Chapter 7 The Fork In The Road

Chapter 7

I do not own Marvel or Twilight.

Chapter 7

I do not own Marvel or Twilight.

Bella watched in awe as her father and boyfriend took on the rhino-looking man. During this, she did what she could to get civilians out of harm’s way. She gasped out at one point as the Rhino charged towards her father like a bull. The Wolverine groaned out as he was thrust up against a cab. Spiderman quickly fired off a web and it wrapped around the Rhino’s neck. He then jerked back on the webbing and dragged the man off Bella’s father. As Spiderman held him back, Wolverine sailed right for him. The Rhino staggered back as he punctured his claws through his waist.

“NICE!” Peter called out. Logan nodded while yanked his claws back out.

“MY TURN!” Spiderman said, pulling back with everything he had and sent the Rhino flying in midair.

Spiderman fired off another web and flung himself, headed for the Rhino’s direction. Bella stifled a giggle as she watched Spiderman circle the Rhino, wrapping his entire body in webbing. Her jaw dropped in shock, though as the Rhino actually managed to break through it. “LOOK OUT!” she shouted.

Her father looked back with widened eyes. The Rhino had whipped around and had his arms wrapped around Spiderman. He was slamming his body up against nearby cars or buildings. “NO!” Bella called out.

Wolverine sped that direction, then bounded into the air. He came down on the Rhino’s back and sent several jabs across it. Spiderman grunted out as the Rhino finally dropped his hold. Spiderman tumbled about the ground. The Rhino threw a tantrum and swung at Spiderman as he rolled about the ground. He reached back and threw Wolverine off him and through a nearby diner. Bella noticed the Rhino was having trouble staying on his feet. He shook his head while he staggered about a bit. She grimaced seeing the amount of damage her father had done to him. “How was this thing still standing?” she wondered out loud.

Spiderman quickly sent several shots of web along the Rhino’s ankles. He yanked back and the Rhino slammed to the ground, making the entire area around them tremble as he landed. Wanting to make sure he stayed down, Logan called out, “Hey kid, go for a slingshot!”

Logan then flung a manhole cover in Spiderman’s direction. Peter fired off a web line catching it then slung it in Rhino’s direction. The whole crowd winces as it strikes Rhino in the face knocking him out.

“…Holy shit!… THAT was awesome…” Bella muttered to herself.

Spiderman nodded towards Logan, as he helped the police get Rhino situated. “Um… thanks.”

“Sure thing, kid…”

Spiderman glanced Bella’s direction and gave a simple nod. She smiled in return. Logan drew back a breath, “Ya know. We could use someone like you… I’ve a feeling yah’d fit right in. Something to think about…”

He froze at Logan’s words, “You mean attend the academy?”

Logan shrugged and took out a cigar and lit it. “I don’t see why ya couldn’t. Ya could bring yer aunt along…”

The teenage boy behind the mask gazed Bella’s direction once more. She was helping an older couple into a cab. “And what about Spiderman?”
“That’s up to you, kid. I’m just sayin’ ya got a choice. If ya wanna remain solo; I get it. Trust me, I’ve been there. But ya being part of a team has its perks as well. I better get… I guess I’ll see ya around. Ya got some damn guts, kid. That’s for sure.”

“Hey Lil Devil…”

Bella smiled and hugged him. Clint nodded in Logan’s direction as he kissed the top of Bella’s head. “I’m guessing you came to say your goodbyes?”

She nodded and hugged him even tighter. Clint closed his eyes for a moment, trying to keep it together. “Good for you, Bells. I want you to go. Get out there. Discover just who you really are, but most importantly, I want you to have fun… There’s nothing wrong with having a little fun and letting loose for once. Do you hear me!?” She smiled with a nod, wiping her tears with the back of her hand.

“I love you kiddo.”

Logan drew back a breath as she broke into sobs. “Come now… none of that…” Clint whispered and wiped her eyes with his thumbs as he looked her in the eyes. “I’ll always be here… You know that. You’re a little over four hours away. I’ll come check on you every now and then. Maybe we’ll have lunch or dinner sometime.”

“I’d like that.” she said softly. Clint nodded and hugged her once more.

“I’m gonna miss you Clint.”
“I’ll miss you too, Lil Devil. But, I’ll see you around. You know that. Now- you had better go on. It’s getting late and you got a good drive ahead of you.”

He kissed her forehead, then waved her off. The moment Clint Barton shut that door, he leaned against it. His heart felt as though it shattered into a million pieces. Yet, at the same time, he was relieved. Deep down, he knew she’d be better off.

Tony drew back a breath the moment Bella and Logan came off the elevator. Natasha was at the bar, knocking back a few. Bella swallowed back rather nervously, but said nothing as she headed on to her room. Logan followed with a few boxes. He set the boxes on her bed and started to help load up whatever they could. Before long, Bella lifted her eyes towards the doorway as they heard the clearing of the throat. Tony made a certain face and pulled the door to as he entered the room. He gently took the box that was currently in Bella’s hands and set it down.

