Chapter 7 Oops!

Chapter 7

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Bella places a white rose upon Jane’s casket. Still none of this felt real to her. She couldn’t fathom all the recent events. She ran her hands along the silver casket. Tomorrow she’d be doing this all over again for her father. Thor was in a regular black suit today. He stood off to himself. Darcy was with the other friends and family. Steve had accompanied Bella. He didn’t really know Jane as well, but was there in support of Bella and Thor. Bella made her way over to Thor. He stood under a tree; he too shared the same expression Bella had.

Thor had lost his mother not long ago. No one had heard from Odin in sometime. Bella was beginning to see it wasn’t just her world that had been turned upside down. At the moment all Thor had was his highly unstable brother Loki and his friends back home in Asgard. Bella took his hand and gently squeezed it. He shut his eyes for a moment. She reached over and wiped a tear off his cheek. She then kissed where it had run down. She went to walk away and he pulled her back over. He wrapped his arms around her and pressed his forehead against hers. Once he released they locked eyes for a moment. He gave a simple nod and Bella headed back to the limo Tony had for them.

She couldn’t bear to stay any longer. Not just the situation itself, but there was two other things. One was the fact she still felt blame for what took place. Two, the looks she was getting. Darcy was already aware and hadn’t an issue. In fact she thought it was “awesome”. She kept touching Bella off and on in disbelief. She also swore up and down that she was “hotter” now. She compared her to a female version of Thor. Bella assumed that was her way of making Bella feel better about the situation. Bella still felt as though an alien. She leaned back and shut her eyes. Steve noticed Bella leaving the funeral. He decidedly followed her over after paying his respects. Steve found himself wishing he knew what to do not just for Bella, but Thor as well. He never dreamed he’d come home to this. The woman he loved and his friends; living through this horrible tragedy.

Steve entered the limo. He was in his military suit; looking sharp as usual. He slides in next to her and puts an arm around her. She leaned into his shoulder as a few tears streamed down her face. Bella wore a simple black dress and heels. Steve couldn’t help, but to merely gawk at her off and on. Which made him feel rather wrong about considering the circumstances… Her hair flowed about freely. He breathed her in as he kissed her forehead. Everything about her lately had his senses on cloud nine.

Bella truly couldn’t believe she’d never see Jane again. That this was goodbye… Before long Thor opened the limo for Darcy. She’d asked to go with them. He stepped in after her. Darcy immediately locked onto Bella. Bella held her as she bawled into her shoulder.

They had the driver drop them off at Tony’s. Pepper greeted them outside. As usual she’d a smile about her face. The irony was Bella adored Pepper, but often enough Bella and Tony locked horns. Especially, since the Jarvis incident. As of late though she felt she had no room to talk, so she let it go. Truth of the matter; things had gotten out of hand all over. She just wished at times that Tony took extra precautions in his work. His creations alone could destruct the entire world if in the wrong hands. This wasn’t the first time something from Stark got loose and out of control. They’d had some knock out drag out fights; on this issue alone. The irony was so had he and Captain America a few years back. He too thought along the same lines of Bella. For one thing coming from a military field like they had. They knew how easily things could go sour and quickly if taken into the wrong hands or losing control.

Tony had lost control with Jarvis. He was merely an artificial intelligence created by Tony Stark himself; that somehow when completely of the grid. He started off trying to kill Tony. When that didn’t work he created a version of himself; in which he could take over. Jarvis became Ultron. Tony had created an AI so intellectual; that he literally took over Stark’s laboratory and started his own creations. Jarvis thought himself a god. Often enough Bella thought Tony Stark thought himself a god as well. They too argued on this issue. He was very egotistical. He’d no problem bragging on himself or shoving the obvious in others faces. As time progressed though they began to get along easier. She knew deep down Tony cared greatly for others. He had a big heart. Often enough he just kept it hidden under that cast iron suit of his. She knew for someone like Pepper to be with Tony. He had to be a different person under that tough exterior of his.

They followed Pepper inside. Tony nodded towards them. He was messing with his virtual technology again. Bella loved fucking with Tony during this time. He’d get so lost in what he was doing; ignoring everyone around him. She’d often enough come up behind him. Then start jacking up his little world; by scrolling her hands along whatever he was doing. Pepper thought it was great. Steve looked on with curiosity as Bella snuck up behind Tony. She reached over and started moving things around.

“Let’s try this right here and that part over here… Ohhh and this right on top!”

