Chapter 14 Home Sweet Home

Chapter 14

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Once Hank leaves the room Bella rolls over. The both of them merely gaze upon one another. Logan gently reaches out and puts a hand to her cheek. That’s all it took. Logan jumped to his feet; from the chair he was sitting on and grabbed hold of her. Bella was losing it big time.

“It’s alright. I got yah now darlin’.”

She was crying so hard she was choking a bit. Bella squeezed the hell out of him as if afraid to let go. Logan let her get it out. He wasn’t about to tell her not to cry. He wanted to fucking cry himself as it was. She’d literally gone through fucking hell. She’d be lucky to have her sanity… That was another thing he knew he’d have to help her with. There was no way in hell she was going to be that same girl again. Things like that change you. He for one knew that better than anyone.

“I’m sorry…”

He pulls back looking upon her perplexed.

“Now why yah sorry darlin’?”

“I failed you! I fucked it all up Logan. I’m so sorry!”

“Now why the hell would yah go and think something like that.”

“Come on Logan we both know; I’d have died if you hadn’t been there!”

“Now yah listen to me lil darlin’. Even I need help from time to time. There is no shame in that. Wolverine can’t do everything on his own and neither can you. I for one couldn’t be fucking prouder. Bella yer one tough gal. I gotta say I’ve never been so damn impressed. As young as yah are and yah hadn’t an inkling of experience in how to survive like that. But yah did! I followed yer tracks I found the cave and all the signs yah left. That’s how I found yah. That takes some smarts to even think of those things. Yah could’ve died before those men even got to yah. But yah didn’t because yer a fighter. Even with those men. I heard yah… you gave them hell.” He says with a smirk.

“And yah took out a handful of them. Nicely done. Yah did just what I asked of yah. Bella you didn’t go down without a fight. And it was one hell of one. All I did was show up at the tail end of it and finished it off. Yer forgetting the most important thing.”

He leans over and kisses her forehead.

“We’re a team remember. I never meant for yah to think; yah had to do it all on yer own. I’ve got yer back always. I’m just sorry I was didn’t get there sooner. I wish I could have prevented yah going through so much fucking hell.”

“I cracked Logan. I lost my shit. I fucking bawled like a baby out there. I’d never been so ashamed of myself. I gave them exactly what they wanted. They wanted to make me freak out and I did. It’s just… when he put that gun in my mouth…” She grimaced.

Logan shut his eyes for a moment. He knew there were something’s he wouldn’t know about. That was one of them. He was sure there was a stack of bullshit other than that.

“There is no shame in that Bella! I mean it now. Yah think I haven’t had my moments of freaking the fuck out. Hell you haven’t even seen me in my full on berserker state yet! Now I was pretty damn close at that base.”

Another thing that had been on his mind the entire time… he just wasn’t sure how to ask. He wanted to be respectful. The thought however, was killing him.

“Bella I don’t want yah thinking yah can’t tell me something…” He tried his damnest to hint.

“Yah know if someone did something to yah… like having their way…”

Bella grew pale for a moment. Logan damn near passed out at her reaction.

“Who…” He said trying to keep his rage intact.

She shook her head.

“It wasn’t that; not exactly. The one guy was a bit hands on and rough. It wasn’t those guys though. It was what I woke up to; after they took me. When I first realized how royally fucked I truly was.”

“Whattaya mean?”

She knew it wasn’t her fault, but she’d been fighting with the guilt since. She tried not to think about it. Still the mere idea made her feel like she’d dishonored Logan in some way.

“It’s what Edward was doing.” She looked to the floor.

“When I first woke.” Her hands balled up into fist.

A few tears hit her bare legs.

Logan snarled back.

“Did he…” He whispered so not to add to her misery if he had. Nor would that change how Logan felt about Bella. He’d simply torture the motherfucker and end his very existence. The mere idea of anyone having their way with Bella. It made Logan want to take on an entire army.

She took in a breath.

“He lost both heads before he could pull anything else…”

He raised a brow on this.

“Yah mean…”

She nodded.

He chuckles a bit shaking his head.

“He should’ve known better… idiot.”

“No one “hurt” me Logan she emphasized.”

