Chapter 20 The Cullens and The Kents

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“Now there she is.”

Dick says coming to his feet. Bella smiles and runs her fingers through her freshly dyed and cut hair. She had it slightly trimmed and dyed to her original color. He pays and tips the hair stylist. He couldn’t help, but to notice that this alone made Bella seem happier.

Once, they make their way out. Dick stops her before she gets into the car. He runs his fingers through her locks. Dick could no longer hold back the urge; he began to zealously kiss her. Her arms wrapped around his neck. The both of them just stood there for a moment. Dick finally, took in a breath.

“You ready?”

Bella swallows back and nods. He opens the door for her and yet again they hit the road.

Bella laughs as he pulls into a McDonalds as they hit Metropolis. He grins with a shrug.

“What would you like?”

She looks at the menu.

“I want a cheeseburger Happy Meal.”

“Happy Meal?” He questions.


“Huh… Why?”
“The toy… duh!”

He laughs.

“Whatever you wish.”

After, they get their food Bella digs through her happy meal box.

“Oh my gosh, it’s Bo!”


“You know Bo!”

“Fraid you lost me.”

“The cute little girl from Monster’s Inc.”

She shows him the little girl in pigtails dressed as a purple monster.

“You seriously, need to get out more.”

He shrugs.

“She’s cute, just like you.”

Bella smiles and put the toy on his dashboard. She bites down on her burger, as Dick pops a fry in his mouth. He stops at a nearby park as they finish their food.

“That little girl looks like Bo!”

He narrows his eyes as they see a little girl run past.

“You’re right, she does.”


“Yes baby?”

“What exactly was said between you and Bruce?”

“Not now… This time is about you and I. We’ll discuss that later.”


“Bella, we both need this. We’ve left Gotham behind. That includes Bruce. Right now it’s just about us being Bella Swan and Dick Grayson. Not even Harley or Nightwing are invited.”

She nods, but with that look like, she’s done something wrong. Dick recognizes the look.

“Please stop… Don’t you even for a second, believe any of this to be your fault.”

She swallows back on her burger and nods. Dick curiously watches, as Bella grabs the toy and exits the car. She makes her way to the little girl and crouches down. A smile forms along his face as he sips at his soda. The little girl, has this huge grin on her face as Bella talks to her. She hands her the toy and pats her on the head. The little girl runs off, to her parents happily showing off her new toy. Bella’s smiling as she comes back to the car.

Dick takes in the biggest of breaths, feeling even more in love with her, than he ever deemed imaginable. Bella says nothing as she gets in and leans back finishing her fries. Without words Dick leans over and pecks her on the cheek. He finishes his food and starts the car. Bella turns on the radio as they head to Clark’s.

She’s belting out the words to Aerosmith’s Crazy. All these feelings washed over Dick. This was something heavy. Heavier than he’d ever felt… even with Kory. There was just something about Bella.

Peculiarly, he watches her face as they park in front of an apartment complex. She narrows her eyes.

“Wait, where’s Clark’s mansion?”

Dick smiles, but he says nothing.

Once they get out he walks her to an apartment upstairs. She continues to look upon him strangely as he knocks on the door. The door opens and there he stands that kind smile about him.

“About time you two arrived.” He steps aside.

“Come on in.”

Bella genuinely smiles as she enters. The walls were red brick inside the apartment. The floors a wooden oak and he’d maroon rugs about the floor. The furniture was a soft gray. Things were so much simpler and put together. It wasn’t terribly big, but not too small. It was a two bedroom apartment, one and half bath, complete opposite of Bruce and Ollie. She loved it.

“Awesome.” Bella says and Dick quietly chuckles.

“Glad you like. Make yourselves at home.”

Bella nods and sits on the couch looking around.

“So how was the drive?”

“Not so bad actually.”

Clark takes a seat in front of Bella on his gray recliner. Dick sits beside Bella. Clark notices the bruises Bella’s covered in and looks to Dick. They nod to one another in silence.

