Chapter 7 All For One

Chapter 7

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Kurt pulls the covers over them and crawls over her. He grinds himself against her as they kiss. Bella’s eyes widen and she gasp a bit. She could feel him through her shorts. It was damn near like they were skin to skin below. She quickly rolled him off her. She closed her eyes trying to compose herself. She feared she was about to set herself ablaze. Her breathing was erratic and she was in full blown heat. She quickly looked to her hands checking herself over. Kurt grins.

“Sorry…” She says biting her lower lip.

“I was afraid to push it too far.”

She miserably covers her face with her arms.

“I think you’re doing quite well.” He says running his hands along her thigh.

Bella half laughs.

“I prefer not to catch you on fire Kurt.”

“I’ll take my chances.”


“Ich bin schon in Brand. Mein Gott, ich will dich so sehr. “

“That’s not fair Kurt. I’ve no idea what you just said.”

However, each time she found herself a bit turned on. She hadn’t a clue what he was saying though.

He grins and pecks her on the lips.

“Und Sie werden es nie erfahren!”


“Ich liebe dich, Ember.” He says and caresses her cheek.

“And what did you say?”

He takes in a breath wishing he had the nerve to tell her in English. He wasn’t sure how she would take it yet if it was too soon. But it was how he felt.

“I will see you later, Ember.”

She looks to him in marvel as he nods and vanishes. She rises up in her bed and runs her fingers through her hair. She gathers her things for the shower. Rogue and Kitty were already in there.

“That you Ember?” Rogue called out.


“Are we just going to pretend; I didn’t see my brother in your bed this morning?”

Bella’s eyes widen.


Rogue giggles as she finishes her shower.

“Why don’t you two use his room? He hasn’t a roommate after all.”

Kitty starts laughing as well.

“Um sorry Rogue.”

“Oh it’s no prob sug. Other than the fact that he’s my brother and well I seriously doubt he wants to see me and Remy…”

“OK… Ok… Point taken.” Bella groans.

After the girls are done they come out. Jake’s already leaned against the wall. His blue jeans, black shirt, black laced boots, and black leather jacket. He nods towards Bella. Bella sighs.

“What’s with the bodysuit?” Jake questions.

She ignores his question. She motions for Kitty and Rogue to go on. Bella takes Jake by the arm and drags him outside.

“Whatever game you’re playing… You’re not going to win Jacob.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Jesus Jacob. To think I used to defend you!” She pinches the bridge of her nose.

“You’re not doing this to me! You hear me! You want to go to this school? FINE! But that’s where it ends for you. There is no you and I and won’t be. I’m not so ignorant. I saw the look on your face! The way you looked at me Jacob! You think you can just come waltzing in here! Sweep me off my feet and I’ll go home with you? Is that it?”

“We can make a life here. Bella, don’t you see I don’t care where we go. If you wish to stay here then so will I.”

“HELL NO! I’m not going to be in another love triangle.” She shoves him back against the wall.

“I’m with Kurt! That’s not changing! NO matter what you say or do. You need to understand that. You better not ruin what I have here Jacob. You have the pack and your family back in La Push. This however, is my home! If you run Kurt out of my life. I will NEVER forgive you! I don’t want this drama. I don’t need it! I mean it Jacob.” Bella fights it as she feels herself trying to transform.

She puts her hand to her heart. She takes in a deep breath and shuts her eyes for a moment.


He reaches out to her.

“Why couldn’t you both just care about my feelings? I never realized just how alike you and Edward were.”


Bella softly laughs.

“Oh believe me you are. You both only wanted to play a part in my life when it was beneficial to yourselves. But whenever I needed you. You both ran out on me like a couple of pussies. If you’re truly my friend Jacob you will respect my wishes.”

Bella starts to walk away. Jake reaches for Bella. She doesn’t even take notice of Deadpool. He puts an arm around Jake.

“Come on… It’s karaoke night at Shenanigans!” Deadpool says dragging him towards Logan’s area.

