Chapter 15 The Reveal

Chapter 15

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“Kurt…” Bella giggles as he kisses her.

“Logan will kill us both.”

He shrugs and picks her up with his tail. He wiggles his brows. Kurt lifts her above him and raises her shirt. He lowers the cups to her bra. He welcomes himself to her breasts. Moans escape his lips as he licks and sucks upon them. She surrenders in pleasure. They were in the area of the vending machines and ice. Both had gone to get ice for their rooms, only to find themselves distracted by the other.

Kurt looks around making certain no one was around. He continues to hold her with his tail. He brings her up against him. Without even realizing it Kurt had freed himself. He had her shorts and panties pulled the side. Bella couldn’t believe they were having sex right in public like this. To her surprise she found it rather exciting. Kurt moved her about his body perfectly. She covered her mouth to keep from moaning out. She found herself already climaxing at the mere thrill of this alone. A bit of a vain grin formed on Kurt’s face. It seems they both discovered something new about the other. He decided to help with her predicament by putting her lips to use. He began kissing her. Her arms wrapped around his neck. Kurt was severely backed up. He knew he was about to fill Bella to the brim. He tried desperately to hold it. He didn’t want it to end. Not just because it felt so good. But he rather found this exhilarating as well. He never dreamed he’d be having sex with a girl like this. He couldn’t get over how perfect they meshed together. Bella couldn’t control the moan that left her lips and vibrated into his mouth. This spurred him on. Kurt began to purr a bit. He loved the way that felt. He throbbed significantly. His tail continued to move her about him. He had his hands about her ass. He was pressing her even harder against him. Grunts fled his mouth as he felt her coming against him. He couldn’t hold it any longer. He held her tighter and moved her about him harder. A purring growl like sound came from his lips as he fired within her. He felt dizzy he was coming so hard. He lowered her down once they finished. He was still dripping. Bella floored Kurt completely has she dropped down and cleaned him off. He curiously watched and ran his hand gently along her head. He couldn’t get over how erotic it was to see her mouth around him like that. He began to pulse in her mouth. Once she cleaned him off. He grinned and shook his head as he looked around.

“I like that.” He said feeling himself blush a bit.

Bella softly giggled.

“I know you do.”

He helped her adjust her clothing. They checked each other over before heading back. When they got to the hotel rooms, Kurt grabbed hold of her again. He kissed her again. He wished he could spend the night with her. It was no fun being in a room with three other guys, a moody one at that.

“I love you, Kurt…”

“I love you too, Ember.”

She laughs as he smacks her on the ass, with his tail. He winks and watches as she heads into her and Rogue’s room. Bella’s eyes widen and she quickly covers her eyes and steps back out. Kurt had already entered his room. Bella blushed and sat on the curb. Remy and Rogue were going at it in the room. Bella softly laughs to herself. She places the ice down next to her.

“So much for Logan’s rules.” She utters in a whisper.


She lifts her head to see a familiar silver shiny Volvo. She narrows her eyes towards the boy beside it. Bella rolls her eyes once she recognizes the boy. Bella comes to her feet and starts to walk away.

“Wait… Please just…”

She keeps walking.


He appears before her.

“Just hold up…”

Bella looks upon him in hatred.

“Wow… I swear you’re even more beautiful…”

He reaches out to touch her. She slaps him across the face.

“Don’t touch me!”

Kurt had just stepped out to get more ice. He froze in wonder.

“Bella please.”

She shakes her head.

“You turned your back to me. Now I’m turning my back to you! You should go! NOW!”

“Bella you don’t understand. I had to. You were a threat to my entire family. You could have killed us all.”

She half laughs.

“Ironic isn’t it?”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Oh come on Edward! You’re all fucking vampires. I was constantly surrounded by death. Still I stayed by your side. I didn’t fear you! NOT ONCE! Yet you took one look at me! Just one! And I was nothing more than a monster to you! You even looked upon me as if I disgusted you!”

“Bella…” He reaches out to her again.

“I never stopped loving you. Can’t you see that?”

