Chapter 16 Misery

Chapter 16

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Jax fell out of the bed and scrambled to his feet. He held a hand over his racing heart and beads of sweat had formed along his forehead. He couldn’t shake this feeling. Something was wrong… The man grabbed a cigarette off the nightstand and headed outside the clubhouse.

“Can’t sleep?” He turned towards the voice and nodded.


“We don’t sleep.”

He raised his brows on this.

“Like ever?”

She nodded and stepped into the light. Jax noticed that she was wearing one of Juice’s shirts.

“That was fast…” he teased.

Rose smiled.

“It’s been awhile…”

“Ah… So how’s that work exactly?”


He shrugged looking to be in thought.

“A vampire and human…”

“We gotta take some precaution – naturally.”

He nodded.

“I believe your friend takes some pleasure in pain however…”


“Oh yeah…”

“Huh… I suppose it makes sense if you really think about it.”

“So he tells me you and Angel are into the porn business now?”

Jax sighed on this.

“That was actually a misunderstanding.”

She cut him a puzzled glance.

“Long story…”

“I’ll take your word for it.”

He nodded and finished off his cigarette.

“She’s different around you. More at peace and I believe she’s more herself…”

Jax gazed upon the vampire curiously causing her to smile.

“You should have seen this girl around my brother. She hardly ever smiled. She was always second guessing herself. With you… it’s like a part of her I’ve never seen. It seems as if you bring out the playful and confident side. The one that’s been dying to get out… If only my brother would’ve allowed her that. When it came to ‘Bella’ he was very controlling. She was young and innocent. And here he was a century old vampire. He had her wrapped around his little pinkie as he was her first love. He took advantage of that knowledge. As time progressed it became more than apparent who would truly give their live for the other.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“You remember my mention of the Volturi, right?”

“The vampire kings?”

She nodded.

“Let’s just put it like this. My brother dumped Bella claiming it was for her own protection. Then he had our entire family move off leaving the teenage girl and her father to fend for themselves against two vampires that sought revenge. If it hadn’t been for a friend of hers she’d have died a few years back. My brother never knew, nor did he bother to at least keep track and make certain the Swans were safe. No, instead, he has us move off deciding to go nomad.”

Jax raised his brows on this.


She nodded.

“It’s when a vampire leaves their coven and decides to travel the world on their lonesome.”

He nodded.

“We have a few Sons that take that route as well.”

“Well it was a pretty fucked up move on his part. Bella could’ve died. But here’s the kicker… My vampire brother left the supposed ‘love of his life’ to fend for herself. Yet my bitch of a sister rounded her up when my brother decided to go on a little suicide mission. He was feeling sorry for himself assuming Bella had indeed died. Instead of checking it out for himself; he went straight to the kings. Bella the human – is the one that ends up playing hero to her vampire boyfriend rather than the other way around. That girl has more balls than anyone I’ve ever known. She knew there was a chance of dying. Yet she went and stood her ground against three vampire kings and numerous guards in order to save his sorry ass.”


“Exactly. My brother never deserved her. She’s entirely too bad ass for my pussy of a brother.”

Jax smiled.

“Apparently so…”

“Hey Powergirl!” they turned to see Juice poking his head out the club doors.

“Getting kind of lonely in here…” he hinted.

“From what I hear you vampires are pretty durable. How the hell does he measure up in bed?” Jax asked curiously.

“Oh my Juice has lots of pulp…”

He wrinkled his nose on this.

“Sorry I asked.”

Edward’s lip curled with disgust as he was kissing Bella and she leaned over the bed to puke. Flashes of their honeymoon hit the vampire hardcore. He let out a laugh of misery and rolled his eyes.

Really Bella? You’re such a child.”

Bella lie back on the bed and cut him a bewildered glance.

“It’s not like I can get up and go to the bathroom now. Can I? Seeing as how you pulled a ‘misery’ on me.”

“I’ll clean it up. But it had better stop. Do we have an understanding?”

“Edward it’s not something I can control.”

“You think I don’t see past this? You’re determined in making me pay. By whatever means necessary!”

“How is me being sick making YOU pay?!”

He didn’t comment as he hurriedly cleaned up the mess. Bella heard him start the bath afterward. When he returned he stripped her down and scooped her up. Her knee was swollen and it hurt like hell. But she knew better than to even comment on it. So she suffered through the pain in silence. He lowered her into the tub.

“Can’t you see I’m trying here?”

There was so much she wanted say to that but knew she had to play it safe. She couldn’t protect Abel at the moment. She hadn’t the strength. He handed Bella her toothbrush and a cup to spit in. She brushed her teeth and spit into the cup. When she finished he handed her some mouthwash. She spit that out into the other cup as well. Once she finished he put everything away. He sat at the edge of the tub afterward. He took a cloth and wet it, then soaped it down. Bella couldn’t control the goosebumps that formed along her body as he bathed her.

“You’re so beautiful…”

She drew back a breath as he had the washcloth and was cleansing the area of her breasts.

“And you only get more beautiful with age.”

He handed Bella the wash cloth and rose. Edward got undressed and joined her in the tub. He sat behind her and had her lying against him. He took the cloth from her hand and went back to bathing her. The vampire kissed along her shoulder and neck every once in a while. She could feel his breath against her neck as he breathed her in.

“That hasn’t changed… Your scent… Still hits me like a drug.”

The young woman swallowed rather nervously as she could feel Edward growing hard against her. She pictured the wrathful look on Jax’s face and actually shivered.

“My personal brand of heroine… Bella…” he murmured as if in agony.

“I know I can do this. You will love me again. I will do whatever it takes. If you want to take it slow… We can do that. I know I hurt you love. That was never my intention. But you hurt me just as much.” He sighed and wrapped his arms around her.