Logan’s propped back against a tree. He tilts his head as Deadpool walks over with Jacob. He’s got a cigar in one hand beer in another and its 9 am in the morning. Jacob looks to the guy in disbelief.

“Who the hell are you?”

Logan smirks.

“Your worst nightmare bub.”

“Aw, but I want to be his worst nightmare!”

“Hmm.” Logan groans and takes a long drag off his cigar.

Then takes a pull off his beer.

“What’s the name kid?”

“Jacob Black.”

“Well Jacob. Allow us to properly introduce you to the academy.”

Deadpool rubs his hands together excitably.

“Oh me first! I’m gonna be so naughty!”

Jake looks to them both oddly.

“He told me I could burn things!”

“Who?” Jake questions with full on irritation.

“I’ve no idea!” Deadpool says with a shrug and looks around as if he’s lost.

Rogue takes Bella’s hand and starts to her drag into another building.

“Um where are we going?”

“You’ll see.”


Rogue takes her into a gym area. Amongst the gym however are several other doors leading to other rooms. Bella looks to each of them curiously. Rogue takes her to one on the very end of the gym off to a corner of the room. She walks her down the long hallway leading to another door. Rogue stops and smiles. She says not another word however, as she opens the door. She shoves Bella inside and pulls the door closed.

Bella looks to the door confused. She was about to head back out and question Rogue about what the hell she was up to. However, she hears grunting and turns towards the sound. Bella finds herself in awe and completely baffled. Before her was a massive window to another room. In this room Kurt had a rapier in hand and was pulling off moves she’d never seen. He was in nothing other than a pair of black shorts. There were holograms and machines about the room in which he attacked.

“Kurt?” She whispered to herself in sheer amazement.

He moved about so gracefully, and so precise. She found herself a bit turned on even. With raised brows a smile was planted about her face.

“Anything you can’t do Kurt?” She uttered and took a seat.

She kicked back her feet enjoying the show. Kurt meanwhile, hadn’t a clue he was being watched. Her mouth flew open when toward the end of his session. The very man that came after Xavier appeared only it was some sort of hologram. Kurt swiftly flipped into the air. He took off his head piece and tossed it to the floor. He then took his head with his blade. Bella stood there in admiration. He came down on one knee and lowered his head. Bella noticed that Kurt used the sign of the cross over his forehead and heart area. Then he rose to his feet.

Bella bravely started to clap. He darted his head her direction. But he could not see her through the glass. Kurt appeared behind her.


She turned with a grin.

“How were you doing that?”

“How did you get in here Meine liebe?”

“You first…”

He tosses the rapier back into its place. Then turns back folding his arms about his chest, he taps his chin.



He nods and takes her hand; kissing it.

“With what I do there is no true mastery. There is only art.”

“I suppose I can agree with that.”

“Now Fräulein how did you get in here?”

“Your sister…”

He sighs shaking his head.

“She more or less dragged me in here and shut the door on me.”

Bella runs her fingers along the beads of sweat on his chest. She bites her lower lip in thought.

“What are you thinking about?” He questions curiously.


He chuckles.


She nods.

“Anything you can’t do?”

“More than I’d like to admit.”

“What is that room anyway?”

“It is known as the danger room. You’ve to pass a series of tests in order to even be allowed inside. It isn’t taken lightly. The danger room is intended for the most skilled. In there you face true danger hence the name. You take actual hits Ember. There are several settings the higher the setting the more damage your body could take.”

She looks back to the room in thought.

“How many students have achieved this status?”

“So far Gambit, Colossus and myself.”

“Gambit and Colossus?”

“Remy is Gambit. I suppose you’ve not met Colossus yet?”

“She shakes her head.”

“He’s older than us all. He’s already graduated, still resides at the academy. He’s in current training to become much like Logan aka Wolverine.”


Kurt smiles.

“Like you Ember we all have our code names as well. Few of us such as my sister use them instead of our actual names.”

“What’s her real name?”

“Anna Marie.”


He nods. Bella softly laughs.

“Isabella Marie…”

He chuckles a bit.



