Chapter 37 Mirrors

Chapter 37

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Jax ran his hand along Bobby’s casket. He gave a simple nod and patted it like he would when he’d hug him. At the moment, he was without words. They were burying two brothers today. And even though Phil hadn’t become a full-fledged SAMCRO member yet, he was on his way. It was a sad irony as Jax had made plans to have him voted in. They were losing brothers left and right. Jax looked to the remaining ones and shook his head in thought. He lit up a cigarette and waited as Op, Chibs, Tig, and Happy said their goodbyes. He hated keeping it so short, but he knew they had to hurry and hit the road so to speak. He cringed every time he thought about what his wife and what she was possibly going through. The words I’m coming, baby ran through his mind over and over. The more time seemed to drag on the antsier he grew. He couldn’t bear to think of the what ifs. He did, it would drive him mad. He had to do his damnest to think positive. He knew his wife was tough as nails and that’s what he was counting on. He just needed her to hold tight, until he could get the boys up there. Tried as he might, he still couldn’t get ahold of Juice or Rose. So now he had concerns as to their whereabouts and wellbeing as well. But he had to focus on his wife at the moment. As he waited for the others, he glanced upon the area of Piney’s grave, followed by his father’s, Donna’s, and Thomas’s. He couldn’t help but to wonder who was next. Bobby and Phil were joining them. This cemetery was becoming a little too much like home. And that had him on edge. His skin crawled as the one question came to mind. What are you going to do when it’s not a brother? His wife, Abel, and his mother came to mind. He took a long drag and his stomach churned in thought. Jax knew if he didn’t do something and quick; there was a good possibility of one of them being next. There had been too many close calls as it was.

“Hey man… you alright? “

He nodded and Opie patted him on the back.

“You about ready to hit the road?”
“Oh yeah…”
Opie nodded in response and waved the others over. Jax finished his cigarette and flicked it about the ground. Opie put it out with his boot.

“She gonna be okay?” Jax questioned with concern as Lyla was sobbing away and Nero was comforting her.

Opie drew back a breath.

“If we come home empty handed… not so much.”

Jax gathered the hint and cringed in thought. That just wasn’t an option. Gemma made her way over, with Abel in her hold. He reached out to his father and Jax grabbed ahold of him. He kissed the top of his head.

“You go get mommy now?”

“Yes and remember what we talked about?”

Abel nodded. Jax thought back to when they showed Abel what SAMCRO was capable of. They did a bit of target practice and Happy had volunteered in letting Jax take him on in the ring. He kept the animal at bay, whilst letting his son know that he was fully capable of kicking ass. He knew Angel was going to ring his neck once she found out. He wasn’t so sure he would blame her either. His methods were somewhat barbaric. Yet he truly felt that’s what Abel needed. His son needed proof that his daddy and the rest of SAMCRO could take on the “monsters” and bring his mother back. They certainly achieved this as he now referred to SAMCRO as the “monster hunters”. On that same note, he let his son know that they were the ones that kept the residents of Charming safe. And they aimed to keep those monsters out of their city. But every once in a while they were tricky and would sneak right past SAMCRO and play hide and seek. And at times you hadn’t any idea who the monsters really were; ones such as Clay and Kozik – that wore masks and had everyone fooled. Jax thickly swallowed as Abel hugged him.

“I wuv you, daddy.”

This tugged at the man’s heartstrings. He hugged his son in return, finding it hard to let go.

“I love you too, little man.”

He handed him off to Gemma and kissed her cheek.

“You sure you’re up to this?”

His mother smiled. “Oh yeah. We’ve already made plans, haven’t we, sweetheart?”

Abel smiled and nodded. “I be good, daddy. Prowmess.”

“Good deal.” Jax nodded upon Nero and he nodded in return.

“We got it from here. You do what you gotta do, homes.”

Jax hugged him and stole one more glance upon Phil and Bobby’s coffins.
“I’ll stick around and make sure everything’s in order…” Nero offered.


“No prob.”

“Now stop your frettin’ and get going. We got it from here.” His mother further prompted.
The president sort of laughed, but couldn’t hide the apprehensive look on his face. He looked to the boys as they were getting on their bikes. Opie hugged his kids and kissed his wife goodbye. He tilted his head however as it looked like Opie and his son were arguing about something. Opie shook his head and Kenny rolled his eyes. Jax reared back as Kenny flipped him off and started to storm off.

“Oh shit…” Jax muttered as Opie hopped off his bike.