“Those pictures…”

She let out a whimper as his hold got tighter.

“Seeing you with another man… Do you have any idea what that has done to me?”

He carefully positioned her so that she was now facing him.

“That kiss with Jacob Black… I kept my composure with that one and figured it best to let it go. It was something you needed to get out of your system, considering you’re only human after all. But this is a whole other field. My wife of three years bedded with another man –repeatedly. Do you have any idea how it affects me? Those pictures enter my mind and it’s like I have no dick!” Thoughts such as how he never had one to begin with entered her mind. But she wisely kept her mouth shut on the matter. “How could you do this to me? To us?” He showed her how he’d grown soft yet again. It still had that rough marble like feel to it. But even when Edward was hard the vampire was joke in comparison to Jackson Teller. Something she couldn’t help but to find rather amusing.

“See?! How do I get that feeling back? How do we get us back? I just keep seeing you with him! These lips…” he said with a softer tone as he put his finger to them.

“Are mine… and this…” He rubbed his hand along her sex.

Mine… You… are… my… wife. End of story. You made a vow to me as I did to you. And you will honor it from here on. Do we have an understanding?”

She wanted nothing more than to lash out and let him have it. But Abel… For his sake she endured whatever Edward had to say and dish out. She only prayed Edward wasn’t about to prompt her for sex. She hoped that he remained impotent and that he was just as straitlaced as he was when they first dated. That would be her only saving grace.

“Bella love, I’m going to need an answer…”

She nodded but couldn’t hide the tears. He sighed and wiped them away with his thumbs.

“Everything’s going to be alright , sweetheart. I will find a way to deal with this. Put it all behind us. I know you love me. You just lost sight of everything. But I’m going to help you gain it all back. I just need you to trust me. I will make you forget that revolting biker ever existed.”

Day three – back in Charming…

“Talk about turning the tables…” The Irish man said as Jax, Opie, and Chibs looked over the weapons making certain everything was accounted for and top notch.

Jax sort of smiled.

“It was bound to happen eventually. So what’s the damage?” Jax hinted once he looked everything over.

The man looked to his mates and rather shrugged.

“I tell you what whelp, you just keep supplying us with what we need and we’ll call it even for now.”

Jax cut the man a mistrusting glance.

“Not so sure I like that.”

“What’s not to like? You got what you need and in return you scratch our backs when needed. This should have you on cloud nine.”

Jax drew back a hesitant breath.

“So you’re telling me you want no sort of payment whatsoever?”

The man rather smiled and his friends chuckled.

“What I’m saying is I expect the same in return when it comes our time around.”

Opie shook his head on this and Chibs looked to the man.

“Your orders usually consist of far more manpower and blood, comrádaí .”

The man nodded towards another van that was pulling up.

“As to why we’ve gathered these as well.”

Jax motioned for Juice to open the van doors. Once the doors were open Jax made his way to the crates and looked inside.

“These are the weapons we sold you last time.”

“A few of them, yes.”


“Your friend here made it sound as if you got yourselves into some trouble and was desperate.”

Chibs rolled his eyes on this.
“I never said such things you gowl.”
“Ay you didn’t have to. It was in your voice.”

“Look, none of that matters… Bottom line… We don’t need these. You should have asked first. We have no use for these. None whatsoever.”

The man nodded but truly looked disappointed. He looked to the others with a nod.

“I wasn’t aware you had an election. Where’s Clay? I’d rather deal with him.”

“Clay’s no longer a Son… You gotta deal with me.”

The man pulled a certain face.

“I don’t like you.”

Jax chuckled and took a cigarette out from his vest.

“Finally, something we agree on.”

“You haven’t what it takes to lead. You’re young and ignorant these men are foolish to follow you.”

“SAMCRO isn’t any of your concern. You want to work with us. You gotta work with me.”

He took a long drag off his cigarette.

“We’ll take the flamethrowers, grenade launchers, ten of the AK47s. Everything else goes back with you.”

“You expect us to get this back home without any issues?”

“Never said that, but it’s also not our problem. Sell them for all we care. Chibs made it clear what all was needed. Can’t hold us responsible for your assumptions.”

The man motioned his men over towards a more private area as they were in discussion about something.

“He’s not very happy.” Bobby murmured.

“Yeah well, the IRA’s happiness is the least of my concerns at the moment. I don’t have time for this shit. We gotta hit the road like yesterday.”

“We might be eating those very words later on.”

Jax nodded.

“And we’ll deal with that when the time comes. I’m no one’s bitch and I can see when someone’s trying to pull a fast one on me. So we pay these guys whether they like it or not. That way they haven’t anything on us.”

“It’s not money the bastards want.” Chibs added.

“I know. But they’ll just have to suck it up for now.”

Bobby narrowed his eyes on this. “What’s going through that mind of yours?”

“I was wondering the same thing.” Opie admitted.

“That’s something that’s to be discussed later. Right now we focus on getting this put to a close. So we take what we originally asked for. Give them the money. Get everything set up and ready to go tonight. So we head out first thing in the morning.”

Edward propped Bella against him as he led her out to the patio; where he had a candlelight dinner set up. There was romantic classical music playing in the background. As he sat her down he reached over and grabbed a dozen red roses off the table. He handed them over and kissed her broken leg as he carefully propped it up on another chair. Her jaw dropped the moment she realized he had it in a cast. She figured he must’ve done this while she slept. And the dress he had her in… Her hands trembled as she ran her fingers along it.

“Edward is this…?”

He smiled.

“It still fits… and you look just as beautiful as you did that night.”

Her heart dropped realizing she was in her old prom dress.

“You’ve filled out a little over the years” he hinted towards her breasts as he handed her a glass of champagne.

“But I think I like it… Like I said before, you only more beautiful with age. I can’t wait to see how you turn out in say ten years from now.”

