Chapter 9 Rolling With Punches, Sucking Faces

Chapter 9

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“Wait you’re running the theater?”

I shrug as I grab my cup of coffee to head next door.

“They seriously hired you?”

“But the only experience you have is running a farm.”

“Yeah, you know how we ranchers are we can’t count for shit.” I roll my eyes and start to walk away.
“Look Bella I’m sorry I just…”
I turn towards her.

“Just what?”

“Thank you. You know for the other day.”

I nod and start towards the door.

“You’re making a mistake though.”

I curiously turn back around facing her.

“And what might that be?”

“You and Clark, even you must see that it doesn’t make sense.”

I have a good laugh at this.

“You just can’t help yourself can you?”

“Bella I mean no disrespect, but honestly look at him then look at you. Tell me do you honestly see a future with him? You would have been better off if they had adopted you instead. It’s a pity your mother had to suffer for so long. Think about it, if she had died that day. Things would have worked out the best for everyone.”

I grit my teeth and make my way over to her. I grab her by the collar of her shirt and shove her against the counter.

She slaps me across the face and I grab her by the hair.

“LADIES!” I sneer seeing Lex.

I feel a set of hands along me as both men start pulling Lana and I off each other.

Lana grabs a chair and goes to throw it into my face. Lex rips it out of her hand and shoves her into a chair.

“Cool off!”

“You wanna fight me princess? You had better get some training first.”

Lex seems muddled as I say this. Clark’s hold gets slightly tighter on me.

“Now I’m curious.” Lex says with a grin.

“LEX!” Clark warns.

“What you’re not?”

“You want to talk to me about what makes sense Lana? You’re a pretty girl that could have damn near any man she wanted. But your attitude ROYALLY SUCKS!”

Lex raises his brows at me and shakes his head.

“Bell…” Clark says in his soft warning voice and starts leading me out.

I grit my teeth and put on my vest for work.

“Are you going to be ok?”

“I’ll be fine Clark.”

“What was that about anyhow?”

“Don’t worry about it.”

“Bell, you can tell me. You know that right?”

I sigh, knowing how he used to feel about her so talking bad about her to him felt wrong.

“Just Lana proving how stupid she was.”

“Everything ok?”

Johnathon questions as he makes his way out of the truck.


He cups my chin.

“Where’d that come from?”

“Nobody important, I got to get to work.”

He nods, but looks to Clark.

“What brings you two into town anyway?”

They both just shrug.

“Um ok… I’ll see you tonight.”

“Call when you’re done. One of us will fetch you.”

“Fetch huh?”

Johnathon smiles. Clark shakes his head grinning as he leans against the truck.

“Later Bell, good luck.”

So he’s not going to chew me out for trying to smash in Lana’s face? No… what were you thinking Bell!? Maybe, he’s just waiting until he gets me alone.

“So you’re the new girl?”

I nod as I put on my vest and pull my hair up. The older man shrugs.

“Well I’m Tony and I’ll be training you. On Monday through Thursdays it’ll just be you running the place. We don’t get much business. On Friday and Saturday it’ll just be you and one other person. We are closed Sundays.”

“Sounds good.”

The man looked to be about Johnathon’s age. He seemed nice enough. He was shorter though and had a bit of a beer belly.

“You sure came in handy. I’ve been having to work both shifts.”
“That’s gotta stink.”

He smiles.

“Certainly does.”

He starts showing me where everything is, how to work the register, and where to clock in.

“Well I’ll be in my office if you need anything.”

I nod as I look around taking it all in. There were a few customers nothing I couldn’t handle. The job itself wasn’t so bad.

“Hey! I didn’t know you were working here now.”

I smile.

“Hey Kenny, little late for a movie I’m about to lock up.”

“Actually, I’m here for an application.”

I point out Tony’s office.

“He’s the one to go to.”


“So how’s Clark these days?”
I narrow my eyes confused. Kenny Braverman was one of Clark’s best friends or so used to be. I noticed they weren’t hanging out as much not since high school started. He started hanging out with Pete and Whitney more these days. Kenny was built a lot like Clark, he too rather attractive. He’d dark sandy brown hair and green eyes.

“Um good actually.” I say with a shrug.

I guess they hadn’t really been talking at all these days. Kenny always seemed really nice.

“That’s good. Tell him I said not to be a stranger.”

“Sure will do. You should stop by the farm sometime.”
“I may do that.”

He heads into Tony’s office and they talk for a few moments. He fills out an application and starts towards the door.

“It was good seeing you again Bella.”