“I never liked being called Isabella. My mother always insisted it.” She says with disdain.

Kurt takes a seat against the wall. Bella sits beside him.

“So what’s the deal with Xavier’s brother?”

“He’s always hated him. He’s a very jealous being. Juggernaut aka Cain would love nothing more than to watch his brother die.”


Kurt takes in a breath.

“He’s always felt he lives in Xavier’s shadows. Xavier was always the favorite of everyone. He was abused by his father at a very young age. This was also Xavier’s stepfather. Who seemed to love Xavier more than Cain. One day there was an argument between, Cain and his father. Cain started a father within the home by mistake. His father came to Xavier’s aid first. Then he went back for his biological son. Leaving Cain with resentment and hatred towards his stepbrother. Cain’s father died from suffocation due to the smoke. Before he died however, he warned Xavier to watch his back. Even he knew his own son could not be trusted.”

“How terrible.”

Kurt nods in agreement. Nevertheless, he knew there was something he needed to come clean about as well. Something he truly hated. He knew he’d rather it come from him than someone else.

“Ember… I too have a questionable family member.”

Bella looks upon him.

“Do you remember how I told you mine mother and I were on different teams?”


“Mine mother’s name is Raven Darkholme aka Mystique. She follows what is known as the Brotherhood. Led by a mutant named Magneto a very dangerous man. In a way I suppose you could say mine mother is his wingman?” He sighs.

“She has brought me much shame and pain. I do not speak of her because, it hurts. The paths we’ve chosen to take are very opposite paths. Not that she was ever much of a mother to begin with. Whereas, I wish to use my gift to help others. Mine mother uses hers to follow her own selfish desires. She always has. I fear she always will. I’ve tried to talk some sense into her before. That was after I found her and learned that she was my mother. This wasn’t very long ago. She was raising Rogue and had tried to course her to join the Brotherhood as well. Thankfully, Rogue came to her senses and did not follow mine mother’s heinous ways.”

“Jesus, I can’t even imagine. I’m sorry you’ve both had to go through that.”

“You do not think different of me?”

She looks to him oddly.

“Why would I?”

He shrugs.

“Your mother doesn’t define who you are Kurt.”

“May I take you out this coming weekend?”

Bella cuts him a look of surprise.

“You want to go out?”

He nods.

“I apologize, Ember. I should have before. I’ve let my own fears overcome me. I wish to give you the full experience.” He breaks into a smile.

“You make me feel different. It is a good thing. You can make me blissful.”

Bella feels herself blushing a bit.

“I’d love to.”

Kurt smiles and comes to his feet. He offers a hand helping her up.

Logan sits next to Bella on the curb outside the school.

“So how went the visit?”

“About yay and nay so to speak.”

“That’s about what I figured.”


“But ya feel better now don’t ya kid?”

She shrugs.

“I did until the end.”

“You mean Xavier offering your mutt friend a room and board?”


Logan chuckles.

“He won’t last.”

“I don’t know Logan. He’s pretty persistent when he gets his mind on something.”


A good looking man jogs past them and waves their direction. Bella grins.

“I think he just gave you the nod.”

Logan slants his eyes cutting Bella an odd glance.

“You’re a strange girl you know that shortcake.”

“What he’s kind of hot.” She says with a shrug.

“And what about Kurt?”

She looks to him rolling her eyes.

“He’s taken you ass.”

She says with contempt and rises walking away.

“What the hell is wrong with that kid?” He emits.

“Do you mind?”

Bella peers over as she’s reading a book in the lounge. She looks over to see Remy and Warren. Both are holding hotdogs on sticks.

“You’re kidding me right?”

Remy gives her a wink.

“Nous serions reconnaissants à jamais.”

Bella sighs and reaches out her hand. Warren smiles.

“That’s pretty cool.”

She shrugs and looks over as they’re cooking hotdogs over her hand. Kurt comes around the corner and starts laughing.

“Shut it…” She says with a smirk.

She closes her hand steam rising into the air.

“You burnt mine.” Remy pouts.

“Tough luck.” She says with a shrug.