“Would either of you like something to drink?”

“I think we’re good.” Dick says looking to Bella.

“I’m good, thank you.”

“No problem.”

“This is so much cozier than Ollie’s place.” She says leaning back.

Dick has a good laugh at this.

“Ah, so you’ve been to visit?”

Bella shrugs.

“He’s rather interesting… to say the least.”

“Ollie decided to welcome his “guests” with an arrow.” Dick hints.

“Of course he did. Certainly, sounds like him.”

Clark narrows his eyes a bit.

“Her arm’s becoming infected.”

Bella rears back at this. She looked to see it was still wrapped.


Dick sighs.

“He can see things we can’t. Trust me if Clark says it’s infected, it is.”

“I got something that might do the trick.”

He exits the room.

“How’d he do that?!” She hisses.

Dick smiles.

“He’s got x-ray vision.”

“Shut up!”

“No, I’m serious.”


“I’ve also got great hearing.” He says entering the room with a grin.

Bella blushes a bit. Clark chuckles.

“Here this is actual heavy duty antibiotic cream.” He places a first aid box at her feet and crouches before her.

“May I?”
She looks to Dick as Clark points to her arm.

“I’d trust Clark with anything Bella.” He hints and she turns back with a nod.

Clark gently undoes her bandage. He doctors it up and puts some fresh gauze on it.

“Um, thanks.”

“Sure thing, why don’t you keep this.” He hands Dick the crème.

“I’d change it out at least three times a day.”

“Ok, thank you Clark.”

Clark nods and sits back down.

“How you holding up?” Clark directly asks Bella.

She swallows back on this.


He nods again.

“Sometimes, I’m ok others not so much. It’s like I can’t breathe and I fear I’m not fully awake yet.” Dick takes her hand as she says this.

Clark swallows back seeing the distress written all over her. It wasn’t just Bella. Dick he was afraid was about to snap any moment. He looked completely on edge. He noted the way his hands were balled up. The way his jaw clenched tightly. That and Clark could pick up both their heart patterns. Both had been pushed entirely too far. He leans back in thought. Dick had told him a little bit over the phone about what had taken place. He just didn’t know the entire story yet. He looked to the time and smiled.

Sure enough he hears her coming up the stairs. Yet, again she drops her keys and slightly curses under her breath. Dick laughs already knowing.

“Lois must be home.”

Clark smiles.

“Who?” Bella questions.

The door opens and this pretty brunette enters. She’s fumbling around not paying attention. She steps out of her black dress shoes. She takes off her black jacket and starts to unbutton her white blouse. Clark quickly clears his throat. Bella blushes a bit with a small giggle. Lois’s eyes widen as she turns around.

“Oh… well… hi!”

“Hi…” Bella says almost shyly.

“So we’ve got company.” She says with a smile, but cuts Clark and accusing glance.

“Remember I told you this morning?”

“This morning?”
He nods.

“This morning, as in when I was running 15 minutes late, and just before I ran out the door, I spilt coffee on my shirt? Was it during that?”

He shrugs, but rises and pecks her on the lips.

“How was your day Lois?”



“It wasn’t so bad.”

She nods and stands before Dick and Bella.

“You… I’ve met… the cute and more respectable friend of Clark’s.” Dick nods with a grin.

“How’ve you been Lois?”

“Good, actually and you?”
Dick just sighs.

“That good huh?”

Lois turns her attention to Bella.

“And you must be Bella. I’ve heard so much, yet have never had the honor.”

Bella comes to her feet and offers her hand. Lois genuinely smiles and takes it.

“Clark was right. You’re very pretty.”

“Funny, I was thinking the same thing about you.” Bella admits.

“Ugh, I’ve been slaving away at work. Don’t feel so pretty at the moment, but thank you.”

She turns back to Clark.

“How come they don’t have drinks?! And you didn’t lay out any snacks for them?”