“You too Kenny.”

Once the night’s over Tony shows me how to lock up for the night, I call home and wait for a ride. I lean against the wall outside closing my eyes for a moment. I hear the other door open and Lana steps out. I take in a breath doing my best to ignore her.

I hear her locking up. Her heels from her high heel boots clink against the asphalt as she heads to her car. I open my eyes to see her taking some sort of flower off one of her windshield wipers. She smiles breathing it in. The flower was hideous. It was bright red and yellow had a huge stalk to it. It looked more like a weed. I mind my own business though as she gets in the car holding the flower.

“Come here often?”

I turn towards the familiar voice.

“And you are?”

I play along.

“Clark Kent… and you?”

“Penelope Gross.”

He grins shaking his head.

“Huh, you don’t look like a Penelope.”

“Is that so? Then Mr. Kent what do I look like?”

“This girl I know.” He sighs as if disappointed. He crosses his hands about his chest.

“But you’re not her so…”

He starts walking away and I laugh.

“Just as well you could be an alien or something for all I know.”

I gasp as we end up on a nearby roof.


He wiggles his brows.

“You should know I have a girlfriend.” He says, but starts kissing along my neck.

“Hmm, maybe she should keep her options open. You’re a terrible boyfriend.”

“What she doesn’t know…” He hints and kisses my lips.

He then picks me up and flips me over his shoulder.


“Dad said to come pick you up…”

“Smart ass.”

He chuckles and pops me on the butt.

That night I decide to mess with Clark’s head. I wait until I hear him about to come out of the shower. Just as he comes out I open my door and put a sign on the doorknob.

No X-ray It read and Clark rears back. I quickly shut my door trying not to laugh. I cover my mouth and bow over wishing I could see what he was doing. I hear him sigh. I open my door yet, again and he turns as he’s heading to his room. He goes to say something and I put another sign over that one.

This means you Clark! I quickly shut my door again.

I leap onto my bed and laugh into my pillow.

“Bell…” I hear him grumble outside my door.

I reach over and grab my remote to my radio. I turn it up and roll over on my bed.

The next morning I head to the bathroom and see the signs have been replaced.

X-ray in use My jaw drops.


I half growl and head to the bathroom. My eyes widen as I see another sign on the shower door.

X-ray still in use

“Oh my god!”

I hear him laughing outside the door. I roll my eyes and start getting ready. I got up a bit earlier to help Martha before school. She was home now and her leg would be in a cast for 6 weeks. Major bummer for Martha she can’t stand it. We’re constantly having to get her to sit down and relax. I come down the stairs and the three of them are staring at me.

“Um what?”

Clark smiles and takes out a vanilla cupcake with a lit blue candle.

“Happy birthday.” They all chorus.

I blush a bit.

“Birthday huh?”

He nods and comes towards me with the cupcake.

“Well make a wish Bella.” Martha says smiling.

I shrug and lock eyes with Clark as I blow out the candle.

“Thanks.” He hands me the cupcake.

“Breakfast of champions.”

Johnathon laughs as I take a bite.

“Hmm, delicious.”

Martha looks to Clark as if astonished. John clears his throat.

“Clark made it.”

Martha pulls out a plate of cupcakes.

“You baked?”

He shrugs.

“Huh wonders never seize.”

“Be nice Bell.”

“It’s my birthday, I don’t have to be.” I swipe my finger across the white icing on my cupcake. Then wipe some on his cheek.


His parents laugh and Clark sighs as he takes a paper towel wiping it off.

“Aw, but you looked so cute!”

He grumbles under his breath. I pour me a glass of orange juice and finish my cupcake. It really was good. Clark took me by surprise. We grab our backpacks and start out the door.

“Hey catch!”

I turn and my eyes widen as he tosses me a set of keys. I rear back.

“What’s this?”

He puts his arm around Martha and motions towards the front door. I turn back around and we step outside. I see an old red Chevy pickup outside. I turn to Clark confused. He just grins.

“Um what’s this?” I turn back to Martha and John.

“Happy Birthday Bells.”

I swallow back on Johnathon’s words he sounded just like Charlie. I stand there in shock for a moment.

“You got me a truck?”

The guilt however, hit as I look back to Clark. He’d just turned 17 over the summer. He didn’t get a freaking car!


“It was his idea…” John says.

Clark nods.

“I can get around a bit easier than you and you’ve got more of a reason to need a vehicle.” He hints patting me on the back.