He nodded feeling relieved somewhat, but still he wished he’d had been the one to set Edward straight. Logan ran his hands along her thighs. He looked her over seeing that her body was completely healed now. Logan however, was getting a really good look at her now. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but something was different about her. He looked back into her eyes realizing what it was.

“Yer eyes are blue now…”

She looked to him oddly.

He tilted his head a bit really getting a good look. He couldn’t get over how lovely they were. Around her pupils was a thin blast of snowy white around that was Arctic blue. Logan thought she had beautiful eyes even before. This just caught him off-guard.

“Huh… Yer eyes damn near look like the Arctic themselves.”

“How’s that possible?”

He shrugs and hands her a metal medical plate. She looks upon her reflection.

“That’s crazy!”

Bella freezes as she hands the mirror back. She half laughs in misery as it dawned on her.

“We have to go back.”
He looks upon her as though she’s completely lost her shit.

“The hell we are!”

Bella sighs and pinches her eyes shut for a moment.

“Because of the avalanche… I never got to burn the bodies Logan. They could find a way to reattach. Then I have to start the fuck over! I really don’t want to have to kill those bitches again!”

“Yah telling me you survived avalanche, two vampires, and supposedly a freaking bear. Hell not to mention the climate alone?!”

“Don’t forget the pack of wolves…”

“Wolves? I didn’t pick that up.”
“It had been a day or so before I left.” She looks to Logan in thought.

“Logan? The animals rather act strange around me. Like the bear for instance. It was crazy the damn thing was my roommate for a couple nights. Granted the thing was moody as hell, but it was the craziest thing. In a way I think he saved me from the wolves. Yet, I could have sworn the wolves were frightened of me the moment they picked up my scent. Unless maybe they already smelled the bear.”

Logan grins smugly. Then raises a hand as if he were in class.

“Actually, that’d be me darlin’. We’re mated. They smelled me on yah. In some ways, I’d be considered the alpha of most predators. Crazy I know, but it’s just one more of those strange things about my mutation. Like yer buddy Jake. He was smart enough to know better. He backed down pretty quick. Can’t say much for the alpha of those idiotic shifters. They can sense you’re mated to a predator; one that could do some serious damage.
He sighs wrapping his arms around her waist.

She looks to be in thought.

“I suppose that makes more sense. I was at a loss.” She thinks of the bear realizing she rather missed the furry beast.

“So a bear came to yer rescue?”

“In an odd way… yeah I think it did.”


“What about the bodies Logan? We seriously can’t risk it.”

“Fine, we’ll set out to go searching this weekend, but for now yer resting. Yah and I can go body searching later.”

They both knew they needed to talk about the main issue now.

“How do yah feel about having my healing factor?”

“Honesty, I don’t even know what that all means for certain Logan.”

“I don’t either… But I guess it’s a learning experience for the both of us.”

“So I can take bullets and stuff?”

He frowns, not sure he wanted to test the theory.

“I don’t really want to push the testing too far. But yah can take a cut and heal. Hank tried it for himself.”

“He cut me?!”

Logan softly chuckles.


She looks to him with the one question in mind.

“Do I still age though…” She questions almost timidly.

“I’m not sure. Hank seems to think you won’t age. I suppose we’ll find out in a few years.”

She softly laughs and hits him in the arm. Still the idea of her growing old than him bothered her.

“What happens if I do age?”

“Whattaya mean exactly?”

“Well are you going to want a 60 year old wife?”
Logan takes her hands into his.

“If yah were a hundred years old and wrinkled all over. I’d still be just as in love with yah. Darlin’ when I said that you were mine that’s what I meant. That’d just make you a cougar later on…”


“Come on now yer the one mated to a man half yer age. I suppose I should be asking you how you feel about that.”

She bites her lower lip a bit. He cocks a brow at this. She runs a hand along his chest.

“Kind of hot having a sugar daddy.”

He chokes back a bit.

“Don’t I have to be rich for that?”

“It’s never too late Logan. I’m still waiting.” She taunts.

He chuckles a bit.

“I’m glad yer back and I’ll work on being rich and all.”

She blushed a bit and kicks her feet about.

“You really should. I could lose interest you know.”
He leans into her ear.

“No one loses interest in the Wolverine.” He whispers.

He swallows back as she gets a good grip on him again.

“In all seriousness. I want to be your equal Logan. Meaning in each way… I heard what you said Logan. I’m marrying you for a reason. Because I want to spend the rest of my life with you. The more years I can get all the better.”