Tony laments.

“I knew you were going to do that.”

“Now it’s like a puzzle. I thought you took joy in building things.”

“Funny…” Tony shakes his head and starts to move everything back.

“Tony…” Pepper scolds, but with a smile on her face.

“Turn it off. We have guests.”

“Just one little…”

Pepper hits a switch and Tony shuts his eyes for a moment.

“Guest Tony!” Pepper says all cheerful like.

“Thanks my little dumpling!” He utters smacking Pepper on the butt.

He shakes his head upon Bella as though she were a child. She merely waves and takes a seat.

“Hmm, so what time’s the funeral?”


He nods.

“Who all is attending this with you? Darcy, Thor and Steve raise their hands.”

Tony nods again.

“You can take the jet. Still have your license Captain?”

He nods. Bella looks to Steve in shock.

“You can fly?”

He smiles.

“Huh…” She says as if in thought.

Tony then looks to Thor.

“So how’d it go?”

Thor shrugs, still he had that heartbroken expression on his face.

“It was a beautiful service.” Bella says softly.

Bella takes in a breath. Thor keeps his head down and exits the house. Darcy rushes to the bathroom in tears. Bella pinches the bridge of her nose. She was doing her best to keep it together. Bella however, caught a glimpse of Clint and Natasha as they were outside coming to Tony’s door. A beam came about her face as she witnessed Natasha kissing him.

“About damn time…” Bella mouthed.

Steve overheard this and looked to her curiously. Clint and Natasha entered the room. Bella cuts them a snide grin and nods towards them.

“K. i. s. s. i. n. g…” Bella taunts.

Tony cocks a brow at this.

“First comes…”

“Enough Swan…” Clint warns.

Bella bites her lower lip and shrugs.

“Then comes marriage…” She utters softly.

Natasha’s eyes widen.

“Wait…” Tony says paying extra attention to Bella now.

He then looks to Natasha and Clint as if piecing it together now. He dies in laughter. Pepper softly laughs. Bella looks directly to Natasha. Tony hands Clint a drink. He’s sipping from it as Bella gets a mischievous look about her face.

“You’re boffing the burrito guy?!”

Clint spits his drink all over Tony’s shirt.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” Tony scolds Clint.

Clint’s choking a bit eyeing Bella ruefully. Steve’s laughing at the situation.

“Hey look Natasha, he chokes here and on the battle field!” Tony adds.

Clint pops the shit out of Tony’s arm.

“Asshole…” He mumbles.

Natasha makes her way over and takes Bella’s hand. They head outside.

“Barton and I have a job. We have to leave immediately. I’m sorry…”

“Don’t be.”

Natasha sighs and reaches over hugging Bella.

“If you need me for anything…” She hints.

“Thanks Natty.”

“How are you doing?” Natasha hints.

Bella shrugs and half laughs.

“I haven’t killed anyone yet…”

Natasha giggles a bit.

“That’s an accomplishment!”

“Sure is considering the obvious.”

Natasha curiously runs her fingers along Bella’s arm.

“What’s it like?”

“Like pmsing 24/7.”

“That’s about what I figured.”

Bella nods.

“I’m always fucking angry. Even now… I feel it.”

Natasha takes her hand and gently squeezes.

“Just don’t let it consume you. You really should talk to Banner on this. Let him help you Bella. I’ve witnessed his personal struggle with this myself. You need him!”

“That’s just it…”

“I’m damn near afraid to confront him; on anything that has to do with this… I’m mad at him Natty. I know this isn’t even his fault. Which makes this all the more wrong; on how I feel. I keep blaming him. This wasn’t ever my choice! I mean honestly, what if I never change back? What if this is what I wake up to every fucking day from here on end? To have to see this every fucking day in the mirror! I don’t even know who I am anymore! I know the truth now. Yet, I’m such a bitch because, I’m want to be mad at him. I need someone to blame! So it’s the one guy that doesn’t deserve it. He too didn’t want this Natty! I know this and still I’m pissed off with him. I want to be myself again! I want to be Bella not fucking SHE HULK OR WHATEVER IT IS YOU CALL THIS! I want to be me!”

Natasha looks her in the eyes.

“This is you… Try looking in the mirror just one more time. Really look this time. Try looking into Bruce’s eyes and really pay attention. You need to come into terms with the truth now. If you don’t it’ll only eat you alive. Bella this was always in you! This was and is you! If nothing else works… Pay closer attention to Rogers.” Natasha smiles.