Kurt plops down beside her.

“I think I’ve got a bag of popcorn somewhere.” He hints.

“Ohhh that does sound good.” Remy smarts.

Bella lowers her book looking to the boys.

“I’m actually in the mood for roasted nuts.” She says lighting up again.

Kurt’s eyes widen and he quickly covers his package. The other two look to her and clear their throats.

“On second thought popcorn tends to stick to my teeth.” Remy mentions.

“Mine too.” Warren says with a shrug.

“I think I better go…” Kurt says and starts to walk away.

Bella smiles and grabs his tail. He keeps walking, but in place. Warren and Remy start laughing. Kurt laments and turns back.

“Can I have my tail back?”

“Nope your ass is mine.”

“That shouldn’t turn me on.” Kurt declares with a groan.

Bella giggles into her book and drops his tail.

“You’re right it shouldn’t.”

Storm walks by picking up the end of the conversation.

“I see you’re adapting well Ember… Already letting them know who’s boss. I like…” She says with a wink as she heads to her quarters.

“Boss?” Kurt says with a furrowed nose.

He sits back down next to Bella.

“Didn’t you know?” Remy looks over to Kurt.

“Women are always the boss in the relationship.”

Kurt tilts his head on this.

“That’s very true.” Warren agrees.

“I’m not so sure how I feel about that.”

“Hush your mouth now slave.” Bella teases.

Warren chuckles.

“And to think I wanted to date you!”

Bella laughs.

“Yep see, you dodged yourself a pretty big bullet.”

Kurt yanks the book she’s reading out of her hand; with his tail.


He holds it up in the air.

“Who’s Nicholas Sparks?” Kurt questions flipping through the book.

“Kurt! You lost my page.”

“What’s this The Last Song about?”

“An island of Amazon women that plot against unruly boys.”

“Huh, sounds familiar.”

This huge guy enters the room at this point. He had dark hair and massive muscles. He was at least more than 6 ft tall. He folds his arms about his chest and looks to Bella peculiarly.

“No it’s not. The Last Song is about this girl and her father’s estranged relationship…” He goes on about the book and Bella fights the urge to giggle.

Each of them look to the guy in sheer disbelief. Once he’s done; Remy looks to the man.

“Yeah I’m going to need your man card back Peter.”

Peter rolls his eyes. He makes his way over and offers Bella a hand.


“Bella, but prefers Ember.”

He nods.

“He’s Colossus.” Kurt whispers.


Bella leans against Kurt. Just as she does Jake enters the room. He cuts Kurt a dirty look, but he says nothing. He sits down on the couch. Kurt’s tail wraps around Bella’s waist. He then lifts her into his lap. Jake rolls his eyes and grabs the remote turning on the TV to the lounge.

“Isn’t there some sort of PDA rule around here?” Jake mutters as he scans through the channels.

Bella flips him off. Kurt shakes his head and tucks her middle finger back down.

“Don’t feed into his negativity, Ember.”

Kitty and Rogue come through the doors. Both are giggling and have shopping bags in their hands. Rogue walks past and stuffs a bag into Bella’s arms.

“Um what’s this?”

“A little something from us and Dr. McCoy. We know you hate shopping so we took it upon ourselves to pick out a few things. Dr. McCoy set the rest up and we picked them up on the way back.”

Bella looks to them questionably. She opens the bag and sees a pile of clothes. Jackets, blouses, pants, even a few skirts, dresses, bras, panties and socks.

“Um I’m confused…”

“They’re flame resistant made just for you.” Rogue hints.

Bella smiles on this.


“Yep sure are sug!”

“Oh my God you guys are awesome! Thanks!”

Bella holds up one of the dresses.

“Seriously, thank you.”

“Don’t mention it. Next time you should come with us.”

“Bella won’t wear that.” Jake scoffs.

“She doesn’t wear dresses.”

Bella cuts him a look.

“I’m just saying these guys want to pretend like they know you. I know you Bell. You’ll never wear that and we both know it!”

