Chapter 20 Unfinished Business

Chapter 20

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They’d been home for a little over a week now. Giving them not only time to recuperate, but time to exchange stories. Logan was couldn’t believe the sheer amount of shit; Bella had gone through. Likewise, for Logan; when he finally told her everything about his brother. He even told her about Silverfox. The poor guy looked damn near ill; the entire time he spoke of Victor Creed. She couldn’t believe someone like that was Logan’s brother. Then again Logan was no peach. He too had his skeletons. Only when it came to his past; with Bella he was very forward. He only felt it was right; she knew exactly who it was she was marrying. Logan often enough was a ruthless killing machine. He too had blood on his hands. He also had his moments; though nothing in comparison to the monster his brother was.

Bella was also helping Logan with the class now; rather than being an actual student. She’d advanced far too much; to even be considered a student. Even if Logan still toyed with the idea; of the mere fantasy off and on. She’d also been spoiling him; with home cooked meals as of late. Still there were times Logan would look upon her in complete awe. He still couldn’t believe this was that same girl; he picked up at a bar in Forks.

Only at the moment, they’d snuck off into one of the classrooms. This time, Logan made certain there were no surprise guests and he locked the door. They’d gone to some benefit for the academy not long ago. Logan was still in his black suit and tie. Bella dragged him by the tie; then shoved him into the chair; at the teacher’s desk. He folded his arms about his chest. He cocked a brow as she made her way over; to the student’s desk. She sat on the desk. She was wearing a black skirt and baby blue buttoned blouse. Bella arched back giving him the ultimate fantasy. She had pulled her black panties to the side. She began to play with herself; giving him the perfect show.

He literally gawked upon her. Teasingly, she unbuttoned her blouse with her free hand. Logan thought he’d rip through his pants he grew so rigid. His hips lifted off the chair a bit; in a bucking motion the longer he watched. His teeth ground together as he was driven with sensitivity. He wiggled his index finger. His eyes locked with hers. She made her way off the table. As she came around he unfastened his pants. He could barely breath he was so aroused. He was already dripping with come.

“Suck it…” He said in a demanding yet pleading voice. One that struck a lustful chord within Bella.

She came to her knees and he held her hair back. His eyes shut at the warmth of her mouth around him.

“Good girl. Keep going…” He egged on.

He loved watching her lips moving back and forth along him. He throbbed in her mouth.

“Thattaya girl… I wanna come in that sweet mouth of yours.” His gruff demanding voice had Bella running all down her legs.

“There’s no way in hell I’d have survived being yer actual teacher. FUCK! I’d have fucking taken yah against this desk.” He declares firing a load into her mouth.

“I need to fuck yah now, Bella!”

He picks her up and places her on the desk. Bella quickly covers her mouth as she cries out. She started to climax the moment he placed himself inside her.

“Fuck me Logan baby. Show me how you’d have taken me!” She couldn’t believe what just came out of her mouth. She blushed a bit. Logan however, had a huge grin on his face. He absolutely loved it. A sensual growl escaped his lips. He slams himself inside her hard as he can. Use to he’d fear hurting her. He no longer had to concern himself with that issue. So he gave her his all. At times they’d go hours on end. He’d keep tabs on just how much he could get her off in one day. Often enough he’d lose count. He quickly pulled himself out and grabbed her hand. He wrapped it around his erected self. He motioned what he wanted from her. She began to stroke him.

“Fuuccck…” He said behind a gasp as he came within the first few rubs.

What he didn’t expect to see was Bella leaning over and shooting it across her tits. Something about that was a huge turn on. A smirk came about his face.

“You wanna know what the irony to all this is?”

“What’s that?” She says cleaning herself off.

“When we were having sex back at that hotel… I remembered thinking that whoever yah ended up with; was going to be one lucky bastard.”

Bella has a good laugh at this.

“Oh really?”

He nods.

“I just never dreamed it’d be me.”

He says with a grin and pulls up his pants. She fixes his shirt and tie. She leans into his ear.

“We’re just using one another remember?”

He chuckles.

“That’s right. I damn near forgot.”

He buttons her shirt back up. They try to look somewhat presentable; as they step back out of the room.

“Count them and make certain…”

Rogue nods as Bella pays for the food. They were having a Christmas party for the students. Xavier had sent Bella and Rogue to gather the food. After Bella pays she turns around. To see none other than Jean Grey entering the door.