“You wouldn’t know love if it bit you in the ass! You know nothing of love! I know of love! YOU DON’T!”

“Are you saying you still love me?”

She starts laughing. Kurt listens in curiously, whilst keeping a watchful eye.

“Your, your own walking punchline. You should hear yourself. You’re fucking pathetic. How dare you even assume it’s you that I’m referring to? You ripped my heart out, now you have the balls to stand before me and claim you still love me? I haven’t heard word from you or your family since you all discovered I was a mutant. You’re right up there with my mother. You all deemed yourselves higher in existence. Well you can kiss my fucking ass.”

She starts to walk away again. Kurt snarls back as the vampire grabs her arm. He pulls her towards him.

“Let me go right this second!”

“Bella, just let me explain.”

She shakes her head and socks him in the face. He looks to her in shock.

“No one’s ever made me feel the way you did. You tore me up from the inside out! I loved you! I kept your families secret. I kept yours! I went out and beyond for you. I constantly put myself out there. Then the moment I needed you most you turned your back to me. Now you dare stand before me and try to profess some sort of undying love?! You’re not a man! You suck even more as a vampire. There’s nothing even threatening about you! You’re just a pussy with fangs! You’re a joke in comparison to him! Hell there is no comparison. For once I know what real love is like. You weren’t just cold in touch, but in everything else. Now go. I don’t ever want to see you again.


She turns to see Alice and the other Cullen’s. Bella winces like she got hit.

“No…!” Bella shoots out a hand.

“Tell her to back off Edward! I mean it! All of you don’t come near me!”

Bella was shaking all over.

“Bella, I can help you fix this. There’s a cure… I…”

She looks to him in disbelief. Kurt appears before Edward and slams him back.

“There’s nothing wrong with Ember! This is her natural state. She is beautiful! You are the monster!” Kurt yells directly in his face.

“She told you to leave! LEAVE!”

Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie step out beside Alice. Remy, Rogue, Bobby step out of their rooms as well now. Carlisle and Logan are last to come into the picture. They nod towards one another.

“As you can see I’ve done well for myself. I got a family…”

Kurt wraps his arm around Bella. Edward’s eyes widen.

“BELLA GET AWAY FROM HIM! HE’S A DEMON!” Edward reaches to his temples as if in pain.

Bella grins.

“Oh Edward, he’s no demon…”

She holds her hand out in front of her lips. It’s set ablaze she blows sending a spiraling tunnel towards Edward. She stops it just before it hits.

“I am…”

Logan smiles in pride.

“That she is.” He says with a wink her direction.

“Our little Ember will turn you to soot. All of yah. So if she don’t want ya here then I suggest you listen to her warning. I might be her mentor. But I’m damn sure am not about to stop her if she wants to blow you all to ashes. Your funerals.” Logan says and folds his arms about his chest.

Kurt grins upon Edward as he loves on Bella. He wanted to shove in his face how stupid he was. He couldn’t believe this was the one that had hurt her so bad. Kurt was lucky and he knew it. He’d never ever let Bella go. He couldn’t imagine anyone that would. Logan and his students stood before Carlisle and his children.

Deep down Edward knew by reading each of them. They didn’t stand a chance. He snarls back in acknowledged defeat.

“You all do not belong in society!”

Logan has a good laugh at this.

“Says the leach? Good one!”

Edward looks back to Bella.

“You really should consider the cure! You could be human again!”

“She never was human you ass!” Everyone looks to see this came from none other than Kurt’s mouth.

“Ember was born a mutant! She will die a mutant. There is no shame in that! You all are the ones that should be shamed. But I should thank you! Each of you! Because of your cruelty. I got the love of my life.”

Rogue smiles.

“And we got a new family member. So piss off! She’s ours! You can’t have her!”

Carlisle sighs.

“Let’s go son.”

Edward takes a step towards Bella. Deadpool shows up behind him. He taps him on the shoulder.

“Two dead guys walk into a bar…” He takes his blade and stabs it through Edward’s chest.

Edward gasps back in shock. Bella rolls her eyes.
“That’s enough Deadpool.”

