Chapter 4 A Hawk, A Swan, And A Lion

Chapter 4

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“Thank you,” Clint said as the food arrived.

The waitress smiled as she sat their plates down. Clint glanced the direction of the ladies’ room in wonder. He looked to the time and adjusted his tie. The agent was doing his best to ignore that pit feeling he had growing within him but he couldn’t. Sorry Bella … he thought as he came to a stand. He hated to be overbearing but he hadn’t much choice. He’d much rather her be pissed with him for intruding than ignore his instincts and it being something much worse.

Clint knocked on the door and when there was no answer, he entered. The first thing he noticed was the open window and he instantly knew…

“SON OF A BITCH!” He shouted and with gritted teeth, he punched at one of the stall doors.

Bella softly whimpered out as she came to. She reached to her arm where Edward had injected her, obviously with something that put her out. The young woman rolled over and quickly came tumbling to the ground. She reared back, looking to the hammock she had previously been on. Her hand was now bandaged up as well and that wasn’t the only issue… “What the…” the bewildered girl ventured out and an all new realization came to mind. With unease, she swallowed back. The crashing of the waves was something that used to be soothing to her but as she looked out to sea, the truth slapped her hardcore. A nervous laugh escaped her.

“Oh Edward, this is a new low even for you…” she murmured under her breath.

She pivoted around noticing a house not far from the hammock she’d awakened in.

“It’s official… he’s lost his ever lovin’ mind,” Bella bitterly hissed.

A gasp escaped her as he arbitrarily appeared before her.

“I have my reasons, you know…” The vampire stated making it all too clear he’d been watching her and had heard what she’d said.

“And those would be?”

He reached out in an attempt to caress her cheek only to have her recoil.

“Bella… Please…”

“Take me back Edward.”
“I can’t do that.”
“You can and you will. You don’t seem to understand the severity of this. This… I mean, really… Edward, what are you doing?!”

“Keeping you safe…”
“Safe?” She looked around the island.

“You call this safe?”

He nodded.

“The Volturi won’t find you here – no one will.”

“And what exactly is your plan from here?”

“We can’t go back. You know that. It’s too dangerous.”

“And what does that mean exactly?”

“I think we both know…”
“Let’s pretend I’m completely ignorant and you explain further anyhow.”

“We’re not leaving this island. This is our home now.”
She sort of laughed and shook her head. As she pinched the bridge of her nose, she asked yet another question.
“And where is home exactly?”

“This is one of the few islands Carlisle and Esme own. They have one near Rio that’s quite breathtaking.”
“That doesn’t answer my question, Edward.”

“This one was given to me but it yours now Bella. In fact, I thought I’d name it Isle Bella Marie. It’s got a beautiful ring to it, doesn’t it?”


He narrowed his eyes on this.
“Do you not like it?”

Bella closed her eyes for a moment and reached to her temples feeling one hell of a migraine coming.

“So you’re telling me that you have plans for us to live here forever?”

“Yes Bella. Isn’t that what you always wanted? Just you and me… You have me all to yourself.”

“You don’t get it, do you?”
“What’s there to get, Bella? So you gave into your human needs. This was to be expected. I can’t totally fault you for something like that but that’s all in the past now. We can move on; put it all behind us.”

“Us? There is no us. You dumped me remember?”
“A mistake I plan to spend the rest of your life making up for.”

My life?”

He nodded. She reared back, feeling ill.

“Wait, are you saying what I think you are?”

“And what is it you think I’m saying?”
“Oh come on, are we really going to play these stupid games of yours?!”

“Bella…” he uttered as if to scold her.

“No! Don’t even. First off – this is kidnapping! Second – us? There is no such thing! Third – I can’t believe you expect me to grow old and die on some fucking island!”

“We’ve discussed this already.”
“That’s right we have. When we were an item, but we’re clearly not anymore and we never will be – not ever again!”

“You don’t mean that, Bella. I hurt you, and you feel the need to make me pay, which is more no more than I deserve. So I will take whatever you dish out but I will also do whatever it takes to keep you protected. So if you want to yell at me – go ahead. You want to drill me to the ends of this earth on all my wrongdoings – go for it. Do whatever you must, but in the meantime… We’re staying right here.”

