”

He reared back wondering where that came from.

“We talked about this, remember?”

“Yes and Willow was wrong, master. Willow is sorry.”

“Sorry?! For what?!”

“Willow has to go. Willow has lots of work to do.”

“I haven’t given you any work.” Harry said whilst cutting the other two elves a dirty look.

She doesn’t work for you. Scram…”

Willow observed Harry wide-eyed as he shoed them away.

“Willow, you don’t have to answer to them or anyone else for that matter. If you want to wear those dresses, wear them. Don’t you get it? You no longer serve the Malfoys. So don’t give them the satisfaction. Do you understand where I’m going with this?”

Willow smiled and nodded.

“Good. Now come with me and I’ll show you around.”

The house-elf had seen bits and pieces through Malfoy already. But she was so focused on serving him and taking his abuse. She didn’t get the full experience of what Hogwarts had to offer. Harry had figured this much and took it upon himself to give her the full tour. He showed her things such as the astronomy tower, The Owlery, The great hall – where they ate most their meals and held most their gatherings, the greenhouses, the Forbidden Forest, and last but not least the Gryffindor common room. There was just too much to show her in one day but Harry did his best to cover all the bases. To Willow’s surprise – she learned a great deal of things she’d never taken notice of before. This only added to her fascination when it came to Hogwarts in general. As for Harry? He loved her reactions. There were times he forgot she was an elf. She had a childlike quality to her which reminded Harry of his first year. And often enough his first week back felt like his first all over again. And Harry adored having someone that understood his love for Hogwarts.

“Willow?” Harry called back on the way to the dorm.

“Yes master?”

“What will you do while I’m in school tomorrow?”

“Work in the kitchen with the other elves.” She replied with a shrug.

Harry frowned on this. She didn’t belong there. Harry thought to himself.

“Why don’t you visit Hagrid instead?”

“Hagrid?” Willow questioned as they walked about the school.

Harry nodded.

“I’m sure he’d love the company. And that way you can avoid the other elves.”

What Harry truly meant was the Malfoys. At least with Hagrid he knew Willow was in good hands.

“But he’s so big… He looks kind of mean.”

Harry had a good laugh at this.


She nodded.

“Far from it. Trust me. You’re going to love Hagrid.”

“If master says so Willow will trust what master says.”

“I’ll introduce you first thing tomorrow morning.”



“If Willow was to go to Hogwarts like Harry Potter, what would Willow be?”

“You mean where would the sorting hat put you?”

She nodded. Harry looked to be in thought.

“Well judging from what I’ve seen I’m willing to bet you’d be Gryffindor maybe Ravenclaw?”

The elf seemed pleased with this answer.

“Willow would like that very much.”

Harry tilted his head on this.

“Going to school you mean?”

Willow nodded and appeared to be in this dreamlike state. Harry wished he could give her that. But more than anything he wished he could set her free, without consequences. The only way about that was if she became like that of Dobby. And Dobby only offered Dumbledore his services because he knew he couldn’t remain free for long. Harry hadn’t known the price when he had Dobby freed. Still Dobby was beyond grateful. It wasn’t until later on that Harry learned about the house-elf curse. Harry wondered who put the curse on the elves in the first place. He couldn’t imagine that being just the way things were. Harry went to say something on this but when he looked over Willow was gone. It wasn’t until he saw Ron and Hermione up ahead that he understood why. Harry sighed wishing it hadn’t come to this.

“I’m sorry Willow…” Harry whispered hoping she was around to hear it.

“Are you ready?” Hermione called out and Harry nodded.

“So how was your summer?” Hermione asked once they were in the Gryffindor common room.

“It wasn’t bad actually…”

This had Hermione and Ron doing a double take.

“That’s strange… coming from you.” Ron admitted and Harry sort of laughed.

“I suppose it is, isn’t it? But I had a lot of fun.”

Fun?!” Hermione questioned in disbelief.

“Well yes, Willow…” he started to say, but refrained once he caught the look of disapproval on Hermione’s face.