Her eyes widened on this.

“Ten years?” She repeated with a look of horror about her.

“Well yes… I am your husband after all. And I vow to keep my word on taking care of you and the human child.”


He sighed.

“Can’t very well turn you now. You have a child to think about. Do you want the risk of harming him? Think about it love. What’s the one thing a newborn yearns for the most?”

Jesus…” She muttered and Edward nodded.

She couldn’t believe how he was going about this. Not that she wanted to be turned by any means. But she knew what this was now. He wasn’t just using Abel to keep her around and to have some sort of leverage. He still wanted her human. And he thought it best to use Abel in order to have what he always wanted – a human bride rather than a vampire. He’d rather watch her grow old and die than to make Bella his equal. This only further proved how sick and twisted he truly was. Yet he claimed he loved her and used the term forever so loosely.

“Now you see why I can’t go through with our original plans. I’m so sorry Bella.”

She nodded deciding to play along. It was ironic now. The one thing she once craved more than anything had become the thing she feared the most. Edward pulled up a chair and began feeding her. Everything he did made her feel like she were an unruly toddler. But what made this entire ordeal even more appalling was how he was kept up this romantic vibe. When he had her finish her plate, then he helped Bella to her feet. He danced with her just as he had that night. He kept her broken leg off the ground and dragged her around like a rag doll.

As the days progressed, he would bathe Bella, picked out her clothes and would dress her. When she needed to go to the bathroom he was right there watching her every move. When she felt the urge to vomit he’d scold her thinking it was once again an act. He truly believed Bella was going out her way to make him relive all that hell from their honeymoon. And whatever this was – limited Bella’s use of her shield. Even if she felt more oomph behind it lately; she couldn’t withstand the hold for too long. He would set out her toothbrush with the toothpaste already on it. He brushed her hair and fashioned it to his liking. Often enough, she’d look in the mirror and think on how she looked like fucking Alice Cullen; something that truly got under her skin. It was like a small part of Edward had wanted to fuck his sister at one time or another. Bella figured he just might if she wasn’t DEAD.

Bella hadn’t seen Abel in two days. Edward was doing everything in his power to keep the two apart for now. He’d grown desperate in trying to gain back whatever love his wife once felt for him. But there was nothing there. And he even though he saw it… he just couldn’t admit it. When it came to her husband Bella was numb. Then again… She was no longer Bella Cullen. But Edward was determined in bringing that girl from Forks back.

Day Four…

Jax nodded as Rosalie pointed to an area on the map.

“If you could park the van here… I can get the weapons across. You just worry about getting your guys through border toll.”
“How are you going to get that many weapons across?” Jax asked curiously.

She smiled and pointed to another area on the map.

“There is a small cabin just few miles out from here. It would take several trips. But we haven’t a lot of options. You all can meet me there. It would be a good area to set up base anyhow.”
“And how do we know that’s not where they currently are?”

Rose sort of laughed.

“The cabin was a wedding gift from my husband…”
He nodded in understanding.

“Husband as in current?” Juice questioned with slight alarm.

“Well yes, but he won’t be for long…” she hinted darkly.

Jax shook his head with a smirk Juice’s direction. Once she left the room Juice looked to Jax wide-eyed.

“Dude, we’ve had our dicks in married chicks…”
Jax nodded.

“And soon we’ll be having fun with widows.”
Juice reared back on this and Jax chuckled as he patted him on the back.

“Let’s go…”

“Look at me Bella…”

Bella rolled over in the bed. The sun was cascading throughout the room they were in. This caused Edward’s skin to sparkle reminding her of when he first revealed himself to her.

“Tell me you feel something…” He pleaded, whilst caressing her cheek.

Edward narrowed his eyes and placed a strand of hair behind her ear.

“Come on Bella… You used to practically pant at the mere sight of me.”

She let out a laugh of sheer misery.

“You would describe it like that…”

He shook his head.

“What does it take? What is it I need to do? This is maddening!”

Bella could see the wretchedness and desperation in his eyes. But she was too far gone and so was the vampire she once fell for. The hatred she felt for this man/vampire overcame all else. Edward had truly turned into the monster he always feared he’d become. Only he wasn’t even aware of it. As he was too busy blaming her for everything.

“There is nothing you can do…”

“And are you telling me exactly?”

She closed her eyes and a few tears made their appearance.

“Edward…” Bella murmured with hesitance.

“Was our life just a little too boring for you? Your vampire husband not wild enough? Did I need to have you choking on my cock like he did? Would that keep you entertained enough?!”

Her heart raced as his voice continued to rise. He was saying things she never dreamed would come from the mouth of Edward Cullen. His lip curled and he shot off the bed. He paced the room a bit and was eyeing her down furiously. Her jaw dropped as he ripped his pants open and made his way over.

“Come on Bella. Suck your husband off. Just like that repulsive biker.”

He reached over and roughly grabbed her by the hair.

“I want you to look at me the way you did him! With that stupid little grin, while I treat you like the filthy whore you are!”

Edward forced her mouth open and was about to force his dick inside. The door was busted open and Edward was slammed back against the wall.

“Go on darlin’…”

Bella nodded and tried coming to her feet as she brought her feet off the bed. Jasper grimaced once he realized Edward had broken her leg.

Jesus! What have you done, brother?!”

“That is none of your concern! SHE IS MY WIFE!”

He shoved Jasper off him and Jasper swiftly grabbed Bella before Edward had the chance. He eyed him down as he held up a protective hand.
“Do not test me brother. You’ve haven’t won against me yet. Carlisle wishes to have a family meeting. He is downstairs as we speak.”

Edward hissed out and punched at the wall. Once he left the room, Jasper looked to Bella. She grabbed him by the collar of his shirt.