He rushed over and grabbed his son by the back of his shirt. He jerked him back and Kenny pivoted about decking the shit out of his old man. Gemma’s jaw dropped and everyone looked on in disbelief. Lyla had a hand over her mouth and went to intervene. Jax quickly stopped her afraid she’d wind up caught in the middle of it all. Jax managed to get there just in time to break Kenny’s fall as Opie shoved him back. He pointed upon his son.

“I’ve had just about enough of your SHIT!”

“The hell with you!” Kenny shouted back.

Opie rushed over and Jax quickly placed Kenny behind him. He put his hands up blocking the path.

“No, Op…”

“He needs a good ole fashion ass beating.”

Jax shook his head in disagreement.

“Just let me talk to him and see what’s going on.”
Opie laughed in mockery.

“Yeah, good luck with that… All he does is lock himself in his room all god damn day. He doesn’t talk to anyone!”

Jax nodded and wrapped an arm around Kenny. He shrugged out of his hold and pushed Jax away from him.

“Fuck you, man! Don’t even touch me!”

Jax raised his brows but respectfully took a step back.

“Watch yourself, son…” Opie warned.


“NOOO!” Jax yelled as Opie rushed past him and went to deck his son in return.

Jax gritted his teeth and snatched Opie back. He shoved him towards the boys and Jax grabbed Kenny by the collar of his shirt.

“I better not ever hear you talk to your old man like that again. You got me?!”

“The hell with you.”
“Nah, man… that’s not how we do things. I get that you’re angry. Hell we all are! And you’re scared, aren’t you?! You’re afraid… So rather than saying a proper goodbye, you wanna play it safe by giving your old man HELL before he leaves. Now I want you to think long and hard about that, son. Because if something where to happen and this right here was it… How would you honestly feel about that?”

Son? Do I look like one of your bastard children?”

“Kind of…” Jax said throwing the kid off his game.

Nero covered his mouth to keep from laughing out loud. Opie reared back with a what the fuck expression. And Kenny was at a loss for words. He hadn’t expected Jax’s response at all. Jax smiled and sent the boy with a wink.

“Wouldn’t that be something?” He taunted.

Kenny’s mouth flew open and Jax quickly blocked his attempt at hitting him. He grabbed Kenny and had his arm in a snapping position. He leaned into his ear as the boy whimpered out.

“Let’s have us a little man to man. Get to steppin’…”

Jax herded him towards his father’s tombstone.

“Talk to me…”

Kenny rolled his eyes once again.

“I might not be your old man, but I’m practically your fucking uncle. So show some god damn respect and knock off that childish feeling sorry for yourself bullshit! You think I don’t see past it. Hell… I’ve been there.” Jax motioned towards his father’s grave.

“At least you still have your old man.”

“Not for long…”

“Not if I have any say in it.”
“Oh so you have a say in who dies and doesn’t? Then why’d you let my mom and gramps die, asshole?!”

Jax nodded and looked to his father’s grave in thought.

“I get it man… Trust me. No one understands loss more than me. And all I’m trying to do is keep the ones I got left and that includes your father. I’ve known you since you were a baby… And I gotta say, you’re becoming more and more like your old man as time progresses.”

Kenny wrinkled his nose on this. Jax half laughed and sat on his father’s tombstone.

“And that there… is your mother. She always hated the club.”
“Yeah and she was right! Look at where it got her. Is that what you want for Abel? And what happens when that day comes? You gonna bring him a new mother? Let me guess a porn star or a stripper?”

Jax drew back a breath on this. He wanted to deck the boy for talking smack. But he saw past it all. It was a front and he was blowing smoke. It was obvious he was concerned for Angel as well as his old man. He hadn’t realized that Angel and Kenny were that close, but he could see it in the boy’s eyes.

“Man to man?” Jax questioned.

“Why not…”
“Okay then…” Jax said with a shrug.

“Chances are I’d never marry again.”

Kenny rolled his eyes and made a scoffing like sound.

“Roll your eyes all you want. But I can’t imagine feeling this way for anyone else. I’ve had my share of women and there is a big difference between love and lust and well just fucking in general. One day you’ll understand what it is I’m trying to say. There will always be women… a dime a dozen as they say. But there’s only one that just gets under your skin and I mean that in a good way. The one you can’t get off your mind, no matter what you do. You’re going to think about her in EVERY decision you make and at times it’s gonna piss you the fuck off… Others it will scare the shit out of you. You’re gonna want to run, because you realize just how fucked you truly are. And all because you know that you’re willing to do anything for that one person. No matter how crazy or fucked up it is. When you love someone that much, you don’t even question it. And that’s what I’m doing right now. I’m more than willing to look down the barrel of a gun and all in order to get her back. And that feeling right there, is the way I feel about my son as well. I’d die a thousand deaths before I let anyone hurt Abel.” He pointed to Op off in the distance.

