Chapter 4 Waking The Beast

Chapter 4

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Frank tosses his keys over once he and Bella get home. They lived in a small one bedroom apartment. Frank had talks of eventually moving into something bigger. For now Bella was content with what they had. She could care less about having a bigger place. The neighborhood wasn’t too bad and she’d see far worse apartments.

Bella cut on the lights and slipped out of her shoes. She knew first thing in the morning she’d have to start making funeral preparations for her father. She’d also see about getting ahold of Darcy and see what they were going to do for Jane. She leaned over her kitchen counter in thought.

Frank came up behind her and started to kiss along her shoulders. He had other things on his mind. However, for the first time ever. Bella wasn’t in the mood. She’d never turned him down before. All she could think about was how Jane and Charlie were no more. How badly she’d screwed up everyone’s lives. That and Steve naturally never left her thoughts.

“Frank…” She says softly.

He reaches around and gropes her breasts. He was hard as hell and anxious.

“God I want to fuck you so bad baby.”

He twirls her around and picks her up. He places her on the counter.

“Frank not right now…”

He half laughs. He takes off her shirt anyway.


He stops and looks to her bitterly.

“What’s with you?!”

She looks to him perplexed.
“I just lost my father and a good friend.”

He sighs.

“It happens Bella. We both know that especially in this field.”

She shuts her eyes for a moment. They fly open as he’s sucking on her breast.


She shoves him back a bit and hops down. She yanks her shirt out of his hand.

“What’s with you?!”

“Yes you! Honestly, how can you act so chill about this?!”

“Because, its our job baby it’s what we do. It’s time to move on!”

Her jaw drops. He sighs.

“Look I’m sorry Bella. I really am, but you’re a SHIELD agent. One of the best. Keep this up though and you’re going to grow weak. Just like that little stunt with the droid. You can’t pull that shit and you know that babe.”

She looks to the ground. Her monitor was peeking again. Frank sighs as though merely irritated.

“Look I’ll give you some space.”

“Space?” She questions.

He nods and grabs his keys.

“You’re leaving?!”

“I’ll see you tomorrow. Fury will be expecting you anyway.”
“Where are you going?”


“All night?”

He nods.

“It’ll give you some time to think.”

He pecks her on the lips and she follows him out. He hopped into his red and black Mustang.

“Frank…” She says feeling heartbroken that he’d leave at a time like this.

“Don’t leave… just… “

“It’s what you need. Clear your head. Put on one of those romantic comedies of yours.”

He peels out of the parking lot. Bella watches as he leaves. She then braces herself against a pillar of the parking lot. Her monitor wouldn’t stop. She took in a few breaths trying to slow it down. Bella went back into the house. She put her gun and knife up in the safe. She looked around the empty apartment. She noticed Frank had left his Playstation on. Bella cut on the TV and went to cut it off the way he’d taught her. He hated it when she just pressed the off button. He wanted it done manually. However, she goes to do this and half laughs. The porno he last watched he forgot to take out. It was some barely legal triple XXX feature. She tilted her head at the bouncing tits all over the place. She sighed and finished shutting it down.

“Could at least hide it better…” She muttered.

Bella went to the kitchen and poured herself some of Frank’s whiskey. She leaned against the kitchen counter just staring off into space. Bella then looked to her ring again. Her eyes skimmed across a picture of her and Frank. She suddenly felt alien in her own apartment. Bella downed the whiskey. She then grabbed the bottle and began to drink from it. She walked around the apartment in a daze. The urge to call Frank and see where the hell he was going at this time of night hit. Bella just wasn’t that kind of girlfriend though. She never was the kind to nag him to death or go through his personal stuff. Yet today she felt that need. She hated that feeling that wasn’t who she was. She just couldn’t believe how cold he’d acted. He’d pretty much told her to get over the fact her father and friend was no more. She was to act as though nothing happened.

Bella ran herself a bath then went on to bed.

“I knew I’d find you here.”

