Chapter 3 Being Human

Chapter 3

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“Let me get this straight… You didn’t show up or call, yet you’re demanding your paycheck?!”

“I put 28 hours in. I have that right.”

“And you spent most of that time puking into a trash bin!”

“Yeah but I got the job done. On the days you didn’t send me home that is.”

“Another damn mutant…” Her boss uttered as he was looking towards the stage.

Bella narrowed her eyes and peered over. She smiled as the woman he was referring to had gorgeous blue feathers, crimson red eyes, and a voluptuous body to go with that. Her dancing was flawless. The mutant reminded Bella of a peacock. And whereas a lot of men were taking pleasure in the little show she was giving; others were badmouthing the mutant and throwing things at her. Bella gritted her teeth on this.

“I wouldn’t have hired the bitch if I had known…”

“And you’d be going against their rights!” Bella snapped in return.

The man reared back on this.

“Oh man, don’t tell me you’re one of ‘those’.”

“Haven’t you seen her on TV, boss?” The bartender called out with a wink her direction.

“Don’t watch much TV nowadays.”

“You should hear her… She’s a mutie lover.”

Bella ignored this and marched on over towards the men causing all the fuss. She snatched a beer bottle from of them as they were in attempts to throw it at the entertainer.

“That’s not very gentleman like…”

“Yeah well, she’s no lady either.”

Bella regarded the now frightful mutant.

“She most certainly is and you’d do good to remember that.”

“She’s a freak!”

The young woman cocked a brow at this.

“Well you must like it…” Bella hinted as to the man’s noticeable ‘excitement’.

That and he couldn’t look away no matter how much he cut the young mutant down. Bella gasped out as one of the men grabbed the mutant by the ankle and jerked her off the stage.


She rushed on over as the men were grabbing at the mutant’s breasts and taunting her. “KNOCK IT OFF!” Bella shouted. She took off her jacket and draped it over the woman. She ushered her into the dressing room and locked the door behind them. The mutant sunk to the floor and broke down. A knot formed within the back of Bella’s throat. She wanted to cry on her behalf. She didn’t understand. This mutant was beautiful… So why couldn’t they see that? Bella used caution as she approached the young mutant. She squatted down before her and used her fingers to brush the mutant’s feathered hair away from her eyes.

“I can’t apologize enough.”

“Why are you apologizing? You didn’t do anything.”

Bella reached over and grabbed a tissue then handed it over.


“They’re wrong.”

The woman lifted her head and her jaw dropped.

“It’s you!”

Bella raised her brows on this.


“Yeah! I’ve seen you on TV! Are you sure you’re human?!”

Bella sort of laughed.


“Unfortunately?! Do you have any idea how lucky you are? I mean look at me!”

Bella tilted her head and got a better look, if anything she found the woman even more breathtaking than before.

“I am… and if I wasn’t batting for the other team, I’d have put a twenty in that g-string.”

The mutant died of laughter and Bella helped the mutant to her feet.

“You talk funny…”

“If I had a dime for every time I heard that…” Bella muttered with a playful smile.

“Can I ask you a personal question?”

“Well that depends… Just how ‘personal’ are we talking?”

“Why this?”

“It’s all I know…”

“I somehow doubt that. You’re more than just a toy. Don’t let these assholes fool you into thinking otherwise.”

“You saw how they reacted…”

“That I did. But you didn’t defend yourself either. You just stood there…”

“And what was I supposed to do?”

“Tell them to fuck off and go back to stealing the show.”

The mutant snorted on this.

“Stealing the show?” She mocked.

“You didn’t see the other men’s reaction. They wanted you up there. Hell, you made the other women look sad in comparison. You were smoking and you know it. But this isn’t you and you know that as well.”

“So you say…,” The mutant scoffed.

“Come on… I could see it in your eyes. You were miserable and that was BEFORE the bullshit.”

They reared back as the door was kicked in. The bouncers darted on in and grabbed both girls.

“Get your hands off me!” Bella shouted as they dragged her and the mutant out the club.

Once they had them outside, they shoved them to the ground.

“NO!” The mutant shouted as Bella hit her head against a nearby dumpster.

“We don’t want your kind around here. As for you…,” the manager pointed to Bella.

“You’re done. Don’t you come around here again. And watch your back… We don’t take kindly to mutant lovers.”

On this note, he and the bouncers headed back inside. Bella turned to check on the mutant but she was already gone. Bella sighed figuring it were best to call it a night.

When Bella entered the house she saw that Erik had fallen asleep in his recliner, drink in hand. She walked on over and went to grab the glass, in order to keep it from spilling. The young woman was quick to gasp out however. His eyes shot open and he wrapped his other hand around her wrist. She whimpered out as he forced her over and brought her to her knees. “Erik… you’re hurting me.”

He blinked as if snapping out of something. Once he fully grasped what he was doing, he dropped his hold and sprang on out of the recliner. The glass hit the floor and shattered. A puddle of scotch spread beneath her feet. He started towards her but she shot out a hand and was backing away from him. Erik ignored this and approached her anyhow. He squatted down and lifted her chin with his fingers. He took notice of the gash along her forehead and the handprint he’d left behind. There were no words as he lifted her up off the ground. He placed her onto the kitchen counter and a metal bowl flew out from one of the cabinets. It landed in the sink and the knob to the cold water turned on. He grabbed some ice and tossed it into the bowl. Erik placed her wrist inside the bowl and gave it a bit of a massage. “My apologies…”

“You weren’t fully awake…”

He nodded towards the cut on her forehead.

“Looks like you’ve had a rather adventurous night…”

“You could say that.”

He retrieved a washcloth from a nearby drawer, dipped it into the bowl then put it to her forehead.

“You remember that ID you offered?”

He nodded.

“Think I could have that by Monday morning?”

“And what is Monday?”

“Let’s just say I might’ve taken your advice after all.”

Erik lifted his eyes and he smiled as they met her gaze.

“Did you now?”

She nodded.

“Hm. Well I’d be more than happy to be of service.”

“Thank you.”

“No need.”

“About earlier…”

“It wasn’t my intention to hurt you…”

“No. I meant as to our earlier conversation.”