Harry sighed and picked at his Treacle tart. He wanted to tell them all about his time with Willow and what they did over the summer. But he knew better. Harry glanced over and to his surprise he saw that Luna and Neville were sitting beside one another. And they were talking to no other than Willow. Whatever she was saying had them rolling in laughter. Neville reached to his gut and was wiping tears from his eyes.

“Doesn’t she know that’s against the rules? You should tell her Harry.”

“I don’t see what the big deal is. She’s not hurting anyone.”

“She could get in trouble…” Hermione whispered as she looked around the room.

Harry sighed.

“And what is it you want me to do? Tell her to leave?”

“It would be wise.”

“I’ll do no such thing. She’s having fun. They all are.”

“Harry…” Hermione warned as Professor McGonagall was making her way down.

Harry recoiled and looked towards the area Willow was in. He smiled once he saw that she was already gone.

“See? She knows… No harm done.”

Once Professor McGonagall walked past Willow reappeared. He let out a laugh of mere amusement and watched as Luna patted Willow on the back. Willow had this genuine beam about her. He only wished that she could have that with Ron and Hermione as well. They hadn’t a clue what they were missing out on. There was just something about her.

Willow was making her way throughout the school and taking everything in.

“Don’t even think about it…”

The elf let out a small whimper. Someone managed to grab her and had her lifted up off the ground. Their hand was clamped around her mouth. And she could feel the tip of their wand against her throat.

“You’ve caused me a lot of trouble as of late. So here’s the deal. If you utter a word of this to Potter; I will end you and have your head on display for the entire school to see. Then I’ll take your precious Potter and do the worst things imaginable. Now you’re going to do whatever it takes to convince him that you want your freedom. I know Potter and he won’t be able to stop himself. He’s so eager to please… Once you’ve achieved this, you’re to come find me, at once.”

Willow shook her head and Draco gritted his teeth.

“Youwill do this. You know what I’m capable of… Do not test me, Rubbish.”

Willow nodded and Draco backhanded her.

“Father should’ve ended you a long time ago. You’re trouble, that’s what you are!”

Draco snapped his head towards the light cascading throughout the hallway. He was quick to dart on out of there. When the light came closer… “Is everything alright?”

Willow shielded her eyes with her hand and backed into a corner. Nearly Headless Nick passed by causing her to jump. The light and the voice however were coming from someone else. The man lowered his wand and hunkered down to her level. He said nothing as he cupped her chin and glanced her over. He wiped a tear off her cheek and rose.

“Find your master and stay by his side.”

The elf nodded and started to walk away. The man however sighed.

Now…” he uttered with impatience.

“You don’t understand…” she murmured brokenheartedly.

“You never will, Sev. You never will…” The elf said as she snapped her fingers and disappeared.

“Willow?!” Harry called out as she was stumbling towards his four-poster.

He snatched the butterbeer from her hold.

“Willow… I don’t think you should be getting drunk.”

Willow rolled her eyes. This had him rearing back in wonder.

“Come now… You know how I feel about this.”

“Willow doesn’t wish to be told what to do anymore. Willow wants to be free to make her own choices.” She snatched the butterbeer from his hold.

“Willow wants to be her own elf.”

Harry staggered back in disbelief.

“Is that really what you want?”

She nodded but was slugging back that butterbeer like there was no tomorrow.

“And where will you go?”

When she wouldn’t answer, Harry squatted down to her level.

“Willow, look your master in the eyes and tell him where will you go?”

“With Dobby…” she replied with a hiccup.

Harry shook his head.

“So you wish to work as a house-elf here at the school?”

She nodded.

“You wouldn’t be lying to me, now would you?”

Willow didn’t answer and Harry sighed.

“If that’s what you want then I suppose I have no choice…”

Harry reached back and grabbed one of his scarfs.

“At least take something that will keep you warm and have some sort of meaning.”

Willow nodded.

“I thought this was what you wanted…” Harry said as she started to cry.

Willow held out her hand but there was no disguising the fear in her eyes. Harry tossed the scarf back onto the four-poster.

“Truth now. Did the Malfoys get to you?”

She shook her head no. Her eyes however said differently.

“You’re lying to me. Why?!”

