Chapter 10 Breaking The Curse

Chapter 10

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After work Happy escorts Bella to the door. She enters the passcode and steps inside. The place was dark and it looked as though Tony hadn’t come home yet.

“I guess Tony’s still in town.” She uttered and stepped a bit further out.

Happy turned on the lights giving the cue. Bella gasped out and jumped as people jumped out of their hiding areas and called out Happy Birthday. Balloons of all colors, confetti, and a banner that read Happy Birthday Wildcat had dropped down. Tony was in the middle of the room he’d been hiding behind the couch. Bella’s hand was over her heart.

“Jesus Christ!”

Happy laughed and patted her back. James Rhodes, Steve Rogers, Phil Coulson, Nick Fury, Natasha Romanoff, Angela Webber, Renee and Phil Barton, and her brother were there, amongst a few other friends from the industry. Everyone laughed at her reaction.

“You never were one for surprises. I tried to warn him.” Her mother stated.

Bella took in the deepest of breaths. She looked towards Tony with a hint of shock still about her face. Her mother and Phil walked over and hugged her.
“You didn’t tell me you had a new boyfriend.” Her mother whispered in her ear as she hugged her.
“Isn’t he a bit old?”

Renee sighed, but with a hint of a giggle.

“I suppose we can discuss this at a better time. Seems we have a lot of catching up to do. We had to learn about your life through the media.”

Bella lets out a nervous laugh.

“Um yeah, sorry, just been busy that’s all.”

“Apparently so.”

Clint and Angela make their way over and hug Bella as well.

“I can’t believe you came all this way…” Bella softly said to Angela.
Angela smiled.

“It was the one opportunity I had to see you, besides my flight was paid for in full.”

Bella reared back in wonder.


Angela smiled.

“Looks like you got yourself a keeper.”

Bella mingles a bit with everyone. Tony waits off to the side and merely watches. He watches as she eventually sneaks out of the house out onto the patio. When he walked outside she looked to be having some sort of anxiety attack.


She turned to him and shook her head.


“This is a bit much don’t you think? I mean…”
He shrugs.

“It’s just a party with a few of our friends. How’s that too much? The night’s far from over. You can’t hide out here all night.”

“I’m not hiding.”
“Sure you aren’t.”

“You don’t understand Tony… This… this just isn’t me. It’s not my thing…”

“What’s not your thing? Your friends celebrating your mere existence? Shouldn’t that be something to rejoice?”‘

She closes her eyes for a moment. Tony wraps his arms around her waist.

“Your birthday is something worth reveling, might as well get used to it Bella honey. You’re with me now.” He says as if that merely clarifies everything.

“Just relax, breathe, and let loose. ” He kisses her neck.

“Have fun…” He whispers in her ear.

“You do know what that is right?”

She shakes her head with a small grin.


“Hmm, then perhaps it’s time for me to show you Ms. Swan.”

He takes her hand and leads her back into the house. Music was already playing. The guests were talking and drinking. He led her to the bar. Tony slid a beer and whiskey shot over.

“Just don’t let ma and step pops catch ya.” He hinted keeping an eye out.

She laughed in thought and hurriedly downed the shot. He lifted his eyes towards the guests and slid her over a couple more shots. She polished off her beer and Tony nodded.

“That ought to take the edge off.” He said with a wink.

He had a few shots himself and they blended into the party from there. Tony did his best to make her at ease. This was where they were complete opposites. He thought it was ironic how in the office she was this pistol. In a social gathering pertaining to her? Bella had turned into this timid little kitten. The two couldn’t be more opposite in this field alone. Tony was shy by no means at any given event. Bella clung onto Tony’s arm as if for dear life. She felt embarrassed by her own reaction. Her mother took notice and took her and Tony by surprise. She handed her a drink and took her hand.

“I knew you’d react like this.”

Bella’s cheeks turned rosier than they already were.

“She’s been like this since she was a child.” She explains to Tony.
“Don’t take it personally; this started around the age of 6 or 7 I think.”

Tony raises his brows in disbelief.

“What six year old doesn’t want a birthday party?”

Renee shrugs.
“That’s what I always wondered. She would literally throw a fit every birthday we threw her since. It got to where Charlie and I had to find a way to sneak her gifts.”

Bella clears her throat. She knew damn well why she didn’t feel the need to celebrate her birthday. Her mother however hadn’t a clue as to the memory obviously. Bella downed the drink her mother gave her. She remembered her mother and father discussing their divorce the day before her birthday. The day of her actual birthday they spent the entire day ignoring one another and cutting each other the dirtiest of looks. It was that night Renee left Charlie, ever since Bella found her birthday something not worth celebrating. The only person in this entire world to know that…? Was Clint. In fact he’d overheard Renee and quickly caused a distraction and took Bella away from the situation. Tony looked on in misunderstanding as Renee continued to talk to him off and on about her daughter’s weird quirks. Tony took notice of Clint hugging Bella and she was covering her face. Tony swallowed back, he hadn’t a clue about anything when it came to this area, but he was determined to find out.

