Chapter 14 The Nightmare Continues

Chapter 14

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My mom, dad, Chloe, Pete, Whitney and I all await news. I pace around the waiting room losing my mind, Pete and Whitney were doing their best to console Chloe. She looked the way I felt. She hadn’t stopped crying since she found out. My father was trying his best to calm my mother, but he could barely control his own emotions. Each of us was destroyed by this. Bella played a part in all our lives.

The more time passed the more fearful I grew. She was in surgery was all we knew at the moment. Hours have passed, still no word. I must’ve said a million one prayers over and over in my mind. Bell… Now’s a good time for that stubbornness of yours to kick through, you had better fight!


“You had better explain and now!”

He paces the front of my desk. I’m growing more and more furious by the moment. I hired a god damned idiot.

“I specifically told you to aim where there was no possible means of a threat to her life! Did I not?!”

“Mr. Luthor, I can explain. Now just hear me out.”

“You’ve got one minute.”
“The way I see it is this… If she’s not the traveler, then we’ve no need for her anyway. The reason I aimed for her chest was because it’s even more miraculous if she survives such…”

“YOU IDIOT! The entire purpose was to see if she had healing capabilities! That’s all I needed, that’s all I hired you for! You defied my orders! No true harm was to come of this girl. She means a lot more than you could possibly fathom. Your life is nothing in comparison!” I pull out my drawer and take out my gun. It was never my intention to kill anyone. He left me no choice. He almost killed the one girl that was off limits!


I screw the silencer onto it and aim for his head. He falls upon my floor. I then pour myself a glass of scotch. My hands shake about the glass. I wanted to see her. I knew however, the Kent’s were there as of late I wasn’t on very good terms with them. I never could get on Mr. Kent’s good side no matter what I did. Mrs. Kent often enough would give me at least a boost every now and then. Clark of course always had my back. That is until recently. I’m not sure what to make of it all. I could no more control how I felt for Isabella Swan though than he could. All the more reason this bastard deserved to die. I must get on the phone immediately.

She’s to have the best care there is to offer. I will provide for all her needs. I want only the best doctors. That and I will make certain she gets a private room with private care. No one’s going to get near her! I will protect her at all cost. This is my entire fault. She was right! I’ve let my obsession come too far. It’s driven me mad. I just knew there was something about her though. Something extraordinary, but now, due to my carelessness, she’s dying.

I must make certain that doesn’t take place. I must take all actions from here into my own hands and do whatever it takes to make sure Isabella Swan lives!

I’d just called someone to deal with Mr. Nixon’s body. They did done away with it as requested. Also cleaned up any evidence of what just took place, and just in a nick of time.


I look up as I’m already on the phone taking care of the situation. Lana comes storming into the manor.

“Did you hear?!” She questions looking mortified.

I nod and cover the receiver.

“Yes Lana, now if you don’t mind…”I try to hint respectfully, however, at the moment I didn’t wish for her company.

She nods, and looked to have been crying. I thought she couldn’t stand Isabella.

“I will make sure she’s taken care of Lana. I assure you.”

She nods again wiping her eyes. I hand her a tissue and step into another room, so I can finish my phone calls. Once I get everything set up I call the hospital and check on her condition. She was still in surgery. Situations like these, is where it pays to be a Luthor. I could gather information that others often could not. By now I was sure I knew more than the Kent’s. She took a bullet to the chest. Thankfully, it missed her heart. Her chances of survival now were in better terms. Especially, since I’d taken matters into my own hands. As far as I’m concerned she will survive. I will make this up to her.

I tell Lana what I know for now.

“That’s terrible who could’ve done this?”

I don’t comment.
“Poor Clark, he must be beside himself.”

Clark huh…

“I’m sure he is Lana. I can only imagine what the Kent’s are going through.”

I put my arm around her, doing my best to console her.

“Don’t you worry now, I got the best care arranged for Isabella.”

She cuts me a rather odd glance.

“Um what?”
“Just as I said.”

“I don’t understand… Why?”

I look to her oddly and confused.

“I mean why would you do that?”

“I’m afraid you’ve lost me?”

“I mean, that’s not your responsibility Lex. “

“I know it isn’t it. I wish to do whatever I can to help.”

“Do the Kent’s even know about this?”
“No, Lana and they won’t either, this is anonymous. It’s to stay that way.”

She sighs and something on her face has me concerned. It almost looked as though she was mad.

“Is that a problem?”
“No.” She says as if hesitant.