“It’s all here.” Rogue says happily, but that soon faded.

“What’s she doing here?” Rogue ridiculed bitterly.

Jean flinched at her words. That’s right you’re not so loved now bitch. Bella found herself thinking.

“Go on to the truck now.”
“But Kodiak!” Rogue complained.

“Go on now…”

“Kodiak?” Jean questions.

“Only I can call her that!” Rogue snaps and grabs the food. She then cuts Jean a go to hell look and exits the restaurant.

Bella takes in a breath.

“It seems you and I have some unfinished business.”

Jean shakes her head.

“Believe it or not that’s not why I’m here.”

“Then why are you? Isn’t this a little upscale even for you princess?” Bella says looking around the barbeque joint they were in.

“I see the attitude hasn’t changed.”

“Dually noted…” Bella hisses.

“So why are you here?”

Bella narrows her eyes towards Logan’s truck. She sees Magneto and Mystique approaching it. Bella looks back to Jean as it’s all coming together.


Bella starts to rush out the door. Jean grabs her arm.

“Drop it Ginger! By the way… you and I… we’re far from done… I wouldn’t go out walking alone if you get my drift. You never know; what might be lurking within the shadows.”

Jean sighs and drops her hold. Bella steps outside. She rushes over to the truck and yanks Rogue out of the seat.

“Whatever you’re selling; we’re not buying. Now back the fuck up and get lost!”

“Easy now we just want to talk. We thought if we brought along an old friend. You might be more persuaded to hear our cause.”
“That’s no friend of mine. And I’ve heard all I need to know. And I’m no sell out so move along!” Bella keeps a firm grasp on Rogue. Magneto takes a step towards Rogue.

“That’s enough. One more step; that’s all it takes to piss me the fuck off!”

Bella stares upon Magneto and Mystique.

“That goes double for you Jean!”

Bella could feel her presence.

“Now I’m taking my friend here. We will be leaving without any trouble. Understood?”

“We didn’t come here to fight.”

“Good, cause I’d sure hate to fuck up your day.”

Bella doesn’t drop her hold on Rogue. She leads her towards the driver seat.

“You know how to drive?”

“Um yeah…” Rogue looks to her confused.

Bella nods and hands her the keys.

“Pedal to the metal no matter what happens.”

Rogue narrows her eyes. Bella hops into the cab of Logan’s truck. She pats the truck; as the signal. Rogue puts the truck in reverse and backs out. Bella keeps her eyes on the trio. She tilts her head upon Jean and blows her a kiss. Jean narrows her eyes as something comes straight for her. She catches it and her eyes widen as it’s a blue butterfly. Its wings even flap in the palm of her hand. Bella smiles as the butterfly burst and it sends Jean flying back. Bella giggled to herself. The look on their faces was priceless. Once they’re within safe distance Bella crawls into the passenger window.

Rogue starts to laugh as they’re a block away from the mansion.

“I wanna be like yah when I grow up Kodiak.”
Bella dies in laughter.

“You’re only two years younger than me Rogue.”



“You and Logan are the only ones that can call me that.”

Bella beams at this.

“In fact if you call me Rogue again; I’m gonna be mad.”

“I’m shaking in my boots.”

“You had better be!”

Bella smiles as she pulls into the parking lot. They hop out of the truck.

“You going to tell Logan about Jean?”

“I’ll let you do that.”

Rogue’s jaw drops.

“I’m kidding.”

Bella tosses a bag Rogue’s way.

“That’s not even funny.”
“Sure it is you should have seen your face!”

“He’s like downright scary when he’s mad.”

Bella laughs and grabs a few bags. They head on inside and start setting up with Storm. Xavier comes out of his office. He waves Bella over. Bella nods and makes her way over.

“Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.”

“I do apologize. I’d have not sent you if…”

“So you saw.”

He nods again looking to her apologetically. Xavier looks to her with concern.

“What is it?”

“It’s Jean. I’m afraid there is no getting her back.”

Bella looks to Xavier in wonder. Something about the look on his face; made her take his hand into her own.

“Xavier?” She said softly.

“A war is sure to come. One of many casualties I’m afraid.”

Xavier nods.

“Perhaps the biggest we’ve ever seen.”