“Parents just tend not to remember things like that or assume we were too young to remember.” Clint utters as he continues to console her.

Bella reaches out and grabs another drink. Clint sighs and shakes his head. Tony leads Renee over towards Happy and introduces them. From there he discreetly heads over towards Clint and Bella.

“Sorry Bell.”

“Don’t, I’m fine really…”
“I should have warned him.”
“Don’t ok… I don’t want Tony to…”

Bella half laughs and winces.

“Bell’s not much for celebrating her birthday… because she feels as though it is a curse. Believe me, I’ve tried to convince her otherwise for years, but…”
“Clint…” Bella says in a pleading matter.

“He needs to know these things Bell…”

Clint looks towards Renee and Phil as they were off intermingling with other guests.

“Renee left Charlie the night of Bella’s sixth birthday. She hasn’t felt the desire to celebrate it since.”

Tony takes back a breath. He was starting to have de ja vu flashes off his last birthday. Onus washed over him. That was the one birthday he didn’t feel like celebrating himself. He felt his birthday to be not even worth celebrating. This wasn’t long after he’d returned. He felt responsible for all those lives. For what all took place. Like if he weren’t in existence those soldiers and innocents who lost their lives would have been!

“I don’t think Renee realizes that Bella recalls that night verbatim.

Tony nods and takes her hand. He leads her to the area intended for dancing for the night, making them the first ones dancing. He spins her around and gently brings her back against him. Bittersweet by Apocalyptica was what played while they danced. Others soon begin to join them on the dance floor. Bella noticed that her brother and Natasha were dancing as well. Steve was dancing with Angela.

I’m givin’ up the ghost of love
Endure shadows cast on devotion
She is the one that I adore
Queen of my silent suffocation

“Funny isn’t it?” She looks to him peculiarly as he twirls her around again.

“No one was willing to take that brave step to open the dance floor. All it took was one couple… One to give the ok, to make others feel as if it’s alright to take that step. I imagine some had been just merely waiting, since they arrived. Who knows if we hadn’t had taken that first step, if anyone here would’ve? Would it have been a dance less night?”

Break this bittersweet spell on me
Lost in the arms of destiny

I won’t give up I’m possessed by her
I’m bearing a cross
She’s turned into my curse

Tony paid more attention to the lyrics.

“Rather dark don’t you think?”
She looked to him jumbled.
“I grabbed this CD from your collection.”

Her eyes rather widen.

“You went through my CD’s?”
He nods with confidence.

“Well how else am I supposed to learn about your music preferance. Though I noticed anything by Debussy had massive cuts as though someone took a blade to it. Wanna explain that one?”
“Not particularly, no…”
“Hmmm, I was impressed to find ACDC, Aerosmith, The Eagles even… However I took it upon myself to add Metallica, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and amongst others I deemed worthy enough of your ears.

“It’s growing on me…” He confesses the more he listens to it.

Break this bittersweet spell on me
Lost in the arms of destiny

Bittersweet, I want you
I won’t let you go
And I need you
How I needed you

She looks around as even more people are dancing now.

“I guess we’d never know, because we’re the ones that took that move first. Sometimes that’s what it takes. There’s always someone that’s has to take the lead, to direct others to their post. I hadn’t any idea about the birthday issue Bella. Nevertheless, even if I had, I wouldn’t have changed anything. Your birthday is far from a curse. Things happen no matter what the day. It was just rotten timing on your parent’s part. I can somewhat understand where you’re coming from. There was a time I felt how you felt. Only it had nothing to do with anything happening on my actual birthday. It had more to do with my own guilt and shame on what took place in Afghanistan and other events. I found it hard to celebrate anything when it to myself. I know that’s extremely hard to believe.” He says with a genuine smile.

Don’t break this bittersweet spell on me
Lost in the arms of destiny
Break this bittersweet spell on me
Lost in the arms of destiny

He twirls her around once more.


“Needless to say, I made a drunken fool of myself and only caused myself true shame that night. If it wasn’t for my friend Rhoyde it could have been much worse, though I’m still not too happy with him about pilfering one of my inventions, makes it rather hard to trust anyone after an event like that. You see Bella, I had more of a reason than you. You did nothing wrong and nothing to cause this so called curse as you call it. You can’t punish yourself for the doing of others for years to come. You’re holding yourself back and you’ve been doing this since you were just a child.” He shakes his head in thought.

“That means ever since you’ve given yourself literal hell. Why?”

Bella sighs.

“Like I said these things happen. You have no control over it. So stop punishing yourself.”

Bella looks towards her mother.

“I still remember some of the things they said to each other.” She whispered.

Tony looked her in the eyes.

“My mom said something about how she felt Charlie and I were holding her back.” Tony frowned.
“She said that huh?”
Bella nodded.

