Chapter 3 Hormones and Vision Issues

Chapter 3

Bella couldn’t get out of the building fast enough. Once the bell rang for the end of the day she hopped on her board and headed straight home. She wasn’t in the mood to take the bus; to sit there and watch Clark suck face with Lana Lang? Yeah – she’d pass, thanks, she thought to herself.

She makes her way to the half-pipe John had made them a few years ago. Aunt Martha was avidly against it. However, Bella and Clark begged until their ears damn near bled from the constant pleas. Clark and Bella had watched professional skating once on TV and became instantly hooked. They wanted to try it for themselves. That’s about when they started to discover some more of Clark’s “abilities”.

Bella always felt bad for him. Every time he learned something new about what he could do, it freaked him out. Still does at times, but things seemed to have rather died down. Of course, she then thinks about Lex and the car and shudders.

John would have freaked. Honestly, even she was fearful of what it all meant. Yeah, the things Clark could do were cool as hell but they all feared the day it may be discovered. How would people react? What would happen to Clark? She couldn’t bear the mere idea. The way this world is they’d only use and abuse Clark. They’d run some sort of damn experiments on him and turn him into their puppet. However, Bella thinks of Clark’s strength and grins. There wasn’t a man alive that could take Clark Kent down.

She takes in a breath, picking up more speed. Her head was killing her as it pounded away. She gritted her teeth and completed a manual before coming back up, lost in thought.

Martha had always hoped Clark and Bella would see one another as brother and sister. She was always trying to make little hints and suggestions, but there was just no way. Bella could never see Clark that way. If anything, he was her best friend. However, lately things were, well a bit awkward to say the least. All the more reason Bella could never see Clark as a brother. Such instances like when he’s got his shirt off and roaming about the house like some sort of freaking god… Bella rears back at her own thoughts. What is wrong with her? Jesus Bella!

Bella finally picked up the air she needed. After two years… Bella finally pulled off what Clark learned within the span of an hour. She grabbed the bottom of her board pulling off the perfect flip. Bringing her board back down as she shoots her legs out while landing. Bella throws her hands in the air in a silent victory. She turns, however, when hearing someone clapping. Bella comes to a stop and steps off her board.

He gives her that smile. The one that makes her feel all girlie and tingly. Only Clark had that way about her. He was the only one that could bring out that side of her. Bella took in a breath and took off her headphones.

“Nicely done,” he says as if genuinely impressed.

Bella shrugs. “Thanks, it only took me two years.”

“Come on, Bell; don’t be so hard on yourself.”

That was another thing. Only Clark called her that. He was the only one allowed to. Clark takes his board out from his backpack. Bella started back on her board. Clark shows off by spinning back and forth around her as Bella goes about the pipe.

“Clark!” she shrieks and he chuckles.

But her attention goes to the delivery van that just pulled in.

“Looks like your dad got your mom some flowers.”

He turns that direction. They both shrug on this and continue skating. Bella attempts the move again with success. Clark high-fives her as she makes her way back down. They turn to see Uncle John making his way over. He’s got a dozen red roses in his hand and he looks to her oddly.

“They say they’re for you.”

Bella nearly falls off her board.

“What the hell?”

“Bella…” Jonathon warns and Clark laughs, but looks just as baffled as she does.

Bella kicks her board out from under her and Clark catches it. Taking the roses in the white vase from John, she opens the envelope.

Just a small token… Lex Luthor.

She takes in a breath and shakes her head. Bella walks over to the dumpster and tosses the flowers inside.

“Who were they from?” Jonathon questions as Bella heads inside, completely annoyed.

Bella acted as if she couldn’t hear him. She wanted to upchuck.

Heading to her room, she does her homework then came down to help Martha with supper.

Bella stuffs a carrot into her mouth while setting the table. Peering out the window, she sees Jonathon and Clark. They looked to be arguing. Clark throws his hands in the air and storms off. Jonathon’s pointing at him, yelling something. Clark ignores him. Bella quickly make herself look busy when she hears the door open and finishes munching on her carrot.

Clark heads to the fridge and grabs a bottle of water. Jonathon enters next and slams the door. She jumps and looks to Clark wide-eyed.

Jonathon turns to her and fairly shouts, “You’re not to date Lex Luthor!”

Bella looks to him in shock. Um, what? And ew! she finds herself thinking.