“There’s no need for an explanation.”

But the way he said this had her looking to him in question.

“It’s a little more than obvious…”

“What is?”

“That you have a problem with Jews…”

Bella laughed and Erik cut her a wink.

“What can I say? You certainly have me pegged.”

He nodded and lifted her hand out of the bowl. He looked it over as he carefully moved it about.

“How’s that feel?”

“I’m fine, really.”

He didn’t comment and wrapped a towel around it. They locked eyes once again and Erik placed a strand of hair behind her ear.

“What is it about you that seems so familiar…?” He questioned whilst caressing her cheek.

She closed her eyes and leaned into the palm of his hand. But as she did this they let out a simultaneous gasp. Erik was quick to move his hand and he staggered back. Bella hopped on down.

“Was that…?”

The young woman nodded in response. He narrowed his eyes however as she practically ran from the room. He heard her door shut and Erik merely gawked upon it.

“…a boy…?”

When Bella got up the next morning, Erik was nowhere to be found. She welcomed herself to a glass of orange juice and a bowl of cereal. She let out a yelp however as she turned and there was someone sitting at the table, someone that wasn’t Erik. Bella dropped her bowl of cereal and was quick to cover herself as all she had on was a t-shirt and pair of panties. This was something she didn’t figure to be a big deal around Erik, considering he’d seen her in all her glory. The mutant was olive green from head to toe and he’d this massive appendage like tongue. His hair was a darker shade with a trace of purple at the tips. She merely observed as he was using his tongue to flick bits of cereal into his mouth.

“Oh my god…”

The mutant looked over and tilted his head.

“Is that the last of the Cheerios?!”

He retracted his tongue and Bella smiled.

“That’s so cool.”

“Cool?” The mutant questioned looking somewhat puzzled.

“Nah, I feel alright.”

Bella giggled on this.

“Ummm… I’ll be right back.”

He nodded as Bella went to get dressed. When she returned, she cleaned up her mess and poured herself another bowl. She sat beside him and took a few bites of her cereal.

“So… Are you a friend of Erik’s?”

The mutant rather shrugged.

“Awesome! So you’re fluent in sarcasm as well.”

He smiled and sort of laughed.

“They call me Toad…”

“Well Toad, I’m Bella.”

“I know…” He said with a nod.

Bella smiled in return and went to take another bite of her cereal. Toad leaned back as she covered her mouth and hopped up. She ran towards the sink and upchucked.

“…dammit…” She murmured looking downright miserable.

“Annnd that was the last of the cereal…” Toad witted.

She threw up a couple more times before rinsing her mouth out. She disinfected the sink and sunk to the floor directly after. Bella brought her knees up against her chest and buried her face within them.

“Was the cereal that bad?” Toad taunted with a smirk.

“Something like that.”

Once she gathered a little more energy, she came to her feet. Bella prayed this would die down come Monday morning. She grabbed hers and Toad’s dishes then washed and dried them. She put them away then wiped the table and counters clean. When finished, she went and lay down on the couch. She covered her eyes with her arm and focused on nice steady breaths. Before long, the doorbell rang. Bella came to a stand and answered the door. She froze and tilted her head upon the man in the wheelchair. He smiled and Bella peered back looking to Toad.

“Another friend of Erik’s?”

Toad shrugged once again and plopped down on the recliner.

“Thanks… You’re a lot of help.”

“You’re welcome.” He mockingly threw out there and for whatever reason that had her laughing.

She regarded the man in the wheelchair once again.

“If you’re looking for Erik, I’m afraid he’s stepped out.”

The man nodded.

“You’ll have to forgive me. I wasn’t expecting…” The man trailed off and offered his hand.

“Hello, I’m Charles Xavier.”

Bella’s jaw dropped.

“You mean as in the Charles Xavier?!”

He narrowed his eyes on this.

“Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters…,” she whispered looking to be in thought.

“If you mean the academy, then yes. Though I find that name much more intriguing than the current one.”

“Well you should, considering… And Bella Swan by the way. Please, come on in. I’m sure Erik will be arriving shortly.” She said as she stepped aside.

“Thank you.”

She nodded and pulled the door to after.

“What you do… for all those children. It’s amazing.”

Charles smiled in response.

“It’s the children that are amazing, Miss. Swan.” He corrected.

“I’m sorry. You’ll have to forgive me. I believe I’m a little star struck at the moment. The things you’ve managed to achieve…” Bella thought back and rather sighed.

What she wouldn’t give to teach at his school. Then again that was back in 2006 when she had her entire future mapped out. Edward entered the picture and everything changed. She frowned in thought. The more she reflected on everything, the more she swore Edward had some sort of ‘charming’ effect on her. She couldn’t grasp just how willingly she gave into his wishes. And above everything? How she allowed him to keep her on such a short leash. The moment she had that itch to venture out, he’d yank on it and come up with a million reasons as to why she shouldn’t.

“Do humans currently teach at your school?” She asked out of mere curiosity.

“No, not at the moment.”

She nodded and had that pensive demeanor about her.

“Can I get you something to drink?”

“Please, there’s no need for that.”

Bella sat on the couch and the three of them shared that awkward moment of silence.

“Anyone up for a game of chess?” Charles offered and Bella glanced upon Erik’s fancy chess set.


“Well by all means… ladies first.”


Charles narrowed his eyes on this but didn’t comment.

Two hours later…

“Man, you’re kicking my ass.”

Charles chuckled.

“Every time I get anywhere near…”

They lifted their heads as the front door opened and Erik stepped inside. He sent Charles a peculiar glance.

“Welcome home!” Bella called out with a smile and Erik nodded.

“Stop that…” Bella hissed as Toad was trying to eat one of the chess pieces.

“If you’re that bored we can play checkers or something.”

Toad frowned and stuffed it into his mouth anyhow. Bella reached over and popped him on the arm.

“Give it!”

Charles had himself a good laugh as Bella was trying to fish the chess piece out from Toad’s mouth.

“Charles…” Erik greeted as he took off his fedora and jacket.

“Erik…” He replied with a simple nod.