“Let’s just say my mother and I have an awkward relationship. It seemed no matter what my father did, she was unhappy. Nothing was ever enough. She didn’t truly seem happy until she left him. She was content; however my father and I were miserable. Ironically enough, I never realized it until now. I wasn’t truly happy myself until I moved back in with Charlie. Only it had nothing to do with Edward like he thought. It was him. Like I’d finally had that time I’d missed out on. I mean sure I spent the summer with him, but it was never quite enough. By the time Charlie and I got to know each other all over again. My mother would be at the door ready to take me back across the damn country. I think Charlie understood me more than anyone ever had. We just got each other. My mother and I couldn’t be more different. Hell Clint and my mother get along better than we do. I just wish I had the chance to tell my father how I truly felt.

Tony nods in thought and glances towards her mother. She was dancing with Phil and laughing at something Steve was saying as he passed by them dancing with Angela.

“Sounds about like my old man and I. At times I felt my mother understood me more than my father. It wasn’t until recently I found myself understanding my father more than I ever thought I would. Still I don’t agree with half the things the son of a bitch did. Nonetheless, I have more of an understanding than I ever had before. Now… from here on… NO more cursed birthdays. There never was a curse to begin with. You my dear… Deserve the best… And I’m not just blowing smoke up your ass. That’s the damn truth. So no flipping out on me on what I’m about to do next. From now on your birthdays are to be nothing less than extravagant!” She looks to him in skepticism.

Tony grabs a couple glasses of champagne as a server walks by. He dings on one of the glasses with a fork. Bella’s eyes widen as everyone’s attention was now on them. Tony smiles and raises his glass. Everyone had a glass of champagne in their hand now. Tony clears his throat.

“It’s true what they say, love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning. Bella honey, you gave it meaning for me. I love you. Happy birthday.” He said as they all toasted to her.

Happy had snuck up behind her and blind folded her. Tony took her hands so she couldn’t take it off. They both carefully led her outside. Bella heard a few people gasp out and whispering around her. Tony took off the blind fold once he was ready. Before her was her brother holding a white birthday cake with red and gold icing like the Iron Man armor. It read Happy Birthday Bella and had sparkly candles lit. Behind him was the car Bella had wanted so bad, but lost when Whiplash and Victoria attacked, only instead of white with red interior. It was gold with red interior. An Iron Man bobble head was on the dashboard. Bella covered her mouth in shock and laughter.

“You might want to blow out your candles before your brother catches fire. I don’t believe any of our guests are firefighters.”

Bella elbowed him, but made her way over as everyone sang Happy Birthday to her. After she blew out her candles, Hells Bells began to play as Tony had hit a remote to the car. The headlights came on and the car roared to life.

“Well go on now Wildcat…” Tony nudged her towards the car.

She started to give him that it’s too much look again. He shook his head as if to mentally scold her. She took in a breath of defeat. Bella hugged the hell out of him and kissed him. Bella hopped inside and looked everything over with a true smile on her face. Happy patted Tony on the back.

“I think you choose wisely.”
“Which one now? Her or the car?”


“Couldn’t agree more.”

Bella ended up dancing with Happy, Steve, her brother and stepfather. Tony danced with Angela, Bella’s mother and Natasha. Before the end of the party she and Tony danced a few more times. Renee and Phil had to go not long after. People had started to fan out though by the end including Phil Coulson, Nick, and Happy. The ones that were left sat at a table Steve and Tony had set up. They spent the rest of the night drinking and talking. Angela caught Bella up on their old friends from school. Bella noticed that her brother and the red head she’d only met a handful of times were getting touchy feely the more they had to drink. She giggled to herself in thought. She could always tell her brother had it bad for the pretty red head. That and the more she talked to Natasha she thought they’d be good friends. She really liked Natasha. In fact they had made plans to start getting together over lunch or something. They also got to know Steve Rogers better and soon learned that the poor guy couldn’t really get drunk as to why he wasn’t drinking near as much as everyone else. He also opened up to the group about his past, even about Peggy and Bucky. Tony had pulled Bella into his lap as they continued to talk. Before long Angela had to head back. Steve offered her a ride back. Clint and Natasha left hand in hand. Tony and Bella soon realized they had the house to themselves and a big mess was left behind to clean up.
“Dummy’s going to be awfully busy in the morning.”

Bella laughed in thought. Only Tony still had one more thing up his sleeve.

“Come with me.” He said after a while of them sitting on the couch staring at the mess.

They made their way to the garage. Bella followed Tony all the way to the very end of the garage. Off the corner was something Tony had hell keeping from her. He’d been working on it whenever he could for months now. His own blood, sweat, and tears went into this. Tony pulled off the tarp and Bella froze. Tony turned to her.

“Everything you see here was done by these two hands. Well… Dummy helped a little…” He says with a shrug.