She sighs as if merely annoyed.

“You can’t kill him.”

“Actually I can I just gotta take his head and…”

“Back off Wade.” Logan warns.

Deadpool sighs and yanks his blade back out. He shoves Edward down. Kurt teleports and tosses Edward back towards his family.

“Time to take out the trash.”

Bella covers her mouth to try and keep from laughing. The look on Alice’s face was priceless. They watch as the Cullen’s take their pitiful leave. The students high five one another. Logan grins shaking his head. However, he looks to Remy and Kurt.

“And don’t ya think I don’t know what you two have been up to! I can smell it! Watch it!”

Logan nods towards Bella and heads back inside. Bobby hugs the daylights out of her.

And he too heads inside. Bella softly laughs as Remy cocks a brow.

“I still cannot believe you’re with that one.” He says with a grin pointing to Kurt.

“It’s like the yin and yang of a relationship. I suppose you two balance each other out?”

Rogue laughs. Kurt smiles and wraps his arms around Bella’s waist. Remy kisses Rogue’s hand. “To be continued ma dame.”

He heads inside as well. Kurt follows them inside the hotel. He looks around.

“You ladies are very messy.”

He picks up one of his sisters shirts and shakes his head. Bella laughs. Kurt plops on the bed beside Bella. He looks upon her.

“Er ist ein Narr. Wie konnte er die Schönheit nicht vor mir sehen?”

Bella blushes a bit. Kurt puts his arm around her.

“You two are entirely too cute for words.”

Rogue utters as she sits at the table. Kurt waits until Bella’s fallen asleep. He goes to leave his sister turns to him.

“We’re both lucky you know.” He freezes at her words.

He looks to Rogue oddly.

“At least I have a brother I can take pride in.”

He smiles. He looks back to Bella then Rogue.

“Through whatever hell we face. It’ll only make us stronger Marie. I too take much pride in you.”

Rogue swallowed back. He’d never called her that before. He nods and exits the room.

A few days later (California)

“What about that one? He’s not so bad!” Logan shakes his head.
“Does Kurt know you check out other men during your free time?”

She rolls her eyes and playfully nudges him on the shoulder.

“I’m not looking for me!”

Logan rears back as he sips at his beer. The other students make their way over and sit down as well.

“I mean doesn’t it get lonely? And Deadpool well… I’m not even going there. I’m pretty sure he’s like bi or something. Hopefully, this will work. Maybe, he’ll open his eyes Logan.”

Logan chokes back on his beer. The other students look to Bella in question and with a hint of shock. Kurt pinches the bridge of his nose.

“Well let’s go he should be here soon. This will fix your issues. I’m sure.”

The students and Logan look to Bella in wonder. She hands Logan a couple of tickets.

Logan looks to her completely lost. “Stacy will be here to show you around soon.” Bella pecks Logan on the cheek. “Just think of this as a personal thank you for everything you’ve done for us.” Logan polishes off his beer and looks to her oddly.

The students head on outside. They were at some sort of Japanese restaurant connected to a spa. Before long Deadpool shows up with some Asian girl. Logan lowers his brows. The woman smiles.

“You two follow me.”

Logan shakes his head, but comes to his feet. He and Deadpool follow this woman into a spa area.

“I need you both to unrobe then we can begin.”

“What the hell did ya just say?”

“We got a whole day of relaxation for you and the other gentlemen.”

Logan quickly averts his eyes as Deadpool takes off everything, but his mask.

“I’m game! Let’s get started!”

“Jesus!” Logan snaps.

“Cover that shit up!”

Logan storms out of the restaurant. Bella sees this and rushes up to him.

“What are you doing?”

“Hitting a bar kid whattya think!”

“What happened?”

“You mean besides seeing Wade’s sick naked ass!”

“LOGAN! How cruel can you be? Even he has feelings you know!”

Kurt was losing it. The other students were lost.

“Are you high or something?”

Logan feels her forehead.

“Just go back in there and figure it out!”

She starts shoving him back towards the restaurant.

