Chapter 8 Pearl Necklace

Chapter 8

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“Um where are we?” Bella questions as Joker shoots out a security camera.

“You said you needed a lab.” He states as if that answers her question.

Bella winces as he punches through some glass. He reaches inside and unlocks the door.

“Ladies first…” He says stepping aside and motioning for him to step on in.

Bella steps around the broken glass as she and Joker step inside. They make their way down a long hallway with white marble floor.

“Hold on.” He gently pushes her back against a wall. Another security camera was rotating about.

“We’ve already been made.” Bella utters.

“I know, but it’ll piss him off. Something I happen to enjoy!”


He waves his gun about.

“Scurry on now sugar lips.”

She sighs and continues down the hallway.
“To your right.” She nods and reaches for the door handle.

“Hmm…” He stops her and looks around.

“Better allow me.”

He pulls open the door and peeks inside. Joker aims his gun around making certain the coast was clear. He waves her on in and cuts on the lights.

“Holy shit…”

Bella looked around the massive lab area.

“Um what’s with the hideous purple and green bowling hats? Didn’t that style go out years ago?”

“Oh how I wish he was here to hear you say that! Haha!”

“Let me guess another friend of yours?”

Joker wrinkles his nose.

“More like a bitch on a leash.”

“I thought that’s what your henchmen were…” She smarts in return.

He grins.

“My dear Marie so much to learn…”

He watches her curiously as she looks around. She starts setting something up.

“Whoever this guy is he’s pretty high tech.”

“He’s a high watered nerd jockey.”

She looks to Joker oddly. He merely shrugs and takes a seat.

“So what is it you’re doing exactly?”

“Testing this DNA strand with that titan stuff. I was curious as to why he’d simply explode like that.” She grimaces in thought.

“He went off like one of those confetti poppers! HAHA!”

“If only… I figured we could save a few henchmen if we ran some test instead.”

“So you want to do it the less fun way? Why must you take my sunshine away?! ” He starts humming the sunshine song and twirls around in a chair.

She smiles on how childlike and whiny he sounded. Bella takes some of the blood sample and looks upon it through the microscope. She zooms in and looks for a pen and paper she starts taking some notes on what she’s seeing.

“I prefer my way. We just keep lowering the dosage until we get it right. I’ve got plenty of my own little lab rats to work with.”

“It wouldn’t kill you to do things my way for once.”

“You don’t know that for sure. I could croak any moment and what would you do without me precious Marie?”

She grins and bites upon her lower lip.

“Take over and terrorize Gotham and your henchmen myself?”

Joker puts a hand to his heart.


Bella softly laughs.

“If that’s your dying wish…”

“Oh believe me my dear it would be. As you can see I can breathe more freely now knowing this! Haha! This is truly something I’D JUST DIE TO SEE!”

Bella shakes her head and goes back to what she was doing. Joker sighs as if bored. After a few more minutes, Bella leans back and folds her arms about her chest.

“What did you finally realize my way is better?!”

She merely stares at the memo pad blankly, then looks back to the sample.

“The titan is taking over the blood stream. It’s not allowing the red cells to live.”

“I haven’t a clue what all that means…”

They both freeze to the other voice behind them.

“What she means is that the red blood cells simply can’t handle the toxins. That and the titan needs a host to live off of. Without one it’s merely without purpose and just this vibrant beautiful strand of wild nothingness. And don’t we all wish to have a purpose?” The man twirls his golden cane about impressively.

Joker immediately takes out his gun. The man in the green suit, purple tie, black dress shirt, tacky green bowling hat, and purple domino mask aimed some sort of question mark cane at them. Joker promptly grabs Bella and shoves her back behind him.

“Why does it have to be you?” The man whimpers as if in misery and not too happy to see Joker on his territory.

“What the hell are you? His retarded brother?”

Joker and the man cock brows towards her on this.

“What?!” They both chorus.

“I’m just saying the color scheme only. You don’t pull it off as well. You look like you’re trying too hard to make a point. Perhaps, it’s because you don’t know what the point is?” Bella remarks noticing the question mark on his belt buckle and cane.

“Let me guess… Question Mark Man? Or is it just What?”

“Hahahahahaaaa oooo isn’t she just grand?! I mean could you really imagine. What? What! What? WHAT?! HAHAHAHAHAAAA!”

“Charming indeed and no it’s the Riddler.”

Bella dies in laughter.

“You’re kidding me right?”