“Um no. That’s so not happening. You’re going to take me back and now.”

Edward reared back and died in laughter.

“You wouldn’t last another day with that idiot!”

Idiot? Oh believe me… he’s no idiot. In fact, he makes you look rather bad in comparison.”

Bella gasped back as he suddenly had her up against a tree. Edward’s hands were clamped around her throat.

“Edward…” she murmured behind a gasp for air.

His eyes widened once he realized what he was doing; he immediately dropped his hold.

“Bella I…”

The young woman staggered back, holding up a hand.

“Just stay back. You stay away from me!”

“Bella please. I’m so sorry! I…”

She heard the snapping of a branch and started to fall back. Edward swiftly broke her fall by catching her. He grimaced at the marks he’d left around her neck.

“Jesus…” he whispered and lowered his head in shame.

“I just keep hurting you. I’m so sorry. You must know I didn’t mean it. I’d never hurt you.”
“You keep saying that…” she choked back holding her neck.

It hurt all to hell and she struggled just to breathe.

“Bella, please you know…”

Her lip curled in disgust as something else ‘popped up’ to her.

“Oh my god! Get off me!”

She tried shoving him back but ended up having to crawl out from under him. The vampire was rocking one hell of a hard on.

“Since when are you the prudish one?” he hissed, looking flustered.

“You’re really going to ask me that?”

“You never had a problem with it before!”


“YOU’LL WHAT? HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN WHAT I AM EXACTLY? ARE YOU REALLY DUMB ENOUGH TO SIT THERE AND MAKE THREATS TO A VAMPIRE? Come on now… You’re smarter than that, Bella. We both know so. You and that mouth of yours! Always getting us into trouble. You know, I just figured it out – you’re not accident prone! You’re a glutton for punishment. You can’t shut up to save your life! If you’d only let me take care of everything we’d be fine. We would’ve been fine. But you wanted to call all the shots!”
“OH me?! I called all the shots?”

He nodded.

“You’re so full of shit! You controlled every aspect of our relationship and you know it! All of this… ‘it’s too dangerous, Bella. You can’t do this or that’…”
“I had to!”
“Just as always – someone has to keep you protected! I swear death follows you around everywhere you go!”

“And this is your answer? Kidnapping me? Taking me away from what could be the actual love of my life but I may never find out now.”

Edward sneered at this.
“THAT IS NOT LOVE! That is nothing more than lust! You honestly think that guy sees you as anything more than a piece of tail. He’s old enough to be your father. How sick is that?”
“Oh sure, says the century old vampire.”
“That’s different!”

“How so?”

Another gasp escaped her as he appeared before her. He backed her up against another tree. With his body planted to hers, he looked her in the eyes.

“He doesn’t love you. Believe me when I say no one will ever love you; not the way I do. I would do anything for you. You will love me once again. After you get over this need to make me pay. Look at you Bella… you’re 18. That perfect age… Everything about you toys with men’s minds. To someone like him, you’re nothing more than good lay. That’s it. There is no future with a man like that.”

“And there is with you? Someone that will forever be 17? We will never be married or have children. I will grow old and eventually die and that is pretty much it.”

“All things you hadn’t an issue with before. You knew we couldn’t have children! As for marriage, that’s certainly doable. But no… you’re right; I won’t turn you.”

“I don’t want you to turn me! I don’t want any of this. I want you to take me back to Rome!”

“You will die!”

“Then so be it!”
“You don’t mean that and you know it! There you go being…”

His lip curled at this. Edward scooped her up and within a flash, or so it seemed to her, they were inside the house she’d seen earlier. She was suddenly lying on a white sofa. This house was even more ridiculous than that of the one back in Forks – she found herself thinking.

“Are you hungry?”