It was her old Chevy from Forks. It was candy apple red now and the faded stripes on the side of the truck were glossy white. The interior was all done in vanilla. The back window was what hit Bella the most. Engraved into the window and it was beautifully painted in white was Charlie’s badge. It read the department he was from Chief of Police and Charlie Swan. Clint had let Tony know that Charlie gave Bella that truck that he’d bought it from the Blacks. Bella clamped a hand over her mouth. She slowly walked towards the truck and ran her fingers along it. Tony opened the door for her. He helped her inside. Tony walked around and got on the other side. Bella was running her hands along the stirring wheel.

“…Tony…” She said and closed her eyes.

“Thank you…” She softly said.

Tony placed an arm around her as she leaned into the steering wheel. There was no controlling the tears. She couldn’t believe Tony had done this.

“This is the best gift I’ve ever received. ” Bella said sincerely.

Tony nodded.

“This was a little more personal as to why I chose to wait until it was just the two of us.”

“I love it. Everything actually…” She acknowledges surprising herself.

“Good, then that means I did my job right!”

Bella quietly laughs and lies down in Tony’s lap and stares at the ceiling of the truck.

“I hated this truck at first.” She confesses in recollection.


“When dad first showed it to me I remember thinking great I’m going to be the laughing stock of the school. It was beat up and made a horrible racket every time I started it.”

“Oh I can imagine. It certainly backfired when I first started it up. Dummy being well himself… was covered in soot because he decided it was a good idea to stand directly behind the muffler. You pretty much have a new engine now and everything’s in top notch.”

Bella smiled.

“It’s grown on me. Before long I found myself not wanting a new car. I was completely ok with this truck. In fact I’d get pissed if anyone made fun of it. I suppose we both just needed some sprucing up. I can’t believe you did all this.” She says in thought.

Tony intertwines his fingers with hers and kisses her hand.

“I believe it’s time to make up for all the lousy birthdays. And something tells me you hardly needed any sprucing up. You just needed to find your place in this world as we all do. You and your truck belong right here with me Wildcat. Face it you look good beside me and your truck makes my garage look even better than it already was!”

They decided to head on to bed and deal with the mess in the morning. Tony ran them a bath. After he got in he motioned for her to join him. She took off her clothes and climbed on in. Bella leaned back against his chest. It didn’t take long for them to get into a heated make out session. Tony fingered her beneath the water as she stroked his cock. He hardened in her hand. They continued to kiss and Tony felt he could easily get off just by this alone. He grabbed her and pulled her into his lap. Bella let out a moan as she maneuvered herself to where he slithered on in. Tony pulled at her hair eagerly as he rolled his tongue along hers. Her body rocked back and forth, water was going everywhere. Neither truly cared at the moment. His mouth attacked her breasts Tony began to feverishly suck on them.

She called out his name as he felt her coming all down his cock even through the bath water he could feel her release. It was so warm in inviting. He never wanted her to stop coming.

“FUCK!” Tony shouted feeling that peak coming on.

“That’s right Wildcat keep fucking coming DON’T STOP! I need to feel you.” He uttered behind gritted teeth.

“You feel so good Tony.” He felt himself growing even more solid. He couldn’t believe just how hard Bella could fucking make him.

One look at her tits bouncing away and her long brunette wet hair dangling over them, was enough to send him over the edge.

“Fuck I’m about to fill up that tight little pussy of yours.” He groaned and Bella felt the liquid heat escaping him and filling her to the brim.

“Where are we going?”

“You’ll see.” Tony shifted gears and turned into a cemetery road.

Once he got to the area. Tony pulled over and came to a stop. He helped Bella out of the car and began walking. They stopped at a couple of tombstones. Tony crouched down and placed down some pink carnations. Bella read the names on the tombstones, Maria Collins Stark and Howard Anthony Stark. Bella thought about the fact that Tony’s actual full name was Anthony Edward Stark. She didn’t dare mention the Edward part. She doubted he wanted that brought up as well.

“Carnations were my mother’s favorite.” He explains as he came back to a full stand.

“So Anthony is a family name?”

Tony nods.

“My friends as I got older began to call me Tony. It just stuck. If anyone called me Anthony now, I doubt I’d even think to look back.” He admits with a shrug.

Bella respectfully remained quiet from there. Afterword Tony took her to eat considering it was her actual birthday today. Halfway through their lunch, Bella looked to Tony out of concern.

“Is everything ok?”
He cut her an innocent look as he sipped at his drink.

“I mean… going to your parent’s graves. I mean… I’m honored you took me along, but I wasn’t sure if something was wrong.”

“Well, I found the girl I’m in love with. I figured it was time she met the parents.” Something he realized he’d never done not even with Pepper.

Bella smiled on this.

“Thank you, Tony.”

He nods and waves the waitress over as they were ready for the check. After they get back to the car, Tony looked to her in thought.