“And that’s how he feels about you and Ellie and despite your feelings towards your stepmother. He’d die for her as well. And that’s why we do this. Hate the club all you want. It’s not for you and I can see that. And that’s just fine. Op and I would never put the burden on you or Abel. The club is about choices and building a better future. And the club itself is a choice. And I have told my son this very thing and I know Op would agree. All we care about is that you’re happy. Yeah back when things first started it was expected out of me and Op to follow our in father’s footsteps. But times have changed and that’s all up to you and Abel… We’ll support you guys either way.”

Kenny got this cocky grin about him.

“But I’m older… So chances are I’d be running things before Abel.”

Jax half laughed.

“That’s very true. But he might knock you right off that pedestal when his time comes. It’s all a waiting game. But all I ask is that you guys remember what it’s about. Don’t get cocky. And don’t ever turn on one another. For now… be a kid… Don’t even worry on things like this. Let your father and me handle it. It’s our burden, not yours. As to everything else, I’m gonna tell you what I told my son. You gotta have faith in me and your old man. We could use whatever support we can get. We need our family over here believing in us and rooting for us. No more negative vibes, buddy. That isn’t going to help anyone. You gotta think positive. One last thing and I truly hope you hear me out on this. If something was to happen to your father… Then you need to remember that he did all of this for you, Ellie, and Lyla. Just as I’m doing this for my wife and son. We want a better future for you guys, whether it’s with SAMCRO or not. We want Charming cleaned up and the club itself. No more dealing dirty. You wanted me to talk to you man to man and that’s what I’m giving you. So one day… I want you to think back on this conversation and remember… The club… it’s a choice, not an obligation.”

“And what about your wife? You know the one you got caught up into all this mix… I mean do you not see what I’m seeing? This is mom all over again. Only you have had an actual warning and still you did nothing! My mom didn’t even have that.”

“Angel knows the risks… And she has from the very beginning. And I’ve given her the out time and time again. She won’t take it and that there is her decision.”
“NO it isn’t, it’s yours! If you get her back, make her go! Tell her to leave Charming! She should take Abel with her!”

“Well Donna… I was wondering when you would visit again.” Jax mocked with a sigh.

“She was right and you know it. Mom told dad what would happen and he never listened. He forced this life on us and that’s what you’re doing to Abel and Angel! You speak of choices. But look around you Jax! How is this a choice? We’re all sucked in. We’re being dragged right along with you and every step of the way.”

“Is that what you want?”

Kenny narrowed his eyes with a puzzled look about him.

“I’m talking about Angel and Abel.”
Jax nodded and took a cigarette out from his vest. He lit it and took a drag before responding.

“I got that… But I’m talking about you, Kenny. What is it you want? Are you wanting out of Charming? Away from your father?”
“Of course not!”

“Well that’s certainly what it sounds like. You talk about Abel and Angel getting out of here but it sounds like you’re envious of the mere idea. Like you wish it were you packing your bags and for the long haul.”

Kenny regarded his father from a distance..

“I wish he would…”

Jax nodded in understanding.

“So you want the old man to pack it all up… Take you and Ellie and leave town?”

Kenny drew back a breath but had that same guilt ridden expression his mother used to have when she was dealing with Op and anything club related.

“Sometimes… Others I just wish he’d find the bastard that killed my mom, fuck him up and slit his throat when he’s done.”

Jax reared back with widened eyes.

“You sure you’re not SAMCRO material already?”

Kenny managed to smile and sort of laughed. Jax cleared his throat and looked to Tig. Even if he was the one that pulled the trigger; it was all Stahl and Clay’s doing, mainly that of Stahl. Jax came to a stand and leaned into the boy’s ear.

“I’m gonna tell you a little secret. And this had better stay between us…”

Kenny nodded.

“Your father took care of that motherfucker awhile back…”

The boy’s jaw dropped and Jax gave him a simple pat on the back before walking away. Jax knew damn well what he was doing. It was the same thing he did with Abel, only he’d a more forceful approach with Kenny. He wanted Kenny to know that his father sought revenge on his mother’s behalf.