“I am begging you. Do not let anything happen to my son. Please Jasper. I know you can sense me! You know what that boy means to me! I’d rather die a thousand deaths than to have anything happen to him! If it comes down to it. I DIE NOT HIM!”

He nodded.

“I give you my word.”

The vampire rushed her into the bathroom as he could sense it coming. Jasper quickly held her hair back as she puked. He ran a soothing hand along her back. Jasper sighed as she hugged the toilet and literally broke down. He hadn’t any idea what to do or say. It was four against one. The others sided with Edward. They truly found Bella in the wrong here. To them she was being very unreasonable, somewhat childish, and absolutely heartless. He’d thoughts of taking Bella and the child and running for it. But they were sure to catch up to him. That would only put them more at risk. The only logical thing to do was to make certain the child was reunited with his mother. From there the major wouldn’t leave their side. He knew this would be no easy task, considering the way Esme has latched on to the human boy. He could sense it. She already had some sort of maternal feeling towards him and was growing attached. But the boy feared her and the others. This Abel… he found to be rather remarkable. It’s like he knew… even through his fear. The boy’s love for his mother was so great he did his best to behave. Jasper wasn’t sure how to describe it. It wasn’t like anything he’d ever felt. Jasper did his best to help her get dressed respectfully. It was no easy task considering her leg was broken and Bella was so frail she could barely keep her head up.

“You need to eat and drink something. That boy needs you at your fullest potential.”

“I’m trying but can’t keep anything down.”

Jasper narrowed his eyes as he was sensing something else – almost like there was another presence in the room. She gazed upon him oddly as he put his head to her tummy, closed his eyes, and focused. He raised his head looking absolutely stunned.

“You’re pregnant?” He whispered in slight alarm, while looking to the bedroom door with caution.

She snorted on this.

“I’m not pregnant Jasper. It’s a stomach bug or something.”

He shook his head in disagreement.

“Bella darlin’, you’re most certainly with child.”

“What?!” she said with panic laced in her voice.

“But Jasper they severed my tubes. It’s simply not feasible.”

“If there’s one thing we both have learned over the years is that anything is possible.”

She put her hand to her stomach in thought.
“Jasper… You can’t let him get a read on this.”

“Then we need to keep this from Carlisle as well.” Jasper whispered in return as he wiped her tears away.

“The child has a strong heart.” He hinted hoping to ease her worries, but he found himself somewhat apprehensive as well.

“But if he finds out…”

“He won’t.”
“But what if he already suspects.”
“He doesn’t or I’d be able to sense it. He’s merely frustrated and at his wits end. For now we do our best to convince the others you have the flu. I will do my best to influence Carlisle and Edward.” He cued in as to his ability.

“You think you can do that?”

“If I can keep Edward out of my head; I can surely manipulate Carlisle’s.” he replied with hope as he helped Bella button her shirt.

Once she was fully dressed he scooped her back up. As he headed to the door, his eyes locked with hers.

“Once you get ahold of your son. Don’t let him go. It’s important that the child understands he cannot leave your side.”

She nodded in understanding.


He turned to her before opening the door.

“Thank you…”

He nodded, but deep down was praying he could keep his promise and actually pull this off.

Page break

“Thanks darlin’.” Jax said as the bartender slid a beer over. She smiled and sent him a wink in return.

Jax took a hit off his cigarette as Chibs wrapped an arm around him. He playfully kissed his cheek.

“On me tonight, Jackie.”

The Irish man waved the bartender back over. He ordered a couple of burgers and fries as well.
“Ya need something besides beer in your system.”

Jax shrugged on this.

“The little lady would have your ass if she knew ya weren’t eating.”

Jax sort of laugh but nodded in agreement.

“Just don’t have much of an appetite.”

He patted himself down in search of his cellphone as it sounded.

“Hey…” He answered seeing as how it was Phil.

“Sorry to bother you, but I can’t get this woman to eat.”

“Then grab a shovel and force feed the bitch. I don’t care how you do it.”

Phil sighed.

“What are you feeding her?” Jax questioned in wonder.

“What Opie gave me.”
“And that is?”

“Fried rat.”
Jax looked to Opie in question.

“Where’d you find fried rat?”

Opie finished his beer before answering.

“Easy, they were a few in the traps set out in the basement. I just dipped them in flour and threw them in the pan.”

Bobby wrinkled his nose and pushed his hot wings over to the side. The guys had a good laugh at this.

“I can’t believe you fried up a few rats.”

“You said the shitiest food…”

“That I did.”

“Um hello?” Phil called out on the other end.

“Put the phone to the bitch’s ear.” Jax said as he headed outside the bar.

“Um okay…”

“You will eat whatever’s fed to you. If you do not I cut one of your tits off when I get back. Do we have an understanding?”

He rolled his eyes as the agent started crying.

“Shut it or lose it. I’m not fucking around. You got me?”
Phil sighed once he was back on the phone.

“That do the trick?”
“Yeah but she’s gagging.”

Jax smiled.

“Well Phil, bitches usually do…” he said as he hung up the phone.

As he put his phone up he took out a picture of Abel and Angel.

“Almost there…” he whispered with a sinking heart.

When he reentered the bar he chuckled to himself as he heard Bobby tell Opie…
“We’re not using that pan again!”

Cullen Meeting:

Carlisle shook his head after Jasper helped Bella into the living area. He laid her down on the couch.

“Edward…” Carlisle murmured with disappointment.

“Did we not talk about this?”

Edward’s lip curled as Jasper remained standing but was keeping guard by the couch.
“Why would you hurt Bella?” Esme added, “You love Bella.”

The way she said this reminded Bella entirely too much of Alice.

“If you keep this up you could very well live to regret it.” Carlisle threw in there as well.
Jasper resisted the urge to roll his eyes. They were reacting as Edward mistreated a pet rather than his wife.