“Okay… you made your point. Now, how do we fix this?”

Bella half laughed and shook her head. Tony then gently cupped her chin, “You want to attend school with your buddy? Done. You want to feel more like a family? I can make it happen. Just stick around… and you’ll see. Things will be different. Better…”
Logan said nothing while he curiously watched his daughter’s reaction. This was her choice after all and Logan wasn’t about to pressure her either way. He just hoped she’d choose him…

“You truly think my mother is capable of change?”
Tony nodded with full assurance, “And so am I… The three of us… We can do this… Come on kid. Let’s make it work.”

Bella glanced upon her father. He simply shrugged and stopped packing for a moment, “Yer choice darlin’. I ain’t about to stir the pot on this. It’s yer life. Yer in charge of it. No one else.”

She turned back towards Tony, “This isn’t a family… this…” She pinched the bridge of her nose.

“I mean we’ve already been through this! I can’t do it! I’ve made up my mind.”

Her bottom lip quivered and she looked towards the door. “And once again… that’s all the proof I need! She’s out there… Drinking herself silly. You’re the one trying to talk me into staying. And I don’t even like you, man!”

The door flung open at this and Logan hopped up. Natasha and Bella eyed one another down.

Bella continued her conversation with Tony, but kept her eyes on her mother.

“She’s been raising me for damn near ten years, now. I’ve yet to hear the words ‘I love you’ or even received so much as a hug. Our entire relationship has been nothing more than a business contract between mother and daughter. If I kept my mouth shut and did as I was told, we were fine. Our only moments of bonding were when she took it upon herself to train me. But even that was cold and distant.”
“I wasn’t aware you needed so much coddling.”

Bella sort of laughs at her mother’s comment. “Coddling!? You would call it that. I was six years old! SIX! I lost my parents! And you acted as if I just lost a pet or something. You wouldn’t even let me fucking cry. Because crying makes you weak… So tell me mom… WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU CRYING?!”

Logan swallowed back with raised brows at his daughter’s words while Tony grimaced. Bella continued her rant, “Or is this just another one of the infamous Black Widow’s cons? If so, well played… It’s damn near believable!”

“Isabella…” her mother said with a pleading voice.

“And that’s another thing… It’s Bella. Always has been… I hate it when you call me Isabella.”

“Okay then… it’s Bella. So what else do you want? Bedtime stories? Little mother/daughter slumber parties? We paint each other’s nails and…”
Bella shook her head in disbelief, “I don’t want a damn thing from you. Don’t worry mom… You’re free! You can finally focus on the more important things in life. And not worry about the condom that busted years ago in – I’m guessing Russia? Right?” Natasha actually looked offended by her daughter’s words. “That’s about what I figured.” Bella stated and went back to packing her things.

Her mom made her way over and gently placed a hand along her daughter’s, “Don’t…” she said and went to put the item back up.

Bella glared at her mother and snatched the item from her mother’s hand. She then placed it back into the box. The girl continued to pack.

“Bella… please… Just knock it off. This little scene you’re putting on… It’s done run its course. You got your way. You wanted things to change and that’s what’s going to happen. So you can knock this shit off now!”

Logan’s teeth grinded together but still he kept his mouth shut. He let his daughter call all the shots. Bella’s entire body felt heated over. This rage within was building and it only continued to grow the more her mother spoke. Natasha took it upon herself to start unloading the boxes. She was putting everything back where it was. “Put… the… stuff… back…” Bella hissed.

Her mother’s eyes darted towards her, “KNOCK IT OFF!” Natasha shouted. “YOU WANT ME TO SAY I LOVE YOU. FINE! I LOVE YOU!”

How she longed to hear those words from her mother’s lips. But not like this… Bella nodded and came to her feet, “On second thought, I don’t need any of this shit.” She stuffed a box into her mother’s arms, “KEEP IT!”

Tony grabbed Bella by the arm on the way out. She jerked out of his hold and rushed out of the house. Logan hurriedly packed whatever he could get his hands on. Important things such as clothes, shoes, pictures, etc… Tony entered the room and went to intervene. He took a box right out from Logan’s arms. Logan sighed and swiftly grabbed Tony by the scruff of his shirt. He pressed him up against the wall.

“Ya ain’t so tough without that tinfoil of yers. Watch yourself, bub… I doubt ya wanna attach a wheelchair to that suit of yers.” He snapped his head in Natasha’s direction, “Ya blew it darlin’ and ya know it. Our daughter might not know ya well enough to read ya. But, I sure can. It fucking hurts don’t it? Ya actually meant it. But she’ll never know that! Cause yer as cold hearted as they come. She’s right… Ya can go back to living up to yer name. Then again, you never truly stopped, did ya? Ya raised yer daughter like it was a job. Now, get the fuck out of my way or I’ll be making a couple kabobs for dinner!”