The elf could hold back no longer. Her master’s bond was great and it was tugging at her. She could sense his disappointment. The elf let out a gasp as if she’d been holding her breath the entire time. As the bond forced her to tell the truth, Harry was shaking all over with anger.

“Find Luna and stay with her until I personally gather you.”

“But master…”


Willow snapped her fingers and vanished. Harry stormed out of the room and was on a mission. He didn’t stop until he found Draco and his friends.

“What are you doing here, Potter?!”

Harry gritted his teeth and marched on over.

“You stay away from her!”

Draco got that cocky grin about him and started laughing.

“Now who would that be?”

“You know bloody well who I’m referring to.”

“Leave us…” Draco uttered towards his friends.

His friends nodded and were quick to head out.

“So what’s the matter, Potter? Did I upset your little bitch of an elf? Don’t tell me you’ve gathered feelings for her. I wouldn’t put it past you, freak is what you are!”

Draco let out a grunt as Harry socked him across the face.

“I mean it Malfoy. Don’t you come anywhere near her. The house-elf is no longer your concern.”

Draco returned the blow thus led to a full on brawl between the two.

“BOYS!” Professor McGonagall shouted as she was rushing over.

She used her wand to pry the two apart.

“What is going on?!”

Harry eyed Draco down and Draco rolled his eyes.

“Well go on now, explain yourselves!”

“That’s right, Potter. Do go on, explain yourself.” Malfoy taunted and Harry shook his head.

“You first…” Harry spat as he used the back of his hand to wipe the blood off his busted lip.

A bit of a smirk came about him however. Malfoy had the beginnings of a black eye and bloodied nose. It was then Harry realize their wands never even entered the picture. He was too mad to even think about it. All he could think about was letting Malfoy have it and felt the need to use his fists.

“To your quarters, both of you!” Professor McGonagall said with sheer annoyance.

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“She’s asleep…” Luna stated as she pointed towards her four-poster.

Harry nodded and went to check on her.

“She was awfully upset and very concerned about her master.”

Harry sat at the edge of the bed.

“There’s something different about her, isn’t there?”

Harry nodded in agreement.

“She’s welcome to stay here. No sense in disturbing her. She’s safe with me.”

“Thank you, Luna.”

“But of course… And Harry?”


“You should put some ice on that…” Luna said whilst pointing to his lip.

“Right…” he replied with a nod.

Harry decided it might be best if he headed off, before the other Ravenclaw girls questioned why he was there. They were cutting Luna dirty looks as it was. And a few of them were making fun of her. Luna walked him out.

“Thanks again.”

“No problem. We’ll see you first thing tomorrow morning.”

“Of course she can stay with me Arry!”

Luna smiled and patted Harry on the back. But Willow was hiding behind Luna and Harry.

“If Willow stays here how can Willow protect Harry Potter?”

“Willow I can’t run the risk of the Malfoys hurting you.”

Willow frowned on this.

“Master should not be concerned about Willow. Willow is to be concerned with master.”

Hagrid raised his brows on this.

“Willow, you do realize that you’re more than just a servant. You’re my friend.”

Willow nodded.

“Then we look out for each other. That’s what friends do.”

“Harry Potter is Willow’s bestest friend.”

Harry smiled.

“Well I can’t think of a better friend than that.” Hagrid said with a warm smile.

Willow jumped as Hagrid’s dog snuck up behind her. He let out a bark and wagged his tail.

“Well I believe Fang has taken a likin’ to ya.”

Willow’s eyes widened as Fang licked her face. Harry laughed as Willow climbed up his leg in order to get away from the dog.

“Ah he’s harmless, really.” Hagrid made clear.

“We have to hurry back, Willow. I’ll come for you after school.”

“I can bring her back if ya’d like.”

“You wouldn’t mind?” Harry asked figuring that would be easier.

“Not at all Arry. We’ll see ya soon.”

Once Harry and Luna left, Hagrid nodded upon Willow.

“Well what would you like to do today?”

Willow appeared on Hagrid’s dining room table. His coffee mugs alone swallowed her whole in comparison. Hagrid reached out and picked her up. He placed her on his shoulder.