“She left me no choice and I know what I’m doing. Bella is fine.” Edward spat as he eyed Jasper down.

“You call that fine?” Carlisle grilled as he pointed to Bella’s leg.

They turned towards the tiny voice as he made his way into the room. Bella rose and peered over the couch looking to Abel. He was rubbing his eyes like he’d just awakened.

“Hey baby…” Bella called out causing Edward to sneer.

“Back to bed!” He snapped towards the boy.
Abel cut Edward a dirty look.

“NO! I want da-dee!”

Bella’s jaw dropped on Abel’s words – being as how that was his first actual sentence. But great fear set in as she saw the look on Edward’s face.

“Do you want a spanking?”
This had Bella seeing red and before she could even react; Jasper had Edward up against the wall.

“You touch one hair on that boy and I’ll rip your arms off and beat you with them.”

Edward reversed the pin and socked Jasper across the face. Esme screamed out in horror. Bella nevertheless took advantage of the opportunity and motioned Abel over. He nodded and reached for her as he made his way to the couch. The moment she had Abel in her arms she teared up and hugged him close.

“Mommy’s not letting you go now. Do you understand?”
He nodded and kissed her cheek.

Jasper drove Edward through a nearby wall. Emmett and Carlisle rushed over and were prying the two vampires apart.
“I love you Abel. Always remember that. If Mommy gets really mean and ugly it’s not because of you. So don’t be scared. I don’t ever want you scared of me. Do you understand?”

He nodded once again and hugged her.

Once they got the boys separated, Esme looked to Bella.

“Your inexcusable actions caused this family to fall apart! This isn’t my son! This is your doing! Look at what you’ve done to us!”

Bella smiled upon Esme in such a way. One that essentially sent the vampire chills.

“What I did?”

Bella looked to her husband and started laughing.

“Cover your ears baby…” Abel nodded and covered his ears.

“Look bitch… If you think I’m going to take the blame for your how your spoiled rotten vampire son turned out. You’ve got another thing coming. Edward’s a century old vampire. He might be stuck in the body of a 17 year old. But he’s a grown man responsible for his own actions! And each of you can go suck a big fat hairy nut for all I care. You all aided in the murder of my daughter! You all stood by and watched as he snapped my father’s neck! And here you are again beckoning at his every demand! Making my life a living HELL!”

Edward growled under his breath and Jasper rolled his eyes thinking something along the lines of how he was only further proving Bella’s point.

“He never wanted to hurt you! You think he made those decisions lightly? Edward did those things in order to protect you and this family!”

Bella nodded looking to be in thought.

“Tell me Esme… are you willing to die for your son?”
“Of course I am! What kind of question is that?!”

“One you need to take into serious consideration.”

Emmett pointed upon Bella.
“You might treat your husband like trash. But you won’t talk to our mother that way.”

Bella raised her brows on this. Jasper shook his head looking to Emmett as though he were an even bigger fool than Edward.

“On the contrary, I will talk to her and any of you however I please.”

“So you turned into a big mouthed whore? Just like my wife?” Emmett hissed causing Bella to rear back in disbelief. She could visualize Rosalie storming in here just to rip his balls off.

“Such assholes… everyone one of you!”

Emmett started towards her only to have Jasper shove him back.

“I’m not messing around. Each of you, stay back…”

“You’re defending the one responsible for Alice’s death!?”

“That was your wife’s doing, not Bella’s. And as much as I loved Alice, she had it coming. WE ALL DO!”

Bella gasped out as Edward and Emmett charged after Jasper.

“No!” she shouted as they attacked and she covered Abel’s eyes.

Jasper gritted his teeth as he stood his ground. For each punch they gave he’d shove them back. At one point he threw his hands out sending them both flying through the living room window.

“I trained newborns you idiots! You’re going to have to try a lot harder than that. I earned these fucking scars!”

Bella’s jaw dropped as she and Abel were unexpectedly in the bedroom and back on the bed.

“Are you alright?”

Bella nodded with a hint of a smile.
“Well hello Major Whitlock…”

He sort of laughed as he guarded the door. He did a slight bow.

“Where the hell has that been?”

“Major Whitlock at your service mam.”

“That’s scary…”
“For a moment it was like seeing Jackson Teller as a vampire. You even sounded like him.”

“The fiancé I take it?”

She nodded with a look of pride about her.

“Well darlin’, he must be one hell of a man.” Jasper said with a smirk.

“He is…”

Day five…

“Juice you go with Rose stay with the van and make certain she gets everything across before we meet up at the cabin. The rest of us should hit the border by midnight. From there we go on to the cabin. We map everything out from there and head on out come sunrise.”
Everyone nodded in agreement as they stepped out of the gas station and headed to their bikes. Jax answered his phone on the way to his bike.

Hey mom…”

Hear anything yet?”

Not yet, we’re less than a day a way however.”

He heard his mother sigh on the other end.
“I’m bringing them back.” He assured.

I know you are sweetheart.”
“I love you.”

I love you too baby.”

“Everything alright? Opie asked once he was off the phone.

“Yeah. Just Gemma checking in.”

Opie nodded.
“Dad called earlier too. Yeah he told me he’d bust both our asses if we didn’t get his ‘angel’ home.”

“Oh she’s his now, huh?”

Opie chuckled.

“That’s certainly the way he sees it.”

“Hmmm… I’d sure hate to beat your old man to death.”

“You’ve seen how much my pops drinks. You really want to fight him when he’s plastered?”
“I don’t think I’ve ever seen Piney sober.”

“I saw him sober one time…” Opie cringed.

“The son of a bitch actually hugged me.”

“Yeah well if hugging you is the alternative Op. I’d drink too.”
“Shut up!”