“You are aware that he is a telepath and uses his ability in order to win?”

Bella’s jaw dropped. She was well aware of Charles’s ‘gift’ but it hadn’t occurred to her until Erik said something.

“Son of a bitch…” But as she said this she found herself wondering if he could read her.

Erik gave a simple nod and Charles sort of laughed. Bella narrowed her eyes upon the two men as they sounded somewhere between hostile, yet friendly all the same. Erik made his way over and handed Bella a vanilla folder.

“As you requested.”

Bella shot to her feet and hugged him.

“Thank you!”

Erik cleared his throat.

“Yes well… You might want to look everything over and make certain everything’s legit.” He did his best to hint.

She nodded and he escorted her into his office.

“I’ll be there shortly.” He said as he shut the doors and pivoted back around.

“And what brings you here today, friend?”

“Now Erik, must I have a hidden agenda in order to pay an old friend of mine a visit?”

“No, but we both know that’s a very you thing to do.”

Charles smiled and nodded towards the office doors.

“That’s some roommate you got there. Cute. A bit young, but cute nevertheless and very human.”

“Don’t… I mean it, Charles, You just stay out of this one.”

This had the professor tilting his head in wonder.

“And what is it you wish for me to stay out of exactly? I made a mere observation, that’s all.”

Erik nodded and pointed to the door.

“And you can leave now…”

“Very well, I didn’t come here to cause trouble. Might I pay the young lady another visit sometime?”

“No. Good day, Charles.”

“What do you mean no?”

They turned as Bella was poking her head out from the office doors. Erik sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Isabelle… just let me handle this.”

Bella frowned.

“But I really like him!”

Charles smiled but it was quick to fade as Erik turned his direction once again.

“You wouldn’t be trying to tell me what I can and can’t do, now would you?” Bella challenged and with a touch of anger behind her words.

“You and I will discuss this later. Now mind your business and I will be there shortly.”

Charles grimaced when he saw the look on Bella’s face.

“That might not be the way you wish to…” Charles started to say and Erik pointed his direction.

“OUT!” He shouted as the knob to the front door turned and the door flew open.

Bella’s jaw dropped as Erik used his gift to send Charles on out of the house.

“Really?!” She hissed.

“You…” He pointed to Toad.

“Leave us…”

Toad nodded and did as ordered. Erik marched into the office and slammed the door behind him.

“I do not appreciate you challenging my authority.”

“Authority? Well I don’t like your people skills!” She uttered behind a snort.

“When it comes to my private affairs you’re to keep out of them. Do we have an understanding?”

“I wasn’t aware that I was in your private affairs. For crying out loud, Erik. I played a few games of chess with your ‘friend’. What’s so horrible about that?”

“It’s the conversing during which.”

“Is that really what you think of me? That I’d just flat out tell this man that I was with child, and yours, nevertheless?!”

Bella shook her head and shoved the folder up against his chest.

“And for the record, 28 really? And I’m hardly 150!” She scoffed as she stormed on out of the office.

Bella grabbed her coat and headed out the door. She took a few steps and reached over smacking Toad in the back of the head. He looked over with slight annoyance.

“You wanna hit a movie or something?”

He cut her an odd glance as she’d caught him off-guard.

“Hit a movie?” He questioned and she sighed.

“Go… do you want to go see a movie with me?”


“Then let’s do it, before I find a way to kill my baby’s daddy.”

Toad chuckled on this.

“Good luck with that.”

“Everyone has their weaknesses… Even Erik.”

“I don’t know about that… You’ve yet to see Magneto in action.”


Toad smiled as they were heading into town.

“It’s what we call him…”

“Magneto? You’re kidding me, right?”

Toad shook his head no.

“Ohhh, I’m going to have so much fun with that.”

Erik lifted his head as Toad and Bella entered the house laughing.

“Do us both a favor and let me pick the movie next time.”

Toad laughed once again.

“What? I thought groovy chicks like you dug that sort of thing.”

Bella wrinkled her nose on this.

“The whole groovy thing… Ugh… so lame. Just never worked for me and I say we see Thunderbolt and Lightfoot!”

“Eastwood fan?”

“Oh yeah…” Bella murmured as if in a dreamlike state.

Toad wrinkled his nose on this.



“Don’t do that!”

“Do what?!”

“You know… that thing you babes do.”

Bella smiled as she hung her jacket up.

“And what is it we do?” She teased.

Toad didn’t comment and merely walked away. Bella saw that Erik was in his recliner with the usual drink in hand. But she didn’t so much as glance his direction. She headed straight to her room and got ready for bed.

Bella ripped the paper out from the notebook and balled it up. She threw it towards a pile she already had going. A sigh of utter frustration escaped her as she went back to writing. When Erik entered the room, the first thing he noticed was the ink caked onto her right hand. Her eyes were blood shot and she looked as though she hadn’t slept at all. He entered the kitchen and made them both a cup of coffee.

“Thanks…,” she muttered as he sat hers down.

He sat across from her and sipped at his as she continued working on whatever she was working on. Bella looked over what she’d written and gritted her teeth. She ripped that page out as well.

“You know we have this thing called a laptop… That would be beneficial about now. Your technology is a fucking joke!”

“Perhaps if you took a break and went over it later?” Erik suggested.

She lifted her eyes and cut him a look of utter hell.

“Not an option. This has to be done first thing tomorrow morning.”

“And what is it you’re working on exactly?”

“My resume…”

Erik raised his brows on this.

“Exactly. For starters, you have me listed as a 28 year old and I don’t particularly think they’ll take me seriously, if the ONLY experience I have is a recorder’s keeper at a gentlemen’s club.”

Erik chuckled on this.

“Perhaps you should let me handle that part.”

“Why? So you can put me down as 22 pounds heavier than what I actually am? I mean honestly do I look that big to you?!”

“I was figuring in the pregnancy…” He murmured with a shrug.

“Dude! I’m not even showing yet!”

“What is this dude you speak of?”

“You… you’re the dude! You know… the “dude” abides.”

“If am the dude then what do I abide?”

“Oh my God, Erik work with me here!”

