Chapter 11 Annoying A God And A Man Of Iron

Chapter 11

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“Are you looking for Thor my dear?”

Bella nodded. Frigga smiled warmly.

“He wished for me to tell you he’s on a rather important quest.”

“Oh, is everything okay?”

“I’m quite certain that everything is just fine. How are you feeling today Isabella?”

“Better actually.” Bella runs her hand along her belly.

She blushes as her tummy rumbling in hunger. Frigga takes Bella’s hand and leads her to the dining hall. She has some biscuits, eggs and fresh fruit brought out. Bella was lost in the homemade buttermilk biscuits. They tasted so different from the usual store bought ready to bake ones she got back home. In fact everything in Asgard was made from scratch. Somethings she’d eaten she hadn’t a clue what they were, but hadn’t a complaint about the food. Bella was just happy in the fact that she could eat now, without that nausea feeling hitting her. She finally ate to her heart’s content.

“How wonderful to see you finally hold something down.”
“It certainly a relief.”

“Oh, I can imagine so.”

After her breakfast with Frigga, Bella went out for a touch of fresh air. Since her pregnancy, there were times she felt claustrophobic. She breathed in the air enjoying the crispness of it. She jumped however as she heard the sound of metal clanking. She turned the direction it was coming from. A smile formed on her face as she saw Balder and the Warriors Three sparing. They were in a ring area used merely for practice.

She made her way over and watched from a safe distance. None of them even took notice that they were being watched. Each man was skilled in his own way and able to hold their won. A giggle however escaped her lips as Balder soon became the last one standing. Each of the Warriors Three bitched and moaned. Even more so once they realized their defeat was witnessed and by a woman nonetheless. She covered her mouth in laughter as they looked upon her bitterly.

“Ah, there’s nothing worse than a bunch of sore losers. Am I correct my lady?” Balder questions and slightly bows before her as he steps out of the practice area.

“Perhaps, it would be best if I didn’t choose sides?” Bella suggests.

“A wise one she is!” Balder announces boisterously.

“I try to be.”

“Not very hard for you, I’m sure.”

“Easy my friend, starting to sound a bit flirtatious, Thor’s sure to have your neck if you don’t pipe it down.” Volstagg comments.

“He may have my head, but he can never have my spirit or charm for that matter.” Balder says and Fandral gets this smirk about his face.

“Oh please, do not make me gag.” Hogun retorts.

“So much jealousy. Do you not see what true beauty does to a man or even a god?” Frandral says winking towards Bella,

He makes his way over and Balder cocks a brow as Frandral kisses Bella’s hand, promptly after Balder punches him.

“Now why the hell would you do that?”
Balder shrugs.

“Because I wanted to, don’t not ask stupid questions.”

Frandral sighs and rubs his jaw bitterly. Bella gasps out in surprise as she turned to see Sif’s horse directly behind her again. It was nudging her shoulder, trying to gather her attention. Bella looked around curiously as it all just dawned on her. Sif was usually always around this group of men.

“So where’s Sif?” She boldly questioned.

Each man there looked to one another .

“You mean Thor hasn’t told you?” Balder asked.

“”Told me?”

Balder clears his throat and pets the horse as well now.

“He had her banished from the royal grounds and disarmed. She no longer fights in the name of Asgard. She’s been sent to live amongst the villagers.”
Bella looked to him in disbelief.

“She knew this was to come. The moment she spoke ill of your relationship and made threats upon you and the children in which you carry.”

Volstagg sighs and shakes his head.

“It will not be the same without Lady Sif.” He admits rather sadly, yet understood Thor’s reasoning.

Bella momentarily shut her eyes, however not that of guilt, just on how far Sif had truly taken things. She was thankful to see they were not blaming her. Still, she feared there may be some resentment. Balder and Hogun could read this on her face without question. She petted the horse and thought about the situation.

“Say Hogun, perhaps we shall give the lady a tour of Asgard!”

Hogun smiled warmly.

“We need to take Lady Sif her horse anyhow.”

“Um… I’m sure I’m the last person she wishes to see.” Bella admits.

Balder shrugs.