“Well you’re the birthday girl what is it you want to do today?”

Bella leans back with a hint of a mischievous grin.

“I’m not so sure I like that look.” He looks the time.

“We could take a quick trip back to London or Hawaii!”

Bella shakes her head, even though that did sound tempting. She wanted to see how Tony handled something a bit more normal. Something way out his range when it came to dating.

“What do you say to going to a movie?”


He wrinkles his nose.

“We could watch whatever movie you wanted in the comfort of our own home! Or we could go to a live play!” Bella shakes her head again.

“No I’m talking like a crowded theater with sweat, germs, mashed popcorn on the floor.”

“Are you sure London is not in the cards for you today?”
She nods.
“Do I actually have to tag along for this?”

Her jaw dropped and she hit him on the arm.
“You know how I feel about microorganisms and close proximities to our own species. Especially ones that tend to hang around these sorts of places.”
“Get over yourself Tony it’s just a two hour movie!”

“Two hours?!”

Bella laughs.

“Out of everything in this world to do you want to go to some dumpy crowded theater?!”
“It’s my birthday!”

He grumbles under his breath.
“You’re such a brat!” She fires.

He rolls his eyes and heads to one of the local theaters.

“I mean let me get this straight you were tortured and beat in Afghanistan. You were damn near starving to death and dying of dehydration. You went through literal hell and back just to get back home. But you cringe at the thought of facing a two hour movie verses the damn near three months you spent there?”

“In my defense it’s really crowded and Afghanistan smells better!”
“How would you know?!”
He shrugs.

“I just do.”

Tony continues to mutter under his breath as they get their tickets and head into the theater.

“So what is this old school week?” Tony asked in wonder as Bella had picked out some movie by the name of Chaplin.

She shrugs.

“So what was your appeal to this movie?”
“He sort of looks like you… You know if you were like 15 years younger or so.”

“I look nothing like this! This guy looks like a dweeb. And what’s with the Hitler stache? I’m way sexier than this Bella honey, come on now!”

“Haven’t you heard of Chaplin the film director?”
“Well sure I have. That doesn’t mean I want to pay to watch his life reenacted. You know that a lot of that is b.s. I mean how does this guy that’s playing him know all his mannerisms, the way he talked, carried himself, or the actual way he dealt with life situations? This is all merely speculation yet they call it a biography. This very well could be a work of fiction.”


“Shut up!”
He sighs and opens the theater door for her.

“I should have dressed down for this.” Tony bitches to himself looking to his suit.

Bella sighs. She stops him before he sits down. She takes off his jacket, tie and vest. She then unbuttons a couple of the top buttons to his white dress shirt. She tousles his hair around making it messier.

“There feel better?”


She shrugs and sits down.

“What’s with the hour long previews before even getting to the actual movie? Like only two of those damn things caught my interest everything else seemed terrible. I mean what a horrible way to market something?! By force! I mean if you want to see this movie then you must endure the hour of horrible movies we wish to advertise before getting to the crap movie you purchased.”

“Knock it off Tony.”

Tony suffers in silence until about thirty minutes into the movie. He leans into Bella’s ear.

“This guy keeps breathing on me.” He says as though he were tattle telling on the man sitting beside him.

Bella nods and discreetly looks over to see it was a large man slightly overweight.

“So was it heavy or…” She starts to pant and shows Tony examples of breathing.

“Or was it just like a hot breath like this…”

He finds himself laughing as she continues her examples of the man’s breathing. “It was more like the first one the heavy panting one.” He only said this so he could watch her breasts move with each breath she took. Once she realized what he was doing she rolled her eyes.


She shakes her head, but smiled and turned back towards the movie.

“Hey… now that should be us…” Tony points out to a young teenage couple making out.

“Aren’t you a little old for that?”

He shakes his head.

“That’s it your fired.”

“Huh… that make how many times now?”

“Not my fault. I can’t help it if you’re terrible at this.”

“Are you two going to talk the entire movie or what?!” The guy behind them barks.

Tony rolls his eyes with irritation. However once he turns around the man’s eyes widen.
“Whoa, aren’t you Tony Stark?”

And boom goes the dynamite. Bella giggled to herself as people began to rise and make their way over. Everyone wanted autographs. Tony raised his brows towards Bella.

“Somehow this is your entire fault.” He whispers as he signs away.

“Yes, it was all part of my evil plan.”
“Somehow I truly believe that.”

The young couple that was making out also made their way over. The young girl unbuttoned the first three buttons of her blouse, revealing a silk red bra. Bella shook her head in disbelief as she was hinting for Tony to sign her breast.

“Jesus Miranda!” Her boyfriend scolded.

Even Bella grew uncomfortable. Tony grabbed the girl’s hand instead and signed the back of her hand. She looked to him in disappointment.
“But I wanted to get your name tattooed there” She taps her boob.