“Martha and I are proud of you on your new job. Clark told us your reasoning, Bella that shows a lot of maturity on your part. You went and did this all on your own. I happen to admire that. I want you to know though if it ever becomes, too much the truck is still yours. We all know you’ve got your hands full with the help on the farm and homework.”

“Um wow… guys… seriously, I love it but, this is too much. I…”

Clark takes my hand and shakes his head.

“Just accept it. You deserve it.”

I bite my lower lip in thought. I walk back over and hug and thank them both.

Clark and I get in the truck.

“Pretty cool huh?” He says looking around.

“Actually, yeah it is. I’d feel better though if it’s mutual.”


“Please Clark… seriously…”

“It’s your birthday gift.”

“Yeah well, how else you gonna take me on dates!”

He laughs.

“I can’t exactly ride on your back everywhere we go.”

“No, but it would be entertaining.”

We both lean back as I start the truck.


“Fine, we can share, but the truck is still yours…”


“Foot’s down.” He says with a shrug.

He meant it too, once Clark puts his mind to something that’s the final say. I’ve only managed to break him a handful of times. I actually, broke sweat each time. He’s hard headed.

We wave them off as I hit the road.

“Yes!” I honk as we pass the bus.

Clark chuckles and waves to Pete.

“No more lousy bus!”

“That’s for certain.”

I park in the school parking lot.

“Plenty of room?” I say with a mischievous grin.


“Making out of course…” His eyes widen a bit.

“Oh really?” He shrugs looking around as if I was going to ravish him right here.

“You’re too innocent for words sometimes Clark.”


I nod and put my hand to the doorknob. Clark however, wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me into his lap.

“You’re right it is roomy.” He winks running his hand along my rear.

“Hmm.” I twist around straddling his lap.

I kiss him. He catches me by surprise as he grips my hips and starts grinding me along him. Talk about hot… What happened to the shy farm boy? We both break apart once we see just how into it we’re getting. Both of us take in a breath and freeze for a moment. The bell ringing breaks our trance and I open Clark’s door practically tumbling off him to get out. He’s laughing and grabs my arm for balance.

“Ugh, gravity is not my friend.”

“That’s why I’m here.”


“I was actually, being serious.” He says with a shrug.

We look up though to see Chloe and Pete with huge grins. Chloe’s shaking a Polaroid in the air. My jaw drops.

“CHLOE!” She takes off running with the picture. Pete’s laughing. Chloe manages to disappear on me. I roll my eyes in thoughts. I can’t believe they were watching Clark and I!

We head to our lockers and I open my bag to exchange books.

“What the…” I pull out the new skateboard from my bag.

I look directly at Clark.


He says nothing just reaches over kissing my forehead. I take in a breath and look upon the skateboard. It was actually really cool looking.

“Holy shit…” I utter and everyone in the hallway looks at me.

The board was signed by Tony Hawk. I can’t use this board it’s going on freaking display! How’d he manage that! The board had the Birdhouse logo on it and it was red and blue. Which I thought was funny since those are the colors Clark tends to wear the most.

I stuff the board back in my backpack. I head straight to class, straight to Clark’s desk and peck him on the lips.

“Thank you.”

He smiles as I take my seat. The bell rings for class to start. We’re all taking out our books when the door opens.

“You’re late Ms. Lang.” The teacher scoffs.

I narrow my eyes upon Lana though. She’s dressed to kill. Literally, she’s wearing the shortest black dress I’ve ever seen, high heels, her makeups even done differently.

Every male in the room was freaking drooling. Even I had to admit she looked rather hot I suppose. I was afraid to even look at Clark’s reaction to this. So I forced my head to stay forward. That’s until I hear the class reacting to something, Clark’s direction nonetheless. I turn and see Lana sitting on my man’s lap and she’s kissing him! I grit my teeth full on bitch mode comes about me! I yank her off him and she grabs my shoulders and sends me sailing across the room.

“Ms. Lang!” The teacher yells.

“LANA!” Clark hollers out in disbelief.

Meanwhile, I’m dazed as to what took place. Since when does Lana Lang hand me my ass?

The bitch is smiling and coming right for me. I scoot back trying to brace myself for impact.

She digs her heel into my leg. I grit my teeth and ankle swipe her with my free leg. Once I get her down I pin her with her wrists to the ground.

“What’s come over you Lana?!”

Before I can blink she’s got me in a choke hold. I’m a good 2 feet up in the air. She tosses me back and Clark breaks my fall. Clark holds out a hand placing me behind him.

“Enough Lana, think about what you’re doing. You don’t want to hurt Bella.”

