I posted this on my FB author page a few days ago. Feel the need to post it here as well.

I’ve been asked if I’m finishing my unfinished works a handful of times since my newest stories. The answer is yes. I plan to finish ALL my unfinished works. That will be easier to get started on once the school year comes around and the kids are in school. The new stories were for close friends and my husband as they had birthdays and it was our anniversary. I understand you guys getting upset that a story hasn’t been finished or updated in sometime. But please do not attack me or send me threats over it. All that does is make me a little bitter about it. This is a free service and I have to write according to my muse and not force it. If I just write to write it will suck ass and I always put my 110 percent into my writing. So if I’m not feeling something at the moment I will take a break and go back to it when it’s there. I have been anxious to get back to A Webcatcher’s Dream, Chasing Images, Whistling Dixon, and Love Me Till It Hurts. So those will be coming up during the fall. Please note I am one person and not a robot and can only do so much at a time lolz. Thank you for your understanding. I will also be posting my contest piece for the Bertie Bott Superhero contest soon. As I’ve already written it just need an ending and to edit. I didn’t enter this year due to health complications. That one is an Erik/Bella pairing aka Young Magneto.