Truth of the matter, she was starving and thirsty. But she didn’t want anything the bastard had to offer. She’d never truly realized how selfish the prick was until now. He rolled his eyes.
“Bella, I can hear your stomach growling. No need to be shy around me, love. You know that…”

Just hearing him calling her love again had her feeling queasy. Within a beat, he took off and she could hear him preparing something in the kitchen. She shook her head on this and looked around. Bella started to think of some way to escape but that was just it… How in the hell do you escape a vampire? A love sick one at that…

Bella timidly came to her feet. She knew how Edward worked now. Everything was about the game of manipulation. He’d do whatever he could to try and win her over.

They’re fast…

They never sleep…

But he would have to hunt eventually

A small smile formed along her face as she had that small twinge of hope now. She remembered how long their hunting trips usually took. That would be her one chance. She only hoped that it would be coming up soon – as in tonight, possibly. It would depend on how long Edward’s gone without feeding. That and she were thinking of another plan. If she could somehow drive him into hunting. She thought about their bloodlust. The frantic girl knew she’d be taking one hell of a risk but she hadn’t much choice.

These ideas continued to play out in that mind of hers as he brought her a plate of food.

“I’ve got some wine if you’d like.”

She looked to him rather surprised. Edward always was a stickler for the rules, ones such as underage drinking. Bella was about to decline his offer but her hand was killing her and she knew it would help to settle her nerves. After all, she was about to play ball and it was going to be one hell of a game. She only hoped she could fool Edward just as easily as he once had her.

“I’d actually like that,” she said, doing her best to keep her voice soft.

Bella thought back to her relationship with Edward. How he used to make her feel… She cleared her throat and tried her best to bring on that old front of hers. She even managed to lower her head in an act of coyness when he handed her the glass. Edward reached over and gently lifted her chin with his index finger.

“Perhaps I should run you a bath… It’d be good for you to relax after dinner.”

She nodded as he undid the wrapping on her hand and kissed it. Within a beat he disappeared. Bella drew back the deepest of breaths. She picked up her fork and quickly placed it down. Her hand wouldn’t stop shaking. She rubbed at it in hopes of making it stop but she knew it was all nerves. Before long she heard the water upstairs running. As she ate the chicken alfredo he’d made, she truly took everything in. The furniture wasn’t much different from the Forks’ house. Everything was still bright, white, and mostly made of glass.

Bella quickly downed her glass and poured herself another. Bella made certain she finished that entire bottle of wine before Edward made it back down. It would make her plans… more believable. Once she finished with her food and the bottle of wine, she headed to the kitchen. Her plan was soon interrupted, however, as she felt a hand along her shoulder. She gripped the bottle firmly, resisting the urge to break it across that pretty marble face of his.

“I got this, Bella…” he took the plate and cocked a brow upon the empty bottle of wine.


She shrugged.

“It was really good.”

He smiled as he threw the bottle away. Afterwards, he led her up the stairs and to the master bathroom. He already had a white silk robe ready for when she got out. What’s this family’s deal with white or is it just an Edward thing? She thought to herself.

“After your bath you should get some sleep.”

And there he went again acting as though she were some fragile china doll. Yet not even half an hour ago he had his hands wrapped around her throat in a death grip from hell. She shook her head at the candles and rose petals he had around the massive tub itself.

“Is something wrong?”

“…no…” she lied, never feeling more creeped out in her life than then.

It was clear that Edward Cullen was off his rocker. In fact, it was safe to believe he was mentally unstable.

“I’ll leave you to it then. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to let me know. I’ll be right outside the door.”

Of course you will… Creeper.

The moment he left the bathroom, she locked the door. Bella looked around half expecting for there to be some sort of hidden cameras. She half laughed to herself as she got undressed. Clint came to mind and she wondered what he was doing about now. There wasn’t a doubt in her mind that he was flipping the fuck out, wondering where she was. It was then she remembered the tracking device. She ran her fingers along the area praying to God Clint activated it and was on his way. Yet part of her feared it as well. She’d never felt more conflicted as she did now. She hated this! The young woman wanted to give Edward the beating of a lifetime and tell him what a selfish lousy bastard he truly was. But she was stranded on an island with a cross and forlorn vampire. The story of Dracula and his Mina came to mind; only Edward was nowhere near as charming and whatever influence he once had over Bella had become nothing but a black void of nothingness.