“What is it Lana?”
“It’s nothing Lex.”

The phone rings and I answer. I was content in hearing that one of the doctors I’d personally requested to was coming to Smallville. He was coming all the way from Gotham. Sure there were some decent ones in Metropolis, decent, however, wasn’t acceptable, not for Isabella Swan.

In fact… Her being in that hospital isn’t enough. I needed to make certain with my own eyes she was getting the proper care she needed.
“Lana, I’ll be going out of town, for the next few days.”

“You’re leaving?”

I nod. I didn’t want her around. I like Lana, but she was getting on my nerves. I had a lot of things to do now.

“It’s business.”

“But, what about Clark?”

“What about him Lana?”

“Well I mean he is your friend. Shouldn’t you cancel whatever, plans you’ve made in order to be here for him?”

“Lana, I’ve a feeling Clark doesn’t exactly see me in the same light anymore.”

“Why do you think that?”

For starters, we’re both after the same girl… However, I found myself growing rather fond of Lana Lang as well.

“For reasons I probably very well deserve.”

“I doubt that.”

Whereas, both Isabella and Lana were young and gorgeous, each in their own ways. I felt far more partial to Isabella. Something about her despite my recent encounters and beliefs about this girl, that had been proven clearly wrong after all. I wasn’t sure how to forgive myself on this. I could never let her know I had anything to do with this. Something however, stood out amongst other girls. Causing my guilt to rise even more so. This girl willingly risked her life to save me not just once, but twice. This is how I repay her. I will die making amends. I can’t believe I’d grown this attached to finding out the truth. The truth being that the only thing special about this girl is she’s completely selfless. Now even more so I felt the need to get to know her. I’d find a way to fit into her world. She would be better off under my care. Unlike, the Kent’s I had more means necessary to give her everything she needs. Soon she must come into terms with what is best for her. Now, it was time to let this other obsession go and focus solely on her. But, in order to do that…

I’d to make Isabella see… what better way than through Lana? I needed to flaunt my relationship with her. I needed to show her what I was capable of in a relationship. I planned to spoil Lana as though I would her. I’d allow Clark to make his own mistakes and use Lana’s mistakes to my benefit. I knew Lana’s weakness was Isabella. I could see it in her eyes. It wouldn’t take long for Lana’s jealousy to come to play… In fact… I take another drink on this in thought. It was all coming together. In order for me to fully succeed, I needed Isabella under my personal care. That of my personal staff and the doctor I’ve already hired. I’d go about this whatever means necessary.

Yet again my phone rings. I get the good news of her surviving the surgery. Still she had a long way to come. That’s where I would come in. The mere idea had me feeling somewhat more relieved and like a weight had been lifted. Now it was time to make her see me for who I really was.

I gaze upon the lovely Lana, so young and sexy. However, she wasn’t Isabella. That didn’t stop me from wanting her. I come to my feet and take her hand. I kiss upon it and take her to the bedroom.


“She’s stable now…”

The doctor says as he enters the waiting room.

“She’s managed to pull through the surgery. However, she’s still got a good fight ahead of her. We got lucky, the bullet barely missed her heart.”

I stagger back at this revelation.

“Whoever did this I’m afraid had some very ill intentions towards your daughter Mr. and Mrs. Kent.”

I notice my parents don’t argue against him referring to her as this. In fact I think it only made my mother cry more.

“When can we see her?”

She’s in ICU. She can only have one visitor at a time. Everyone automatically looks to me.

My father nods.

“Go on Clark, she’d want you there the most. We all know that.”

I nod with the knot building in my throat. My dad hugs me before I follow the doctor to her room.

“Right through that door.” He nods grabbing another clipboard to another patient.

I shut my eyes with another small prayer, before entering the room. The first thing I notice is all the tubes connected to her body. Like walking through a dream I make my way over. The monitors were softly beeping off and on. Then the sound of the oxygen flowing through her lungs.

“Bell…” I say softly and take her hand.

I’d never seen her look so fragile, so innocent, where was Bella? It frightened me beyond belief.

“I’m here Bell… I want you to know that. I’m here.” I slightly squeeze her hand.

I lean over and kiss her forehead. I then kiss her lips. As I’m raising back up I see the staples going down the center of her chest. My heart dropped at the slight. I found myself lifting her gown. They continued down the center of her breast. I saw where they were right on how close it came. I x-ray her and see the sheer amount of surgery it took. She was stitched up inside out. It’s then I find myself on my knees, at her bedside. I’m crying into her hand as I hold it.