Bella does her best to ignore him. Nonetheless, Jake stupidly continues on.

“You never were one to fit in with the pretty girls.”

Kurt grinds his teeth together as Bella comes to her feet. She says nothing just heads on to her room. Every mutant in the room cuts Jake a disapproving look.

“You really should learn some manners in how to talk to a lady.”

Jake half laughs.

“Lady?” Jake says shaking his head.

“She’s just Bella…” He says with a shrug.

“She’ll be fine.”

“Just Bella?! You are a fool! You say you love her! Yet you talk down to her and about her! Such disrespect is all I ever hear from your mouth!”

“Tell me do you honestly see a future? I mean you and Bella? Do you truly believe there is something there?”

Kurt genuinely smiles.


“Now who’s the fool?”

“I don’t know wolf. You tell me. After all I’m the one with that’s won her affections. Perhaps it is time you look in the mirror. Ask yourself why not you? Maybe it is time for a self-cleansing.”

“What the hell are you rambling on about? Seriously, who the fuck talks like that?”

Rogue and Kitty shake their heads on this.

“For such a hot guy you sure are a block head.” Rogue smarts.

Jake cuts her a glimpse.

Remy smiles.

“Ah, Ma Dame tell it like it is.”

“Oh I am.”

Jake rolls his eyes and comes to his feet.

“Forget this.”

“And don’t you even think about heading over to our room. You leave her be!”

Jake laughs.


He starts that direction. Remy, Warren, Kurt, and Peter block his way.

“I think it’s time to say goodnight wolf.” Kurt sneers.

Kitty and Rogue high five one another.

“That’s right sug. Around here we have each other’s backs. That includes Ember’s. We all know the real reason you’re here. That’s my brother and his girl you’re messing with. Yah should know the moment you fuck with one of us you fuck with us all. We don’t take kindly to that mister!”

“Is there a problem?” They turn to see Dr. McCoy.

Rogue smiles.

“Not at all. We were just welcoming our newest addition.”

Dr. McCoy nods with a book in hand. Jake looks him over.

“What are you?”

“You mean who am I?”

“No I’m pretty sure I had it right the first time.”

“Hmm, everyone to their rooms now. It’s a school night after all.”

The next morning everyone’s already in class. Kurt looks to Bella’s chair concerned. However, he half growls as Jake walks in. He sits in the empty seat behind Bella’s. The bell rings and Kurt looks to Rogue worriedly. She shrugs as if confused herself. Xavier is about to start class. The door however, opens and Kurt damn near loses his mind. The entire class looks on as Bella approaches her seat. She was wearing the dress Jake said she’d never wear. It was a black spring looking dress with baby blue flowers on it. She was also wearing black knee high boots with it.

Bobby chuckled at Kurt’s reaction. Kitty and Rogue high fived one another. Meanwhile, like Kurt Jake was completely baffled. As Bella took her seat Xavier turned to face her.

“You’re late .”

“I’m sorry sir.”

Xavier okays.

“Don’t let it happen again.”

“Yes sir.”

“Mein Gott, das ist das schärfste, das ich je in meinen Leben gesehen habe.” Kurt says as if completely out of breath.

Bella cuts him an odd glance. Kurt was gripping his desk firmly.

“Es nimmt meinen ganzen Willen, nicht über dich herzufallen.”

He says looking directly into her eyes.

Jake folds his arms about his chest. A smug grin comes over his face. Once class is over Jake comes to his feet. He leans over as Bella’s grabbing her bag.

“I knew it!” He exclaims.

“Knew what?” She says exasperatingly.

“You do care about what I think. That’s why you wore the dress isn’t it?!”

He walks out of the class with that egotistical grin. Bella grits her teeth and grabs her bag. Kurt sighs hearing what he’d said. He takes her hand as they head to Logan’s class. Kurt stops her before they get there.

“Very lovely, Ember.”

She blushes a bit.

“Thank you.”