Chills ran down her spine as he went back into his office. Logan nodded towards her as he came down the hall.

“What did Chuckles want?”

“That’s just it… I’m not sure.”

Logan kisses her on the lips.

“So what took yah so long?”

He says as he starts walking towards the lounge area.

“Oh you know… A little visit with the Brotherhood of Mutants, no biggie.”

He stops in his tracks and turns to face her.

“Oh one other minor detail…” Bella tosses a fry in her mouth and chews. She swallows before finishing her sentence.

“That little hot tamale ginger of yours…. That’s where she ran off to!” Bella says all exuberant like. She pats Logan on the shoulder.

“So we had a blast.”

Logan was trembling all over.

“None of them hurt yah?”

“We’re fine Logan baby.”

Logan nods, but heads to their room. He comes out with his jacket on and keys in hand.

“Where you off to?”

“Ta set Jean’s mind right! She should know better.”

“So a suicide mission? And why you Logan?”

“She used to be all about the children! She needs to be reminded of who she once was.”

“That’s right Logan… WAS… Don’t you see the bigger picture? This is who she is now. She doesn’t want to be saved. Just how many times are you and Scott going to grovel to this bitch and her needs? You really want to go get involved in all this; with some simple prayer; of bringing her back? Then what?”

“I don’t want her back here darlin’. But her being in the hands of the Brotherhood… that’s sure death for us all.”

“So what do you suggest? Because, I’m damn sure not kissing her ass!”

Logan sighs.

“So she’s got the Brotherhood now? Woopdeefuckingdooo! If you all keep treating Jean as if this goddesss, to be frightened of; that’s exactly how she’s going to act! I don’t give a fuck if she’s the strongest mutant that ever lived. I don’t coward down to NO ONE! She’s got one hell of a fight if she even thinks; I’m going to play that game.”

Xavier wheels out of his office at this point. Scott and Storm look up already having heard every word Bella said.

“Why do you think she acts the way she does?”

She questions looking directly upon Xavier now.

“You’ve all put her on this pedestal. Even now through everything she’s done. Your fear alone sets you back.” Bella turns back to Logan.

“And since when the fuck does The Wolverine back down; from anything?!”

Bella turns her back to them and looks back to the students. They were they’re lining up to eat.

“I agreed to become an X-Men for one reason and one only… Hope…”

Bella walks away joining the students and Hank. The other three look to Xavier. However, Xavier was looking upon Bella and with a smile planted on his face. He gives a simple nod to the others and heads to his office. Scott and Logan for once shared the same confused expression.

Bella was kicked back on the bed. She’d just got through cleaning up the room. The door opens. She giggles as Logan’s dragging in a Christmas tree. She covers her mouth as he cocks a brow her way.

“Yah gonna help or laugh lil darlin’?”

She continues to laugh, but helps him load it inside.

“I think it’s too big.”


He heads back into the hall and carries a big box inside. He sits it down on the recliner.

“What yah laughing about?”
“I just never pegged you for the festive type.”

“I’m not.” He says with a shrug.

He begins to sit up the tree. A mischievous grin comes about her face.

“Um Logan…”

“I’m Jewish.”

He stops and looks up from what he’s doing.

“And yer full of crap too…”

She laughs and starts helping him string up the lights. She saw that everything he had he’d just bought everything was still in the packages.

“Did you get this all today?”

He nods.

“I figure yah’d like a tree.” He says as if that explains everything.

She covers her mouth in thought. He’d done all this for her. She swallowed back and looked upon him speechless.

“Yah alright there?”

She nodded and started putting on the ornaments. She opened one of the boxes. It was a polar bear with the name Kodiak engraved on it’s green scarf.

“Did you have this made?”

He shrugged again; as if none of this was that big of a deal.

“Logan…” She says softly looking around to everything.

“I can’t believe you did all this.”

She holds the bear in her hand.

“It’s our first Christmas together…”

She places the bear on the tree making it the first ornament. She felt entirely girlie now as she thought she’d cry. She couldn’t believe he’d gone all out like this. Something came over her as she reached over and hugged his neck. He softly chuckles. She kisses him and goes back to decorating the tree.

“Thank you…” She says tenderly.

He nods and helps her finish up the tree. Once their done they put everything up. Logan then cuts off the lights and plugs in the tree. They had it done in mostly silver ornaments with sapphire blue lights.