“How about ya meet my brother!”

“Brother?!” Willow said with slight alarm.

“Well half-brother I suppose.”

“Dance?” Harry heard Neville groan.

“What dance?” Ron questioned and Neville sighed as if in misery.

“There having a welcome back dance this Friday.”

“Really?” Harry questioned thinking that was rather odd.

The dances usually took place at the end of the year.

“Apparently it’s the new Professor’s idea.” Hermione whispered.

“You mean Umbridge?”

Hermione nodded.

“There’s something about her…” Ron said with a frown.

“You got that vibe too, huh?” Harry murmured.

“And what’s with all the pink, seriously?” Ron let out a yelp however as Professor McGonagall leaped onto his desk in cat form.

He swallowed back and his eyes were as big as saucers as she stared him down. She jumped down and morphed back.

“Bloody hell, she almost gave me a heart attack.” Ron whispered as had a hand over his heart.

Harry laughed but looked over seeing as how Neville was still freaking out about the dance. He wondered why. It wasn’t like Neville to make such a fuss about these things. Professor McGonagall started class and Harry thought back to Willow. He wondered what she and Hagrid were doing. But he was able to breathe a little easier knowing she was in good hands. Hagrid wouldn’t let any harm come to her. He felt guilt in the sense thatHE was her only concern. He knew it was the house-elf way. Still, it bothered him, nevertheless. The boy who lived… That’s all people saw him for and there was just so much more. He never wanted to be held higher regard than everyone else, including that of a house-elf. It just wasn’t in Harry to hold anyone in lesser regar. Willow’s life was just as important as his. And it was his personal mission to get her to see that. He just wasn’t sure how to go about it. But she needed to know that in his eyes, she wasn’t a simple servant. He had meant it when he said that she was his friend. And as of now… Willow was the closest he had, which he found somewhat sad. It wasn’t that he didn’t think of Ron and Hermione as his best friends. They were. But as the years went by, they had different interests and were growing further and further apart.

Once class was over Harry walked with Hermione to their next one. Just as he was to ask if she had a date to the dance, one of the older Gryffindor boys by the name of Cormac stopped them. Harry raised his brows as he asked Hermione instead. Harry wanted to laugh at the irony. It seemed as if he’d taken Willow’s advice a tad too late. But for whatever reason, Harry found himself somewhat relieved. He gave the two their privacy. During which, he took notice of Neville pacing back and forth and staring at Luna off and on as she was talking to her friends. Harry narrowed his eyes and made his way over.

“What’s up?”

Neville jumped as Harry had startled him.


“Nothing’s up. Why would you think something’s up?” Neville said in a high-pitched voice.

Harry smiled as it was all coming together.

“She’s very nice that one.”

Neville nodded in agreement.

“I wonder if she has a date to the dance…” Harry further prompted.

“I wouldn’t know.”

“Well maybe you should ask her.”

“Why would I do that?!”

The boys winced however as one of the Ravenclaw girls purposely bumped into Luna. Just as her books were to hit the ground, Neville used his wand to hand them back over. Luna lifted her eyes his direction and Harry smiled.

“And there’s your chance. Good luck!” Harry said he patted Neville on the back.

“Wait… what?!”

“Just go…” Harry said giving him a slight push that direction.

By the end of the day everyone had a date, everyone but Harry. And that included Ron who managed to get a date with Lavender. Harry decided to head on out and meet up with Hagrid and Willow. Halfway through the woods he could hear Hagrid’s voice carrying over. He couldn’t quite make out what he was saying but figured he was talking to Willow.

“Ah there you are ‘Arry!”

Harry narrowed his eyes wondering where Willow was.

“Hagrid whe…” he trailed off as he could hear Fang barking in the background.

That barking was followed by Willow giggling and telling Fang to “giddy-up”. When they ran past he heard…

“Catch Willow, master!”

Harry staggered back as she was flying right towards him. Hagrid laughed as Harry caught her but fell back in the process.

“She’s spirited, that one.”

“She’s something alright.” Harry teased as he came to his feet and dusted himself off.