“I’m trying but your lingo… it’s so off.”

“My ‘lingo’ is just fine. You’re the one that’s lacking!”

“I believe I’ve more than proved I’m most certainly not ‘lacking’.” Erik replied with a smirk.

Bella stopped what she was doing and met his gaze. She shook her head but smiled in return.

“Look, I feel the need to get this out in the open. You and I… are not an item. And I believe that’s something we’ve come to an agreement on. But you should also know that I don’t take kindly to being told what to do, even if you and I were dating or what have you. I’m not the type that’s going to sit there and let a man tell me yay or nay on EVERYTHING I do. That’s not how I roll. I will come and go as I damn well please and talk to whomever I want. If you have an issue with ANY of these things, then I will pack my shit up and be on my way.”

“Is that a threat?!”

Bella reared back on the way he said this.


“Is it your intention to keep me from seeing my son?”

“That’s what you took from everything I just said?! And FYI… he’s OUR son. And that’s not what this is about. This is about you and me and how things are being handled. You haven’t given me reason to keep you from seeing our son…”

But as she said this… the words felt so strange. She never imagined being a mother, at least not like this. Erik gave a simple nod.

“I came to you… And that’s something I need you to take into consideration whenever you feel the need to herd me around like I’m some sort of air-headed bimbo that doesn’t know any better. I might be human, but I’m not exactly incompetent.”

“That’d make you the first…,” he said with a frown.

He ignored the bewildered look she was giving him and continued.

“You seem to think that my demands have to do with means of control. That is not the case. You don’t know Charles the way I do. He has a very bad habit in sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong and getting involved. As you’ve already stated, this is between you and I. Everything I said was for not only your protection but the child within.”

“I’ve heard that before… Not so much in that exact context…”

“I haven’t the faintest… what you’re referring to. But there is no hidden agenda behind my words. It is what it is. It is your decision on whether or not to listen. If you chose to ignore my wishes on the matters discussed then that’s all on you, Isabelle. I’m merely putting the warnings out there.”

“So if I was to see Charles or hang out with Toad…?”

He drew back a breath before answering.

“Might I have clarification in what you mean when you refer to ‘seeing’ Charles?”

She tilted her head looking slightly confused. But she observed his reaction more closely and covered her mouth in laughter.

“Wait… you think… me and Charles?! I mean is that even possible?” She hinted.

Erik rather shrugged.

“Now I admit that I find him somewhat intriguing, considering everything he’s accomplished, but other than that… no. I mean I barely know the man.”

“You didn’t know me and look at where that got you.”

“Wow. Really?!” Bella scoffed in disbelief.

“So what is it you’re thinking?! That you’re going to walk in and find me riding him in that chair of his?!”

“Now there’s an image…” Erik said with a look of utter disgust.

“First of all, I doubt that’s even feasible and even if it were… What business have you in worrying about who I’m fucking?! And what if it were Toad instead? I mean honestly, Erik. I seriously doubt you’re holding out on my behalf. So why should I?!”

He cleared his throat on this.

“Don’t you think it would be bad… for the child within? And Toad?! I won’t even go there…”

“Pregnant women have sex every day. So think fast and come up with something better. I’m not one for double standards. As for Toad… Did you even know that he prefers to go by Morti? And he’s really not that bad. He’s a lot more fun than you!”

“I’m fun…”

Bella snorted on this.

“When you’re looking to get laid, sure. But do you even know the meaning of just letting shit go? I mean really. You hardly leave the house and when you are here you spend all day in that recliner, drinking. It’s a wonder you haven’t died from alcohol poisoning or even have a liver left!”

She let out a gasp as her chair was pulled out from the table. She clung on for dear life as it lifted up off the ground and it floated towards Erik. After bringing it back down, Erik came to a stand. He placed his hands along the back of her chair and looked her in the eyes.

“I have been known to KILL those that talk to me the way you do. I invited you into MY home. I have offered to help you, in whatever means necessary. And I will continue to do so. However, I will NOT have you disrespecting me. Especially, considering what you are to begin with.”

“And that would be?” She hissed with a curled lip.

“Human…,” he replied with a sneer.

“That’s all you are and that’s all you will ever be. So you’d do best to keep that in mind.”


He turned seeing Toad standing at the doorway.

“Are you alright?” He questioned as he looked upon Bella with concern.

Bella nodded but she was on the verge of tears.

“Let her go, Erik.”

Erik lifted up but was eyeing Toad down.

“I thought we could grab a bite to eat as you would say. So why don’t you get ready and meet me outside?”

Bella nodded once again and did as Toad suggested. But the moment she stepped out, Erik pivoted about and used whatever kitchen utensils he had to pin Toad to the wall. Toad let out a groan as Erik socked him in the stomach afterward.

“You’re going to run her off.” Toad grunted.

“And that is my business, now isn’t it? You’d do good to stay out of it. Interfere again and I’ll have your tongue.”

He leaned into Toad’s ear.

“And that’s another thing… hands off.”

Toad couldn’t help but to laugh.

“She spent the entire time talking about you…” He snapped in return.

This caught Erik flat-footed. He released him and Toad took off.

“Miss. Swan?”

Bella nodded as she stood at the doors of the mansion.

“Let her in, Hank.”

The large furry blue mutant stepped aside, allowing her in. Charles motioned for Bella to follow him and they headed into his office.

“Please, have a seat.”

Bella took a seat but was somewhat fidgety as she looked around.

“And what brings you here today?”

The young woman shook her head and shot back to her feet.

“I’m sorry. I… I shouldn’t have come here.”

Charles narrowed his eyes as she was heading for the door.

“Don’t… please, just.” He let out a sigh and wheeled himself over.

“I’ve been meaning to get you one on one.” He admitted.

Bella sent him a bewildered look.


He nodded.

“We’ve much to discuss.”

“I somehow doubt that.”

Charles smiled but it was soon to fade. He reached out and took Bella by the hand as she started to cry.

“I’m sorry. I…”

“There’s no need for apologies. And I’m well aware of the reason behind your visit.”

He swallowed back on this.

