Chapter 14 For The Love Of Bewbs!

Chapter 14

I do not own Marvel or Twilight. Please read and then review. A special thank you to Bertie Bott for the banners. That’s all her awesome hard work! Also thank you to Kittyinaz and Bertie Bott on all their help. You ladies got me back on my feet! Woo Hoo! Much better mood now. Just got 14 days of waiting for my laptop back! Fingers crossed…

He’s right Captain! If we flank to the left, they’re sure to see us!”


Fine, let’s head straight on. Duck behind that vehicle then go to your three o clock. Stay put from there until I give further orders!”

Yes sir Captain.”

Pulling girl soldier to the side as his other men take orders.

If we don’t make it through this, I want you to know I love you.”

Takes ring from pocket. (gasping)

Oh Captain! I… I don’t know what to say.”

Sound of grenade landing at their feet.


Loud gun firing and grenades explosions sound about the area.




Bella leans against the doorway and watches as her husband was playing with his action figures. One was a Captain America one and she saw the bucket of tiny green army men he was using his real gun against.

“Dammit Wade you’re putting holes all throughout the apartment. And you’re scaring Ryan!”

Bella picks up the dog as it was shaking all over and whimpering.

“She died!” Deadpool says as if all upset.

“Who died?”


“Um ok… Why don’t you try some of that super glue in the kitchen drawer?” Bella questions with raised eyebrows. The girl action figure’s arms and legs were broken.

“He won’t be the same without her. I can’t believe this happened! Poor Captain, there’s never a break for that guy! He didn’t even get to tap that yet! JESUS!”

Bella hands him the super glue. Deadpool puts the girl back together. He sits it down waiting for it to dry.

“I think we should pray.”


He nods and takes Bella’s hand. He lowers his head. Bella couldn’t help, but to start laughing. Deadpool looks to her as if offended.


“You’re not praying! Close your fucking eyes and pray with me!”

“I didn’t even think you believed in God to be honest Wade baby.”

“Of course I do! I’m the one that sends him most of his clients!”

“That’s so wrong.”

“Show some respect Stella babe! Close your eyes or I’ll have to punish you!”

Bella gets a mischievous look to her face.


Deadpool freezes for a moment.

“Wait… what just happened?”

“I don’t know Wade you tell me…”

He scratches the top of his head as Bella starts to walk away. He starts laughing to himself.

“She wants to be punished…” He undertones with a huge grin beneath that mask.

“Sorry Elsa, but duty calls!” He salutes his men and takes off.

Bella was on the mattress reading a book. She was lying on her tummy, in a pair of very short gray shorts and a matching tank top. He plops down beside her and pops her on the butt. He takes the book that was in her hand and tosses it across the room.

“Wade!” She scolds reaching out for her book.

He rolls her over on top of him and he starts spanking her ass. Bella laughs and tries to roll back off him. He wraps his arms around her holding her down. Deadpool reaches over to one of his nightstand drawers. He then pulls out a pair of furry black handcuffs. He decides to cuff her hands up over her head. Deadpool then takes himself out.

“Suck it baby.” He orders and places himself inside her mouth.

“Hmmm…” Watching her cuffed the way he had her and going down on him, had him all riled up.

He figured the perfect punishment was to get her overly hot and bothered. Where she couldn’t touch herself, to have her begging to be fucked. Only he’d make her pleasure him instead. He ached in her mouth as he felt her tongue doing it’s magic. As she sucked him off her thighs rubbed together.

“Is someone having some issues?” He taunts as he pulls out of her mouth.

She licks her lips clean. He lifts his mask freeing his lips. He lowered the straps to her tank top and licked her breasts. He squeezed them together and sucked on them. He spent a good amount of time just doing this. Once was done she heard him whisper.

“Hmm I love your bewbs.”

She gasps out as he starts rubbing his cock along them. Something he’d never done. He watched her reaction and knew it was turning her on. This made him twice as hard as he already was though. He soon realized punishing her was rather like punishing himself. He was ready to do some fucking, but kept up with the game. He crawled directly over her and started this very heavy making out session with kissing, licking, tiny nips here and there. He then stripped her down. Without warning he began to lap his tongue along her thighs, the folds of her sex, and her clit.