She continues to laugh off and on and goes back to working on what she was doing. The Riddler narrows his eyes watching her with interest. Joker notices this and takes his gun back out. He tilts his head somewhat and nods towards Riddler as if a warning.

The Riddler rolls his eyes.

“So why is it you’ve broken into my lab?”

Joker shrugs.

“Boredom? Or maybe just to see the look on your face. HAHA! Which do you think it is?”

“Hey careful with that! It’s expensive!” Riddler snaps at Bella as she takes something else out of his to continue her research.

Joker cocks his gun.

“Two things…If I catch you staring at my squeeze again, I’ll rip your eyes out! That and you had better watch how you talk to her! Do we have an understanding?”

Riddler raises his hands in the air. However, he cuts the Joker a peculiar look. He wondered to himself since when does he give a damn about anyone, besides himself?

“Crystal clear.”


Bella looks to Joker and picks up one of the Riddler’s microscopes.

“Can I have this?” She flutters her eyelashes as she sweetly asks.

Joker grins and looks to the Riddler. The Riddler rolls his eyes. Joker shrugs looking overly happy.

“Why of course… take whatever you wish sweetheart.”

The Riddler smacks his palm against his forehead.

“Dammit Joker, I just got that! I haven’t even had the chance to use it yet!”

“My little dumpling gets what she wants when she wants. Losers weepers… do cheer up. Why must you always be sooo serious?!”

“Thank you!” Bella pecks Joker on the cheek.

He wiggles his brows and puts his hand along the slope of her back.

“I suppose we’ll be on our way now.”

“Pity, I don’t suppose there’s anything else the Joker’s little princess wants?”

Joker see’s that mischievous look to Bella’s face. A positive beam comes over him. Bella looks around. She shrugs, but just as they step out she heads back inside. She grabs a brand new unopened chemistry set, a few test tubes, petri dishes, lab wear and a set of tongs.

“I just had to ask…” Riddler scowls.

Once she’s done she goes to step out again. Only she reaches over and grabs a pair of Riddler’s reading glasses.

“Now why do you need those?” Joker questions curiously.

“I want to look smart!”

“Oh Marie sweetheart…” He starts to mouth off.

“Don’t even!” She stops him before he can finish that thought.

“Hahahahahahaaaa ooooo look at it this way. You’re very pretty!”

“JOKER!” She hisses.

He continues to laugh. The Riddler rolls his eyes bitterly and watches as Bella takes off with over thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment.

“I’m so glad you both came to visit!” He calls out sarcastically.

He slams his cane into the concrete beneath him and watches as they both wave. Joker honks a couple times and peels out of the driveway leaving black tire marks.

“We’re home boys!” Joker calls out as if calling to children, once he and Bella walk in the doors.

His henchmen look to him waiting for orders.

“Unload the car, but careful not to break anything.”

Joker takes Bella’s hand and leads her to his throne. He sits her in his lap.

“So’d you get everything you need?”

“I believe so.”

He nods and starts kissing along her neck. They’re heavily making out as the henchmen return with her things. One of them clears his throat.

“Can’t you see we’re busy?!” Joker snaps and goes back to kissing her.

“Sorry boss we just wanted to know where you want this stuff.”

Joker sighs and grips Bella’s hips grinding her against him.

“Just put them in her old room for now and get lost!”

“Yes sir.”

Once they leave the room Joker rips her shirt open. He bites down on her neck not enough to draw blood just enough to send her a thrill and make her nipples erect. He kisses down her collarbone and to her breasts. He lifts her up just enough to take himself out.

“Daddykin’s needs to feel good sweetheart.” He utters softly as he situates her on him.

“Hmm… Just like that.” He moves her about him.

Bella’s arms go around his neck and he moves her more forcefully along him.

“Keep going…”

He stops and leans back letting her take over, once he’s showed her the pace he desires. Joker’s hands clasps around the arm rests as he enjoys the show before him.

“Thattaya girl…”

Her breasts bounced about beautifully. Joker’s hips slightly lifted off the throne the more into it he got. His tongue ran along her earlobe as he whispered.

“Now get down on your knees and I want to come in that sweet mouth of yours.”

She comes down and he holds her hair back. As soon as her mouth is around his cock he starts to come.

“Hmm… don’t stop… get every drop. That’s my girl.” He groans out heavenly as she licks him clean afterword.

He places himself back up and fastens his pants. His hand pats his lap once again for her to sit. Bella felt him running his fingers through her long strands. He brought her hair to his nose and breathed her in deeply.