“Dad!” Clark says as if in disbelief himself.

“First of all, that’s gross! Second, who are you to tell me who I can and can’t date? With all due respect, you’re not my father!”

Bella swallows back, feeling guilty at her own words. John actually winced at them. Bella closed her eyes for a moment, hating herself for having said that. Charlie would have beaten her ass for disrespecting John like that.

However, the anger quickly returns to his face.

“I’m not an idiot, Bella. There is only one reason a man sends a woman flowers.”

“You read the card?!”

“You’re a 16 year old girl living under my roof – you’re damn right I did.”

“JOHN!” Martha says.

Bella nods and pressed her lips together.

“I’m not dating Lex!”

“Then what’s with the roses?!”

Bella shrugs dismissively.

“You had better not be lying to me.”

Her jaw drops. “Is that honestly what you think of me?!”

“John please, you know Bella has never lied to us,” Martha defends.

Bella says nothing else and simply takes a seat. It was never her intention to show disrespect. This made a first time ever in the 8 years Bella had been under their care. In fact, Bella would take a bullet for each one of them. So yeah… this hurt like hell. Jonathon had never talked to her that way before.

Bella ate in silence. She wasn’t sure what else to say or do. It was clear what he thought of her now. Once supper was over, Bella does the dishes since it was her night. Clark, however, starts to dry.

“I got it,” she tells him quietly.

“We should tell him the truth,” Clark says.

“Out of the question; I got this.”

“Bell, this isn’t fair to you.”

“Neither are half the things you’ve gone through! We’re in this together, Clark. I’m a big girl. I can handle John.”

Clark shakes his head. “I don’t like this.”

“Everything’s going to be fine, Clark; you’ll see.”

He smiles. “You’re something else you know that?” he asks, but in an admiring tone rather than sarcasm.

Bella grins in return. “Yeah, I am…”

He laughs and finishes the drying. Once he’s done he heads upstairs. Bella takes in a breath and finishes up with sweeping and mopping. Something Bella didn’t really have to do, but Martha is one of the most wonderful women she’d ever met. She can’t help but to want to help.

Once Bella’s finished, she heads to her room. Bella pulls her door shut, leaning against it. John’s painful words and gaze were still embedded into her mind. Bella brings her body down and pulls her knees up to her chest. Her door, though, opens and Bella falls back onto the floor.

“Why Bella… Are you alright?” Martha asks. She’d a stack of her fresh laundry in her hands.

Bella shrugs and continues to lay on the floor looking up at her. Clark comes out of the bathroom and looks to her oddly.

“Bella, I thought you were still downstairs or I’d have knocked,” Martha says stepping around her.

Bella takes in a deep breath. “It’s okay.”

Clark crouches over and offers a hand. Yeah, that’s not embarrassing. Bella takes it and could feel the red hue crossing her face.

“Um, thanks.”

Yet again that smile comes about his face. His pearly whites showing, just a mere reminder of how flawless he is. He pulls her off the ground and they end up chest to chest because Bella is a klutz and gravity isn’t her friend.

“Easy…” he says softly.

Bella swallows back, going momentarily dumb.

“You’re clothes are on your bed,” Martha says, exiting her room and breaking the spell Clark has on her.

Bella turns towards her, stepping away from her son. Last thing Martha needed to see was her drooling over him.

“Thank you,” she smiles. Bella can finally breathe as Clark heads to his room.

Martha stops her before Bella heads into her own.

“About John…”

“Don’t… Really I’m okay.”

“Bella, what he said wasn’t right. We both know that.”

“It doesn’t matter. I spoke out of line. I owe you both so much. I didn’t mean what I said. I was just hurt, that’s all. I love you and Uncle John. I’m sorry.”

Martha sighs. “I love you too, but he really should be apologizing to you, sweetheart.”

“It’s okay. Really.”

Martha kisses her forehead.

“You’ve got a heart of gold I believe.”

He’s lying on his bed, tossing his baseball up in the air and catching it as it comes down. Clark stops, however, as he hears his mother and Bella talking in the hallway.

About John…”

Don’t… Really, I’m okay.”

Bella, what he said wasn’t right. We both know that.”

It doesn’t matter. I spoke out of line. I owe you both so much. I didn’t mean what I’d said. I was just hurt that’s all. I love you and Uncle John. I’m sorry.”

Clark hears his mother sigh.