Logan hurriedly packed what he could of her things and loaded them into the cab he had waiting for them. When he hopped on in, he noticed Bella was huddled into a corner. Her body was flushed over and she was gasping for air. “Hey…” he softly called out.

“Just give me a minute…” she uttered looking to be in pain.

He nodded, but had a look of concern about him. Logan had hoped by getting her away from the situation “it” would be contained. But it only grew worse on the drive back. Logan had the driver pull over, once they came across a wooded area. “Let’s go…” he said sternly.

His daughter looked to him confused. Logan then exited the cab, heading on into the woods. She opened her door and followed. “Go on…” he motioned with a nod. “All that bullshit you’ve been holding on to… Just fucking let it out!”

She cut him a puzzled look, “What is it you want me to do exactly?”

He sort of shrugged and drew back the deepest of breaths. Bella raised her brows as her father’s hands balled up. The veins along his body swelled up as his face turned beet red. He threw his head back and hollered out to the sky. Bella swallowed back on this. His head reeled back towards her, “Your turn, shortcake.”

“You want me to yell?”

He nodded with a slight shrug, “Or whatever it takes to release it…”

She half laughed and shook her head. Logan let out another holler, only it damn near sounded like howling. “Okay then…” she uttered and sucked back a breath.

She screamed out alongside her father. And it was then she realized it was genuinely working. Flashes of everything she’d been through within the last few years hit. One after another over and over… Her calling out to the sky became even more powerful. So much so, Bella came to her knees and pulled at her hair and at that very moment, all she could see was red…

Logan staggered back and reached to his heart. He could sense it and knew they were in big trouble. The Wolverine knew he was going to have his hands full in taming the beast within, when it came to Bella Romanoff.

Bella had this nervous look about her as they pulled up to the academy.

“Ya ready?”

She nodded but with widened eyes. Logan chuckled, “Ah, yer gonna fit in just fine, darlin’.”He opened the door and grabbed her things. Bella helped him grab what was left.

“Is this a castle or a school?”

Logan smirked but didn’t comment. After a beat he spoke, “Just put yer stuff down here for now. I’ll grab it once we get yer room set up.”

“Room…” she then pondered out loud.

They put the boxes and luggage down at the door. Logan then opened the door for her. Just as he assumed, she drew attention… of the wrong kind. A boy cocked his head about and wiggled his brows. Logan smiled and nodded at him as he made his way over. He wrapped his arm around the teenage boy’s shoulder, “Pretty hot, isn’t she?”

“Yeah… Who is she?”

Logan discreetly grabbed a fistful of his hair and leaned into his ear, “Meet my daughter, Gumbo…”

The boy’s eyes widened. “No way…” he uttered with a gulp.

Bella cut her father a strange look. He patted the kid on the shoulder, “Bella this is Remy.”

She nodded towards the boy that had a rather fearful look upon him, “Um, what’s his deal?”

Logan shrugged, “He mentioned something about bad sushi at lunch today.”

“Oh been there…” she commented nonchalantly.

Once they exited the area. Remy swallowed back “Fuck! Old man Logan has a daughter?!”

Logan knocked on a particular door. Bella took notice of the other students walking down the hallway. They cut her and Logan odd looks. An older red haired woman made her way over. She smiled warmly upon Logan, “Good to have you back.”

Bella’s father nodded in return. She heard another voice telling them to enter. Logan opened the door and they stepped inside. The man at the desk smiled and made his way around. Bella regarded the fancy looking wheelchair he was in.
“And who do we have here?”

The woman had welcomed herself inside as well, pulling the door shut behind her. Logan cleared his throat and glanced his daughter’s way once more before answering.

“Bella this is Charles Xavier and that…” He motioned towards the pretty red head, “is Jean Grey.” Logan then leaned against the wall and lit a cigar.
“Now Logan, you know how I feel about that.”
Bella saw her father nod and caught the wink he sent her. “I know…” he said and took a long drag anyhow. Bella softly laughed and shook her head.

“By the way this is Bella Romanoff… my daughter…”

Jean and Charles were blown away completely. Bella took notice and looked upon her father rather nervously.

“Did you say daughter?” Jean questioned looking as though she’d go into shock.

“That’s right Red… See the resemblance?” Logan taunted but cut Bella a playful look.

“Well I’ll be…” Professor Xavier said. “You’ll have to pardon our reactions to this news. We hadn’t any idea Logan had a daughter.”

“Yeah, I didn’t either.”

Jean snapped Logan a look, “What? I didn’t…”

Logan took another drag of his cigar, “So there yah go, yer newest student.” Xavier took Bella’s hand and properly welcomed her.