He nods and presses his forehead against hers.

“Selfishly, I was hoping you’d feel that way. I just don’t wanna go forcing anything on yah. This is yer life to darlin’.”

“God I missed you.” She says softly.

“I love you Logan… I feared I might not ever get to tell you that again.”

“I love you too and even I feared the same. Yah need to know that even I have my moments. We all do.”

She takes in a breath.

“You know what I want?”

“What’s that?”

“A nice warm bath, a six pack of beer, like three burgers and a large fry, and a night of never ending sex, then I want to pass out for days on end.”

Logan grins.

“A woman after my own heart! I’m sure I can arrange something.”

He helps her down and starts taking out the needles. While Bella rips the heart monitors from her body. They exit the wing and start towards their room. Bella freezes as she sees construction being done in the building.


He sighs forgetting she hadn’t known yet.

“Right after you were kidnapped. The school was attacked.”
“NO! Logan!”

“Now calm down. Everyone’s fine and we kicked their little pansy asses.”

“So everyone’s ok?”

“Yes darlin’.”
She takes in a breath of relief. However, Bobby and Gambit are coming down the other hallway and they hear Bella.

“So… you mean I missed the chance to beat the shit out of those fuckers?! Son of a bitch!”

Logan raises a brow upon her.

“Ma Belle?”

She turns to see the boys. Gambit takes in a breath.

“Yeah you missed one hell of a fight!” He says with a wink.

“Yeah you did.” Bobby agrees.

“Glad to see you’re back.” Gambit says with a nod.

“Yeah we all missed you. Not the same without someone clogging the hell out of Remy every hour or so.”

Bella softly laughs.

“I can imagine.”

“I must say, even I miss the abuse ma belle.”

Gambit utters and gives a slight bow before exiting the building. Bobby shakes his head. He reaches over and hugs Bella. He then follows Gambit out.

“Damn kid can’t help himself. I swear I’d have my claws to his damn neck and he’d still try to hump you.”

“That’s like really gross Logan.”

He chuckles and opens the door for her. Bella freezes at the entrance. She covers her mouth at the massive bouquets of flowers. Logan grins watching her reaction.

“Where’d these come from?”

“The academy darlin’. Yah were missed…”

She makes her over seeing flowers from damn near everyone.

“There all so beautiful. I can’t believe they did this. They really shouldn’t have.”

“I wasn’t the only one missin’ yah.”

As she raises back up Logan wraps his arms around her waist. She leans back against him.

“I didn’t get yah flowers.” He admits.

She laughs.

“Yeah well you were a tad busy. So you’re forgiven.”

“Let me run you that bath. Get yah a beer started.”

“Sounds perfect.”

He pecks her on the neck before dropping his hands. Bella looks around the room. She felt rather odd like she wasn’t sure what to do. It had only been a few days, but she’d grown a bit accustomed to nature itself. This felt strange to her now.

What are you doing here American?!

The memory of the gun being placed into her mouth. Then the gun going off…

“Bella…?” She jumped as he put his hand upon her shoulder.

“I didn’t mean to frighten yah.”

She swallows back and takes in a breath.

“Yah ok?”

Bella nods, but Logan heard her heart rate and knew she wasn’t. It was racing something fierce. He sighs knowing it’d take her a bit to overcome the trauma she went through. Bella takes off the gown they had her in. She steps into the tub and sits down. She lowers herself in and leans back.

Logan opens her beer and hands it over. She laughs as he places down the remaining five by the tub.

“That’s two from the list…” He says as he lights his cigar.

“Thanks.” She says and toast her beer his direction.

“You might not be too happy about the drinking part.”
“Why’s that?”
“Well yer gonna have a higher tolerance now with the whole healing thing. Can be a pain in the ass at times.”
She takes in a breath.

“Awesome… anything else?”

He chuckles a bit.

“Yeah… I’ll get yah something stronger on the way back.”


“Yah wanted some burgers and fries…”

She smiles and shakes her head.

“Just relax Logan. I’m fine.”
“It won’t take me long.” He says and leans down kissing her lips.

“I’ll be right back.”

Bella nods. Logan opens Bella another beer before heading out. He tosses her empty one in the trash.

“Just be here when I get back…” He says with his back turned to her.