“That’s just Steve. Natty, he’s one of the nicest guys on earth. Of course he’s not going to really react. He’s going to swear up and down there’s nothing wrong with me. That he’s not at all disgusted, but…”

Natasha grits her teeth and shuts her eyes for a moment.

“For someone so smart; you sure are stupid.”

Bella rears back at her words. Natasha sighs as her and Clint’s ride shows up.

“That’s our cue. I better gather Barton.”

Bella nods.

“Are you two really?”

Natasha smiles.



“And you and Rogers?”

Bella looks back to the house.

“Um yeah I think so.”

Bella waves them off once they get in the black Monte Carlo. She wondered what sort of mission they were on. She turns back towards the house. Steve was making his way over.

“Everything alright?”

She nods and reaches over straightening his tie. He clears his throat.

“Tony has the plane ready. Only I’m not piloting this one. Thought we could get some one on one time…” He caresses her cheek and softly brushes against her lips.

Bella nods and leans into his chest for a moment. He wraps his arms around her.

“We’re here sweetheart.”

She tiredly opens her eyes. Her heart rather fluttered; realizing that came from Steve. Not only because of that, but somehow during the flight she’d ended up in his lap and had fallen asleep. He must’ve done that himself once she fell asleep. Darcy grinned upon them like a little kid at a theme park.

“That should be illegal.”
They both look upon her strangely. Bella rises from his lap.

“You’ve got to be the hottest couple that ever walked the planet. Seriously, have you two ever considered making amateur films…” Darcy hints.

Bella’s eyes widen.

“Darcy!” She hisses.

Thor looks to Darcy confused.

“What are amateur films?”
Steve takes in a breath and shuts his eyes for a moment. Darcy wiggles her brows then looks to Thor. She leans into his ear and tells him. Thor’s eyes widen.


“Darcy!” Bella hisses again.

Darcy rushes off the plane.

“You don’t really…” Thor questions her like a big over protective brother.

“OF course not you big oaf!”

He sighs in relief and cuts Steve a look shaking his head.

“What?” Steve questioned wondering what exactly Darcy said.

He soon found out as he came off the plane.
“What did you tell him?!” Bella snapped grabbing Darcy by the arm.

“That you were looking for a new career and Steve had offered his services. That you’ve already began production!”

Bella growls as Darcy takes off running. Darcy clings to Thor’s arm as if to seek his protection. Steve puts his arm around Bella as he carries their bags.

“So what’s this about a new career? And how can I be of service?”

Bella’s eyes widen.

Later that night at hotel…

Bella laughs as Darcy jumps up and on the bed.

“I’m going to laugh when you hit your head.”

They’d been drinking for the last hour. Bella leans back in the chair taking another shot of whiskey. She chased it with the beer. She sighed with agitation. Bella was barely buzzed.

“Why are you in here with me? Shouldn’t you and Steve be shacking up by now? I mean it has been three years you know. Three years of…”
“Darcy!” Bella nervously looks towards the wall of the hotel; where the guys were staying.

“I’m just saying, you’d think that you two are damn near ready to explode; with sexual frustration!”

Bella softly giggles and decides to drink from the bottle instead.

“I was engaged not too long ago remember?”

“That wasn’t even an engagement. Hell, not even a relationship. Everyone knew that you were pining for the Captain! Besides that guy was an complete jerkoff.”

Bella looks back to the wall again.

“Wanna keep that down now?”


“I’m going to kill you. You know that right?”

Darcy grins.

“That could be hot! Honestly, might make me switch teams!”

Darcy leaps down from the bed. She nearly hits her head on the TV console. Bella quickly hops up and catches her before she lands.

“Jesus Darcy…”

Darcy giggles.

“My hero!”

Bella rolls her eyes.

“Just be more careful would you?! And keep it down!”

“I thought the damsel gets a kiss!” Darcy teases.

Bella sighs and drops her where they stand.

“HEY! Now why’d you do that?”

Bella shrugs, but smirks as she leaves her and walks away.

“Shouldn’t you be with Isa?” Thor hints, looking to the wall of the other hotel room.

Steve narrows his eyes and shrugs.

“I don’t think she’s ready for that yet. She needs time.”

“Three years wasn’t long enough?”

“I just don’t want to run her off by rushing anything. Honestly, if it were up to me. She’d be staying with me instead of headquarters.” Steve sighs in thought.