“Wade…” She started to beg lifting her hips off the mattress.

He ignored it continued. He took his entire tongue over and over to her sex.

“Please just fuck me already!” She was panting and squirming all over the mattress.

Still even through his own strenuous state he wanted to see how far he could take this. He found it a challenge now. He wanted to drive his wife so mad that the moment he finally started fucking her she’d have him drenched with never ending orgasms. He gave her one last really good deep lick. Deadpool then rose up and groped himself firmly. Bella felt him running his erected self against her slit. Grunts and moans left his mouth as he pulsed about.

He rose up and did this torturous thing of rubbing the tip of his dick right against her. She could feel the hot teasing warmth over and over.
“Wade please…”

He shook his head and continued. He moved himself about more vigorously and pressed it against her even harder. “Dammit!” She shouted losing her mind. He chuckled to himself. There was precum already dripping out he was so into it. Deadpool then placed himself inside, but only halfway. With a few little pumps here and there he pulled back out.

“I’m going to kill you!” Bella harshly whispered.

“Now that could be really kinky.” He uttered in longing.

She half laughs, but her body was in overdrive.

“Dammit Wade, I mean it!”

“So do I baby, oh so do I.” She screams out though as he says this. He drove his entire length within her. Just as he had hoped she came like a fountain.

Once he did this he didn’t stop. He pinned her already cuffed hands down.

“FUUUUUCKKK!” He growled giving her his all.

“I could…” (thrust) “Fuck you all…” (thrust) “Day and night!” (thrust) He announced behind the massive building he felt.

He gritted his teeth as it hit him full throttle. Deadpool came so hard he actually felt dizzy. The room spun on him as he gave his last few final strokes. Then pulled out and immediately started fingering her, his come mixed with her juices. He didn’t stop until he counted three more orgasms. His fingers were saturated and he breathed in the smell of sex about the room.

“Yeah, punishing you is awesome! You should get in trouble more often! Hell I'”

She softly laughs. He comes to his feet and fixes himself.

“Um Wade…”
He looks back seeing she was still handcuffed.

“It’s ok you can stay like that.”

“Wade… I can’t sleep like this and I need to go to the bathroom.”

“But you look so hot like that… And you’re like my personal love slave now. Which is really fucking hot Bella baby!”

She grins, but shakes her head.

“And what about school tomorrow Wade?”

“Pfft school is for losers. You don’t need that shit.”

“Must we go over this every time?”

He shrugs and walks away. Bella sighs and scoots herself back towards the nightstand where he grabbed the cuffs. She manages to find the key and free herself. Wade didn’t use fake cuffs or fake anything for that matter. Bella comes out and he sighs exasperatedly.

“Dammit…” He mutters as he steps into the shower.

She giggles and joins him in the shower.

“Wet bewbs!”

Deadpool takes off the shower nozzle and sprays her tits.

“So are you going to this school thing like everyday?”

He asks and places the nozzle back up.

“Until graduation yeah. Speaking of which I have to start staying an hour after school everyday.”

She laughs and shrugs her shoulders.

“To catch up and be able to graduate. Mrs. Proudstar offered to help get me caught up.”

“You’re not going to off her Wade Wilson.”

“Baby come on now… if you want this diploma so bad I have ways.”

“I want to earn it. Not have my crazy ass husband hold a gun to someone’s head in order for me to graduate. That’s not cool Wade.”

“Ugh why? Everyone knows you’re like a freaking genius. Why do you need a piece of paper to prove it?! OVERACHIEVER! I mean seriously are you going to hang in in the living room?”

“So you think I’m a genius?” She says batting her eyes about.

“Oh no you don’t. Stop that!”

“Stop what?” Bella questions all innocently.

“That cutesy girl thing! Trying to get your way and whatnot.”

“So you think I’m cute?!”


Bella dies in laughter as he covers his ears.

“Um Wade baby what are you doing?”
“Walking you to class.”

“But you’re loaded in weapons!”

“Exactly it’s time they know who the fuck your husband is! That way they know if they fuck with my baby they’re in for a long torturous slow demise!” He says sounding all chipper about it.

