Chapter 5 The Skirt

Chapter 5

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Bella headed to her locker like usual. Only today when she opened it there was a small box in silver wrapping paper. She curiously took out the box and looked around in wonder. She undid the wrapping revealing a black jewelry box. Bella opened it up to see a white gold bracelet. It had three charms with some periodic table abbreviations. Be (Beryllium 9.012182) L (Lithuim 6.941) La (Lanthanum) 138.90547. It spelled out her name and had two sapphire hearts on each side. There was no card or anything indicating where it came from. Considering the periodic table she had a pretty good clue. Only when she flipped over the bracelet to put it on she had her answer for sure. B(Boron 10.811) Ru (Ruthenium 101.07) Ce (Cerium 140.114).

Bella got a genuine beam to her face. She normally hated it when people made a big deal about her birthday. However she found herself rather smitten. Bella put the bracelet on with her name showing. Though she wanted to wear it with Bruce’s name showing. She found it quite ingenious how Bruce managed to pull this off. She loved it. It was very… well.. him.

Bruce nodded towards her seeing that she’d found his gift. He took pride in the fact that she was already wearing it. He said nothing though and began to write down their assignment for the day on the board.

Yet again, Edward was a no show. The other Cullen’s however came to class. Bella took out her chemistry book and froze upon the item in her bag. She swallowed back and picked it up. Her hand quivered as she held the diamond heart. Bella turned back cutting Alice an accusing look. She had to have seen it in her visions and told Edward about it. Bella gritted her teeth and her hand clamped around the diamond so tightly it was cutting into the palm of her hand.

Bella dug through her bag making certain that was it. She winced seeing an red envelope with a card inside.


I found my heart. It belongs to you. Please do not discard of it again. I’m sorry… for everything. I will be gone for some time. But I will return. Only this time, I plan to make it up to you. I will do whatever it takes to win your heart. This isn’t goodbye and you and I are far from over… I’m not giving up!

Love Always And Forever,


Happy Birthday

Bella angrily clutched the card and envelope in her hand. She balled them both up so she could throw it away with the diamond heart after class.

When class was almost over; the students handed in their papers. Bruce couldn’t help, but to notice that Bella looked pissed. He knew it wasn’t his gift; considering the smile she had on her face when she first entered class. He’d been grading papers and hadn’t seen her take out the diamond heart or card. In fact he didn’t even know about it until Bella threw the items away after class. He narrowed his eyes in wonder as she headed out afterword. When everyone was out of the room he made his way to the bin. He reared back surprise seeing the diamond on top of the red envelope. He bent down and took the items out. A wave of guilt hit. He knew he shouldn’t be snooping like this, but he wanted to know what had her so upset; when she seemed fine at first.

Bruce soon had his answer and he wasn’t too pleased. Neither was the other guy who desperately wanted to make an appearance as he read Edward’s card. It pretty much indicated that he wasn’t ever going to stop. Bruce looked upon the diamond in disbelief. It was a very expensive one. In fact he was pretty sure this was at least a five thousand dollar diamond. He tried to think of how he could put this to use for Bella. He just wasn’t sure how to go about it without offending her. After all the hell Edward put her through. Bruce personally wished she’d hawk this instead and have fun with the money. He put the diamond in his drawer next to her sticky note in thought.

“What the hell Alice?!”

Bella had a hand upon her shoulder just as Alice and Jasper were about to enter the cafeteria for lunch. Alice sighs as if already knowing.

“You told him?! After everything you’re still giving Edward the rundown on what I’m doing!”

Bruce was making his way over with one of the other teachers. He lifted his eyes towards Bella and the Cullen’s as they stood outside the cafeteria.

“I thought you were my friend! I get that he’s your brother but dammit Alice you already know probably more than I do about what he’s capable of. I can’t believe you’re helping him!”

“You what?!”

“I’m sorry Bella. But he really does love you! He really means well and he’s trying. I meant no harm by it.”

Jasper rears back at his own wife’s words.

“What the fuck Alice?!” This came from Jasper’s mouth.
“Quit keeping tabs on me and quit giving Edward the play by play of what I’m doing. It’s nobody’s business!”
“What happened?” Jasper questions.

“You remember that stupid diamond Edward gave me?”

Jasper nods and Alice lowers her head.