She slowly approaches him and I wrap my hands around Clarks arm. She rips his shirt open and runs her hand along his chest. WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUCK! Clark grabs her hand.

“Knock it off; you know I’m with Bella. I don’t see you that way Lana, I’m sorry.”

She laughs.

“That’s not what your body is telling me.” She grabs his package and I rip past him and step in front of him.

Lana sneezes right in my damn face.

“GROSS!” I stumble back wiping my face off.

Lana just stands there. She reaches to her temples.

“What just happened?”

She looks around as if honestly lost.

“What am I wearing?!”

My body though starts to feel funny. I gasp out and reach to my chest.


I grit my teeth as this weird sensation takes over my entire body…


My mind was still on Bella. I was thinking about the more personal gift, I had in mind to give her tonight. The board was just something for fun I wanted to do. I also knew she wouldn’t use it, so I had a backup board I’d bought that looked just like it. I used what I’d had in savings, but I can always build up again. I wanted to make this birthday more special.

I look up though as I hear the teacher getting on to Lana for being late. I quickly look back down, once I see how she’s dressed. Holy… Last thing I wanted was to have Bella catch me looking. It just caught me by surprise. Those feelings for Lana are gone, but I was still caught off-guard. I’m trying to be respectful to Bella and keep to myself. Only things get much, much worse. Lana’s suddenly pushing me back against my seat. She’s climbing into my lap and she pinches my cheeks together. Before I realize it her tongue is in my mouth and she’s kissing me. I don’t dare move, I didn’t know how to react or what to do all I knew was I was soooooooooooo DEAD! Even if this wasn’t my fault Bella was going to murder me! This was her birthday, making this all that much worse. Do I shove her off? I was afraid to though. What if I hurt her I’m stronger than Lana, but I can’t let this continue either. That’s about the time she gets pulled out of my lap. Bella has that murderous look about her. I cringe in thought. Wrong as it was I knew my girl could hand Lana Lang her ass.

But that’s not what happened not today. Something about Lana wasn’t right. She tossed Bella across the room at great force. Something I knew to be impossible. Unless you’re… well me… She could have killed Bella! I knew I couldn’t’ give myself away. I was trying to think of what to do. Lana digs her heel into Bella’s leg and my hands become fists. I couldn’t zip over or anything without giving myself away. Bella ankle swipes her and manages to get her down. She climbs over her pinning down her wrists.

“What’s come over you Lana?!” That’s what I’d like to know.

Lana suddenly grabs Bella and has her in a choke hold. I’m trying to come up with something and quick. Lana picks Bella up and throws her our way. I step towards Bella and she falls against me as I wrap my arms around her. I shove Bella behind me and hold out a hand.

“Enough Lana, think about what you’re doing. You don’t want to hurt Bella.”

Bella clings onto me. Lana however, approaches and rips my shirt open and runs her hand along my chest. Man or alien whatever you wish to call me. I might think like a lot like a human, I even get aroused like one. But I respect and love my girlfriend. I punched Lex in the face and she wasn’t even my girl at the time he kissed her. I can only imagine how Bella feels about this. I gently place her hand down.

“Knock it off; you know I’m with Bella. I don’t see you that way Lana, I’m sorry.” Granted I might have enjoyed how she looked when she first entered the room. That was where it ended for me. So Lana looked rather hot today… But I had what I wanted. Lana didn’t even hold a candle to Bella. Her kiss was cold in comparison to Bella’s. Bella’s was inviting and warm I could never get enough of her lips.

“That’s not what your body is telling me.” My eyes widen as she grabs my dick. Literally, just grabs it. I swallowed back nervously. I don’t move. Bella pushes herself in front of me. That’s when Lana sickeningly sneezes right in poor Bella’s face.

“GROSS!” Even I agreed there pretty sick.

I look to Lana in disbelief not sure what to make of all this. Lana just stands there looking lost.

“What just happened?”

You went full on slut… that’s what. Not to mention, you could have cost me my relationship!

She continues to look around.

“What am I wearing?”

My attention though goes to Bella. She suddenly didn’t look so well. She honestly looked like she was getting ill.


Bella grits her teeth. I rear back on how her veins do this strange moving about thing. It only last for a split second.


I check Bella over and her nose starts bleeding. Her heart is racing and she feels feverish.

“Are you ok?”

Her head sways a bit. Her eyes blink a few times. A smile crosses her face.

“I’m good.”

I rear back.

She giggles a bit and pecks me on the lips then sits down like nothing happened. I hand her a tissue while scanning her body over. Her leg was bleeding, but it was healing right before my eyes. I hadn’t any idea what was going on. She looks to me oddly as I hand her the tissue.