Clark raises his brows.

“They didn’t want anything Lois.”

“Even so Clark you put it out just in case.”
Dick puts his arm around Bella’s shoulder. They both stifle their own laughter. Lois turns back with a smile.

“Well, can I get you two anything?”

Clark cuts them both an apologetic glare.

“We’re good Lois.” Dick says.

Clark’s eyes widen though as Lois cups Bella’s face into her hands.

“What on earth?” She questions softly.

“Lois…” Clark warns.

“Who the hell?” Lois says as if getting miffed.

Bella clears her throat and pulls away from her.

“Who did that!?”

“LOIS!” Clark grabs her arm and stuffs her into a chair.

“It’s ok Clark.” Bella says softly.

“I’m sorry Bella, I should have warned her beforehand.” Clark explains letting her know he hadn’t told Lois.

Lois looks to Dick.

“I hope you killed the sorry s.o.b that did this!”

Clark flinches at the look on Dick’s face.

“Lois, please come with me.”

She goes to argue and drags her into the bedroom. Dick and Bella hear the muffling sounds of them talking in the other room.

“So wife?”

Dick swallows back trying to concentrate.



“Lois means well Bella. Unfortunately, she wasn’t born with a filter.”

Bella smiles.

“I like her.” She says with a shrug.

Dick nods but still has that dubious look to him.

“Dick?” Bella says concerned.

“I’m ok baby.” He forces a smile and kisses her hand.

“You’re going to end up resenting me one day.”
Dick narrows his eyes and snaps a look her direction.

“Um what?!”

“Come on Dick… Isn’t it obvious?”

“Apparently, not, since I’ve not a clue what you’re referring to.”

“Since you’ve met me it’s been one thing after another.”

“You’re kidding me right?”

“No I’m not.”

“I’m Nightwing, in case you forgot…” He indicates.

“Yeah well, look at where you are now?”

“What, at my best friend’s apartment, with the love of my life?”

Bella bites her lower lip and looks down. Clark and Lois come out. Lois mouths the words “I’m sorry” to Dick. He nods. Lois sits in Clark’s lap and he runs a hand along her back.

Bella however, keeps her head down. The three of them catch the tears dropping onto her pants. Clark leans back at this and looks to Dick.

“I think I know what you need.”
Lois hands Bella a tissue.

“Thank you.” She utters softly taking in a gasping breath.

“Smallville.” Clark says with a smile.

“Smallville?” Dick rears back.

“Yes, those city lights can be blinding.”

Dick leans back in thought and turns to Bella.

“Actually, I think that’s a wonderful idea.”

Clark beams at this.

“I’ll call my mother. We can head out first thing in the morning. For now, you two are more than welcome to stay in the guest room.”

Dick looks upon Bella as she lies next to him. He caresses her cheek.

“What are you thinking about?”
She shrugs, but runs a hand along his chest.

“I think maybe I’m realizing something’s.”

“And what might that be?” He asks putting his arm around her and kissing her head.

“Just something’s about my past is all. It’s just funny how life tends to run its course. To be honest I never thought it possible to love again.”

Dick smiles.

“Yet, another thing we share. I too felt the same way for some time.”

Bella reaches over kissing his lips. Dick parts her lips with his tongue. She moans into his mouth as they start making out. His hands run along her hips and rear. His hand slips into her panties and he quickly yanks his hand back. The guilt washes over him.

“Bella, I’m sorry…” He shoots up.

“Are you ok?”
“You didn’t hurt me.”

“But I could have.”

“It’s starting to heal.” She says with a shrug.

He nods, but was angry with himself.

“I’d never want to hurt you.”

“Dick, you didn’t hurt me.”

She kisses his lips again and presses against his chest, laying him back down. Bella rest her head upon his chest.

“So what’s in Smallville?”

“It’s where Clark grew up Bella baby. He grew up on a farm.”

She beams at this and rises back up. She looks to Dick.

