Chapter 25 The Truth

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“I’m so sorry.” Bella? He feels his body jerk to the sound of her voice.

He tries to pry his eyes open. Desperately, he wanted to look upon her. What can’t I open my eyes?! He feels her kiss his hand. The warmth of her fingers grazing across his forehead. Her lips touching against his. Even felt what seemed to be tears fall upon his face.

Bella baby… please don’t cry.

“God Dick please…” He hears her suck in a breath she sounded to be crying harder now.

Bella baby I’m right here. His heart raced in confusion.

“You have to wake up. You can’t do this to me. Don’t you dare even think about giving up. You fight! Fight dammit! I love you and I’m not giving up on you, so don’t even think about giving up on me.”

I’m not baby I promise. I’m trying to wake up. Why can’t I WAKE UP! Why can’t I talk?! I feel the words on my lips, but cannot speak. Where am I? What’s going on?!

Who’s that? He wonders feeling someone taking his other hand. He feels tears running down his palm, but who’s. Why won’t my eyes open?

“Bella… ” Wait Bruce? Is that you Bruce!

“You should know that the reason Dick moved out had nothing to do with you. It was me. I used you as a target, my own self defense mechanism to blame someone anyone, but myself or my son. I had said something’s that I knew were not true. I knew this even as I said it. I used my son’s love for you as an excuse for all things wrong as of late. The truth is however, none of these things could have been controlled. All I did was add fire to the flame and go back against everything I had taught him. He caught me on it and I knew it, but instead of admitting to it. I let him walk out that door without so much as an apology or admitting the way I really felt. He might not ever see me as a father. However, to me he will always be my son.”

You’re wrong Bruce. I’m sorry I should have told you. I know I’ve said the you’re not my father line a few times. That’s not true though. Bruce I couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather have as a father other than you.

“I wanted to blame you for my son having the courage to do something I should have done a long time ago. But once I put on that cape and became Batman. I made a sworn oath to myself to never ever take a life, no matter the circumstances. I’d vowed to keep that oath and always have. You see I wanted to kill Joker. There’s so many things wrong with what I’d done and my thoughts as to where they were. I never wanted blood on my son’s hands. I never wanted him to have that on his shoulders. I also never wanted him to take on something that should have been my responsibility years ago. If I had only done years ago what my son recently did. So many lives would have been saved and others not affected by Joker’s demonic ways. He was never my son’s cross to bear nor was he yours. It should have been me Bella. Not Dick . Not you, but me handling this. My son called me out on this. I retaliated and let him walk out that door taking you along with him. I cannot apologize enough. It seems that’s all I’ve done since I’ve met you. Now here we are both living a nightmare… ” Dick hears him inhale.

I had to kill him. There was no other way. I couldn’t allow him to harm anyone else! EVER! If we had simply locked him away he’d have found a way out yet, again. After what he did to my girl… To you Bella baby. I couldn’t allow him another breath of air. I love you so damn much. I’m so sorry. I can’t believe the last thing we did was fight. Now here I am trying to wake; trying to figure out why I have no control over my body. I need to see you. I want to hold you. To be able to look Bruce in the eyes as he calls me his son. To know what that feels like! I hear him sure. But I want him to say it to my face! To say it with pride not on my freaking DEATH BED. That’s right isn’t it I’m on my death bed? I’m DYING!

“She’s right son you have to fight. You better wake up because neither of us are giving up.”

I am fighting believe me I AM! GOD WHY CAN’T I OPEN MY EYES! I feel STUCK!

It’s silent for a moment and Dick wanted to scream. Where are you?! Please don’t leave me! Bruce! BELLA! DON’T LEAVE ME HERE ALONE!

“Oh my God was he…”

Thank God they’re still here.

“I think so.”

He hears her crying yet, again. NO… please someone help me wake up. She needs me. I can’t fall. I need to be there! Bella baby I’m so sorry! This just can’t be happening. Why is it?!

“He was going to purpose?”

WHAT?! Ah, dammit! They found the ring?! CRAP! Bella I wanted to purpose that day… The day I ripped your damn heart out with my stupidity. I shouldn’t have reacted that way. I understood. I know why baby I do. But will I even be able to tell you guys any of this? Will I even be able to marry the girl of my dreams?

A sting shoots along his veins, the pain firing along his entire body. The memory of what took place hits him like a tidal wave. He struggles for a breath as though he’s drowning.


That night…

It wasn’t really Dick’s scene. Alone at a bar… drink in one hand, the black box in the other. He downed the beer stuffing the box into his pocket yet, again. He rubbed his face bitterly. He motions the waitress over for another beer. Dick orders a shot to go along with it this time round. He told himself this was the last round, then he’d go home. Decidedly, he leans back taking his time. Everything replaying in his mind, he found shame in how he reacted. Though he felt some justice in his anger, he knew he was wrong reacting the way he had. Still it hurt all the same. He’d been looking forward to training her. It wasn’t that he didn’t understand he did. He knew deep down Bruce was probably was the better decision, he knew she was right. This just wasn’t something he’d expected.