“So you’re going to scare the shit out of everyone to the point where they’re afraid to even talk to me?”

“Precisely… see babe you’re getting it. Finally, I couldn’t be prouder.”

He grabs her books and puts his arm around her.

“Ugh seriously?”

He stops her at the door.

“Or you could forget all this school nonsense and come home!”

They were already getting looks as students entered the classroom. They had to walk around the two of them to even get into the door.

“Aw, hell no…” Trish mouths as she walks by.

“You is so full of shit girl. Having your man coming to the school dressed like that merc guy. Unbelievable, the lengths you go to for attention. You’s is retarded or something isn’t you cracker?!”

Bella’s eyes widen and she gets a good hold on her husband.

“Who the fuck is this little loud mouthed thundercunt?!”

Bella covers her mouth in laughter, but clears her throat.

“Deadpool baby you gotta watch what you say.”
“Why? She’s getting on my fucking nerves?! Go on before I have to tell you twice and smack you around like a dead beat daddy would! Ya little shit! Run on now!”

A couple of the cheerleaders walk past and they look to Deadpool star struck.

“OH my God. Look…”

They stop in their tracks and strut right up to him. They do this annoying giggly schoolgirl laugh. Bella rolls her eyes as one of them reaches over and pokes at him as if to see if he was real. She then squealed and jumped up and down.

“Can I have your autograph?! PLEASE?!”

Bella could already imagine the vain grin he had beneath that mask of his. He does that annoying pose thing and nods. The girl hands him a magic marker. She then lifts her shirt. Bella’s jaw drops as he actually signs the curve of her breast beneath her bra.

“What the fuck?!”

Bella shoves the girl back.

“Hehe, bewbs!”

Bella cuts him a complete look of hell.

“Excuse me?!” She snaps at him.

“What she did it not me?!”

“You just totally signed her breast!”

He shrugs and hands the marker back.

“You’re such a jerk!”

“You should realllllly learn to chill out Bella babe. She just wanted some Deadpool luvin’.”

Bella rolls her eyes.

“Just go home!” She shouts at him.

“You’re mad?”

“YOU’RE GOD DAMN RIGHT I AM! You want me going around signing cocks?!”

“Now that’s just silly you honestly think there’s anything around here big enough to sign? You know that saying isn’t always true. I mean if so then I’m like half black at least!” Bella’s jaw drops in utter disbelief that her husband had said that.
“Are you trying to get me jumped again?!”

Every guy in the class cuts Deadpool a look. He gives them a thumbs up and nods.

“Relax they know I’m fucking around! We’re all cool!”

“This isn’t one of your games Deadpool!”

“I have a game?! SWEET! I bet it’s awesome!”

He takes off running down the hall. Bella sighs and starts to head into the classroom. She’s just about to sit down as he teleports back. He lifts his mask enough to kiss her and hikes up her leg as he does. Everyone in the class looks upon them in a state of shock. He then disappears again. Bella’s just about to sit down as he returns and stuffs her lunch money into her waist band like you would a stripper. He smacks her on the ass. On the way out he aims his gun at the teacher.

“You are going to make sure she’s ok right? I mean I got things to do so…”
“Deadpool!” Bella scolds and covers her face.

He sighs and places the gun back up.

“I was just playing babe! You know that!”

Alicia is dying in laughter along with her friends.

“LOVE YOU!” They hear him call out as he exits the classroom.

Bella couldn’t suppress the grin even though she was still rather had her feelings hurt.

“Girl you is crazy! Why didn’t you tell us your man was freaking Deadpool?!” Alicia questioned.

The rest of the day actually went great for Bella for once. With Clarence and his boys out of the picture she could finally breathe. Trish was also leaving her alone now. Bella figured she finally gathered he was real. Because she actually acted as though she feared Bella. She would immediately walk away once they were within the same area.

No one truly questioned Clarence and his sudden disappearance. Bella wasn’t sure what to think. Whether it was they feared to discuss it or merely didn’t want to. Deep down she wondered if they knew her husband had already taken matters into his own hands. Alicia and her group of friends began to ask Bella if she could get her husband’s autograph. That felt soooo incredibly weird to Bella. Hell, she didn’t even know the guy existed until he kidnapped her! But she shrugged figuring he’d just have a field day with it. She met up with Mrs. Proudstar after school and they began to work towards getting her credits up enough to graduate. Thankfully, it wasn’t that hard for Bella to start getting caught up she was whizzing right through her makeup work like a mere breeze.