“Do you mind bringing me that bag?”

“Not at all.”

Jasper picked the diaper bag up and brought it over.

“Someone made a stinky…” she said with a smile upon Abel.

The boy smiled as he chewed on the foot of his stuffed dinosaur.

“You’re an amazing mother Bella.” The vampire stated as if in awe as Bella changed Abel.

“I try…”
No… you are. He’s happy – even with the extreme situation. He’s content as long as you’re around.”

“He gets that from his father. Jax can find the light given any situation. And that becomes his focus point. He’s also incredibly intuitive.”

Jasper nodded and disposed of the dirty diaper when she was done.

“Thank you.”

He thought back to that waiting room and what he sensed when he first met Jackson Teller.

“I believe his real focus point is his family…” Jasper affirmed pointing to her and Abel.

Bella smiled on this.

“That certainly sounds like Jax.”

Bella observed Jasper in thought.

“Can I ask you something?”
“Depends on the question darlin’…”

“You might not care for this one. If so I understand.”

He motioned for her to go on.

“I take it this is about Alice?”

She drew back a hesitant breath but nodded.

“What is it you wish to know exactly?”

“Your feelings on all this?”
Jasper couldn’t help the peculiar look he gave.

“Sorry. You don’t have to answer that.”

“I haven’t any issues answering your question Bella. But I must say I’m rather stunned if I’m to be honest. After what we did… I figured the least of your concerns should be how I’m fairing or any of us Cullens for that matter.”
“I could give a rat’s ass about the others.”

Jasper smiled on this.
“Well darlin’ I gotta say I rather like the new you. You remind me of someone.”

Really?” she questioned vaguely remember the stories Jasper told of Peter and Charlotte.

He nodded.

“You certainly got her quips. I’m not so sure the world could survive a vampiric Bella.”

“It’s Angel…” she reminded.

“Even worse…”

Bella sort of laughed.

“You may be right.”

“Alice… hmmm. Let’s just say she was my mate. When she first found me Alice said she saw me coming and waited for me. And yet she still chose Edward in the end. She did that by making the decision of backing him up. My wife chose what was easy instead of what was right. Then again… I did no better. I believed in Alice and followed that same destructive path. And now here we are… This family always assumed that nothing could tear us apart. Alice believed in this coven wholeheartedly. But all it took was one gutsy human standing up to a spoiled rotten vampire and the pieces all came crashing down. Edward was right from the very beginning. He should have steered clear of you little darlin’.”

Day six…

Jasper narrowed his eyes as he felt someone tugging at his pants. He was kicked back in the chair across from the bed Bella was sleeping in.


“You thirsty?”

The boy nodded.

“I hungry.”
“What would you like?”

“Cookies for breakfast?”

“Would mommy approve?”

Abel nodded assuredly causing Jasper to laugh.

“Well alright then. Why don’t we let Mommy sleep and we can see about finding some juice and cookies?”
Once Jasper got Abel’s juice and cookies he had him sit at the table to eat. While Abel ate Jasper picked up the conversation coming from the living room.

Why would you hide something like that from me?”

“I took the sample when she passed out the other day. I didn’t run it until last night. I’ve no reason to hide anything from you.”

“My wife is pregnant with another man’s child and I’m last to know. And only because I happened to stumble across the results myself! Is it not enough that my wife has betrayed me?!”


What am I supposed to do?”

“I wish I had the answer for that son.”

“I can’t do it.”

“And what would that be exactly?”

She’s just a child herself! She hasn’t any business raising another one! And I’ll be damned if I’m raising three humans! Two of them bastards at that!”


Like I said she’s a mere child herself. Her actions certainly prove as such!”

I’ve reason to believe that Bella isn’t even aware of the pregnancy.”

Good. That’ll make it easier to deal with.”

“You’re not suggesting that…”

“If she doesn’t know than it won’t truly matter. She needs her leg examined anyhow. That’d be the perfect opportunity. You can give her something… Put her out. Take care of the ‘situation’. There isn’t any reason to bring this to her attention. That’ll only bring more drama to the table.”

“Edward… What you’re asking of me… It’s…”

“It’s what?”

Jasper looked to the boy in thought. He hadn’t a clue how to go about this.

“Why don’t we take the cookies and juice to the bedroom with Mommy?”

The boy nodded as Jasper helped him gather what was left. The boy looked to him in surprise as they seemingly appeared in the bedroom. Jasper smiled and cut the boy a wink. He sat him down on the bed and reached over shaking Bella.

“Jasper?” she tiredly called out.

He nodded.

“Bad news darlin’…”

Once he revealed what he’d heard. Bella nodded with a broken mien. She ran her fingers through Abel’s blond hair and kissed his forehead. Tears formed within her eyes as she handed Abel over. “Keep your promise.” She reached over and took Jasper by the hand. “Take Abel back to Charming. To his family. Keep him safe.”

“I can’t have you facing this alone. We both know the outcome.”

Bella nodded and dropped his hand. She placed the diaper bag over his shoulder. Jasper’s eyes widened as he and Abel were sent flying out the bedroom window.

“I can only hold it for so long… Run Jasper and don’t look back.”

Back at the cabin…

Jax went through everything in the cabin. Once he saw that everything was accounted for he regarded Rose with true gratitude.
“Thank you.”

She nodded in return as Jax motioned for the guys to load everything up.

“How far is the house from here?”
“You’re looking at an half an hour or so. Depending on how fast you drive.”

“I’ll drive you wherever you want…” Juice flirtatiously threw out there as he smacked Rose on the ass and went back to loading the van.

“Really bro?” Jax muttered as he loaded a crate.

“Yeah, really…”

Jax sort of laughed, “What that woman sees in you is a mystery.”
“Well I am very mysterious…” He smarted in return and Chibs smacked him in the back of the head.