I love you too, but he really should be apologizing to you, sweetheart.”

She’s right Bella; Dad should should, he thinks as he rolls over on his bed facing the door.

It’s okay. Really.”

You’ve got a heart of gold I believe.”

That she does, perhaps too much. Clark sighs knowing she was only doing this for him. His father had hurt her all because she was covering for him. They both knew how he’d react to him using his abilities. It was a big no-no in the public eye which Clark understood, yet he wasn’t about to let that car hit Bella! By no means would Clark risk his family or friends lives for his own! If he did that, what was the purpose to what he was capable of? Shouldn’t he use what he could do to help others? What’s the point to pretending as if his abilities didn’t exist? If he hadn’t used them, Bella would have died on the very day of her mother’s funeral. Clark winced at the thought. Not a chance he’d ever let that happen.

Clark rolls back facing the ceiling. He tosses the baseball into his hamper and cross his arms about his chest. A lot of changes seemed to have taken place as of late. Such as Lana…

He’d been dreaming about Lana Lang since probably middle school. She was always a bit more popular than he and Bella ever were. They always hung out with Pete and Chloe, have for years. They were rather the outsiders of school. As the years progressed, though, he’d grown tired of acting as if Bella couldn’t toss a football around or run without becoming winded and watching Whitney push his way into Lana’s life. Clark always thought she deserved better. She was far more beautiful than the other girls in school. She’d a smile that could kill even her. Lana was nice, honest and breathtaking.

Or so Clark had thought…

As the years progressed, however, Clark was beginning to see things differently. Which was ironic, considering he’d finally managed to get Lana to even notice him. Sure, she’s always said hi and things of that nature, but not much more. That’s why Clark was completely thrown, by her sudden need to be sitting by him; her taking his hand; wanting him to take her to the dance. He’d wanted this for years and finally had it.

Only now, Clark didn’t want Lana. She wasn’t near as pretty as he’d assumed. She wasn’t so nice, after all. In fact, Clark didn’t really understand what he’d ever seen in her. Was he that blinded? What she said about Bella… It wasn’t right. It really got under his skin. Bella didn’t deserve that. What had she ever done to Lana? Bella’s never been one to cause trouble with anyone. So what was Lana’s problem with her and why now? She used to never talk that way about Bella. He’d never even heard Bella cut Lana down, not once. He knew the two didn’t exactly hang out, but even so, Clark didn’t understand Lana on this.

If Lana only knew… Bella fit into this world far more than he ever would. He was the freak, not Bella. Honestly, what would Lana think of him if she knew the truth? He  couldn’t help but wonder this.

But that wasn’t what Clark cared about now.

Clark was beginning to realize that Lana wasn’t like what she seemed. The one that stood out the most at school was now Bella. The way she smiled, laughed; the way her dark brown locks draped along her shoulders, her scent (something he’d not noticed until recently), her cinnamon eyes… Clark is taken aback by his own thoughts. He looked back towards the door, knowing she was right across from him.

Clark found himself wondering what she was doing, if she was okay. This was a strange feeling. Sure, they’ve always been close, but there was somewhat more to this. Something that felt rather heavy. He just wasn’t sure exactly what it all meant. All Clark knew was he was over Lana… yet found himself pining for someone else. How did that happen? And could he even have her?


He felt her doing that thing of his blowing into her ear, something Clark used to find irritating. However, Clark smiles now and rolls over. Her spearmint mouthwash and pleasant scent carried over as she smiled upon her.

“Get up; we’re going to be late.”

Clark stretched out his arms and takes in a breath. Bella turns as she goes to leave. She was in denim shorts and a form fitting Guns and Roses shirt. Clark finds himself staring and rolls his eyes. She makes her way downstairs and Clark hops out of bed. He puts on a red shirt and blue jeans. Today was supposed to be record breaking heat for Kansas. It was going to be a scorcher.

After, he makes his way down and notices Bella wasn’t in the house. She was already outside. Clark makes his way out and sees her leading one of the black and white calves back into the gate. She’s petting the top of its head, luring it with an apple.

Bella wipes her forehead with the back of her hand. It was already sweltering and the temp would only continue to rise as the day progressed.

He’d decided to take Whitney up on his offer. However, it wasn’t so much about impressing Lana or fitting in now. He wanted to play for himself, to feel somewhat normal for once…

But now, it was about Bella…

Clark and Bella both sigh, seeing they’d missed the bus yet again.