“Let’s find you a room. We’ll get you all set up.” Jean offered. Bella glanced upon her father once more with a hint of shyness.

“Ya go on with Jean now. I’ll be there shortly.”

She nodded and followed Jean out. Jean led her up a set of stairs. Bella’s eyes widened at the seemingly never ending hallway. There were more students wandering about. A few of them stopped and merely gawked her direction. Bella found herself blushing and walking at a faster pace. About halfway down, Jean came to a stop. She opened a certain door and motioned for Bella to enter.

Bella stepped inside the room. There was a twin size bed, a nightstand with a lamp, a desk/chair with a laptop, a small chest with drawers and a closet. Jean curiously observed as Bella looked around.

“This is one of our smaller rooms. We have bigger ones… However, those require a roommate. I figured you might want your space.”

Bella nodded in agreement, “Thank you. It’s perfect.”

Jean smiled, “You’re quite welcome, Bella. Welcome to Xavier’s Institute for Higher Learning.”

“Oh… wow… that’s a mouthful.”

The red head laughed,”It can be.”

“No worse than Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division.”

The older woman narrowed her eyes on this, “What?”

Bella smiled, “Exactly…”

“Well I’ll leave you to it. If you need anything, I’m just across the hall three doors down.”
Bella nodded. Just before Jean was to leave, she pivoted back around, “It was wonderful meeting you Bella. I truly hope you feel at home here.” With that, she exited the room.

Bella drew back a deep breath as she looked around once more. She swallowed back a knot however, as the Parkers entered her mind. Bella gazed out the window to the room. It overlooked a courtyard. She thought it to be a rather pretty view. Afterword, she went and gathered a few of her things.

“Need help?”

The new girl turned to see a couple boys rushing over. Bella tried to keep from gawking in a stupor. One of them was covered in azure fur. He had pointed ears and a tail. The other truly looked as though an angel. He had beautiful white wings. Bella opened her mouth but nothing came out. The boys raised their brows. “You alright there?” one of them asked.

She nodded and the boys chuckled. They took it upon themselves to grab the other boxes. “Where to?” The one with the wings questioned. She swallowed back, even more nervous than before. They followed Bella to her room and set her things on the bed.

“I’m Warren and this is Kurt.”

“Bella…” she said with a slight blush. The boys smiled.

“Bella…” Warren repeated with a nod.

“Well… hope to see you around. Welcome…”

“Thank you.”

The azure looking one did a slight gentleman’s bow before exiting the room. Bella found herself giggling. She shook her head as she thought about the two odd looking boys. She dug through her things, looking for something in particular. Once she found it, she took it out and placed it on her nightstand. It was a picture of Peter Parker. She sat at the edge of the bed and simply stared upon it for a few moments before unloading the rest of her stuff.

“I see yer still learning to stay in the lines…” her father teased as he had entered the room. She was hanging up the rainbow picture Peter had given her when they first met.

“Something like that…” she uttered with a shrug.

Logan nodded, looking around the room, “Ya need any help?”

“I got it…”

“Well if ya need anything I’m right across from ya…” She looked to him rather wide eyed.

“Yeah… I’m guessin’ Jean did that on purpose.”

“The teachers live at the school, too?”

“Eh, some of us do.”
“That’s so weird…” she muttered under her breath.

Bella looked to her father’s hands in thought, “So you got claws…” He nodded with a cocked brow. She then glanced towards her door, “And there’s a guy with wings and another guy with blue fur… he had a freaking tail!”

Logan chuckled, “Ya must’ve met birdbrain and fuzzy elf.”

“So… what’s with them?”

“They’re mutants, darlin’. Just like you….”
“Am I gonna grow a tail or claws?!”

“Yer a strange girl ya know that?”
“I’m strange?!”

“Ya got fangs and ya got the features of a damn fox or something. Yet, yer questioning the looks of those boys.”

She frowned, looking offended. Logan burst out in laughter. She pouted slightly, “It’s not funny!”

He left her room after that and she growled under her breath. Logan of course picked this up and it had him laughing even harder. Bella rolled her eyes and finished unpacking.

Bella timidly made her way about the mansion. She was doing her best to not wind up lost. She couldn’t believe how insane everything was. She giggled to herself at the thought of Tony Stark seeing the place. He’d wanna buy the place or have some sort of percentage in ownership. Her nose wrinkled in disgust at the idea. She looked at some of the pictures hanging on the walls.

She turned a certain direction however, as she heard a group of students heading her way. They were laughing about something and had a couple boxes of pizzas and sodas.

“Hey! I don’t remember the professor saying anything about a new student.” Bella heard one of the girls say. She had a rather raspy southern belle sound to her voice.

“Me either.” the other girl replied.

The boy that was with them nodded Bella’s way, “You hungry?”