“Well I threw it out to fucking sea I never wanted to see it again! But Alice must’ve seen it in one of her visions and told Edward about it. It was in my damn backpack this morning. So where is he guys? I mean what’s his next move?!”
Bella grabs Alice by the shoulders.


“It’s going to be ok Bella. You’ll see.” Alice says with a smile.

Bella starts laughing.

“Oh it is, is it?”
Alice nods assuredly.
“Edward just needs sometime.”
“Sometime for what?” Bella inquires through gritted teeth.

“To find himself again, so he can be what you need.”

Bella shocks everyone even Bruce as she socks Alice across the face.

She reaches to her hand immediately after.

“The hell with you Alice!”

Alice just stood there with her jaw dropped.

“Did you see that coming?!” Bella shouts irately.

Jasper pinched the bridge of his nose. Bella walked away holding her hand up to her chest. It pissed Bruce off that he couldn’t really react or get too involved. The blonde teacher that he was walking with only made matters worse. She strut right up to Bella and grabbed her by the arm. Bruce’s eyes flickered and his jaw clenched.

“We do not allow that sort of behavior Ms. Swan.” She began to escort Bella to the office.

Bruce made his way over to the Cullen’s. He looked around before he said anything. Once he saw that the coast was clear he looked directly upon each of them.

“I have my eye on each and every one of you. I suggest that you all watch your backs.”

At this he walks away.

“You hit someone?!”

Charlie says as he enters the office. Bella groaned to herself and sunk down in her chair.

“Hey dad…”
“Don’t hey dad me! What the hell is going on Bella? Since when do YOU EVER get in trouble?! And hitting?! Really?”

“She had it coming.”

Charlie looked to his daughter in disbelief.

“Do my ears deceive me or did you just really say what I think you did?!”

“Nope they sure didn’t and yes you did!”

“What the hell kid?!”

“OH come on dad you said so yourself! I never get in trouble! I think I’m allowed one time and it’s my birthday so there!”

Charlie couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He dragged Bella out of the office and pulled her into the hallway.

“What is going on with you?!” He barks and points upon her.

Bella sighs.

Bruce had just returned from the cafeteria and was about to head on to the classroom. He froze however as he caught this from the corner of his eye.

“I don’t ever want to hear those words coming from your mouth again!”


“I had to come up here in the middle of a lead! Your principal leaves a message with my BOSS about how you punched another girl at school! I taught you better than that and you know it!”
Bella lowers her head.

“So who’d you hit?”
Bella sighs again.

“Alice? As in Cullen?!”

She nods. Charlie thought Jacob Black and Alice Cullen hung the moon and stars.

“I thought she was one of your best friends?!”
“Why would you hit Alice Cullen? She’s gotta be one of the nicest people I’ve ever met! She’s been a good friend to you and you know that! There is no reason whatsoever for this behavior.”

“OH please dad she’s a two faced bitch.”

Even Bruce winced at this, though he too agreed with Bella.

“What did you just say?”

Bella’s eyes widen once she caught what she said as well. That oh shit look came about her face. Charlie nods.

“That’s about what I thought! You already ran Jake off and now you’re determined to run Alice off as well. I guess you don’t need any friends right?”

“You know NOTHING!”

“You know what kid?! You’re right! I don’t! I don’t even know who the hell you are anymore! I have to pull another all-nighter! So I won’t be home until the morning! Which in this case might be best! In the meantime, I want you to think about this path you’re setting up for yourself! Jake and Alice… pushing them out of your life?! Not a smart move!”

“Once again you know nothing…”
“I don’t have time for this! Get your ass to class. I’ll sign off on this just this once. If it happens again I might just have to call your mother and see about you going back to Arizona! I can’t have you pulling the same crap you did last year with all this Edward drama!”

Bella flinches and shakes her head.

“They don’t even live in Arizona anymore.”

Charlie looked upon his daughter confused.

“Mom and Phil were traveling around Europe last time she called. They sold the house back in Arizona. Mom couldn’t wait to get me out of the house so she could begin her new life. I hardly even hear from her anymore! When she does call she’s distracted or in a hurry. And now you can’t even deal with me… So don’t worry dad. If I cause any more trouble. I’ll use my savings to find my own place.”


She ignores him and walks away.

“…dammit…” Charlie groans lost as to what to do.