“Hmm,” he shrugs and scoops her up. They appear in the corn field.

“Wait…” he hints so they don’t raise too much suspicion.

Clark puts her down and he looks to her a certain way. He moves a strand of hair from her face and places it behind her ear. Bella fought not to act all girlie and get that stupid blush about her. Clark clears his throat and they hear the bell ring.

“It should be safe now.”

Bella nods and turns towards the school. Clark gently grabs her arm. He narrows his eyes, but drops his hand back down.



“Um okay…”

He sighs as if something was bothering him.

“We better go or they’ll be tardy.”

Bella turns back around and head to class.

“Hey Clark…” Bella hears Lana say as they enter the classroom.

She’s got that smile about her. Clark nods her way, but says nothing. However, Bella hears him talking to Whitney.

“I’ll join.”

Bella freezes at his words, but kept forward.

“Awesome, practice is after school. First game is this Friday!”

Ugh, really Clark? Bella slouched down in her chair. Your dad’s going to rip you a new one! Please, don’t become like them… Bella finds herself thinking.

If it makes him happy though…

I would like to apologize to you all. It seems our air conditioners are out for the day. Yes, yes we know it’s on one of the hottest days of the year. We’re doing our best to get it fixed.”

The entire class groans out miserably at the announcement. Even Clark was breaking a sweat, Bella noticed. Sweat runs down her face and neck. Bella leans back wretchedly, fanning herself with a notebook.

Lana turns back to Clark.

“Are you still busy?”

Bella wondered what that meant, but continued to look ahead. Clark sighs as if agitated. Whoa, where’d that come from? That’s certainly new. She’d never heard Clark react to Lana of all people that way.

“Considerably…” he says.

“Look Clark, I’m really sorry.”

He nods and she turns back around, a look of disappointment about her face.

What was that?

They endure the heat throughout class. There wasn’t a single student not covered in sweat. When class is over, Bella makes her way to her locker. Bella grits her teeth as it won’t open. She tries the combination multiple times and nothing. Clark makes his way over and barely touches it. It swings open.

“My hero…” she teases.

He grins. Bella exchanges her books, but noticed the death glare Lana’s cutting her. Bella looks to her in disbelief on this. Clark turns that direction as well. Lana quickly turns her head and walks away.

“So you’re joining the team?” Bella asks, trying to sound offhanded about it.

He nods.

“How do you think John will feel about that?”

“It’s not his choice, Bell.”

Bella raises her brows at this.

“Okay then…” Bella forces a smile. “Well, good luck.”


Bella swallows back nervously as he heads on to the next class. Just be careful, Clark, she finds herself thinking.

To her surprise, Clark sits next to her at lunch. Lately, he’d been sitting with Lana and her group of friends. This had been going on since last year in middle school. Chloe and Bella exchange a glance. Clark sits directly beside her like old times. Something she’d honestly missed. Pete looks slightly bitter though and leans back, eying him.

“Ah, so now your back?”

Clark shrugs back as he bites into a pear.

“I never left.”

“You know what I mean.”

Clark sighs.

“Pete just let it go.” Bella softly hints.

Pete shakes his head, but shrugs. He chunks a roll at Clark. Clark chunks it back. Both guys look to each other menacingly. Bella looks to Chloe, however, and grins. It was a hot day… so with the added stress they were moody. Bella leans back for a moment in thought. She grabs her roll and chunks it at Chloe.

“That’s for wearing my blouse and not returning it!”

Chloe raises her brows, but grins as Bella gives her the hinting glare.

“Oh yeah!”


She chunks some green beans at her. Bella turns to Pete and throws some at him as well.

Before any of them truly think about it, they’re in a full on food fight between the four of them. Bella comes to her feet and Clark grabs her around the waist and shoves some cake into her hair.


They all look to one another. They’re now covered in sweat, green beans, vanilla cake, spaghetti and rolls. The principal enters the cafeteria and motions them over. Bella giggles a bit and the principal raises his brows her way. Bella clears her throat.

“Way to go…” Clark mumbles as they follow the principal down the hall.

However, the four of them can’t stop laughing.

Of course, Jonathon and Martha get called. They come into the office not too long after.

Clark is first to look over. “Hi…” he says and Bella turn towards them.