Kenny needed to know what Opie Winston was capable of… knowing he would return.

“By the way… you ever pop your old man like that again and you won’t like me so much once I’m done with you… Now you best get to ass kissin’ and hug that son of a bitch before we go.”

Kenny had this oh shit look to him, but Jax kept on truckin’.

“Easy now…”

Angel narrowed her eyes and turned the direction of the voice. Galen was in a classic thinking pose and sitting in a chair, beside the bed.

“How are ye feeling?”

The young woman turned and stared at the ceiling. She sort of laughed and shook her head.

“I can’t believe we’re in fucking RUSSIA!”

The man raised his brows and lowered his hand.

“Aye, and how do ye know we’re in Russia?”
“Well I highly doubt we’re in Iceland and I know for certain we’re not in Ireland. You must have me pegged for an idiot!”

“I have ye pegged alright… But for something else, entirely.”

“Dare I ask?”

“Since when do ye need ta be dared, Mrs. Teller?”

She smiled in response and started to pull the covers off her. Her jaw dropped once she realized she hadn’t a stitch of clothing on.

“What the fuck?!”

Galen rolled his eyes.

“I have ye know I was a perfect gentleman. I only stole a glance or two.”

Her jaw dropped and she tossed a pillow at him, whilst doing her best to cover up. He dodged it and shook his head as if dealing with an unruly child.

“Ye were in the early stages of hypothermia. If I hadn’t taken matters into my own hands and removed yer clothes, we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now. Yer lucky ye didn’t end up with frostbite. What ye did was pretty foolish and ye put all my men at risk.”

“You truly think I give a damn about your men?”
“Ye should.”
“And why is that?”
“Because ye need their protection as well as mine.”

“I can’t believe you’re believing that b.s that came from Clay Morrow’s mouth.”

Galen tilted his head as he could make out the curve of her ass and a slight kitty shot. She gritted her teeth once she took notice and wrapped herself up like a burrito.

“Just admiring the art…” He murmured with a chuckle.

“I bet…”

He nodded and motioned his hand towards the bathroom.

“Perhaps a nice long shower is in order. I have yer clothes already laid out. Dinner will be ready shortly.”

“Dinner?” she questioned she rose.

He nodded once again as he was heading for the door.

“How is it dinner time?”

“Ye’ve been out for a couple days, at least.”


“Do get cleaned up and come down once yer done. Ye must be famished.”

“Did you stay in here the entire time?”

He said nothing and merely shrugged as he exited the room.

Angel ran a hand along her tummy as it was growling. She tilted her head in thought and gazed upon the door once again. She thought back to how Galen risked his own life, in order to save hers. Something she hadn’t truly expected. This rather demonic smile came over her as those gears of hers were turning. She chewed on that bottom lip for a few seconds. The young woman nodded upon herself and she threw those covers off. She trolled on out of the bed and dashed on towards the door. She didn’t bother in grabbing a robe or anything. Angel knew she had to take whatever measures necessary in order for Galen to buy this…

“Something’s wrong!” She called out with panic to her voice.

Galen was talking to one of the other kings. He reared back as she was in the buff and reaching to her stomach. He stopped what he was doing and rushed over.

“The baby… I can’t feel any movement!”

This had the Irishman in slight panic mode now. Without another thought, he scooped her up and hurried her back into the bedroom. He laid her down and retrieved a cellphone from his pocket. He paced the room eying her off and on as he had the phone to his ear.

“Please… I can’t lose my baby!” She cried.

He muttered something under his breath, but she couldn’t make out what it was. Once he got someone on the phone he started speaking awfully fast in Gaelic. Angel wished she had some sort of clue as to what he was saying. Nevertheless, he was frantic and the pacing never died down. After he finished his conversation, he hung up. He darted back over and went to put a hand to her stomach. Only she took him by surprise when she took him by the hand.

“I can’t lose this baby… I lost my daughter. This is my one chance at being a mother…” in that head of hers – she was apologizing to Abel over and over. She hadn’t meant a word of what she said. Abel was and would always be her son. But he had to get Galen’s attention somehow. He swallowed back rather hard and nodded. The man hadn’t any idea… Angel Teller was dealing some very nasty cards at the moment, but she didn’t give a fuck. The young woman had grown desperate and willing to deal dirty. She’d do whatever it took to get her and CJ out of this situation.

“The doctor is on his way… Could take a bit with the weather and all.”