“Don’t ever cut your hair. I like it long. And no dying it. I like you this way very natural. It’s rare nowadays.”

Bella grins.

“But what if I wanted to be blonde and blue eyed?”

“Why would you want that my dear?”

She shrugs.

“Nothing is less appealing than a woman that is fake. Fake eyes, hair, how they carry themselves and act. Are you fake Marie?”

She shakes her head. Joker kisses along her jaw line.

“That’s right there’s nothing fake about you. If anything you are holding back… aren’t you?”

He whispers in her ear.

“You don’t need to hold back with me Marie. Show me what you got.”

He taps his index to her temple.

“There’s so much more in there. I can see it. You’re about to BUST HAHA! So why not LET IT GO?! Why are you afraid?”

“I’m not.”

“You may not fear me, which is very unwise, but you my dear Marie are terrified of yourself.”

She goes to argue with him only he utters something else.

“You know there was a time I was all about pretty blonde things.”
“And what changed your mind?”

Joker takes out his gun and gazes into her eyes. The barrel runs along her cheek, neckline, and down her chest. His other hand stays along that pulsating vein on her neck. He merely nods and places his gun back up not giving her a direct answer.

“Keep everything we went over in here.” He taps her forehead.

Joker hikes up her leg and yet again starts setting her up. She was wearing a glimmering long silver evening dress that slit up the thigh, nude pantie house and matching heels. Joker stood back for a moment. He narrowed his eyes and placed his finger about his chin.

“Something’s not right…” He scanned her over and twirled her around

She heard him sigh. He promptly ripped her bra off and threw it across the room.

“Honestly Marie?”

She covers herself.
“I feel naked.”

“You gave Bruce Wayne a kitty shot, but now you feel naked without a bra? Trust me none of the women at these casinos wear undergarments. Now knock it off or I’ll send you in nothing, but a pair of high heels and a bikini! HAHA oh hmm… now that’s something I’d like to see. But where would we hide your gun my dear?! Talk about awkward!”

He gives her the once over again.

“Much better.” He says with a smug grin.

Bella lowers her head and shakes it. He lifts her chin with his fingers.

“Now why the long face?”

“I was just wondering if you’re going to fucking go off on me like last time.”

He nods and takes in a breath.

“Just do as you’re told Marie.”
“That’s what I did!”

“Let’s put it this way. Just do whatever it takes to get the job done.”


“Now I know you know what that means… I shouldn’t have to explain myself.”

“Dammit Jack…”

“FINE!” He pins her against the wall.

“You want more clarification sweetheart?”

She nods.

“Shake that tight little ass of yours when you walk. It makes men think about how badly they want to fuck you! Flirt, bat your eyes, giggle, and smile often. But at the end of the day you always remember you are Joker’s girl! That’s how it is and that’s never going to change!”

He intensely kisses her with full on erection.

“Still need help understanding?”

She breathlessly shakes her head. He cocks a brow though and lifts her dress up the rest of the way. He sighs shakes his index finger in a scolding matter. Bella sighs with frustration and takes off her panties handing them over. He nods and breathes them in whilst closing his eyes. She hears him moaning into the panties. Thus response caused her to rub her thighs together. Joker winks and puts them in his pocket.

“Souvenir…” He says with a shrug.

He takes her hand and leads her out to the limo outside.

Once they’re inside, Joker takes out a jewelry box. He opens it revealing a pearl necklace. Joker reaches over and clasps it. She looks to him oddly.

He leans into her ear.

“Do you know what the term pearl necklace means my precious pet?”

She shrugs running her fingers along the beautiful pearls. He grins with that mischievous look about his face.

“It’s when a man ejaculates on a woman’s chest, leaving drops… much like that of pearls… Some say give her diamonds. I say… give her pearls. Lots and lots of never ending pearls…”
Bella blushes a bit, but softly laughs.

“Hahahahahaaaaa oooo Marie sweetheart. You still just haven’t any clue.” He puts his arm around her and kisses her cheek.

“Soooo much to teach you! I can’t wait! HAHA! Alright boys hit it!”

Joker watches as she heads inside. He leans back for a moment and straightens his bowtie.

“You know what boys change of plans. Wait right here…”

They look to him oddly as he opens the door to the limo.

“Um boss?”

He doesn’t look back and walks right through the doors of the casino. His henchmen all look to one another puzzled.