“It’s very pretty.”

“So I did good?”

She smiles and turns around facing him.

“Yes.” He nods and he plops himself down in the recliner.

“Good, now will yah be a dear and bring me a beer?”

She rolls her eyes and pops him on the arm. He grins and pulls her into his lap. He kisses her. He then looks to her in thought.

“Did yah call yer old man darlin’?”

She nodded against his chest.

“He has to work. He was rather bummed out about not being able to come down. I figured we could visit him in the next week or so. It’s harder for him to get down here.”

“Whenever yer ready; just let me know.”

He breathes her in; he goes to kiss along her neck, but freezes. He narrows his eyes again and breathes her in even deeper.

“Logan that tickles…” She says squirming in his hold.

He continues to breathe her in. Logan twirls her around in his lap.

“Logan?” She questions as he continues to sniff out her body.

“What are you doing?!”

“Yer different…”

“What do you mean?”

“Yer scent… It’s different somehow.”

He looks to her peculiarly. She giggles as he puts his nose to her stomach. He takes in the deepest of breathes.


He his eyes go wild for a moment. He presses his head gently against her tummy. His heart races and something comes over his body. He literally buries his nose into her crotch. He comes back up wide eyed.

“Ok seriously stop that! You’re just freaking me out!”

“Bella…” He says looking upon her in utter amazement.

He runs his fingers through his hair.

“I think maybe we should go see Hank.”

“What has come over you?!”

He doesn’t answer. He comes to his feet and places her down. Logan takes her hand leading her straight to Hank’s room. He bangs loudly on the door.

“Jesus Logan… ever think he might be asleep?”

“Why do ya think I did it so hard?”

She sighs wishing she knew what was going on. Hank opens the door.

“I need yah to check Bella out fer me.”

“Are you alright?” Hank questions looking directly upon Bella.

“I’m fine. It’s him that’s lost it. Maybe you should check him out instead. Like a psych eval…?”

Logan shakes his head.

“Nah… I’m pretty certain of this. But I wanna see what Hank says first!”


Hank grabs his glasses and runs his fingers through his wiry azure fur.

“Very well, let’s go get you checked out my dear.”

Logan damn near drags Bella into the lab area.

“Are you going to tell me what the hell has come over you?!” She snaps.
He shrugs and picks her up. He sits her on the metal table. Logan kisses her forehead and pulls back folding his arms about his chest.

“So this is how we’re spending our Christmas? Having lab work done on me?” She questions as Hank sets her up. He sticks the needle and takes a blood sample.

Logan shrugs.

Hank then does a full physical on Bella. Logan stands back and watches every move curiously.

“She seems quite alright to me. Anything particular you were looking for?”

Logan half smiles.

“Let’s just wait for that lab work.”

“I can run it now if you like.”

“We’ll wait.”

Hank nods and takes the sample. They watch as he heads out of the room.

“Are you going to tell me what this is about?!”

“Just a hunch.”

“It’s my body damn it! Now spill it!”

He sighs and makes his way over. Logan wraps his arms around her.

“Sucking up isn’t going to help!”


Hank enters the room after about 20 minutes or so. He too sharing that same grin; Logan wore.

“Oh my stars and garters…”

Hank pulls up a chair across from Bella. He takes her hand and pats it.

“My dear, I do believe you’re pregnant.”

Bella starts laughing.

“Funny doc… I could have sworn you said I was pregnant.”

“That’s because I did.”

Logan’s grin becomes even bigger. He runs his fingers through his hair. He then covers his face for a moment. He starts to chuckle. Bella looked on with astonishment. She couldn’t believe how Logan was reacting to this. She pictured him throwing stuff, rampant, and cussing about how senseless this was. He was reacting the exact opposite. The man looked overjoyed.

Meanwhile, Bella was freaking the fuck out. They weren’t even married yet, Xavier made mention of a war, and what is the product of Bombshell and Wolverine? Her heart damn near flew out of her chest. She swallowed back as her palms began to sweat. She looks to Hank wide eyed and innocently.

“How’d this happen?!”

Hank’s the one cocking the brow this time. Logan covers his mouth trying not to lose it.

“I happen to have some very educational videos; if you so wish.” Hank offers.

Logan dies in laughter.

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