Opie stuffed another crate in his arms, “Must be the whole dominatrix thing. I bet you’re the bitch.”

Seriously?” Juice murmured as he placed the crate inside.

“You are aware of our remarkable hearing, right?” Rose called out as she eyed the boys down.

She made her way over and took Juice by the hand.
“Come on Juicy… I’m feeling thirsty.”

“Son of a bitch…” Bobby mumbled under his breath as Rose led Juice back into the cabin.

Jax sighed, “I gotta get Angel back so I can get laid.”

The door flung open and Edward looked to the window with derision.

“What did you do?!”

He started towards her and Bella held the shield for as long as she could. Once her body gave, he rushed over and lifted her off the bed.

“Don’t do this…” She murmured weakly.

“If you really love me Edward… you won’t…”
“What would you know of love?!” he replied bitterly.

She struggled in his hold as he carried her into another room. The lights in that specific room were so bright they blinded her.

“Please… I’m begging you. Don’t do this. Not again!”

He nodded upon Carlisle and the doctor sighed.

“I’m sorry Bella…”

She gasped out as they forced her into a gurney and strapped her in.

“No… Please… The least you could do is look at me!”

Carlisle closed his eyes on this and emptied a syringe into the IV he’d set up.

“Let’s give sometime for the drugs to take effect. We need to hunt anyhow. By the time we get back she’ll be ready for the D&C.”

Bella could barely make them out as her vision started to blur. She wanted to yell at the son of a bitch but was too weak. How dare he do this and not have the balls to look her in the eyes!

“I don’t want your mother or Emmett knowing about this. I mean it son. This stays between us.”

“We’ll get this taken care of. And find a way to bring her back.” He said as he patted Edward on the back after they finished getting her set up.

“And what if we can’t bring her back?”

“We will. I just need you to be patient and trust me.”

At the house…

“From the looks of things it’s just Esme. The others must be hunting. Meaning we gotta move fast. Get Bella and Abel out of there. If we can manage that before the others get back. I might have a plan… You…” Rose pointed to Jax “come with me… The rest of you keep on guard. They could be anywhere…”

The Sons nodded as Jax followed her into the house.

“You look for Bella and Abel. I’ll take care of Esme.” Rose whispered as she picked up Esme’s silhouette from the kitchen.

Jax took off as he quickly began his search. He froze when he finally came across the particular room. There she was… his Angel strapped to some fucking gurney. He entered the room with attentiveness.

“Not our baby…”

He heard her murmur as he worked quickly to free her of the IV and gurney.

“Not Jax’s… not our baby…”

“Hey…” he called out once he got her free.

“The baby killers want to take our baby too Jax.”

His heart sank as he feared the meaning behind those words.

“Where’s Abel, baby?”

Her eyes were batting about something fierce.

“Angel darlin’, I really need you to tell me where Abel is!”

“He went home.”

A moment of panic hit him.

“Home?” he questioned speculating what she meant exactly.

She nodded.

“I told Jasper to take Abel home. I know you’re waiting for him. Abel will be safe now. He’s with his family.”

Jax reared back in misperception. It’s was like she hadn’t a clue what was going on. Her eyes were closed and her words were slurring together like she’d been drugged.
“It’s me Angel… It’s Jax.”

He said as he picked her up and Rose peeked into the room.

“We gotta go . Now!”

He nodded and they rushed down the stairs and towards the front door. Jax looked to Rose in surprise as Esme’s body was lying on the floor in a very awkward position. It only added to the creep factor when the vampire blinked.

Go!” Rose reiterated as she shoved him out the door.

“I’m right behind you, just keep going! Whatever you do don’t stop!”

“Shit!” Juice called out from a distance as he witnessed Rose knocking Edward to the ground and just as he was reaching for Jax.

The two vampires rolled about the ground taking jabs at one another.

Jax propped Bella up against a tree. He drew back a breath as he caressed her cheek.

“What’d they do to her?” Juice called out with concern.

“NO!” Jax shouted as one of the vampires snatched him.

“Let him go, Rose!”

Rose directed her attention towards Emmett and Juice.

“That’s right… I know…”

She regarded her husband with utmost hatred. Jax nodded towards Happy and Opie as they had flamethrowers ready to go.

Emmett gestured towards Edward hintingly as he stared his wife down. Juice gritted his teeth and he let out an agonizing groan as Emmett brought him to his knees.

“I see that adultery has brought the two of you closer. Who’d have thought?” The burly vampire said with a growl towards Bella.

Jax gave the cue and Emmett hollered out as Happy and Opie set off the flamethrowers.

“JUICE!” Jax hollered as Emmett managed to grab ahold of him once more as he was set ablaze.

The vampire had his hand wrapped around Juice’s throat and forced him against a tree. Juice was gasping for air and his face began to blister and was peeling back as the fire spread. Emmett wouldn’t drop his hold. Rose knocked Emmett down. She brought Juice to the ground and used the dirt around them to put the fire out. She laid him down and looked to the others as if lost on what to do. The vampire looked back to Juice as if having some sort of inner struggle. This went against everything she ever said about being given a choice… But she couldn’t bare the idea of him dying. If he decided this isn’t what he wanted. She’d end him herself and only pray that he’d forgive her. “HEY!” The guys shouted as she took Juice’s wrist and bit down. Jax held his hands up comprehending what she was doing. He nodded giving her the go ahead as she continued in spreading her venom.

“I’m sorry…” Rose stated once she finished spreading her venom.

She caressed his cheek and promptly snapped his neck.
“WHAT THE FUCK?!” The guys shouted.

Jax shoved Chibs back as he was coming right for her.

“She had no choice! He was suffering! She ended it!”

As the guys circled Edward he only focused on one person and one only. Jax stood his ground before her.