“That’s just it… I was ready to begin a life with her; once I returned. I’d all these ideas. Little fantasies playing out in my head about how to swoon her. I just never imagined…”

“I think you’ve both waited long enough.”

Steve sighs.

“It’s just…”
“Just what?”

“After what Frank did to her? And her own damn grandfather? That girl’s life has been turned upside.”

“All the more reason if you ask me. She needs something good in her life for once!”

“Don’t you think that’s what I want to give her? I don’t want to come barging in like some freaking barbarian.”

Thor laughs.

“Maybe that’s just what she needs.”
“And what’s that exactly?”
“Isa’s always been the one to take control of the aspects in her life. You haven’t been in her life for the past three years. Isa’s had a lot on her shoulders. In SHIELD she was the one leading her group. Isa’s used to being the one to handle certain situations. Why do you think it took two years; for Frank to even enter her life romantically speaking? Besides, the fact of the matter; that she was waiting FOR YOU! Come on brother isn’t it more than obvious?”

Steve narrows his eyes upon Thor.

“For once she needs someone that takes control. She needs someone that steps it up and breaks down those walls of hers; even more so than ever. If you wait too long; she’s only going to rebuild and it will become harder than ever to enter those walls. Think about it. Through everything she’s been through. You cannot afford to remain too passive.”

“I’m not that passive.”


Steve sighs.

“If it were me… after three damn year’s brother. I sure as hell wouldn’t be in here brother.” Thor hints and he lies back on the extra bed.

Steve shakes his head. He takes out his wallet and takes out the picture of Bella from three years back. She was in her uniform. A picture he was guilty of taking; when she didn’t even know. He carried it on him ever since. During those three years he beheld to it; every time he had a break from whatever hell he was facing. He even considered it his good luck charm. It seemed to help often enough.

There was something else as well, something that had been burning a hole in his pocket. He sighs with pure anguish. Thor narrows his eyes upon the small item in his hand. Steve places it on the table.

“What is that?!”Thor raises back up.

“That was the original plan.”

Thor smiles and Steve shakes his head.

“That’s what I’d hoped for when I returned. Three years, certainly gives you time to think. Unfortunately, my plans rather got drowned out.”
“Who’s to say they still are?”
“You truly believe Bella wants to become engaged all over again?!”

“This is different brother and you know that. That man didn’t even love her! The engagement wasn’t even real.”

“But she thought it was… I just don’t want to hurt her; by pulling something stupid.”


“I miss her…”

Bella looks over as Darcy’s half asleep on the other bed.

“I know… I miss her too.”

Darcy looks to the ceiling.

The both of them lay back in silence; before long Darcy’s eyes close. Bella comes to her feet and places the covers over Darcy. She runs her fingers through Darcy’s hair in thought. She then makes her way to the bathroom. Bella washes her face and dries it off. She thinks about what Natasha said. She gazes upon herself. She takes her hair and pins it halfway up letting the rest drape down naturally. Bella began to check out her entire body. She raised her brows as she squeezed her breast together. A soft giggle escapes her mouth. Ok so body wise she could see where she might be somewhat sexier. It was the skin tone she didn’t care for. She felt like a fungus had taken her body over.

Bella exits the bathroom and steps outside. She suddenly felt as though she needed some air. She couldn’t sleep. In just a few hours they’d be burying Charlie. A storm was blowing in and Bella looked up to the lightening spreading across the sky.

“You too huh?”

She feels his presence directly behind her. Bella smiles upon his voice.

“Seems so.”
He nods. Bella takes in a breath of surprise. Steve wrapped his arms around her waist. He rested his head on her shoulder.

“So this is where you grew up?”

“Yep, good ole Forks.”
She tried not to think about how the others would react to her tomorrow. No one here knew about her new conversion. Her heart kicked to life as he kissed along her shoulder. She shut her eyes for a moment relishing the sensation. The storm began to pick up and it started to rain. Steve breathed in the mixture of the rain and Bella’s scent. He swallowed back as it toyed with his senses. Bella intertwined her fingers within his. They both simply watched as the storm progressed.

“I was chasing after the Red Skull.”

“That’s where I was… There were rumors that he was back. I skipped around globally trying to find him. Through each time I had with no luck. I found myself dealing with another crisis of some sort; ones that always kept me away.”

“Wasn’t he the terrorist?”