“You are a part of Asgard now and soon to wed Thor. She hasn’t much choice in the matter, now does she?”

Hogun helps Bella onto Sif’s horse. Balder gathers Hogun and his horse.

“Ever ridden before?” Frandal inquires curiously.

“Nope, never!”

They all laugh.

“Well it’s a good thing the beast tends to be smitten with you!” Balder says behind laughter.

They show her how to lead the horse and properly sit upon it. Bella followed Balder out and Hogun rode behind her keeping watch. They showed her around the land of the palace and further out towards the village. They then took her right into town. Bella gathered the oddest of looks as they rode about the area. Some stopped what they were doing and merely gawked, others gossiped, some smiled and waved, others sneered upon her.

Thor however quickly hid once he took notice of Bella in town. He was visiting the blacksmith and had climbed upon a hidden area of the shop. From there he looked out and watched Bella and his friends interact with the other Asgardians. Bella noticed how the gods were the most human looking of the Asgardians. Most of the town was made up of dwarfs, elves, and other Asgardians such as the warriors. She found each of them to be highly intelligent even the children. She could see why unfortunately Thor beheld humans the way he had at first. In some ways even through their lack of technology Asgard was more ahead, but it had more to do with the Asgardians and their abilities itself rather than anything else. Bella found this to be very interesting.

Bella and the men walked throughout the village and the various shops. She truly felt as though she were back in time. Thor observed from his hiding post. She smiled as she walked about the town. Her fingers curiously skimmed along some of the items at the different shops that were set up outside; things such as dresses, jewelry, shoes, figurines, and odd looking vegetables and fruit. She recognized some of them to be the same of Earth’s, but not many. She was beginning to see that their lives in the aspect of means of living were not that different at least not in society in general.

While Bella looked around, Balder went on and took Sif her horse. She wasn’t too thrilled to find out Bella had ridden her horse. That and that the horse seemed rather fond of Bella. Balder took notice of the look of jealousy about Sif’s face. He sighed and reached over plucking one of the Asgardian flowers from a nearby field of the village. He handed Sif the gorgeous yellow flower. Sif turned to Balder with confusion and a hint of anger. Balder ignored the disturbing look she cut him and moved a loose strand of hair out from her face. He then caressed her cheek.

“So much anger… Just leave her be. She’s done nothing to deserve your wrath.”

Sif looked to the ground as Balder helped get the horse penned into a nearby barn. Sif rolled her eyes and made her way over to Bella. With full obligation…

“I apologize for my behavior and the things I said. I’d no right to offer my opinion, no matter the situation.”

Bella raises her brows on this. It didn’t feel or sound quite like an apology. Then again she didn’t expect one period. She gave a simple nod. Some of the things Sif said, Bella wasn’t too keen on forgiving her for, not at the moment. How could she be? They were pretty damn harsh, Bella thought to herself disgruntled. Sif nodded in return and headed back. Bella took in a deep breath and went back to looking around. Balder had taken it upon himself to brush and care for Sif’s horse. Sif took no notice of Balder’s attentiveness. Her eyes were glued onto Bella’s every move. Bella wasn’t aware that she was even being watched. She continued along taking everything thing in. A local elf was playing a pan flute. Bella couldn’t get over how beautifully the elf played. The attractive blondish elf stopped as she came closer. She shook her head with disappointment.

“Please don’t…” She softly stated.

“I like it.”
The elf beamed at her words and began to play again. Thor chuckled to himself as the elf began to play even more heartfelt. Bella sat upon a nearby bench and listened to the elf play. Hogun seated himself beside her. Bella found herself feeling as though she were in peace. She breathed easier and her troubles seemed to temporarily melt away. Hogun noticed the serene look about her. He softly laughed.

“It’s an elf thing you know.”

Bella looked upon him in wonder.

“Something about them as to why with some you must take precaution. They’ve been known to take advantage of you. Knowing what they’re capable of. However, Molaire uses his gift for wonderful deeds. He comes from Alfeim he’s one of the Light Elves. He takes pride in knowing he can put others at ease. As to why there are times loved ones will come to Molaire when someone’s in suffering or dying even. Many Asgardians turn to him to help ease their sorrows. It’s the Dark Elves of Svartalheim, you cannot trust.”