He grins.

“He sure did.”

“Huh, well that’s certainly different.”
She tucks her legs underneath her as she looks upon him.

“So what’s with him? Did he fall into a radioactive wasteland or something?”

Dick has a good laugh at this.

“Hmm, why don’t you ask him sometime?”

“You want me, to ask Clark how he got infected with super strength.”



“He’ll tell you, if you ask nice enough.”

“What’d you think I was going to do? Hold a gun to his head?”
“It wouldn’t matter even if you did.” Dick hints with a grin.

You wanted a piece of Joker? Was that it?!”

He undoes his pants.

You want me to fuck you Harley? Ha, ha, ha, ha, haaa!”

He thrust himself inside her and moans out.

Bella hurriedly crawls out of the bed and backs into a corner. She covers her face and rocks.

“Bella?” Dick questions as he gets up the next morning.

Bella’s side of the bed empty, he crouches over and sees her against the corner. Her knees are against her chest as she covers herself protectively. She’s however, sound asleep.

“Jesus…” He says softly and picks her up.

“Dick?” She groans tiredly.

He nods and places her down on the bed.

“Why were you on the floor baby?”

She shrugs.

Dick sighs checking her over.

“I’m ok really.”


“Where are you going?”

“I’ve got leads on this Dr. Carlisle Cullen. I’m going to find out for myself just what kind person he is. None of this sets right with me.”

“Just how do you plan to do that?”

“Even Bruce Wayne has a few tricks up his sleeves.”

Selena sighs.

“Just be careful Bruce.”

“I will.” He pecks her on the lips as he fixes his tie.

Bella gets out of the car and crouches down.

“Aw!” She squeals petting the golden retriever.

“You’re so cute.”

“I thought I was cute.” Dick remarks coming up behind her.

“Sorry you’re not covered in fur and walk on all fours.”

“IS that what you’re into?”

She grins, but shrugs. Dick places his keys into his pocket. The dog wags its tail and licks her cheek.


Dick chuckles and pats the dog on the head.

“Lay of my kool-aid.”

“You’re like disturbed you know that?”


Clark and Lois make their way over.


“Huh?” Bella questions.

“His name is Krypto. He seems fond of you.”

“Aw, well I like you too Krypto.”

She smiles and raises back up. She takes in the house, barn and land.

“So this is where you grew up?”

He smiles wrapping his arms around Lois’s waist as they take it in.

“Sure is.”

Martha steps out of the house and waves with a big smile on her face. Dick looks over and winks at Bella taking her hand. He leads her up to the house. Martha pecks Dick on the cheek.

“And who is this?” Martha says peering over at Bella.

“This is Bella Swan… my girl.”

Martha’s jaw rather drops.

“Well I’ll be…” Martha holds out her hand.

Bella couldn’t get over how pretty Martha was. Bella shakes her hand.

“A pleasure.” Bella says.


She looks over to Clark and Lois. She hugs them both.

“Please come on in.” Martha says and motions them inside.

Bella beams as she looks around.

“It’s beautiful.”

“Aw, well thank you Bella.” Martha says as Bella continues to look around.

The house somehow reminded her of her parents. Bella turns back around and reaches to her temples as she looks to Lois.

Lois rears back. Dick quickly takes her hand.

“She reminds me of Rose.” She says looking to Clark.

“I’d forgotten. I remember.”

She grits her teeth however and comes to her knees.


Martha narrows her eyes upon Clark. Clark takes in a breath and shakes his head.

“Dick…” Bella pleads as she puts a hand to her gut.

“It’s all coming back.”

Dick and Clark share the same troubled look. She completely bows over. Lois crouches beside her and runs a hand along her back.

“Who’s Rosalie?”

“She was the most beautiful of the Cullen’s. She…” Bella shuts her eyes and grits her teeth again.