“No woman should ever dismantle God’s wonderful work of art. That should go against the code.”
“Code? What code?” ”
“Mine… of course.” Everyone laughs and Bella sunk into her chair as the girl pressed her breasts together and giggled like a complete air head.

After they all settled down and took their seats again. Tony placed his arm around Bella and pecked her on the lips.

“Sorry…” He alleged softly.

“Don’t be…” She says with a shrug.

“Still this was your day.” He hints.

“That may be true, but I’m dating Tony Stark aka Iron Man, both very influential men. It’s to be expected. I didn’t enter this relationship blindly.” She clears her throat though.
“I will admit I was somewhat uncomfortable with the girl’s suggestive attitude. Then again its not the first I’ve seen with women throwing themselves at both men either.”

He lets out an apprehensive laugh.

“Honestly, for once I was on the same page, which felt rather odd. Is it weird it kind of pissed me off?” He wasn’t lying. For once in the entire existence of Tony Stark’s life, he didn’t enjoy that even a little. Something he’d never dreamed would happen. He loved women! Women of all ages and hair color! What was his deal? This confused him. Normally, he wouldn’t have even cared that the boyfriend was there. He would have found a reason to cup her breast and sign away taking his time so he could practically feel her up. He knew damn well what it was though. He looked to Bella in thought and shook his head. She was what entered his mind the moment the woman pulled that. It wasn’t the first time either. There had been times Bella wasn’t even around since they started dating. Women would throw themselves at him and he realized every time without fail. He thought of Bella.
Bella quietly laughs and rests against his shoulder. Tony kissed the top of her head, towards the end of the movie. Bella threw Tony off completely she climbed into his lap and zealously kissed him. He bucked off the seat somewhat. He was standing at direct attention now. He felt he’d pop right out of his slacks. Not even caring who witnessed their behavior Tony moved her about him having her grind against his lap. Bella gently scrapped her teeth along his earlobe and came to a stand the credits began to roll and he just sat there rock hard as Bella made her way out of the theater. He smiled, but shook his head realizing she was totally fucking with him. He headed on out once he talked the beast below down. She was already leaning against his car out in the parking garage. Her arms were folded about her chest.

“Something wrong?” She questioned playfully.


“Oh well, ok then.”

He opened the door for her and he popped her on the ass as she climbed in. Tony then took her to play miniature golf.

“I saw that.”

“Saw what?”

He’d turned just in time to see her scoot the blue golf ball into the hole with her foot.

“Bella honey, sweetie, angel… quit cheating!”

“I’d never!”

“We’re in America Tony.” She reminds.


“And come on you’re way ahead of me. I can’t play golf for shit.”
“I can see that. However that doesn’t give you the means to cheat.”

She nods as he takes his turn. Yet again when it comes her time. Bella putts the ball and when it circles the hole, but doesn’t make it’s way in she swiftly took the back of her foot and “accidently” knocked it in.


Tony nodded. He threw down his club and grabbed her flipping her over his shoulder.


He carries her to the car and tosses her in.

“Where are we going? I thought you wanted to putt putt.”
“I did, but you suck at it.”
“Gee thanks!”

“Hey I’m just agreeing with you.”

Tony pulls up to the house. Once they’re inside he heads into the bedroom and puts on his swimsuit.

“You do know how to swim right?”

She rolls her eyes and nods. Tony nods in return and heads on outside. Bella went and got on her blue bikini. She grabbed them a couple of towels and some sunscreen. She put on her shades and joined Tony. He was kicked back on one of the white lounging chairs. He immediately lowered his shades and gawked as she made her way over.

“Holy shit…” He whispered to himself.
His red and black swim trunks suddenly felt very constricted. She leaned over and was placing the towels and sunscreen down. Tony couldn’t help himself. He reached over and ran his hand along her bikini bottoms. He licked his lips in thought. Bella’s breath was taken away as he positioned her over his chair. He pulled her bikini to the side and took his tongue to her sex. His moans vibrated against her pussy. He took his tongue as deep as he could possibly get it. Tony literally made out with her pussy as though he would when he was kissing her. As he did this he fondled himself beneath his swim trunks. Bella started this grinding thing against his mouth and he was off in oblivion it was such a turn on he felt completely lost. He made himself stop feeling as though he were about to come. He fixed her bikini and came to a stand. Tony scooped her up and took her to the pool. Where they continued their little rendezvous… Bella undid his swim trunks and freed him. Tony raised her up and once again pulled her suit to the side. The warmth hit them both as he slide his dick into her slit. From there he got a good hold on her little waist and slammed her persistently against him. He pulled out before he came. They both watched as he released into the pool. Bella raised her brows and Tony wiggled his.

“I can honestly say that’s the first time I ever marked my own pool.”

Bella carefully removed herself and took off under the water. Tony watched as she did a few laps around the pool. Once he collected himself from the hot sex they just had he joined her.

“So what are your plans today?” Tony questioned as they woke the next morning.