Bella smiled shyly, “I’m okay. Thanks…”

“Come now… We got plenty of food.” the southern belle offered as she made her way over, “We won’t take no for an answer.”

She then took Bella by the hand and dragged her towards the group. Bella nervously drew back a breath. She also noticed the girl had on gloves. She wondered why that was, especially in the summer like it was now. Even more odd was the fact the girl was even wearing a long sleeved shirt and blue jeans, a scarf around her neck in addition.

“What’s your name, sug?”


The girl smiled, “That’s a pretty name. I’m Rogue and this is Bobby, Kitty, Jubilee, and Remy.”

Bella nodded towards Remy, “We’ve met.”

Rogue raised her brows on this as her eyes darted towards Remy, “Did you now?”

Remy cleared his throat and rubbed the back of his neck, “Um yeah… I bet you’ll never guess who her father is, cherie…”

The others looked to Bella in observation. The one they called Bobby shrugged, “You mean like one of the professors?”

Remy nodded and cut Bella a wink. She sighed realizing that this had become a game now. Rogue reared back and looked Bella up and down, “I don’t know but you sure are pretty.”

Bella blushed. “Um thanks…”

“I’m gonna go with Professor Summers.” The one they called Bobby uttered.

“Nah, wouldn’t he be too young to have a daughter her age?!” Rogue stated questionably.

Bobby shrugged, “I can’t think of anyone else. I doubt it’s Professor McCoy and we all know it’s not Professor Xavier.”

“Bobby!” Rogue scolded and he cleared his throat, whilst rubbing the back of his neck.
“I didn’t mean it like that…”
“Sure you didn’t.” Remy taunted with a grin and Bobby sighed.

“Oh come on man…”

“Would you two shut it! I’m a tryin’ to think.” Rogue said studying Bella’s features. Her jaw suddenly dropped and she covered her mouth, “Well I’ll be…”

Remy tilted his head upon Rogue. The others looked upon her in wonder. “Logan!” she exclaimed. Bella nodded with a slight grin.

“How’d you…” Remy started to question.

Rogue had this genuine beam to her. Bella’s eyes widened as Rogue dragged her into the room. She eagerly sat Bella down at a chair. Bella took notice of the Spiderman paraphernalia on the other side of the room. She blinked a few times and reached to her temples.
“Are you alright?”

Bella nodded, “Spiderman…” she muttered.

Kitty grinned and plopped down on the bedspread with Spiderman swinging about on a web.

“He’s awesome, right?!”

Bella smiled, “That he is…”

“Yeah …meet Kitty’s future husband.” Rogue said behind laughter.

“That’s right…” Kitty said with a dreamy sigh.

Bella’s face heated over with sheer jealousy. She suddenly felt very silly. Of course other women dreamed of Spiderman. She just hadn’t prepared herself…

“Are you alright?!” Rogue questioned with alarm, seeing as how Bella’s entire face was deep red.

“Um yeah… I just need some fresh air… excuse me…”

They each looked upon her oddly as she damn near ran out of the room. Bella darted outside and hid off to a corner of the courtyard. She reached to her gut and started to miserably laugh.

“Husband…” She mumbled to herself and shook her head.

She leaned against one of the pillars and sunk down to the ground.


Her eyes batted about as she came to. She felt another light kick at the bottom of her foot. “Ya got a room with a bed ya know.”

Bella hurriedly shot up and dusted herself off. She hadn’t any idea she’d fallen asleep. Her father narrowed his eyes upon her, “Why ya out here, anyhow?”

Bella shrugged and her tummy rumbled. Logan nodded as he heard it. “Let’s go, kid.”


“Yer hungry, ain’t ya?”

He didn’t give her a chance to comment. He simply started walking away. Bella followed him into a kitchen. He pulled out a chair and had her sit down. Logan made his way to a silver fridge and began rummaging through it. “What kind of lunch meat ya like? We got a little bit of everything.”

“Um turkey is fine.”

He nodded and was taking things out and piling them up on a counter, “Mustard, Mayo? Pickles? Whattaya like?”

Bella laughed as he started making the sandwich, anyhow. Once he was done, he placed a white plate before her with a sandwich cut in halves and potato chips to the side. “Ya want tea, soda, milk?”



Logan brought her the soda. He also made him a plate and sat beside her at the island. “There’s plenty of food. When yer hungry just help yourself.”

“Everything tastes funny now…”

Logan half laughed, “It will until you adapt to yer senses. ”

“So I get this from you, right?”

Logan nodded, “Fraid so kid. Sorry bout that.”

“So what are we, exactly? I mean besides mutants. Are we like animals?”

“In a way…” he answered with a shrug. “Honestly, I’m not even sure what the hell I am.”

Something about that had Bella laughing, “Good to know.”
“Just being straight with ya.”