She nodded, putting on her best display of waterworks. Galen sighed and hugged her close.

“Aye now… Everything’s gonna be just fine.”

The boys looked on in amazement as Chibs pointed out the cargo ship belonging to Angus Walsh.

“Damn…” Jax murmured, causing Chibs to chuckle.

He patted him on the back.

“I told ye it was big.”

“Chibs Telford…?” They turned towards the pretty voice.

Chibs raised his brows and did a double take before throwing his cigarette down. The tall auburn-haired woman before them had the most captivating green eyes the Irishman had ever seen. He was so mesmerized he couldn’t so much as blink.

“Aye…” he answered and Jax had a grin going ear to ear.

“Amanda MacNeill…” She offered her hand and Chibs gave it a decent shake.

“My father sent me to gather you and the boys.”

“Angus Walsh…”
“He has a daughter?!”

The woman smiled.

“Last time I checked, Mr. Telford.”

She cut Jax a wink and gave him the once over. Chibs waited until she was heading towards the ship to roll his eyes. But Jax caught it and was chuckling. He smacked him in the back of the head.

“Watch yerself, Jackie. I saw her first and yer married…”

“So are you…” Jax reminded.

Chibs sighed and shook his head.

“The moment she was willing ta play wife with someone else I considered our vows a bit of a void.”

“I thought she hadn’t a choice…” Jax sincerely put out there.

But there was something in the Irishman’s eyes. And that something had Jax stopping in his tracks.

“You’re not telling me something… What is it?”

Chibs motioned for the others to keep going as he and Jax lingered back.

“Fiona doesn’t want ta come back…”
“Wait… what?”

“I spoke with her just a couple days ago. She said something about how Jimmy wasn’t even in Ireland. So I asked her why she didn’t take her chance… She admitted she’s had several opportunities but just couldn’t do it. When I asked why… The woman tells me that it’d break poor fuckin’ Jimmy’s heart!”

“You’re fucking kidding me.”

Chibs shook his head, looking downright miserable.

“You think it’s still an act. That maybe she’s trying to protect you and your daughter?”
“That’s what I thought or hoped at first. But the more we talked, the more I realized she’s got the worst case of Stockholm syndrome I’ve ever heard. She went on to tell me how he takes good care of them. Dammit, Jackie… she told me she loved the bastard and vice versa! And the last time I saw the son of a bitch, he was threatening to fuck not only my daughter but Trager’s as well.” He whispered so that Tig couldn’t hear him.

“And I’m the one that suggested Fawn go up there. I don’t know what I was thinkin’. I can’t even keep my family’s act together, yet I offer him advice on what to do in order to keep his safe?”

“Why did you suggest that?”

Chibs sighed with a guilty mien to him.

“I knew no one would come sniffing around the IRA or anyone affiliated or Belfast in general. I figured if my daughter was safe… That his would be as well. Now I’m over here wonderin’ if Jimmy’s been pulling some sick shite. All I know is if I find out he has touched either of those girls. I will gut him and keep him alive while I’m doing it. I don’t care what Fiona has to say on it. That’s our fucking daughter and she’s lost her ever lovin’ mind to believe that Jimmy’s somehow changed and he’s not the same demented sack of shite he was all them years ago. I suppose she needs ta see my face again as a reminder.”

“Jesus Christ! Have you told Fiona what he said about the girls?”
“Aye and she fucking laughed and said it was just Jimmy’s way of trying to get under my skin. That he loves those girls went on about how he’d die before letting any harm come to them. He was just mouthing off in hopes that I’d stay away.”

“So what are you going to do?” Jax asked as they were nearly to the ship.

“First, we’re gonna get Angel back. Then I’m gonna get mine and Trager’s daughters back. Fuck the little wife. If she wants to snuggle up to O’ Phalen for the rest of her life, then so be it. But she’s not gonna have my daughter in the mix. Not when the son of a bitch is threatening her or Fawn for that matter.”
“I can’t believe she laughed it off!” Jax admitted.

“Ye should’ve heard her, Jackie… Damn woman sounded as if she were slightly deranged.”
“Sorry to hear that man… That’s gotta be rough.”

Chibs nodded and sort of laughed.

“Ye were right… whatcha said. If I had fought back… I wouldn’t be in this situation. But I didn’t, so here I am – fighting for a family that wants nothing ta do with me.”

Jax patted him on the back.

