Chapter 23 For The Love of Kryptonians

Chapter 23

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He looked over to see Bella in her usual blue jeans, red midriff tank top, and Converse shoes. She was kicked back on his recently stolen black leather couch. He vainly cocks a brow folds his arms about his chest.

“You here to grovel?” He smarts.

Bella raises her brows.

“Funny… I think it should be the other way around.”

He slowly makes his way over.

“How’d you get in my apartment?”

She smiles and shrugs.

“Hmm, you should leave.”

He turns his back to her and goes to head to the shower.

“Not happening. It’s rather cozy here… You know with all this nice stolen merchandise. Something about it just screams out home sweet home.”

“I won’t tell you again Bella. Go home!”

“Make me…”

He cocks a brow with a grin about his face. He suddenly has her pinned up against the wall; his hands about her shoulders. She locks eyes with him. A smile comes about her face.

“Is that all you got?”

He looks to her confused. She flings out her arms and sends him flying across the living room. A confused expression comes over his face.


She noticed how he seemed to be shaking something off. He looked back up conversely, with a certain beam about him.

“So you’re not so fragile after all.”
They circle one another as if sizing one another up.

“How?” He questions.

“Now, now Kal-El that’s my little secret.” She gives him a nod.

“So you’ve accepted it?”

“Accepted what?”

“That Clark Kent is no more.”

“On the contrary… It’s Clark I’ve come to collect.”

He laughs.

“You cannot have what is already gone.”

“Oh he’s still in there somewhere.”

He nods.

“Even if he was. How do you suppose you’d bring him back?”

“By beating the living shit out of Kal-El. Let’s see what happens; if I merely crack the shell.”

He appears behind her and he sends her slamming through the coffee table. She comes up dusting herself off. She sighs shaking her head.

“Ok fine. You wanna play that way then we’ll play.”

She dives after him sending him through the wall into his bedroom. She pins him to the wall and slams his head against the wall. He reverses the pin and socks her in the gut. He made a certain face as he did this. She knew Clark was still in there by the way he was reacting.

“That’s right Clark baby I’m here.”

Kal-El grits his teeth.

“There is only Kal-El!”

He reaches over and grabs her by the collar of her shirt and flings her back into the living room. His boots crunching against the debris as he walked about the room. Bella comes up laughing.

“You think you’re stronger than Clark, Kal-El?! Is that it?! Because YOU’RE NOT! He could kick your fucking ass and so can I!”

He comes at her with another full forced punch. Only she dodges and swings back knocking him for a loop. She rushes him like a bull slamming him into the floor. He rolls over and swings at her again. The look appears on his face again as he manages to get a good hit in. She doesn’t take time to question it. She rolls him over grabbing him by the collar. She straddles him and sends him several blows to the face.

He sends out both his hands and she flies across the living room into the kitchen across the island slamming into the cabinets. She comes to her feet and runs across the island. She sees Clark coming right for her she arches back and her knees continue to slide across the table. Clark lands on his feet and folds his arms about his chest.


He appears behind her though and heaves her up against the fridge.

“Bella…” She hears knowing Clark was trying to come through. She nods letting him know she knows he’s in there somewhere.

She grabs him by the collar and pushes him back against the counter.

“It’s time to leave Kal-El.”

He grins shaking his head.

“But you’re too much fun.” He picks her up placing her on the counter.

She gasps out as he rips her shirt open. He leans into her breathing her in. He presses up against her.

“Think about it… You don’t want me to leave.” He grips her rear and presses his erection against her. He starts kissing along her neck.

“Not so fast loverboy.”

She slams him back against the fridge. Neither saw the red jewel that fell to the ground. It had embedded into his back. It happened the day he visited caves on his own. During a small cave in when Clark was trying to make a way for a better entrance. The shard of red stone had pierced through his back. Along with the red stones the green meteor rocks that fell through as well. Clark was too weak to even take notice. When Clark’s body went to heal itself, it healed around the stone rather than ejecting it. All he remembered was someone pulling him out, but he ever saw who. He woke in the middle of the woods. However, it’s been embedded in for so long it’s now in his blood stream. Bella would still have a bit of a battle to bring Clark back fully.

Bella knocked him back again then forced him around. She tossed him through the kitchen wall. Clark landed on his back. She made her way over with plans to scoop him up yet again. Only Clark ankle swiped her and pins her wrists to the ground. He presses himself against her.

“Bella…” He questions breathlessly.