Bella called her husband once she was done. After they got home, like usual she did her homework. Then fixed them some supper and did the dishes. She turned her attention back onto her husband.


“Yes pumpkinbutt?”

“Do you really just go around signing other women’s breasts?”

A bit of a nervous laugh escapes his mouth. He rubs the back of his neck.

“…eh… Supper was good babe. So what seasoning was that.”


“Just how much of this goes on?”

“You never asked me to stop.”

Her jaw drops and she makes her way over and slaps him.

“I can’t believe you!”

“OH come on babe. They asked for me to!”

“So just because they ask you to?! Jesus what happens when they ask for a good fucking?!”

“Well we’re going to have a SICK FRIDAY!”

A bullet whizzes right past his head. Bella stood before him gun in hand irately.

“Just kidding babe!” He says raising his hands in the air.

Bella puts her gun back up. She shakes her head and exits the apartment.

“Where you going babe.”
“GO fuck yourself!”

“But I would much rather fuck you.”
“Yeah that’s totally NOT happening you prick!”

She slams the door and storms off. Bella heads down the block. Her face was rosy red with anger and tears were streaming down her face.

“Hey… yah alright?”

Bella turned to see Logan stepping out of a bar. Humiliation now set in. She quickly looked away and wiped her eyes.

“I’m fine…” She says clearing her throat.

“Yah don’t look fine.”

“How about a beer?”

“I’m underage…” She reminds.

He shrugs and opens the bar door for her.

“Weren’t you just leaving?”

He doesn’t answer and pulls out a barstool for her. He lights a cigar and orders them both a beer.

“I’m guessing Wade?”

Bella sighs.

“Even I have my moments of not knowing exactly how to deal with him.” She admits as if looking ashamed by that.

“He just says whatever he feels. Which is one of the things I love about him… on the other hand. Sometimes my mental block isn’t always there. I let it get to me.”

“Thank GOD!” Logan says with a grin.


“You’re human after all. Nathan and I were beginning to wonder.”

Bella half laughs and takes her beer to the label.

“I haven’t a clue what happened or what he said of course. But as yah already know he doesn’t quite think like we do.”

Bella nods looking to the bar table.

“Let’s just say often enough he’s not housebroken.”

Logan cocks a brow.

“Surely he’s not pissing all over the walls like that god damn mutt of his.”

She laughs and shakes her head.

“No… it’s just some of the things he says and does.”

“Well you gotta give me something. What was it today?”

Her face turns red again and she finishes her beer. He orders her another round and a shot of tequila. She takes her shot and chases it with the beer.

“Shit…” She utters as her eyes water.

Logan has a good laugh.

“Easy there.”

Once she catches her breath, she finally answers.

“He autographed some cheerleader’s breast at school today. I mean she just lifted her shirt and he was literally gone!”
Logan sighs.

“That sure as hell sounds like him.”

“He played it off like it was no big deal. When I questioned him about it more privately at home. He made it sound as if this is something he’s been doing. So I asked what he’d do if they asked him to have sex with him instead of an autograph.”

“Ah, shit I don’t think I like where this is going.”

She laughs, but that of misery.

“Everything’s a big joke. Instead of taking me seriously. He made some sort of joke about it. Deep down I know he wouldn’t cheat on me. But still it’s like if a hot girl even so much as looks at him he goes completely dumb. It worries me sometimes about what all he does when I’m not there. Ugh now I feel like this naggy ass wife. I don’t want to be one of those. I don’t even want to think about going through his stuff and stalking him like some sort of crazy mad woman.”

“Eh, nothing about you even strikes me as the type. All I can tell you darlin’ is to remember what they call Wade. The Merc with a Mouth. He has zero control over what he says even on a good day, plus I’ve seen him with you. He will amp up a situation to fight with you because that’s how he flirts. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s up there right now wondering why you two aren’t having some angry sex.”