Bella pulled the door to as she entered for tutorials. Bruce took off his glasses and rubbed the bridge of his nose. She took her usual seat. Bruce yet again made his way over. He handed her the paper he wanted her to work on. He honestly knew she wouldn’t need the tutorials for much longer. As of now it was merely about making sure the curriculum stayed fresh in her mind. That she wasn’t going to have any relapses in the process.

“Thank you.” He hears her whisper as she was working on her paper.

He smiled and ran a finger along the bracelet.
“So it’s not too geeky for you?”

She softly laughed.

“That only adds to the appeal. It’s very you…”
“I’m glad you like it, Bella.”

“Like it? I love it.”

Bella wore a pair of jeans today that perfectly molded against her body. Bruce absentmindedly ran his hand along her thigh admiring her body.

“Is someone breaking his rules?” She teased as she continued her work.

He smiled and looked towards the door.

“We both know that I meant intercourse.”

Bruce however moves his hand and places it along her back instead.

“So what are your birthday plans for tonight?”

“Homework, laundry, a good book.”

He looks to her oddly.

“My dad gave me his gift this morning. He’s has to work tonight.”
He looked to be in thought as he ran his hand along her back. He knew just that alone was a big no, no. But outside of school they hardly had time together. This was pretty much it; grabbing whatever opportunity they could and pray they didn’t get caught.

“Think you could come by the cabin tonight? I’m not the greatest cook, but I’m sure I could come up with something. No sense in us both being alone and on your birthday no doubt.”

“Sounds like a date to me.”

He nods.

“Just drop by whenever you can then.”
Bella finished her paper and Bruce went ahead and checked it over. Yet again she hadn’t missed a single answer. He nodded once he was done.

“Good deal.”

They then went over one of her homework assignments just to kill whatever time they had left. He wasn’t ready to send her out the door. He craved whatever time he could get. Once their time was up Bella rose from her seat. She grabbed her backpack. She then leaned over and kissed him. Bruce pulled her into his lap as they continued to kiss. Bella rose back up hearing someone walking down the hallway. Bruce nodded as well and adjusted himself. Bella headed for the door. Sure enough the blonde teacher was just about to knock on Bruce’s door.

She smiled upon Bella.

“Well hello Ms. Swan.”

Bella smiled in return.

“Hello Ms. Jones.” Bella replied.

Bella exited the room and Ms. Jones stepped inside. Bruce looked upon her peculiarly. She looked around.

“I like the set up. It’s a lot better than the last one Mr. Harris had.”

Bruce nodded and sat at his desk.

“Can I help you with something?”

“Actually this is rather embarrassing.”

“Embarrassing?” He inquires.

“Well you see Mr. Bixby I’ve been waiting for you to ask me out.”

She makes her way to his desk and sits upon it. She crosses her legs in a very seductive way and runs her hand along his desk. He looked towards the door praying to god Bella didn’t return for some reason.

Bruce clears his throat uncomfortably. Ms. Jones was a very attractive woman. But she wasn’t Bella and he didn’t care for her personality. Bruce leaned back and folded his arms about his chest.

“I’m already involved with someone else Ms. Jones.”
She looks to his wedding finger seeing it was bare.

“So girlfriend?”
He nods.

“Is she from around here?”

“I’m rather private when it comes to my personal affairs, Ms. Jones.”

“Is it serious?”

“Yes it is.”

“Just how serious are we talking?”
She says with a smile and reaches over fixing the collar to his shirt. He gently grabs her hands and lowers them back down.

“I think it’s time you left Ms. Jones.”

She sighs as Bruce hops to his feet. He places his hands about his hips. Ms. Jones bitterly makes her way to the door. The sound of her high heels echoed throughout the hallway. After she was gone Bruce pinched his eyes shut. That was the last thing he needed.

Bruce opens the door and steps aside motioning for her to step on in. Bella looks to him in surprise seeing lit candles about the place. He pushes the door to and locks it up tight. He then takes her jacket and places it on his desk. Bruce then led her to the small wooden dining room table. He had their food already prepared. Or so she thought… He cleared his throat as he pulled out a chair for her. He was treating this like an actual date considering he couldn’t actually take her out on a real one. For now this was the closest they could get away with.

Bella nevertheless broke into laughter as she picked up an eggroll and it had the familiar mark of a local carry out place.

“You must’ve worked very hard on this meal Bruce.”

He grinned.

“That I did.”

“Oh I’m sure. I can’t even make a decent eggroll in fact I don’t believe I’ve ever tried. At least not from scratch…”
“It’s not easy.”