On this thought, she stepped into the tub and eased on in. Bella dunked her head under and just laid there under the water for a solid two minutes before coming up. When she came back up, she jumped.

“EDWARD!” she scolded and hurriedly covered herself.

He nodded and had a towel in his hand.

“I forgot to set this out for you.”

Edward tilted his head, not taking his eyes off her.

“You don’t have to cover up around me. Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?”

Bella’s entire body flushed over. But not in the way it would if Clint Barton had said it. No this was fury…


The vampire reared back at her words.



He sneered at this but darted on out of the room. She jumped as the door slammed. So hard in fact the mirror within the room shattered. Bella glanced towards the door and within a beat she hopped out of the tub. She quickly dried off and put the robe on. Her hand shook as she picked up a shard of glass. As she drew back the deepest of breaths, she drove the shard of glass in her thigh. She came up with a quick cover story in that head of hers as she headed out.

Edward was lying on the bed when he shot up. The smell of blood was the first thing to hit. His eyes went dark and he closed them for a moment.

“I don’t know what happened. The floor was slippery when I got out and I couldn’t break my fall. I…”

He zipped over and scooped her up. Edward laid her on the bed and started examining her wound. She had blood along her hands, face, and there was blood running down her leg creating a puddle along the bedspread. He thickly swallowed. Bella could see it in his eyes. The struggle… She brought her blood covered hand to his cheek.
“I’m sorry…”

He leaned into her hand and that’s when she got the reaction she wanted. Edward was breathing her in.

“Bella…” the vampire uttered looking to be in sheer misery.

“What have you done?”

Edward paced the room eyeing her off and on.

Cover up!”

He scolded throwing a blanket over her as her partial nudity only added to his torment. He pulled at his hair.

“I have to go,” the teenage vampire snapped and took off.

Bella closed her eyes in slight relief. She hurriedly rolled off the bed, removed the shard from her thigh and cleaned herself up the best she could. She went to put her clothes back on but couldn’t find them. She was sure Edward did away with them. So she looked in the closet within the room and utter nausea washed over her. He’d been planning this… There were dresses, pants, shirts, shoes… all in her size. Bella’s lip curled once she recognized the style of clothes.

“Alice…” she hissed as she peered over at a set of heels.

Bella grabbed the closest thing to her taste; a pair of blue jeans, a black button shirt, and boots. Once she was fully dressed, she didn’t bother with her hair or anything of the matter. She knew time was a factor so she rushed on out of the house, doing her best to ignore the pain in her hand, neck, and now her thigh. She truly felt like a battered woman now, which wasn’t far from the truth. Vampire or not… It was more than apparent Edward was indeed abusive and in every which way. No matter how apologetic he was; it was still abuse and for once, she truly feared for her life. There was no doubt in her mind that Edward could snap and decide to end her once and for all. Or worse… Give her that eternity she once craved. The idea of becoming one of them now terrified her more than death itself.

Bella sucked back a breath and took off as quick as possible. He was hunting so she knew to stay away from any wooded areas. Her best bet? To hit the shoreline and follow that and go from there.

The agent unnervingly activated the device. Clint narrowed his eyes as he was doing his best to track her. “That little SHIT!” He muttered irately once he pinpointed the area on his phone and zoomed in. There wasn’t a doubt in that mind of his that the ex was behind this. The Volturi sure as hell wouldn’t have her stashed away on some island. No, this had psycho idiot ex-boyfriend written all over it. Clint peered over looking to the docks and the boats surrounding them. He nodded to himself.

“Hold on, baby. I’m on my way…”

Bella warily made her way around the shoreline. Her heart was racing ninety to nothing and part of her felt utterly broken. Never did she dream that she’d be running for the sake of her own life and from none other than Edward Cullen himself. The very vampire that had sworn to protect her always. Then again, he was a pro when it came to breaking promises. She found herself wondering how the hell they got here. Shouldn’t there be a boat somewhere? And just as that thought came to mind, she spotted the dock. At this, a mixture of relief and fear came over her. How in the hell was she going to take that boat without Edward noticing? Much less hearing the start of the motor. Could she possibly row it out to sea on her own and start it within a safer distance away? She cringed in thought of their incredible hearing. It was just a chance she was going to have to take.