He takes his shot and downs half his beer. That’s when a glimpse of someone from the corner of his eyes hits. Slowly, he turns their direction. The bastard glances his way and heads out the front door. Dick grits his teeth and grabs his jacket. He throws down his tip and darts outside. He wasn’t giving him a chance to get to her!

Dick looks around the area. Where are you?! He takes a few steps towards the curb looking around. His hands ball up into fist. Dick goes to grab his cell to call and warn Bella. The phone gets knocked out his hand and he’s slammed against the brick wall of the bar. He growls out as he sneers upon him.

“Edward…” Dick hisses.

Edward nods. He tilts his head upon him menacingly.


Dick flings out both his arms breaking out of Edward’s cold marble touch.

“Bring her to me.” Edward says in this cocky fashion.

Dick rolls his eyes.

“Yeah that’s going to happen.”

“You will bring her to me.”

“Or what?”

“If you do not retrieve my mate and bring her to me. I will have to send a very unpleasant message. Something I do not wish to do. However, I will if I must.”

Dick nods.

“Mate… huh?”

Edward nods assuredly.

Dick swings his fist about and punches Edward in the face. Edward goes to shove him back and Dick jumps up gripping the metal bar sign above him. He kicks his legs about quickly smashing his feet into Edward’s chest. Dick knew he couldn’t afford to stay in one place for too long. He’d fought vampires before; they are fast, ruthless and can kill you within seconds if you don’t watch your every move. Although for him it’d been a few years and this also was a different strand of vampire. His hand still stung a bit from the hit across Edward’s face.

Edward looked to him bewildered. He knew Dick was merely human. How was he able to dodge his blows? That’s impossible! He knew he was much faster than Dick Grayson; even if he is this Nightwing… He’s still human. Edward hisses out at this thought. He flies after Dick and grabs him taking off with him. They appear in an alleyway. He picks Dick up over his head and tosses him up against a green trash bin.

Dick groans out. He forces himself back to his feet as he thinks about Bella. He can’t let this bastard get his hands on her. He comes to a full stand and Edward appears before him. Dick uses all he has he twirls about abruptly he connects his hands together and slams both his arms with great force against Edward’s gut. Edward’s eyes widen as his skin slightly crackles with the impact.
“HOW!” He demands.

Dick smiles.

“I can punch through concrete asshole!”

“NO you can’t, you’re only human!”

“You really want to test that theory buddy? I’ve been training and fighting since I was 12!”

Edward grinds his teeth together as Dick smashes his fist into Edwards gut yet, again. Edward actually flinched at the impact. He fires back with his fist. Dick stumbles back as he takes the hit to the face. He already felt it swelling up and it had an icy cold pain jolting through it. He grabs Dick by the collar and lifts him into the air.


Edward winces as he looks into Dick’s eyes. He starts shaking him furiously.


How’d he know that? Dick thought to himself.

Dick thinks fast knowing it was coming. Edward shoves him back taking his breath away. Dick comes to his knees as he fights for the smallest breath of air, his eyes water.

“She will come to me. My venom will spread amongst her veins and she will become mine. I will make her see she belongs to me, always has!”

A fire is lit, it scatters about Dick’s body as he finally catches his breath. The anger continued to course through him.

“YOU’RE NOT TOUCHING HER!” Dick starts punching with all he has. He ignores the ache of each hit.


Edward flinches at Dicks thoughts. Edward staggers back as Dick’s blows become unrelenting. He used everything he had all the love he had for Bella, all the hatred he had for Edward and Joker, the desperation to keep her safe at all cost! The buildup continues as Edward manages to get a punch in. Dick laughs maniacally and grabs a metal trash can nearby and bangs it into Edward’s face. He had enough messing around.

He grabs Edward by the collar. Edward twists himself out of Dick’s hold. He appears behind him. Dick quickly reverts to his acrobatic skills. He runs along the wall and backflips appearing behind Edward. He quickly grabs his arm and forces it back. He slams Edward up against the wall. Dick puts his entire weight and force upon it. Edward shouts out as it snaps off at the elbow. Dick grins and tosses his arm to the ground.

“My bad was that your pleasuring hand? Because we both know you’re not getting any.” Edward snarls back.

“That’s right… I know.” Dick leans into his ear.

“You want these girls, but your junk must not work. They’re all virgins… How do you explain that? Are you so much of a pussy you can’t get it up? Are you secretly built like a Ken doll? Is that why you keep going from girl to girl? Making up for what you’re lacking psycho!”