Joker finds an area to sit and blend in. He watches Bella from a distance. She was already at the black jack table. He cocks a brow at the amount of men already surrounding her. A few were offering her drinks. He continues to stand back and watch. He could hear everything that was being said. However, now she couldn’t hear him. He’d turned off his side so she wouldn’t know he was in the casino. She took out the money he’d given her which drove even more attention.

He took notice a couple of guys were looking down her dress, attempting to get a decent cleavage shot. Bella did just as she was told. Everything she did was the utmost in perfection men and even a few women were flocking to her. She also seemed to have a natural flare at black jack. Now came the time she was supposed to pick a supposed date to go with her to the roulette table. Joker came to his feet and discreetly made his way over directly behind her. She was fidgeting nervously on who to pick. He reached over and grabbed a couple glasses of champagne. Then Joker leaned into her ear.

“You know what they say…”

She freezes to the sound of his voice.

“Luck be a lady and you just happen to be playing my game.”

Bella slowly turns and looks to him in question. He gives a simple wink and hands her a glass of white champagne.

“Please do join me. I could use some of your luck.”

Bella found herself baffled, confused, and incredibly turned on. This wasn’t the plan. He wasn’t supposed to show up until she turned in her winnings. She was supposed to play the victim at gunpoint. Now she hadn’t a clue how to go about this. If it was one thing about Joker she knew… He hated to have his plans ruined. So what was his game? What was going on?

“And your name Ms.?”

Bella swallowed back and took in a breath.


He nods and kisses her hand. He does this slight bow thing.

“Well Ashlynn the name’s Jack.”

Her eyes widened. Bella’s heart came to a complete halt. He leads her to the one of the other games. Bella downs her champagne as he seats her down and sits beside her. His white gloved hand ran along the slope of her back. Bella took in a breath and waved another server over. She ordered a stronger drink.

“On me of course.” Joker said and handed the guy a twenty.

When the dice came around for their turn he had her blow on them for luck. The roll was good, but Bella didn’t even notice. Joker leaned into her ear.

“Relax…It’s just me…”

He runs his hand along her thigh soothingly under the table.

Only something else had caught Bella’s attention now. She looked up to the familiar face and quickly looked down. Across from them was fucking Bruce Wayne. A small laugh escaped her mouth. He was looking directly upon the both of them with raised brows. Joker now took notice as well. He gave a smug nod towards Bruce. Bruce narrowed his brows and nodded in return. Joker put his arm around Bella and kissed her cheek. Bruce had a couple of blondes sitting in his lap and all over him. They were the giggly bubbly type and obviously drunk.

Bella had a couple more drinks to calm her nerves. She wondered how long Joker would hold off. It was obvious Jack decided to take over tonight. Bruce continued to eye Bella off and on. He tilted his head halfway through the game. He was finally piecing it all together. Which made him pay extra attention to the man she was with. The man kept his head down mostly off and on and it was hard to make out his face from where Bruce was. He remembered Leah saying she was engaged. However, he now knew he’d been played. Leah Harrison was Isabella Swan and she was sitting right in front of him. It was her that had stolen the jewelry. He thought of the irony. Here he was with two blondes playing the part of the image he’s meant to have outside of Batman. This wasn’t who he really was. Bella was more his type. Yet she was obviously here with someone else and he wondered where Joker was during all this. Which made him even more cautious feeling. What was she up to? Bruce began to look around off and on trying to see if there were going to be any signs of trouble.

An hour into the game Bella and Joker were winning big time. It came down to them and Bruce towards the end. Bruce and Bella locked eyes for a moment. He shook his finger directly upon her letting her know he knew. Bella merely smiled and waved.

“Leah right?” Bruce decided to taunt.

Bella already knew she was screwed either way since he recognized her. She figured there wasn’t much he could do now.

“Wouldn’t you like to know Mr. Wayne…” She fires back.

That was when Bruce realized her date was Joker. That grin came about the man’s face. He caught glimpse of the scars as he kissed along Bella’s bare shoulders. He gave Bruce intimidating wink. Bruce gripped the table firmly.

“May the best man win.” Joker said as he went to roll the dice.

“Kiss for luck sweetheart?”

Bruce wrinkled his nose as Bella locked lips with Joker.

“Hmm… to be continued…” He heard Joker murmur once he pulled back.

He rolled the dice and that’s when the doors were busted down. Only it wasn’t what Bruce had assumed he was waiting for Joker to have something up his sleeve. Instead it was Black Mask and his men. Bullets went flying and Bruce witnessed something he’d never ever dreamed he’d see. Joker immediately flipped over the table. He braced his body over Bella’s and took out his gun. Bruce quickly got the women he was with out of the way and to safety. Casino guests were screaming in panic the ones that tried to get out were either shot or knocked out.