“Is that you now Clark?”
He nods, but looks to be in agony. He looks upon her. Both their breathing had become erratic. Clark continued to hold her wrists down. He started kissing her neither, truly thinking or caring about anything else. That and Kal-El might’ve left the building however, the red stone continued to affect Clark’s system. Bella gasped out as he moved about her.

“Clark…” She said with desperation.

Bella felt as though she were in full on heat.

Clark swallows back and runs a hand along her torso. Before Bella can blink he’s got her on the bed. He shoves off any debris that’s in their way. Clark rips out of his jeans he tosses then behind his back. Bella shreds his shirt completely off his back. He lets out a soft growl as her nails dig into his back. Clark grabs the waistband of her jeans and he looks her in the eyes as he tears them apart as well. He moans out as he looks upon her. The mere sight had him feeling like he was about to come. He runs his hand along her soaking wet white bikini panties. He could see right through them. He closed his eyes for a moment breathing her in. She smelled even better than he remembered.

“Clark baby please… we’ve waited long enough!” She demands with a hiss; her hips moved about uncontrollably with desire.

A smile appears on his face. He bends down and rips her panties with his teeth. She gasp out as he licks her below. Clark tears off his boxers. Once he comes back up he places himself inside. Bella feels the sting as he bust through her hymen. She thought it’d hurt like hell. But it was just the slight pinch feeling and that was it. She didn’t care to question it at the moment.

Clark looked up as if to check on her.

She wrapped her arms around his neck. Bella obsessively kissed him as he drove himself inside her. Clark couldn’t believe how this felt. Finally, he could give her everything he’d always wanted. He felt slightly dizzy with euphoria alone. He gripped the head board feeling the pressure and throbbing below.

“Bella…” He groaned out. This was like a wet dream he’d always longed for.

Clark fired off like a missile. Bella climaxed as she felt him release within her. Clark didn’t stop. No they’d been waiting for damn near a year. He was nowhere near done. In fact his thrust got even harder. He felt himself even aching more. He raised up a bit and watched himself driving within her. The way her sex gushed below and her scent made him feel animalistic. He shut his eyes for a moment at the sensitivity. It was the most extraordinary thing he’d ever felt. He’d wanted her for so long he feared this was merely a dream.

Bella could feel his vibrations below. He pulsated greatly inside her. He was so warm and solid Bella couldn’t stop her climax’s it seemed to be one right after another. Nor did she want to. She ran her hands along his chiseled chest. She never imagined this was how it’d feel losing her virginity. It was supposed to hurt. It only hurt for a second and she was in the game.

“You feel so good…” She practically cooed.

Clark became even more eager at her words. Bella rolled them over. She held his wrists down. He gritted his teeth as she rode on top of him. Once she released his wrists he reached over ran his hands along her silky white breasts. His hands traveled along her waist. Clark found himself in complete awe and overwhelming lust. He brought her back towards him and sucked on her breasts. His tongue flicked along her nipples as he egged her on by firmly grasping her hips and slamming her against him. The bed itself jolted back and forth in the bedroom. It went from wall to wall each time one of them let out thrust upon the other.

Clark grunted out in another finish as he gripped her even more firmly. He came up in a sitting position as he finished coming. He nuzzled the side of his face against her breasts. He then brought his arms around her back and turned her over on the bed yet again. He kissed her just as eagerly. Bella kept her arms and legs wrapped around him. They eyed each other and before they even realized it they were at it yet, again.

By the time they were done Bella and Clark; were drenched in sweat and in each other’s sex. Bella moved over and ran her hand along his chest. Clark put his arm around her and kissed the top of her head. He narrowed his eyes however, as he looked upon his hand. He could have sworn his veins were red for a moment. He cleared his throat in thought. He shrugged it off at the moment. He had a more important question now.

“So do you mind explaining?”

Bella bit her lower lip in thought.

“Could we do that later…?”

“Um… ok. But it is something we nee..” She puts a finger to his lips.


He softly chuckles and kisses the top of her head again.

“I’m going to get some water. Would you like some?”

Clark raises up and looks around. His eyes widen. He taps Bella on the arm.


She too raises up and looks around.

“I don’t think you’re getting your deposit back Clark.”

The look on his face was priceless as he entered the kitchen. His entire apartment had been destroyed. He rubbed his face and shook his head. He stepped on a carton of eggs and bent down curiously. He picked up the ruby looking jewel from the ground. He quickly dropped it as he saw his veins doing that red thing again. That and made him feel funny the moment he picked it up. Bella enters the room in one of his t-shirts.