“Unfortunately, I haven’t any means of sending you back to that specific timeframe. And in all honesty… I wouldn’t even if I could.”

Bella staggered back on this.

“Wait… What? You mean to say that you know… and WHY WOULDN’T YOU?!”

“Because you are needed here… You see Miss. Swan, you and I have met before. There is much history between us, but mainly that of you and Erik. Bella, as you wish to be called. You are from this time and not of the future as you so presume. In fact, you never belonged there.”

“Say what now?”

Charles smiled and motioned for her to have a seat.

“You mentioned being star struck but it is I that should be star struck, so to speak. You haven’t any idea just much of an impact you have on others.”

The young woman shook her head in disagreement.


“Why don’t we discuss these ‘dreams’ of yours and we’ll go from there?”

“How’d you…?”

Charles tapped his index finger along his temple.

“I’ve my ways. Though I must admit it’s not as clear as I hoped. There seems to be a bit of interference. I cannot detect if it’s coming from you or another source. But I find myself struggling when reading you, far more than I used to. Perhaps it has something to do with the events in the timeframe in which you were reborn.”


He nodded.

“Are you by chance high? I mean this is the 70s…”

Charles chuckled a bit.

“Not at the moment, no.”

“Well shit… this just gets crazier and crazier and I’m not so sure I can take much more crazy. So why don’t you do me a favor and fill me in…”

Erik answered the door but rolled his eyes the moment he saw who it was.

“This young woman stopped by the mansion today. She looked awfully familiar. I offered her a place to stay for the night, which is something I don’t have a problem with but figured you might.”

Erik sneered at this.

“Of course… she would run to you.”

“What woman doesn’t?!” Charles taunted in return.

“Now do the right thing and go apologize.”

Erik muttered something in German and shook his head.

“Erik, be a man and apologize.”

When Erik entered the guest area of the manor he froze, he saw that Bella was conversing with a teenage boy, but not just any teenage boy. The young mutant had his arm wrapped around her shoulder and was getting his flirt on. When the boy spotted Erik, he nodded and pointed to Bella. He mouthed the words… look at what I got. He wiggled his brows after. Erik pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed.


“How’s it going, old man?!”

“It’d be going a lot better if you’d move your arm.”


“Because that one’s with child and not just any child but your sibling.”

His eyes widened and he was quick to move his arm.

“I’d run… but can’t.” His son uttered.

“And why is that?” Erik questioned taking notice of the shocked appearance on Bella’s face.

“I think I’m going to throw up.”

“Me and you both…” Bella said looking a bit green.

She clamped a hand over her mouth then sprang to her feet. Bella darted right outside the manor and projectile vomited. She recoiled once she locked eyes with the one she’d hit.

“Oh my God… I am so sorry!” She said seeing as how it was all over his wheelchair and feet.

They turned as they heard someone laughing.

“What’s the matter, Charles? Didn’t you see that one coming?!” Erik witted.

“You gotta give her points for distance.” Beast called out as he’d seen what had taken place.

“ERIK!” Charles called as her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

Erik responded and was quick to catch her.

Bella woke to find herself in one of the rooms of the mansion. She let out miserable groan and covered her face with a pillow. She had some colorful choice of words and she screamed each of them into the pillow. It all ended with… “Fucking Erik!”

“I thought we agreed to keep things professional… But by all means.”

Bella shot up at this. Erik nodded upon her as he was sitting in a chair across the way. She gritted her teeth and chucked the pillow at him.

“Ugh…” She flung herself back and used the comforter to cover her face.

“Go away.”

She wrapped herself up like that of a human burrito and rolled on off the bed. Bella headed for the door but when she went to turn the knob, it wouldn’t budge.

“Dammit, Erik! Seriously! Knock that shit off!”

“We should talk.”

“I have nothing to say to you. Or better yet you have nothing to say to me, remember? I’m only human after all. I’m nothing more than a stove for our little bun in the oven. Other than that I was just a good ‘fuck’, right?!”

“Please, just have a seat and listen to what I have to say.”

Bella closed her eyes for a moment and lowered her hand. She pivoted back around and Erik made a gesture towards the bed. Bella inched her way back and sat at the edge.

“I’ve only loved one human in my lifetime and that was my mother. I was a child when the Nazis forced us apart and I didn’t see her again until I was brought forth and ordered to show off my ability. I was in the midst of learning what I was capable of and no matter what I did… I couldn’t trigger it. When I failed… they brought her forth and gunned her down. It was then I finally managed to reveal what I could do… But it was too late. I vowed that I would never love another human from that day on.”

Bella nodded but looked to be in thought.

“But did you think of her as pathetic and weak?” She questioned sincerely.

“Not even a little.”

“Then why do you hold everyone else in such regards. You do realize by doing that you’re no better than the Nazis?”

“I could’ve saved her… But I didn’t. So I wasn’t, even then.”

“You were just a child, Erik. You can’t hold yourself responsible. You yourself said that you hadn’t the knowledge needed in order to do so. How did you gain control, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“Charles… ironically enough.”

Bella smiled.

“I take it the two of you go back…”

“You could say that. But I’m also the reason he’s in that wheelchair.”


“It wasn’t intentional but preventable…”

“Preventable?” She questioned.

“Let’s just say I kept myself protected by redirecting a bullet but failed in keeping it from hitting Charles instead.”

Erik cleared his throat. He came to a stand then made his way over. He sat beside her.

“There are times I question whether you are human or not. There are certain things about you that stand out and aren’t exactly ‘human’ traits. And most of them wouldn’t fight for a cause, unless they knew it would somehow benefit them on a more personal level. You however do these things without expecting anything in return and because it’s something you truly believe in. I have seen it I your eyes and the way you carry yourself, more specifically when you’re standing before that crowd. All of that unassuredness seems to fade and you’re this whole other person. It’s remarkable, to say the least.”

“Is this your way of apologizing?”

“I’m glad we agree.” Erik stated with a smirk.

“Fine… But just so you know I still hate you.”

“I figured this much.”

“Got your paperwork?”




“I have you a cab waiting out front.”

“Thanks!” Bella called out as she grabbed her purse and was heading on out the door.