The determined woman headed towards the dock as fast as her legs would carry her. The moment she got on the boat she looked around for the keys. That’s right… You didn’t think about that part did you? You need key to drive a boat! She groaned to herself in misery. Bella glanced towards the area of the house then back towards the boat.

“Dammit…” she murmured, feeling damn near defeated.

She hadn’t a clue how much time she had and what if Edward had the keys?

“Fuck…” Bella whispered and paced about the boat.

Her body came to a complete halt though as she spotted the glove compartment. She rushed over, thankful it wasn’t locked as she opened it and there they were. A slight smile formed on those lips of hers. Now the only other issue besides the obvious… Bella had never driven a boat a day in her life. But she hadn’t the time to concern herself with that at the moment. She slid into the seat and looked at all the controls. She half laughed as she placed the key into the ignition.

“Well Agent Barton, now would be a good time for your expertise…” she murmured.

Doing her best to think like him, she untied the boat from the dock. Really knowing nothing about boating, she also checked to see if it was maybe anchored down as well. After she went over everything she could think of, Bella started the engine knowing damn well she wasn’t going to be able to row this out to sea. Not a boat this size and on her own. So… She only hoped she could race on out of here without killing herself. Just like a car… right? If you can drive a fucking standard you can drive this fucking boat.

She put the boat in reverse and wheeled it around from there. Once she had a straight shot, she sighed to herself. Her heart hadn’t stopped racing. Not for a single second. No looking back, just go!

And that’s exactly what she did. Bella took her chances and floored it. Just as she had hopes of being in the clear, the boat hit something hard enough that Bella flew right on out. Her eyes widened as she landed in the water. She screamed out under the water as the boat exploded. The impact sent her further out to sea and her body was being forced below. She reached out desperate to come up for air. Someone jerked her out of the water and violently shook her.


His skin was cracked all to hell showing it was him that the boat had it. Edward rolled his head about and Bella grimaced as parts of him landed in the water.

“Is that what you want? YOU WANT TO DIE?! Is the thought of being with me so bad you’d rather die?!”
She swallowed back as he forced her right up against him.


“If it’s a choice between living the rest of life on this island or finally being free of the curse that is Edward Cullen, then you bet your sweet ass I’d rather fucking DIE!”

He closed his eyes on this and nodded as if to himself. Her jaw dropped as he grabbed her by the hair. He was literally dragging her out of the water.

“Edward! You’re hurting me.”
“Why do you care? You want to die… Pain is nothing in comparison. Pain reminds us that we are alive. Something you obviously don’t want.”
Bella wrapped her hands around his wrists as he continued. She fought to keep from drowning as the water constantly suffocated her. Bella writhed about, desperate to break free of him. Once he got her back to land he planted his body on hers and looked her dead in the eyes.

“I’ve never had anyone – and I do mean ANYONE! – hurt me the way you have. You’ve got to be the cruelest woman that’s ever walked the earth. After everything I’ve done for you… I tell you sweetheart, you’re so eager to die then why don’t I give you a taste of death and see how you feel about it then! How does that sound, Bella? You want me to help you overcome this nonsense?”

Before she could even answer he forced her head into the water. Bella tried everything within her power to fight him off and to come back up for air.


Edward was shoved back and someone snatched Bella out of the water.



“Edward, what have you done? This is Bella! How could you?!”

Bella started coughing and the one scolding Edward gently rolled her over. Once Bella caught her breath, they brought her against their chest and were rocking her.

“I’m taking her back! I’m sorry Edward but I can’t let this continue! I’ve seen it… Edward, you’re going to kill her!”

Alice’s voice carried over.

“I can’t and won’t let you!”

“I wasn’t going to kill her! She’s in need of a lesson.”
“Lesson?! LESSON?!”

He nodded. Alice cupped Bella’s chin and checked her over.

“I’m so sorry Bella.”

Edward rolled his eyes on this.

“I thought you loved Bella!”

“I DO!”
“You call this love? LOOK AT HER! LOOK AT YOURSELF!”