“Oh I bet. Did you make the fortune cookies too?”

“You know, I’ll admit to cheating on that one.”

“Oh did you now?”
He nods as if looking truly ashamed.

“Hmmm.” She opens the fortune cookie by her plate.

A new love is on the horizon” She reads.

“Who’s the lucky guy?”
“You know… I’m not sure.” She taunts in return.

Bruce snaps his open. He laughs at the irony.


He takes in a breath before reading it.

Stop procrastinating. Tell them how you feel.”

They both looked to be blushing now.

“I’d say we’ve been set up.”
“By Chinese cookies?”

“Yes precisely.”

“Well it looks really good Bruce.”
“I imagine it taste just as good as it looks.”

He observes as Bella takes a bite of her Lo Mein. Once she chews and swallows she points to him with the chopsticks.

“Taste very familiar.”

He chuckles.


She nods and takes another bite. Bruce dives in as well.

“It was very good.”
“Yeah not a bad little place; I wasn’t sure about Chinese with it being small town.”

“Wait… You didn’t fix this yourself?!” She pretends to be mortified.
He shrugs.

“Fraid not.”

He starts to pick up the dishes and Bella goes to rise and help. He puts a hand upon her shoulder and sits her back down.

“I got this.”

She looks to him oddly as he heads into another room. She covers her mouth in surprise as he returned with a small birthday cake the candles were already lit. He held it before her and she blew out the candles.

“You got me a cake?!”

He nodded and sat it down.

“You should at least have cake on your birthday, Bella.”

The cake had white icing with red roses and green vines around the sides of the cake. It had her name in red italics.

“It’s almost too pretty to eat.”

“I wasn’t sure what you liked so it’s half chocolate half vanilla.”

“I like both actually.”

He nods and cuts her a small piece of both and places it on a smaller plate.

“Bruce, you really didn’t have to do all this.”

“I can’t even take you out on a proper date Bella. It’s your birthday. You deserve an actual celebration of some sort.”

Bruce sits down as they eat their pieces of cake.

“Did you make the cake as well?”

He grins.


“Well it’s very good as well. Maybe you should rethink this whole scientist thing and become a chef.”

“I’ve thought about it.”

Bella laughs in thought.

“I could just picture you in some white chef jacket and one of those massive hats.”

“Would you find that attractive?”
“Not particularly.”
“Then I suppose I better scratch that as a next job opportunity.”

Bella clears her throat and grows serious for a moment.

“Think there’s ever a time you won’t be on the run?”

Bruce lowered his brows in thought.

“As long as the other guy exists?”

“Right…” She whispers in understanding.

“Believe me Bella. If there was a way…”
“I know…”

Bruce takes her hand and pulls her into his lap.

“Being in a relationship with me is never going to be easy. All the more reason you need to know I will never force anything upon you. If you ever decide it’s too much…” But even as he said this… he knew deep down he’d be crushed if she ever gave up on him.
She puts a finger upon his lips.

“You’re talking to someone who faces drama on a daily basis. I’ve learned that giving up is just not an option. Especially when it comes to us…”

He caresses her cheek and kisses her. Afterword he brings her against his chest and simply held her. He thought about everything he’d witnessed at school. He knew she didn’t have that great of a birthday. It also didn’t help that her father truly knew nothing about her life and what Bella faced on a daily basis. She didn’t have anywhere near the typical teenage life. If anything her life was more difficult than most. She’s had to grow up significantly just to blend in with the events she’s dealt with.

“So what was your life like? You know before…?” She hints curiously.

Bruce finds himself opening up to her. About how his father being a drunk and abusive and how they couldn’t stand one another. That often enough his father was jealous of him, because of how close Bruce and his mother were. The jealousy became too much to bear; when his mother let his father know that she would always chose her son over him. It wasn’t long after Bruce witnessed the murder of his mother and at the hands of his father. His father had threatened him to never tell a living soul. However his father lost his mind and began to brag about the murder. He ended up in an institute for the mentally insane.

Bruce was a very shy child growing up and kept to himself. He’d keep himself busy through his own little experiments and studying. He became obsessed with all things science. Later he earned a doctorate in nuclear physics and began a career with the military, where he eventually met General Ross and his daughter Betty Ross.