Bella’s eyes open and Dick rears back, there was a mixture of green now in her mocha brown eyes. Her hands are balled up. Dick swiftly picks her up and takes her back outside.

Martha looks to Lois and Clark.

“What on earth?”

“She’s been through a great ordeal.” Clark says looking towards the front door.

“That poor girl, she was covered in bruises.”

Clark nods.

“Her memories are coming back, and it couldn’t be worse timing.” He says in thought.


“Mom, her own boyfriend had her locked away in some bin. She was just 17 she spent three years there. I saw the videos myself. It was disturbing to say the least. They tortured her! And now this… Dick’s beside himself. He doesn’t know what to do. I’m afraid they’re both in over their heads.”

Martha nods and Lois covers her mouth.

“Bella baby…”

She goes limp in his hold.


Dick lays her down in the grass..


He shakes her.

“BELLA! Come on baby wake up!”

Clark hears this and rushes out of the house. He appears crouching over her.

“Why won’t she wake up?”

Clark scans her.

“Clark?!” Dick says desperately.

“She’s ok. I think her body shut down, because there was just too much information trying to pass through. There was too much stress to handle.”


Bella questions as she’s being dragged away.


She screams on top of her lungs as she sees him talking to the officers. They cuff her and drag her towards the squad cars, the very men that worked with Charlie Swan, ones that claimed to be friends of her father’s.

NO! Edward you can’t do this! Not to her!” She overhears Alice as she runs up with Jasper.

Jasper grabs Edward by the collar shaking him. Bella continues to watch confused.



Edward narrows his eyes cutting Bella a glance. Jasper punches Edward in the face. Carlisle and Emmett drag him off Edward.

Carlisle…” Alice pleads looking towards Bella.

NOT AGAIN! Not Bella!”

Jasper son take Alice and go home.” Jasper gazes towards Bella with sympathy.

CARLISLE!” Jasper growls.

You can’t!”

NOW!” Jasper growls again, taking Alice’s hand.

What do you want us to do with her?” The officer asks Carlisle.

Take her to Seattle. We’ll figure it out from there.”

Bella’s shoved into the squad car.

I can’t believe she killed Charlie and Renee!” The cop says to his partner.

What? I didn’t kill my parents!” Bella says in a panic.

How! How could you say that!”

You’re sick Bella! That man loved you! What you did to Charlie!” The cop pinches the bridge of his nose and starts the car.


Jesus, kid you got some real damn issues.”

Bella’s eyes widen.

EDWARD!” She screams on top of her lungs.


She continued to scream for his and the other Cullen’s help. Soon they arrived in Seattle. She spent hours in a cell pacing around.

Carlisle!” She calls happy to see him.

She knew he could fix all this mess. She just knew he was here to help. Carlisle walked right past her. He talked to the cops that had arrested her. They all look towards her.

Carlisle please…”

He narrows his eyes. He turns back towards the men.

Later, the same men come and cuff her again. They drive her to the asylum. The images of Charlie, Renee’s and Jake’s death tormented her. She’d just lost everyone! All she had left was Edward and the Cullens. She prayed Laurent wouldn’t get to them as well. She prayed the wolves would keep them safe. She prayed they wouldn’t blame the Cullen’s for Jake’s death.

They drag her out of the car into the facility. There he was sitting there, but she never put the pieces together. Never in her wildest dreams did she ever…


He nods and rises from his seat.

How are you?”

Not good! Edward they’re trying to say I killed my parents! Why?”

Edward sighs and shakes his head.

Because you did…” He says as if ill.

What… what the fuck did you just say…”
“Bella, I saw it myself. You went off the deep end. You killed all three of them. I’m fucking human Edward! How the hell! What’s going on! This can’t be real! This isn’t! This is some jacked up dream right?”

Bella, this is for your own good. This is where you belong now. No one can hurt you here. Not even yourself.”

Edward! Please you know it was Victoria and Laurent!”

There’s no such thing… These things don’t exist.” He says with a wink and leans into her cheek kissing her.