I felt like a failure. How do I keep the one I love the most out of harm’s way? What good are my powers if I can’t even manage that? Too many times Bella’s been faced with death. Now there’s still the possibility of losing her forever. I can’t allow that. I love her far too much. I need Bella in my life.

“I love you Bell. Please just come back to me. I need you to fight ok. I need you to give me that chance to make this all up to you. To give you that date! Without you I’m nothing! Nothing I’m capable of matters! If you’re not right there by my side! I DON’T CARE ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE! Screw the ship and all it stands for! What I need is right here! You hear me! I NEED YOU! Please… Bell… I’m on my hands and knees begging you to make it through this. I’d do whatever it takes. I’ll do anything just so I know you will live!”

I feel a hand upon my shoulder. I turn to see my father. He helps me to my feet and wraps his arms around me.

“Dad I can’t lose her! I just can’t.”

“I know son. Trust me I know.”


I watch as my wife leads our son out of the room. I’d never seen our son so broken before. I run my hand along Bella’s forehead.

“Bells… how many times…” I sigh and rub my face trying to keep from losing it myself.

“The things I’ve said and done as of late. I’m not proud of myself Bells. I wasn’t in the right and I know that. It seems to be my thing as of late. Taking everything out on you kid. I’m so sorry. Charlie would have my ass and I know that. I’d deserve it. I’m swore on his grave I’d care for you like my own. Not only have I let him down. I’ve let you down and myself. See the problem I keep running into is I already think of you like I do Clark. Bells you are my daughter, maybe not by blood or adoption.” I smile in thought.

“Who know’s maybe one day… You will be by name. Not until you and Clark have at least finished college!”

I clear my throat.

“I’m afraid you and I are more alike than we realize. That’s why we clash. The both of us are so consumed with this need to protect Clark. I keep telling myself that mouth of yours comes from Charlie Swan. However, I realize the older you get a bit of me is coming out of there. Wrong as it maybe, I rather take some pride in that. At least I know you’re not about to ever let anyone take advantage of you. You’re smart and you’re a tough kid. You need to prove that though. You heard my son. You need to fight. Let that stubbornness overcome you. Meanwhile, I’m going to be doing my damnest to find who did this to you! They will pay for what they’ve done!”

I kiss her forehead.

“I love you hun. If not for me and Martha, then do this for Clark. He’s beside himself. He needs you. We all do.”



I try to muster up something anything. However, I’m falling apart at the mere sight of Bella in this position. I’d never seen her like this. This the very tomboy the only one that could ever put my son in his place. This strong, brave and wonderful girl, I’ve come to love like my own. I need to tell her this! She needs to know how I feel. I just can’t gather the ability to fathom my thoughts into words.

I suck back a breath. I wanted her to know I was here. I felt nauseas as this all spun around in my head.

“I’m so sorry…” I finally force out of my mouth.

I lean over pressing my forehead against her own. My tears landing on her face as I do my best to wipe them off her.

“You’re the daughter I’ve never thought I’d have. I’m so proud of you. I love you so much. We all do. You have a waiting room full of people just waiting for you to pull through this. Each of us wanting to express our love and our need for you to be in our lives.”

I wipe my face with a tissue and take her hand.

“Bella… it’s not just about us. I know Charlie and Renee would love to have you back. Johanthon and I however, aren’t ready to give you up. Neither is my son. You’ve taken up residence in each of our hearts. I’m sorry sweetheart, but Charlie and Renee will have to wait… We’re fighting to keep you here. Please don’t give in. Stay with us.”


“I still remember the little girl who punched someone out in 3rd grade. Randy wouldn’t stop picking on me. I had that funky air cut. He had to keep rubbing it in. I remember hiding behind the tree on the playground, bawling. Then I hear Randy… Randy Banks of all boys crying. The school bully! I peer over to see my best friend towering over him as he lay on the ground. I remember Clark and Pete laughing and high fiving one another. You had punched that boy in the face. You then came to my aide. We’d been even closer since that day. There’s just something about you and Clark. Something exciting, I’ve always felt like there was some secret that the two of you never let anyone else in on. Like something cutesy and romantic just between the two of you. Cheesy, I know. What can I say underneath this determined girl need to know the truth; behind everything is a hopeless romantic. Something about you and Clark. Honestly, I’m jealous as hell. I’m just glad it was you that snagged him and not freaking LANA! Ugh. That all being said though…”

I try to smile, however it fades and I start to cry.