“Just stay out of this, Alice. I know what I’m doing – this doesn’t concern you! If she goes back to that idiot she’ll wind up dead. We both know it.”

Alice shook her head on this.

“No… you’re wrong. Her chances are much greater with him. I didn’t see death until you entered the picture! I’ve never seen you this way! Honestly Edward, what’s come over you?”

His eyes grew dark again as he ground his teeth together. He tilted his head upon Bella. A look that both women found chilling crossed his face. Alice swallowed back and leaned into Bella’s ear.

“Run… Run and don’t look back. No matter what you hear. You keep running.”

Bella gasped out as Alice shot up and darted right for Edward. Her heart sank to the pit of her stomach as Alice had Edward pinned down.

“GO! NOW!”

Bella nodded and took off as fast as humanly possible.

Edward reversed the pin and shocked Alice with a punch right to the face. Only he did this over and over and over.

“Edward!” She cried out as parts of her skin were flaking off and he actually managed to break her nose off.


Alice flung her legs out and sent Edward flying out to sea.

“You won’t hurt her anymore!”

“Bella belongs to me, Alice! And no one… not even you, is going to stand in my way.”

Edward started the direction Bella went. Only find himself slammed up against at tree.

“You want anywhere near that girl, you had better go through me!”

He nodded and pivoted around forcing her body in an awkward angle. Alice cried out as Edward snapped one of her legs off and shoved her on to the ground.

“I’ll put you back together later…” he darkly stated as he tossed her leg at her.

“NO! BELLA KEEP RUNNING!” She yelled as loud as her voice could carry.

Goosebumps ran along Bella’s body as she heard Alice’s cry. And here she was… just as Edward had tried to warn her once before. She was the lamb being chased by the lion and he was indeed sick and masochistic. Tears streamed down her face. She knew there was no possible way of outrunning him or even hiding. Soon he’d catch up to her and her fate now lies within his hands. The hands of a teenage vampire she once loved irrevocably or so she’d thought… She hadn’t known what true love was until now and his face burned within her mind. It broke her heart knowing she’d never see that man again. This was it… this was how the story of Bella Swan ended. This miserable laugh escaped her and she wiped the tears with the back of her hand. But she didn’t stop running. If she was going down, she wasn’t about to make it easy by any means.

The tears were coming so strong now she couldn’t see. Everything had become a blur. Alice’s voice carried through that mind of hers as she trudged on. Her body was suddenly snatched as if from nowhere. A hand automatically clamped over her mouth but there was a familiar warmth to it. Relief washed over her as they locked eyes. He nodded and put a finger to his lips. He quickly wrapped something around her waist and jerked back on some sort of rope. Her jaw dropped as she was suspended into the air. Her body became hidden amongst the trees.

“Come on, Bella. Let’s just put this nonsense behind us now. I never realized just how immature you really were.”

Barton got himself situated as well but at a post further off. He wasn’t taking any chances. He dangled about praying he got in a couple good shots before the vampire took notice of his whereabouts or read his plans. Come on, you son of a bitch, just a few more steps… The agent smiled once the vampire came to a halt. That’s right, you know that clicking sound, don’t you? You know you’re FUCKED! The deadshot fired off his arrow and it went right through the vampire’s forehead. He darted that direction and Clint smiled once again and waved.

“Don’t mind me. I’m just hanging around. Great view from here!”

The vampire was soon brought to his knees as another arrow hit… This time right at his crotch.

“From what I heard, you never used it anyhow. Look at it like this – you’ll feel lighter! Well, that depends on what you’re working with to begin with. I doubt it was much.”

The agent brought himself down and cut the rope, landing in a crouching stance. He stood at a safe distance knowing the vampire was about to have an ‘accident’.

“Now I admit, I haven’t come across many mind readers but you’ve gotta be the worst there is. I mean seriously… What is it you like to say… only human, right?”

He brought another arrow out and pointed to the pressure mine Edward was standing on.

“That one isn’t as powerful as the ones I used back in Volterra,” he stated with a shrug.