“Your nose is bleeding.”

The teacher is questioning Lana. Lana honestly, looked like she had no recollection of what she’d done. I zip up my jacket to cover my ripped shirt. Once I’d have killed for Lana to kiss me like that. Now I wanted to die because, she’d kissed me like that. I felt like I just cheated on Bella!

Afterword we’re heading to our next class I stop by Chloe’s locker. Chloe wanted to show me what she’d got Bella for her birthday. Bella comes up behind me and Chloe’s eyes widen as she hurriedly stuffs the present back into her locker. Bella runs her hands along me and grabs my butt.
“Hey sexy…”

She pins me against the lockers kissing me. Chloe clears her throat.

“Um ok guys, I’m not right here or anything.”

Bella stops and turns towards her.

“What’s your problem bitch?!”

“BELLA!” I couldn’t believe she just called Chloe that.

That’s her best friend! Chloe’s jaw drops. Bella rolls her eyes.

“You think I don’t notice how you look at him? Come on Chloe! I feel sorry for Whitney!”

What? Since when does Bella ever talk that way? Come on this is your best friend! I quickly cover her mouth as Whitney is passing by. I drag Bella outside.

“What was that?!”

She shrugs and wraps her arms around my neck.

“Let’s skip the rest of the day.”


She smiles and takes the keys from her pocket. She twirls them around.

“Come on Clark. Let loose let’s live a little.”

I grab her pulling her back towards me.

“Bella I think something’s wrong. You’re not acting like yourself. I think whatever happened to Lana…”

My jaw drops as she starts unbuttoning her shirt. She heads towards the pool area.

“You snooze you lose Clark…”

I look around and appear before her.

“You need to stop this and button your shirt back up!”

She hisses out and thrusts out her hands I land on my ass. Something I KNOW Bella can’t do!


She rolls her eyes and continues towards the pool area. I keep looking around praying no one can see her. Once we make our way inside I’m relieved to see it’s empty. Bella giggles as she strips down to nothing!

“Come on Clark!”

Another moment I’d kill for. Man… I wanted so badly to enjoy this. But she wasn’t herself. Yet, even through this knowledge I’m hard as hell. I wanted desperately to strip down and join her. To run my hands along every inch of that perfect little body of hers. Snap out of it Clark. I rush over as Bella jumps into the water.

“Bella you could be seen…” I hint.

“Like you’ve never seen me naked Clark.” She waves her finger around as if to scold me.

“Deep down, you’re a very bad boy aren’t you Clark?”

I’m officially dying in sheer misery.

“Bella, come on now out of the water.”
She shakes her head and starts this bouncing around thing, her breast swaying with each movement.

“Come on Clark… I mean it’s only fair. I’ve yet, to see you naked! Now it’s my turn. Let me see what you got under all those clothes.” She grins.

I rub my face. I’m dizzy; I’m so turned on right now. I walk towards her and crouch down.

“Out of the pool before someone sees you.”

She grins and reaches out grabbing my jacket pulling me in. She pins me to the wall of the pool and wraps her entire naked body around me kissing me.

“I need you Clark.” She hints seductively.

I quickly move her out of the way. I was afraid I was about to burst out of my pants. I close my eyes trying to focus, trying to keep my morals intact. Hard to do when you got your hot girlfriend, naked, and throwing herself at you.

“Bella please you know why I can’t… you have to stop this before you get hurt.” I say with gritted teeth. I was throbbing so bad it was nearly painful. I turn back around though and see the coach with his arms crossed about his chest staring us down.

“You had both better have a good excuse for this.”

You’re kidding me right?

Bella goes to get out and I yank her back.

“You’re naked…” I remind in a harsh whisper.

“Oh yeah…” She giggles and shrugs.

“Um do you mind?” She questions the coach.

He narrows his eyes and they suddenly widen. The coach is finally taking in the full scene. Bella hurriedly gets dressed as the coach turns his back. The coach then walks up to us.

Bella sneezes and shakes her head a bit.

“You’re both usually good kids. I’m not sure what came over you. I’m letting it slide this time. But next time I will have no choice, but to phone your parents.”

I wince in thought.

“Yes sir.”

Bella looks to me then the coach.

She looks around.

“What’s going on?”

The coach reaches to his temples. Looking the same way Bella did after Lana sneezed.

“Hey…” I put a hand to his shoulder.

He looks up and his nose was bleeding as well. He looks to us oddly and rushes off to his office.