They narrow their eyes upon Clark and Bella.

“What in the world…” Martha says picking a piece of noodle off Bella’s shoulder.

“Guess what!?” Bella look to John.

“You mean besides the obvious?”

Bella nods.

“We got suspended.”

Clark looks to her wide-eyed, but Bella winks upon him and turns back towards his parents.

“Nah, I’m just kidding. We got detention.”

They shake their heads.

“Bella…” John says hesitantly.

“Clark, what were you thinking?” Martha says.

“I started it actually,” Bella admitted.

Pete turns to her.

“Actually, it was me Mrs. Kent.”

Chloe raises her hand.

“No, it was me.”

Clark and Bella smile as John and Martha sigh. They hand them their change of clothes.

“We’ll discuss this when you get home,” John says and they leave.

They all are heading out to change their clothes. Clark, however, stops before Bella opens the door to the girl’s bathroom.

“Don’t think I don’t know what you just did for her.”

Bella narrows her eyes. “And what’s that?”

“Come on, Bell…”

Bella shrugs and does something she’s never done. She’s not even sure why she did it.

Bella pecks him on the cheek then quickly turns away. Once she’s behind closed doors, Bella takes in a breath and closes her eyes for a moment, but still grins.

“What’s with you?” Chloe asks as she’s changing her clothes.

Bella says nothing as she washes up and gets changed.

“What’s with you?” Pete says coming up behind him.

Clark just stands there thunderstruck.

“Earth to Clark…”

He blinks a few times and turns to Pete.

“Dude…” he continues.

After school they head to detention, but the coach pulls Pete and Clark out for practice. They both look to the girls apologetic. Bella simply shrugs and waves them off.

“Have fun!”

“Ms. Swan, your paper,” the teacher scolds.

“Come on boys we haven’t got all day.”

The coach comes closer to Clark and Pete. Clark stumbles back a bit, suddenly feeling weak. His head began to ache, slight nausea hit and he started to sweat even more than he already was. Clark noticed his black whistle had his initials engraved in some sort of bright green looking gem.

“Clark?” Bella whispers, looking to him concerned.

The coach begins to walk down the hall with Pete. Clark slowly regains his strength. Clark looks back to Bella and nods.

This seems to happen off and on during practice. He’d be fine one moment and the next, Clark would be nauseous. It nearly brought to him knees.

“Hey – were you okay out there?” Pete questions as they’re in the locker rooms finishing up.


“You just seemed a bit off. First day jitters maybe?”

“You could say that.”

He smiles.

“Then relax, you got a wicked arm, Clark. Who knew?”

Bella does her homework in the loft. She was still concerned about Clark. The way he looked as he left for practice. She’s kicked back on the red cushioned couch. She’d changed into one of her white tank tops because of the heat.

Bella was avoiding John. She’d much rather sweat profusely out here than to see that look of disappointment about his face in the house.

Bella gives up on the homework and toss it to the ground. She then lies back closing her eyes.

“Bell…” Bella opens her eyes to see Clark looking at her.

He’s got this strange look on his face as if startled by something. His eyebrows raise and he looks to be scanning her over.


Bella wipes the sweat from her neckline, rising up. His eyes widen and he turns his head.

“Hey…” Bella brings her feet down to the ground.

He turns back towards her and takes a few steps her direction. He stops and looks to be breathing heavy. He suddenly grits his teeth and Bella moves just in time as the couch catches on fire.

Bella screams out and jumps away from it.


He looks to her in a panic.


It happens again. Only this time, it hits the wall directly behind her, barely missing her.

The barn is now ablaze.

Clark shakes his head pinching his eyes shut. He makes a growling sound. Bella gasps as the floor beneath her caves in due to the fire. Bella begins to fall through and he appears beneath her, easily catching her. The flames continue to spread and he lays her down bracing his body over hers.

Something else catches her attention and Bella blushes in thought. She says nothing on it, not wanting to embarrass Clark.

Let’s just say something was extremely obvious as he laid his body over hers.

They hear John and Martha outside the barn. They’re doing what they can to put out the fire. Clark doesn’t move. The smoke, however, is filling the area. Her eyes water and Bella can’t breathe. Bella squirms beneath him in a panic. He was able to protect her from the flames, but not the smoke inhalation.

“Hold on!” he yells and Bella wraps herself around him tightly.

He bolts out of the barn and Bella ends up on the grass.