Bella lifted up her dress and took out her gun as well. Joker’s men came bashing through the windows and came pouring through the emergency doors. Alarms were going off. It became a standoff between Black Mask and his men V.S Joker and his. Joker eyed Black Mask. Black Mask eyed the girl Joker was protecting. Joker took a kerchief from his pocket and wiped the makeup from his face.

“What are you doing here?”

Joker sighs.

“Isn’t it obvious? We were going to cause mayhem and have us one murderous night and make some money off it. But you just had to go and ruin my night! Not very nice!”

“Not on our turf Joker! Aren’t you on a thin line already?! We had a deal remember Joker?!”

“And I still got a little over a week.”

Joker shrugged and waved his gun about as if bored. He sighs.

“And just when I was really starting to enjoy myself! Maybe next time you should call ahead! You know make sure I didn’t already have your gig booked?!”

“Who’s she…?”

Joker doesn’t answer.

“He said she was a prostitute!” One of his men answers.

Black Mask chuckles.

“That’s no prostitute. I’ve seen the freaky ass bitches that work these corners. She’s not cut up enough to be working the streets of Gotham. Maybe we could fix that… He takes out a double bladed knife.”

Black Mask nods towards Bella. Bella gets a certain look to her face. She looked to be signaling one of Joker’s henchmen. Sure enough within a matter of seconds Bella fires at a chandelier upon the ceiling. Joker’s men and Black Mask’s start canceling each other out. Meanwhile, Black Mask was dusting himself off. Bella had managed to make it land right where he and his men were standing. Black Mask had jumped back just in time however, some of his men weren’t so lucky.

Joker looked to Bella impressed as she shot one of the men coming straight for her. He yanked her over and started to rush her out through the back exits. Joker’s henchmen covered them as they escaped. Once they were in the alleyway, they took off towards the limo they had waiting for them. One of Black Mask’s men grabbed a hold of Bella once they got past the corner. Joker went to step into action. Only to witness Bella swiftly knock out the gun from his hand. The guy hit her in the face. She used her entire weight to slam him back against the brick building. Bella crammed her knee into his crotch. She then shot him just as Joker had without even batting an eye. Both had fired head shots.

Joker grinned ear to ear. He promptly picked her up and flipped her over his shoulder. He popped her on the butt on the way to the limo. Joker opened the door for her. Once they were inside his henchmen floored it as they were already being chased by another car full of Black Mask’s men. Joker used the handle of his gun to knock out the windows of the limo. He started firing at their tires. Bella knocked out the one on her side and started doing the same.


Joker announced as the car went off into a ditch. Nevertheless, another car had come soaring through an alleyway. The henchman hurriedly put the limo into reverse. The windows were being shot out throughout the limo.

“Get us out of here you idiot!” Joker snapped.

Bella opened Joker’s jacket and took out a grenade.

“Huh…” Joker said as if in disbelief he hadn’t thought about that. Bella gets situated and Joker helps keep her supported.

“Fire in the hole boys!” Joker warns as Bella take out the pin.

She tosses the grenade out the of the limo window at the car chasing them.

“Hahahahahahaaaaa hehehehe ooooooooooo! WOO!”

Joker slaps at his legs in laughter.

“OOOOHHHH I KNEW IT!” He points directly upon her.


Joker madly kisses her. His fingers intertwine with her hair as he pulls back and kisses along her neck and shoulders. Joker pulls her into his lap and continues to obsessively kiss her. They both had their guns in hand still.

“Find a secluded place and pull over!” He demands.

The henchman does as he’s told.


“But boss… how do we get back? “

“Walk you maroons! You honestly think I care how you get back?!”

They scramble out of the limo. Once they’re out Joker immediately lays Bella down. Bella hadn’t even realized he’d undone his pants. He lifted her dress and instantly drove himself into her. He licks the barrel of her gun before taking it from her hand.

“Hmmm barrel’s still smoking HOT! FUCK!” He tosses the gun to the floorboard along with his.

“You were on FIRE sweetheart!” He says with laughter and starts kissing her yet again.

He moaned into her mouth. His thrusts were unrelenting. He gritted his teeth and pulled out. Joker ripped her dress with one hand. He jerked himself off with the other and indeed gave her a much earned pearl necklace.

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