Bella snuggled up against him.

“Actually, Natasha and I were going to hang out today. Gives me a chance to try out my new car and get to know her. You know since you insist on driving everywhere we go.”
“I had no problem taking your car.”
“Yeah if you drove it!”

He chuckles.

“Rules are rules… The man always drives.”

“Don’t be a chauvinist pig Tony.”
“Nonsense, I’m all for equal rights. It’s just a proven fact that I’m above all others… But everyone else is created equal.” Bella punches him in the chest.

“You can be so nauseating at times!”

“Yet you can’t wait to get into my pants!”
Bella sighs.

“I swear Tony if your ego got any bigger I’d be scrapping up brain matter from the ceiling.”

Bella hits the shower and gets ready. She stepped out in an black and white Aerosmith shirt, blue jeans, and her black converse. For some odd reason Tony always found this look incredibly sexy. Her hair was down and she slipped on some hoop earrings.

“And what are going to do today?”

“Hmmm bitch out Jarvis, kick dummy around, hopefully finish the new suit I’ve been hammering away at.”

Bella nods and grabs her purse.

“Just don’t work too hard. It wouldn’t kill you to go hang out with one of the guys you know.”
Tony nods, but doesn’t comment. He was still suffering with his own trust issues. At the moment Bella was his lifeline. That’s all he could truly count on. He knew it was time he forgave Rhoyde, he just wasn’t sure how. What happens when he’s given direct orders again? Will he continue to stab Tony in the back? The only reason he even trusted Bella is because time and time again she kept proving herself. He pinched the bridge of his nose in thought.

“Um hey…”

Bella turned back towards him as she was grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge.

“There’s something you should know.”
He cleared his throat and waved her over. He told her about how the court proceedings went about how little of a punishment Potts received. Tony hated every second of it, but he also told her about how Pepper came on to him with one last desperate attempt to rekindle their relationship. Bella winced a bit with a frown, but nodded. To his surprise she took it like a champ. Something he wasn’t so sure he could or would’ve done if the circumstances were the other way around. Bella didn’t comment, she merely leaned over and cupped his chin and kissed him.

“Thank you for telling me.”

He nodded and ran his hand along the seam of her jeans. Bella said nothing about how pissed she was that Pepper got away with what she had. She could see the suffering in Tony’s eyes and didn’t want to add to it.

“I love you…” She said and kissed him once more before she headed towards the door.

“I love you too Bella honey you two go out and have a good time.”

She nods and Tony walks her out to the car. He snaps a picture on his phone as she drove away. He set it as his wallpaper and headed inside. He still couldn’t get over how different he felt around her. Tony had never expected in a million years to feel this way about anyone. He now knew the difference. He thought he loved Pepper part of him even truly did. However… they had nowhere near the heat or chemistry that he and Bella had. He found himself thinking about Bella more than he ever had Pepper and even respecting Bella more than he had her. He couldn’t get over how odd this truly felt, but it was a good feeling. Tony headed into the garage and started his usual tinkering.

Bella picked Natasha up from her apartment. She’d routed the directions into the google map on her phone. She knew she’d have to get to know Malibu soon enough. She couldn’t always count on Tony or Happy. It did feel weird for her to be driving however. Natasha was already stepping out of her apartment when Bella pulled up. She was wearing a white blouse and black slacks. A bit dressier than that of Bella, but then again Bella remembered this woman always dressed to kill. Bella had to dress that way on a daily basis working for Stark so she was content in her blue jeans and Converse for a change.

“Oh I get the pleasure in riding in your new baby!”

“Awesome!” Natasha hopped on in and pulled her hair back.

Bella put the car back into drive and they headed on into town. They went to the mall and got a few clothes. That was more Natasha’s thing than Bella’s. Bella got a couple bags of clothes and shoes, but nowhere near what Natasha got. She hit a few book stores while Natasha finished up her own shopping. They both stopped by one of the ice cream shops before leaving the mall. They looked over to see they were having some sort of pet adoption thing going on. Bella laughed in thought. Nastasha bit into her pistachio ice cream and lifted her eyes towards Bella.

“What’s the impish look about?”

“I should totally give Tony a heart attack and bring home a pet… He did mention something about a dog.”

Natasha laughed in thought.

“With his OCD?”
Bella wiped her mouth clean as she finished her cookies and cream ice cream.

“So you and my brother…” Bella hinted.

Natasha sighed, but grinned.
“He warned me you’d say something.”
Bella giggled.

“Well you two seemed awfully chummy at the party.”
Natasha nods.

“He’s being difficult. Like your brother he has these morals, which makes no sense we’re both in the same field of work. It’s like this on again off again thing between us. Now don’t get me wrong I’m crazy about him. But at times it doesn’t feel that way in return. He’s always got some sort of excuse as to why we shouldn’t take things to the next level. He doesn’t seem to realize that I’m not willing to wait around for forever.”