Thor nods and raises his mug. Steve sighs and sits beside him. It felt like forever since he’d been in this bar. He remembered this being Thor’s go to when he was down. It was a simple place not to big not to small. Just enough to be comfortable.

“So how’d it go?” Steve hinted.

“Not so well. That’s to be expected.”

Thor says staring straight ahead. He finishes his mug.

“On me…” Steve says as the bartender fills it up again.

“For whatever it’s worth; I truly am sorry.”

Thor nods again already downing his drink. Steve raises his brows and nods for the bartender to fill it back up.

“I keep going over the events myself. I too keep thinking. What if I had done something differently? Would she still be alive if I had Isa go into the bunker instead? Maybe we should have never moved them.” He sighs.

“But no matter how much I replay the events. It’s not going to change anything. What’s done is done. The look on her face…” Thor shakes his head.

“When I came out of that bunker; the way Isa was reaching out to them. It damn near broke my heart. She already looked as though she died. It wasn’t until I turned to see what it was she saw. That I understood why. We’ve never lost that many at one time. We’re to prevent these things from happening. And Isa…” He shakes his head.

Thor shuts his eyes for a moment.

“I thought we were going to lose her as well. She took that droid’s hand and put it to her heart. Isa wanted to die. I thought I was to lose my lover and my best friend all in one day!”

Steve’s heart sank to the pit of his stomach. She tried to kill herself?! He couldn’t even imagine; if that’s what he’d come home to instead. To come back and find out she’d died?

Thor leans back on his bar stool. He smiles and turns to Steve.

“You know it should be you don’t you?”

Steve looks to him puzzled.

“What should be me?”
“Ah, I think we both know what I’m talking about. He doesn’t deserve her, never has! You should know that wasn’t something she rushed into. She didn’t date anyone for two years. She had a lot of positive things to say about you though.”

Steve perked up at this. Thor softly chuckles even through his own heartache.

“You sure left quite an impression on her. There was something different about her. Every time she told her story of how she met the famous Captain America. Let’s see how’d she put it… She’d made an ass of herself when you first met?”

Steve looked to Thor confused.


Thor nodded.

“She told me of the fight that broke out the day you first came to visit the camp.”

Steve grinned in memory.

“Oh that… only I don’t see how she thought that. It was those idiot soldiers. One of the worst camps I’ve ever been to.”

“That’s what I tried to tell her; when she told me of her little adventure.”

“So she really talked about me?” Steve questioned feeling pretty stupid about now.

“I’ll just say this much… Why the hell were you gone for three years?”

“It wasn’t by choice believe me. Just one of those operations…” He hints not wishing to discuss it.

That in itself was a nightmare. Only he felt like he just walked right into another one.

“She’d kill me for telling you this. But I feel you need to know… She was waiting for you brother…”

Thor polishes off his drink and slams it down for another.

“Waiting for me?”

“Yeah she got drunk one night. I questioned her as to why she never dated anyone. I remember Clint had even asked her on a date a couple years back. She gently let him down. She admitted to me later that night. That she felt rather dumb. I asked her why. She said because, a small part of her hoped you’d return. Since she was working for SHIELD and you were now an Avenger and still SHIELD as well. Isa just knew she’d run into you again. She told me she had hoped there was some sort of feelings in return. However, she felt as though “Captain America had better options. Than some silly small town girl.” “

“What? She said that?!”

Thor nodded.

“You don’t seem to grasp just how high in regards Isa seems to hold you to. No one else even comes close.” He sighs in thought.

“Except Charlie…”

Steve takes in a deep breath. So many emotions tugged at him now. Part of him wanted to celebrate this. Considering this was how he’d felt about her after all these years. Not a day went by that he didn’t think about her. If anything she’s what drove him to fight harder! To try and get back fast as he could. He just never imagined it’d take him three years to do so. He also didn’t like the way Bella thought of herself. Didn’t he teach her better? Didn’t he make clear that they were equals? He was just a man. He by far was perfect. That was another thought. He turned back to Thor.

“And what do you make of the latest news.”
Thor looks to him lost.