She covers her mouth taking in the damage as well.


“You could say that again.” He grumbles and tosses her a bottle of water.

“What’s that?!” Bella says and bends down to pick up the red jewel.

“It’s pretty.” She says holding it up.

Clark watches curiously. Her veins did that red thing too for a few seconds. She bit her lower lip as she continued to hold the jewel.

“Let’s just stay here Clark. Fuck whatever Jor-El says.”

“Wait… what?”

She laughs and twirls the jewel around in her hand.

“Well we can’t stay in this actual apartment. Clark we’ve destroyed the place. I say we go somewhere far away. Where we don’t’ have to worry about anything.”

He tilts his head a bit.

“What does any of this have to do with Jor- El Bell?”

She continues to look upon the stone.

“Let’s put that down now Bell and talk. What’s going on?”

She smiles upon the stone. Clark picks her up and places her on the counter. He take the stone from her hand and tosses it into a nearby fruit bowl. Bella blinks a few times looking confused.


He nods and puts a hand upon her cheek.

“I want you to talk to me now Bell. How’d you get these abilities? Is it meteor induced?”

She lowers her head and shaking it.

“I don’t want to do this right now Clark. Please I just want more time.”

“And why wouldn’t we have that? What is it you’re keeping from me Bell? You seem to forget that I know you better than anyone. You can’t lie to me Bell. Now spit it out. I want to know what’s going on.”

She instantly clings on to him wrapping herself around him tightly. Clark finds himself startled as she starts crying. He runs his hands along her back.

“It was the only way Clark.”

“What was the only way?”

“I had to bring you back. I did what needed to be done.”

“And what did you do Bell?”

He pulls back and puts his hands to her cheeks. He looks her dead in the eyes.

“Talk to me…”

She sucks back a breath and wipes her eyes.

“I will, but first thing’s first. Let’s get you back home.”

“I’m not going anywhere until you explain!”

“Dammit Clark. Haven’t you been bullheaded enough?!”

“That makes two of us.”

She shakes her head and pushes him off her. She hops down and starts towards the bedroom. He shakes his head and finishes his water. Clark tosses it into the trash. Feeling rather silly considering the apartment was already destroyed. He rushes over and yanks her back towards him.

“What’d you do?”

She looks to the floor shaking her head.

“Something I don’t and won’t regret. You need to know that now. It was my decision. The only way I knew to get you back.”

“Are you going to continue to dance around this?!”

She sighs.

“I made a deal.”

“A deal? What kind of a deal?”

“With Jor-El.”

Clark narrows his eyes confused.

“Jor-El? You’ve lost me. Why would you be talking to my biological father Bell?”

“I needed help so I came to the ship and asked for some sort of guidance.”

Clark didn’t like where this was going one bit.

“Come on Clark we both know if I only showed up with a meteor rock. That still wouldn’t have fully taken Kal-El and whatever the hell else it was going on with you. You weren’t exactly yourself!”

“So what sort of guidance are we talking? Because I don’t see how that would give you abilities like mine.”

“He made me Kryptonian long enough to bring you back.”
Clark cuts her a puzzled look.

“So right now you’re full-fledged Kryptonian?”

She nods. He shakes his head in thought.

“I take it there are some sort of consequences…” Clark hints.

“Yes Clark there are.”

“Such as?”

“Let’s just say I know now what my purpose was all along. I have no regrets and I’m glad that at least for once I got to save you.”

“Bell what the hell do did you agree to?!” He says feeling panicked now.

“It was my choice.”
“What did my father do?! ANSWER ME!”

She swallows back.

“Once we return to Smallville. I’m to bring you to him. Let him know I’ve achieved my goal. After that is done…” She shuts her eyes for a moment.

“I will have lived my purpose. There will be no more reason for my existence. I’m merely standing in the way of your fate Clark.”

Clark stumbles back like he’d been socked across the face.

“Please tell me it doesn’t mean what it sounds like Bell!”

She shakes her head looking to the floor again.

He roughly grabs her by the shoulders and shoves her back against the wall.


“Because I wanted you back even if just for a day. I wanted the Clark I knew to come back home.”

He shakes his head and tears stream down his face.

“No… Not your choice! IT WASN’T!” She flinches as he punches the wall behind her sending his fist right through it.


“This was about me getting help to bring you back.”


Clark paces around a bit pulling at his hair.