What the hell is going on?

“Clark, why are we here? And why are we soaking wet?”
Eh… I put my arm around her.

“I’ll explain later, let’s just get out of here.”

Bella narrows her eyes as we’re walking. She stops and pulls her pants back a bit.

“Where are my panties Clark!” She questions almost accusingly.

I laugh a bit nervously.

“Let’s just say you weren’t quite yourself.”

“Last thing I remember is Lana sneezing on me. That was so disgusting.”

We’re almost to the building when she hikes up a leg adjusting.

“This feels funny Clark. I’ve never gone commando.”

“Huh… well you should do it more often.” I taunt running a hand along her rear.

“Sure, why don’t I just burn my bras as well.”

“I can help with that.” I hint thinking about my heat vision and she laughs.

That right there was a clear sign things around Smallville, were getting out of hand. When Bella and I begin to treat this day as though it’s any other day… It goes to show we’ve accepted this as the norm. For Smallville, I suppose it was now.

Bella looks to me though as I’m reaching for the door. I knew I was going to have to change into a set of dry clothes. I was dripping all over the place. This rather sad look comes over her face.

“About Lana…” She says and looks down to the ground.

I knew this was coming. I drop my hand back down.

“I’m sorry Bell. You know I’d never…”

She nods.

“I know you wouldn’t. I just…” She sighs shaking her head.

“I just never expected it.”

Neither did I…

“Did you…” She rather hints.

“Bella I didn’t kiss her back. I didn’t move because, I wasn’t quite sure how to handle the situation.”

She nods again.

“I guess what I’m really asking is if you enjoyed it.” She looked ashamed by the mere question and her heart was racing as she asked me this.

I put a finger to her lips tapping them gently.

“I’d prefer these.”

She smiles blushing a bit.

“I’m sorry Clark… I really shouldn’t have asked you that. I just…”

“Honestly, Bell you handled it much better than I would have. I understand why you’d ask. I’m not upset with you. If anything I felt just as wrong about what took place. I feel like I owe you an apology myself.”

“Why? You didn’t do anything.”

“I still felt wrong by it Bella.”

I wince though as I see Chloe coming out with Whitney. Chloe cuts Bella a look of hell. Oh no…

“What’s your deal?” Bella questions.

“You’re kidding me right?!”

“Chloe… something happened to Bella earlier she wasn’t exactly herself.”

Bella looks to me oddly.

“Um yeah ok, whatever excuses you want to make for her.”

“I’m serious Chloe.”

“Wait, what’d I do?”

I pinch the bridge of my nose.

“Chloe?!” Bella says panicky.

Chloe rolls her eyes.

“Which part are you asking me about? The part where you called me a bitch or the part where you think, I’m chasing after Clark!”

Bella’s jaw drops and I thought she was going to pass out on me. Bella looks to me covering her mouth.

Whitney seems taken back by all this as well.

“That doesn’t sound like Bella at all.” He remarks.

“That’s what I’m trying to tell you Chloe. That wasn’t exactly her at that moment. I’m not for certain what it was, but Lana seemed to have had the same sort of episode. Something’s up I’m just not sure what it is exactly.”

“Great, so Bella’s my new weirdo?”

Bella looked ill on this.

“Gee thanks Chloe.”

Chloe smiles.

“Very well, I expect complete diagnoses on this, on yours and Lana’s cases. That should make up for your little tyrant.”

Bella grimaces.

“Please, Chloe, don’t put me up there.”

Whitney laughs.

“Now you know how I feel.”

Chloe kisses his cheek.

“See Whitney’s accepted his moment of weird. Now it’s your turn.”

“Son of a…” She mumbles and snarls back.

Poor Bella she hated any sort of attention like that.

“FINE!” Bella says and snaps back around.

“I love you Bella.”

“Love you too Chloe!” She growls heading inside the building.

Bella continues to mumble under her breath. She slams her locker shut as I grab some extra clothes from my bag. When you’re in situations like I can get in. You always make certain to have extra clothes on hand.

“It’ll all work out.” I shrug and head to the bathroom to change.

“Take a dive Clark?”

I hear as I’m pulling my shirt over my chest.

“Oh, hey Kenny.”

He smiles and washes his hands.

“Seriously, what’s with the wet clothes?”

“Long story.”


Kenny and I had been friends before I was even friends with Pete and Lex. However, over the years I guess we’ve just kind of gone our separate ways.

“I saw Bella the other day. I wasn’t aware she was working for the Talon.” He says with a shrug drying his hands.