He told her about his and Betty’s relationship. About how she was his first love and how things took a terrible nose dive. There was an experiment with a gamma bomb for the U. S Defense Department at a nuclear research center that went horribly wrong. In order to save the others involved Bruce took the hit and was struck full force. It wasn’t long after Hulk made his appearance.

At first Hulk had fully taken over. Only he was the grey Hulk; nothing more than a mindless beast. Bruce didn’t know how to tame the grey Hulk. He was still in there and was aware off and on of the destruction Hulk was causing, but there was nothing he could do. The beast had taken over because Bruce’s anger became overwhelming. The only one that ever came close to taming the beast was Betty Ross.

He admitted that he’d hurt Betty once. During a fight between General Ross and The Hulk; she’d gotten in the way and for Hulk there was no difference. Hulk didn’t see Betty Ross the way he saw Bella Swan. Betty turned out to be ok in the end, but their relationship continued down a very rocky path. Her father was dead set against it. He wanted Bruce dead or turned in for experiments. He truly felt Bruce no longer had right to any sort of freedom. He didn’t belong anywhere near his daughter. Before long the military turned against him even after all his years of service. They attacked with guns, grenades, missiles, tanks, and some of his friends he found to be shooting at him. Hulk once again took over only this time it wasn’t the grey Hulk. It was the green and this side of Hulk knew it was time to run and they never returned.

Bella straddled his lap and hugged him. They held one another in silence. She thought about his story and wondered how the hell he managed to become the man he was now. After the traumatic experiences he faced. How did he keep from being angry constantly?!

Bruce shut his eyes as he felt Bella kissing along his neck. She unbuttoned his shirt and ran her hands along his chest. His fingers ran through her hair as she kissed along his chest. He lifted her chin with his fingers and passionately kissed her. He had his hands about her hips and rocked her about him. Bruce’s hands ran along her waist as he lifted her shirt up. He continued to lift it up then gradually pulled it up over her head. He tossed it about the room.

Bella arched back as he kissed along her neck and shoulders. Whilst he did this he unclasped her bra. His mouth latched onto her breasts. Bella moaned out feeling his tongue rolling along her pink nubs. Her fingers ran through his hair as he took his time worshipping each one. He loved her breasts he could easily do nothing but this all day.

Bruce unbuttoned her jeans and pulled down the zipper. At this he picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. Bruce took his shirt off. He then stepped out of his shoes and undid his belt and pants. He stepped out of those as well. Bruce untied her shoes and threw them into a corner of the room. He slid her pants off along with her socks and panties.

His hands ran down her legs as he gawked at her pussy. He ran a single finger along it. Bruce spread her legs even more so he could get a better look. He licked lips in thought and Bella’s entire body snapped to attention. Bruce still had her spread about but was licking her. Bella threw her head back on the pillow as he began this literal make out session with her pussy. He went at it like he did when they were kissing. He found himself loving the way she smelled and tasted. Bruce desperately buried his tongue in as deep as he could and began to lap down whatever of her nectar he could. He lost count in how many time he was able to get her off just through this alone.

The only reason Bruce even stopped was due to the need of his own release. His cock couldn’t take much more. He was so hard it was agonizing. Her pussy was so wet and warm he fought the need to come the moment he entered. Bruce stopped for a moment wanting to prolong it. He kissed her and Bella looked to him in surprise as she was able to taste herself. Something about knowing that had Bruce riled up. He rolled his tongue along hers making certain she knew exactly what she tasted like. He began to thrust again and Bella was already coming within the first few strokes. Bella pulled at his hair and clawed at his back the orgasms continued.


He gritted his teeth as she cried out his name, he came instantaneously.

He stroked himself within her a few more times before pulling out. They latched onto one another heavily kissing. Bella then curled up against him. Bruce caressed her leg as she had it up over his waist. Bruce swallowed back and kissed the top of her head.

Words he’d never thought he’d say to anyone ever again made their escape.

“I love you.”

Bella’s heart skipped a beat. Her body felt this odd sensation washing over it.
“I love you too.”
He sighed as if relieved she said it in return. His fingers ran along the bracelet he had made for her. He wanted something that she could wear that would signify their relationship without being too obvious. They spent the rest of the night kissing and holding one another. They soaked up as much as they could; knowing they’d have to start all over again in the morning.

“Our field trip is tomorrow and it’s supposed to rain.” He reminds.

“It’s always raining.” She says with a groan.

He chuckles.

“Not fan of rain?”
“Nope. I hate being cold and wet. It’s the combination itself. I miss the sun.”