“I won’t let him get away with this. I’ll make him realize if he takes that step. If he takes you awy from me. I’m done with everything!”


“NO! Don’t you even Bell! I’m just as pissed with you too! I’m sick and tired of you going off and playing the hero! I don’t need your saving! It’s me that’s to protect YOU! Not the other way around! You had NO damn right to go behind my back and make this decision! You and Jor-El both had no right! This is my life too and as far as I’m concerned you are my life Bell. Without you this is all utter and complete SHIT! You think I care about any of this if I don’t have you! He just decided to take the one person I love most in this entire world away from me. I already lost you once and granted I deserved it and I know it. We both know it. I can look back on everything and know I don’t deserve you! But I’m selfish! If you knew half of what I’d done since we’ve been apart. You’d be laying me out all over again. I’d let you. I deserve it. Honestly, I can’t believe I did the things I did. Things I can never make up for or take back.”
“That wasn’t you Clark. That was Kal-El and whatever else you had going on.”

“Don’t you get it Bell? I am Kal-El…”

“That maybe true, but you’re also Clark. You’ve been Clark for a lot longer than you’ve been Kal-El. That and this is your home now. Earth Clark is your home. Krypton was Kal-El’s and he needs to realize that! Kal-El needs to take a step back and realize that. This is Clark’s territory now and he has no right to piss all over it as if it were his own. Clark also needs to stand his ground. Clark you need to be able to tell him to fuck off when needed. If you don’t he’ll only try to break through and take over again. You might be both. But there’s a center in which you both need to agree on and meet. Not one can take over the other completely. And you’re not one without the other. He knows that too. I saw the fear in his eyes myself. He knows without you he too doesn’t exist. I will always love both of you. That being said though Kal-El can be a real dick! Even if he is kind of hot.”

Clark shakes his head. He’d laugh though if it weren’t for the situation. But she was right and he knew it. There needed to be some sort of balance where he could center both personas. Where one didn’t totally wipe out the other. At the moment though he could care less. All he could think about was how to fix this. He’d created this mess. Now it was time to find a way out of it. He knew one thing for sure. He couldn’t allow Bella near anything pertaining to Jor-El. No Clark was going to have to go about this alone. He knew if he brought Bella along Jor-El would take matters into his own hands on the spot.

“Bell… I want you to stay here.”

He heads to his closet and starts to get dressed.

“Where you going?” She questions as slips a shirt over his head.

“Time for a nice long father and son talk.”

She winced knowing he wasn’t talking about John.

“Clark please don’t do this. I made a deal and…”

“I get that… and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I’m breaking the contract between you and Jor-El.”


“Bell I mean it you stay here! I’ll come back for you.”

“And what if this right here is our last few moments Clark?! Did you even think about the fact I could very well kill over right here?!”

He grew grim in thought and staggered back a bit.

“I can’t think like that! I have to have some sort of hope Bell. I have to! So yes I need to do this. I need to let it be known to him that without you I’m nothing! Neither is Kal-El!”

“I’m going with you!” She grabs a pair of his sweatpants.

“No you’re not! You’re going to stay here!”

“It’s not like you can stop me! You seem to forget that Clark! We’re equals now.”

He nods in thought and looks to the top of his closet. He was about to do yet another thing to get his ass kicked later. The idea made him plum sick. But if came down to the choice of her dying… He’d much rather the alternative. He reached up and grabbed the box on top. He’d kept it just in case. Now he was glad he had.

He holds the box in his hand. Clark grabs Bella by the collar of her shirt. He hated himself for this… He started kissing her and led her to the bed. He lay her down. He caressed her cheek. Clark pecked her lips once more.

“I’m sorry…” He says softly his eyes full of guilt.

She looked to him confused. Clark quickly hopped off the bed and opened the box. The green stone landed on her stomach. She gasped out. He shook his head as he stood at a safe distance.

“Clark…” She looked upon him wrathfully.

It was no more than he expected.

“I’ll gladly let you deal with me later. I won’t even fight back. But this right here is my fight and mine alone. I love you Bell. That’s why I have to do this.”

He vanishes right before her eyes. She lays there not able to move. And she knew now what this felt like. Clark was right it sucked. She felt as though she had the flu and was completely paralyzed. She ached all over and found herself working harder just to breath. That and he were right she was going to kick his ass for this!

Once Clark got to the farm; he went to the ship first thing. He zipped in slamming the shelter door behind him. He paced around the ship anger coursing through him.

“Jor-El!” He shouted furiously.