Willow crawled on up Hagrid’s leg and hugged him. Hagrid smiled.

“I suppose I’ll be seein’ ya tomorrow.”

“Can Willow play with Grawp again?”

“Ah now, he’d like that very much.”

“Grawp?” Harry questioned.

“Oh you’d love Grawp, master!”

She went on to tell Harry all about her adventure. Harry mouthed the words thank you to Hagrid. Hagrid sent him a wink and called upon Fang as he headed on back. Willow continued on as they entered the hallway. She even went as far as to say that she couldn’t wait to see Hagrid again tomorrow.

Harry went to comment on all this when Professor Umbridge stopped them. She smiled and tilted her head upon Willow.

“Aren’t you supposed to be in the kitchen with the other house-elves?”

“She doesn’t work for Hogwarts, Professor.”


Harry nodded.

“Then who does she work for?”

“Me…” He said. Still that felt awkward every time.

“You?!” Umbridge uttered with a giggle.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Well you are a student at this school and there is really no need…” She paused and got a good look at what Willow was wearing. Through Harry’s encouragement, she was back in one of her handmade dresses.

“No. No. That won’t do. Out of that ridiculous dress and to the kitchen with the others.”

Willow sent the woman a hateful glare.

“Willow goes where master goes.”

“Not when he’s attending school. He hasn’t any use for a house-elf on these grounds.”

“With all due respect Professor, I believe that’s my say and not yours.”

“And just how do you presume that?”

“Well I am her master after all…”

“Why you’re just a child. Children have no business in being anyone’s ‘master’.”

“HE’S HARRY POTTER YOU, YOU…” Harry was quick to cover Willow’s mouth.

The house-elf murmured a slew of swears into the palm of his hand. Umbridge had this none-too-pleased look about her. She was tapping that foot of hers and staring Harry down. Harry sighed in defeat. He knew if he pushed the matter too far, she’d more than likely take it out on Willow.

“Willow… don’t you have a friend you wanted to visit?” Harry did his best to hint.

He only hoped Willow got where he was going with this.

“Friend?” Willow questioned as he lowered his hand.

“Yes… you know… the one you introduced me to today? Maybe you can stay with him for a bit.”

Harry caught the wounded look on her face. But he hadn’t much choice. He wasn’t about to risk the Malfoys getting to Willow and hurting her.

“Does master wish Willow to go now?”

“Yes. I’ll catch up with you later.”

Willow snapped her fingers and disappeared.

“Good deal. I should hope that she will not interfere again.”

Interfere? Harry thought with a scowl. How was she interfering with anything?! Umbridge started humming and was practically skipped away. Harry had a few not so nice words as well when it came to that dreadful woman. He didn’t understand why she would pick on Willow like that and just out of the blue.

The following morning Harry decided he’d go and check on Willow before heading to class; only to find Umbridge already waiting outside for him.

“You’re up awfully early…”

“So are you…” he challenged in return.

“And where are you off to?”

“To check on a friend, I’ll be back before class.”

“I think not… Students haven’t any business in leaving school grounds, especially on a school day. Socialization should be put aside for the weekend but even then it should be limited so that you can study.”

“There’s never been a problem before…”

Umbridge raised her brows and acted as if Harry had hauled off and slapped her.

“Before? As in you’ve done this many times?”

He nodded and went to step around her. She put a hand along his shoulder and gave it a squeeze.

“Back to your dormitory until it is time for class.”

“You don’t understand. I have to go…”

“Which is more important Mr. Potter? Your education or your need to venture out? If you step foot out that door you can rest assure that you are as good as expelled from Hogwarts.”

Harry staggered back in disbelief.


“That’s right. Now which will it be Mr. Potter?”

Harry drew back a breath and shook his head. Umbridge smiled as he headed back to the Gryffindor dorm.

The day seemed to drag making a first for Harry, making a first since attending Hogwarts.

Harry couldn’t shake that pitfall feeling in his gut. He kept to himself and spent most of the day on edge.

“Harry…” Hermione called out with concern when lunchtime came and Harry wasn’t touching his food.

“Is everything alright?”