“Rather bittersweet, I suppose. I mean on Molaire’s gift.” Bella replies in thought.

Hogun nodded in agreement.

Balder had gone to one of the other blacksmith shops. Bella clapped and thanked the elf profusely once he was done. Hogun was half asleep on the bench. Bella’s attention however quickly darted towards Sif. She’d heard the horse braying as if it were upset. Her jaw dropped as Sif was roughly dragging the horse by the bridal.

Bella hopped to her feet immediately. She took off that direction. Thor narrowed his eyes in wonder. He was not able to see the situation. He could only see the look on Bella’s face.

“What are you doing?!” Bella snapped in a harsh whisper as she encountered Sif.

“Mind your business.” Sif retorts.

“Surely, you’re not about to do what I think you are!”

The horse could sense it too, it was doing it’s best to get away from Sif. Sif tied it off to a tree. She then unsheathed her sword.


“The beast is useless to me now!”

“He’s become too tame! He’s not a pet! He’s a warrior, a horse of war! Battling beast, is all he was meant to be. Not to be coddled!”

Sif aims her sword upon the horse.

“That is why we do not name them such as your kind! You Midgardians are so silly and petty!”

Bella grits her teeth and steps out before the frightened horse.

“Lower your blade!”

“Excuse me?”

“I didn’t fucking stutter Sif, now LOWER IT! You’re startling him.”

Hogun and Thor were now watching from a distance.



“There is only one fool at the moment. She’s the one aiming the blade!”

Bella kept her eye on Sif as she untied the horse. Bella petted it’s head and took in a breath. Her eyes stated glued upon Sif’s.

“GET!” Bella shouted and spanked the horse’s rearend.

The horse brayed out in confusion and Bella had a knot form amongst her own throat. She hated every moment of this. Her heart was just too big.

“GO ON NOW! GET! RUN, YOU’RE FREE! DON’T RETURN!” She demanded forcefully and spanked it again, only harder. The horse took off leaving a cloud of dirt behind. Bella looked to the blades of green grass upon the ground for a moment. Her heart sank to the pit of her stomach. Sif growled to herself and placed her sword back into her sheath.

“If the beast shall come crawling back, I will not hesitate.”

Bella nods and Sif turns her back to her.

“Tell me Sif, just how many battles have you and that horse been through?” She questions in a challenging matter.

Sif stops and turns around facing Bella.

“What’s that have to do with anything?”

“Oh believe me; it has to do with EVERYTHING!”

Sif rolls her eyes and yet again turns her back to Bella.

“How many Sif…” Bella inquires again with a monotone like voice.

“Too many to count, something you would know nothing about!”

Bella nods.

“That maybe true. I know nothing of the battle field. I do believe however, I’d never turn my back to my own steed. Not one that kept me alive during those times.”

“My survival has nothing to do with that beast!”

“Bullshit…” Bella states with a shrug.

“How dare you!” Sif starts to argue.

Hogun goes to step in and put an end to all this mess. Thor stops him and shakes his head. He was curious as to how Bella would handle this.

“The both of you counted on one another. If he were a horrible battle horse, you would be dead.”

“Nonsense, I’ve spent years training. You speak of something you know nothing about. There are not many that can take me down. I’m one of the best there is. I’m the only Asgardian woman that can fight amongst gods!”

Bella sighs as if bored. Sif turns her back to Bella for the last time. Thor, Hogun, and the other Asgardians look on in disbelief. Bella already had her knife to Sif’s throat. Sif froze, feeling the cold steel blade digging into her.

“I’ve never been trained nor have I ever been in a battle. Yet I just took your head… What does that tell you?”

Sif went to take out her sword. Bella ankle swiped her and brought her to the ground. She pointed the knife upon her.

“You feel his humiliation now?! If you had a problem you should have come to me! Quit taking out your issues on an innocent animal. You make me SICK! You go on about how weak my kind are. Apparently, we haven’t been formally introduced. I’m fucking Isabella Marie Stark! I come from a family of geniuses! We are all natural born fighters! Cross me again Sif and you shall truly see just what HELL IS!”