He twirls her around and does a slight bow. They head on to class. Logan rears his head back in sheer amazement; the moment he sees Bella. The kid’s got it going on. He cocks a brow as Jake is standing behind her. The wolf was staring at her ass the entire time. Great another Pryo… Logan finds himself thinking. Did he not get the message? What does it take to run this idiot off? We should have frightened the little bastard off by now! What the hell was Chuckles thinking? Logan takes back a breath in thought; then begins class.

Logan knew he had to hurry and prepare Bella. Considering the power behind her gift. She’d have to be one of the first to face the danger room. That’s just how it was. The more potential danger there was. The faster they had to get these students prepared. Bella’s gift wasn’t just one that could get other’s killed, but herself as well. She was a threat to anyone around her. That and she still seemed to have some control issues.

Logan locked his eyes with hers.

“You all go run break off into pairs. You know the drill. You stay put.” He says pointing to Bella.

Logan sighs as the others walk head on to the field. Kitty and Rogue, Bobby and Kurt leaving no one for Jake. Jake kicked back against a tree and shut his eyes.

“Hmm.” Logan grumbled taking notice.

He turns back and takes off his jacket, then slips his shirt over his head. Bella looks to him bewildered.

“Light er up kid.”

He already knew about the fire proof clothes. Hank had let him in on it this morning. He wasn’t about to make that mistake again. Bella nodded and like a Christmas tree she lit up.

“Now’s a good time to listen to everything I have to say. If you don’t you could seriously get hurt. I highly doubt you heal like I do. I don’t wanna hurt ya kid. Understood?”

She nods feeling a bit on edge.

“Relax kid. That’s another thing. An enemy can damn near smell yer fear. You can’t let them know yah fear em! You need to learn to put on that poker face. Make them think there’s no fucking way you’re gonna back down or lose. No matter how tired, hungry, thirsty, or the sheer amount of pain you’re in. You have to keep up that mentality. It could very well save your life. How you carry yourself can often be more intimidating than your abilities alone. Now let’s go darlin’.”

“You mean?”

“Well how else you gonna truly learn how to fight. I’m damn near the best there is!” He says with a smirk.

Bella smiles.

“Sure you are.”

She lets out a small blaze his way. He cocks a brow.

“Now that ain’t nothing.”

He comes at her and grabs her. With his arms wrapped tightly around her.

“Why ya using your shield? You don’t want to protect me. I’m the enemy. Drop it.”

“Shield?” She questions.

“Well I suppose that’s what…”

She smirks and catches him off guard. She drops it and he’s sent flying back from the ignition alone. The entire class even Jake turn to watch.

Logan comes to his feet from the ground. He curses under his breath and dust himself off. Soot covered his arms and chest.

“Nice one ya brat!”

She shrugs.

“Element of surprise?” She gibes.

He chuckles a bit.

“Very well… Let’s go.”

Kurt watches with a permanent grin on his face. Something about Bella battling in a dress only added to the appeal. Kurt couldn’t take his eyes off her.

Her and Logan continued for a bit longer. At one point she actually managed to get Logan down in a pin.

“Get your hands off my girl’s Esel, Wolverine!” Kurt snaps.

Bobby chuckles on this.

Logan shoves her back and she goes soaring across the field. She came down in a crouch as her feet dug into the earth. Logan looked upon her fully impressed.

“Now we’re talking.” He taunts with a smirk.

“How if ya can hover shortcake let me see ya fly.”

She looks to him as he eggs her on with both hands.

“I can’t fly!”

“Well sure you can’t just take off like a bat outta hell. But if you can hover it’s for a reason. Let’s see it. Focus!”

She takes in a breath and comes off the ground a good three feet.

“Come and get it…” Logan provokes.

Bella closes her eyes for a moment. The whole class gasps out in shock. Bella comes directly for Logan in a fiery hovering spin; knocking him straight into the earth. Bella quickly comes back up and she knocks herself out of the transformation.


The class takes off that direction as well.

“Yeah… that sucked.” Logan says coughing as Bella offers a hand.

He was a good foot into the earth.

“I’m so sorry!” Bella says and starts checking him over.

He has a good laugh.