“We don’t know that for sure…”

Chibs shrugged as they were boarding the ship. Meanwhile Jax was thinking about his current situation. Wrong as it was he found himself thankful that he didn’t have to worry about that with his wife. Now he hadn’t any doubt that Angel would do whatever it took to stay alive and keep their daughter safe. But if Galen went as far as Jimmy had. He knew it would end in a blood bath and it would be at his wife’s hands, but as much ease as that seemed to put him at. There was that slight trace of fear behind it. He knew what could possibly happen if it came down to that. Even with her shield… the IRA itself was just too much to take on. There was no way she could do this on her own. He only hoped they got there before it came to that.

“Take my hand, child.”

Angel regarded Father Ashby in wonder.

“Let us pray…”

She fought the urge to roll her eyes. At the moment, she wanted nothing more than to sock the father a good one. Galen nodded upon her, encouragingly. She sighed but took his hand. Father Ashby bowed his head and began a prayer on the behalf of the infant and Angel. Once he finished, he crossed himself and kissed her hand, before letting go. He placed his rosary on the bed post. He sat beside her and began reading scriptures from the bible. This had her boiling on the inside. The nerve of this man… He truly believed he was doing God’s work. Apparently God supported the kidnapping of pregnant women if the cause was deemed worthy enough.

Angel had never felt so conflicted. She knew without a shadow of a doubt that she was here for Galen and the other three kings’ protection. Yet Galen was making it sound as if she was here because of Clay and some sort of vow he’d made. Galen had given her two different scenarios as to why she was here and only believed the one. If Galen was telling the truth behind Clay… That only meant that Clay had some sort of scheme going and before shit truly hit the fan between him and Angel. She wondered what it was. Why would he go about this the way he had? Wouldn’t he be more about making money off her? He could’ve just as easily sold her off to the IRA and why would he involve his own grandson? None of this made sense. And with him out of the picture… there was a good chance she’d never have the answers for that. All she knew was that Clay Morrow hated the very air she breathed. So why the fuck would he care about her wellbeing? Unless, there was money or something else involved… Whatever it was, it had to be to his benefit.

“May I speak with Galen, alone…” Angel questioned, interrupting Father Ashby’s little sermon.

He lifted his eyes upon Galen as if to ask his permission. Galen gave a simple nod and waved him off. Once he was out of the room, Angel turned to Galen.

“I need you to be perfectly honest with me…”
“I’ve been nothing but…”
She sort of sighed and pinched her eyes shut for a moment.

“What did Clay say to you exactly? I need to know word for word. And I also want to know why the sudden change of heart on your part? You were all about me protecting YOU and YOUR men. Now you’re stating otherwise. Nothing about this makes sense.”

“And which of those would ye like answered first?”

“The change of heart I suppose?”
Galen made his way over and sat beside her on the bed. He stared off into space, looking to be in thought.

“I wouldn’t call it so much as a change of heart. The simple fact is that we can benefit from one another. It’s more than obvious you need us and our protection and in return we could use yours. Think of it as a scratch our back we scratch yours type of deal. If you truly think about it… We were meant to be!”

“You wouldn’t know the first thing about that. In fact, you’re not that different from Clay. From the short time I’ve known you. I can see that you both put money and power above anything and everyone else.”

“If that were true then why did I bother in riskin’ my life in order to save yers?”

“Because I’m the only one that can feed that bottomless pit of yours. You think I don’t see it? Every time you look at me I can see those gears of yours turning and the dollar signs in your eyes.”

Galen smiled and shook his finger upon her like she was nothing more than a disobedient toddler.

“And that there is only proof that you don’t know me as well as ye think. There is more to it… As I’ve explained thus already.”

“You expect me to believe you’ve got some sort of genuine feelings for me? That what you did was some sort of heroic gesture, because you’ve managed to scrape some of the black off that cold dead heart of yours?”

She reared back at her own words. This had her thinking back to Edward Cullen. And it was then she realized there wasn’t a lot of difference between the two. Both had money and power… and because of that, both assumed they had rights to whatever they wished to claim, even that of a living being. The mere idea made her ill. She would never understand that mentality.

Galen narrowed his eyes and shrugged on this.

“I suppose it doesn’t matter… considering ye’ve done made up yer mind about me.”

She shook her head and ran her hand along her tummy, remembering to keep up the “ploy”.

“As to Clay Morrow…?”

He licked his lips and crossed his legs.