Bella watches as Sif heads on back to her cottage. Bella puts her knife away.

“Get her back to the palace. She’s not to be stressed, doctor’s orders.” Thor whispered to Hogun. Nevertheless great pride flowed through Thor on how she handled the situation.

Hogun nodded as Thor quickly vanished before Bella caught whiff of him. Once Balder was finished with his business he made his way back. Bella rode with him and Hogun followed behind. Once Bella was inside, Hogun and Balder headed to the recreational dining hall. They have a few drinks and Hogun shares his story of he witnessed between Sif and Bella. Balder sighed, but with a hint of laughter. “It seems our brother knew what he was doing when he chose that one.”

“I just couldn’t believe what I saw. I can’t believe she’s human! She most certainly doesn’t act as though one.”
“And what have you for comparison?” Balder ask as Frandral and Volstagg looked to Hogun as well on this.

“I suppose you’re right. It’s not something I’m accustomed to.”
“None of us are.”

“Perhaps they are not so much different.” Hogun declares as he downs his pint.

Thor peered into his chamber. Bella was curled up beside his pillow reading a book. Quietly, he entered the room. Bella felt his presence and lifted her eyes towards him. She then closed her book and Thor gradually made his way over. He took her hand and led her out of the palace. Thor walked with her amongst the grounds of the palace in silence. Bella leaned into his shoulder. He came to a stop and they both watched the sunset by the waterfall. Thor for once found himself to have butterflies in his stomach. He was nervous. He wasn’t used to these sorts of feelings. That and he hadn’t a clue how tonight would turn out for sure. After the sunset, Thor turned to Bella.

“Isa…” He said softly taking her hands.

He takes in a breath and kisses one of her hands.

“I wish to do this right, by you and your realm. The only way to truly do that is to honor you and your father. “He takes her hands and places them around his neck.

“Hold on Isa…” He says wrapping them around him.

With his other hand he raises his hammer and they teleport to earth. They appear before the Stark house. Pepper was already outside cleaning out her car. She stopped what she was doing and rushed over and hugged them both.

“Oh wow… What brings you two here? I thought you were supposed to be resting…” Pepper says with a warm smile.

“I’m not sure actually.” Bella confesses looking to Thor.

“Is he here?” Thor hints.

“Yes, yes he is. You two come on in I’ll go pull him away from his tinkering. He practically lives in that garage.”

They follow Pepper inside and wait in the living room as she gathers Tony. Tony enters the room before long. He was in a light gray t-shirt. His arc reactor shined through it. Thor nodded towards Tony respectfully. Tony lowered his brows, but made his way over and hugged his daughter. He looked down to see a very slight bump already starting to form. He cocked a brow on this and placed his hand about the bump.

“Hmmm… so what brings you to the roost kid?”

She looks to Thor in question. Tony notices this and turns to him as well.

“Sir, it is my desire to give Isa whatever she wishes. Her happiness is my utmost concern. You both have my respect and have open my eyes in ways I never dreamed fathomable. Your daughter showed me an act of kindness, when I was nothing but condescending, bad-mannered, and very unworthy of her compassion. Isa has taught me so much about this world and even my own. Things I was never aware of until she came into my life. With your permission sir, I wish to ask for your daughter’s hand in marriage, the proper way.”

Tony lifts his brows for a moment and looks upon his daughter. One look was all it took from her father. Bella nodded as they had a silent conversation. Tony then turned back towards Thor.

“Knock your socks off.”

Bella and Pepper’s jaw’s drop as Thor drops down to one knee. He takes the special ring he had made out from his tunic.

“Isa, if Asgard is the realm of the gods then Midgard is truly the realm of the angels. I wasn’t aware of this. Not until the day I crashed down upon a realm I once deemed unworthy of existence. It was that angel that had no issues setting me straight. I couldn’t believe there could be so much beauty, love, métier, wisdom, and humor all within the heart of one Midgardian woman that has taken mine by whole. I never truly believed in kindred spirits or soul mates even. Not until I found mine. Isa would you do me the magnificent honor of being my best friend, lover, and wife?”