“I’m sorry Bella. I know you don’t like these things turning out to be a big deal. You never liked to be coddled over. Yet here I am. All I find myself wanting to do is hold you. To tell you I love you like a sister. You’re the closest thing I’ll ever have to one.”

The guilt also piled up on me.

“I lied to you and I’m so sorry. I should have told you the truth. When you asked me about Lex… Jesus Bella I’m so sorry. I don’t even know what came over me. I’ve never lied to you before. The truth is he wanted inside information on anything that had to do with the Wall of Weird. His main interest seemed to be you when I brought you up as one of them. I’m so freaking sorry. It’s just… well he promised me something. Something major… I felt I couldn’t turn it down. I also felt like there was nothing to hide. Yet here you are… Bella you almost died. Something in me tells me this has somewhat to do with Lex! If so! Oh my god how will I even begin to fix this. It should be me in that bed NOT YOU! My betrayal and lies could very well be what landed you here. I just don’t understand how or why. I just feel like there’s something about him. Something is in his eyes when it comes to you Bella. Honestly, it’s downright creepy. I even thought about that as I foolishly agreed to his condition. He offered me a step towards getting in on the Inquisitor once we graduate next year. Ok sure it’s not the Daily Planet, but it could be a step towards that direction.”

My hands ball up into fist. Then I cover my face in shame.

“That’s all I do isn’t it! It’s like I’m stuck in this box of expectations. Here you are… you almost died! I almost lost my best friend. The one person that truly gets me and my unique ways. Still I continue to think inside the box rather than out. Look, I’m going to tell Lex to shove it. I mean it means more if I earn my way right? I have you to help me along the way. At least I had better. You better survive this! I mean it Bella. I’d rather you live and hate me for the rest of my life than to lose you forever.”


“Aw, man girl… damn.”

I shake my head taking it all in.

“I can see why Clark looks the way he does. This just isn’t you… None of us are used to seeing you like this.”

I couldn’t believe it. I mean yeah it was Bella Swan. Yet my mind couldn’t quite comprehend it. She and Clark had been a big part of my life for years. Seriously, who the hell could ever want to harm Bella? Let alone the Kents period? To hurt this girl is to rip out their damn hearts! Who could be so sick! So downright cruel! I don’t know of anyone that ever saw Bella as an enemy. How can you look at her and think such a thing? This girl was cool as hell. A true friend to anyone that got to know her. She always had my back, any of her friends for that matter. Anyone also knew not to EVER, I mean ever cut Clark down in any shape or form. She’d unleash a world of hell upon you if you ever had. That would be one of the few times I can remember where she and I ever locked horns. I deserved it though. There were quite a few times I’d been jealous of Clark. The main reason… That I’d never tell a living soul… Was her… Deep down I always hoped Bella would look upon me the way she does Clark. I was never brave enough to ever admit to it or express my feelings. I knew she didn’t see me that way. She never will. I’m just good ole Petey to her. I suppose I can accept that. It just hurt even worse when even Chloe has never seen anything romantic in me. I always feel like the odd ball in our circle of friends. I’ve the worst time with girls. It doesn’t help that I’m shy. I mean sure I’m more open with Chloe and Bella, but we’d been friends for years now. However, around other women. I was completely stupefied. I’d just stand there like a sack of bricks. The only time I even came close was when that tornado came to town. So Pete had a few moments of knowing what it’s like to be Clark Kent. Only I wished she was Bella or Chloe. Perhaps, they knew me too well and that’s why they never saw anything in me. Then again I never really quite made a move. Chloe was with Whitney now and Bella finally had who she always wanted. I can’t count how many times. She fell apart over Clark. Bella has always had eyes for him and him only. I’ve a feeling that’s all it’ll ever be for her. Clark’s a great guy though. Sure I’m jealous as hell. But no matter how much I’ve tried. You just can’t hate the guy. If anything you merely wish to be like him. He loves this girl more than live itself. The way he looked when he returned to the waiting room. It makes you want to keep all forms of medication, sharp objects, and any other weapons out of his reach. There wasn’t one of us who’s lives weren’t personally affected by her. We all love her.

Making what happens next all the more FUCKED UP! As I’m about to let Bella know I’m here. Men storm into the room. Each dressed entirely in black. You can’t make out anything about them.

“WHAT THE HELL!” I yell and immediately rush to Bella’s side.