He continued to pace.

“I know you can hear me Jor-El! There are matters in which we need to discuss. You can’t get away with this!”

Still nothing.

“You’re not taking her away from me! You hear me Jor-El! YOU’RE NOT! You want to punish me that’s fine! But you’re not doing this to her! DAMMIT ANSWER ME!”



He gritted his teeth.

“FINE! You don’t want to talk! Then I’ll take matters into my own hands! I’ll find a way to make certain; you can never TOUCH HER! YOU CAN’T TAKE HER FROM ME JOR-EL! NOT EVER!”

Clark peeks into the bedroom. He grabs the box and cautiously makes his way over. Bella had passed out. He carefully manages to get the rock back into the box. He puts it back into his closet.

Clark makes his way back over to the bed. He sits on the edge and takes his hand into his own. He pinches his eyes shut with his other. He looks back to his closet in thought. He wondered if maybe he could destroy the ship? If he destroyed it then Bella would be safe right? Clark was desperate for a solution. He wasn’t going down without a fight.

That was another thing. Now that things were somewhat calming down. He was truly looking back to everything he’d done as of late. He covered his face in thought. He jumped back and backed away from her. His eyes widened as he started to remember all the women… He never slept with any of them. He knew he couldn’t. Still that didn’t stop him from being a dick.

“No…” He grimaced realizing just how bad he really messed up.

The thievery, the women, bar fights, drinking (not that he could even feel the effects), the underground fighting rings. The fact that he remembered feeling somewhat superior to the human race. He remembered feeling as though a god. He had liked the way it made him feel. He felt powerful, full of life; he hadn’t a care in the world. He could do what he wanted without the conscience behind it. But even through all that… he didn’t have the one thing he wanted most in this world. Even now he could remember thinking about her constantly. That each woman he was with was nowhere close to comparison he felt unsatisfied. In a way he knew why he was doing it. He remembered feeling angry. Angry at her… He shook his head on this. Clark Kent truly realized that he was a grade a jackass! How the hell does he tell her about the wrong he’d done. Sure he could keep it to himself and act as if nothing ever happened. That just wasn’t Clark though. The guilt would eventually take him over completely. No he knew he was eventually going to have to come clean about everything. That’s if he could even keep her alive in the process thanks to Jor-El.


He looked over as she lifted up in the bed. He could tell she was looking for the rock.

“It’s gone now.”

“You’re such an ASS!” She barked.

He nodded in full agreement.

Bella furiously shoots out of the bed and pins Clark to the wall. Randomly, she drops to her knees.

You were to bring him to me. I did will not answer to my son! Not until you’ve arrived with him! I expect this visit directly!”

She screams out in agony and her nose starts to bleed.


Clark reaches out to her. She makes her way off the bed. She crawls on her hands and knees and gets her shoes on. She grits her teeth and rests her head against the wall.


“We have to go back Clark. He’s waiting. He says he will not to answer to you until I am there as well.”

“NO! Why’s he doing this?!”

Bella couldn’t answer she was in too much pain.

“Let’s just go Clark.”

“He’s growing impatient. Trust me it’s time to go.”

Bella takes off and Clark shakes his head. He takes off after her. They don’t stop until they’re at the entrance of the shelter. They lock eyes. Bella reaches to the door.

“Wait… please just…” Clark felt as though he was having a nervous breakdown.

He pulled her towards him and kissed her. They both turn their attention towards the door as it flew open. The wind around them picked up. Both their hair flowed about the breeze. Their jackets flapped in the back as it grow heavier. They both shield their eyes as the glow for the ship cascaded about the area. Bella started to be dragged back towards the shelter. She looked to Clark in panic.

“BELL!” He reached out to her. The sound of the ship was so loud it stirred Martha in John as they were in the house. They ran outside to see Bella being dragged back and Clark trying to pull her back towards him. They ran that direction. Suddenly Bella and Clark were forced inside. The shelter door slammed shut. John quickly tried to pry it open. He used all he had to try and open the door, but it wouldn’t budge.

He and Martha shared the same look of anxiety.

“You have defied me Kal-El! You must pay the consequences. The both of you have disrespected me.”

“NOOOOOOOO!” Clark shouted as Bella was slammed against the wall.

Bella shrieks out and shields herself as the light from the ship shines upon her. Clark starts to reach for her and he’s forced back against the other side of the shelter.


Her shrieks come to an end. The light fades away. The ship goes back into sleep mode.


Nowhere to be found…

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