Bella clamped her right hand over her mouth and nodded with racing heart. Tony took in a breath, but nodded in approval. Surprising even himself. Pepper was bawling over on the couch. Tony takes notice of Pepper’s crying and mouths off. “Gee, Pep I know he’s off the market now, but man you can turn of the waterworks. I’ll buy you some butter in the morning.” Pepper flips him off and blows her nose into a tissue. Thor genuinely smiled and places the golden band upon her finger. She gasped out in surprise as grafted Norse runes lit up beautifully. Thor puts a single finger upon the ring and explains the three symbols upon it.

“Algiz – This invites protection, health and happiness. Inguz- Word of fertility, true love and outlasting relationships. Then there is Jera- It is from the year of harvest. This one invites long term success and good luck.” Thor brings the ring to his lips and kisses it as he comes to his feet.

Bella wraps her arms around him and kisses Thor. Thor softly chuckled and lifted her above the ground as he twirled her around.

“I love you, Isa.”

“I love you too, Thor.”

Nobody had taken notice of the intruder. The four of them were focused on this proposal. From what seemed like out of nowhere Bella was jerked out of Thor’s clutch. Thor swiftly turned the intruder’s direction. He gritted his teeth. None of them could believe how fast this being moved. Tony narrowed his eyes taking in the situation. Pepper had shot off the couch. His touch was icy cold.

“I’m sorry; I do not mean to frighten you…” He says softly into Bella’s ear.

“I no longer had a choice. I’ve stayed in the shadows long enough. Listening to everyone’s suggestions, everyone telling me what is best. But I have seen it! I’ve seen it in her mind. You belong to me! This wedding cannot take place. You must come with me at once.”

The three of them take a step towards the pale faced “seemingly man.” He shut his eyes and breathed her in. His eyes went from golden honey to black. His cold nose buried into the crevice of her neck. Thor and Tony’s hands became fists as they observed this guy’s behavior with Bella.

“Mine…” He hissed and nuzzled against her.

Thor let out a growl that shook the floor beneath them.
“You will unhand her at once!”

The man shook his head. He tried to take off with Bella, but couldn’t move. He looked upon her mysteriously. The man scooped her up and eyed her as though lovingly.

“Isabella, I am Edward Cullen and you are my true mate. I’ve come to retrieve you, it is time you came home. I’m sorry we’ve not had the pleasure of meeting sooner. But I’ve watched you from afar and have waited long enough. I cannot let you disappear yet again nor will I take any more risks! There have been too many close calls and some questionable taste in men… AND NOW YOU!” Edward bellows, however the man takes another whiff of her.

“This god you claim to be! How can someone as smart as you Isabella be so fooled?! I will admit he is different. I cannot read him. Then again I cannot read you as well. I never have been able to! It can be so maddening! Yet peaceful all at once and she can’t see anything pertaining to HIM!” Edward points irately to Thor.

Tony and Thor cautiously began to discreetly ease their way over. They were careful on how they went about this. They hadn’t a clue what this guy was capable of they were both still thrown off by his speed alone. Neither wanted to cause harm to Bella or the children she carried.

“Impossible…” He sneered.

Bella gasped out as he lifted her up higher in his grasp. She was struggling to break free of him, but his body felt as though concrete in fact he was hurting her his grasp was so snug.

“This CANNOT BE!” Edward barked.

“Do not worry. Carlisle will take care of this matter!” He looks back towards Thor.

“SHE WAS NEVER YOURS! You cannot change what is meant to be! You were never in her future!”

He tries yet again to take off still. He finds he cannot budge. Edward places her down and cups her chin gently.

“Whatever it is you are doing… You can stop. I’m not going to hurt you.”

Tony however took notice of the ring on Bella’s finger. The more Edward antagonized his daughter the brighter it glowed.

“BUT YOU ARE HURTING ME! AND STOP TOUCHING ME!” Bella screams out and sends left hand upon Edward’s chest.