Erik grabbed his wallet and keys and was heading out as well. Just as he pulled the door to, they pecked each other on the lips then went their separate ways. It wasn’t until Bella was in the cab, on the way to her first official day on the job and Erik was on his way into town, that it dawned on them what they’d done. Both shared the same expression and cursed under their breaths. Just as that day in the bar – it were as if by instinct.

Bella stood before the crowd and for the first time she was experiencing a bit of stage fright. She swallowed back and adjusted the mic. It didn’t help that she was feeling rather nauseas but she did her best to ignore it and push it aside. A cool breeze hit and she closed her eyes for a second. Bella drew back a breath and looked upon the crowd once again. She regarded the signs many of them were holding up. Ones that read: Support Human and Mutant Rights, Fly Like The Swan, I Stand As ‘One’, and Let The Swan Fly. But it was that sign in particular that stood out amongst the rest. Bella smiled upon the familiar face. There was something about seeing her there. It gave Bella that boost of confidence she needed. The woman dropped her sign and nodded in response. Bella covered her mouth in laughter as the young mutant took off her ball cap and let her feathered hair down. Those gorgeous wings of hers spread and the crowd went nuts as she hovered about the area. Bella laughed as the woman brought herself back down afterward. Bella’s supporters were in awe over this beautiful mutant. The young woman grabbed the mic and made her way towards the edge of the stage, where she sat down.

“I hope you don’t mind if we take it easy today…”

The crowd cheered her on and for whatever reason… she found herself to be more emotional than usual. She cleared her throat doing her best to fight it but a tear managed to make it’s escape and it was then it truly dawned on her. This had a whole new meaning now… As she looked about the crowd and towards the winged mutant, she thought about the fact that she herself was about to become a mother and to a mutant. This was a situation she never dreamed of being in.

“We’re all mutant. If you think about it…” Bella began.

“Homosapien, homosuperior…,” she uttered as if in thought. “Humans give birth to mutants all the time without being one themselves. There cannot be one without the other. And to cast one out is to cast each of us out as a whole. To believe this world was only meant for one side of the fence is beyond selfish and ignorant to say the least.”

“And what of the mutants that took my sons?!” A man shouted out from the crowd.

Bella stopped and lifted her eyes upon him. She’d dealt with this particular man time and time again. Everyone knew his story. His sons were US soldiers and they died after attacking one of their own bases because they found out it was being ran by a mutant officer.

“I’m very sorry for your loss. Yet I feel the need to remind you of theirs as well…”


“Adolf, is that you? I was beginning to wonder when you’d rise again.” She fired back and the crowd went ballistic.

Bella came to a stand and eyed the man down.

“If it’s communism you stand behind then perhaps you don’t belong in this country.”

“There’s a special place in hell for bitches like you!”

Bella smiled on this.

“Well at least I know I’ll be warm.”

“Isabelle Swan! The face of mutant rights!”

Bella heard someone call out as she was heading for the elevator. She paused and turned towards direction of the voice. She looked on in surprise as it was one of the senators.

“Mr. Johnson…”

The man nodded and proceeded in shaking her hand.

“Finally we meet, face to face. Mr. Allison and I have been talking and it is I sponsoring you.”

Bella reared back on this.


The man smiled.

“Might we go for a stroll and perhaps I can buy you a cup of coffee?”

“Um okay…”

Bella soon learned that the money she was earning through Mr. Allison was actually coming from this man’s pocket. He was one of the wealthiest politicians known to the area and he was a firm believer in “ALL RIGHTS”, you name it and he was behind it. Like Bella, he’d grown tired of the ridiculous feuds and how some thought themselves more superior than others. They spent a little over three hours talking. The man treated her like a celebrity more than an employee of his. When they finally managed to wrap things up, he shook her hand once again, wished her well and good luck. Bella hadn’t a clue how to feel about any of this. It certainly caught her off-guard. Then again everything about today seemed so strange. She thought about this on the drive home. Once the driver pulled up to the house, she paid her fare, and he went about his way. She looked to the house but wasn’t quite ready to go in. That kiss from earlier this morning stayed in the back of her mind. She felt herself blushing in thought of facing Erik now.

She sat at the curb and lay back, looking to the sunset. Bella thought about everything Charles had said. It was so vague; she was having a hard time processing it. When he said they had much to discuss, she’d hopes of getting more answers. It was unfortunate that Charles couldn’t get the breakthrough he’d hoped for. As to why he strongly advised that she find a way to come into physical contact with Erik, whether it be a simple touch here and there. He’d hopes of it triggering something – like it had before. He also advised that they keep this between them for now. He mentioned that he and Erik were at odds and that Erik wasn’t very trusting of him as of late. Bella just wasn’t sure how she was going to go about the physical contact without letting Erik in on what was going on. It was sure to raise a couple flags or have him thinking something that wasn’t. She was still baffled by the whole history between the three of them. How could she not remember something like that? Charles had even gone as far as to hint that she and Erik were lovers at one time or another. Now that is most certainly something you shouldn’t forget. The more she thought on all this the more of a migraine she felt coming. She groaned amongst herself then heard what sounded to be a golf clap. She looked up and saw that Erik was standing over her. He offered her a hand and helped Bella to her feet.

Well at least I know I’ll be warm.” He quoted letting her know he’d watched the news today.

Bella sort of laughed. Erik lifted her chin and placed a strand of hair behind her ear.

“I’d offer you a drink in celebration…”

“You’ll have to drink one for me.”

He nodded and she started to head on in. Erik reached out and took her by the hand.

“Might I take you to dinner instead?”

Bella’s jaw damn near hit the ground. He sighed taking notice.

“It’s only dinner, Isabelle….”

“Fine. Dinner but that’s it. I mean it, Erik!”

“Very well…”

“Mr. Johnson…” Bella greeted as he’d just exited the restaurant.

The man smiled.

“Well Miss. Swan, we meet again!”

Bella smiled in return.

“And might I add how stunning you look tonight?”

Bella blushed and Erik resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

“Well thank you.”

Mr. Johnson nodded and offered Erik his hand.

“And you are…?”