“Seems I’ll be working with her this weekend.”

“That’s cool. Congrats on the new job.”

“Thanks. We should hit a movie or something sometime.”

“That could be fun.”

Kenny nods and heads out. He was one of the strongest athletes of the school. There were times I questioned how he endured what he did as a human. The guy could run for hours on end without hardly breaking a sweat or being out of breath. His father was a real piece of work, always pushing him to do better. I’d beat him a few times when we’d gone against each other in certain things. His father would be on the sidelines gripping him out for losing. Telling him what a disappointment he was and how he’d taught him better. I never understood the parents with that mentality. But then again that’s where I was lucky. I mean sure dad was fervently against me playing football, but still he came to the game. He also had his reasons. I’m not exactly your typical teenager. He only showed disappointment when I had cheated to try and impress Bella, which had quite the opposite effect. However, even then my father waited till we got home to talk about it. He didn’t call me out and publicly humiliate me. Mr. Braverman however, was the exact opposite of my father. I never understood it. Kenny was a really cool guy. He never gave up, was and still is a tremendous athlete. Wouldn’t that make any parent proud?

Things seem to be going about semi normal again as the day continues. Chloe, Pete, Whitney and I decided to surprise Bella and take her to eat for her birthday after school. That and Chloe and Pete had gifts for Bella. I grew more anxious however, as the day continued… I still had the one gift to give her. I wasn’t sure exactly how she’d react.

We meet everyone after school. Pete’s last to show and we’ve already ordered our drinks. My eyes widen and we all rear back. Pete struts right over to Chloe and kisses her. Just like Lana and Bella did with me. I narrow my eyes in thought. Lana, Bella, possibly the coach and now Pete? Whitney comes to his feet and shoves him off Chloe. Bella and Chloe exchange confused glances.

Pete’s smiling as Whitney’s looking to him in disbelief.

“Dude, what’s your deal?!” Whitney snaps.

“Oh the SHUT THE FUCK UP! We all know you’re just using Chloe! You never even hung around Chloe! Now you come around and act is if you got some sort of rights to my GIRL! I had eyes on her way before you ever even acknowledged her!”

Oh no… Pete… I pinch the bridge of my nose.

“Watch your mouth!” Whitney snaps and grabs him by the collar.

Not again… I come to my feet in preparation.

Bella takes Chloe’s hand and they duck into a corner as the three of us guy’s eye one another.

“Come on Pete this isn’t you.”

“Don’t you even get me started on you Clark! The way you did Bella! That was pretty shitty bro. All those years of chasing after Lana. Staring at her with your stupid telescope! Do you have any idea how many times I witnessed Bella falling apart over you! How many times she had your back, you could never do any wrong in her eyes! Both of you are complete idiots. Neither, of you deserve those girls!”
“Petey…” Bella says softly.

“NO! Bella he needs to know!”

“Please stop.” She says looking to me apologetically.

Not that I deserve one. Pete was right I was an idiot. He makes his way towards Bella and Bella puts a hand to his chest.

“No… Petey…” He moves a strand of hair from her face.

“He’s only going to hurt you. One day Bella… He’s going to rip your heart out! I fear that day because, it’ll kill you.”

I wince and swallow back on this. He leans into kiss Bella and she covers his mouth with her hand.

“You can’t do that and you know it. You don’t want to.”
“What do you know about what I want?”

“You just kissed Chloe and now you’re trying to kiss me. Pete, I think you’re confused.”

Pete shakes his head looking back to Chloe. He then looks back to Bella. Is he crushing on both of them?! I take his arm and start dragging him out of the area.

“Let me go Clark!”

I take him into the bathroom. I lock the two of us inside.

“What are you doing?”


“You to sneeze.”

He looks puzzled by what I said, but starts to laugh. I shrug and cross my arms about my chest.

“Um yeah ok.” He reaches for the door handle.

“Nope… You’re stuck with me.”

He grits his teeth and goes to swing, I dodge knowing what to expect now. I’d seen it with both girls now.

“You’re going to have to try harder than that.”

He tries again and I step away from the blow. I knew he’d forget directly after so I wasn’t holding back now. I pay attention to his body language. I’m just waiting… his nose starts to twitch a bit. I swiftly grab a handful of paper towels. I cover his mouth and nose as he sneezes. I hurriedly take the wadded up remains and toss it into the sink. I use my heat vision to burn the paper towel and kill any remains of the germs that was causing this strange occurrence around school. I wondered where it came from to begin with. I just hoped it would end here. That I rid of all there was.