“You might lose a leg or two. Either way, you won’t be walking away from that. So let’s have a little man-to-man talk.” Clint made a face of mockery as he glanced down.

“Right… I mean man-to-dickless piece of shit

Clint twirled the arrow about in his hand and paced the area for a moment.

“So, I take it being a cold blooded vampire just wasn’t macho enough for you? Does it make you feel more human or manly even? Mistreating young ladies? Or were you like this even as a human but no one ever knew your dirty little secrets?”

Clint fired off another arrow and it went through Edward’s shoulder.

“I gotta give you props. You’re like a statue over there. Not even flinching.”

The agent gave a small golf clap.


Edward gritted his teeth.

“Hey, if you think you can outrun that. Please be my guest. I’m rather curious myself. Those aren’t exactly vampire tested. You were around during the days of the Civil War, right?”

“He wasn’t but I sure as hell was.”

Clint raised his brows on this and pivoted around – seeing a very pissed off Jasper. He had Alice in his hold. Jasper sat her down and propped her up against a tree. He caressed his wife’s cheek and pecked her on the lips.

He craned his head in Edward’s direction


Clint reared back in surprise. An explosion was heard and within a blink of an eye, Edward was laying amongst the ground. Both his legs were missing and Jasper had him in a death grip. He leaned into his brother’s ear, “I know everything there is to know about these things and how fast you have to be. You never were any match for me. This brother…? This is goodbye… I’m taking Alice back and leaving your sorry ass here to face whatever this man has rightfully planned for you. It’s no more than you deserve. I’ll be sure to let the other’s know where your ashes are spread.”

Jasper strut right on up to Clint and offered his hand.

“He’s all yours, my friend.”

The agent nodded at this and watched as the vampire picked his wife back up and seemingly vanished.

Clint died in laughter.

“Well, there you have it. You sure have a way of getting on everyone’s shit list.”

Barton put away his bow and made his way over. He cut the rope he had on a nearby tree and started lowering Bella back down. Once he had her on the ground, he cut the remains of the rope and unhooked the belt he had around her.

He took a moment to really look her over. The more bruises he saw, the more enraged he became.

Bella looked upon Edward with hatred in her eyes. Clint curiously observed as she made her way over. He raised his brows as she started dragging Edward back towards the house and by the roots of his hair. The deadeye shrugged and picked up the vampire’s remains and followed. Bella dragged him into the house and propped him up against the kitchen stove. She turned on all the pilots and Clint smiled already gathering what she was going for. Gas began to spread throughout the house.

Before they left Bella hunkered down, cupping Edward’s chin.

“I suppose you’re about to find out whether you have a soul or not.”
“Bella… I never stopped loving you.”

Bella nodded.

“I know… Why don’t I help you overcome this nonsense?”

Clint was in damn near awe at the moment. So she does have a dark side. I knew it. Let him burn, baby!

The gas was growing thicker and Clint tapped Bella on the shoulder.

“Hate to be a buzzkill, baby, but we gotta jet.”

She nodded and Clint motioned for her to step on out. He glanced back once more.

“Not to worry. She’ll be in good hands. I’m taking over from here. Your loss is my gain, buddy!”

Edward hissed out and angrily reached out for Barton only to have the agent die in laughter as he landed on his face.

“Don’t worry Edward… you have a soul. And there’s a special place for one’s such as yours. I’m sure your room’s been reserved already.”

He stepped out and dug into a bag he had on him. Clint took out a grenade.

“You might wanna to take cover, baby.”

She nodded with a wide-eyed glare.

“Fire in the hole!” Clint called out once she took cover.

He withdrew the pin and tossed the grenade into the house. He pivoted about and shielded Bella with his own body as the boom sounded. The entire area around them shook. The house was now engulfed in flames. Debris was flying about and Clint decidedly took her hand and rushed off to the boat he had waiting for them.

(A Webcatcher’s Dream, Love Me Till It Hurts, and Gamma Love coming up. Thank you Bertie Bott aka my Lil Devil for beta’ing this for me. I loves you more than Hawkeye loves his bow and arrows!)

(Now be a sport let me know what you think by leaving your review! Thank you!)



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