He said nothing and excused himself from the table. Something wasn’t right. He could feel it and it was eating away at him. Harry headed to the Gryffindor quarters and paced the area. He’d plans of getting to Hagrid’s one way or another. Even if that meant waiting until the dance so everyone was distracted. He’d make an appearance so not to raise any suspicions. But would sneak away first chance he got. The invisibility cloak came to mind.

“What do you mean you don’t have a date?” Ron asked as Harry was adjusting his tie.

“Just don’t…”

“You should ask Cho… I don’t think she has a date.”

“A little late for that, don’t you think?”

“No. You could at least offer to dance with her.”

Harry didn’t respond and went on to lace his shoes.

“Well are you going to ask?”

“Are you even hearing me Harry?”


Ron rolled his eyes.

“What’s with you today? It’s like you’re not even here and you haven’t been.”

“Just got a lot on my mind, that’s all.”

“Let me guess… the house-elf?”

Harry stopped what he was doing and looked over.

“It isn’t natural Harry, the two of you.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?!”

“Well from my understanding a master isn’t meant to be friends with his servant.”

Harry reared back on this.

“Did you know she’s going around telling everyone that Harry Potter is her best friend?!”

“So what if she does?”

“Are you serious, Harry?”

Harry shrugged.

“I thought I was your best friend.”

“You wouldn’t be getting clingy, now would you Ron?”


“Have you gone mental?!”

“No more than usual…” Harry said as he headed on out.

When Harry entered the room, he saw Ginny off to a corner – sobbing her little heart out. He made his way over and asked what was wrong. For whatever reason, Ginny had assumed that Neville was taking her to the dance.

“Well did he ask you?”

“No. He’s here with Luna.” She replied with a bitter tone.

Harry had soon learned that since Neville had taken her to the last one, Ginny expected him to do so this time as well. It was moments like this that Harry didn’t understand women, Hermione especially as of late. It was as if they expected men to read their minds. Under normal circumstances he’d ask her to dance or even offer to be her date for the night. It was the gentleman thing to do. But he couldn’t, not tonight. Harry couldn’t shake that feeling… He conjured up a kerchief and handed it to Ginny. Then he and wrapped his arm around her, giving her a bit of a hug in the process.

“Where’s your date?”

“Playing it solo tonight. I don’t plan on staying very long.”

“That’s a shame…”

Harry nodded.

“Well would you mind saving me a dance?”

Harry cringed on the inside but it hadn’t anything to do with Ginny.

“Um… sure. How about we go ahead and have that dance?”



“But there’s no one on the dance floor.”

“Then we’ll be the first.” He said with a smile.

Ginny smiled in return and let Harry lead the way. Sure enough others soon joined in and it was exactly what he’d hoped for. He needed the crowd in order to slip on out without being noticed. An hour had passed by before Harry was able to achieve this. He kept on his toes and was quick to head back to the Gryffindor dorm. Just as he went to grab the cloak, Harry froze. The sight before him caused Harry to stagger back. The room started to spin and Harry felt as though he’d pass out.


Willow was hanging from the ceiling and with a rope tied around her neck. And to make matters even worse she was right over his four-poster. Harry used his wand to bring her down. He lowered her body into his arms and laid her down. He checked for a pulse, but her skin was already blue and cold to the touch. This only indicated that she had been there for a while.

“NOOOO!” Harry shouted as he gave her a zap with his wand and was everything within his power to bring her back. But nothing worked. He grabbed ahold of her and broke into literal sobs.

“I’m so sorry. Willow. I…” he cried as he rocked her lifeless body. Harry lifted his head as the door to the Gryffindor chamber swung open. Fawkes – Dumbledore’s phoenix came barreling into the room. Harry gasped back she snatched Willow right out of his hold and took off in flight.


Harry took off after her and was heading towards Dumbledore’s office.

“There you are!” Umbridge called out.

“I knew you’d try something! You think I don’t have my eyes on you.”

Harry’s lip curled and he spun around facing her.

“She’s dead, because you wouldn’t let me go to her!”

“And who would that be?”

“MY FRIEND!”Harry barked.