Dick crashes his face into the brick.

“You’ll never touch Bella Swan again or any other girl for that matter. I’m locking you away, just as you had her locked away. You’re going to feel everything my girl felt. Everything you have done to her will now be done unto you. THAT’S A VOW I’LL TAKE TO THE GRAVE!”

Dick digs his knee with great force into Edward’s back. He grabs Edward by the hair and starts to drag him out of the alley.

“I’m afraid I can’t let you do that.”

Dick narrows his eyes and turns back to the tall blond vampire.

“You’re kidding me right?”

Edward uses this opportunity to try and break out of Dick’s hold. Dick growls out he forces him down on the ground with one foot to his throat. Carlisle soars over and pushes him off Edward. Yet again the wind is knocked out of Dick’s lungs as he took the hit to the back. His eyes water again and he reaches to his throat. His back arches off the ground. He knew it was broken by the way it felt. He rolled over trying to get to his feet, but he couldn’t. The moment he raised his back of the ground he flew back with excruciating agony. He cries out the fear flowing through him. He tried to speak her name, but couldn’t even talk. No! I can’t go down not like this! She needs me! Bella! No DICK GET UP! YOU CAN’T LET HIM DO THIS! YOU CAN’T LET HIM HURT HER AGAIN! He grits his teeth and tries again. Edward grabs him by the hair and starts dragging him against the asphalt.

“Son what are you doing?”

“Sending a message.”

“Let this go son. Let’s just go home and focus on you healing.”

Carlisle picks up Edward’s arm and follows his son to a nearby abandoned storage shed. Edward lifts one of the garage doors and heaves Dick inside. Edward forces him into a wooden chair that’s upon one of the sheds. Carlisle sighs as he looks upon Dick.

“Careful, I think his back is broken.”

Edward smiles and cups Dick’s chin.

“Is that so? I suppose that makes us about even. You honestly thought you could take ME on?”

“Oh shut the HELL up. Only reason you’re still alive is because, of your deranged father.” Dick mutters finally able to talk, but raspingly.

Edward grabs hold of Dick’s hair forcing his head back.

“I’m going to let you live; for one purpose and one only. You’re going to let her know I did this.

That for once I’ve stood my ground. I should have with Jacob Black years ago. The first time I realized he’d eyes for my Bella. I should have taken his heart myself. There are a lot of things I should have done. I should have never let her go. I knew she was different from the others. You’ve no idea how badly I want you to DIE. That won’t win her back though. I can’t kill you either because; I need this message to get through. I need her to see the lengths; I will go to in order to get her back. That I’ll take out anyone that stands in my way, even you. Once she see’s me and I offer to turn her… She will forget all about you. She’ll be begging to be in my arms again. She will see a side of me she never knew.”

“Funny from what I heard, you were the bitch. Bella crawls to no one we both know that.”

Edward laughs and slaps Dick across the face.

“Only further proving my point!” Dick growls and spits blood upon Edward’s white buttoned dress shirt.

Edward sneers at this and hits him again.

“That’s right stubby get mad. Bella will never want you back. In fact if I were you I’d be leery of her company. She’s not the same fragile girl you took advantage of 4 years ago.”

Edward has a good laugh and shakes his head. Dick begins to choke a bit on his own blood.

“Ah, yes you mean this Harley Quinn she seems to portray now.” He wrinkles his nose as if disgusted.

“That will come to a stop as well. All that does is further prove she belongs back in that institute. That’s not Bella! In fact a lot of things I’ve seen are not her!” He grabs Dick by the collar.
“What have you done to Isabella Swan?! Where is the shy girl I fell for! You’ve done something to her!”

“Seen? What are you talking about?! Furthermore, that was always within Bella! That part of her was always there, you just clearly sucked as a boyfriend. I can get Bella to bring out her true self. She was only shy around you because, the two of you were never meant to be. You made her uncomfortable and around you she always second guessed herself. With me she’s free to feel and think how she WANTS!”

“WHO WAS THIS JOKER PERSON?!” Edward demands ignoring what Dick just said. He’d read it in his thoughts.

“How are you doing that?!” Dick retorts.

“She didn’t tell you, I can read minds? Mustn’t be as honest and close to one another as you thought. Though I could never read hers. Yours however, practically screeches…” He says circling Dick.

“So… Nightwing… You let this guy molest my Bella! You let him beat on her! Some hero, that’s what this Nightwing is, isn’t he? Some sort of futile hero? The one Bella Swan so inanely fell for? I swear she hasn’t a lick of sense sometimes. How she falls for these losers like you. It’s like Jacob all over again.”