“You’ll have to come through me first…”
Edward smiled.

“My pleasure…”

Jax instantly dropped down and used his body to shield Bella. The guys looked on in sheer amazement as Edward was suddenly stuck to a tree, with Jax’s knife through his sternum. Jasper nodded upon Rose as they teamed up and took both his legs. Edward hollered out in suffering. Jax peered over wondering what the fuss was all about. He reared back once he saw his blade sticking out of Edward’s chest. Jasper nodded upon Jax.

“All yours…” he declared as he slapped at his brother’s cheek.

Jax nodded and came to his feet. He made his way over and adjusted his Sons rings just right. He socked Edward across the face hurting his hand somewhat with the impact. But that didn’t stop the biker from punching the living shit out of the vampire a few more times. By the time he was done his knuckles were bloodied up but he didn’t give a shit. He nodded towards Opie.

“I’m gonna need your knife.”

Opie nodded and removed his knife from its sheath. He handed it over and Jax used it to cut through Edward’s clothing. The others laughed once they saw what Edward was packing. Jax cocked a brow at this.

“She must’ve been a virgin if you managed to get her pregnant with that…”

Jax tilted his head and swiftly used the blade to remove Edward’s dick. It landed on the ground and Jax stepped on it.

“As you can see I’m a man of my word.” He turned Angel’s direction as she cried out in her sleep again.

She mumbled something about ‘our baby’ once again and brought her hands along her stomach as if in protection. Edward hissed out at this and nodded towards someone as they were stepping out of the house.


Rose and Jasper turned seeing as how it was Carlisle. He had Esme in his arms with this distraught appearance to him. He recoiled as he took notice of Emmett as well.

“I think we’re done here, son.”
NO!” Edward shouted.

Edward jerked the knife out from his sternum and hit the ground face first. Jax nodded and brought his knee down on Edward’s back. He grabbed a fistful of his hair and jerked his head back.

“You will watch as they burn.”

Jasper nodded towards Rose but with a brokenhearted countenance. She gathered the hint and they both rushed over and grabbed ahold of Carlisle. Edward grimaced as Opie, Opie, Happy, and Bobby torched the vampire’s parentages. Jax rolled the vampire onto his back. He grabbed one of the AK47s. He lit a cigarette and popped it into his mouth as he fired all 75 rounds into the vampire. When he was done there was hardly anything left of the vampire. Parts of him were spread throughout. Jax motioned for everyone to back up. Chibs scooped Bella taking her with him.

Jax took a grenade launcher and aimed it towards the house. He looked towards Opie afterward.

“You got those marshmallows we promised our girl?”

“Sure do boss.”

Jax nodded as Opie opened a bag and tossed one over. Jax picked his knife up and put the marshmallow on the tip. He used the flames that were still going on Esme and Carlisle’s ashes. He roasted the marshmallow and stuffed it into what was left of Edward’s mouth. He watched as the lit marshmallow melted the remains of Edward’s face distorting it even more than it already was.

“Angel was never yours. Pieces of shit like you don’t deserve to even be around someone as amazing as her. The sad thing is, it wasn’t you being a vampire, it was that black dead heart. Your ashes may cool but I hope you burn for an eternity. Consider this the only concession you’ll ever get from me you motherfucker.” he said as he took he unfastened his pants and pissed on Edward’s remains.

Once the Sons had the remains taken care of; Jasper nodded towards a certain area.

“You can come out now…” he called out.

Jax narrowed his eyes as he saw his son crawling out from some nearby foliage, with his diaper bag and stuffed dinosaur in hand.


Jax smiled and full on relief washed over him. The man dropped to one knee with open arms.

“Hey little man…”

Abel wrapped his tiny hands around his father’s neck. Jax held him close finding it hard to let go.

“Ma-Meee sick!”

“Is that so?”

Jasper cleared his throat on this, “That’s because she’s cooking you a little brother or sister.”

Everyone, including Rose, staggered back in utter disbelief causing Jasper to smile. Jax however regarded Angel in shock. But it all made sense now. What she was saying back in that room and what Edward had meant about ripping the bastard out. Jax found himself tearing up a bit.

“We’re going to have a baby?” He alleged as if he were in a dreamlike state.

“Yes sir. Heard the heartbeat myself. Looks like you all got here just in time…” Jasper hinted.


“Life is mysterious like that…” Jasper replied with a simple shrug.

“Apparently so…” Jax murmured taken back.

Jax picked his son up and came to his feet. They all looked upon Juice solemnly.

“You wanna explain that or should I?” Jasper said with a nod towards Rose.

She rolled her eyes.

“Juicy is going to be just fine. He’s just going to have a whole new appetite when he wakes. All the more reason it might be best if I take him out of your hair for now. He’s going to need some tough loving.”

Jasper and Rose looked to one another as if having some sort of silent conversation. The major did a slight bow upon her. “Not here.” He professed with a nod towards Abel.

Rose nodded as Jasper started walking.
“What’s going on?” Jax questioned as he took her by the arm.

“He has to pay…”

Jax looked to be in thought as Rose jerked out of his hold.


They both turned seeing as how that came from Bella. She was reaching out to someone and they looked over seeing as how it was Jasper. He was walking towards the still engulfed house. Jasper turned towards her with a smile and waved goodbye as he set himself aflame. Bella screamed out and Jax handed Abel over to Chibs. He rushed over and came to his knees before her as she was crawling towards the house. Jax grabbed ahold of her.

“He saved us…” she cried as he pulled her into his chest.

Jax regarded the house in thought as he rocked her back and forth doing his best to console her.

“Why couldn’t I save him?! It wouldn’t work!” She shouted in hysterics.

Jax pulled back looking her in the eyes as he moved a strand of hair from her face.

“Maybe it was time he saved himself…”

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