“Yes… A very dangerous one. That was why I was so quick to leave… I couldn’t risk it. If there was truly a chance he was alive after all. I knew I had to do whatever I must to stop him. He was nothing more than another Adolf Hitler. He thinks himself a god or did…” He sighs.

Steve’s hold becomes tighter around her.
“It just seemed the harder I tried to get back to you. The more the obstacles…”

“You’re Captain America… it’s only to be expected. I never resented you if that’s what you’re thinking Steve. It’s not like we were…” She stops and feels herself blushing in thought.


“You know…”

“Official?” He says with a soft chuckle.

“Yeah that…”


He takes in a breath.

“And what exactly are we now?” He questions curiously.

She smiles and turns to face him.

“I don’t know Captain you tell me.”

“I’m afraid to.” He announces over the rumbling thunder.

“Afraid? Since when are you frightened of anything?!” She inquires in wonder.

He shrugs.

“I’m afraid if I tell you exactly how I feel. You’ll run for the hills.”

“Try me…”
He half chuckles.

“Maybe now’s not such a good time.”
“Why’s that?”
“You’ve been through enough Bella. Last thing you need is me adding to your misery.”
“Since when have you ever made me miserable?!”

He smirks.

“A particular drill sergeant ring a bell?”

She has a good laugh at this.

“Ok, I suppose you got me there. However, this isn’t bootcamp. Not anymore… I’m a big girl now Steve so just spit it out!”

He nods.

“OK… fine…”

He takes in the deepest of breaths. His nerves were getting to him, but he did as requested.

“I’ve been in love with you for three years…” He says in almost a whisper.

“For three years… I’d wanted to tell you. Bella, I love you. I honestly fell for you when I was still your drill instructor. I just couldn’t act on it. I knew deep I had to keep things professional as possible. I almost told you before I left. Part of me now wishes I had, but who knows that might’ve made things worse for you. Considering how long I was away. I’d never want to hurt you, Bella.”

Bella wraps her arms around his neck. She was doing everything in her power not to cry. She swallowed back that knot in her throat.

“I should have followed my instincts…” She sighs with full on shame.

“I should have said NO! When he proposed… it was right on the tip of my tongue. And when you saw the ring.” She shakes her head and half laughs.

“I realized I was still in love with you as well. I felt like a terrible person at the time. Only now… not so much. I’m sorry Steve. If I had known… I’d have never even given Frank the time of day. I’d have waited for you. I just wasn’t aware you had any feelings in return. The only reason I even tried to move on; was to try and convince myself you didn’t feel the same. I loved Frank at the time, before I knew the truth. Then I realized it wasn’t Frank I loved, but the mere creation he’d represented himself with. But I can say this much Steve… I wasn’t in love with him. Now that I know and can feel the difference; I realized you’re the only man I could ever be in love with.”

He shuts his eyes in liberation. He feels her lips pressing up against his. They began a fiery kissing session. Steve picks her up and her legs wrap around his waist. His hands wrapped around her waist. Bella arched back as he throbbed considerably against her. His hands worked up further along her white tank. She clearly wasn’t wearing a bra. And she was in purple pajama shorts. This drove Steve’s imagination wild with ultimate lust. Steve stopped himself from groping her breasts. Steve wanted nothing more than to lift up that tank top of hers. To see what she had going underneath and welcome himself to those hard nipples that poked through. Around Bella, Steve found it hard to remain a gentleman. He forced his hands back down. He swallowed back. He talked himself down as he lowered Bella back to the ground.

“Sorry…” He spoke softly.

She grinned.

“Pffft, I’m not… Goodnight Captain.”

He smiled in return.

“Goodnight Bella, sweetheart.”

Her heart did that flutter thing again. Steve watched her perfectly round ass as she walked away. Bella entered her hotel then the door and leaned against it. She found herself breathless

Steve stood there in a daze. The smile nonetheless, never leaving his face.

“Bella…” (Softly…)

“Oh sweetie lumpkins…” (Softly…)

Bella groans out and rolls over.


Bella rolls off the bed and lands on the ground.

“Jesus Darcy!”

Darcy laughs and throws a pillow at her. Bella catches it and tosses it back. It causes Darcy to fly back against the bed.

“Oh shit!” Bella jumps up concerned.

“Are you alright?!”

Darcy starts laughing. Bella takes in a breath of relief.

“I bet you could arm wrestle Thor now and totally win!”