“Hmmm then I guess I’ll have to make certain I always keep you warm. I suppose staying Forks isn’t in your interest.”
She wrinkles her nose at this.

“Ugh and I don’t just mean about the weather.”
“I hear you on that one.”

They both let out a sigh looking to the time.

“I better walk you home.” He says with true disappointment.

She frowns as they hesitantly make their way out of bed. They both get dressed and Bruce blows out the candles before leaving. Yet again Bruce stops before getting to close. He looks around like usual making sure there were no eyes on them.

“Does your father read your texts or look through your phone records?”
She shakes her head.

“Are you sure?”

“Charlie’s never one to hover or go through my things. He’s never been like that.”

“So if I wanted to call or text you?”

Bella smiles.
“I’d like that actually.”

He nods.

“I’d keep it safe and wait until I know you’re about to go to bed.”
He looks to her in thought.

“Out of curiosity what do you have me down as? You know for when I do call?”

She takes out her phone and shows him. He nods in approval.

“I doubt anyone would think to find you under that name.”
She had him under the name Robert.

“And what am I under?”

He grins at this.

“Eh, I don’t think it matters. No one’s going to go through my phone.”

She slants her eyes upon him.

“Let me see…”
He shakes his head.
“You should get to bed now. We have a long day tomorrow Ms. Swan.”
“Bruce.” She hisses.

“Goodnight Bella!” He calls out and starts to walk away.

She rushes over and snags his phone from his back pocket. He winces and hurriedly reaches out for it. But she’d already seen it and it was too late.

“The Skirt?! Really Bruce?”

He shrugs.

“Is this the 50s?”

“Could be.”

“Want me to put you down as The Meat or The Hunk?”

“I wouldn’t mind that actually.”
Bella breaks into laughter.

“You should laugh more often.” He says sincerely.

They hear the sound of thunder off to the distance.

“Guess the storm is coming early.”

She frowned as a few drops of rain trickle down her face. Bruce reached over and wiped them off.

“Get inside before you melt Ms. Swan.”

She hands his phone back. As she does he pulls her in for one more kiss.
“Happy Birthday Bella. Now go on!”

She nods and takes off as it started to downpour.

The next day Bruce was waiting for his students by the bus. He had the attendance roll with him. For once Bella was late all the other students were on the bus. He cleared his throat and looked to the time. He grew concerned hoping she was ok. Bruce sighed after a couple more minutes passed. He knew they had to hurry and get on the road. He was just about to get on the bus; when he someone clearing their throat. He looked towards the back of the bus, where Bella was peeking over.

“You’re late…”

She nods. He narrowed his eyes thinking she looked somewhat different.

Bella steps out rather timidly. His eyes widen and shock coursed through him. Bella’s hair had a strip of green in it now. Her eyes were deep green and her body had become more voluptuous. Both gaze upon each other with complete alarm. But neither could react or say anything without risk. Bella got on the bus but sat in the far back. Bruce was in panics and thought he’d have a damn stroke.

Oh no. No. No. No! What the fuck have I done?! This isn’t happening! NOT HER! DAMMIT BRUCE, YOU SON OF A BITCH!

Bruce got on the bus, but had to focus on not vomiting. His hands shook as he took his seat. Ultimate fear shot through him as the bus headed to the water treatment plant. Once they arrived Bella was the last one off the bus. He stopped her before she got out.

“Are you feeling alright?”

“I feel fine.”

“Are you certain?”

She nods. The other students were already waiting for them. Bruce followed her off the bus. Bruce tried his hardest to focus as the tour began. Only when he turned back to his students; he noticed a couple of buttons had popped off of Bella’s black blouse. She was wearing a dark blue bra and the bra itself looked as though it barely fit.

“You all go on and follow Mr. Goodman.”

His students continued to follow the guy giving the tour. Bruce hurriedly took Bella by the arm and led her back to the bus. She hadn’t a clue she was even exposed. She gasped out as the sound of a third button hitting the bus floor was heard. She looked down and quickly covered herself.


He took off his jacket and handed it over.

“So what happened?”
“I haven’t a clue. I woke up this morning and bam! Like my body was all… well you know… And this…” She points to the strip of green in her hair.