I love you. I always will, but you’re sick Bella you need help.”

Tell them the truth Edward!”


Not that! But about Victoria, James and Laurent.” She shows him the bite as a reminder.

See this is how! This is how I know it’s all real!”

No Bella… it’s not! You did that to yourself.”

Bella’s eyes widen and she grits her teeth.

WHAT! IF THIS IS YOUR IDEA OF SOME SORT OF SICK JOKE EDWARD!” She hisses and shoves him away from her.

Edward you can’t let this happen. You can’t do this! Please!”

I can no longer help you. This is where we part. Goodbye Bella. They will take care of you now.”

She watches in disbelief as Edward signs some sort of papers at the desk. He nods towards the men and they drag Bella into a cell.

Bella gasps out. Everything she now and knew everything. She cries out with her back arched off the ground.

“He really did it!” She grabs Dick by the collar in a panic.

“Dick! He really did lock me away! He set me up! Alice knew what was to come! She tried to stop it! But he locked me away like I was nothing!”

Dick’s jaw clenches, so tight, Clark can hear his teeth grinding together.

“He even tried to convince me, that he was just human, that all the Cullen’s were. He locked me away to protect himself and his family. He let me take the blame for Laurent and Victoria!”

Dick closes his eyes and pulls her into his chest. Clark pats his shoulder and gives them their space.

“Is she alright?”

“No…” Clark says with a sigh and kisses the top of Lois’s head.

“Is there anything we can do?” Martha questions.

“All we can do be steady and allow them to recover. You and Dad taught me to be the mountain that can withstand any storm; we need to be strong for them. Give them support when they need it and some space when they don’t.”

Dick couldn’t even fathom a coherent thought or words. All he knew at the moment was to hold her. He also knew that to be a lie. How does he tell her that this is something he’s been doing? That she’s not the first victim to fall into his trap? This guy had some serious hero issues… It was like he got off on playing hero/lover to these girls, but once he was done he dropped them like mere trash.

Bella pulls back and wipes her eyes. She looks back to the house.

“I’m so sorry… I imagine they think I’m nuts!”

“That’s not true I can assure you.”

“How do they not.” She says shaking her head.

Krypto comes up and licks her hand. She smiles and crouches down.
“See you still got a fan.” Dick says forcing the smile on his face. You got hundreds of fans… He thinks to himself, but didn’t want to bring that up, not now.”

Krypto nudges his tennis ball towards her.

“Ah, you want to play?”

He wags his tail as she tosses the ball. He takes off after it. Dick wraps his arms around her waist.

Krypto returns with the ball. She pets him and tosses it again.

“Mr. Bruce Wayne wishes to see you.”

Carlisle narrows his eyes.

“Tell him I’m with a patient I’ll be there shortly.”

The nurse nods and pulls the door shut.

“He’s with a patient sir. He’ll be with you in a moment.”

Bruce nods and takes a seat. After, a few moments Dr. Cullen makes his way over.

“Mr. Wayne?”

Bruce comes to his feet. He offers his hand.

“Yes you must be Dr. Carlisle Cullen?”

The blonde haired vampire smiles, Bruce found himself slightly impressed. A vampire working along this close in proximity with humans? How does he manage it? Bruce notices the cold touch as they shake hands. He wasn’t like the vampires he’d faced before. No this ones eyes were golden brown, his skin cold to the touch, and a doctor?

“What brings you here today Mr. Wayne?”

“Actually, I’d wished to set up more private meeting if that could be arranged?”

“Mr. Wayne wishing a private meeting with me?”

“Yes that seems to be the case Dr. Cullen.”

Carlisle smiles.

“But of course… Perhaps, when I get off work.” Carlisle looks to the time.

“That would be here in about an hour.”

Carlisle clears his throat and takes out a card writing down his personal address.

“Until then.” Bruce shakes his hand again.

“Yes until then.”