“Funny you fit right in the category as well. Playing hero with the van and James, but there were other instances with these other girls as well. The only difference was you had to fight harder to keep Bella alive. Was that it? Was that why you gave up? You got lazy in your old age? You were tired of trying to keep her alive? So you let them go after her family and her best friend? Just so you wouldn’t have to deal with the situation anymore. You’re as worthless as they come Edward Cullen. You maybe a vampire, but you’re nothing more than the classic version of an abusive boyfriend. You’re controlling, clinically insane, and disturbed. Just how do you think this is going to play out for you Edward? I find myself curious. You think she’ll fall madly in love with you all over again. That she’ll somehow forget what you and your family did to her?”

“I’ll worry about that part. I only need you around for one reason and one only. You’re going to help me get her back. Like I said I’m not going to kill you. I’m simply going to remind her who she belongs to. When I do…” He leans into Dick’s ear again.

“I’m plunge my fangs into that sweet neck of hers. Like I’ve wanted to do for so long. I will drink of her blood and make love to my soon to be bride. By the time I’m done with her. You won’t want her anyway.”

Dick looks to Carlisle.

“You must be proud. I mean I can only imagine the amount of pride flowing through you about now. Such a down to earth being you’ve raised.”

Carlisle flinches at his words and looks away. Dick takes notice and grins even though the pain.

“Ouch… I saw that. Did you Eddie boy? It seems daddy isn’t so proud after all.”

Edward punches him again.


“Son I believe this has been taken to far. I told you I wouldn’t stand behind you on this. I fear you’re getting yourself in too deep. It would be wise to release the boy. Leave Bella Swan be.”

“She’s mine!” He roars at his father.

Carlisle sighs.

“Then why did you send her away son? Why are you so adamant about this when you made this choice years ago? She has a new life, a new family even now. She loves this person that you’re harming. I personally feel you should leave her alone. We’ve done enough. Let’s just go home. You’ll meet someone else eventually, someone better, someone that understands you. Such as Tanya.”

“I don’t want TANYA! I only want BELLA!”

Dick rolls his eyes. He then looks to Carlisle.

“I’ve heard of pussy whipped, but your son I believe has you dick whipped, sickeningly enough. Your son once mentioned to Bella that he feared what would happen to her soul if he turned her. That being his reason for not turning her when she requested. What of his soul though Mr. Cullen? Are you honestly, willing to stand there and watch as your son continues down this path? I know I’ve always given my all I try to see the best in people when I can. I can look in the mirror each day and know this! Can your son? Tell me Edward what do you see, when you take a gander at yourself? Is there a strong sense of pride?”

Edward hisses out he literally strips Dick down to nothing. Just as Joker did with Bella.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” Carlisle snaps in full out disbelief.

“Making him feel her pain!”
“Stop this at once Edward!”

Dick grits his teeth as Edward continues to shred Dick’s clothing off. Edward cups his chin.

“What’s it feel like?”

“Edward!” Carlisle hisses.

Edward smiles.

“Switching teams you freak!” Dick bellows as he catches him looking at his package.

“Actually, I was thinking of the irony. If I sent you back dickless and the fact that everyone calls you Dick.”
“Edward you’ll do no such thing. He will bleed to death. He could very well freeze to death as it is now! Why are you doing this!”

Edward rolls his eyes. He shakes his head circling Dick once more. Without warning he gives one last good blow to the head.

“NO!” Carlisle yells as the lights go out for Richard Grayson.

Carlisle quickly makes his way over and feels for a pulse.

“What have you done son?!”

Edward shrugs and leans against the wall. He folds his arms about his chest.

“Is he still alive?” He questions as if merely bored.

Carlisle notices this and shakes his head as he continues to check Dick over.


Edward nods.

“We will keep him here a few more days.”

“He could die! He needs a hospital.”

“He has you doesn’t he?”

Carlisle pinches the bridge of his nose.

“At least send him back to the manor. You know I have no means of a way to care for him. He needs proper medical attention.”

“I don’t want him with proper medical attention. I want him to suffer. I want him to pay for what he let this Joker guy do to her. So I will hold him for three days. For three days he will not eat or drink anything. I want him weak, pathetic, and shown for what he truly is. He’s nothing in comparison to all I have to offer. Within time, Bella will soon see that.”

“He seems like an admirable man Edward.”

Edward snaps his father a look.

“Bella Swan was almost raped because he allowed her in the arms of an escapee from the asylum. She was personally targeted then humiliated and beaten Carlisle. We will drop him off at the front of their door. We’ll find a blanket or towel to drape over him. He didn’t keep her safe! For that Dick Grayson must pay..”

Carlisle looks his son in the eyes.

“Neither did we…”


Bella baby you’re in danger! EDWARD’S COMING FOR YOU! She needs protection. Someone I don’t’ care who just wake me up. NOW!




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