Bella half laughs, but looks to be in thought.

“You’re thinking about it now aren’t you?”

“A bit…” Bella admits.

“I’ll pay you 20 bucks!”

Bella shakes her head and makes her way to the bathroom.

“Fine 30 bucks! PLEASE?!”

Bella pulls back the curtain as she’s showering. Darcy smiles.


Darcy makes a fist pump motion. Then she fixes her hair. Bella steps out once she’s done with her shower. Darcy has her toothbrush in her mouth and gapes upon Bella. Bella takes notice and gazes back strangely in wonder. She might have been all green, but Darcy thought she looked as though a flawless porn star. Only somehow Bella was hotter than any porn star she knew of. She reared back at her own thoughts. What’s wrong with me? Darcy shook her head as she brushed her teeth.
“Um can you stop now? That’s totally creeping me out!”

“Damn green really does make you horny!” Darcy taunts.

Bella hastily grabs a towel and covers herself.



Bella starts to shove Darcy out of the bathroom. Darcy sighs and heads next door. She bangs on the door. Steve answers the door and looks to her confused. She still had her toothbrush in her mouth. She headed straight for their bathroom.

“Um… Thor’s taking a shower.”

She nods and heads inside anyway. She finishes brushing her teeth and spits in their sink. Thor steps out butt naked. With his ripped abs and well-endowed self. She grins and wiggles her brows. He narrows his.

“What are you doing in here?”

“Struggling with sexuality issues… I can’t decide whether I’m bi or straight.”
“Bi?” He questions with no clue as to what she meant.

“Yeah I don’t know if I dig you or Bella more.”


She sighs and gives him the once over. He too grabs a towel uncomfortably. She smiles.

“Hmm.” She steps back out.

She looks to Steve before she leaves.

He nods, but looks to her oddly as she exits the hotel again.

Before long a limo arrives. The girls head outside and the guys were waiting. Thor escorted Darcy and Steve escorted Bella.

“You look lovely.” He whispered as he held the limo door open for her.

“Thank you.”

She grew more and more nervous as they were driven to the cemetery. Sure enough just as she feared all eyes were on her as they stepped out. That and well the famous Captain America. There wasn’t a soul that didn’t know Captain America was.

Jessica Stanley is first to make her way over. First to make an ass of herself and first to piss Bella the FUCK OFF! Without even knowing who she was. She hadn’t a clue.

“Um… were you even invited?” She said directly upon Bella.

“Excuse me?”

Jessica wrinkled her nose.

“I mean seriously… This is a funeral not a circus.”

Bella’s jaw dropped.

“You need to go. This man wouldn’t want you here. He was a good man. We don’t want your kind here!”

Bella laughs shaking her head.

“You honestly, don’t know who I am. Do you Jessie?!”

Jessica narrows her eyes.

“Nope, and don’t care. Now leave!”

“I’m not going anywhere! Charlie Swan’s my father you stupid futile woman!”

“I knew Chief Swan’s daughter! It just so happens we were really good friends. And you’re not HER!”


Steve and Thor got a good hold of Bella. She looked as though she was about to tear Jessica apart. Darcy eyed Jessica furiously.

“Why hold her back? This bitch deserves the wrath of She-Hulk.”

Jessica sneers upon Darcy.

“That’s right our girl here could wipe the floor with everyone here! Now back the fuck up!”

The entire guests now looked upon them. They too cut Bella and odd distasteful look.

“Who are you?!” Mike said as he rushed up beside Jessica.

“I’m Bella Swan you jackass!” Bella was shaking all over. Steve and Thor fought to keep her back.

She looks to everyone.


Jake peers over hearing this as he was beside Billy. Jessica shakes her head. However, she takes a second glance upon Steve.

“Wait are you…?”

She breaks into a smile.

“You’re him! You’re the Captain America!”

All the women at the funeral perk up. Bella wanted to vomit on their reaction. She always thought women acted so lame when it came to Steve, Thor, and Tony. Sure she could understand the fascination; each of them was very pleasing to the eyes. Still, she found distaste in how some women would degrade themselves; by literally throwing themselves at these men.

“Oh my, what an honor! What are you doing here? Did you know Chief Swan personally sir?”

Jessica says and reaches over taking his freehand. Jessica was about to lead him away from Bella. Darcy hissed under her breath.

“Are you naturally like this or does your pussy have a revolving door? Back off hooch!”