“And a very lucky man at that.”

Bella rather laughed.

“Oh no… we’re not…”

“Not…?” Mr. Johnson curiously inquired.


“My apologizes, I shouldn’t have made that assumption.”

“No need. It was nice running into you again.”

“Likewise, I suppose I’ll be seeing you first thing Wednesday morning.”


“Well until then…” The man took her hand and kissed it.

Erik raised his brows on this. The senator got into his limo and Bella waved him off.

“I wasn’t aware that you were friends with a senator…” Erik stated as he opened the door for her.

“Actually he’s my sponsor.”

This had Erik rearing back in surprise.

“Mr. Johnson… is sponsoring you?”

“Gee, try not to sound too surprised.”

“I didn’t mean it the way it came out.”

“Sure…,” Bella scoffed and Erik sighed.

“I had a reservation…,” she heard Erik tell the host.

This had her looking to him in wonder.


He didn’t comment and took her arm in gentleman like fashion as they were escorted to their table. Once they got to there, he pulled out a chair for her.

“Thank you.”

He nodded and took off his jacket as he took his seat.

“Is something wrong?” Erik asked taking notice of the strange look on her face as she looked about the area.

“Something about this place… it just seems so familiar.”

“It’s a favorite of mine…,” he said with a shrug.

“A bit fancy, considering this isn’t an actual date…” She taunted with a smile.

“Did you prefer the hotdog stand across the way?” Erik witted.

“Actually, yes!”

He had a good laugh at this.

“Perhaps next time? I’m sorry to disappoint.”

“Listen to you… assuming there’s going to be a next time.” But as she said this, she turned rather pale and leaned back, closing her eyes.

Erik narrowed his and decided to try what he had that one day in the kitchen. After a few seconds she opened her eyes and looked upon him oddly.

“Is something wrong?”

“No actually… it passed.” She uttered looking a bit thrown off.



“What is it you do exactly?”

“How do you mean?”

“Like during the day… You know… When you actually leave the house?”

“Seems a bit nosey… Don’t you think?”

“Not really…”

Erik laughed and tapped his fingers along the table.

“I do many things…”

“Name one.”

Erik nodded as he had a coin floating over the palm of his hand. He tilted his head in thought.

“I ‘attract’ things.”

“That’s it… You ‘attract’ things?”

“What can I say I live a very adventurous life.”


“And what did you do… in the future I mean?”

“You mean besides high school, dating a vampire, and becoming best friends with a shifter?”

“Shifter?” He questioned in mere curiosity.

“A boy that can into a massive wolf.”

“Really?” Erik questioned with a certain beam.


“Any mutant friends?”

“No. At least not that I was aware of…”

“I have to ask. Were you this ambitious in your time as well?”


“I believe we both know what it is I’m referring to.”

She smiled on this.

“Yes actually. But things are different now or I should say then… It’s rather confusing.”

“You mean for mutants?”

“Yes. I mean it’s by far perfect. But it’s night and day in comparison. Xavier still has his school, but it’s just as common to see mutants attending school with humans. In fact a few of them even teach now.”


Bella nodded in response.

“It gets better…”

“I should hope so.”

“I won’t lie there’s always room for improvement. There’s still some prejudice and the occasional violence that goes with that. But if I could somehow bring you into that timeframe you would see what it is I’m referring to. It’s nowhere near this… This…” Bella sipped at her drink and shook her head.

“Well it’s downright scary is what it is. And I’m beginning to wonder how we made it, futuristically speaking.”

Erik nodded.

“You mentioned Charles…”


“Had you met him before?” He hinted.

“No, but wish I had.”

“You’re quite taken with him, aren’t you?” He asked whilst doing his best to conceal his envy.

“Charles is well known in my time. He’s accomplished so much…”


“Do I detect a hint of jealousy?”

Erik raised his brows.

“Does he have use of his legs?”

“Um no… at least not that I’m aware of…” she replied looking somewhat perplexed.

“Then no, I suppose not…” He murmured with a smirk.

“Erik!” She scolded behind laughter.

“I can’t believe I laughed at that. That’s terrible!”

“Very true but you laughed all the same. You should laugh more often, it suits you.”

“Was that a compliment of sorts?”

“I suppose it was.”

“Careful now, I’m only human, remember? I’d hate for you to turn all blue in the face and explode.”

“Now that’s just nonsense humans aren’t capable of such things…” He witted in return.

Bella went on to reveal things about the current president, certain bands, and which celebrities would end up dying from a drug overdose etc… He didn’t comment when she made the offhanded remark about the JFK assassination. Erik knew NOW wasn’t the time to dive into all that mess. But what had him so perplexed was how history had changed it’s facts. He knew the truth behind what actually took place. But when Bella mentioned Lee Harvey Oswald he damn near had a spit take. That was nowhere near the truth and he wondered how this man took the fall. Sure he had his regrets… But he couldn’t go back and fix what had taken place. He was rather curious as to what her reaction would be if she had known the truth behind ‘Magneto’.

I know you!”

Bella lifted her eyes towards the woman sitting at another table crossway from theirs.

You’re that dreadful woman from TV!”

Erik raised his brows and Bella sort of laughed.

“Am I now?”

Yes! You should be ashamed of yourself!”

“I don’t particularly think so, but thank you all the same.”

Bella turned her attention back to Erik.

I can’t believe they let you in here!”

Bella drew back a breath and closed her eyes for a moment. When she opened them….

“And I can’t believe you thought that dress to be flattering, but I see that your husband still let you out of the house.”

The woman’s jaw dropped and Erik covered his mouth in laughter.

Horrible woman!”

Bella cut Erik an apologetic look.

“I’m sorry…,” she whispered before shooting to her feet, throwing her napkin down, and turning towards the woman.

“No ma’am. The only ‘horrible’ one around here is YOU! I was sitting her minding my own business and in the middle of a conversation that you deemed yourself worthy enough to interrupt and with a personal attack, nevertheless. If anyone should be leaving, it should be you! Now if you will… shut that ridiculous trap of yours and allow me to get back to my date and you can get back to yours!”