The runes around the ring become crimson red. Edward’s eyes widen as he’s suddenly sent flying back away from her. Thor snatches him and lifts him into the air. Thor sends a small electrical charge throughout him. Knowing he couldn’t give his all without taking down the Stark house or harming others around him. His body began to crackle and an odd powder substance landed on the floor beneath Edward.


He was so angry his entire face was vibrantly red. His body shook all over as he stared the being down. Thor looks upon Edward strangely.
“What are you scrawny creature?! YOU ARE NOT A MAN NOR ARE YOU A MIDGARDIAN!” Thor forces his mouth open and sees the sharpness of his canines.

Another being enters the house and quickly snatches Edward from Thor’s hold. Tony shakes his head in utter disbelief. He looks back upon the ring and starts to chuckle a bit. He rushes over and kisses his daughter on the cheek. He then walks over to Thor and kisses his cheek and playfully slaps it. Thor looks to Bella bewildered by her father’s unusual behavior. Tony then kisses Pepper on the way to the garage, where he was going to become Iron Man and give the little shit a taste of his own medicine.

“Who and what the hell was that?!” Bella uttered in damn near panic.

Thor embraces her lovingly, but begins to scan her over protectively.

“Anyone that wishes you harm will activate the ring. This ring will keep you protected Isa. That is what it was doing. Once it sensed the posed threat it took care of the potential danger.”

Bella looked to the ring in marvel as Thor explained how it worked.

“Oh cool.” Pepper says and she too gazes upon it admirably.

“Now that is a ring!” Pepper declares taking in its loveliness. The crimson red glow faded and became gold again before their very eyes.

Thor braces both Bella and Pepper against him as the entire house suddenly shook. He turned back in wonder, but didn’t budge he stayed with the girls protectively.

(Outside the house)

Dr. Bruce Banner had just stepped out of his car. He was here to go over something with Tony. Only he stepped up on the two pale creatures arguing. From what he could make of it, it was over Tony Stark’s daughter. The rustic haired boy was trying to convince the blonde woman to go back inside the house and help him get the girl. Edward and the other could smell Bruce’s presence. They both turned back with a sneer. Bruce rolled his eyes, he wasn’t in the mood. He went to walk past them only to have Edward shove him back. A massive crack was now on the siding of Tony’s house, where Edward had pushed Bruce.

“Edward…” The blonde haired woman hissed as she was beyond terrified. Before them now stood a massive green beast.

He snarled back and they took off as he chased after them. Iron Man stepped out to catch the aftermath.

“Oh shit…” Iron Man said and took off after Hulk.

He called to Pepper on the way.
“I’m going to be a little later than I expected Pep.”


“Um yeah, I gotta take the dog for a walk.”

“Dog? What dog? We don’t have a dog!”
“Huh… are you sure?”


He shrugs.

“Later Pep.” He has Jarvis hang up and he continues to chase after the three of them.

“He’ll be fine. You better get her on home.” Pepper said knowing Bella couldn’t stick around long.

Thor nodded.
“I can’t go home now! What about that guy! I mean what the hell is going on Pep?”

“You just let us deal with that you and Thor got enough on your plates. As soon as your father knows anything I’m sure he’ll be having Heimdall beam him up so he can let you in on what’s going on. Nothing we can really do for now. Just trust me your father is going to be fine. He always is.” Pepper encourages.
“I’m just so happy for you. For you both!” Pepper smiles towards Thor.
“Take care of her.”

“With everything I am, I assure you.”

Pepper walks them out and watches as they take off and disappear.

“That never gets old.” She whispers.

Once they appear in Asgard. Bella turns to Heimdall. He merely laughs.

“Your father will be quite alright. He and a friend are merely teaching a much needed lesson. No need to concern yourself. He will visit soon.” Heimdall insures with a smile.
Bella smiles.

“Thank you Heimdall.”
He does a slight bow and goes back to watching over the realms.

Thor takes Bella’s hand and leads her to a secret area behind the waterfall. She smiles realizing it was some sort of cave. She reached out allowing the waterfall to hit her hand.

“Amazing… I never knew this was here.”