“He made it known that the wee lad and ye were in trouble. He feared the outcome if the two if ye remained in Charming. He knew his wife and stepson would never agree to his plans, so he kept them out it. I won’t lie… When he first revealed what ye were capable of. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on ye. I didn’t care much to have the responsibility of the boy but would do so out of respect for Clay. We’ve been partners and friends for some time. I listened ta everything Clay had to say and he showed genuine concern for his daughter-in-law to be and grandson. All he cared about was yer safety and too many were finding out yer secret. He knew if ye and the wee one were here that ye’d have our fullest protection. And ye be right on the money – when it came ta my original thoughts on the matter. But ye should know it was I that offered Clay the money in return for yer services as well. And ye should know he turned it down… And let me know I wasn’t ta use ye. However, I can be quite convincing…”

Angel swallowed back on this.

“That’s not true…”
“Aye… it is…”

A knot formed within the back of her throat. Could it really be true? Did Clay actually give a shit or had he truly played everyone?

“If all this is true, why did you leave his grandson behind?”

“The boy carries too much of his father. And that is not something I’m willing ta risk.”
Angel narrowed her eyes on this.

“And how would you know?”

Galen smiled and took her hand.

“I’ve my ways… And trust me. Ye and the infant within are better off. Ye can start over… Think of it as a clean slate.”

“Yer gonna have a hard enough time getting them bikes across, as is. If ye’d have let me know ye needed bikes I’d have rented ye some. Nothing we can do now; switch the god damn plates, Filip.”

Chibs shook his head as Angus left the area. Angus was a man that looked twice his age. He worked hard all his life and it took it’s toll on his body. So even though he was just shy of being fifty, he looked as though he were in his late sixties. Chibs didn’t comment on how he’d planned on switching the plates anyhow. You just didn’t argue with Angus. He’d talk your ear of if you even tried. The two went back a ways as to his shock on Angus having a daughter. He hadn’t mentioned it before. Then again, most of their dealings were of the business type. Chibs hadn’t been called by his real name in over a decade; not since his little encounter with Jimmy. After that everyone referred to him as “Chibs”. Hence the scars… It was a Scottish slang for stab. Something he’d hated at first, but it rather grew on him.

Chibs got to switching the plates on the tanker first. He couldn’t help but to overhear Angus’s daughter on the phone. She hadn’t any idea he was in the room…

“Look, I’m not going to keep doing this with you. I divorced you for a reason. One of those being so I don’t ever have to deal with you again.”

“Excuse me?!” she spat, causing Chibs to raise his brows.

“Um no, you don’t get to pull that manipulating guilt trip with me. You were the one running around! I gave and gave and you took and took! The only thing we should ever discuss is our daughter! That is the only tie to me you have.”

Chibs was having a bit of Deja Vu as he was hearing all this.

“Make one more threat and I swear to GOD you won’t ever see our daughter again. And you know I have my ways. I am done with this conversation. If you need anything else you can talk to my lawyer. “

The Irishman swallowed back after she hung up. The woman was cursing under her breath and pacing the room.

“Ye got one of them too, eh?”

The woman pivoted around looking slightly peeved.

“Were you eavesdropping?”
Chibs sort of shrugged and twirled his wrench about.

“Aye, but in my defense I was here first.”
She sighed with frustration.

“You wanna help?”
She reared back as he offered her an extra wrench.
“Help?” she questioned.

He motioned towards the license plates.

“Just need these switched out.”

She sort of smiled and shook her head.

“You want me to aid in your little outlaw adventure?”

Chibs chuckled and placed the wrench into her hand.

“If ye prefer to go back to arguing with the ex I’ll leave ye to it.”

She wrinkled her nose on this.

“That’s about what I thought. So let’s get ta work…”

“A little pushy aren’t we?”

He smiled but didn’t comment as she went to work on one of the bikes. He had accomplished what he wanted… and that was to take her mind off things for a bit. After all that was his way of dealing with things. Just keep busy and focus on it when need be.

“Lefty loosey… righty tighty…” He mocked teasingly.

She cut him a rueful glare.

“I know that!”

“Who said I was sayin’ it ta ye?” he retorted and looked to his wrench and the bolt he was working on with confusion.

The woman laughed and Chibs sent her a wink.

“So Amanda, right?”
“You’d be correct.”

“Hmmm… well this ought ta be an interestin’ 12 days or so.”

Nero pulled Gemma in his lap and kissed along her shoulders. He narrowed his eyes upon an old picture of Clay. He pointed to it.