They push me aside and start undoing all of Bella’s tubes. I mean everything!

“NOOOOOOO!” I shout praying someone can hear me.

I punch one of the guys in the face. One of the other’s scoops Bella into his arms. I struggle to break free and get to her as I’m slammed against the wall.


I jam my knee into the guy’s gut and push my way past. I’m suddenly yanked back and punched repeatedly all over my body.

“You can’t do this.” I utter as I’m on the ground.

A nurse enters the room.

“What on earth!” She yells seeing what’s taking place.

She goes to call for help and they knock her out.

They take off running. However, one stays crouched over me and is filling up a syringe with something. He aims the syringe at my neck as I’m doing my best to shove his arm back. Clark comes busting into the room. His eyes as though a crazed man. He slams the guy into the wall behind me. He yanks the syringe out of his hand and crushes it with his bare hand.

“Clark they took her! THEY TOOK BELLA!” I shout frantically.

I swore I heard his teeth grinding with fury.

“WHERE IS SHE?” He bellows causing even me to jump.

He shakes the man in his hold.


Holy Hell go Clark Kent! He was PISSED THE FUCK OFF!

The guy still doesn’t answer. Clark freaking tosses him across the room. He then picks up him by the collar and shakes him like he was merely a flea.

“NO SON!” His father shouts as he enters the room with his mother behind him.

“Think about what you’re doing.”

“THEY TOOK HER!” Clark roars on top of his lungs.

He takes the mask off the man. Johnathon and Martha look to the empty bed. Martha Kent screams out and comes to her knees.


Johnathon grabs the guy out of Clark’s hold. My eyes widen in shock as he too lays into the man.

“You had best get to talking and now!”

The man is shot through the window behind him. It goes through his back to his heart. He dies in Mr. Kent’s hold.

“NO!” Clark yells pulling at his hair.

“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!” He rumbles again.

The three of us look upon him. Clark was losing his shit big time. I looked away for just a second. When I looked back Clark was gone. I reared back in disbelief.

“Um where’d…”

Mr. and Mrs. Kent eye one another. His father clears his throat, but says nothing.


The both of them act as if nothing was awkward about is sudden disappearance. There was no way. He was that fast! He was nowhere in the room! Am I imagining things?


“CAREFUL WITH HER!” I demand as they carry her inside the manor.

I look around to make certain they weren’t followed. I have them follow me to the lead room. Here I would have her medical care set up. This room I hadn’t even used it. It was one my father had built for merely this purpose. It even had the emergency hospital plugs and back up for if the power was ever knocked out. Honestly, I’ve not a clue why he had it built. I just remember how determined he was. Now was a good time to put it to use. It was hidden well too, a room within the basement. When you first gander upon the area it doesn’t even look like a room. It looks to be part of the wall. I always wondered if it was meant to be a safe room of some sort. It didn’t matter now. It would finally serve a purpose and that’s all that mattered.

He lays her on the bed. I promptly cover her up as goose bumps were beginning to form along her body. From here I could give her what she truly needed. I pace around the room waiting for the doctor, he’d better get here and soon.

Isabella gasps out and her back arches off the bed. Her hands become fists. Great… she’s in pain. I can’t have that! I grab one of my nearest men.


He nods and rushes out the room. I pace the area, looking to her on and off. She nearly rolls off the bed, and is gasping for a breath.


I look to one of the men.

“Wait, was she on oxygen?”

He nods.


“You told us to….”

Her eyes fling open and she looks directly at me.


I nod and gently caress her cheek. She gasps for a breath again. She then looks around the room.

“No… Clark…” She raspingly says.
“You’re in better hands now.”

Isabella’s eyes roll back and her body gives out.

“You need to trust me. I can help you more than the Kent’s can at this moment.”

I lay her back down and finally the doctor enters the room.

“You fix this and promptly. If she dies…” I hint.

He nods in understanding and starts immediately.

“As for the rest of you get lost.”

I knew before long I’d have visitors; whether it would be Clark himself or the police. I seal the room shut tightly locking the doctor in with her. I kept a couple of security cameras in there so I could keep an eye on things.


I find the area of the sniper. I zone in to see it’s the perfect alignment towards the hospital window where the man was shot. They must’ve been waiting just in case. Someone went through great links to make certain no one was left to be questioned.

So who? And why her? There were only two people in mind… At the moment I only knew how to find one of them. I hoped where there was one I’d find the other, possibly killing two birds with one stone and finding Bell.

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