Bella is looking at Logan with a blush and wide eyed, “Oh crap.”

Logan chuckles.

“How about one more beer?”

Bella enters the apartment. Deadpool was laying in the middle of the floor with his action figures. He looked damn near sad he wasn’t doing anything just lying there. He had an action figure that looked exactly like Bella. It had a very short black skirt on and red bikini top. It was in his hand giving him the finger.

Bella covered her mouth in laughter. He rolled over facing her. Bella crouches down over him and grabs the action figure.

“Um, is this me?”

“Yeah…” He shrugs dismissively.

“I had it made and look…”

He takes out the action figure he had in some sort of cage looking entrapment. It was a Deadpool action figure.

“You have your own action figure?!”

“And comic book!”


He sighs.

“Nevermind no one ever gets that. Nor do they believe me.”

(Gratuitous fourth wall breaking…)

Deadpool: Dammit you can’t be talking about that! They don’t know!

Author: Know what exactly.

Deadpool: You know… that…”

Author: I’m afraid you’ve lost me.

Deadpool: Must you be so thick headed woman?!

Author: (Raising brows not impressed with the attitude)

Deadpool: They think I’m real (snickering)

Author: Um you are real

Deadpool: Aw, they’re so cute when they’re in denial (He says, but looking another direction as if talking to someone else.

Author: Um Deadpool hun…who are you talking to?

Deadpool: (chuckles softly) Oh no one crazy lady go back to typing.


Deadpool: (walks off mumbling something about merchandising rights)

Bella hands the figure back. Bella watches curiously as he starts playing with them again.

“You know I only want to suck on your bewbs babe.”
“Aw you really mean it?” He mocks in her voice. (With epic failure of course)

“Of course I do Stella baby.” He has the Deadpool action figure motorboat the Bella one.

“Num, nums!”

“Haha, oh Wade you’re so funny, brave and hawt!”

“I know… I know…”

Bella shakes her head trying not to laugh.

“Wade baby can I please suck on your monster size cock? PLEASE? It would make me feel so much better and I could finally forgive you. You know for being such an ass!”

He has the Deadpool one sigh.

“I guess. You know only if it would make you feel better.”

“Oh yes, yes it would!”

Bella rolls her eyes. He has the Bella one going down on the Deadpool one.

“Oh yeah baby there you go. Hmmm.”

“You’re so deranged.” The actual Bella utters.

“Aw, so are you!”

She laughs as he hops up.

Deadpool instantly wraps his arms around her waist. He throws off his mask and heatedly kisses her. He picks her up and places her on the dining room table. He pulls at her hair as he kisses along her shoulder and up along her neck using a lot of tongue as he does this.

Before Bella can truly think. He has them both stripped down. His teeth are gritted as he slams into her. He fucks her on the table and sucks and licks on her breasts. She feels the vibrations coming from his mouth as he grunts and moans.

As he comes back up Bella locks lips with him. Her nails dig into his back. He growls against her tongue and kisses her even eagerly. His grip on her becomes firmer. They both gasp for a breath once they break away from each other’s mouth. They both come to a climax simultaneously.

Bella got through another week of school, without any real issues. With no one really harassing her anymore she found it rather fun actually. She and Alicia were becoming pretty close friends. Bella called Charlie after school and checked in to see how things were going. It was Friday night so she and Deadpool ordered pizza and had beer for supper. Then they watched Pulp Fiction. One of Deadpool’s favorite movies. He could quote damn near every line and did.

Afterword Deadpool was setting up some sort of Playstation game with two remotes. He then patted the couch for her to come sit. She looked to him oddly as he handed her a remote.

“Um Wade baby I don’t know how to play these games.”

“I’m gonna teach you! You can learn a lot from video games. How to strategize, shoot, and fight!”

“You’re going to teach me about survival through a video game?”

“YEP!” He says assuredly.

“Call Of Duty?” Bella questions reading the title.

“Yep it’s awesome! And there’s sooo many of them. Never boring!”