“It is one of the few places I can go to clear my head.” Thor admits.

“I’ve spent many hours, days even, in this area alone. It’s quite peaceful.”

Bella nods in thought. Thor sits down upon the ground. Bella couldn’t believe how surprisingly open the space was. The moonlight shined in just enough that they could make out the cave and each other. Thor patted the area beside him. Bella sat down and they sat in silence for a bit listening to the waterfall. Thor brought her between his legs and held her as he kissed along her neck, shoulders, and arms. He breathed her in finding himself overly awakened by her mere presence and scent.

“Isa…” He whispered in longing.

Bella felt her entire body becoming heated. Her breaths became uneven as his ran along her neckline with each kiss he gave. He unzipped her dress and lowered the sleeves. He moaned between kisses. Bella could feel him growing hard against her. She took back a breath as the cool, but welcoming breeze hit. He’d the top part of her dress down and was running his warm hands along her breasts. He brought her body up against him and his hand ran up her dress. Her hand made its way into her panties. Thor’s cock pulsated so greatly it was damn near agonizing. He’d never seen a woman pleasure herself before. Bella had two fingers inside her pussy. Thor watched in sheer amazement. Her back arched against him as she fondled her own pussy. Something Thor felt he could watch all day and night. Once she used her free hand to massage her own breasts, Thor felt he’d lose his mind in yearning. He couldn’t talk if he wanted to. Thor was too far gone and desperate to be inside her. He licked her fingers clean craving the taste of that little mound of hers. This put Bella in minor shock and in more lust than she knew possible he wiggled his brows in satisfaction. Bella was always sweet to the taste. Thor scooted back and lay her down. As he finished undressing her Bella gave him a few teasing strokes. He swallowed back hard and had to shut his eyes for a instant.

He found himself bucking into her hand as she set him free. Precum was dripping out of him. Thor threw his head back in pleasure as she licked the tip of his dick cleaning him off. She then took in his entire length into her mouth as he hovered over her. Her mouth felt so incredible, too incredible. He ached for release. Thor gently pulled out not ready to come yet. Quickly he tossed off his Asgardian clothing. He then returned the favor by saturating her below with his tongue. Bella found herself with her hands placed about Thor’s head and she was humping his mouth as he went. This only enticed Thor more. Thor yanked her panties down completely and tossed them about the cave. He submerged his tongue within her and began this lapping session that drove Bella made. He brought his hands underneath her and lifted her ass off the cave grounds.

“Thor baby please…” She began begging.

Thor took the hint and replaced his tongue with something much more solid and rearing to go. Both were severely backed up. Within minutes they were both climaxing. Thor kissed her after he came and looked upon her. He still wanted to go. He could go for hours, however Bella he wasn’t so sure about. He soon had his answer though as her arms and legs wrapped around him. He feverishly kissed him. Thor felt her tighten and grow even wetter. His dick swelled up at the feeling and he grew even harder as they continued to kiss. He began to pump himself within her again, only this time with a bit more force behind it. Her nipples erected against his tongue as he bathed them.

Her nails dug in to his back as the intense pleasure continued. Bella licked along his chest and neck. As once promised Thor showed her just how long he could go. He took care not to harm her nor the children within her, whilst making love to her for hours on end. He didn’t stop until her legs quivered, her eyes grew heavy, and her cries became whispers. Once he finished he kissed her lips and laid her against him. She slept soundly in his arms. Thor felt at peace for once. He too shut his eyes. He pushed all other concerns aside for the time being and merely held her.

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  1. Sif is just horrible. Glad Bella saved the poor horse and got one over on Sif. Sweet proposal with such an amazing ring. And holy crap did not expect Eddie to pop out of the woodwork. Love that Tony and Hulk are teaching him a lesson lol.

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Because if a creative pandaowl will find the internet, why should the hyenacorn not share the skunk?


♫ fanfiction & creative writing by meekosan

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Fanfiction by Cuinawen

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This site is the cat’s pajamas

Addicted to Godric...Eric...Andre...(Sevrin)

Fanfiction & Etc. by Meridian (*psst* Bring coffee...)

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