Bruce takes it upon himself to investigate Bella’s old house. It was still vacant. It looked as though it had been for quite some time. He made his way about the house. He’d pick up pictures every now and then. The flashbacks hit as he picked up a picture of Bella as a child. She looked to be only about 12 maybe 13. He thought of Dick Grayson when he first took him in. Bruce took in a breath and made his way up the stairs. He made his way to the room decked out in purple. He could see nothing had been touched or moved since the devastation took place.

Bruce noticed a loose board amongst the floor as he walked about the room. He crouched down and lifted it up. He took out the box. He blew off the dust and opened it. Inside was a picture of the young vampire boy she was with. Some sort of CD and a few other things. He picked up the picture and unfolded it. He’d seen where she’d hidden herself to only see the boy. The very one that ripped her heart out. Bruce’s teeth grinded at this. He was beginning to see all this more like a father would. He knew Charlie was an officer. He could only imagine the fury that Charlie would have felt if he had known any of this was to become of his daughter.

He found a picture of the three of them, her parents and Bella. The guilt piled upon him. Dick was right. Bella was one of them. He pockets the picture in thought. He continues about the house a bit longer before he decides to head to the Cullen house. He was surprised to see that after all this time they’d returned to Forks. That’s why it was so easy to find him.

Bruce has his chauffer take him to the house. Carlisle happens to pull up just as he steps out of the car.

“Ah, perfect timing Mr. Wayne.”

Bruce smiles.

“It would seem so.”

“Please do come in.”

Carlisle opens the door and Bruce steps inside. He keeps in mind to keep his senses about him. He was in a vampire’s home now.
“Have a seat Mr. Wayne.”

Bruce narrowed his eyes as he looked around.

“Very nice place you have here Mr. Cullen.”

“Please call me Carlisle.”

Bruce wasn’t about to let this man call him Bruce. Not with everything he’d learned as of late. Instead, Bruce simply nods respectfully.
“So what do I owe the honor?”

“Actually Mr. Cullen, Something’s rather been drawn to my attention.”

Bruce takes out the file of all the girls Carlisle and Edward were personally responsible for. Carlisle narrows his eyes.

“You see this seems to be something that has my concern.” Bruce clears his throat playing “the game.”

“I do believe Dr. Cullen that someone has been forging your name.”

“Is that so?”

Bruce nods.

“As we both know it would be virtually impossible, for you to have been at these places, within the time frames, and of course the spread about different locations.”

Carlisle flips through the file.

“I can see that. Interesting…”

“Indeed, it is.”

Bruce turns however, as the front door opens. It takes total control for him not to react. It was the boy himself… He comes in. Immediately, the boy reacts to Bruce’s presence. He notices the look of warning Carlisle gives him.

“Edward, this is Mr. Bruce Wayne. He’s come all the way from Gotham just to visit.”

Edward’s eyes are black and he’s staring Bruce down. Edward rears back at something as he looks upon Bruce. He then looks to Carlisle a certain way. Bruce offers his hand. But Edward just stares and tilts his head. He breaks into a menacing smile and offers his hand.

“A pleasure.”

Bruce wasn’t sure what to make of this.

“I fear this concerns your son as well.”

Bruce returns to the files and taps on the other signature the one doing the committing.

“Mr. Wayne suggest that we have a forger on our hands son.”

Edward half chuckles and runs his fingers about his hair.

“He knows…” Edward says looking to Carlisle.

Carlisle rears back at this. Edward returns to Bruce with a threatening glare.

“But you see…” Edward taps a finger to his temple.

“So do I…”




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Because if a creative pandaowl will find the internet, why should the hyenacorn not share the skunk?


♫ fanfiction & creative writing by meekosan

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Fanfiction by Cuinawen

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This site is the cat’s pajamas

Addicted to Godric...Eric...Andre...(Sevrin)

Fanfiction & Etc. by Meridian (*psst* Bring coffee...)

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