“That the old man…?”
“Hmmm… I gotta say you stepped it up, mama.”

She rolled her eyes but softly laughed. Nero smiled.

“Just sayin’… So you ever gonna tell me the full story behind that?”

“If you can get me drunk enough. Too sober for that shit at the moment.”

He chuckled and nodded in understanding.

“I hear ya…”

“What about you? I mean… Your wife? How’d she die?”

“Let’s just say she got caught up in some of my old baggage. Like that of your son, I was in the midst of getting out of a deal. Only it came at a price… Thankfully, Lucius was in daycare that day. She was just about to head out to pick him up when these little punks broke into the house. I came home from work to find my wife had been raped and stabbed to death.”


Nero nodded.

“From that day on I made a vow to stay clean; at least when it came to the gang biz. I got my son to think about. That and well I’ve never quite forgiven myself. I did that to her.”

Gemma shook her head in disagreement.

“They did that to her… You can’t control what others do.”
“No… You’re right. But I can control the decisions I make and that plays a factor in the future. The boys didn’t take it so well. They kind of fell apart once I dropped out. Up to no good as usual. But I can’t play pops and keep going out my way to clean up their acts. They’re gonna do what they’re gonna do.”

“Sounds like the boys need their leader.”
Nero sort of laughed.

“Nah… They need something alright but not me…”

“How can you be so sure?”
“Just am… Like I said I got my son to think about.”

Gemma smiled and pecked him on the cheek.

“Ever think that maybe that’s why you need them in return?”

He reared back not sure what to say on that one.

“Everything seems fine. The infant has a steady heart rhythm and I don’t see any signs of trauma caused by this fall you mentioned.”

Galen nodded and drew back a breath of relief.

“And the young lady?”

“She’s still suffering a touch of hypothermia nothing too severe, but it should certainly be kept an eye on. I’ve given her something to help with that and if you just make certain she keeps as warm as possible and takes it easy… Her temp should rise back up.”

“I believe she just needed the reassurin’. Thank you, doctor.”

He nodded and Galen shook his hand. Just as he was to leave, Galen cleared his throat, gathering the doc’s attention.

“Maybe ye should stick around. The weather isn’t lookin’ so good. Besides, the young lady could use yer help.”

The doctor stopped in his tracks and slowly spun around.


“Aye… just for a next couple months or so…”

The doctor sort of laughed and shook his head.

“With all due respect, Mr. O’ Shay. I have other patients and a practice to run.”
Galen sighed.

“I was afraid you’d say something like that.”

The doctor reared back on the rather threatening pitch to O’ Shay’s voice.

“So I’m gonna give ye one last chance… Stay and I shall reward ye handsomely. Name yer price.”

“My apologies… but I simply cannot.”

Galen nodded and gestured towards a couple of his men.

“Allow me to be more convincin’…”

The doctor’s jaw dropped as his wife and son were dragged out from one of the rooms. Their mouths were duct taped and their arms and legs were bonded with cable ties.

“So as I was sayin’… We’re goin’ ta need ye ta stay…”

Bella gazed out the window. She was thinking about Jax and Abel, wondering what they were doing at this very moment. She flinched as Cj had her leg around the area of Angel’s ribs. She ran her hand along it doing her best to reposition the leg.

“Come on, CJ. That kind of smarts.”

She wiped the steam off one of the windows and was recalling one of Jax’s journal entries.

Every day is a new box. You open it and take a look at what’s inside. You’re the one that determines if it’s a gift or a coffin. (AN- Quote taken from SOA)

She nodded amongst herself. For reasons she didn’t quite understand, she heard this over and over in that head of hers and in her husband’s voice. A dark smile prevailed… “But what if the gift is a coffin…?”

Jax had a cigarette hanging from his mouth as he looked out to sea. As he thought about his wife, the ship seemed slow as fuck. He knew it was all in his head as Angus was going as fast as he possibly could. With the sheer amount of cargo they were carrying, they couldn’t afford to go any faster.

But no matter what he did, that anxiety feeling seemed to linger. The outlaw hankered for a bottle of whiskey, or anything to knock his ass out for the night. He just couldn’t sleep. His thoughts kept going to the same place – Where to start once they got to Ireland. Sure there was Belfast, but if she wasn’t there… It would be equivalent to searching for a needle in a haystack. All the more reason he needed to get ahold of the Sons charter in Belfast. From there, he could figure all this out and get help along the way.

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12 thoughts on “Chapter 37 Mirrors”

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