Once I’m done I turn on the sink to rid of the ashes. I look up in the mirror and it’s already hitting him his eyes are closed and he’s reaching to his temples. Just as Lana and Bella, Pete too had forgotten. I lead him back out and we all sit down discussing the odd events. Pete of course was embarrassed by his actions. There was that uncomfortable silence amongst us all.

“Well this makes the most interesting birthday I’ve ever had!”

Bella pops off with a grin leaning back in her chair. Chloe laughs.

“Well someone’s being awfully optimistic!”

“Smallville baby, sometimes you gotta roll with the punches…” There isn’t one of us not laughing on how Bella says this.

She stuffs a fry in her mouth and shrugs.

“Maybe we should opt to have that the new town motto.”

“Seems catchy enough.”

Bella winks at me. She knew I never liked the topic very much. But I needed to push past it. There’s a reason behind everything. I just needed to figure out what it was exactly. I can’t really do that if I keep holding on to the past. A past in which I’ve no answers to other than a hidden ship on the farm.

Pete and Chloe place down their gift for Bella. Both had gotten her concert tickets.

“Pete and I pitched in, one for you and one for Clark.”

Bella grins and picks up the tickets.

“Awesome guys! Thanks! But who says I’m taking Clark?”

I sigh on this.

“You’re kind of a mean girlfriend aren’t you?”

“Who says I’m your girlfriend?”

“Ouch…” Whitney says laughing.

Bella laughs.

“You two are something else.” Pete says shaking his head.

I half smile, but his words from earlier still stung. I knew he wasn’t quite himself yet. But it still struck a chord within me. My worst fear was hurting Bella not just physically, but emotionally. Afterword, Bella and I head on home. Neither of us discusses the events with my parents. Considering the content to some of it, it was a mutual understanding. We simply let it go. The night wasn’t quite over though. Once it was time for bed and I knew my parents were asleep. I snuck into Bella’s room. I gently shake her as she’s snuggled into her pillow.


“Clark?” She says tiredly.

I nod and sit at the edge of her bed.

“Are you alright?”

She scoots up in her bed. I nod again and reach over clasping the necklace around her neck.

She narrows her eyes and runs her fingers along the sapphire heart.

“What’s this?”

“Your real present.”

“But the boards…”

“That was just something a little extra. This was the real gift.”


“This is too much.”

“Bell please just let it go.”

“The truck, the boards and now this? Clark please just…” She goes to take it off.

I knew she’d pull this. I take her hands before she has the chance.

“You can’t take back a gift it’s rude.”

“But…” I stop her with a kiss.

“You’re welcome.”

“Clark you can’t just…”

I kiss her again placing both my hands along her cheeks. I invite myself into her bed. I pull the covers over us.

She sighs.

“Thank you, it’s beautiful.”

I smile and kiss along her neck and shoulders.

“That’s a good Bella…” I taunt and she laughs.

That morning I wake up and stretch out. Bella however, has this huge smile on her face.


She throws back the covers. My eyes widen.

“Oh no…” I groan and go to cover it.

She blocks me.

“Ok I take it back now; I know why you blew a hole in the roof… Damn Clark!”

“Bella…” I warn praying; my parents don’t hear any of this or know I’m in her room.

She does something else and I swore Bella truly is EVIL. She looks at me and takes her hand to it.

“I wouldn’t…” I go argue and she runs her hand along it.

I quickly take off and make my way to the bathroom. I promptly jump into the shower. ICE COLD WATER! But I hear the door open and shut.

“I had to…” I hear her say. Bella? I can’t believe she just…

“I imagine you’re the envy of every guy in the locker room!”

Ok, now I’m vainly grinning, but still wrong… I’m washing my hair as I hear her brushing her teeth.

“Thanks for the compliment, but that too is a deadly weapon.”

“Sounds kinky.”


“Relax Clark. I’m not going to do anything…”

Yet again she takes me by surprise. Bella pulls back the curtain and takes a peek.

“Bella!” She smiles.

“I think it has its own gravitational pull Clark!”

Yeah… revolving around you. Now who’s the pervert?!

“Is your curiosity satisfied now?”

“It was only fair you’ve seen me naked.”

“What if my parents find out you’re in here.”

She shrugs.

“I’ll just claim you made me do it.”

I laugh. Bella… she’s something else.

“I bet you would.”

I hear the curtain pull back once more. She bites her lower lip eyeing me.

“Not bad Clark… Not bad at all.” I hear as she exits the bathroom.

If I ever needed to hit the release valve now was the perfect time.

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