He leaned back and sipped from his drink, “Wolverine…” She peered over as she chewed a bit of her sandwich. “That’s what they call me. Everyone here as a name in which they go by when on the field. You’ll be needing one, too… Just haven’t decided what yet. I suppose we can see how ya do in the danger room and go from there.”

“Danger room?!”

He nodded, “That’s where we practice our skills to their fullest ability. It’s the closest thing to being face to face with actual combat.”
“So that’s what this school is about? Becoming part of this X-Men team?”
“There’s a bit more to it… Ya see Bella, Charles built this school in hopes of giving mutants somewhere they could finally call home. For many years we were outcasts…separated from society. Much like they did back in the days of segregation. No one wanted our kind around. Hell, a lot of them still don’t. This school is about incorporating being a mutant in the real world; not so much about becoming an X-Men. There have been students that took different roads once they graduated. Something ya have time to think about.”

“So if I chose to become an X-Men, I’d be fighting alongside of you?”

Logan nodded, “If that’s what ya wanted. It’s not a requirement Bella… It’s a choice. First off ya need to understand what being an X-Men is about. I suppose the best form of example is much like yer friend, Peter. He stands for a cause much like we do; to protect mankind. In our cause, we include the mutant kind, as well. We also stand for equality. Something that’s still a struggle to this day. Many see us as a threat. And unfortunately, some of us are. Such as mutants like The Brotherhood. They solely stand for mutant rights and are against humans.”

Bella raised her brows on this. He eyed her in return, “Long story…and yer sure to learn it all the longer you attend this school. That, and Professor Xavier teaches his students everything about mutant history as well as mankind. That’s one of the classes you’ll be attending once school starts up in the fall. Won’t be long now…”

The next morning…

Bella stepped out of her room. She had her hair pulled back, workout clothes on, and her gym bag in hand. She’d spotted the gym on the way back from the kitchen last night. It was engrained into her, all Bella knew was training. Relief washed over her as she found the gym empty. She put on her headphones and began her usual routine with whatever the gym had to offer.

Bella was so wrapped up in what she was doing, she hadn’t a clue that she had an audience. The man tilted his head about fully impressed by what he was witnessing. He reared back as she spun herself about a bar and landed right before him. She cut him a rather startled look and quickly lowered her headphones. The man before her had on a pair of black shades. He kept his hair parted to the side and was wearing black boots, blue jeans and a black v neck shirt. He offered a hand “Scott Summers. And you are….”
‘Bella Romanoff.”

He nodded and glanced towards the gymnast bars she had been using, “Pretty impressive stuff.”
“Um, thanks…” Bella said, unwrapping the tape from her hands.

“I wasn’t aware we were getting a new student.” Bella nodded not sure what to say to that. “Well… It was a pleasure. Keep up the hard work. That’s what I like to see. You’ll fit in great Ms. Romanoff. Welcome aboard.”

Jean led Bella to one of the gathering areas of the mansion. She snapped Jean a wide eyed look as the room was filled with students her age and other professors. “Um… what is this….?” Bella inquired with a whisper.

Jean smiled, but didn’t comment. Once they entered the room, Jean wrapped her arm around Bella’s shoulder. “Everyone, let’s give a warm welcome to our newest addition. This is Bella Romanoff, the daughter of our very own Mr. Logan Howlett.”

Whispers and gasps were heard across the room. Bella wanted to hide, she didn’t like having everyone’s attention like that. She swallowed back nervously.

“Bella, this is Professor Hank McCoy….”

Logan stifled a laugh seeing the look on her face once she caught wind of Beast.

“Professor Munroe, Professor Summers…”

Logan noticed the look of disapproval Scott was cutting his daughter. His lip curled at this.

“Watch yerself boy scout.” he muttered under his breath.

“And we have Rogue, Remy, Bobby, Jubilee, Kitty, Kurt, Warren, and Piotr or Peter as we often refer to him.”

Bella nodded taking in the peculiar assortment of students. Bella gave a slight wave and everyone but Scott laughed. In fact he didn’t stick around very long. Something only Jean took notice of. Once she had Bella mingling amongst her peers, Jean went to find Scott. He was in his classroom setting up for the new year.

“Something wrong?”

He cranked his head in her direction, “No…”
“You sure left in a hurry.”

Scott shrugged, “Already met her.”
“And what did you think?” she asked with a true beam about her.

Scott rather sighed, “Don’t know. Hard to tell, but something tells me that girl is going to be trouble.”

Jean just looked at him, flabbergasted. “How do you figure that, Scott? You just met her and she’s been nothing but polite since she got here.”

Scott just shook his head, turning away from her, “I just have a bad feeling about this.”

Jean stood there, wondering what Scott’s problem was.

Logan was off to a corner of the room merely observing. Bella was laughing along with the other students and seemed to be enjoying herself, for once. Jean had made her way back and took notice of the look on Logan’s face. “Everything okay?” she asked.