“That’s right you weren’t even there to hear the latest news.”

“And what might that be?”

“Dr. Bruce Banner just made the announcement that he was her biological father.”

Thor’s eyes widen as he’s taken back. He froze for a moment.

“Yeah you look the way I felt when I first heard. Apparently, she doesn’t even know.”

He looks down to the table.

“I think we’re going to need more to drink.”

Steve nods in full agreement.

They both turn however, to a familiar voice. He was totally unaware they were even there. He walked right past them. His arm was around some other girl she barely looked as though she were out of high school. Steve found himself wondering if she were even legal age. He led the girl to a booth. They continued to look on as he order them both some drinks. The waitress walked away. Steve’s jaw clenched tightly. There was Agent Frank Nelson; with some blonde haired girl. He had her laid down in the booth and was making out with her.

He and Thor simultaneously leaped out of their bar stools. Thor yanked Frank out of the booth and dragged him outside. He held him up off the ground.

“Take your hit brother!”

Steve didn’t even argue it. He punched him right in the gut. He then yanked him out of Thor’s hold. He shoved him up against the building of the bar.

“You not only left her home alone! You’re screwing around on her?! Do you have any idea what you have?! DO YOU!” He slams him back furiously.

“Give me one good reason why you’re with her! If you even begin to tell me you love her. I’ll hit you again on principal! Why are you engaged TO MY GIRL?!”

“YOUR GIRL?!” Frank stupidly fires back.


Thor shakes his head knowing the guy was about to die.

“THAT’S RIGHT! YOU’RE MESSING WITH MY GIRL!” Steve shoves him back towards Thor.

“You better deal with him or I’ll KILL HIS SORRY ASS!”

Thor looked to Steve in disbelief. He’d never seen him so worked up. Tony pulls up not long after catching the tail end.

“So… Did I miss anything?!” He says all sprightly.

Bella freezes to the sound of a gun being cocked. She turns to see Colonel Fury at her bedside sitting in a chair. He was aiming his gun right at her.

“You know Agent Swan if you wanted to die so bad. Why didn’t you just say so?”

She takes in a breath and rolls over in the bed facing him. He shakes his head and uncocks the gun.

“Better yet… it was you that wanted the honors right?”

He hands her the gun.

“Safety’s off so you just go right on ahead. I must say such a shame. You WERE the best I had! But go on now. Get it over with.”

He comes to his feet.

“I’ll have the entire complex burned down. Personally, I prefer not to pick up the pieces of brain matter you may leave behind.”

Bella looks to the gun. She opens the chamber. She takes out all the bullets, but one. Fury narrows his eyes as he’s at her doorway. She rolls the chamber before snapping it back in place. She tosses him the remaining bullets. He catches them in the palm of his hand. She looks him directly in the eyes. She holds the gun to her head and fires. Fury’s still floored by what she’d done.

“Guess today’s not my day.” She says and tosses the gun over.

“Have you lost your motherfucking mind?”
She shrugs.

“That’s it! You’re apparently unstable! You need to get your head check examined! In fact from here on you’re suspended!”


“You heard me I didn’t motherfucking stutter. Agent Swan I want your badge and gun. You are hereby suspended from SHIELD until I give you word otherwise!”

“You can’t do that!”

“The fuck I can’t you best remember who you’re talking to Agent. Get your personal affairs in order. Get daddy’s funeral over with then you come back to me; when you get your head back in the game.”

She shakes her head upon him bitterly.

“Go on now. I want your gun and badge!”

Bella hops out of the bed and makes her way to her gun safe. She opens it and slams her gun and badge down.


“Watch it Agent!”

“Screw you FURY!”

He shakes his head and grabs her by the collar of her tank top.

“You do know who I am right?”

She nods.

“Then show some mother … fucking… respect!”
She stares him down with tears streaming down her face.

“You just took away the last thing I had! That was all I had left was SHIELD! What am I now Colonel?”