“BELLA!” Martha instantly hovers over her.

Bella continues to fight for a breath. Jonathon pulls her up and has her hunched over.

“Relax Bella…” he says softly, wrapping his arms around her.

Poor Clark’s pacing the area. Bella knew he was blaming himself. Whatever took place in there came from him. Bella just wasn’t sure what it was. However, the four of them exchange a glance. There was one thing in that barn… One thing they couldn’t lose. They each jump to attention and start doing what they can to put out the fire. But it was too late; the barn was no more. However, it still remained, the very thing that brought Clark to this world. Only, it was completely visible since they had it hidden and covered up.

John and Clark work quickly to get it hidden best they can. Martha helps her inside. She hands her a glass of water.

“Maybe they should take you to the ER.”

“I’m fine Martha really.”

“You could have lung damage.”

Clark walks in as she says this. The look on his face… Bella wanted to cry not for herself, but for him.

“Bella, I’m so sorry. Bella…”

“Don’t Clark, please.”

Martha looks to be confused.

“What happened?”

Clark’s face turns completely red as he looks upon his mother.

“It was just an accident.”

“Bella, I could’ve killed you.”

“I’m fine.”

“NO YOU’RE NOT!” he shouts and bows over.

Jonathon comes in at that point and puts a hand on his shoulder.

“Come with me son.”

What was that? What’s wrong with me?! Clark thinks. He walked into that barn and took one look at Bella. Just one look! She was in that white tank and shorts. Her entire body covered in sweat. He noticed he could see through her tank a bit and that’s where it began. Clark found himself staring at her like a pervert. Next thing Clark knew, he was looking upon her and it was as if she were laying there naked. It wasn’t until Clark blinked again that he realized she was still dressed. Clark was somehow seeing through her clothes. He saw everything! The first thing he saw were her breasts, then it just went from there.

Clark tried to stop it; it was happening again. Clark felt himself growing fully roused. Then his eyes began to sting, but he couldn’t look away. He wanted to see more. That’s when Clark felt the heat traveling through him. It voyaged and literally shot through her eyes. How could he even face her now?! Not only did he almost kill Bella, but he’s seen her completely naked. She’d kill him if she knew! HE’D LET HER! WHAT IS THIS?! he thinks, freaking out.

“What happened, son?”

Clark half laughs in misery. You mean the part where I saw your best friend’s daughter naked? Kept gawking, instead of looking away like I should have? Or the part where I nearly caught her on fire?! he thinks bitterly.


“I don’t even know for sure.”

“Well tell me and we’ll figure it out together.”

Really? This ought to go great! Clark looks to his father and paces a bit, trying to think of how to explain what took place. Clark stands there, startled. He was now seeing his father’s muscle tissues. Before long, Clark could see his bones and his heart pumping inside his chest.

“Dad!” Clark takes a few steps back.

“What’s wrong, son?”

Clark closes his eyes quickly and pinches his eyes again.

“Something’s not right.”

“Talk to me, Clark.”

Clark takes in a deep breath and begins to explain what took place. Only he doesn’t go into explicit details as to what actually took place sexually speaking. He can’t even bear to look him in the eyes.

“Huh…” John says and Clark looks to him oddly.

He looks back towards the house where Bella is at.

“Why don’t you try seeing Bella more like your sister?”

His eyes widen a bit at this, a nervous laugh escapes his mouth. Clark rubs the back of his neck.

“Eh, don’t think that’s possible dad.”

He sighs. “I was afraid of this.”

They both look to one another in thought.

Well, Clark, guess the best thing we can do is try to get this under control.”

“How do we do that?”

“Practice… We need to see what exactly turns both things on and off.”

Clark winces at this.

“Wrong choice of words dad.”

Now he’s the one laughing uneasily. “Yeah, well just don’t tell your mother… you know, about the whole Bella part.”

“I can’t believe I told you…” Clark says, honestly wanting to find a big hole to hide in.

He pats him on the back.

“I always told you, you can come to me with anything.”

Clark nods.

“I mean it, Clark. Just keep in mind that’s Charlie Swan’s daughter. Much respect is owed. He was Chief of Police back in his home town, a damned good man. When it comes to that girl, you had better be respectful, Clark. Honestly, I saw this coming,” he sighs, shaking his head. He braces his hands on his hips.