Jessica looks to Darcy in complete shock. Poor Steve just looked highly uncomfortable.

Something within Bella snaps. Bella didn’t like Jessica Stanley hanging all over him! She says the first thing that came to mind.

“He’s my fiancé…”

Steve raises his brows on this. Thor covers his mouth to keep from laughing. Darcy gets a genuine beam to her face. Meanwhile, Bella felt like shit. She couldn’t believe she just put Steve out there like that. What was she thinking?! She had no right dragging him into this. What kind of person was she?!

“Wait… No way… Captain America’s one of the most well-known bachelors…”

Steve interrupts her. He warmly smiles and wraps his arm around Bella.

“No longer, I’m afraid the lovely Ms. Swan here took me off the market. I couldn’t ask for a more wonderful, more beautiful woman to be with.”

Bella nearly chokes as he says this. He kisses her forehead. They head on to the area they’re supposed to be. Steve never left her side and never dropped his hold on her; even when she broke down a few times. He had his arm around her shoulder and Thor held her hand during the service.

Darcy however, stared Jessica down with disdain. At one point she even made the eyes on you motion. Jessica made a scoffing sound. Darcy winked upon her with menacing nod. Jake stared Bella down like she was merely sitting there naked. Steve quickly took notice of the man’s interest in her.

Once services were over; Bella laid some white roses on his casket just as she had Jane’s. There wasn’t any immediate family left. Most of the guests made up the small town itself; Charlie and Bella’s friends and Charlie’s fellow officers. Since it was the funeral of a police officer they shot off a few rounds in his honor. They then folded the United States flag that rested on his black casket. They handed it to Bella. She nodded and put it to her heart.

It was after everything was over; she finally learned who are true friends were. Jessica and Mike acted as if they wanted nothing to do with her. They often looked upon her as if appalled. Angela, Eric, and Jake had no such issues. In fact Angie started to cry and hugged Bella like there was no tomorrow. Eric and Angela were also married now; to Bella’s surprise. Jake seemed a bit too happy to see Bella again. He hugged her, but Steve took notice of how he breathed her in. He shook his head on this. Steve merely held out a hand.

“Captain Steve Rogers.”

Jake nodded.

“Jacob Black, a longtime friend of Bella’s.”
Steve nods, but sure didn’t like how this “longtime friend” was checking Bella out. Bella introduced everyone. They didn’t stay too long. Only enough to mingle and catch up a bit. Bella however, was done with that life. She felt highly uncomfortable with it. She wanted to get it over with and move on. Bella had the limo stop by her old house, before they headed back to the hotel. The others followed behind her as she walked throughout the house.

It still smelled the same. Visions hit her hardcore. She saw Charlie sitting on the couch watching a game. He’d have a beer in his hand. She’d usually be cooking supper or doing her homework. He’d be telling her about work. He’d ask her about school and she’d give some vague answer. Bella ran her fingers along the couch as they passed by it. She picked up a few things she wanted to keep. She made her way to her father’s bed room. It still carried his scent. His bed like usual was still unmade. He never was one to make his bed. He’d told her once before it’s not like anyone’s ever going to see it. Bella opened his closet; before her hung his uniforms and his usual flannel shirts. The memories of her father coming home from work hit. He’d take out his badge and lay it on the dining room table. Then he’d put his gun up in the safe. Bella took down one of his uniforms. She held it and breathed it in.

Bells… She remembered in his voice.

Bella dropped to her knees in his closet. She cried into his uniform. Steve quietly came up behind her. He gently put a hand upon her shoulder.

“This isn’t real! This can’t be. He can’t be gone!”

Steve swallowed back as she continued to break down. Darcy and Thor stepped inside the room. Darcy covered her mouth as they each witnessed Bella’s meltdown. Darcy buried her face against Thor’s chest at the mere sight. This was something none of them were used to. Bella was this tough SHIELD Agent. Darcy had never even seen her cry. Thor had only seen her a couple times; same issue with Steve. Bella was never one to breakdown. She was usually the one holding everyone else together. She was the one that was the shoulder for everyone else to cry on. She was the one others came to when they were freaking out. She was the strong one. This killed Darcy and Thor this was undoubtedly something they were not use to seeing.

“I let him die. I let them all die.” She cried sounding so innocent and childlike.

Steve came down to his knees beside her and held her.

“I want him back…” She whimpered against Steve’s shoulder.

“I just want him back.”