“How will you ever make it work if you’re not even going to try? At least he is!”
“What are you blabbing on about Ember?”
She gets him back inside. Bella takes him back to the spa area. She literally rips Logan’s shirt off and stuffs him into a chair.


She smiles and waves as she exits the room.

“Try some mood shading and music… perhaps some incense…” Bella suggests to the woman.

Logan growls out and heads to the roof. Where another disaster was planned. Deadpool was already there. He wore a tux over his getup. He pulled out a chair for Logan. There were candles and two plates set out. Logan shook his head and looked around.

“What the hell is going on?!”

“Bella’s testing my true love for her.”

Deadpool shoves Logan into a chair. He pushes him in. He tries to tie a napkin around Logan’s neck. Logan rips it out of his hand.

“Knock that shit off Wade!”

Deadpool sighs.

“Always so angry. Why do you have to be so cruel! Just give me a chance Bella love we can make this work.” Deadpool picks up a glass of wine.

He raises his finger into the air.

“She wants sophistication. How is your food Lola?”
By this point Bella and Kurt were peeking a glance to see what was going on. Kurt was trying so hard not to bust.

“Aw see he has a pet name for him. Isn’t that sweet?”

Kurt winces and takes in a breath.
“Ember…” He whispers knowing any minute Logan was going to KILL HIM.

Bella elbows Kurt.


Kurt sighs.

“Oh look meatball!” Deadpool stabs it with his fork.

He was about to stuff it into his mouth. He looks to Logan in thought.

“Oh wait… did you? Lola?” He offers the meatball to Logan.

Logan grumbles under his breath.

“See he’s learning.” Bella points out to Kurt.

Kurt nods knowing he was in deeper shit.

Logan takes the entire bottle of wine on the table and starts to drink it straight from the bottle. Logan curses under his breath.

“This is her way of thanking me? I’d rather eat glass and fart razorblades.” Logan gripes.

Bella’s jaw drops and she makes her appearance known. Logan swallows back.

“What’s your problem?!” She snaps.

“What’s yours kid are ya losing yer damn marbles or something?”

Kurt makes a face and shakes his head.

“Um…” He raises a guilty hand.

They all look to him in question. Kurt instantly grabs Bella and teleports out of there.

They end up back at the hotel they were staying at.


He sheepishly grins.

“We need to talk…” He says making a certain face.

He rubs the back of his neck and softly laughs.


He tells her the truth behind everything. How he’d been messing with her since that very first day.


He winces.

“I can’t believe you!”

“Ember…” He says feeling bad now.

She looks to Kurt and shakes her head. She paces the hotel room. However, she starts to really think about it all and starts to laugh. He looks to her strangely. She covers her mouth realizing she’d laughed out loud.
“Oh no you’re not off the hook that easily!” She barks at him.

He sighs. Bella tries her hardest not to laugh.

“Ok, it’s funny as hell.” She finally admits.

Kurt grins.

“But you’re still in big trouble! Logan must think I’m insane! Oh my god!” She giggles again and covers her face.

“You’re something else you know that Kurt!”

He shrugs with that guilty expression about his face.

“Sorry…” He utters behind laughter.

They all stand before an abandoned building. Bella looks to Logan.

“What’s this?”

He takes in a breath and lights a cigar.

“Your new school…”

“But it’s not even functioning.”

Logan nods and takes a long drag off his cigar.

“It will be…”


He grins.

“We’re all going to get it going. Think of this as a teaching experience for us all. We are the students and the faculty.”

They each look to him completely lost.

“Well… let’s get started.”

“Kurt?” Bella questions as she lies against him.

“Yes Ember?”

“When do we take care of Azazel?”

“Soon Ember… But right now we both need healing. We need to be strong for what we may face. Like I’ve stated before, I will not allow him to live.”

*Er ist ein Narr. Wie konnte er die Schönheit nicht vor mir sehen? He is a fool how can he not see the beauty before me?*

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  1. I swear…I nearly spit my drink out with Wade’s *so two dead men walk in a bar* then stabbed douchewardo. Omg…it was so freaking perfect…esp with his sure I can follow up about killing him. Lol.

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