“Sir yes sir.” She says and salutes him.
He grins and exits the room. He locks up good before he heads out.

Bella takes in a breath and ducks herself under the water. She shuts her eyes and stays under for a bit. The warmth was inviting. She comes up and starts to wash her hair. She wrinkled her nose realizing just how much girlie maintenance her body needed.

After Bella’s done with her shower she gets into one of Logan’s shirts. She slips into a pair of panties. Bella puts up the beer and starts on her third. She kicks back in Logan’s brown leather recliner.

Logan walks in the door and he tosses his keys onto the table. Bella was passed out in his chair; beer still in hand. He quietly makes his way over. Logan grabs the beer afraid she’d drop it and spill it. Bella’s eyes shoot open and she grits her teeth. She grabs him roughly by the wrist and her claws appear. She drops her hand and covers her mouth as she fully gathers her surroundings.

“Jesus Logan!”

“Yah alright there?”

She nods.

“I’m sorry…”

“Don’t be…” He hands her a big bag of burgers and fries.

“This is all for me?”

“Three burgers and fries.”

He sits his food down at the table. Bella make her way over to the table as well.

“That’s a good look for you by the way…”
She blushes a bit.

“Looks better on you then me that’s for damn sure.”

Bella takes one bite of her burger and leans back as if in heaven. Logan smirks and watches as she devours her food.

“So what did yah eat…?” He hints curiously.

She laughs a bit remembering her first attempt at hunting. Bella tells him the story about the fox and how it stole her first prey. He was shocked to hear about the caribou. Then of course she told him about the rabbit and how she lived off the trail mix and jerky as well.

“Yah should have eaten the bear!”

“Easy now Logan that’s my roommate you’re talking bout!”

They both laugh.

“Strange though, I actually miss the ill-tempered cuss.”

Logan narrows his eyes deciding to mess with her a bit.

“Did yah cuddle or something?”

Bella tosses a fry at him.

“Watch it Logan.”

“Just wonderin’ if I needed to be jealous.”

Logan tells her about the Volturi and the battle that took place. He also told her about Aro. She wanted to gag. He laughed at her reaction.

“Please tell me you burned those panties.”

He laughs again.

“Ugh that’s jacked up.”

Once they’re done eating. Logan hops into the shower. Bella cleans up the table. Her hands still trembled a bit as the recalls continued to taunt her. She washes a few dishes that were in the sink and dries them off putting them away.

She then leaned back against the counter in thought. She dreaded going back. But she knew she had to. There was no way she could risk those two somehow coming back. At least this time she’d have Logan by her side. That somewhat made the thought more bearable. Logan comes out of the bathroom. Her eyes dart over as she breathes him in. He still had drops of water running down his chest. He had a white towel wrapped around him.

Complete lust washed over her. Damn near floored her. He sat at the dining room. He’d reached over for one of his cigars. She pushed the box away as she straddled his lap. He let out a stunned moan as Bella began to lick the remaining drops of water off his chest. Logan instantly swayed his hips off the chair. Bella unbuttoned the shirt she was wearing. His mouth latched on to her breasts he feverishly sucked and licked on them. His hands along the slope of her back. She rocked herself against him. He was already coming out of his towel ready to go. She kissed and nipped along the crevice of his neck. Logan pulled her panties to the side and guided her onto him. Her body automatically reacted to him. Bella bit upon her bottom lip. Bringing out the animal in Logan as he caught his. He latched onto her hips and rocked her even harder about him. He vainly loved the way she kept coming against him. It felt so good. He never wanted it to end. The both of them locked eyes off and on. She arched back and Logan ran his hands along her breasts down her tummy and moved them along her waist. He couldn’t get enough of her body he touched whatever he could reach. Logan continued to feel her releasing. He breathed it in like a drug. Logan was far too backed up to last any longer. He intensely slammed her against him Bella let out a cry of pure ecstasy as she yet again; came all along his throbbing cock and legs. He too had filled her up to the brim.

When they were done. Bella didn’t move she just lay against his chest. He ran his fingers through her hair. Once she fell asleep he carried her to bed. Logan tucked her in then kicked back in his recliner with one of his cigars. Logan’s eyes never left her as she slept. He was afraid to look away. Like she’d merely vanish right before his very eyes…

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