“That’s another thing. You’re both living under our roof. There are rules… Bella’s a good kid. So are you. Let’s keep it that way.”

“Dad, I don’t think Bella even sees me that way.”

He smiles, but says nothing.

“Come on, son. Let’s go set you up.”

He sets up this scarecrow target for him.

“So… well, just think about what you were… you know, when you set the barn ablaze.”

Seriously? With you right here? Clark thinks, getting flustered.

“Um dad, could I have some space maybe?”

“Right…” He chuckles a bit. Talk about awkward.

He pats him the shoulder.

“Good luck.” DAD! Please… He whimpers in his mind.

He walks away and Clark tries the vision thing. That part actually seemed a bit easier to control now. Clark even scanned his eyes across the barn and house. He could see through everything. Clark even made out his mother and Bella in the kitchen. He couldn’t help, but to smile on how cool that was. Still it was rather creepy. He’d gone from seeing Bella nude to seeing what she looked like inside out. She was drinking something and he could see the liquid traveling within her. Clark blinked a few times and forced it away. He was beginning to learn this was more of a focus thing. Clark could turn it on and off pretty easy.

However, now it was time for the other part. The shooting flames from his eyes thing or whatever that was. This one was a bit trickier. Clark tried focusing; tried squinting his eyes tighter, but nothing.

Well just think about what you were… you know when you set the barn ablaze.”

Clark grins in thought shaking his head. Sure dad… However, she enters his mind and profoundly. Clark thinks about the way she looked when he first walked into the barn. Bella lying on his red couch covered in sweat… Sure enough, the scarecrow before him catches on fire. So that was it? Clark had to think of Bella?

She’s going to kill me! He thinks miserably. But that was another concern. What if this happens by just being around her? He shook his head on this.

Bella could get hurt or worse! The thought made him ill.

Clark was about to have his answer. He hears her coming up behind him.

“Bella, it’s not safe,” he warns, not daring to look upon her.

“What’d that scarecrow do to you?”

Clark shrugs. He closes his eyes though as he felt her hand upon his shoulder.

“So you’re like a pyro now?” she asks in his ear.

“Bell, please…”

She sighs. “Turn around Clark.”

“No, Bella. You should go back in.”

“Oh shut up!” She steps in front of him and Clark quickly shuts his eyes. He hears her laughing.

“It’s not funny, Bella. Something bad, could have happened today.”

“Something bad could happen any day. That’s just life. Now open your eyes.”

Clark swallows back and opens his eyes cautiously.

She waves at him. “Hi Clark!”

Clark finds himself laughing.

“Okay, Bell you made your point.”

Now go before I become a perv again.

She smiles.

“Let me see.”

“See what?”

“How you do that.”


“Nah, let’s call it a night.”

Clark puts his arm around her shoulder as they turn back towards the house.

“No!” she extinguishes the scarecrow out. “I want to see!” she says, stomping her foot like a child.

“That’s highly attractive by the way.”

She laughs.

“Just do it. Please, Clark?”

Clark turns back to the scarecrow.

“Okay, but just this once then we’re heading inside.”


This was where Clark tested himself. He begins to realize her being there at the moment was actually a good thing. Clark was beginning to see he had more control now. Wrong as it was, he wanted to fully test himself. Clark allowed himself one more glance upon Bella. He then focused on her entirely. She looks to him oddly, but remains quiet. Clark then turn his focus back towards the scarecrow.

“THAT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME!” she says extinguishing it out again.

That was Bella. She was never freaked out by anything Clark was able to do. But he imagined the barn episode rather changed that today. Clark winced as she coughs a bit. Her voice was also a bit raspy.

“Bell, you should get some rest now.”

Clark used his X-ray vision thing to image her heart and lungs. All seemed well, thankfully, but he still wished she’d rest.

“I’m fine. So how’d you do that?!”

Clark lets out a nervous laugh and shrugs.

“You know Bell, I’m not really sure…”

He’s not one to ever lie to Bella. However, this time he felt it could slide. What would she think of him if she knew the truth? He’d a feeling she knew something was up, though. Literally speaking, that is. Clark was pretty sure she felt his enthusiasm when he was over her in the barn. Something in her eyes told him she knew. If so, this girl had a heart of gold, indeed. How is she not slapping the crap out of him?

“But…” Clark covers her mouth and winks.

“Let’s go Bella.”

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