Bella nods in understanding.

“That most certainly sounds like my pain in the ass brother. All I can say is that he really does like you. I’ve never seen my brother look at anyone the way he does you. You got him smitten. If he’d only get his head out of his ass.”

Natasha laughs.

“You know Steve asked me out not long ago. We were on a mission… I almost agreed.” Natasha confesses looking guilty.

Bella frowns.

“Steve’s a nice guy and all…but…”


“He’s not my brother.” Bella teases.

They both laugh.

“I’ll actually agree there. Still I just don’t want to play these games with your brother. Either he’s in this or not.”

“Then tell him that. Let him know you’re not going to keep waiting around. Make have a reason to step it up. If he realizes he’s about to lose you for good and that there is a chance you might start dating someone else …”

Natasha nods looking to be in thought about Bella’s advice.

“With my brother you have to be rather forceful and make your point.”

They both talk about Clint and Tony some more and other aspects in their lives. Their phones simultaneously ring once they’re in the car.

“Hey Tony…”
“How’s it going?”

“Good we just had ice cream and I bought a puppy. I thought we could name him Dummy two or Jarvis Junior.”

“That’s great Bella honey.”

She narrowed her eyes wondering if he even heard her.

“Look duty calls. I’m not sure when I’ll be back. So just keep in mind to watch your back while I’m gone ok. I’ve left something’s for you in the garage just in case such problems shall arise.”

“Is everything ok?”

“Hmmm not really. I don’t really have time to explain nor do I understand everything myself yet. When I have more of an inkling you’ll be first to know.”

“Oh and Bella?”


” Can you at least try not to allow any supernatural beings into the house, mainly of the vampire variety? If you could do that that’d be great!”

Bella laughs a little.

“Alright boss…”

“Oh, I think I like that.” He says as he was getting into his Iron Man suit.

“Now let’s try master…”
“Don’t push your luck Tony.”

He sighs as if truly disappointed.

“So much to learn, alright Wildcat. I’ll see you when I see you. Keep the porch light on…”

“Will do.”
“Love you.”
“Love you too Tony.”

After she hung up, she looked towards Natasha. Her face was damn near ghost like and she looked as though she’d vomit at any given moment.

“Something wrong?”

Natasha merely blinked a few times. She swallowed hard the turned towards Bella.

“Have you ever heard of a Dr. Bruce Banner?”

Bella simply shrugged as she pulled onto the highway.

“Well… let’s just say he’s got some issues and… when he gets pressed too far over the edge he becomes this enraged monstrous figure.”

Bella narrowed her eyes in though. She vaguely remembered seeing something in Tony’s files once about some guy they called Hulk. But there were no pictures just a bunch of notes as if the man had been merely observed from afar.

“They don’t by chance refer to this man as the Hulk? Do they?”

Natasha took in a deep breath.
“That’d be him.”
“Oh wow! So he is real! Awesome!”

Natasha looked to Bella as if she were clinically insane.

“I read up some on his history. Poor guy, yet at the same time. You gotta admit it’s rather intriguing. “

“If you say so.”
“So what’s got you so worked up about this guy?”
“I’ve been chosen to go get him.”

Bella starts laughing as if Natasha were joking. She flinched and leaned back.

“Oh man you’re not joking are you?”

She nods looking ill.

“I’ve been on many missions, but this one takes the cake.”
“Why don’t they send out one of the other guys or have someone go along with you?”
“Everyone’s busy with this other matter. Apparently, an even bigger war than what I’m about to deal with is breaking out. As to the reason they need this Dr. Banner. Apparently, they think he can help us.”

Natasha nods.

“And just where is this guy?”

“Calcutta, India Fury made clear I’m to find a way there at once. He’s already got a few S.H.I.E.L.D members waiting.”
“Wait are you saying you’re expected to talk the big guy down and into coming along? Wasn’t he freaking banned from America.”
Natasha raised her brows in disbelief.
“I believe you do your homework.”

Bella shrugs.

“Tony had a lot of research on this guy. Once I began reading, it was hard to put it down.”
“You seem to know more about him than I do.”

Bella smiles and looks to Natasha.

“I should go with you!”

Natasha starts laughing.

“Um no.”
“But… I could help!”

“Bella hun, don’t get me wrong you’re awesome and totally kick ass. However, this is something up the field of an agent. Not an assistant.”

“Oh please. I think we both know I’m more than just some assistant! We’ll take Tony’s jet.”
“You haven’t a clue what you’re getting yourself into! This guy has some major anger issues.”

Bella nods.

“Sounds fun.”

“Are you insane?!”

“Look at who I work for and whom I’m willingly dating?! OF COURSE I AM!”

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  1. awww Bella got Tony to go to the movies. Glad he told her about what pepper did at court. hmmm her going with Natasha. Don’t think Clint or Tony is going to be happy about that.

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