Steve and Thor locked eyes. Thor had his arms around Darcy. Both men looking lost as to how to handle the situation. Neither said a word or moved. They let the girls cry it out; once Bella finally managed to calm down. She scoped out the place some more. She managed to break into Charlie’s safe as she used her newfound strength to bust it open. Steve looked on impressed. She looked to him with a hint of shock she actually pulled it off. Inside the safe was his gun and badge. He hadn’t taken it with him when he came to visit. That wasn’t the only thing inside. She knew he figured she’d never manage to make her way into his safe. There was a vanilla file. She took in a breath and sure enough she opened it seeing the adoption papers. She was known as baby Jane Doe, because she hadn’t even been given a name. Charlie and Renee had adopted her within just a few months of her being born. She flipped through some of the baby pictures and all the paperwork they’d filled out. Still she wondered why they’d never told her. She decidedly took the file and some other things. Before leaving she did a once over of her old bedroom. Still it had the old purple bedspread, purple curtains… The irony hit her considering most of the clothing she recently bought had a hint of purple and white somewhere. She thought it went better against her new skin tone. Purple worked wonders with the green and didn’t make her feel so outlandish.

Darcy plopped down on Bella’s old bed.

“Comfy…” She says with a shrug.

Bella half smiles. Thor plops down beside Darcy. He crosses his legs and places his hands behind his neck.

“She’s right it is.” He mumbles as the racks supporting her old bed bust.

The bed shifts hitting the ground.

“Way to go lard ass!” She scoffs playfully.

Thor laughs.

“It’s not my fault you humans; make terrible, puny furniture.”

“No you just forget you’re a god and just go throwing yourself; about wherever you please.”

Bella leans back against the wall with her hands folded about her chest. Steve leans against the doorway peeking inside.

“So this is where little Bella grew up?”

She nods he smiles warmly and he steps inside. Bella plops down in her chair. It too snaps in half. She lands on her ass. Thor has a good laugh.

“Now who’s the lard ass?!” Her jaw drops and she flips Thor off.

“What does that even mean? When you humans make that gesture?” He says gruffly with a raised brow.

Bella smiles upon Steve.

“You wanna do the honors of a little boy talk?”

“I prefer not to.”

He says offering her a hand up.

Darcy whispers something into Thor’s ear. Thor’s eyes widen.

“But she’s like my sister!”

Darcy frowns.

“But she’s hot. You’re hot… and…”

Steve cuts Darcy a scornful look. She softly laughs.


“Yeah, I’m like right here…” He reminds.

“And are you saying I’m not hot?”

“Well sure you are. It’s just…”
“Just what?”

“In all fairness I haven’t seen you naked. Thor and Bella however…” She grins in thought.

“You’re disturbing to say the least.” Bella says with a wrinkled nose.

“What? I already mentioned that you and Steve should totally make porn! BUT, nooooo.”


The next day…

“You ladies got everything?”
“Sir yes sir!” Bella says as she grabs Darcy’s bag.

“I got it.” Steve says taking it from her hand.

Bella answers the phone as they’re on the cab back to the airport.


He clears his throat. Bella could hear the apprehension in his voice.

“How’d everything go?”

“About what would be expected…”

“That good huh?”


“I was just wondering if there was something you’d like to discuss.”

“Discuss?” She questions as the cab pulls up to the airport.

“I’m predicting you haven’t seen today’s paper.”

“Can’t say I have Bruce; we’re on our way home though.”
“Yeah… we need to talk.”

Bella heard Tony in the background.

“Ask her if she knows what the exact time of their arrival.”

Bruce sighs.

“Did you hear him?”

“Um yeah, about 7 or so maybe 8.”

“She says 7 or 8.”

“Oh well that gives me plenty of time.” She hears Tony say.
“Stark!” Bruce hisses.

“Um what’s going on?”

“Like I said we’ll chat face to face; when you get back.”

“Sure whatever you say…”

Bella hangs up not sure what else to say.

Sure enough they arrive a little after 7. Steve is first to open the doors to headquarters. He and Bella freeze. The first thing Bella’s eyes locked onto; was the Congratulations Future Mr. and Mrs. Rogers banner across the headquarters room…

4 thoughts on “Chapter 7 Oops!”

  1. Tony is like that one friend in the group that is a douche and you wonder why you even hang with him,kind of like Eddie Haskell. Bella needed to grab Jessica’s revolving door and crush

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