“So what’s the story?”

Logan cocked a brow Jean’s way. She was smiling, but her eyes were on the students. He cleared his throat and had this uncomfortable expression about him.

“What is it?”
“Let’s just say the girl’s had it pretty rough.” Jean looked to him, concerned. “Her mother…real piece of work that one…” he went on.

She quietly listened as Logan told her everything he knows. Something he’d never tell anyone else, but Logan knew he could always count on Jean. Once he finished, Jean hugged his arm to her and smiled at him, “You’re going to be a great father Logan, the look on your face says it all.”

“More of your psychic stuff, Jeanie?”

“No Logan, I just know a good thing when I see it…”

Patting him on the back, Jean then wandered over see what all the kids are talking about.

“Thank you,” Logan whispered.

A few days had gone by and Bella seemed to be fitting in more and more. She smiled more and Logan took notice of the certain students whose company she preferred. Ones such as Rogue, Kurt, Bobby, and Jubilee. She was a bit standoffish with Remy and Warren. He figured it had to do with their overabundance of flirtation. That didn’t stop Warren from trying, though. Remy had his eyes on Rogue, but then again, he always had. Logan had a feeling that some of that flirtation had to do with trying to make Rogue jealous. Warren on the other hand, was determined. He went out his way to shower her with compliments and just making sure he was “around”. Logan nevertheless found it interesting… Kurt seemed to be crushing on his daughter, as well. Only he wasn’t near as obvious about it. And he went about it at with a more gentlemanly approach. He was doing odd favors such as bringing her something to drink or eat. He rolled his eyes as he watched Kurt pick a rose from the courtyard garden with his tail and handed it to Bella.

Bella smiled, “Um thank you…”

Logan sighed amongst himself, seeing the look of guilt about her. Something he noticed damn near anytime one of the guys would pull something like that. And like usual, every night Bella would spend nearly 3 to 4 hours hitting the gym. Logan felt as though he were stalking his own daughter. But he wanted to learn more about her and wasn’t sure how else to go about it, other than interrogating her to death. Logan truly hoped she’d take Clint Barton’s advice and let herself be free. However, she was so focused on self-discipline she wouldn’t allow herself much time with the students. By the time her shyness would wear off and she got comfortable enough to have a little fun… Logan found his daughter looking to the time. Like clockwork, she’d vanish and be hitting it hard in the gym. And that wasn’t an exaggeration. He’d never seen a girl her age put her body through the torment and hell his daughter did.

Now… he was a firm believer in training. But at the lengths his daughter went to? It had him cringing, knowing she’d been doing this since she were little. Logan entered the gym and sat simply on a nearby bench and waited for her session to be done. She peered over as she was punching at a bag.

She nodded his way and continued. Her father drew back a breath and made his way over. He moved the punching bag out of the way and stood before her, “Two hours… Four times a week. No more than that…”

She reared back at his words, “Excuse me!?”
“You’re putting yer body through too much. It needs a break and so do you.”

She shook her head on this. “My body is just fine and so am I.”

“Listen… You’re here… Not there… Ya don’t have to do this.”

Bella rolled her eyes and used a towel to wipe the sweat from her brow. “Thought you weren’t going to tell me what to do…” she challenged.
Logan half laughed as he nodded, “So we’re going to play that game, are we now?”

“I don’t play games…”
“Neither do I, darlin’. I believe your mother played enough of those for the both of us.”

“I’m not her…”
“I never said ya were… but if you don’t watch yerself…”

Her gaze was cold as hell as she stared him down, “I’ll what? Turn out like her? Is that what you’re trying to say?!” She then gritted her teeth, “I’M NOT HER! I’LL NEVER BE HER! SO FUCK OFF!”

Logan raised his brows on this. He drew back a breath and took out a cigar as his daughter grabbed her bag and exited the gym. “Dammit…” he mumbled.

Bella rushed towards her room. On the way there, Gambit bumped into her. Everyone’s jaw dropped as she had him up against the wall with her hand clamped around his throat. “Watch where you’re going!” she yelled right into his face.

She felt a hand along her shoulder. “That’s enough…” Scott said in a warning tone.

Bella blinked a few times, then a look of shock came over her. “Remy… I … I’m so sorry!” she said with a voice full of remorse. She looked to her hands with a mixture of shock and fear. Jean had taken the scene in and was about to say something when Scott dragged her into the professor’s office.

“That is not acceptable around here!”

Jean entered the room and quickly shut the door. Xavier looked up from his desk in wonder.

“Sir, I don’t know what happened. I…” Bella started to explain.

“I don’t want to hear any excuses. You might get away with that from wherever you came from. But we have…”

Jean put a hand along Scott’s shoulder, and met his eyes with a certain look. She then glanced in the young girl’s direction, “Bella… what happened?” she asked in a softer, non-threatening tone.