Bella pivoted back around and took her seat. She lifted her eyes however as she heard clapping. Bella swallowed back seeing it to be over half of the restaurant. The woman shot up and damn near dragged her husband out of his seat and on out of the building. Erik chuckled and leaned back. He looked upon Bella a certain way.


“And I thought this wasn’t a date…,” he provoked.

She reared back and backtracked on what she’d said.

“….dammit…” he heard her mutter.

“Hmmm.” He hummed looking somewhat amused.

They ate in silence but stole glances upon one another off and on.

“How was it?” He questioned once they finished.

“Wonderful actually, I’m surprised I was able to keep it down.”

He nodded.



He dabbed at his mouth with a napkin and came to his feet. She sent him a baffled look as he walked on over and offered his hand. She took it and he was leading her towards the dance floor. Bella froze and pried out of his hold. He stopped and looked over.


“I don’t’ dance, like ever. And…”

Erik scooped her up and carried her the rest of the way.


He did a slight twirl as she was in his hold then he lowered her down. Without another word he wrapped her arms around his neck.

“This isn’t date.” She reminded.

“I know…” He uttered, with his lips brushing against hers while they danced.

Her entire body heated over and she felt like putty in his arms.

“Tell me not to kiss you and I won’t.” As he said this, she could feel his breath against her lips.


He let out a miserable sigh. He twirled her about then brought his forehead to hers.

“Isabelle…” He said behind a seductive moan as the visions were back.

It was like that night at the bar. Both of them shared the same image. And something about it seemed so real. It played like that of a broken record – Hot sweaty sex. This was exactly what Charles was trying to encourage. But Bella found herself prying out of his hold. She headed back to the table, grabbed her purse, and hightailed it out of there.

“OH COME THE FUCK ON!” She shouted as it was pouring down rain.

She placed her purse over her head, stepped out of her heels, and then ran across the street. The young woman darted into a nearby alleyway and hid. With her back up against one of the buildings, she reached to her heart. It felt as though it would fly on out of her chest and she found it difficult to breathe. It took all will, prying herself free like that. She wanted nothing more than to give in. The visions replayed in that mind of hers and they were the very ones in which Edward had a problem with. Not that she could blame him, anyone in his situation would. But then again he didn’t exactly go out his way to remedy these ‘dreams’.

“STOP! JUST STOP!” She growled as she threw her purse down.

“You’re fucking kidding me right, Charles?! Just how in the HELL do you expect me to do this?!”

She paused as someone handed her purse back. And like she, the man was soaking wet.

“You’re seeing it too, aren’t you?!” He called out looking somewhere between pissed and just as lost.

Forks of lightning cast throughout the sky. Bella winced back but wouldn’t answer.

“What is it you and Charles aren’t telling me?! What is this?! What are you doing to me?!”



“I’m not doing anything!”

He spilled out a slew of German curse words. Then he slapped his hand up against the wall and used his other to cup her chin.

“I want the truth… Now tell me what this is.”

“I haven’t the faintest. Trust me Erik, I wish I did!”







“And what is it you see, Isabelle?” He questioned in a softer tone.

“Us…” She replied in a quivery voice.

He nodded.

“And what are we doing?”

Her entire face flushed over and Erik closed his eyes.

“I want more…” he said with this animalistic growl.

Bella let out a gasp as he grabbed a fistful of her hair and kissed along her neck.

“Give me more, Isabelle.” He murmured.

Bella grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and feverishly kissed him. Erik let out a moan and lifted her up off the ground. He raised her dress and pulled her panties to the side. He used his ‘gift’ to free himself and eased his way in. Erik leaned into her ear.

“I’m not letting you get away this time. Try it and see what happens…” the way he said this had Bella in full on lust. He muttered something in German and began to thrust.

The images hit and Erik gritted his teeth.

“Scheiße (Fuck)!” He voiced as they were nonstop now.


The storm masked their lustful cries and the rain hadn’t let up.

“Mehr (more)!” He called as he thrust with everything he had.

“Kommen, Isabelle… Ich wünschen fühlen nach Sie! (Come, Isabelle… I want to feel you!)”

She hadn’t a clue what he was saying but it had her in overdrive. Erik felt her release and this had him throwing his head back.

“Lieber Gott (Dear God)!” Erik howled as he came.

Bella moaned into his mouth as his lips returned to hers. But something about the latest vision took them both by surprise. They locked eyes and Erik gazed upon her wedding finger.

“Not happening…” Bella was first to say.

He put his forehead to hers.

“I think we both agree on that one.”

Bella drew back a breath of relief.


He chuckled and kissed her once again.

“Besides… I’ve other means of marking what’s mine.”


Senator ^


Toad ^

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32 thoughts on “Chapter 3 Being Human”

  1. Oh I loved this so much!
    But I do admit, this chapter has me even more confused about Bella’s situation. I can’t wait to find out the truth behind everything.
    I’m curious if Bella has some mutant in her (other than Erik), and I wonder if she will ever come into contact with the Cullen’s again.
    Can’t wait for more!

  2. FEED ME MORE! You’re killing me, sweets! In the best of ways, lol. So we finally see Charles and it sounds like he’s gonna be a big player in helping Bella find out what’s happening. Love the interactions with Toad so far – and Pietro! That was too funny! I certainly hope we see more of him, lol! Can’t wait for the next chapter…. but I suppose I will 😉

  3. I love this story so far. I think Erik was being a bit of a asshat earlier but he did apologize. I can’t wait to see if Bella is a mutant and didn’t know it. Hoping for more info on what’s going on with these flash backs. Please update ASAFP.

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    But… I had to cringe at the German translation. I don’t mean to be rude by that, it’s just… I’m German. x’D

    1. Like I said, I am using Google translate. Sorry I don’t have another source to use at the moment. Don’t mean to offend by the mistakes. Glad you are enjoying the story otherwise.

      1. You didn’t make the mistakes, but Google translate. Most of the times it is a word for word translation. The grammar is just wrong, but it kinda makes sense in the end. I could help you with the translation, if you want. Just send me a message on or TWCS, my name on both sites is: CrazyAndAlive.

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