Deadpool walked her through it. Within an hour or so she had the hang of it. However, he was about to learn something new about his wife. They’d been battling together against the computer so he could show her how it was done. He found himself impressed that she was picking it up so fast. When it came time to battle him though…?
“Dammit…” (Bella)

“SON OF A BITCH…” (Bella again)


Deadpool leaned back against the couch and looked to her puzzled. He sighed and tried one more battle against her.

“GOD DAMN IT WADE YOU’RE LIKE CHEATING OR SOMETHING! STOP IT!” She throws the remote across the room.

He softly chuckled to himself. Bella gets up in a huffy manner. She picks the remote back up and plops down on the couch.

“Um let’s try zombies or something now.” He goes to switch out the game.


He froze for a moment. Two things were going on in that head of his. One a huge ass boner from hell. Two fear… Bella was pissed the fuck off and she was a terrible competitor. She hated losing!

Halfway through the next battle, Bella starts growling under her breath. Slurs of never ending profanities streamed from those lips of hers. She lost yet again.


Deadpool immediately covered his mouth to keep from losing it. He was dying. Bella hopped up and paced around.



Deadpool: Awesome!

Author: What?

Deadpool: I love it when chicks suck my dick during video games.

Author: Where the hell did you get that? (Scrolls back on what she wrote)

Deadpool: She’s gonna… right?

Author: (Sighing) can you try to think of something besides sex?

Deadpool: WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY TO ME?! Them is fightin’ words!

Author: Idiot

Deadpool: Butch!

Author: Fem!

Deadpool: (some sort of timer goes off) Oh look my pies are done!

Four am rolls around and Deadpool finds himself having to pry the remote from his wife’s hand. She hadn’t won a single battle in anything they’d tried. She just kept coming close. She’d fallen asleep during her last attempt. He cuts off the game and TV. He then scoops her up and carries her to bed. Within a few hours the alarm goes off. Bella grouchily rolls over and yanks the alarm clock plug out from the wall she rolls back over and pulls the sheets over her head.

“Well good morning my little love muffin sleepy head!”

She grumbles under her breath. He wraps his arms around her and squeezes.

“Ugh you’re squishing me.”

“I know! Cause I love you babycakes!”

She laughs.

“I love you too.”

She goes to get up and get ready for school.

“Um whattcha doing?”

“Getting ready for school.”

“It’s Saturday…”

“Oh thank God.”

He chuckles as she rolls back over.

“Yep we get to spend all day fucking and sleeping!”

Which was exactly what they did…

Deadpool stretches out his arms and legs as his cellphone rings. The ringtone Toby Keith’s Red Solo Cup, his tone for Logan.

“You’re interrupting happy time…” Deadpool complains into the phone as he kisses along Bella’s shoulders.

She was still half out of it. It was 1 pm though they’d been in bed all day.

“I could use your help.”

“ME?!” Deadpool shoots up happily.
Logan sighs.

“Yeah you Wade. Look this is something to be taken serious too. So no fucking around.”

“So what’s the dealio?” Deadpool asks as he gives Bella one last peck on the neck.

He then hops up and starts to take a piss.

“Are you fucking peeing while you’re talking to me on the phone?”

Thirty seconds of silence goes by. Logan continues to hear him peeing. Only Deadpool says nothing until the sound of the toilet flushing is heard.


Logan grumbles under his breath.

“Look meet me at the Avengers headquarters.”

“Um they kicked my ass out last time remember. Those goodie tissue fuckers hate my ass.”

“Yeah well desperate times call for desperate measures.”

“Ok so what’s the scoop?”

“M.J and Pepper are missing. We got ourselves one pissed off Spiderman and Iron Man at the moment.”


“Dammit Wade enough of the interrogations. Just get your ass here. Oh and one more thing…”

“What’s that?”

“Be nicer to your wife dipshit!”


“Yah heard me bub. Even through that fucked up mind Wade Wilson. You know the difference between right and wrong. She’s a god damn good woman and you know it. Now don’t you dare fucking run her off by being a dumbass. She has feelings. So keep that in mind! I’ve always been straight with yah and I’m telling you now knock that shit off.”

“Well I’m glad you’re straight and all I don’t wanna see your fuzzy butt!”
“Dammit Wade I mean it! Look just get your ass here we’ll talk more about this later.”


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