Scott rolled his eyes, “YOU SAW WHAT HAPPENED! She was choking…”

“I didn’t mean it! I…” Bella looked to her hands and her heart raced, “I’d never hurt anyone like that.”

“But you did!”

“SCOTT!” Jean scolded.

Bella reached to her temples, “Everything’s so loud!”

Jean hurriedly took Bella by the hand, leading her into another room. Jean cut off all the lights and shut the doors. Bella leaned against the wall looking ill.


Bella nodded, but had her eyes closed. “I didn’t mean to hurt him…”
“I know you didn’t…”

Bella opened her eyes, “You barely know me…”

Jean smiled and cupped her chin, “I just know certain things. It’s not in your nature to willingly hurt others. Especially someone you consider a friend.” A few tears streamed down Bella’s face as she peered up to the woman’s face.

“What did you see Bella?”

“And what were you feeling?”

“Anger, pain….” Bella closed her eyes once more.


“What is it you fear?”

Bella shook her head, “Can I go now? Please? I’m just really tired.”

Jean forced a smile and nodded. “Go on…”

Bella nodded and darted out of the room. Logan raised his brows as he entered the area and saw everyone in the hallway fussing over Remy.

“What’s going on?”

“Why don’t you ask your flesh and blood?” Scott smarted.

Logan reared back glancing towards her room, “What are ya rambling on about?”
Jean rushed on over and pulled Logan into one of the nearest classrooms. “What the hell is going on?!” he demanded.

Jean told Logan what she saw and the look on Bella’s face; how it seemed as though she wasn’t even aware of what she was doing. Logan staggered back and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Dammit… It’s my fault.”
“Why would you think that?”

“I said some things that set “it” off.”
“Set what off?”

Logan miserably laughed, “Ya know how I used to have my little blackouts?” Jean’s eyes widened in thought.

“There ya go. Like father like daughter. Now I gotta figure out how the fuck I’m gonna help her. Hell Jean, I still have episodes myself. Granted, they’re rare but they’re there. So how the hell do I help a 15 year old girl through something like that?!”

“Just so you know, darling… you can push me around any time you want.”
“Remy…” Bella uttered with guilt as he plopped down beside her.

“I knew it. You dig me don’t you, Cherie?”

Warren rolled his eyes as he heard this. Bella was writing Peter a note. Old fashioned but she didn’t have an email address in which to send him anything. And he hadn’t been answering her texts or her phone calls. Part of her was beginning to fear he might be having second thoughts, after all. Her thoughts got the better of her as she wondered… What if Spiderman had gotten hurt? But then again, wouldn’t Aunt May have called? Bella scrolled through her phone and she gave a longing look at their numbers. She sighed and stuffed her phone back into her pocket.

“She tried to kill you… How does that signify her being “into you”?”

“Ah, no need to be jealous.” Remy then tilted his head however, just as Rogue was stepping out of a cab.

Her hands were full of shopping bags. Bella giggled on how he nearly tripped over himself to get there.

“See? Remy’s hopeless. I on the other hand…”

“Warren… I’ve told you already. I’m seeing someone.”

“And just how serious is this relationship?”

Bella sighed, lifting her eyes upon Warren, “Look I’m flattered… But I’ve made it clear. I have a boyfriend.”

“Yeah, the nerdy looking guy on your nightstand. The one that you keep calling and texting. But he never replies…”

“He has his reasons and Peter isn’t nerdy!”

“Hmm… I’m just saying if I was your man, I sure wouldn’t ignore you and I wouldn’t be caught dead in those glasses, nor would I ever dress like that! I mean…. Do you not get how hot you are?!”
“Peter dresses just fine and he’s not ignoring me. I’m sure something’s come up.”
“Peter?! That’s his name? Wow, it totally goes with the picture!”

Colossus aka Peter cut Warren a look, “And Warren is that much better?” he scoffed causing Bella to laugh.

“I have to agree with him on that one.” Bella taunted with a grin.


She shrugged and continued to laugh as she worked on her letter to Peter. Warren hopped off the brick wall they were all sitting on. He offered a hand as he spread his wings about.
“Perhaps, if I were to take the lady on a more scenic route? Maybe out to dinner and a movie?”

Bella snorted on this, “You never stop do you?”
“When you really want something, why would you…”

Everyone’s jaw dropped as Warren’s mouth was suddenly webbed shut.

“He has a point… besides she already has what she wants. At least I hope so….”

Her heart kicked to life and felt as though it’d fly out of her chest. “Peter?!”


(Let me know what you think by leaving your review/comment. Keep in mind I will be working on my story for the contest. I will return in a few days and update with chapter 8 first then update my other works. Thank you Mommy4Thomas for beta’ing this bad boy. Loves you!)

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