“Harry?!” Neville called out as he was making his way over with Luna.

“I’m afraid I haven’t any control over what happens to your friends. If she’s as ornery and careless as you are then that would certainly explain things.”

Harry gritted his teeth and Neville was quick to tackle him down.

“No Harry!”

“Willow…” Harry whimpered and Luna clamped a hand over her mouth.

“No…” She uttered as it was all coming together.

“What’s with you, Potter?!” Draco sneered as he came out of the great hall with his friends.


Harry shoved Neville off him and Umbridge used her wand to put an invisible wall between the boys.

“We won’t be having any of that now. In fact, from here on using spells of any kind is forbidden!”

The students regarded the woman in absolute disbelief. Dumbledore stepped out of his office and motioned Umbridge over. Snape was making his way down the hall and questioning the students. Neville and Luna took advantage of the situation and were quick to drag Harry out of there. It was during this that Neville’s jaw dropped. Professor Snape had popped Draco Malfoy across the face and was dragging him into another room. Neville looked around wondering if anyone else had caught this. But it was apparent that he was the only one.

“I should’ve gone after her! I should’ve ignored Umbridge’s threat and just went. I’d have rather been expelled!”

Neville and Luna were doing their best to console Harry. But no matter what they said, Harry blamed himself. Luna was shedding a few tears of her own.

“I knew Willow’s life was in danger. And I did NOTHING! Absolutely nothing!”

Harry…” He lifted his head to see Ron and Hermione entering the room.

“We just heard… I’m so sorry.” Hermione said.

Harry shot to his feet. He was angry and hurting and that’s all he could focus on.

“You got what you wanted! She’s out of my life!”

“Harry!” Ron scolded and was quick to hug Hermione.

Harry gritted his teeth and stormed out of the room.

A week had gone by since Willow’s passing. During that time Neville and Luna struggled in convincing Harry to eat. His grades were dropping and when the day was done he’d hide so he didn’t have to socialize. To top everything off Umbridge was making life utter hell for all the students, everyone aside from Malfoy and his friends. For whatever reason, she seemed to pick on Harry the most. But he was at the point where he didn’t care. Harry was numb and taking everything a day at a time. Word had gotten back to Hagrid and naturally he blamed himself. He had assumed that Harry changed his mind as to why Willow never showed up the next day. And since Umbridge wouldn’t let Harry leave, he couldn’t very well relay that message. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. It was taking everything within Harry not to flat out end Draco. The desire was so great that Harry often fantasized about the many ways he could make him suffer. And once he finished with Draco, he’d hunt Lucius down. But if he took that route he’d end up in Azkaban. Harry knew the Malfoys were behind this somehow. He just needed a way to prove it.

(Please leave your comment/review or a simple ‘like’, if you dug the chapter. Sorry for very late delays in everything. I’ve been too sick to even write as of late. But I think I’m on the road to recovery. Here’s to hoping. I have never been this behind on everything even my contest piece has been delayed. Ugh.)

(And to the reviewer complaining about me not using Bella in this story. I didn’t want this as a crossover and wanted something different. I won’t always use Bella. And with all due respect I wrote this story for my husband.)


8 thoughts on “Chapter 3 When Doves Cry”

  1. Is Willow really dead? I thought that Sillos was a real girl, who was some how turned into a House-Elf. Is she going to come back? Isn’t this going to be a Harry\Willow story? Is she going to be okay? I really Hope so, Is This going to be a actual story or is this goong to be something like your Bella and Negan fic?

    I really hope that you are going to be doing this one for the long hall.

    Wait, are you Going to make Harry the master of the Hallows so he bring back Willow?

  2. Dreadswench is right, it doesn’t need to be a cross over. It’s perfect as it is!
    Not everything is about Bella! lol. If they don’t like it I’m sure you have other stories they can read until you start posting on one of the others :P.

  3. I am loving this story. I don’t usually read HP fanfiction, but I really enjoy your writing. I think the character of Willow is adorable, and I just want to slap some sense into Ron and Hermione! I’m glad your husband asked you to write this, and that you’re sharing it with us. Thanks!

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