“So your body it’s…”

“My breasts are like two cups bigger and my body’s all toned.”
She looks around again. Bella swiftly rips her shirt open the rest of the way and shows him just how toned she was. Her body was still slender but cut. Her breasts and hips had grown a bit. Her tummy was still flat and sexy but it had slight definition to it. Wrong as it was he was rock hard and gawking.


He lets out nervous laugh and clears his throat. He runs his fingers through his hair. Bella sighs and puts his jacket on. Bruce helps her fix the jacket making certain it’s hiding everything.

“I’m going to have to run some tests.”

He nods.

“I need you to come by right after school. This can’t be ignored.”

“You’re freaking me out!”

He sighs feeling terrible.

“I’m sorry Bella. I…” He shakes his head.

“I’m going to figure this out. I promise.”

“I’m ok, Bruce. I feel fine. Just the way you’re acting… you’ve done nothing wrong.”

He didn’t believe that even for a moment. He’d never forgive himself if he hurt her!
“We better head back before we raise suspicions. If you’re questioned about the jacket…”
“I’ll just flash them and they’ll forget about it.” She teased.
“That could work but that might piss off the other guy…” He hints.
“I’ll think of something if it comes up.”

He nods and they hurry back to the tour. Thankfully, no one bothered to ask why she was wearing the teacher’s jacket. Most of them figured it was because she was cold due to the never ending rain. However Bruce wasn’t the only one to take notice of Bella’s sudden bloom. Kevin, Mike, and the Cullen’s had as well. Bruce rolled his eyes as Kevin was checking out Bella’s ass. He gently smacked him in the back of the head as he walked past.

“Pay attention.”

Kevin looked to his teacher in surprise. Bruce kept walking as the tour continued.

“I thought I was… damn…” Kevin mumbled under his breath as he went back to staring.

Bruce waited for Bella after school. He paced about the cabin. He canceled their tutoring session for today. He’d already set up a lab so he could take a sample of blood and go from there. Once she knocked he hurriedly opened the door and got her inside. He locked up.

“Go ahead and take off the jacket.”

Bella nodded and took it off. Bruce immediately took an alcohol wipe and cleaned off an area on her right arm.

“You’re not going to stick me with that are you?!”

She looked to the syringe wide eyed.

“I need to do some blood work.”
She shakes her head and takes a few steps back. He raises his brows on this.

“Like I don’t do well with that… I almost passed out last year at just having my finger pricked!”

“Then you can lie down, but this is something I must do Bella.”

“Ugh… fine.”

She makes her way over to the couch and lies down.

“Just…” She gasps out as he stuck the needle in and began.

She cut him a go to hell look. Bruce would laugh if it weren’t for the circumstances. He took a couple of samples and wiped her down once more, before putting a Band-Aid on the area.

“Could have warned me.”

“I’ve learned it’s better not to warn those that pass out easily. They seem to do better. It has more to do with this.” He points to his head. “Than anything else.”

He helped her back up and scanned her over. He checked on her vitals as well. Everything seemed normal.

“How are you feeling?”


Bruce heads over to his desk and takes out a measuring tape. She looks to him oddly.

“Take off your clothes and I’ll begin measurements. I need to take notes on everything.”

She takes in a breath and strips down. Bruce couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He twirled her about taking her in. His eyes flickered to that glowing green the more he took her in. Bruce pinched his eyes shut for a moment and he staggered back. He was mad at himself for even having the thoughts he was. All he could think about was sex. At a time like this? He could be killing her?! Or worse she could be turning her into something like HIM! He’d have to run all sorts of labs, mental, and physical tests as well.

Bruce trembled all over and quickly turned his back to her. He leaned against the wall with one hand. Bella placed her hand upon his shoulder.


He cleared his throat. Bruce was having a full on anxiety attack. He couldn’t breathe. He was sweating profusely and freaking out. Bella had him face her.

“Just breathe Bruce… Please. I’m ok.”

Bruce tossed his glasses onto his desk. He rubbed his face with both hands.

“You think I’m going to be like you, don’t you? I think we both know if that were true I wouldn’t be near as composed as I am now. I’m not going to “hulk” out Bruce. Look at me… I’m fine. We just need to run some tests, that’s all. You just gave me like a gamma STD or something.” She says with a playful grin.

Bruce pinched his eyes shut on this, but softly chuckled. Bella wrapped her arms around him. Yet again, Bella just had that way about her. He wasn’t sure what it was. Bruce sucked back a breath and kissed the top of her head. Once he calmed down he began the measurements and jotted everything he could think of down. After he finished he handed her clothes back and she got dressed. He curiously ran his fingers along the green sliver of hair.