“I guess you’re about to find out. You’ll have plenty of time on your hands to do so. Now good day Swan!”

He exits the apartment and slams the door on the way out.

Bella shuts her eyes as the room spun around her. Frank finally walks in the door. He looks to her oddly.

“What’s with you?”

She doesn’t answer. She merely comes to her feet. Frank shrugs and heads to the answering machine. He presses play. A couple of new messages play out one from Fury naturally. Then one from Dr. Banner checking in to see how she was. Frank takes off his shirt.

“I’m gonna hit the shower babe.”

She saw he was all beat up, but for once she didn’t care to ask. Old messages continued to play as he forgot to hit stop.

Hey Bella it’s Jane I thought we could get a bite to eat later. I’ve got something incredible to show you!”

Bella’s body began to quiver. She’d taken off the heart monitor to bathe last night and forgot to put it back on.

Bells… its dad. Um… haven’t heard from ya in a while kiddo. I was hoping maybe I could come down and see you. Love you. Call me ok.”

Bella came to her feet. She rushed over and yanked the answering machine from the wall she tossed it across the room. Frank was in the hallway.

“Whoa babe… chillax!”

“Where were you last night?!”

He rears back.

“Since when do you ever ask me that?”


She takes a chair and tosses it across the room smashing it into his precious big screen TV and Playstation.

He half laughs.

“You don’t own me babe. I’m a free man. I come and go as I please.”

She nods and zips past him. She grabs his bags and starts to pack them with his things. She stuffs one into his hand.


He shakes his head.



He grits his teeth and pops her across the face. Bella’s head swings back from the impact. She slowly turns back to face him. His eyes suddenly widen.


She growls out. He hurriedly rushes out of the room. He heads to his gun safe. Bella felt odd as she paced down the hallway. Everything was blurry. She’d never felt so angry in her life. Her entire body felt as though it was boiling over. Everything was so loud! She covered her ears and came to her knees. The ground beneath her cracked as she landed. She looked down taking notice. Bella screamed on top of her lungs as she saw that she had green veins crawling up her legs! She watched in complete terror as her skin became green. She looked up to Frank in alarm. He looked upon her as if disgusted.


He shook his head and aimed something her direction.
“Help me!”

“Oh I am! I supposed I should have believed gramps!” He smarts and fires a tranquilizer at her.

She looks to her heart in shock.

“Frank?” She utters as she falls back.

“God damn it!” Fury swore as he fought amongst himself back at headquarters.

The guilt continued to rise within him. He knew that she was his top agent. She’d never once had a moment of weakness. This was the first he’d ever saw. He shook his head in thought. He looked upon his other agents.

“Where is Agent Nelson?” He questioned.

The agent he questioned shrugged. He sighed.

“Great, just motherfucking GREAT! I could give a damn if he ever showed his face again. It’s her we can’t lose!”

The other agents look to him oddly.

“Head back!”

“Colonel Fury?”
“You heard me! Head back! I might have to grovel, but I’m not leaving until I have her back!”

Once Fury made his way back to her apartment; he noticed the front door was wide open.

“What the?”

He made his way out of the cab and rushed into the place.

“Agent Swan?”

He saw the destruction about the place.

“What in the living hell happened here?”

He steps across the debris in the apartment. The entire place was a mess. His eyes widened as he saw the cracked wooden floor of the hallway. He walked around examining the entire place. He even noticed that Frank’s bags where half packed and scattered about the bedroom.

He called to the Avengers headquarters.

“Tony’s French Ticklers, you pick them we stick them!”

Fury continues to look around.

“Do you have my agent?”

“Um and which are we referring to now? The lovely Swan or the ugly duckling?”

“Now’s not the time Stark. Do you have my agent or not!”

“Hmm, nope fresh out of agents.”

“Why you ask?”

“Because she’s missing! I want to know where the fuck she is and I want to know right this minute!”

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  1. Thor should have killed him. Did Nelson really think someone wouldn’t tell her? He actually had the nerve to hit her? Ooooh he needs a hand or two broken among other things.

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