“Don’t kid ya did what I wanted. Just think if you had put your full power behind that.”

Bella swallows back in thought.

“You’re not giving me your all are ya?”

Bella takes in a breath.

“That’s about what I thought.”

“Perhaps it’s time to take a different approach. Time to break some rules; we’re going to do things my way!”


He grins.

“You’ll see…”

Bella freezes though, and looks towards the woods.

“Did ya hear me kid?”

The cloaked figure was there. Yet again he was watching her. He nodded right towards her and disappeared.

“Dr. McCoy?”

He looks over noticing the other students had left. He takes off his glasses and leans back in his chair.

“Did you have some questions about class today?”

“Actually no. Not pertaining to class. First of all I wanted to thank you.”

“Whatever for?”

“The clothes.” She hints looking down to her dress.

He smiles.

“Ah, that’s nothing my dear. But you’re quite welcome.”

Bella comes to her feet and leans against her desk. With her books in hand she looks to the ground for a moment.

“Something else on your mind?”

“Yes, but you’ve already done so much for me.”

“Nonsense, what is it?”

“I was wondering if you could give me some lessons in German?”

He laughs a good belly laugh at this. She bites her bottom lip a bit.

“Ah, clever girl you are!”

She softly laughs with a red hue about her cheeks.

“I’d love to. We can start today after your next class.”

“Thank you.”

“No need. I’ll see you then Ember dear.”

She beams at this and makes her way out. Bella heads on to Storm’s class. She notices how Jake’s checking Storm out. Bella was relieved that the attention was off her for once. He even got caught doing that tilting head thing guys do when they’re checking out women’s asses. Bella fought the urge to laugh. He wouldn’t stand a chance. Bella found herself thinking it was too bad Logan was gay. She thought he and Storm would go good together. Both were beyond hot.

Kurt dangles a rose in front of Bella. She smiles and takes it from his tail.

“Thank you.”

He winks and she breaths it in before sitting it down on her desk.

“Jesus how lame can you get.” She heard Jake bellow from behind.

“Really, who does that shit?”

Both ignore him and keep their heads straight ahead.

“I already know why you’re here Kurt.”

Kurt nods.

“Please have a seat.”

Kurt takes a seat. Xavier looks up from his desk.

‘You’re wondering why I’ve allowed Mr. Black at our school?”

“Precisely, you can read minds after all. Even I know he’s only here for one reason.”

“Are you threatened by him Mr. Wagner?”

Kurt laughs.

“Most certainly not.”

“Then I do not see the issue.”

Kurt shakes his head and comes to his feet.

“He’s just another Pyro!”

“We do not know unless he is given a chance.”

“Do tell me Xavier what was in his head?! The moment you offered him a place; what did you see?”

Xavier crosses his arms about his chest.

“You can read my mind right?”

Xavier nods.

“So are we to invite this mysterious being that also seeks a threat to our school as well?”

“You may go now Mr. Wagner.”

Kurt grits his teeth.

“I never thought I’d find disappointment in you of all people!”

“I’m sorry you feel that way.”

“Me too.” Kurt says and exits his office slamming the door too.

“Kurt?” Bella questions with unease as she’s returning from Dr. McCoy’s class.

He closes his eyes for a moment trying to calm himself.

“Are you alright?”

He opens his eyes and takes Bella’s hand.


Mein Gott, das ist das schärfste, das ich je in meinen Leben gesehen habe. I’m already on fire. My God, I want you so bad.”

“Und Sie werden es nie erfahren! And you will never know!”

Ich liebe dich. I love you.

Meine liebe. My love.

“Mein Gott, das ist das reizvollste, was ich je in meinem Leben gesehen habe! My God, that’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“Es nimmt meinen ganzen Willen, nicht über dich herzufallen.”! It’s taking all will not to hump you!”

3 thoughts on “Chapter 7 All For One”

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Welcome to my asylum! Where my favorite fandoms unite. There are cookies and milk somewhere…

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Welcome to my asylum! Where my favorite fandoms unite. There are cookies and milk somewhere...


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