“How’d you explain this?”

“I made it sound like some sort of new fashion statement. So by the way my new favorite color is green. Even though my entire room is done in purple. At least that’s what I told my dad.”

“Your eyes?”

“My father swears they were already a little green anyhow. He thinks it has to do with age and hormones.”

Bruce nods.

“He didn’t seem to notice anything else. Just the hair and eyes…”

“But he will eventually.”

She sighs on this.

“I just need to hurry and get some clothes that fit me better. You’d be surprised on how naïve my father can be. I can always dye my hair.”

Bruce takes out his wallet and hands her 300 dollars.

“Um what’s this?”
“For the clothes and hair dye.”


She stuffs it back into his hand.

“I’m not taking your money.”

“You’re in this situation because of me. So yes you will. I have no use for it anyhow. And you know better than to argue with me…” He hints with a playful wink.

He stuffs it into her bra.

“Well now I know what that feels like.” She smarts looking into her bra.

He cocks a brow at this.

“Would have you preferred…”

He takes it back out and places it around the waistband of her panties instead.

“Either way it’s going to look very awkward when I go to pay. I imagine they’ll think I’m like a hooker or something.”

“A rather pricey one at that; I’d say you’re good at your job!”

“I’m not sure whether to be insulted or not?!”
Bella looked to the time.
“I better get home. I gotta do my homework and get supper on the table.”

“Ok I’ll finish these labs and keep you in touch.”
“Just stay positive Bruce. Everything’s going to be fine.”

He nods and heads to his room. He returns with a simple black shirt for her to change into. She places the shirt on and he helps adjust her hair. Bruce walked Bella to her truck. She’d parked behind the cabin. This was something they never risked but they did today in order to hurry and get these tests started.

“Please, just promise me you’ll call or text if you need anything or if anything changes. No matter what it is, Bella.”

“I will Bruce. Just relax…”

He presses his forehead against hers.

“I love you.”

“Love you too.”

He opens the door for her as they were both getting soaked. Afterword he shut the door and watched as she drove away. From there Bruce went straight to work. He wouldn’t stop until he had answers.

“Supper was good Bells.”

“I’m glad you liked it dad.”

Bella started to do the dishes and was about to get ready for bed.

“Um Bells, I thought you said you were going to dye your hair.”

She looks to him oddly.

“I did…”

He rears back as the dye was flaking off and revealing the green strand of hair once again.

“What the hell?” Charlie uttered.

He rose to his feet and looked upon the strand of hair. The black dye had completely flaked off.

“Hell, I probably don’t even want to know.” He grumbles and grabs a beer.

Bella took off to the bathroom to see the green strip was back. She grabbed a towel and dusted off the flakes. Her hands shook and she scrambled around looking for a pair of scissors. She figured if nothing else she could cut it and just fix her hair a different way until it grew back. Once she got a hold of a pair of scissors. Bella held out the strand of hair and went to cut it. Her jaw dropped as the metal scissors bent in half like they were merely paper.


Charlie heard this from downstairs and shook his head.

“Teenagers…” He bitched under his breathe and turned up the TV. He took a sip of his beer.

“Teenage girls…” He scoffed hearing a door slam.

Bella was still holding the scissors in shock as she entered her room. She was just about to text Bruce and let him know what happened. Only someone came up behind her. They covered her mouth with their hand and pinned her against the wall.

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 5 The Skirt”

  1. Cool present. Ugh Alice is quickly becoming Malice. Hope Jazz puts her in her place and soon. Ugh Mr Blonde Teacher is getting annoying. B should have told Charlie about what Alice did with the spying and doucheward crap. Ugh Ms Jones is a skank. Hate women like that make us all look bad. Glad Bruce is telling B his whole story, Good and Bad.

    awww for the ILY’s. LOL for The Skirt. Oh wow, was thinking that was a dream or something. LOL for Kevin. Hmmm is she gonna be a She Hulk? Charlie is too funny. ack for Cliffy.

  2. Loved his birthday present to Bella, totally geeky and awesome.
    Alice deserves more than the slap, can’t believe she’s still snooping and on Eddie’s side.
    So Bella is being effected by Bruce’s “stuff. I can see why he’s having a panic attack but hopefully she will be fine.

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